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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia • Page 6

Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia
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8 The Sydney Horning Herald, Friday, Ian. 1968 R4TwN Kable Family Reunion Dinne 1788J1968 CHRISTIANS MILITANT rt. Edited by HELEN FRIZELL mi -u 'H past The Kable who was first ashore William Kable (left) Muriel Kable and Waller Kable walk past Governor Phillip's statue at Circular Quay. HIS DESCENDANTS GATHER TO HONOUR HIM invita 'on card. Commonwealth of Australia ON AUSTRALIA DAY, 1968, think forward, but think back too to January 26, 1788, and the coming of the First Fleet to a harbour, now Sydney.

Not much of a start for a nation, really: a convict settlement at the edge of nowhere, in a land where no crops grow, no beasts grazed, no buildings stood. Exile. Desolation. Dark people, from dark forests, watching, as the anchors went down, as the white men came ashore. Who first set foot on the soil by Sydney Cove? Gov.

ernor Phillip? Or a convict named Henry Kable? The story aljput Henry, never proved, appears in books, passes down verbally from one generation to the next in the Kable family. It says that' Kable, a sturdy young man, was the first of the First Fleeters to step ashore, bearing Governor Phillip on his Shoulders, from boat family "past and present" and "John Simpson who made (t possible." (More of John the turnkey, later.) Mr of Ormiston, Queensland, will be chairman, Mr Arthur of Toowoomba, Queensland, the toastmas- ter, and Mrs Heather Dorahy, of West Pennant Hills, will be toastmistress. A big gathering. But Sunday's will be larger. At the foot of Kable Street, Windsor, on the banks of the Hawkesbury, 200 members of the Kable family will picnic outdoors.

And, later, some will go to the churchyard of St. Matthew's, to stand by the graves of Henry and who buried, side bysidc. -t Their lives, well documented, read like a novel. Henry (1763-1846), came REGISTRATION for NATIONAL SERVICE ALL MALE PERSONS RESIDENT IN AUSTRALIA whether British or non-British whether bora In Australia or elsewhere whose twentieth birthday falls in the period 1st January 1968 to 30th June 1968 inclusive MUST REGISTER FOR NATIONAL SERVICE between 22nd January 1968 and 5th February 1968 through water to dry land. And it adds (in one variation) that Governor Phillip, displeased at not landing first, then "took his sword and whacked Henry across the backside." Tomorrow night," 115 descendants of Henry Kable and his wife Susannah, are having a "Kable Family Reunion Dinner, 1788-1968" at Georgian House, North Sydney.

They are coming from Brisbane, Toowoomba, and from Melbourne, Canberra, Tarn-worth, Bathurst, and Orange, from other country towns in New South Wales. They "Jwill dine pn seafood cacktailj chicken, and and in fruit cup or Australian wine will toast, first the Queen, then Henry and Susannah, the gas And his daughter Dinah or Diana (1788-1855) was the first white child born in the colony to reach maturity. Henry and Susannah, had 12 children. Some died in infancy, but others survived to grow with a growing land. Henry, pardoned, became an overseer, then Chief Constable.

With James Underwood and later Simeon Lord, he became a boat builder and trader. His ships went to China, to Tahiti, his crews sought whales and seals to the south. He had land grants, and opened a store and brewery at Windsor. What of his descendants? Their story is Australia's. They crossed the Blue Mountains, and took up land.

They went to the gold fields, travelled, to the outback. They-edu-. cated their children. Later, the Kables served their country in war, and in peace are serving it still. In Sydney, we met some of the descendants: Mr Walter Kable, of Coo-gee, his son William, 17; Miss Muriel Kable, of Bal-gowlah Heights; Mrs June Whittaker, of Dee Why.

"Australia," they said, almost in chorus, "is the best place in the world." "I think," said Mrs "that our reunion is 'the first 'to'- acknowledge convict ancestry. We plan more gatherings on future Australia Days. The 200th -'anniversary- should be a "bobby dazzler." TWO INDEPENDENT and official Church of England newspapers in Sydney are currently look-' ing at each other with something less than Christian charity. The "Anglican," a weekly paper' is losing money but has no intention of selling or closing down. It is certain it can double its present circulation of about 24,000.

Its fortnightly rival, Ihe more conservative and evangelical, "The Australian Church Record," says the "Anglican's" circulation is down to a few thousand and that it is about to go broke. --It would like to "purchase the goodwill" of the "Anglican" and close it down. i Resolution, The "misunderstanding" was prompted by the "Anglican's" editorial of Janu. ary 4. In this, the paper said its New Year resolution was: Either we double the circulation of this newspaper by the middle of the year, or we cease publica-.

tion." On January 12, the "Re-cord's" editor, the Rev. Rex Myer, telephoned the editorial director, Mr Francis James, to say the "Record" was' inter-' ested making a cash offer -for the "Anglican." Mr James referred Mr Myer to the Rev Ronald deputy chairman of the "Anglican's" owners, the Church of England Information Trust. "I made it perfectly clear," Mr James said yesterday, "that there had been no decision to close down the 'Anglican' or anything of the kind," Mr Myer did not contact Mr Walker, but the next day rumours filled the air that the "Record" was negotiating to buy 'the "Anglican" and that a cash offer had already been made. 8966502 7752161 Which files are labelled ENGLISH and RUSSIAN and which is the third nationality? Solution tomorrow -YESTERDAY'S SOLUTION David, Ronald and Robert will have left-hand partings Peter and Richard, right partings. Patrick's hair will remain a tangle.

This prompted an official statement in last week's "Anglican." Rumours that a takeover bid had been made by extreme con. servative group in Sydney" were without foundation, said Mr "No such offer, involving cash or anything else, has been made by these people to me. The circumstances suggest that rumours about the alleged offer were designed by one Of these people for publicity. 'They operate through a small private company which has no tangible assets of any moment. They would not be in any position to make an offer, financially or otherwise.

In any case the 'Anglican' is not for sale." "The Anglican," said Mr Walker, i losing about $3,500 per annum. These losses were being made good by the trust's other religious publishing activities. the "Record" yesterday headlined its front page with "Offer to take over the The "Record." it said, had made an initial approach to "its young contemporary, the 'Anglican' with a view to purchasing the "Anglican's" goodwill. No sum had been mentioned. This would be subject to negotiation.

The "Record" had recently become aware that the "Anglican's" "circua-tion was down to a "few thousand" and that it was losing abount $70 weekly. No hurry "As far as we are concerned there is no hurry," Mr Myer told DATA yesterday. "Now that the strike is over I will drop Mr Walker or the trust a line. I have been waiting 'for Mr Walker, to coma back from his holidays. "We won't be offering a sum of money.

We will just say that we are interested in buying Mr Walker was not aware of the "Anglican's" determination not to sell and not to close down. The "Record," he said, was interested only in closing down the "Anglican" and making use of the "Anglican's" subscription list. "This 'Record' thing is just too utterly absurd for words," was Mr James' reaction. "We have never said at any stage that we are going to close down. We have no doubt at all that we will double the circulation.

The same thing happened in 1957 and we doubled our circulation in six months. for practical purposes, we have a circulation of almost 10 times that of the John Peel. The Rabies" from Thetford, an English village. Convicted of burglary, he was sentenced to death, but this was commuted to 14 years transportation. Holmes (1768-1825) met Henry in Norwich gaol, where she, too, was awaiting transportation for burglary.

They fell in love, and in 1785 the unmarried Susannah bore a son, Henry, named for its father. When the baby was five months old, orders came that Susannah should journey to Plymouth to board a hulk, and to await transportation, Escorted by John Simpson, a turnkey (oi gaoler) Susannah, the child, and other women travelled by coach to the port. At Plynrouth-tragedy. 'The captain of the hulk refused to allow the baby It' had no papers; Susannah, crying and threatening suicide, was forced on to the hulk. Then, as the story goes, Simpson took, action.

He had the child cared for, went to London, obtained papers from Lord Sydney, the Secretary of State, and had the baby re-united with its mother. Interested Sydney whom' this city is named) interested himself in the case, ordering that Kable should sail in the same fleet as Susannah and the child. Sympathetic members of the public took up a subscription for them, raising 20, which was spent on goods. Then Henry sailed in the Friendship, Susannah in Charlotte for the unknown continent. Soon after landing, on February 10, 1788, they wed.

The Rev. Richard Johnson on that day conducted the colony's first marriage service for the Kables and two other couples. They signed with a cross. The record is preserved. Henry Kable achieved other "firsts," winning the first civil aotion in the colony against a ship's master, who allowed goods from that gift subscription to be pillaged on voyage.

Doctor did How to register: Registration Forms are obtainable from District Employment Offices of the Department of Labour and National Service and from Post Offices. Detailed instructions are given in these Forms. check tubes, When to register: Completed Registration Forms musf be forwarded to the Registrar for National Service by 5th February 1968 even though the person required to register may not actually turn 20 until after that date: A person who is absent from Australia during the period within which he is required to register must register within 14 days after his return. inquest told MURGATROYD'S MIND-STRETCHER Early registration: Male persons who have attained the age of 18 years and 9 months, but who have not yet been required to register, may apply for registration by completing the Registration Form if they wish to volunteer for national service ahead of the normal call-up. An anaesthetist said yesterday she did not check gas tubes leading to- a machine before she used it to give a general anaesthetic to a nine-year-old boy who later died.

EXEMPTIONS: The ONLY persons who do not have to register are certain diplomatic personnel, aboriginal natives of Australia and full-time serving members of the Permanent Naval, Military or Air Forces. 1' ir waterf 1 LINGO BINGO The Lingo Language School teaches students of three nationalities English, Russian, and one other. Just to make' life tough for his staff, the principal has labelled the files concerning the national groups yi numerical code. The respective tabs read: 1234567 Sydney Hospital on July last year of Garry Steven Kingston, 9, of woomera Avenue, Darlinghurst. Evidence at the inquest ended yesterday, and it was1 adjourned to February 8 when Mr Loomes will give his finding.

Kingston was' given general anaesthetic in George Street. Sydney, den tal surgery by Dr Hill, when the dentist extracted six of bis teeth on July 6 last year. FAILURE TO REGISTER by 5th February 1968 by a person required to register will render him liable to a penalty of up to $100 and to be called up for service regardless of the result of the ballot to select persons for call-up. The anaesthetist, Dri Marie Hill, said she did not check the tubes be- cause she was familiar with the machine. However, on machines with which she was not familiar, she would check the gas tubing.

Dr Hill, of Elizabeth Bay Road, Elizabeth Bay, was giving evidence at an in quest before the City Coroner, Mr J. J. Loomes, S.M., into the death in land Absolute rontage shows how to rate that girl with the SMOKER'S not A police surgeon told the Hearing on Wednesday that Dr Hill administered an anaesthetic of 80 per cent nitrous oxide and 20 per cent oxygen, and later gave! the poy xialothane and an injection ot thiapentone. When Kingston's colour paled after the anaesthetic, Dr-Hill administered what she believed to be 100 per cent oxygen and when he did not respond, the dentist, Mr Kichard Henry Morns, began close cardiac massaee. Kingston did not respond to further treatment given by Dr Hill and Morris.

He was taken to hospital where he died on July v. A post mortem examina tion report gave the causes ot Kingston death as pneu monia resulting from cere bral anoxia, (lack of oxygen to the brain) and pancrea-litus, after anaesthesia. Dr Hill was asked yesterday by Sergeant F. Phelan, assisting the coroner, whether she checked the nitrous oxide and oxygen cylinders and the machine before- the operation on Julv 6. "I checked the machine and the gas regulators," she said.

FAMILIAR Sergeant Phelan: Have you ever checked the tubing prior to- an operation Dr Hill: On machines with which I am not familiar. You said you were famil iar with this machine Yes. On this particular morn ing you carried out your normal check on the gas regulators? Yes. You did not check the connections so far as the gases were concerned? No. You said there is no standard practice as far as tne colour ot noses is con cerned? Yes.

In recent years it has been a practice for the black hose to be connected to the black oxy gen cylinder and the red hose to be connected to the blue nitrous oxide cylinder, That would suggest to you that they were correctly attached? Yes. Have you ever had occasion to check the hose con nections of this machine? No. 'REVERSED' (In evidence on Wednes day, Dr C. A. Sara, anaesthetist who examined the anaesthetic machine in Morris' surgery a few days after the Kingston operation.

said the hoses from the gas cylinders were incorrectlyl coupled to the machine. the nitrous oxide cylin der was coupled to the oxy gen side of the machine and Ihe oxygen cylinder to the nitrous oxide side, he said. The incorrect coupling had in fact reversed the amount of oxygen delivered as would have been indicat ed on the oxygen percentage inrli.nlrtr Dr Hil told Sersennt Phelan that if she had noticed the black tube connected to the blue cylinder prior to administering the anaesthetic, she would have followed it to where it went PSYCHO "EST! fl i Fashion Flash from London! THE MINI MAXI SKIRT .5 What will you wear hex Paradise Lagoon at Sussex Inlet from $100 deposit Now's the time to buy this waterirontaee land. It's the most rjroeressiva PLUS land development on the South Coast and land values will increase year by year. Imagine your own waterfrontage.

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