Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 9, 1890
Page 3
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corset for There never was a time in the world when things were made so well as now—stvat things. There never was a time when, things \vere sold so acceptably— some things. '"nke the Kabo corset in.-;t;ince of both. If it breaks its "bones" in a year you go to the store where you. bought it and get your 7iion'-•;/ back. -If it kinks its "bones" and roils tip, as most of the corsets do on women of certain forms, you get your money back. [f it slips or shifts its "bones," you get your money back. 1C it doesn't suit you, after wearing a week or two, back you go to the store and get your money, There's a primer on Corsets for you at the store. UIICAOO CQUSET Co., culcago ana New York, A line of 's Homoeopathic Medicines at Pryor's Drug store. KOL' sale. 11 re.sifhMicr»s on Broadway. H'orsitla, 10 rc'SklDiiceson Spear street. Kor salo, 0:10 StoiuJ ;tn 1 two Z^nune residences tm North street. Tor sale, two resl'.l«nces on (Xsage street. l-'orSide, resiliences- i Pratt and Cclnnewa streets. Kor sale, rosklonce.H ..u High street. K<xr sale, a brick residence on Broadway. I'or siiln or tnule residences on the North ami South side. To tritlo, -t i?oo:l firms for dwelling pi operty. Tn trade.'.! good farms tor business blocks. To trade, a *tnck of Dry (loodi for n good farm. To tra le. a stock of Dry Goods for town lots. ' To trade, a dcsira'ilo re.HidencB In Fmneesvllle I.JT property in tuo city will pay tho difference In l»rlco. To taido. a No. 1 Steam (Jrlst Mill with all tho modern Improvements The Mill runs day and !s in Ki>« lo iicioti Eoc a good farm. Wiiiited lots In all parts of the city to sell. To rent elegant third tloor apartments. For Particulars Enquire of MJ1GORDON, Pension and Real Estate Room No. 3, Elliott Block. Logansport, - Ind. dccld-wly Daily Journal. FRIDAY MORNING. MAY. 9. Pryor's soda !H the beat. Pears' Scap secures a beautifu complexion. now24dly House with gas for rent. No. 355 Sycamore street. dec22dtf Picture training a specialty at B. M. McMillen's No. 307 Market str °et. maySdSt Great out in our dress goods stock at the Trade Palace dry goods and «ari>et house. Mrs. Sarah Mitchell of Attica* is is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Wrn. Ray on Broadway. Christian Jox went to Chicago yesterday where he has secured a position as bookkeeper. If you want a beautiful black leghorn hat, go to Mrs. Briggs, 312 Market street, over Planegin & Cris- mOB(1 '»- mayldetwlt Miss M. C. Wade was summoned to Terre Haute yesterday by a telegram announcing the dangerous illness of her fhther. Carpets, matting, curtains, etc., from iu cents a yard up. See those new goods at half price at the Trade Palace dry goods and carpet house. George Conn, of Boone township, suilered a compound fracture of his »eg by jumping from his buggy, OD Orient Lodge No 272 F. and A. M. will confer the third deXe on two «nd«lateB this eyeing. An be Clay Township. A large crowd attended church at Bethel last Sunday. J. A. Demoss is slowly recovering- from his recent sickness. AVurn "Wagner and wife went to Delphi last Saturday on a visit. The word is alloat that there is to be a quiet wedding in our vicinity soon. Several hundred of the briok made at the county farm, recently melted down by the heavy rains, John Warner and wife in company with Joseph Chestnut and wife, left last Thursday for Denver Colorado. The insurance on O. Z. Skelton's barn which was struck by lightning a fesv weeks ago amounts to $1200. There is talk of organizing a Sons of Veteran's camp-at Shady Nook in the near future. We hope that such an organization will be- established in our midst. The farmers of Clay township should be well satisfied with the present outlook for a good crop of wheat. We are told that Clay township possesses the best outlook of wheat of any of the townships in the country. One week ago last Thursday night a Farmer's Alienee Association was organized at Shady Nook. Our understanding of this organization is that it is a sort of a lodge. Eighteen, of the people present joined the club, and handed in their 50 cents to get to ride the goat at the next meeting which is next Saturday night. No one only members are admitted. If you wish to join, send in your name and fifty cents and you have an opportunity. BILLY BAXTKH. Will Y<m~Guess? TUB JOURNAL will give a Prize o£ Ten Dollars in Gold to the person whos? guess comes Clearest and a Prize of Klvp Dollars In (.'old to tho person glvlno; the next nearest gauss to the figures of the Census Enumerators, who begin their work In Logansport on or about June 1, ISOfl, To Insure your uume and guess being corretly recorded, cut oil the coupon which appears below; 1111 In your name, your address and your estimate of Lo2!ins])ort'9 populations In the proper winces. Then cut out the coupon and forward" It to the "JOURNAL", Census Bureau Logansport, Jn- dlana. No guess received later than June 10th. and no guess recorded which Is not nade and Illied In on coupon cut Irom THE JOURNAL. In case of a tie, the parties shall divide the prizes. GUESSINGOPENTO THEWORLD. COUPOl^GUESS. The JournaPCensus Bureau First Prize''$1O In Gold. Second Prize $S in Gold Gness How Many People there are In Logansport. POPULATION NAME ADDRESS.. No Guess Registered Unless on this Coupon. The Falls. Wheat is beginning to look better. The click of the com planter can be heard throughout the land. Rev. Erbaugh preached at Onward last Sunday to a large congregation. Mr. William Gibbins has purchased a Woodling cbeckrowe'r to plant his corn. The assessor for'this township has nearly completed his .rounds for this year. Mr. Bob. Benson has petitioned for a ditch from W. A. Hopper's west line on east. Services next Saturday evening and Sunday at the Christian chapel by Rev. McNealy. Sarnu"! Smith, our newly elected trustee, will hire the teachers for the coming term of school. Doc. Anoka Clippings. Mrs. Flora Ramsey made Anoka a visit the first part of the week. Mr. Perry Wilson, of Kokomo, made a flying trip to Anoka Sunday. The young son of Mr. and Mrs. Fonts is slowly recoering from his injuries. Miss Annie Pollock and father re. turned Monday from visiting friends and relatives' at Galveston. Mr. Will Shideler, of Logansport, attended the dance at Mr. John Snells last Saturday evening. The jJance at Mr. John Snell's was a grand success. A large crowd was present and all enjoyed th em selves. t SCHOONER. Burlington Rnutc—Bnt One Xlght Chicago to Denver. "The Burlington's Number One' daily vestibule express leaves Chicago at 1 p. m., and arrives at Denver at 6:30 p. m. the Best day. Quicker time than by any other route. Direct connection with this train from Peoria. Additional express trains, making as quick time as those of any other road, from Chicago, St. Louis and Peoria to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Cheyenne, Denver, Atchinson, Kansas iity, Houston, anM all pointa West, A Wi'serveil Triumph. Republic-Times, Springfield: A absorbingly interesting series o dramatic pictures, presenting ii vidid colors the most characteristi phases of Russian and Siberian life was presented' to a very large audi ence last evening at Black's open, house by Ramage's Standard The ater company. The play was dramatization of Jules Verne's thrill ing story "Michael StrogofT," and i is but giving this excellent companj dua credit to pay that the spectators were chained spell-bounr with interest at the battle scenes the din of musketry, the wilt shouts of the contestants the flam ing flashing costumes of the warrior and at least the absolute and awfu grandeur of the burning city. The scene during the burning of the citj when the great wall tottered anc fell amid a shower of sparks, a sea of flames and a Babel of dibcordan sounds almost took away one't breath. It was a supreme triumph throughout, and the audiece testifiec their appreciation in no umneasurec terms. At the opera house one week commencing May 12th, in "The Oc toroon." Prices 10 and 30 cents, Court IKews. IV. W. Cady vs. estate [of James M. Justice, jr.; claim allowed plaintiff for $10. John F. Yarnell, guardian, vs George Bevan et al.; judgment for plaintiff for $383. Guardianship of the minor heirs of Charles A. Davis; ordered to se) real estate at private sale for not less than the appraised value. Win. T. Wilson, executor of D. D. Pratt's will, vs. Cassius M. C. Swigart etal.; judgment for plaintiff for $2.000.54 and foreclosure of mortgage. Ellwood T. Wilson appointed receiver. Delphi Journal: Captain John Kessler, for many years a resident of this city, died at his home in Logansport, Sunday morning and was buried at that place Tuesday. His daughters, Miss Sarah Kessler and Mrs. George Stewart,of Kokomo were with him in his last hours. Captain Kessler was a member of the Ninth Indiana. During the service he was severely wounded in the leg and for years he has suffered from this wound. Three weeks ago he was stricken with paralysis. His death is mourned by his old friends and more especially by his amny comrades. Kokomo Dispatch: Alexander Tyre husband of ona of the claimants to the Hooper estate, charged with burglary in forcibly entering the house of Mrs. Augusta ' Schmidtt, another claimant, and abstracting certain property, had his trial at Logansport Friday. He followed the advice of the sagacious Mr. Wellei: pere and proved a pretty complete alibi. The Schmidt faction swore directly that they saw him in the act of theft, and a charge of malicious prosecution will probably be brought against them. Altogeth- r the contention of the Hooper heirs promises to fully example the urse of a disputed inheritance. TClie Standard. "I regard Hood's Sarsaparilla as having passed above the grade of what are commonly called patent or ) proprietary medicines," said a well known physician recently. "It is fully entitled to be considered a standard medicine, and has won this position bv its undoubted merit and by the many remarkable cures it has effected. For an alternative and tonic it has never been equalled." 4 A 9Iodel Kailwny. The Burlington Route, 'C., B. & Q. Railway, operates7,000mileso£ road, with termini in Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. For speed, safety, comfort, equipment, track, and efficient ser vice it has no equal. The Burling ton gains new patrons, but loses none. umy3d6t Officers Elected. At the annual election- of the Logansport Hebrew Cemetery Association, the following officers were chosen: President—Sol Wise. Treasurer—Martin Prank. Secretary—Wui. Rosenthal. Trustees—Eli Greens f elder and Harry Frank. Kol I it 10 llir- The man who Mis you confidential? Just what will cure your cold 1s prescribing Kemp's Balsam this year. In the preparation of this remarkable medicine tor coughs and colds no expense is spared to combine only the best and purest Ingredients. Hold a bottle ot Kemp's Balsam to the light and look throu'di It; notice the bright, clear look; then compare with other remedies. Price oOc. and $t. ^oft Forty years ago yesterday Jacob Zimmerman, the well known South Side carpenter, landed in New York. Five years later iu 1855, Mr. Zinimer? man arrived in this <s(ty which he has ever since made his residence. Delphi Journal: James Foley and Ella Hayes have been! licensed to marry. The groom h^g f rom Lo . 1 l ui~d th* t MAY MUSICAL FliSTIVATL. Keduecd IlatcH tn Indianapolis rl the Pennsylvania l.im-w. The Second Annual May Musioa Festival will be held in Tomliuson Hall, Indianapolis, from May 13th t( 16th. The following talented Artist have been engaged for the occasion. Sopranos— M'lle Clementina De Vere and Mdtue. Herbert-Foster; Con tralto— Mrs. Zelda Seguiu-Wallace Tenors— Signor Jules Perrotti and Mr. Charles Knorr; Basso — HerrEmi Fisher; Baritone— Mr. Chas. Holmai -Black; Harpist— Mr. T. C. Cheshir and Mr. Franz Wilczek, Violin Virtuoso. The whale supported by a chours of COO trained voices anc Seidl's German Opera Orchestra of 00 pieces from the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. From May 13th to 17th, excursion tickets will be sold via the Pennsylvania Liues from Logansport, at rate ol $3.15 good returning until May 18th, inclusive. ___ cltwtolS I>nnkar<lM, Attention ! For the annual meeting of Dunk- ards or German Baptists at Warrensburg Mo. (Pertle Springs), the Vandalia Line will sell excursion tickets at one fare for the round trip. Tickets will be on sale from May 19th to 27th good to return unti. June 36th 1890. The Missouri Pacific Railway has also arranged for side t.ips from Warrensburg to points in southwest Missouri, Kansas, Indian Territory and Nebraska, at one fare for the round trip. Ferrates and further information apply to the nearest agent of the Vandalia Line. d'si Stfeiijrthenina: and ftlieu- miitle Fills ers. Are a revelation to the World, and are the only Genuine Rheumatic Plasters. Nine-tenths]"of all troubles which require the aid of plasters are rheu matic in their nature. A change of weather or sudden draft causes a cold which develops into muscular and that into inflammatory rheumatism. And yet there has never been such a thing as a distinctly rheumatic and ?lreii4.-thening plaster, and hundreds have died suddenly where rheuma tism has attacked the heart, whos? lives mi. -lit have been saved had thi- plaster been applied iu season. The> are constructed on purely scientific principals and ars purely vegetable Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co.. Jackson, Mich. For sale by B. F Keesliug. jun23deodi&wly •«EBMAW BAI'TIST BUSKTHUKV. Annual Meeting* at Fertle Springs. Mo., .-iu<1 North DfaiicliesxT, Ind.. . 180O. For the annual meetings of the German Babtist Brethren, to be held at Pertle Springs, Mo., and North Manchester, Ind,, May 33d to 30th, the Wabash Railroad will sell round trip tickets from all points on its line at half fare. Tickets will be on sale May l!)th to 37th inclusive, and will be good to return up to and including June 36th. 1890. For tickets and all desired information, 'call or address nearest Wabash ticket gent. dto!2 The f«reut Hprinc: 33etUelne, It will be gratifying to nil who realize the vital DP esslty of purllylrig the blood, to know that Ulbbird's Rheum.itlc Synip can be relied upon is a bio id medicine. Mr. B. C. Robinson, ot Marshal, Mich., says: Gentleman:—I have suffered Intensely from billiouiiness andrheuiivttlsin for over three .rears, ind had tried so many remedies tbat I had lost all faith. Hearing of Uibbard's lUicuuiatk- Syrup Iboughta boitie anil found it helped me. I liave used four bottles, and It has restored mj' Iver and kidneys to healthy action, and done nore to purify my blood than anything I have ever taken. lam pleased to recommend Is us a wonderful blood medicine. Very truly yours' B. C. Robinson, Marshall. Mich. SoM by druggists. Prepared only by The Charles Wright Medlclan Company' Detroit, Mich. 2 Darbvs Fluid. Gives prompt and parmanent relief iu burns, scalds, chilblains, venomous stings or bites' cuts and wounds o£ every description, It is invaluable in scarlet fever, diptherla, small-pax, cholera, yellow,' typhus, typhoid and other fevers, Kor sick-rooms, to prevent the Spread of contagion, it is the best disinfectant known. Hon, Alex. H. Stephens, of Ga. Darbys Phophylactic Fluid Is an article of little cost, but grunt value. Its domestic as well as medlclna uaes a re numerous while Its specialties are mo-t wonderful. No head of a family should ever be without It. 2 A Cure for Constipation and Sick Hradarhr. Dr. Silas Lane, while, in tbe Rocky Mountains, discovered a root thut when combined with other herbs m-tkes an easy and certain cure for conslpa- lon. It Is In the form ot dry roots i nd leaves, and Is known as Lane's Family Medicine. It will cure sick-headache in one night For the blood, Iver and kidneys, and lor clearing tip the complexion it does wonders. Druggists sell It for 60 ents a package. Sample free. 3eod Mr David Younker and bride de jarred yesterday morning on a wed- ling trip to Goshen, Ft. Wayne and luntington, and upon their return settle down to housekeeping in a, neat cottage which Mr. Younker as prepared for the reception of his aride on Sycamore street, West Side Don't neglect that first cough! Syrup White Pine and Tar will le / — 5 » _j. -A. 35 an( j 50 cents per sale by B. F. Keee- _ jaa9Sd-w4m [The funeral of Peter Kern will ;ake place ibis afternoon at 2 o'clock. Jox atth« ~ ADE. Its superior excellence proven in millions of homes for more than a quarter of a century. It is used by the United States Goverrnent. Endorsed byjthe heads of the Great Universities as the Strongest, Purest and Most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does not contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum. Soldonly / in Cans i Price Baking Powder Co. New York. Chicago.' St. Louis. San Frauclsc WILLIMANTIC SPOOL For Sale by all SIX-CORD mm. Leading Dea(et-B. 34 Union Square, New York City, Aug. srat, 1889. After a series of tests at our Elizabethport factory, extending over a period of several months, -we have decided to tise the WILLIMANTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, believing it to be the best thread now in ike market, and strowgfy recommend it to all agents, purchasers and users of the Singer Machines. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. Pont spoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOES* WEAR THE Fl ' ~~ Seo that EVERY PAIR is THE BURT & PACKARD "Korrect Shape." Oon' t allow YOUR dealer to palm o!f any substitute for the "Korrect Shape," as we have arrai^ed to •upply anyoneln the United States who cannot get these goods of ODK agents, tmd prepay all dettrei} .•barges, thus bringing them to your door without extra cost. The Bulk & Packard "Korrect Shape" Sr-oes are made In four grades, viz., Hand-made, Hand-*raR. turtwelt and Machine Sewed, which Is stamped on the sole In addition to our trade- mark above Onr agents filiouW carry all grades In Congress, Button and Bal for Gent's, Boys and Youths. PACKARD & FIELD (Successors to Burk & Packard) . Brockton. Mass. OTTO A. KB AUS, ft LOGANSPORT TARIFF LITERATURE FOR.^ALL Tho AMERICAN PROTECTIVE TARIFF LEAGUE s publishing- a most valuable series of Tariff documents. These are prepared with a view ;o state the facts and arguments for Protection, whether in the interest of former;!. aborers, merchants or professional men. 3ach issue of the series appeals to those L-I paged in separata industries, and presents indisputable Tacts— comparisons of waves, co- r of living, and other arguments skowinrr it benefits of Protection. Any siujrle ope will bo sent on receipt, of ~ rents in stamps except *' \vag-es, Living na-5 Tnrlff," which will be sent for 4 cents. Tbo whole list willbc sent for 30 cents or ny twelve- for 20 cents, or any live i'oi*!,- cents, postage paid. Order br number. *o. •**' P \CI~T l_» wages. Living and Tariff." E, A. HAnf.i-~" HORN... ........................... . ..... . .101 2— "The Advantages of a Protective Tariff to tho LaDor and Industries of the United Staios." First Prize Essay, 1887. CRAWFORD JX HEXKINO. . .......... . ............. 33 •"Home Production Indispensable to a Supply. at Low f rices, of HIM Manufactured - Cummixiitlea required for the 1'eople of the United States, and Adequate Home Production of ttiese commodities Impossible without a Protective Tartir." Firct Prize Essay, 1S88. O. D. TODD... * .... 32 •" What are Raw Materials ? Would Free Raw Materials be Advantageous to the Labor and Industries of the United States." First Prize Essay, 18fc9. HOMER B. DIHSLL 32 6— "Fallacies of Free-Trade." E. P. MIIXEII... 35 " "Some Views on the Tariff by an Old Business Hon." GEO. DRAPER ................. 32 7_« The Protective Tariff : Its Advantages for the south," C. L. KD WARDS .............. 32 8— "The Wool Interest.*' Judge WM. LAWRENCE 24 0— "Protection rs. Free-Trade.**— A Historlcul Review. D. (i. UARRISIAH ................ 20 •"The Farmer and the Tariff'" Col. THOBIAS H. DUDIJEY ............... ............. . ..... Ifl •'Protection as u Public Policy." GEORGES. BOUTWELL ................................ Hi "Reply to the President'u Free-Trade Message." R. P. IJpRTiiR ..................... b .n— " TVorklnemcn anrt the Tariff " ....... .... 8 ,4 — "The Vital yuestlon: Shall Amet-iuau Industries be Abandoned und American Markets Surrendered ? ............................. H S — Sanit, iu German, with Addition ............ S 10— "Tho Progress of one Hundred Years." BOBERT P. PORTTR ............ . ......... 8 .7—" Protection for American Shipping." ...... 8 8— "The Tariff Not a Tax." HOMKRit UIBKLL.. S ;9_»\vny Irishmen Should l-e Protectionists." 8 20— "Protection." E. H. AMMIDOWN ............ 4 21—'* What Is a Tariff ?" Answers to a Workingman's Question, ................. ....... 4 23— "TLe Amem-aa Wool Industry." E.H. AM- Don't Ube cheap worthless goods, but try the Acme soap, it is pare and will please you; only 5 cents a bar at any grocery store. "Mail twen- tv five Acme soap wrappers to Lautz Kros. & Co., Buffalo, W. Y., and f?et our most beautiful picture, ll The Little Rose Bud."* may2d6t WELLMAN'S GAS CARBURETOR Pat. Oct. I, __ . . 24— "Southern Farming Industries." fi— "AShortTaite to worklngmeu." .......... .. " itt— "Protection and the Farmer." Senators. 31. CULLOVL. ...... .............................. 12 The AVCTUOAIT ECONOMIST, weekly, devoted to the discussion of all phases of the Tariff question. Q2 ayear. Sample copies free. Address American Protective Turin League, £;! W. 23d St., New York. B i BY CARRIAGES! I make a specialty of mnmtfuctur* tniz Baby Carriage* to veil direct ID private nnrtlea. You can. therefore, do Detter with me liiaa »i«uh a dealer. Carriages Delintred Free of Charge <i»ll MtoUlR the UnlMd StaiM, A cold Carburetor which will enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a. 26 candle power gas. It will work at any temperature. and is absolutely safe. AG-E3STTS "WANTED For particular*! addre»!t, FHE WELLMAN CARBURETOI MANUFACTURING CO., 25 WARREN ST.

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