Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1892
Page 5
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AFS AX ALL SIGHT OFFICE GELBBRflTED STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES. DEWENTER, "The Hatter." OBSERVE. H. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is showing some very handsome woolens lor fall wear ia suitings He also has something hew and attractive foi overcoats Yours Truly, "PUCK." Is What the Jjozousport Postofflce \Vili 1>e After To-day—Postmaster Tomlinkon'd Efforts ro Improve the Service Successful. Th<; trip to Washington made by Postmaster Toralinson a few weeks ago which aroused .the alarm of the Pharos, has been fruitful of good results, and after to-day the Logansport office Till be an all night office. The postoffice lobby will be kept cpen all night and letters mailed there at any hour of the night will, be dispatched on the.first mail 10 their destination. Holders of boxes will also have access to their boxes at all hours of the day or night. ' There will also be a special business collection at 9:30 each evening' from the following boxes. Box inside Murdoek Hotel. Two boxes corner Broadway and Fourth. Box in front of Johnston Hotel. Box corner .Market and Third. Box Inside the Barnett hotel. This improvement of the service will be of great convenience to the business meir of the city, enabling them to'-get fate mail but on the night Chicago'aBd r Cin'cinrra.ti mails. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING, OCT. 9. Full sets of the best teeth for $8, a Clark's, the dentist. Save mocey, read our advertisement —Golden Rule. Chas. Scott and Cora Davis licensed to wed. Born to Mr. arid Mrs. James Burwick a son, weight ten pounds. The most complete stock of boya and children's suits, at Otto's. You will'do well to read our adver tisement to-day.—Golden Rule. . Underwear, underwear, must go - See the line at the Trade Palace. Stylish cut perfect fitting boys suita at Otto's. Seo new advertisement. Miss Jessie Cummings has the most attractive line of. millinery in the city It will pay you to read every item in our advertisement—Golden Rule. Two thousand cloalcs we"- want -to sell this week at prices way down; 'at the Trade Palace. You can find all latest millinery novelties, at Miss Jessie Cummings' No. 405 Broadway. Thirty-six inch dress goods, 7* cents a yard, 14 yards, •?!, at the Trade Palace. See them. Linoleums and floor oil cloths, in all of the new designs at lowest prices, at the Trade Palace. S. S. Clark, D. D. S., has removed from the Geiger building to the corner Fourth and Market streets. See the many, many bargains in \voolen department this and next week, at the Trade Palace. Buy your mackintoshes at .theBse Hive; navy, black and grey check cloth. Prices reasonable. Do not fail to see those chenille curtains, $3.So, Monday aud Tuesday only, at P. W. Moore's dry good store. The Bee Hive carries a stock of bed blankets fit for a wholesale house, and will sell them at retail at wholesale prices. The most complete stock of ladies, men's, boys, misses- and children's knit underwear at lowest prices, at the Bee Hive. Dress goods and silks, all at surprisingly low prices this week. Don't miss it, but go with the crowds to the ; Trade Palace. ; Money to loan on furniture, pianos, horses, carriages, etc., without publicity.—L. R. Clovenger, office over Spry's store, room 7. Visit our cloak parlors. It will pay you to look through and see the many beautiful novelties and plain garments as W ell.—p. W. Moore's Fashion store. Bailiff Beatty departed for Michigan City yesterday, taking with him Chas. Case, the young tramp whe was sentenced to five years in the peauen- iiary on Wednesday, for attempted rape. , Every lady who has used Orange Lily, speaks in measureless terms of praise of its wonderful effects. Sample free, one months' treatment; price $1. Sold at B. F. Keesling's and J. L. Hanson's. The Logan Grays are making active arrangements for the great Military Carnival they will give in the rink for the week of November 21 to 28. The boys are preparing a great program and the entertainment promises to be one of the best ever given in Logansport. The fact that I have secured awite in China has given rise to an impression that I intend to sell out and leave Logansport. Such is not the case. I will remain here and continue in the laundry business on Third street where I will do work in the finest stylo of the art,—Lee Wah Sing. Friday in the circuit court by her attorneys Fansler & Mahoney, Mrs. Maurice moved for a new trial in the Maurice divorce case. The court overruled the motion and the attorneys' took exceptions to the ruling and were gixen sixty days in which to file a bill of exceptions. The court entered up judgment for divorce to the defendant on cross complaint. During a session of the embalming school atMuncie the body of John Johnson, who dropped dead near 'owan, was being used as a- subject. Funeral director Hammond, of Stockwell, identified the body as really the remains of William Mitchell, a con- irmed inebriate, who recently escaped from the Tippecanoo infirmary. While in the infirmary Mitchell gave him home as Clarkshead, Jy., and, according to his own account, he had figured in several murderous affairs, add was a fugitive rom justice. The Gruendler-Spenee musical and .ramatic recital did not attract a very arge crowd to the opera house last vening, but the fevr music-loving ouls who had gathered there to greet neir friends the Gruendlers, enjoyed genuine feast of music and song nterspersed with dramatic and mis- ellaneous readings by Mrs. Annie )olin Spence. During their absence rom the city neither Mr. Gruendler or his accomplished wife have ost one whit of their musical ower and the marvelous piano performances of Mr. Gruendier and the sweet songs of Mrs. Gruendler did not fail to bring forth deserved plaudits from the appreciative audience. Mrs. Anne Dolin Spence ranks liigh as an eloqutionist and her read- EODK^AME IN PKBfT. Item* of a >Peraoual Character Cou- cemlus lioiranxporters nod Their j.--rr-: ' ^-Friend*. Mrs.-Ghas;-FohTer: is entertaining Misa Bee Lee'Of Richmond. Mrs. WmvWolf has returned from an extended visit' - with relatives in Kansas ancl : Texas. Mr.'and'Mrs. '-Williamson Wright are iaXJhica'go visiting their daughter Mrs. Ei P. :P Tucker. E. A/'Stuar't departed this morning to Dayton O\, where hia brother is lying dangerously ill. • Mr. and Mrs.cS.>.:B. Grafflin returned yesterday'from a week's -visit at Mrs. G's former home at Kokomo. Mrs.. Bissell returned 1 to her home in Washington, 111., yesterday after a visit with Mrs.. John~Truman. Dr. D- N. Fansler returned to Marion yesterday :after a few day's visit with his SQBSrin the city. Lafayette Calls Miss'.Alta Walsh of Logansport is the guest.'of her neice, Miss Etta Smith of South Third arreet. Miss Marie Eleman- -who has been visiting in the city the guest of Miss Linn Shirk, departed yesterday to Tipton. .. - - .-. - Mrs.'knauss, Mrs. Dr. Taylor, Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. GiSe went to Marion-yesterday to attend a State meeting of the W. C. T. U- Mr. and Mrs. Aug.' Schlademan returned yesterday from a very pleasant four weeks visit with relatives and friends at Portsmouth. Ohio. Otto A. Kr.ause and his sister,' Mrs. Julius Kauffman are at Delaware, ().. at the bedside of their brother-in-law, Max Frank who is dangerously/ill. 'D. H. Clytner of Clinton, township, returned yesterday from the Dakotas and Minnesota ' where he has been assisting in the. work of saving the immense wheat crops. Church Serrlces To-day. CHUECH OF Cmu3T_(Scientist). Morning s'ervice at 10:30. Sunday School at 11:30 at Universalist Church audience room. A. M. E. CHUKOT—Rev. L. W. Ratliff, pastor. Services at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school 'at 3 p. m. Preaching by the pastor. C. S. Jones Sunday school Supt. All are invitjd. WHEATLAXD STREET M. E: —Rev. H. A. Davis, pastor. Services to-day: Sermon by the pastor at 10:45 a. m.: and 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at . 9:30 a. m. Epworth prayer service at 6:30 p. m, A cordial invitation is extended to the public. BAPTIST CHOECH—Rev. W. H. H. Marsh, pastor. Services to-day at 10:30 a. m. and,.7:30 p. m. Preaching by Rev. B. F. Gavins, of Peru at both, services. Meeting of the Baptist Young Peoples's Union in the lecture room at 6:30 p. m. BROADWAY M. E. CHURCH—Rev. H. J. Norri^, pastor. There will be regular services at this church both morning and evening by the pastor but he having been called- by telegram to attend a funeral, in .. Wabash' county the subjects are not announced.; Gold Medal Brand. N. J. SCHLOSS & CO. Are at the Very Head of the ' Fine Clothin BDSINE ;Q <»—'. ARE THEIR SOLE LOGAXSPORT AGENTS.. This season has many surprises in store for ' seekers ofBOYS 7 PERFECT CLOTHING,, and our strength will be demonstrated not alone in the elegant higher-priced suits but in those at A Funny Dut<:huaju. Mr. Pete .baker, the great German dialect actor, who will be seen in his famous comedy of Chris and Lena, at Dolan's Opera House. Thursday night, October 13th. has long been known as ••a funny dutchman." The eccentricities and idl'osyncracies of the blundering German emigrant who arrives in the great city of New York for the first time, as played by Mr. Baker,' creates shouts and screams of laughter. He is the German to the life, jolly, good-humored, ever ready to dance and sing, and by the way, Mr, Baker is one of the very best dancers on the stage to-day. The company ia sup- pci-i is very capable especially the German comedy actress, Martha George; the inimitable "Irishman;-' as played by Billy Kennedy and the child artist Little Casino. Let all who want to shake off the cares and anxieties of every day life, remember that next Thursday night, Oct 13th. Pete Baker, the funny German, will be at Dolan's opera house and he is a sure cure for the blues. Keal Estate Transfer*. List of transfers of real estate in CMS county reported by Dodds &. Wlpperman abstractors of titles, con- vejtincers aad notaries public, insurance and loan agents, titles to teal estate examined and -detective titles perfected. Money to loan at lowest ratas. Office 3)6 J"onrtli street directly opposite Court House. Losmspbit, Ind. Albert IT. Tnornton and wife to Geo. TV. Clevlnser e l^ lot TS 3 il Tlpion's add $ 600 00 ENGLISH LUTHERAN CBUKCH- -Rev. H. M: Oberholtzer pastor, .Sunday school at 9:30 a. zh. Morning - serv> vice at 11 o'clock.' Theme,"Frailty invested with Divinity;", .Y;; P. S. C. E • at 6:30 p, m. ..Evening-, service at 7:30 o'clock. . ' • .,;].•••' NINTH STREET CHRISTIAN CHUBCH— Rev. T. S. Freeman, pastor. Services, to-day at 11 o'clock, a. m. and 7>30 p. m. Preaching in the morning' by the pastor. Sunday-school '-at 9:30 a, m., T. J. Legg- Supt. Y. P.' S, G. E. at 6:15 p. m. All are cordially invited to attend. • . . -';•.-, ' FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH—-Rev. D. P. Putnam, pastor, - will -give an account of "Toronto r ahd the' 'Presbyterian Alliance," fehis- ; morning at 1-1 o'clock. In the evening--at r -7.:30 his subject will be "Music and •' Religious Worship." A cordial invitation'to all. MARKET STREET M.. E.- CHURCH— Rev. W. S.. Boston,, pastor..^.Sunday School at 9:30 a. m. Preaching byVthe pastor at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 ;p. m.. Class meetings at 6 a. m.. .12 m. and 6:30 p. m. Epworth Leagnie meeting at 6:30 p. m. A welcome-is extended to all at any of these services. CtJJIBEKkAUD PEESBiTERIAN CHURCH —Rev. A. W. Hawkins,- pastor. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Preaching at •11 a m. and 7:30 p.-'m. -by the pastor. 'Morning subject. "Love as a Motive Power." Evening subject, "The Model.Congregation.;' Young people's meeting at 6:30 p. m. 'The public is isvited to attend. TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH—Rev. D, I. Hobbs, rector. Services as follows: 7 a. m. .:Holy Communion, 9:45 a. m. Sunday school, 11 a. m. Morning Prayer and Sermon, Subject, "The Prayer in which all.. Christendom is United."6:30 p. m': Th&Church League, -7:30 p. .m., Evening Prayer and Sermon, -subject, on the nature of faith. All are cordially invited. $4.00, 85.00, $6.00, & $7 50. A New Feature is the Long Trousers. , Double Breasted Readj-to-Use Suits,. In all the New, Effects- IF YOU WANT your boy to wear Clothing thoroughly reliable in quality, Stylish in cut and perfect in fit— You Know Where to Come for It. : OTTO KRAUS, "Of Course.' ADDITIONAL LOCAL. ings were also highly appreciated and warmly applauded. We are pleased to learn that; Mr. and Mrs. Gruendler have decided to remain in Logansport and the music loving people of the city will warmly •welcome them back. Last evening closed their stage engagements and they will occupy their time this winter with classes. Alice Gllpln and iusb to Isaac T. Grant nptswlis-cH Boone tp SjO 00 H. G. Tlllett and wife to P. C. Williams ur.d 1-T nw U sec 23 inami tp 1330 00 Racael A. BrJiKS and hasb to 'ffm. S. Brigss et 31 e J-v lot -JO S. JL JTipton's add . 1;00 00 Aurora if. Merriatu to Elizabeth Bars w ;«lot T J. C ilerriam's subd outlet 9 in (Seo. Tlpton's add 63o 00 U. S. t« Ja ob Leffel flra<r'l nir ^ sec 33 Adams tp - — — Four mortgages filed aggregating 1S70 CO Notice to inilltary Baud. All members .'of Military Band are ordered to report at armory at 1 o'clock"to-day to""play for funeral^ H. L. BISBEE. The races at Delphi next week wiir attract many from here. Capt. Hardy has entered his string of-fast horses for these, races. : Chenille curtains, 3J yards long, dadoed and fringed .on either end only $3.85, Monday and Tuesday at the Fashion Store.—P. W. Moore, '•Blush of Roses" cures pimples, freckles, blackheads, moth, tan and sunburn. Price 75 cents at B. F. Keesling> and J. L. Hanson's drug stores. Orange Lily cures ulceration and all weakness, no 'matter of how long standing. The great female remedy. Price one months' treatment, SI. Sold at B. F. Keeslicg's and J. L. Hanson's. The funeral of Kthel the three- months-old daughter of Mr. George Warner occurred yesterday morning at the family residence 72 Race street. The services were conducted by Rev.' A. M. Oberholtzer. There can be no health for either mind or body so long as the blood is vitiated. Cleanse the vital' current from all impurities by the use of Ayer's Sarsaparilla. This .medicine recruits the wasted energies, strengthens the nerves, and restores health to the debilitated system. Mrs. Sarah Davis, of Campbellsburg, one hundi-ed years old. 13 visiting her frraniidaughtcr. Mrs. J. R. Medlock. of S^iuru. Tnis leads the Xeiv AibaD;<- Led^-.-r to >-.-rua.rk: "The centennai-iass o: lU.utK-:-:, luuiana are lively iis crictCi;:>- »o<: inu.s nothing of taking theh* tcrituisjf aad going.on J visits to their frieads. The pure healthful atmosphere of southern Indiana is famous for extending the spaa of lifeindeSoitely. Friday afternoon the houses of Isaac Himmelberger. and Eli Gray,' both on East Broadway, were entered by sneak theives and thoroughly ransacked. So complete was theinvesti- gation of the sneaks that everything was given a turning over, the machine drawers not escaping the prying eyes of the rascals. From the fact that' nothing was missing at either place, it is supposed that money was the object of-the visits by the light-fingered individuals. The worfc is thought to be the acts of boys. .The New York Sun says: "After all, the fates have been kind to the shoiv folk thus far this season," said a manager. "The proportion of, great hits in new productions has been small, it is true, but on the other hand there have been remarkably few disbandments of road ventures up to the present time, and that is a mighty good showing for the ante-election period. The reflection, is justified by the figures. Already between four hundred and four hundred and fifty theatrical troupes are in transit. .That is a trifle in excess of the number at the same timo last year The fiascos have been fewer by far than than those of 1891 at this period, and in onh three or four cases have tbe actors been badly treated." Attention, \Touns Mou'» Republican Club. The Young Men's Republican Club will meet at the Broadway rink Monday evening Oct. 10 at 8 o'clock for the purpose of making arrangements to attend the rally Oct. 11. All members are requested to be present. E. M. TAN WINKLE, Pres. FREDERICK LAXDIS, Sec'y. To All JTIaMter .JHanoiui: Take notice that the Lodge wi!3 meet at Orient Lodge ball to-day to. attend the funeral of Brother J. <X Birnesdafer, aad will leave the haJS. promptly at 1:80 p. m. When Sature Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. .The best and most simple and gentle .remedy is the Syrup of Figs, mrnu- factured by the California Fig Syrup Company. A Cord 01' Tliauk*. At their next business meeting the Baptist church of this city will take formal action expressive of their grateful appreciation of the generous hospitality of the citizens of Logansport in opening their homes to aid in entertaining tin delegates to tbe Indiana Baptist State Convention. But the committee of arrangements desire hereby to especially return their thanks for tbe many proffers of hospitality made during ibe convention, when the pressure on them was verv great. Especially on Thursday aftar- noon when tbe delegates to the Young Peoples Union began to come in great numbers. So abundant were ' those proffers that every 'person was well provided for and there were more places thai we had guests to supply at that ume. B. C. D. READ, Chairman. JAS. T. COCKBCIO,-, Secretary. Railroad Y. ]TtCA. The regular men's meeting at the •railroad men's building this afternoon. will be adjourned on account ofihoi funeral of Mr. J. C- Bemisdarfer being: at the same hour. ANIfUAL DECEPTION. The member's reception Tuesday evening promises to be a very pleasant and enjoyable gathering. A short,. select program has been arranged which will greatly add completeness, to the occasion, and satisfy the tastea of the most fastidious. The Kacow Concluded. Owing to the rain yesterday the fine program of races for the afternoon had to be declared off. The Association will make no big tiling; financially out of the, week's meeting, but it is thought will not come out loser. They have, however, succeeded in introducing races in Logansport again after a several -years absence of this sport and will next year be Jright in it. The Association labored dilligently to make the meeting interesting , and succeeded well. The short notice OQ which the meeting was held was one- cause of there being no larger attendance, but the association is terete stay and next year will be out early with fat purses and full • classes of tbe best horses in the State. BAKING is OSM TOP BECAUSE No other- is so No other is so ! Costs Jessthan Haff I land pleasesmucf? better TEE WAT OUT of woman's trouble? is •with Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Safely and certainiy, every delicate, weakness, derangement, and disease peculiar to the sex is permanently ecred- Ont of all the medicines for women, the '•Favorite Prescription " is the only one that's guaranteed to do what Is claimed for it. In all '•female complaints" an_d ixregnlaritie=. jjeri- odical pales, 'displacements, internal inflammation or ulceration, bearing-down sensations and kindred ailments, if it ever fails to benefit or cure, you have vour Konev back. So certain to cure event case of Catojrh is Dr. Sag^s Catarrh Eercedj tafci its proprietors lasl-e you this oflcr: "If "yci' can't be .f.'-^d.TjertnftnT.tJjvwiy;: pay yo;i j^'j cash-'" 1 than the over-priced and over-"endorsed" kinds. « •'' — Judge for yourself. la Cans. At your Grocer's Storage Room FOR RENT, in Rear of Pry op's • Drug Store.

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