The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1934
Page 3
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ID Fill FOR IXT ijii^iiiK... R i r t h r a tes ''''in}.- Alarm lo Cliancel- \pfirf of luiropo. BV M1I.TON HRONNJ-R "f.A Srrvlrp Slaff f'nrrespnndrjit | l-O.N'DON. Jan. 29.—"Von moih-1 •if fill the cradles and we states-! inpn -AJU e r p nlmul filling the Siavf.s." Of eomse Mussolini In Haly. lluli-r in Ormany and politicians I" Prance do not put it as crudely '•Ml brutally «-s iliut. hut, JIIM the '.ami-, in the back of their minds! ilir-it 1 Ls the thought that their uspectivi' nations iiiusl .see to It, -lini Ihi'V hiivi- |.:i'iily of Minimi'! cannon fodder—in case that often-' urr-dieti'd war occurs some ten or fifitv>n years hence. ! The eraille has, therefore, almost become a holv symbol in die h'nri of Europe. French fears about (lie birth rate are easily understandable, because It has Ix-ni declining for years. In fact. It has ?.ono down hill plenty much since Ihe days of Napoleon. When Hint war ' god siarted crashing across Europe. France was the most populous of all European nations save Russia Th" Ixines of its fine VOIIIK men .•trewed the battlefields nil over it-e mnp of Europe. Prance was left crippled and has never caught up. Ki.OflO.OOO Youlhc of Europe. Kfadv to Btar Arms But elsewhere in Europe Ilicrc would not seem—at least nt ures- ent—anv cause for such alarm. Ormanv is literally swarmlm; Italy's "Cannon Fodder" March INT FOR FDBGER EIDEI dren. there is practically no tax. I Income and other taxes are less- j rnert. according io the number of I children the breadwinner has. To ' have ten llvina children is to pay )io taxes. Illegitimate children are upon the same footing as lesiti- wlih strone younir'mcn. Abo'm'on'e matc ' . Pooplc u ' iu> lal 'B e fam'lllra mniF^irt of n,/**., ___ ____ -!*_.* ... ....I^re given preference ovet 1 those wkh .small 01- none, when it comes io getting homes at low rentals. IJlkewls; advancement In all work for the state goes by preference to those with larde families, where il'.c man equals In merit nml ability his other competitors. Bachelors, from the Rges of 25 to fin. pay special taxes. Thus not onlv moral and patriotic pressure is bromrht inwn people to have large families, but also very potent 11- imicial pressure. Nazi fjemtanv Aprs Farelrts of Mussolini Adolf Hitler. Chancellor ofGer- Presses War Against Nazis million of them .ire enrolled in the various semi-military Nazi organizations. Another half million arc lii labor ramps. The universities and higher schools are full nf them. Italy presents the same pic- lurr. They are in the Fascist militia. Thev are In Industry. They are on the farms. Russia, despite Ihe vast losses in man power it sustained In the World War and 'hi famine that swept some regions. has her large quota of vnuns-'.slers capable of ucarin» arms. Yugoslavia shows no decline in the m'rth-rate nor does Hungary. In A-sia. Japan the paM. year showed an excess of a million birtlis over deaths. Tn Europe alone there are probably 10,000,000 who could be classed as youns, who are c.inable of bearirg arms. Tiie Four Pnwer Pact, signed by Iialv. France. Germany and Eng- liiiid under Mussolini's impulsion, tried to make peace secure for ten years. But the men. who are look- in? ahead, are wondering what will cnme after that ten-year period has expired. What will liaooen in fifteen or twenty years? That is where the cradles come in. Unless they nre filled now. there will be no miirtilv armies then. Him. Rales Are Reduced Bv Warld-Mide Depression Unemployment, uncertainty ol :. hs where nennl- are employed. hi7h cost of living, general finan-!.. n , _,.. --- "-• cial and moral depression have Mil" , p , '" cash - bllt had (heir effect in lowering birlh " rates. In 1BHO the rate for Eng- . - manv. copvius for his Na^i move.- . mem most of the tilings invented | Hv Mussolini for his Fascists hns likewise begun a biir campaien for more babies. U is .claimed that «u to the ape of 12. there are tibout six million fewer Germans land was 16.3 per 10M of population: in Gcrmnnv nnrl Prance 18- llnly. 20: Belgium. 18.7: Sweden i";<- Hungary, 25.4. France is the most worried o Ihe Int. Her armv is largely matic up of conscripts. Everv year the yniine men ere called to the colors. At one time, before the World War. their term of service was iliree years. Then it was cut to •o. And no«- it r ; onlv one yrar The nrmy leaders are worrying about the gan that Ls <?olna to"occur about 1935. During the war there was a tremendous falling off n! birtlir,. That will make itself wMlv imnifes! In IMn am 1R. Instead of the 200.COO con- ripis found fit for. service. UIOFC 'art to produce onl} "Win France feels it cannot rc- iluce its armv by such numbers - ")ir> r iuirpline will be done hv which men will he. called up earli- e:- and some n-ill be retiined Inter T>-e rest nr ihe gan svill be filled by roldicrs from North Africa At the f?.mr riir.e wiih in eve •n war po«ibililies 15 or 20 years beprr. a bii .. 11 xiu r iyandn in favnr '.<' larger families is belli" Iniinch- fi 1 . A graduated scale of bonuses, fil! tiic way from 57.5(1 to $30 vinr |t ijcfn" L'nimrd bv the state in familisjs ol more two children. Manv French inunicipalil'eE e nivip-; financial help In nioth- ei:, <lurii\". the r "« month after the birth of a child. Mussolini Conducts "Baby Campaign" But the most resounding cam- iwi»n for babies, just babies, more babies, is beiii'> wa^rerl bv Mussolini in Italy. Under the eleven yrars of Ins regime, the poputa- Mon or Tlalv has grown bv 3.799... J - machine the lotnl fieure nf <«5*.noo. rt is thus Ihe mnsi popiUous country on the couti- nianv Bnt MiBsollnMs 1 fd^hlrTncd b ; : the birth rate. In 1R31 the Italian rate was 39 per 1000 people. Then it began steadily to nrnn-32.4 in iniO: 2fi.fl In 1127 1 249 In 1931: 23.8 in 1932 In olh- er words if tlie fall continues the rate will soon be as low as that of Prance. In twenty years there will be no excess of birtlis over deaths. Population will be ?'. 3 'landstlll. Sfi all the reccnl Italhn la\i-s "*'•(• been rigged up to favor ihe Patents of large families, inherit"ice taxes are levied u-ht-rj theie • no children or only one child, we there are two or morechll- than there were in 1914. One of the most nomilar stunts Invented by the Nazis has been for the .to jnake a loan up to S350 to youn<! couDles getting niarrSed • TJicy must both have been doing some work for 18 months prior to , their wedding a:id the young wife • must stop working so long as he.-; husband gets a certain minimum I »age. Tlie aim is thus to provide! places for unemployed men and •' ?ive thc-m « chance to think about. marriage. The lonn made by the stale is' ot paid in cash, but in vouchers., good for furniture, bed linen and! other household goods, so that 1 the newly-weds can stari house-' Fans Legion Ire With - The Editor'* Letter Tin- I'rr.tldd.l's Hall To thi- Kdilum I-.'vcrj body i-flli't .sec Hie .same, evityililnj nm'l b.- without tiiuli. |lVl 'iy pliui ciin'i lie iinunlimnisly I''il. bm we UUI bring m||.. I j.lvi-s ilrn-n to iviifon In u tnma' H'lv* when irylni; [o si-i- n* iillicrsj .'er- u,. t .-u| emu.,.! iun|t s <»m-iiii-eil 01 ihcir.. und Mien wr upi.ial lo n < r lilbuu.-il than i in own wlien we gel on ihe devil's !uiihl"'e ". W '" <J "' V IW W>Ml tllp> ' '• would siinnesi IliHl ilu- chrls- '•"it iH'ople ol niir <-|(y |i;, vc <;,„,,._ •i Piayi'i- .service that night In! I'll the film-die:, |f i||[.y f a ||j le/ulli' ,"'""'• L "'"" I|1C1 fi'Khdil' ";"" wi- will Ininv 'in,, 'J,,,,,^ v -' . .. '..'i 1 'f-l lill'lll -IJ-'iidi-r, i;ijlli..vill,>. AIK.. PAGE THREE 'Son'Files Claim to Ridley Weal Hi hljli- !'•(- jHilw I'm trying lo make LS ihls:--H(-ciuis - .-'ome think "cm M, llien- me plenty of |H>ople Mli., think a ihrcc or fnur limn- pray- -r <n\kv would, ,m Hcmsrvi'lr.s irthilay. b,- In i-i ti.rdanci- «ltn ,lnns mid. in ilu 1 -'f mliiui'is. \suuli brlnn G. A. Warren Back in Osceola After Long Search by Officers. OSCEOLA, Ark., Jan. 29—G. A. Warren, 40. sought by Mississippi county olficers for three months, over a trail wh'Mi led through] Florida and Texa.-> to Iowa omli the Dakolas au«l back through | Wichita Falls, Kansas, where he| escaped arrest only lie-cause the sheriff, en route to uikt him in custody, suffered an automobile accident which lea him uncon- .scious fo;- week.? and unable to direct Ms deputies (o the man's hide-out, was picked up by Memphis- police In C^ irt Square ye.s- terday and returned to Hie county jail here last night by Chief Dept uty Sheriff Hale Jack.<on and Deputy Jess Oreer Thc March grand jury will be asked to indict Warren on a charge of forgery in addition to two charges of grr.nd larceny and >r moving stolen property from one sl-ite to another w;:ich nre already pending against. h!m. Officers charge lhat he forged i^e names of two pominem Poin• r *tt county citizei-.s to the S20UO mid under which he obtained his I fieedom alter the first two char| ges were placed aar.inst him. Warren's imitation c: the Poinsctt if'imty men's sierr-ture.s was so ?ocd that Sheriff Dubard of that county approved r.!.e bond and officers here releas-.a the prisoner , to return to ihr October grand |J"ry. when he u.iied to f-»r- I'ill' tlii- SI.|IQ,,| S i To Ihe editor: i A i-:i.sil!ll Ji-nilllll' 1,1 111,. nt-Wli ; lievlnn ili.ii t|-. ( . !pKK]',m m , | ]n [. ...... iiroiilel' 1 } 10 " 1 ll " w w^s "»d several' the UnltiY- Htntes should 1 1Mmls:l "<l W of stat,- inrney. wllh-. li»'i-" nml ('ance January' 01 " lmvl "R llollr 'inyililiin to i, P i,,: nil.- "WnECKKD" school system ••lav 1 nr.-scni my V |,, w , 1( w]][| , ^chotils nerd? It .M-erns in n lt i ii].)! ^., i i. ilium () f Ameri'iu: l«' Niuiiiii-wldi' At lliiture 'V '''' ""'"' "" !lx ' ull >' »'• •'• niiiure ll!lv ln . p H wustii o| dvnomlnatlonal I'Speiislvo for !hey do, but Liberty 1 am abllsh- liropV who W nnt IL Is my opinion •«-o|H-n,| ( - willi the cimlniliim. -should conforui life nml need's. Our '•lit sysli-in Ls no'. dellYrrhu; KiKids. Collem- graduates feeni hiivi- a hardrr time making I'lids meci limn their nii- 1'iiiii-iiied broihers and sisters I If this Is cniiswl by our system ! i-f ediii'ailon. a nnv must bf ' '113 Hull's tn January :iO. If (lai<r-in:i «us ihe only lilin,; .Hint soiil.i taku iiii.ce U would nor '" If tht> worst thhm lo do, bill Hi'.' drlnhlnij Hun will bilng on miir- aei. siilcldi;. a dl.'K'uaid for all .•IK mid order, bi(.s]ili<'inliiK the t'-me ol Clod, uiiMinobile wrecks. the (n bull] 'I'nnulons and II.'UKS ICM niiin- • " ""' iticni must lie' lnrb,u",i r " e ' ( '^,'.'' m " kl ' S " """ 1 - "'"'^cmtlnbed Ol<lltra . llltlolls '» llst '^mliiE that ho la tl,o 8 or. M> us but the lievll'.s ewn work. Tlll , | ; - v n utlnteed mul t l, t . m.worlby Kdward lildley tlio eccentric re^ fie ChrLsnan wlh not take any ' "»£,.»«._ >»«F5 r . . ll( ' Iti *«™<»- I «lnle dealer foiiud iimrdeml la B ,' 1k '* clll « "'« Holds .May In lite Now York our ]iri-s'iHiii h, u s uuTiie a wondeifiu leader. far, or as fur as lie e"n see, it seems a liUIr strange that he did not !Scsl a relluloiH celebration '[i;r i- cause in queslion liistcud ol the kind that is planned. 1 leaily do no', object to pco- danclng n (Ucent dunce II don't jci n ciiiisc them to . 'I their ubH.ji tion to their church, but I do seriously object public A Mil. "I nl |.ri kiill l.rtiou iliB Hie i-iilintry li: Klnkmvski. abc tlic riilladcl|>!i .i from Ihe AIIIPI-- l iii;iy ri'lhi iiiTusj '. (cimliKtor r,f Symphony Or- rfieslia. benui^c ho nniiniiiiced (l:e Intcrnalloiulp. Conimunltt • 'ur, woulil l.i! played ii. a Mfc «rt fnr yniilli. M»ny orchestra liavc ndlioil to KlV lo Ihat Hun j, 0 .:: dancing. Tills is Just an i,!d "fogy" (lint's riedictii'.u K. but IK- fair with me I' watch Hie oolcoinc of llils r.S dance Ihat will be K ivcii in our c ty on Jiinuary s:. and you will te able to .see son'« of our youiiK- I tn rs sliiggcrlnf! on Hie floor while Irv i will see some (Jul.-k Relief, or \aa Only I'ay Whru .Siitisiltd If yon suffer from High Blood ' ears, can't .sleep at nlght-s, feel • •'* 1 "'^' ta " "**. ncrv- y °" r """• P0 " nd!i all(l " Ilr>r '' : - vllc stroke ' to were ' turi ' Ll1 keeping eaied to . once. They repay ihe loan in small . lt& But for the birth of each living child. S100 Ls srrnck: on the sum owed and further pav- are suspended for n vear Keeping In dose toucli with Pacific coast eBort.s to curb -N'azi activities, Samuel Unter- mycr. famed New York attorney, in skavii bere jn i repose.- ful hour nt bis elaborate winter home In I'alni Springs, Calif Unl6rmyer is head O f ,),P. World Jewish Economic Keder• tion, combating prictice e o£ ILe Nazi reEinia. . .'Ing to dance, jv I of the older on.7 i "icy are a disgraci jiu which they live, and you will , i ear of many of them being ^ Hauled home, and God forbid but .«.„..., ..,,,„ ,»,„ „„,, clll .,,,ir ,-'"iraone might tr- to drive home I rnstl ' Itlttr. ringworm and fnol-JIdi ! ai'd inret his ilooi.. on account ol ", s<1 lilllc Slar Wiiliiii-nl. Ii mc-lls on condition. Soir,' limcce-" •«-- I • 5 H'"• 5t '" llirl l! lustcil ini-illctni- s tniahi. ix-rlsh with ll <ve urc always made ack error wherever foinul. us the lumuiii race can only climb Ul on Ihe stairway of TRUTH Schools should teach cioveru- The merits n r •rtn r ",. en " clf $°^- •- ,-,„, "lili-s of social !A\V .should be de • •„ termineil by a llioro analysis Pre- •..„!,' ludlce diould be frowned upon.. tern loleriiiici- shoulil take Us iilm-n I , The NEW DEAL Is revolullnii I " WL ' SClul yo " •—"•—" I'HiB our uicthixls of mS" Vi ',' Tc ^ h>t *' ^™»*- on nbso us "endit to S-o ! lll(Cl> ' ™ EE TUIftL - Wllll(! ll Ls n io K\O- | non-specific, mnnv cases report remarkably i[ulcA- rcllof; olten svmploms diminish and normal : sleep returns within 3 days. Con• lahvs no salts, physlc.s, opiates or ' (lope. Safe wllh any diet. PAV I NOTHING UNLESS QREATbY IMl'HOVED. Then send »l. If noi improved ' your report cancels cliargii. Write Dr. Hayes AM'n., 6213 Coates, Kansui, City, Mo Iuiluni7c our methods of ediicai-! nil- our children—and ourselves i XEI'H O'llltIRN Blyllicvllle. Ark. Palestine fust l.= iKconiiiiK mm •>f the world's oraiice Browing countries; It jauk.s next to Spain. Italy and the United Suites. w Positive For Smarting Itch To end smarlinK ikin itch, etz I PS ments claimed lhat i rt r-it i ' n"--i| plilL^ii were filled with unemployed men In many cases, if a working girl marries, and Her husband has been unemployed, the employers 0 VaCatU ^ l ° L-'cw nearly three i:mes as fast as ! Deaiists' Prescriptions ! Making Hew Nntal Cream i Favorite of Many People ! Raw Milk Phniwi 7< Craig's Dairy! Apple Kllis Cliilrl OKLAHOMA CI1 Y tUP> — A 1 iece of appie lotl?«l in the tiiroat 't tcn-monthvold Waller Car- " •enter, son o! Mr; P,arl Carpen- ! cr of Koi-a-'-a. C'--|? eaus^d th»i •I'ild's death l-,. r e recently! ~ and A n .sin-ieTrce. »o heavy pice,,, of jron Km 7r J ,'.°? ( "" r Dy llghtnin, ti u i .truck the blncksr'th sllop'of I,. •i. Scrivani of Wn sonville oalif Nnt so long j P. g o lead i n g j dentists began prescribing a n e w formula • for a tooth = paste. They; are doing it | because Hies know that this ' n e w product ; will n ot dis- ! appoint people in the salis- 'action they must pet when Brush The o f one. World No Other Salve FIGHTS COLDS HARDER r d "" rt » a ™,n to near.y meets j CI ' S °' • lhe reii'irements -if dentists HIM! ' tney prescribe It fo- Iheir patients. i that's the greatest aw u ranee u. "'"oi'nts JOH that this is th;- dental cream i eoimify i you can use wit:-. Ihe confidence | I I hat you are not neglecting the J 1-toper care of your u-cth. Not only , lor immediate iipp-'i-rance. but lor j .i:ture security. II is called Pre! criptioii l^?iunl C:xam, and jo;i i can get the big tu!.es of it at any ; "rug store. Hobir..'.on Drus Co., ] end Kirby Bit's. Distributors, especially are introducing it here. ' —Adv. 3 know, that means something By "balancing" (> different types of home-grown tobaccos— By adding just the right amount of the right kinds of Turkish— By blending and cross-blending— "welding"these tobaccos togethcr- We believe we have in Chesterfield a cigarette that's milder and tastes better. "They Satisfy" has always seemed to us the best way of describing what we mean by this milder better taste. -And the rcnscm is's • Salvc .-, kind of mc dicn,; ' never before p u! ; nto n u , The medication i, known !o h* „' : iremely powerful (when in ;,,.,,„ I i rcmedi«) in clearing up c ,"„"„' microb.c ln f«cti(, n _a nd ^ ^" a '£ « "tetnal cold »|«, £ u ™«. | co 01 tne mon nmaz j n ... i f^B'^te . LlMrt * M esterne.... the cigarette that's MILDER • the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

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