The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1951
Page 7
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SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 1951 , (ARK.) COUflrER Our Boarding House with Moj. Hooplc OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PAGE SEVEN MO* 6 THIMGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN TO HIM THftU THEY USTOM •STRiKe ? ARE YOU TRYIN TO BE/XT HITLER'S RECORD FOR RANCHIM S&UE.' RUIWED WITH MAY I TRY THAT? IKE GROCERIES, STRIKES CO WE HIGH TMESe DAYS = THE COWLESS COWBOXS „£V,!'.,".,',•,••'.•.?,'•« FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEIl Listen, Maestro I Concrete Culvert Tile Si?es up to 36 En. Corrugated Metal Culverts Slips up to 84 In. Automatic Floor) Gales Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices IVe Deliver A. H. WEBB Highway 61 at Stale l.fne . Phone 714 WE REPAIR Radios, refrigerators, freezers, ranges, washers, small apptl incea. All work guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD . .. Shoe Repair .Saves Money HflLTCRS QURUITY SHOC SHOP! I 121 W. MfllN ST. KILLER'S PACE BY JULIUS LONG COPYRIGHT »93I BV WtA SERVICE, MrfC. aving poor reception on ynur set? Is the picture blurry, snowy, indistinct? Here's how to get the sharpest, clearest picture ever: Call Blylheville Sales Co . . . 3616 . . . because our four expert technicians, with lonjj experience in the radio and television Hclrts, know just what adjustments to make. BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. lour OE ami Dumnnt Dealer 13S Knst Main Slrcet THK STORY * Ramv'* Inrjr (rial, lor the murder of Hnr- nrti (Knrnrr) HEiliuIl. krr nil- renr-nld hunhtind. !• r^ady to *o ro lb« Jury, hur hrr •I1orn«-y Slnr WlllluiMK mill to upprnr for ftnnl • rKuriit-nI». I. Jim Wnr.harl. Anil him IB rom|iKn? vrllli Sonyp Sn- re^in. rnninitH In'rJy mni;irlMN. who ilInplAy* • .smn 11 fniinmailr pt»T«l. |nm Ilkr (far on*- Hn*r wp» «up- lino Mi m hwTr uafd li> bill J>rr hn«- hftnd. Slur dor*n'l nr«-m 4Enlarhpd whrn I trll him thf Jodite l« rt-ndy lo Klrr the Jury t)ir rn»«- ovlthoal rirf^nNr nrenmrnr. and wr K« !*!•- nrrly buck t*> Ihv cnnrtroom. 1 ro.ij.nTr- my-elf hy rhlnklnff (hut rrrn. Srnr'n nT(cnTncn1« couldn't • HTC ROA« fron, 1h« chnlr. III AT the sixth floor of the courthouse we found the corridor packed. It seemed that -very courtroom hanger-on was present and trying to fight his way into Criminal Court No. 1. Star Williams accepted the greetings of all with a bland wave. 1 trolted along ahead of him to the press entrance, much as a football player runs interference for a ball carrier. The difference, I figured, was that Star had no ball to carry. A camera shutter clicked as I neld the door for Star. Nick Ricardo, reporter Tor one of the papers. was on the spot as usual. He was a great one for scoops, Nick Rtrardo. He was the only reporter I knew who used the word. He carried an imported minfa- 11 ture camera enabling him to get fairly good candid shots without a flash. Newspaper mei/1 ordinarily like But once in a yellow moon you run across one who has been to too nisny movies, most of them double features. "What's the story, Star?" Ricardo demanded, Slar ignored him, but h* caugh Star's ,«leeve. I stepped quickly forward and gave Ricardo a shove Perhaps my zeal was in excess ticarrlo tell backwards over ' a hair. aJmosl dropping his 5500 amera, as I followed Star into he courtroom. BIDAUbT. the little bru- L1 nette on trial for her life, sal igidly at the defense table a urious gaze upon Star as he en- ered. Star crossed to her: I knew ic would be giving her a reassur- ng smile, but the unholy hatred in icr eyes deepened, From the bench Judge Wana- Tuiker glared. El« was a lean and hungry-looking judge with deeply lined face thnt twitched as f he had ulcers gnawing at his nstdes. At the prosecution tabte sat paunchy Andy Tanner and his oafish assistant. Joe Worley Tanner looked elated, and I feared the worst. I looked around to find Kitty Coyle. She was talking to another reporter, Max Feldstein, in the press box. Kitty left the press box and crossed to me as Judge Wanamaker still glowering, said severely: "I have ]ust been instructing the jury, Mr. Williams, that further argument will be dispensed with 1 am not prepared to alter my decision. In denying the prosecution finai argument I feel that am not unduly jeopardizing you; client in depriving her of the bene fit of your plea to the jury. Any way, you've nobody but yoursel to blame!" , Star looked shocked, as indeei he must have felt. 1 noted that th jurors were regarding him as dis approvingly as the judge* "Ah, Your Honor, as you say, have nobody but myself to blame 1 cannot deny that 1 have tardil appeared in your court, that m tardiness is inexcusable. But 1 ca deny. Your Honor, that the blam for my misconduct should b visited upon this innocent Hit! child on trial for her life. "Perhaps the few words that I lighi say lor Hidauli would Pfert the outcome of this trial hut ghlly Nevertheless, Rose Bid- ull entitled to every right ol the crused. should not he denied that ght because of the shortcomings f her rounseJ " Judge W ana maker was gripncd i the drama of the situation; .tar's few words had broken his esolve. vanquished his anccr. bruptlv he sntdt "Very well The court will be nercifully generous to the accused Voeood. Mr, Williams." The jury had sat owl-eyed Star Villiams bowed to the judge and valked leisurely to the jury box "Your Honor." Star said quietly 'Mr District Attorney and mem- iers of the jury, I apologize for the ateness of my arrival. It was un- voidable. hut I shall not take uj: ime in defense of myself but in lefcnse of this little girl, brough* Before tliie bar for the determinn- ion as to whether she will again go forth to see the light of the sun or whether she will be doomed to die in the electric cliair," ^ 'TAR held out a ti:md In gesture toward his client, Rose Bidault, vho eyed him with a hatred which ic blandly ignored. "The defense of Rose ( Bidault is a simple one. 'Die district attorney produced no witness lo testify hat he sow Rose Bidault kill het msband, the late Barnqtt Bidault- There is no direct evidence that she did fire the faint bullet with malice aforethought and intent to kill. "Oh, yes, there was some othci evidence. Expert testimony. Let us not minimize this evidence of the state's highly paid experts. Some six of the highest-priced ballistics experts In the United Slates said that Barney Bidautt's denth could not have been accidental. And I must admit that l r as defense counsel, did not Introduce any testimony in rebuttal, "The evidence is one-sided: Barney Bidnuli could not have tiicd by accident because the experts have said so. This particular gun. State's Exhibit No. 1, which fired the fata) bullet is equipped with a safety device making an accidenta ; discharge impossible." (To Be ContinneH) Look at the Record PLAY SAFE! For Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! For Automatic Washing at it'i very best, get a BENDIX Automatic WASHER Isn't It Time You Bought a Bendix at HUBBARD & HQKE Appliance Co. YES, WE BUY Scrap Iron anri Metal, Old Cars, 1'lows, Cultivators, Tin, Wire, Batteries, Radiators, Rags and other items of little value to you. We sell all kinds of anRle iron, flat iron, <!tc. and when you reed Coal and Kindling, call.. . HESTER'S COAL & SCRAP METAL YARD S. Highway 61 1'hone 3186 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) All types of hemorrhoids [piles), fissures and other rectal ailments treated and cured bj our mortem nfrice methods. Twenty rears experience. Drs. Nies & Nies Rljtherllle, Ark. Phone Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS 85% Germinalion . . . $1.25 Rushd Del!, Ark. Earl Magers Phone 2811 Service that Shines T. L SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2122 Due to Public Demand We Arc Now Offering DAY and NIGHT Television Service » For Daytime For Night Service, Phone Service, Phone 2642 4851 We Service All Makes and Models! FRED CALL!HAN Phone Radio Service MO So. 2642 Your Motorola tnd Admiral Dealer 1 St St. OPEN THE'DAMPERS IN THE AUDITORIUM MEAT PIPES/ ^ TtllS IS ) REALLY PtAV SWEET--Bur NOT TOO LOW? 1HOSE HEATIMG PIPES AREMT AMPLIFIERS i STARTING AT THE BOTTOM THE SCALE/ "He says I'll flunk on punctuation—but I'm engaged and what do commas have to do with housekeeping?" 'RISCILLA'S POP Ilcserviilinns in Advance HY AL VKRJIKKR IVE MADE UP MY M1NO LESTER! PRISCILLA IS TOO YOUNG TO GO OUT WITH BOYS; '- KIN ,SOMEBODY 1 FIX ME A SANDWICH WHILE I'M YOU'LL HAVE WAIT TILL Famous Name BY MJCifAIOl, O'MALLKY and RALPH LANE CL«?A-TOC:S OFFICE? AT EMI7 Of- THIS COZKICCK MC SEATTLE \ITS OMLV SFEUElT) AN'NOW EU UNVEILIW') ( MEV X) f^V 1 -^ ITB TOO - ^ LJrr « T -"«*CL E orvfso-6,CAL/ -- * -* t-^n-- LOUE/PIP vou see per OP- " ECATIOM I PEEFCK.UEI/; \LT7 LUST A PINE. __.,._. MEPICAL SCIENCE—EA^CASJ I SEP LITTLE D»ISV b'UWIOWr^JS'OO WHEW -t £C>V7ICA.TO(Zyh,ER TROUSH T-irT—Krr^r^ —V woiKf SEC6EJ A CI-EA\PIOM PEEK- 3APTATN EASY A Skilled Hand HY LRSLIR TURNER THE CARLVIES HMIE BEEW ^ FA,WOUS CIECUS FAMILV IU FOR. A HUNDRED VEAE.5, HOUEV IWJURIE5 FORCED WW TO PROP HIS SEM5MIOMM- LEAPIMG , HE LED THE "FOUR O THE HIGH WIRE fL WAMT THE TRUTH, DOC. \ I'M, AFRAID VOLT IF TIOS fS THE END I'UE I FtAVE SERIOUS THAT ACT BROKE X HIS OTHER. SOW UP APT6K OWE OF \ 15 KIT CAKLl>/LEr P HIS BOV& DIED Ikl THE FAMOUS ClOWM, FM.L M~ LEIPZIG /[JOWOM HIS F1E.5T NUERICIXU TOUR.. TOO BA.D HE'S GOT TO KNOW IT WHILE /INTERNAL IMJU- — I CNM STILL TM.K..,'JR!E5, MR.CARLVLE WE'LL PO ALL WE; SUT...WELL, WHOfA WILL SOLI BUGS BUNN Are Customers Crii/yT Not Very Hard? BY V. T. HAMI.IN S MY GOSH, WE'RE GONNA HIT THOSE BOXES AN AWFUL JOLT LGT'S UNLOAD/ BOOTS AND 1IKR BUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN

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