Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 19, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1898
Page 23
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Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cfcre between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, C&L, running through -without change. These cars -will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9 :00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, run- oing through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, "via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address W ABASH R.R LogMjeport, Ind* Do Koo Low 11 »o, secure one of the latest and prettiest Two-Steps o{ tie day, by mailing Ten Cents (•liver or stamps) to cover mailing and postage, to the undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.; We are giving this music, which Is regular Utty-cent sbnet music, at this exceedingly low i»te, for the purpose of advertising* and testing the value ol the different papers as adver- ttilng mediums. B. 0. McCormlck, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Boute." Crnoin- Mtl. 0. Mention thig paper when you write. tt.6 p«nnaylvajol» Station. IfBnnsujvaniaynBsj ••«••- '" • •». i * ^ Tralae Bun toy Central Time • Pmll? t Diiilr, CHICAGO DIVISION DAH.T. &MT« lor Chiosgo*8:05 a m;*6:00 a m;*l:26 p m *mre fronVcnioago *12:30 a m;*12:80pm;'l:00 p m; *1:40 p m: *8;1B p m BRADFORD AHD COLUMBUS. I*MeforBrad.ford*l:10a m:rr-40am; *1:46 AniYerro^Bradford "2:45 g»; tlO:20 am; •1:20 pm; t4:16p m. irmiB DIVISION. tMTB for Kflner t8:15 a m; tS:0« a m 1 «:06 p m 5 p m Sunday onlT. . +12 .5(, m .^z- *p m; 8:80 a m Sunday only- BIOHXOMD AND OIHOI^NATI, jUMire for Blchmoad ttf :55 am; t6 :SO a m; *1:06 pm;t2:20pm. AJTlT* from Richmond «2:30am; ttl:00am •l:Mpni:tlO:50pm. CTD1AHAPOLI8 ABD IjOUIgTHiLB. &a«T» for LouJavllle 13:48 am: *l:JOpm. Antre trom i/oulavllle *2:40 a m; M:66 p m. J. A. MoCOLLOUGH, Agent, LO4JAMBFOBT MO. mAtt BOCKD, 1 Bwtern Bxprees daily |:» • * Mall and Express daily »:«8» 4 AtiantioBxpreet dally....... 4:181> m 10 Fort Wayne AOOO Ex Sunday.... 6:82 p m 74 Local Freight Bx Sunday 4;1» P ~ W»6T BOUND. B Weetern Ezprees daily W-.2* p m I *a« Mall Daily ,. »=« P m 7 Mall and Bipressdaily 2:40 p m & Paoiflo KxpresB daily " : » a ™ 11 Decatur Acco Ki-Sundav 7:85 a m 16 Local Freight El-Sunday - 7:S5 a ™ •BL UTIB BmglOK. 1TBBT8EBM. BBTWlt LOflAJtapOBT AHD CHH^> ins» BODITP. KO.M Arrivei ~ «:» »• 5£n Arrive* . »:» p. B •A«X BOUJTD HO. » «^«av6«.—- -»:« a. n> HO.M Learei- _....*:« P. nr VANDALIA LINE. Time Table. In effect Dec. 5, 1897. Leave Locaanpoit, IndJamm. FOR THE NORTH a a g .„.„. : ....... _JO:40 a. m So. s"'"™.".™.'.".'.."'.'. -.'. ...................... 8:40 p. m. FOB THE SOUTH. War complete Time Cart, prying all *nd ctatiom, and for full Information u to ntec, through oarg. etc., addre«i 3. 0. toowwoRTH, agent, Loganspon, 01 I 4, FORD, General Pauenger Agent. at. Loui*. Mo. . & W. Time Table, Peru, Ind. Roll* trains between Peoris and Bandui ky mnd Indianapolis and Michigan. Direct oon aectkmi to and from all point* in the United fltato* mnd Canada. Mra. W. S. Wlrlck, of the Easterid, eft today for a two weeks' visit with Id friends at Madison, Ind. Deafness Cannot be Cured y local applications, because They cannot •each the deceased portion of the ear. There 6 only one way to cure Deafness, and toat is y constitutional remedies. Deafness ia aueed by an Inflamed condition of tbemu- oui lining of the Eustacbian Tube. When his tube gets iDfiamed you have a rumbling ound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless ne inflammation can betaken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will Be destroyed forever; nine caees out of ten re caused by catarrh, which is nothing but n inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. Wf will give One Hundred Dollars for any ase of Deafness (caueed l>y catarrn) that can ot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for ircular, free. F. J.CHENEY & Co.. Toledo, 0. Sold by druggists, 75c. Hall's Family Pills ai e the beet. Mrs. Mary Dewenter, of Lafayette, B In the city for a short visit with her sons, J. C. and Herman Dewen- er. Try Grain-0! Trj^Grain-0! Ask your grocer today to-show you a package of GEAlN-0, the new food drink that Hakes the'.place of of coffee, Thechild«:n,may drink It without njury as well as the adult. All who It like it. GRAIN-0 has that rich aeal brown of Mocha or Java.but c is made f rom pure'grains, and the most delicate stomach receives it without distress, i the price of coffee. 15c and?. 25c per package. Sold by all grocers. Miss Mame Guthrle has returned to her home in Wisconsin, after vis- ting her cousin, Mrs. John M. Johnston. SOUTH BOUSD So H lndlanapoU« Sip dally 7:10 a m U •» am No S3 " Mail&Exp_ll:S5am (dally except Sunday) No * Indpl's Krp ex Sun.... 3:26 p m «:10 p m No 2S Passenger except 8un No 151 Rochester local arrive :46 p m except Sunday. NORTH BOUND. §•« a m No 90 Hail 4 Exp Ex Suu. ,.J8:1S a m i'-IO p m Ho S3 Michigan fclty daily •„ 4:50 p m 1-fC p jn No U Detroit Kxp Sz Sum ' So 160 Acoom except Sun... 8:45 a m •Doei not run north of Peru on Sunday. fto ticket ratew and g«jeral information call onJ J. Bkhrner, ticket agent. L. B. * w Peru, Ind. or C. *. Dally, jrennral pa*ienjre- agent. Indianapolis, tnd. Through Pullman Tonrist Sleeper For Point* nKansa*. California. Arizona and New Mexico will leave Indianapolis via the Vandalla Line each Wednesday unttl furthe notice, Ptr rates reservations and full information, apply to nearest ticket agent o the Vandalla Line, or Bend to Mr. B. A. Ford, 6. P, A., St. Louis, Mo. When doctois fall try Burdock bload bittera. Cnrea dyspepsia, con itipatlon; invigorates the yst*ni.| The Climat* of Cook»'» Inlet Msi*» It • Veritable Suminur Land. Cook's Inlet has the best climate of all Alaska. The Russians called it Summer Land." It runs in about 160 miles, between Kenai Peninsula and he Ohignie range. On the Kenai shore 'specially the land is well cultivated and cattle thrive. The Russians have had farms and pastures there since first hey came to the country. Cook's Inlet is booming now. On dill's Creek two men took out Jl,500 in en hours. That is as good as Klondyke, but so i^ir work is only beginning, and claims, as a rule, have only paid from $100 a day up to $175 or ?200 when the miners found pay dirt. Beng on the coast, 'which is warm all hrough thp winter, and in a country ong settleu by whites, Cook's Inlet is an ideal spot compared to the interior, E. C. Sherman, of San Francisco, nas started a scheme to make mining easy 'or ihe miner, and proposes to outfit a steamer in 'Frisco and to take up 100 men at $1,000 apiece to the inlet, where he will board them for a. year and a half while they prospect; the country round about. A trail leads from Cook's Inlet over to Copper River, and curiosity will probably induce some of the gold hunt- :rs to venture in search of the copper mountain. Already Mr. Sherman has about half the cumber of men he wishes. The steamer has an accommodation for 120 passeugers and is laden with, machrnery for both quartz and placer mining. From the Clerfe^of the Court. Peru, Ind., May'13,1898—Charles B. Hughes, clerk of the Miami circuit court of Indiana, recommends Hood's Sarsaparilla as thejbest family medicine on the market,'and says It las been taken as a blood purifier in family with most satisfactory results. Miss Mae Plttman has returned 'rom Indianapolis where she visited friends over Sunday. No man can cure consumption.You can prevent it though- Dr. Wood's Sorway Pine Syrup cures coughs, colds, bronchitis asthma.Never fails. Delegates to State Contention. H. D. Hattery, 0. E, Carter.John W. McGreevy, George S. Klstler, Peter Wallrath, John E. Irwln, M. Wlnfield, S. A. Vaughn, Charles L. Wool, Joseph Guthrle, D. J. Calvert, L. B. Ouster, Washington Nefl, Harry Rlchter, A. F. Murphy all of whom recelveive their mall at Logansport; Jerome B. Jones Twelve Mile; John M.^Bliss, Eoya: Center; Jacob E. Beck, Young Amer ica; Leonard Burton, Lucerne; G. W Conwell, Gal-veston: Wlllard Galloway, Lake Clcott; H. 0. Johnson New Wayerly; W. 1. Sharer, On ward, and George Enyart, Walton. LAKE BREEZES brine relief from the swelterins heat o: the town or city. They raise your spirits and restore your energy. The greatest comfort and pleasure in lake travel on one of the LAKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings between Chicago and Mscklnae Island tour times every week, at extremely low rates. The new steel steamship "Manlton" is a magnificent vessel, elegantly equipped witn, even' -comfort and convenience. Tri-weeUs 'twist Chicago, Charlevolx, Harbor Springs Petoskcy, Bay View, MackinacIsland, etc. Write for interesting read inff matter, sent free, or ask your nearest asent. Addres Jos. Berolzheim, Q. P. A. LAKE WTCH. AND LAKE SinPERIOB I'RAJJS. CO. ind N. Water St., Cbicaji SPECIAL Excursion to Burlington Park via Pennsylvania Lines May 23d, 24th, 27th, and 2Sth aecoun of German Baptist annual meeting at Burlington Park (Xspemlle, 111,.) spec ial lov." rate excursion tickets -will b sold via Pennsylvania Liues. $3.33 wil be the fare from Logansport for roun trip. For particular accommodation o excursionists a special train -svill be run Saturday Jlay^SStb. leaving Loganspor 11-40 a, HU central titne, running throu^li to Burlington Park withou change. All excursion' ticket? will b "ood returning tuitil June 24th, -wit privilege to extend return limit to Jun 30th. For special information pless apply to J. A. McCullough, Ticket Agt Pennsylvania Lines, Logansport, Ind. "M«rxeillni»e" Enthusiast. Nothing of the kind in this world can. be more impressive than the way in which an audience of 6,000 French radicals receives that wonderful air, the 'Marseillaise." I observed that the chorus of young men who led the singing never once looked at the notes, and few even had any, so familiar was it to all. There was a perfect hush in that vast audience, while the softer parts were sung; and no one joined even in the chorus at first, for everybody was listening. The instant, however, that the strain closed, the applause broke like a tropical storm, and the clapping of hands was like the taking flight of a. thousand doves all over the vast arena. Behind those twinkling hands the light dresses of the ladies and the blue blouses of workingmen seemed themselves to shimmer in the air; there was no coarse noise of pounding on the Boor or drumming on the seats, but there was a vast cry of "Bis! bis!" sent up from the whole multitude, demanding a repetition. The moment the first ra'se was sung through for the second lime, several thousand voices joined in :he chorus; thea the applause was re- ioubled.'as if . they had gathered new sympathy from one another; after which there was still one more great applauding gust, amd then an absolute luiet.— -T. W. Higginsca in Atlanta Monthly. The Original Tobogrsrantr. "The otter was the original tobog- ganer, and his slide the first of its kind deliberately chosen. Whence came his information?" asks E. W. Sandys. "I know not. Turn, if you can, the leaves of Nature's wonderful volume, back to the opening chapter of animal life, .for information upon this and countless other curious traits. Maybe the primal otter saw a cube of ice break from its parent glacier and go sliding down a polished path to the sea. He may have thea tried the feat himself, under the notion that such sliding was rare good fun for otters— 'quien sabe? Wherever the otter may have obtained his idea of sliding, he has neither lost it nor improved upon it. He slides as his forbears did, for love of sliding, but he does not altogether depend upon snow and ice. During summer earth-slides serve well enough, and these will surely be found on the banks of streams frequented by otters." Walking sticks have frequently been l.rft by will. Franklin bequeathed his favorite stick, with a gold handle shaped like a cap of liberty, to George Washington. The gold-headed cane •ased by Drs. Radclfffe, Mead and others, whose arms are engraved upon it, was bequeathed by Baillie to the College of Physicians. Napoleon's walking stick of tortoise shell was sold in London in 1823 for $190. Honore de Balzac had the mementos he received from various fair admirers, wnict ;onsisted in part of precious stones, ;et in canes. Feminine Generalship. On one occasion the noted British Dfficer Tjirleton was speaking con- ;emptuously of Colonel William Washington to a patriot lady. "Why," said rarleton, "they tell me he is so ig- aorant that he cannot even write his name." Witt a meaning glance at larletoa's right hand, which Washington had wounded, the lady replied: "But nobody is better aware than you, Colonel Tarleton, that Colonel Washington knows how to make his mark." How often do you water your hard working horse? Do you give him water every time you take a. drink? If you get warm and tired ia the fields from the warm sun and the work, what do yon think that your horses suffer when they have no water between hreakfast and dinner? Wattr the tired, thirsty • horses as often as it is possible and see how much, more energy and snap they will put into their work. If yon um>o „„.„„' take wat«r to tie fields for yourself. Cure^TOC^ccl'S!:I»ft'mZ''<^Sii»Ptioii,to it ^_^_ the a™ 13315 m *? ' and all disease* ol the thrOaXand hiEP 5 - I*TF« , 4h*il "-**••• liiw JOo and 25c. J One Way togbe Happy la to attend to tba comfort ot your familr Should one Of themlcatch ajcold or coujrb, cal on W. H. Porter. cornertFourth and Market itre«ts. sole arent, and g«t a trial bottle ot HEALTH OF THE FLOCK. How to Tell \F>e» There ia Disease Amour the Poultry. The experienced poultry keeper can tell at a glance whether a flock is in a healthy condition or not. The hen that Is well is always alert and on the watch. She may not be fearful or shy, but she looks alive and has her bead up two or three times a minute. Her :omb is red and clean and her feathers are in their proper position. During moulting time of course the comb withers and the plumage becomes, ragged, but the hen does not mope if she is well. When the flock is looking for feed, singing and talking among themselves they are in good health. If you suspect roup, go into the poultry house after dark when the fowls are all settled for the night, and if you do not hear some of them wheezing there is no danger of roup. If the droppings are solid and white at one end there is no disease in the flock. If the movement is slow and sluggish and the comb is inclined to be purple color look out for trouble. The hens may he too fat or they may be bilious. In the one case cut down the feed and in the other see that they have light feeding and plenty of good, hard grit. If young poultry seem to be trying to swallow something, look for the large gray lice about their necks. As soon as a single fowl begins to show symptoms of ill-health, remove it from the flock and keep it at a distance from the others until you can determine what the trouble is or it dies or gets well. Geese Are Clean Birds. In an interview Mr. Renaker, the. Kentucky geese raiser, gave the following interesting facts regarding geese and their habits: "A goose is the cleanest fowl alive. [ have been in the poultry business since 5.S71, have handled all kinds of domestic fowl, and have studied their habits closely. They are constantly at work keeping their feathers clean, and if furnished with plenty of water they are never seen except when fit for dress parade. They are equally as careful regarding their food. On one occasion we bought a lot of corn which had grown musty and the geese would not eat the dough made from it. Nor will they eat dough after it has soured. On this account we have to be very careful to mix up no more dough than the geese will eat in a day. "Another thing peculiar about geese s that they eat a great deal more on some days than they do on others. For instance, it frequently requires thirty or forty buckets of dough a day to a given pen of geese. Then for a few days they will probably eat not more than a dozen buckets. Gainen Fowl*. For some reason the guinea fowl is not so common as it once was. They are, however, a valuable fowl where there is a wide range and they will on such a farm pick up their living in insects during the summer season. They are very prolific layers, producing an egg daily for several months at 'a stretch. Their flesh is rather dark, and has a distinctly gamey flavor. In many places, where hawks and other predatory birds abound, the guinea fowl is an. important protection to other barnyard fowls. They are extremely quick to see any strange object hov- nng in the air, and their shrill note of alarm often prevents the hawk from making a swoop into the barnyard. The Befit Tnrfeeys for Breeding;, It is not surprising that turkeys should soon run out and become inferior in every way, when we remember how so many farmers choose their breeding stock. All the late birds stunted by corn feeding while young are saved, while those that are large and fine are sent to market. The idea is that the small bird will be fully grown, and as large as the largest by spring. But it never is. Saving the best birds for breeders insures earlier laying of eggs, and an early crop of turkeys next .year. In , Large lace ties are in vogue, oofch on day and evening toilets, and these are extremely becoming to womaa of every age and typ«. •IITTLE •IVER m SICK HEADACHE Positively cored fey these tittle PiJJS. They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A perfect remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, BadTasfein the Month, Coated Tongue Paia in the Side, TORPID LITER. They Regulate the Bawds. Purely Vegetable. Smafl .VH. Small Price. THE NEW WAY. WOMEN used " to think "f«- malo diseases " could o n 1 y be treated after "loc a 1 examinations'" by physicians. Dread of such treatment kept thousands of modest women silent about their suffering-, Thein-_^^ troduction of Wine of Cardul has now demonstrated that nine-tenths of all th« cases of menstrual disorders do not require a physician's attention it all. The simple, puro taken Jn the privacy of a woman's own home insures quick relief and speedy cure. Women peed not hesitate now. Wine of Cardui requires no humiliating examinations for its adoption. It cures any disease that comes under *He head of "female troubles" — disordered menses, falling of the womb, "whites, "change of life. Itmakes' •women beautiful by making ihern well. It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.00 it the drug store. For tdvice In cases requiring special directions, address, pivin? symptoms, th» " Ladies' Advisory Department," Tfaa Chirunooea Medicine Co.. CbatU- nooga, Tenn. W. L WDDISOH, M.D., Cary, BIss.,Mysi "I use Wine of C*rdul exteniively la my practice and find it a most excellent preparation for female troubles. " Niagara Falls EXCURSION. Walt for the old Reliable. Lake Erie & Western Personally Conducted Niagara Falls Excursion Thursday flag. 4, 1898 Leaves Peru 11 :3S a. m. Ratel- - SYOO -ALSO- Sandusky, Put-in-bay, Cleveland and Buffalo. With side tripo to Lewiston.Toronto.Thoueand Islands, etc. For tickers, rate, time and pamphlet COIF taining general information, call on any ticket agent ol ibe above route, or address C. F. DALY, General Passenger Afrt. Indianapolis, Lnd. 1898 IAT. 1898 Su. 8 15 22 29 Mo. 9 16 23 30 Til. 3 10 17 31 We. 11 18 25 Th. 12 19 26 Fri. 13 20 27 Sat. 7 14 21 28 To Various Points Via PennsylvaniaiLines. Excursion tickets willjbe sold via Pennayl- ania Lines as indicated in the following pora- Tapbs. Although concessions in fare are uthorized for meetings of certain orders,tiok- ts may be obtained by any person whether a member of the order or interested intheovont 'he reduced rates will be open to every tody. To Columbus,;lnd.— May 16th. 17th and 18th. or G • A. H. State Encampment and Woman e Relief Corps Meeting, good returning until May 2l6t. From points in Indiana only. To Naperrtlle, !]!„ (Burlington Park, near Chicago)—May 23d, 24th, 27th and 28th.for German Baptist Annual Meeting: good returning until June 24th, with privilege to extend lisnit until June SOtb. To Louisville.; Ky.—June 19th and SOlh, for fr. 0, C. A. M- National Council Meeting. Ke- urn limit June 26th. To Washington,; D. C.—July Sd. 4th. 5th and th, for the National Educational Association Meeting, Good to return July 35lh, with prlv- lege to eitendlreturn limit until August 31st. jtfere Arc Pedljcreen For Yon. The Grosvenof family (Dukes ol Westminster) trace their pedigree it England back to I066J having conu over with. William the Conqueror, •wiffje the family in Normandy from which they are directly descended flourished there for at least a. century and a half before the Conquest, so that th« family pedigree goes back for close upon a thousand years. The most an/ dent family in Great Britain is that ol the Earl of Mar, in Scotland. Lord Hailes, speaking of: the title, says:— "It existed before cur records and before the era of genuine history, being an earldom whose origin is lost in an/ tiquity." The Campbells, to whom be longs the present Duke of Argyll, began in 1190. Of the four hundred bar- one in the British peerage only about a dozen actually date back 600 years. The most ancient family in the worlc is that of the Mikado of Japan, which has nad an. unbroken iine of descen' for more than 2,500 years, the presen ruler being the 122* of the line. Iniect Steed* Ridden br I«»ect«. At a recent meeting of the Entomo logical Society of Washington some specimens of chryeopa, a species of gold-eyed fly, which has been collected in the White Mountains, were ex- tibited as curiosities, because each carried on its back one or more minute cecidomyiid flies. The opinion was expressed that this was a true case o: smaller species of insect using a larger species for the purpose* of locomotion from place to place. Fowls in Hot Hon*eB. Too . much warmth is injurious. Fowls in hot hous« get colds and become tender. The average poultry- man goes too far in using glass and shutting up tight. "When furnished plenty of water and wholesome food geese fatten rapidly and have no disease, but unless they are afforded an opportunity to keep themselves clean and are furnished with pure food-they die rapidly." Xot Lefritimite Fanning. A farmer at Topeka, Kan., is buying up broken-down horses, knocking them in the h«ad, and allowing the pigs to eat them. H<*Js taking a chapter from the book" of a Lansing 'butcher, who was feeding his hogs in the same way until his neighbors raised such a row, and the hogs got so much cholera, that between the two the business became unprofitable. Cropg Although corn is the principal crop used for ensilaging in the United States, there are many other plants suitable for this purpose. The first experiments in tils Ii»e were made on tiw continent of Europe with sugar beet leaves. la tiis country mil!?t, rye iorghum, oats, peas and «the^ have been ensilaged with results. Soil -tor Tr»«Jfc The soil for market gardening if bottom land, warm, siidy, with y«U<n» subsoil. If asked vWck is th« nwat laiportast essential to iet gard«*iag, wrH*fl aa expert, 1 sh.eu!4 a*y fret, tfet'wll, M**nd brail* TOTHE KLONDIKE Valuable Information for Persons Going to the Gold Fields. Persons who expect to try their luck to th» gold fields of Alaska will find it profitable W call on Ticket A^-^tt of the Penntylvanl* Lines and get- ion rates, rputci and other preliminaries. J/hla information will b« furnished without oharge,'and any required aid in shaping details will be cheerfully extended. If not convenient to!apply to local agent of the Pennsylvania Lines, send your name and ad- dregs. With date upon which you intend • to start, the probable number In the party.and m request for advice about the fare, time of. trains and other particulars, to the following representative of the Passenger Department and a prompt reply will be made. W. W.Rloh- ardson, JD Agt. Indianapolis, Ind. GUIDE TO WASHINGTON, D. C, Sent* Free To Teachers aod Tourists. It contains special information about placesjof interest, also complete and comprehensive map of the National Capital.Jtime of through trains to Wash- ingtou via Pennsylvania Short Lines, and reduced rates ove^that route for the National Educational Association meeting in July. C Just the thing for teachers and any one going to Washington. Address ~Vf. "W. {Richardson, District Passenger Agent,Indianapolis,Ind.. enclosing 2 cent stamp- The guide is worth much more. On Saturday, January 1st, the Wabwh Fast Government MailJTrain, No. 1, traveled 101 miles in 99 minutes, assuredly a good beginning of the new 3 ear. Watch further performances of this GREAT FLYER, the fastest mail train in the world,and the PET OF UNCLE 8AM. Are you ready for the question? Can a railioad operate its trains at & Mile a Minute Clip unless its rondbed, track and rolling stock are of , a Wgh standard? "W« Maintain a High. Standard." Speed, safety and comfort are all branded "WABASH." If yon intend to make a trip to any part of the world, including the "Klondike," communicate with Loganiport, Ind.

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