Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 19, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1898
Page 24
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DAILYPHAHOS THURSDAY, MAY 19, Have Agaifi Been Used on Spanish Forts. |; Santiago de Cuba Bombarded Yesterday, GITYJSIR.WS. "Bargain Friday" tomorrow. Pharos subscriptions are due. Mokana coffee lOc lb—P. F. Dunn. Hooley, the tailor, can 'please you. 500 quarts of strawS>errles,7jc quart —Traut. Fresh fish—Rothermel's Eastend meat market. Miss Fern Pratt Is at Indianapolis, visiting friends. Capt. Frank Swigart and wife are at Columbus, Ind. John MecUand Is recovering from his recent Illness. Another clean slate at the mayor's office this morning. J. D. Johnston has suffered a relapse and Is again quite sick. Judge D. P. Baldwin will spent the summer at Chautauqua, N. Y.. Mrs. John J. Campbell, who has been quite sick, is slowly improving. Attorneys G. E, Ross and George S. Kistler were at Richmond yesterday. A large carbuncle on George A. Linton's neck had to be lanced today. 49c for 85o sailor hats. Displayed la our Fourth street window—Bee Hive. Black bass, Maxlnkuckee perch, boneless whitefish, troat and pickrel at Klnney's. Ml«s Mabel Kent, of Clinton, Ills., Is spending two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Ben Martin. See the Iceberg refrigerators; car load just received. All sizes and prices, at I. N- Crawford's. A large variety of useful articles for ladles' and children's wear on sale at the May festival at the rink. 8 yards of dress goods for $2.24 and all linings and findings free, "Bargain Friday" only—Bee Hive. Mrs. S- E. Condlt, of Dayton, O., and Mrs. S. E. Craig, of Chicago, are here visiting Miss Ethel Pryor. • Doak Denham, an experienced jeweler of Munole, will take a position with Ben Martin, the first of the week. Mrs. Thomas Austin has returned from Springfield, Ohio, where she f our U0 urs is considered promising, was in attendance at the funeral of her brother. 100 umbrellas with fancy handles cheap at $1.75, tomorrow and Satur- The Spanish Fleet Flils About in Southern Waters. Battle Expected to Occur Soon Between the American and Spanish Fleets. ProbablyJSampson's Fleet. Special- to the Fharo*. 3fW New York, May 19.— A dispatch to the World from Kingston, Jamaica, says: A telegram from 3Port Morant, dated 4 p. m. t May 18, says the lighthouse keeper at Morant Point, on the extreme east and of Jamaica, reported that a number of large steamships, apparently warships, were passing. They were going northward at a tremendous rate of speed, heading In the direction of Santiago] de Cuba. Their nationality was not ascertained. Jailed Oat the Fire Department — Soise Sot Unlike That of the Discharge of a Cannon. The explosion of a barrel of whisky n a room at the rear of John H. lall's sample room In the Murdock hotel, caused some excitement down own at 9 o'clock this morning. Fred Arthur had just finished drawine ome whisky from the barrel When he explosion occurred. The noise ccasioned by the explosion was not unlike that of the discharge of a cannon. The fire department was ailed out, but its services was not required , as no blaze was started. Only a part of the bar- el of whisky was wasted. The uests at the hotel were greatly larmed by the explosion. Aside rom a hole blown in the ceiling, no amage was done to the building. The room in which tb.e whisky was kept is just over the boiler room of he hotel, and the explosion is bought to have been caused by the rcesslve increase of temperature. Some years ago A. C. Barnett lost a barrel of vinegar in a like manner. Battle Expected. A Washington dispatch says: Anxiety is at a high pitch here on account of the reports received from various points in the vicinity of Jamaica and eastern Cuba. The outlook of a naval battle within twenty- Santiago aaelled. Madrid, May 19.—A dispatch from CUB&p f*li ••*• • tu l wn*w»*v" —"— ~«.— day, $1.25; fancy bordered umbrellas Havana says that Santiago de Cuba ~ " ~ has been bombarded by the American warships, but that "no great damage speeial at $3.98.—Trade Palace. Wanted—First-class hotel cook, woman preferred. Also dining room girls. Experience and reference re- quired—Oolonade Hotel, Culver, Ind; The church building fund society of the Wheatland street M. E. church will give a social tomorrow evening at the home of J. Henry Strause, 114 Wheatland street. Tomorrow, calico wrappers 49c, a fine lawn wrapper st 98o, 810 silk capes $6.98, $20 and $25 suits only $16.50; 25 per cent discount on all spring jackets.—Trade Palace. Wlls Berry, who went to Little Rook several months ago, to take the position of land commissioner of the Arkansas Midland railroad, Is home for a month's visit with his family. The Christian church supper will be held at the residence of the pastor, Rev. H. C. Kendrlck, No. 1116 Broadway, Friday evening, May 20. Supper 15 cents. Public Is invited. See the beautiful and picturesque zouave drill by the drill team of St. Matthew oommandery, K. of St. J., In full zouave costume at the rink tonight at 9:15. Admission, 10 cents. Who ever has charge of Court park should get out with their "scissors" and trim the lower branches of the trees around the fountain. They han g so low that people cannot walk been done. under them. Pharos subscribers should require our collectors to give them a regular receipt, made ou'* at this office, when paying monthly subscriptions. This plan will obviate all mistakes in subscription accounts. W. C. Arp, superintendent of motive power of the Vandalla at Terra Haute, has gone to Hot Springs to take treatment for rheumatism. He has been a sufferer from the dls ease for several years. Will Childs, the colored horse "breaker," will leave Sunday for Da kota. He has been hired by the La fayette Stock company and will' 'hal ter-break" a large number ef wild horses to ship to Europe. He wll return here when his contract runs out. Walter Lewis Injured his left hand seriously recently while handling lawn mower. While near the fence his foot slipped and he put out his hand to keep from falling. An iron pointed picket in the fence went deep into the palm of his hand causing a painful Injury. A few more of those choice trim med pattern hats to be sold at vary low prices. Now Is the time to buy your noboy dress, walking and sailo hats. The styles were never prettier and as the prices are much lower they will oortalnly please all.—Mrs, WJ. Potter, near Sixth. Three vessels of Sampson's squad- on were engaged with the shore bat- erles, Which are supposed to hare begun the fight. The first reports are from Spanish sources and are unreliable. It-is believed that great damage has been inflicted or? Moro castle, corresponding In local Importance to the fortress of the same name at Havana, and that the American vessels escaped without injury, Regulars to 60 Soon. New York, May 19.—A special to the Times from Washington says: The determination, to dispatch to Cuba as soon as practicable an army of not less than 50,000 men Qcompe t,ent to meet and cope with the forces of Blanco still stands, but the time has not yet come when It is praotlc able to do this, for the simple reason that the army Is not ready. The 16, 000 regulars massed at Tampa are prepared to go anywhere at any time The majority of the volunteers gath ering at Tampa, New Orleans, Mo bile and Chlckamauga are not pre pared to go anywhere and will not b until they n,re uniformed, equipped find have some training in the art o war. Military experts say it will re quire a month to put the 35,000 vol unteers in condition to re-en force Ih regulars. A force of regulars will b dispatched at once to clear the way The FMnjf Squadron. Key West, May 19—Capt. Schley' flying squadron sailed from here thl morning. Destination unknown, bu believed to be going to north coast o Cuba, probably to intercept the Span ish fleet should it attempt to ente Havana harbor. The Indiana troops now In the south are experiencing much suffering from the heat, and many have been overcome and disabled from duty. The United States government Is reported to have bought the Holland submarine boat, built particularly for estroying submarine mines la faar- ors..Men and officers have been as- Igned tD duty on the Holland. EXPLOSION )f a Barrel of Yi hisky at the Murdock Hotel. LIGHTNING STKUCK Some i'lac& About The Morning. City This Grand May Sale, -ATTHE GOLDEN RULE. Without Comparison, nothing to be equal it ever attempted in the city. Bargains that are bargains. Profits entirely ignored. Prices cut to the lowest. The purchasing power of the dollar was never as great. Goods marked in plain figures. One price to all. Come today. You are Never Disappointed "— ij^ SCHMITT & HEINLY. Every day Brings S >me thing JS r ew in Shoes ,ittle Damage Done to Electric Light Wires, Bat the Telephone Toll Lines Were Knocked Oat. Lightning struck at some point bout the city at 5:30 this morning. Tne shock was terrific and was felt ,t several points. Tony Bay, bar- ender for Frank Downey, says that sheet or flame£ passed through, the aloon, and that he and John Downey were nearly knocked from their feet. A borse standing near the Pan- landle station was knocked down Superintendent Warner, of the ;lty electric light plant, reports light damage—principally the blow- ng out of fuses at several business houses. The toll lines of the two telephone ;ompanies were broken and otherwise l&maged. A NEW INDUSTRY, Which, if Established, Will Use Up Our Corn Cobs. At the next meeting of the Lo- jansport Commercial and Manufacturers' association the matter of establishing a corn cob pipe plant will be considered. W. J. Booth, of Lima, Ohio, was in the city yesterday and wants to move his plant from ihat place. He was in consultation with several prominent citizens yesterday at the Murdock hotel, and some of them who have capital will probably become enough interested to take stock, If the chance presents itself. Mr. Booth claims to be able to dispose of 6,000 pipes dally and that the factory can turn out that many when running full time. Employment will be furnished to a large force of men, which is the main reason why Lo- ganaport should have the taotory, 1 Card of Thanks. The wife and family of the late Willla G. Graham desire to return their thanks to their neighbors and friends and especially to Ttpton lodge No. 33, F. and A. M.,, and St. John Commandery,Knights Templar, for kindnesses shown husband and father during his long illness and words of sympathy to them after his death. Robert F. Johnston has gone to Wabash in answer to a telegram announcing the serious Illness of his brother-in-law, Dr. Donaldson. See the latest colors in Magennta, Gray, *Tan and Olive colors.The handsomest colors and most Exquisite' Styles imaginable, beauti-J fully designed and something quite different from those you have ever seen. Equally as handsome in Misses' and Children's Shoes SEE THE/&. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. YOU Like to see nice laundry work, don't you? You like to have your linen returned looking clean, white and elegant. Then send it to Marshall's Laundry. 608 Broadway, and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Call up 'phone 110 and our wagon will call for your work. CHICAGO MABKETS. A «IK CHAW CSEAM Or TARTAR POWOt» DR. CREAM BAKING POWDER Awarded 5 Highest Honors, World's Fair Oold .Medal, Midwinter Received Dally by A. ». Ebaugh, at the Corner of North and Fifth Streets. Chicago, May 19, 1898, Wheat—May opened at $1.38; high, $1.45; low, $1.38; closed at $1.45. Wheat—July, opened, 81.06@1.06} high, $1.07i; low, 1.05}; closed at $1.07 a. Corn—For July, opened at 36Jc; high, 36Jc; low, 35Jc; closed at 35Jc b. Oats—For July, opened at 26Jc; high, 26|o; low, 26o; u closed at 26o. Pork—For July, opened, $12.00; high, $12.25; low, «12.00; closed at $12.10. Eecelpts of bogs 43,000 head, Estimated receipts tomorrow, 45,000 Mixed, $4.20@4.50; heavy, $4.40 @4.60; rough, $4.20@4.30; light, $4.00@4.35. Receipts of cattle, 9,500. Sheep, 13,000. Curb, (Sept.) 88* b; puts (Sept.) 37H; calls (Sept.) 90-Jc. Toledo, 0., May 19. Wheat—Cash, opened 81.45b; closed at 81.42 b. Wheat—July, opened, SI.05; closed at 81.05J. LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. The following is the price paid for grain In the local market today as reported by W. E. Hurd: Wheat, $1.20: corn, 32c; oats. 27c clover seed. $2.25. MORE K10 Predicted for Tonight and Tomorrow —The Biters Booming. Notwithstanding the heavy rain fall of the early morning and up to 11:30, the weather bureau predicts a further drenching of this section of the state. It says: "Conditions favorable for local showers tonight and Friday. The rivers are booming now ana more rain would send them to high water marg. The young child of Joseph Mlnne man, of Sixteenth street, Is seriously sick, HAVE--- You been around yet to see JACOB HERE'S line of Spring Suits, etc?. It you have not, call at all the tailor establishments in the tiity, and then go and see his prices and if yon carmot be suited,then it is because you don't want to bny,as he has all the Novelties such as STRIPES, CHECKS, A kind invitation extended to all. Yours truly, Etc. 3ACOB HERZ. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF Spring BuitinQS! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens .and Novelties. JOHN The Tailor 1222 Broadway. Lomoer, Lath, Shinjlex, , Doors, and Ladders. CHEAPER THAN EVER. T HOMPSON LUMBER Sixth and High Sts. MEN'S SUITS $5.00. Tomorrow we can place on sale four lots of Men's Suits at $5.00.Tto«y'ie serviceable patterns, color fast, nice fitting and subitantlally lined and trimmed. No more than 300 suits altogether, »o you'd better come the first thing In the morning. We challenge the world to meet this above price, and we have no fear that oar challenge will be accepted. "Marvelous how we can do It."—say you. Not a bit. Ours are honest price*—for honest clothing. "The Hub" is as famous for high quality ai for lowett prices. Our specials, $5, $6, 87.50 and $10 suits for this week should keep our store crowded with buyers. Mothers you must not overlook our Children's Parlor—Knee Pantt Suit*' from $1.50 and upwards—and always a saving from 50c to $1.00 over what others will charge you. HATS. Were never so cheap as they are here now—$1, 81.59, $2 and $2.50 the best the world can prodac at $3".00, al! styles, Fedoras and Stiff Hats—In latest colorings and shapes. UNDERWEAR. When we tell you that you can buy the best suit of undewear for 50c in the world—it Is so because—"The Hub" says it is. Shirts and Drawer* to match. A SHIRT TALK. Here Is where nobody can touch us—soft shirts 50c made In three different ways—to wear with white collars, extra cuffs—some with collars and cuffs eu'em—some with collars and cuffs attached, but 2 separate collar* with 'em. ALL FOR FIFTY CENTS. Our fine line of shirss is superior te anything In Logansport—and price* more reasonable. Our space doe§ not permit us to enumerate other special bargains for this week—so we invite everybody to call at THE HUB- Harry Frank's Old Stand. 313 Fourth St.

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