Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 9, 1892 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 9, 1892
Page 2
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WILL EE PAID. ^^ 11 Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infauts and Children. It contains neither Opu:m, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing 1 Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is tliirty years' use by ^Zillions of Mothers. Castoria destroys ITorms and allays feverishuess. Castoria prevents vomiting 1 Sour Curt 1 ., cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas° toria is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend. Castoria. M dstorii Is an excellent; medicine for children. Mothers have repeatedly told me of Ita good effect upon their children." Do. Q. C. OSOOOD, Lowell, Mass. " Castoria is tho best remedy for children of fcMcb. I am acquainted. I hope the day 13 cot far distant when mothers will consider the real Interest of their children, aod use Castoria in- ttead of the various quack nostrumavf hlch are Destroying their loved ones, by forcing opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful agents down their throats, thereby sending them to premature graves." X)it. \f- "F- KiscnnLon, Conway, Ark. The Centaur Company, TT Murray Street, No-nr York City. Castoria. " Castoria is so well adapted to children that I recommend it as superior to any prescription known to me." H. A. ARCHIR, M. D., Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. T. " Our physicians in tho children's department have spoken highly of their experience in their outside practice -with Castoria, and although we only havo among our medical supplies what la known as regular products, yet we are free to confess that tha merits of Castoria has won us to look with favor upon it." UNITED Hoarrrj.!. AXD DISPEMSIRY, Boston, C. Surra, Pres., PACTS BRIEFLY STATED. Damage to the extent of $15,000 was caused in St. James' Catholic church in Eockford, 111. TV. E. Keeley, an ex-district attorney of Dodge county, Wis., has been arrested charged with forgery. Horace Wright, a farmer living alone • 10 miles north of Sparta, Wis., was found lying dead on tho floor of his shanty. At Carbondale, 111., Constable William Terrell was sentenced to prison for fourteen years for killing- William Sanders. Frederick W. Piper, a prominent -hotelkoeper of Coney Island, N. Y., committed suicide by shooting-himself ivith ;i revolver. Tho Dcerhorn mine in the Cripple Creek district 01 Colorado has been sold for 8400,000 to T. F. Walsh and associates of Denver. The 200th anniversary of the first settlement of Germans in America under Pastorins was celebrated Thurs day at Philadelphia. Fierce prairie fires were said to be raging- near Williston, N. D. Over 75 miles square had been burned over and much property destroyed. WORLD'S FAIR BONDS. Marshall Flold Taltea 8500,000 Worth— Considered » Good Investment. CHICAGO, Oct. S. — Marshall Field, who is now in Europe, has sent a telegram to President Higinbotham authorizing- him to subscribe for S500.000 worth of tho world's fair bonds. The banks of Chicago had previously taken more than §1,500,000, and the Field subscription completes the sale of half the issue of 84,000,000. The bonds are considered by Chicago business men ns safe an investment as can be found. This is evidenced by the fact that half the issue is sold when the security has been offered for sale only a week. The bonds are to run but a very short time, and for that reason draw 0 per cent, interest, the hi^h rate being- offered to recompense subscribers \vlio may have to sacrifice other interests to help along- the fair. A Child's Terrible Death. CIXCIXXATI, Oct. S.—Katie Leesman, nged 5, who lived with her parents at 4 Colem;vn street, met with a horrible death Friday evening. Innocently picking- up a piece of lime from the sidewalk, tho child placed it in her mouth, thinking- it was chalk. The moment thi; saliva touched it the lime began to slack and, aided by tho child's hot breath, soon filled her mouth, choking her to death in a fc-.v mo^ went.?. X C. KOGEKS, WHO O2S been for seven years an attache of tho office in which, two of her sisters are also employed, has been offered the place of deputy clerk of the United States circuit court for -sew Ecg-lnnd, to which a salary of $'-,000 attaches but she declines on the ground that she inay not be capable of filling it. IT is said that manufacturers pay from ten to fifty cents a. line for little rhymes and jingles booming- their \vares. One fortunate young- woman with a special gift, in that direction writes one verse a week for several firms, from each of whom she receives 53.00 a week. Another lig'lit and remunerative occupation for the srirl of artistic proclivities is illustrates advertisements. • Ton's View cf an .Echo. "There's a moclda'-bird up in that mo-ant;;;n." said Tom. "I know, 'cos he mocked ine whenever I hollered this morning.'"—Harper's Yonnj People. Experience Xcodod. "Hex cake is dough." "Yes; but, poor thing, she hasn't been njsiried very long-J":—Puds. Stoic a Trunkful of Jewelry. MILWAUKEE, Oct. 8.— About $1,800 worth of jewelry was in a commercial traveler's trunk which is suppos'ed to have been stolen from the Chicag-o, Milwaukee & St Panl depot. The trunk was sent to the depot Thursday from Leubascher & Co.'s jewelry store, on Grand avenue, and no trace of it can be found by detectives after its delivery at the depot. J:unos Wlllluma Killed. CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 8.— A 5-year-old boy, James Williams, was struck by a Broadway motor and almost instantly killed. The body was horribly mutilated. Ho was playing 1 in front of No. 3403 Broadway at the time of tho acci- Vi!.. Oct. 8. — Alfred B. V.ns' K-;i.-f rob;-.. •!•• factory and a portion of tin ; pi; .>-.i- ••:':! of W. J. Whitehurst wcr • . ••! Viy fire. The loss is :i!-.i>.-i • -t;\- covered by THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. CHICAGO, Oct 8. FLOUK—Steady. Spring wheat patents, *i 1C @150: Bye, $3.40®3.00; winter wheat patents, S4.00ffl4.10; Straights, S3.00®3,73, WHEAT — Euled firmer early and vreakar later. No. 2 cash, 74@74!4c; December, 70/J @ 77J*c, and May, 82?;@S35^c. CORN—Quiet and steady. No. 2, 43j£o; No. 2 Yellow, .4S£@44c; Na 8, 43c; No. 3 Yellow, *3>Aa; October, 43j£@44c; November, 44Ji@45c; December, 4-17s©45W: May, 4S@4S!ic. OATS—Steady. No. 2 cash, 31 <^c; November, 32JSc; May S59t@3CySc. Samples steady. No. 3, 29@32c; No. 3 White, 32G34c; No. 2, 32333&C; No. 2 White, 33«@35. RVE—Was firmer. No 2 cash, 5Gc; October, 55^c; November, 57c, and December 58^c. No, 3 by sample, 43®50c. BARLEY—Was about steady, for good Quality more particularly. New by sample, com* mon to fair, 35©45c; good 4S®!J2c, and choice. 55@00c; fancy, C3S07C. MESS POHK—In rather good request, with free offerings. Market active and prices irreg* ular. Quotations range at S!1.37HQU1.50 foi cash; fU.37J4@li.40 for October; Sll.32j-Jiail.4<j for November, and S12.70@12.75 for January. LABr>—In fair demand and. offerings moderate. Prices higher. Quotations range at 5S.4C 1-15 for cash; SS.40@S.45 forOctober; 57.5007.55 for November, and f7.17i.j@7.22^: for January. LIVE Po-ci.Tn\'—Per pound: Chickens, Sy.Q 9c; Turkeys, 7@9c; Ducks, SH©9c; Geese, 54.00ac.50 per dozen. BUTTER—Creamery, 15©24c; Dairy, 14®21c; Packing Stock, 13@14c. OILS—Wisconsin Prime White, 7Jic: Water White, 7j;c: Michigan Prime White, 9c; Water White, 9c: Indiana Prime White. Sl£c; Water White, 9;:c; Headlight 175 tost, S«c; Gasoline, 87 deg's, 12c; 74 deg's, Sc; Naphtha, 53 deg's, "Kc. LIQTTORS—Distilled Spirits quoted 'on the basis of fl.15 per gal. for finished goods. NEW YOKK, Oct a WHEAT—Dull, lower. December, Sific: May, ! 15-l6c. CORN—Dull, easier. November, 52-ic; De- comber, 5,v4C; Xo. 2. 51Ji©52iic. OATS—Dull, lower. October, Sflrjc; western, l'>iQ47~e. PKOVJSIOXS—Beef—Dull and steady. Eztra mess, SC.i53C.75. Pork—Q.uiet and unchanged. New mess, 512.75313.00; old mess, S11.75®12.(XX nl—Dull and weal: at JS.C5, TOLEDO, 0., Oct & WHEAT—Quiet, easier. No. 2 cash aad October, 75!^c; November, "fij^c; December, TSc; May, S3X& Coitx—Steady. No. 2 cash and October. 45c. OATS—Quiet Cash, S2^c. KYE—Firm. Cash and October, 57y;c_ CLOVEKSEED—Higher, quiet. Prine cash. and October, J5.70; December, £6.75: January, S6.SO. CLEVELAND, O., Oct S. S. w., 110, C^c; 74eas- oline, 7c; SS gasoline, lOc; 63naphtia, 6~ic. Live Stock. CHICAGO, Oct S. CATTLE—Market quiet and steady. Quotations ranged at M.95@5.5> for choice to estra. shipping Steers: S4.S5@190 lor eood to choice do.; J3.70S4.20 fair to good: 831033.60 for common lo medium do; •SS.OQGS.TS for butchers' Steers; SXOO®3.00 for Stockers; S1.25<S2.75 for Texas Steers; S2.5(©3.60 for Banse Steers; 5aOO@3.60 for Feeders; 31.75&2.75 Tor COTS; H.ra@2.50 for Bulls, and E2.25©i25 for Teal Calves. Hoas—Market slow and weak.. Prices 5®IOc lower. Sales ragged, at S}_25@5-GO for 'Piss; 55.lago.75 for light; S5.00@5.20 for 'rocgh packing;. t5.15@5.7o for mixed, and. 5o.25Qi.75 for- fc£3Vy packing and shipping lots. I The Exterminators of the Daltons Will Eeceive Big Eewards, Railway and Express Companies Authorize the Payment of $6,000— Ogee Not One of the Thieves. CASH FOB THE SLATEES. SAN FKAXCISCO, Oct. S.—The Southern Pacific Railway Company and Wells, Farg-o & Co., has telegraphed to Coffeyville, Kan,, 56,000, to, be paid to the men who killed the Dalton gan£-. The express company's ag-ent there is instructed to ascertain at once -who has earned the price set-on the bandits' heads and to make immediate payment. It is stated here that the rewards offered for the gang, dead or alive, aggregated 59,000 each. It TTasn't Ogee. WICHITA, Kan., Oct. 8.—Allie Ogee is in Wichita and is not, therefore, the lone bandit who was being- pursued by citizens of Coffeyville. Ogee has been working in a packing-house here for nine months. He has not lost a day for several weeks. Ogee is married and is living at the home of Dr. Woods, who adopted him when he was 18 months old. Ogee says he was never with the Daltons and is at a loss to know how his name became connected with the robbery. Dr. Woods says there was an. enmity between Ogee and the Daltons when they were boys living at Coffeyville. Dalton Can't Live. COFFETVUXE, Ran., Oct. 8.—Trouble was narrowly averted Friday morning when Sheriff Callahan indicated a desire to take Emmet Dalton, the wounded desperado, to Independence. Had he carried oot the plan there would have been wax, for, although the citizens are willing that Dalton should receive all the care necessary, they will not submit to his being removed. It is, however, only a question of time with him. His hours are numbered. He cannot last much longer. His mother, brothers, Benjamin and Simon, and sister, Mrs, Whipple, are here. MADE THEM ALL RICH. PERSONAL AND IMPERSONAL. A Decision of the Courts Bring* Fortune to tho Woods and Tlieir Attorney. DEN-VER, Col., Oct. 8.—The United States court of appeals has denied the petition for a rehearing in the case of the Wood heirs against Jerome B. Wheeler. The court had rendered a decision, giving the Wood heirs a one-third interest in the Emma mine at Aspen, together with a like proportion of the product of the mine for the past seven years. F. A. Green, the attorney for the Woods, will receive probably the largest single fee ever earned by a lawyer '<• in the country. He gets over a million in money and a large interest in the mine, for which a syndicate once offered $17,500,000. Every one of the Wood heirs is made independently rich by the decision. STILL SMASHING RECORDS. "Wheelman Windle Does More Fast Riding on the Hnmpden Park Track. SPSINGFEELD, Mass., Oct. 8.—William Windle had another "go" at the records at Hampden park, and as a result he holds the world's time for a mile at the standing and flying start The former was done in 2:06 3-5, the quarter in 35 2-5; half, 1:06 3-5; three-quarters, 1:30 3-5. The previous record was held by Harry C. Tyler, at 2:08 4-5: the half mile (flying) was made in 57 4-5 seconds; the qiiarter being done in 23 2-5, or at the rate of a mile in 1:53 3-5. Windle previously held the record at 59 4-5. Will Make No Appointments. WASHINGTON, Oct. S.—The presidential election occurs in one month, and the statement is made at the executive mansion that the president will not in the interim make any appointment not absolutely essential to the smooth running of the government Quite a number of important vacancies are to be filled, among them the positions of assistant secretary of the treasury, first assistant postmaster general, commissioner of the general land office and a. judgeship on the bench of the supreme court of the District of Columbia, besides others of less importance. Fusion Denounced. TOPEKA, Kan., Oct. S.—The convention of straight-out democrats held here Friday to protest against the action of the regular democratic convention of July G in indorsing the people's party state ticket adjourned after having adopted resolutions declaring for Grover Cleveland and censuring the fusionists. There were 300 delegates in the convention and steps were taken for the organization of a new democratic party with the men who called this convention as leaders in the movement. The J'assion flower. The passion flower derives its name from an idea that all the instruments of Christ's passion are represented, viz: The five wounds, the column of pillar of scourging, besides the three nails, the crown of thorns, etc. "'H.LIAJI w ATSEFISLD, attar niry years' experience, says: Thnt one cow can be made to give as rich railk as another may not bo possible, but by •proper feed a cow may be ra~de to give richer milk than when fed on per feed. —Squires—'"You're naturally a kindhearted, agreeable fellow, John. Why Is it that you never smile?" Old Bonny- fact— '•! tried it once, and it took me sc long to get my face bad- I've been afraid to repeat it." . fleatli of "STUlinxa Dirisaa. CEDAP. RAPIDS, In., Sept. 2&—William Dwigan, smallest member of the masonic fraternity known, beinjr only 40 inches hiph, died suddenly at his home in Shellsbnrg-, j —A brave young "Virginian and his bride will pass their honeymoon and the remainder of their days in Alaska. They are going out as missionaries. Their field of labor will be within the Arctic circle. They will receive but one mail a year. —Dr. Garner of "monkey-speech" fame has interrupted his journey to Africa to take part in this year's proceedings of the British association. He is going direct from London to the Congo, and will linger in monkej- land, pursuing his investigations, for at least a year. —The home of the Roumanian queen. Carmen Sylva, situated in the heart o: a forest at the foot of the Caramian, mountains, is beautifully decorated, according to the queen's own designs, the feature of the house beicK 1 a-music room fitted up with u, beautifully painted glass ceiling, and walls frescoed with a cycle of fairy tales of her arrangement. —Prince Roland Bonaparte, whose wife's immense dowry was a part of the revenue from the gambling house of Monte Carlo, will not marry again, it is believed. The prince now enjoys the benefit of this wealth, but is sensitive about the source from which it is de rived. Indeed, it is said that he dropped the acquaintance of a lady friend who was so indiscreet as to solicit his influence at Monte Carlo in behalf of a young singer that was seeking an engagement —Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, the celebrated Philadelphia specialist in nervous diseases, was recently approached at a seaside hotel by an elderly woman, a stranger, who said: "Aren't you the Mitchell whose, pictures I see in the magazines as the writer of stories and poems?" Dr. Mitchell admitted the impeachment, whereupon the lady said: "Well, Mr. Mitchell, I think you must know something about nerves to write so well of people who suffer from them. Perhaps you have studied medicine?" —The mayor of St Johns, N. P., has received a letter from a Maine fanner who says he has heard of the great fire in that city, and, desiring to aid some sufferer, would be glad to give some suitable woman a good home. He would employ her at good wages until they became well acquainted, and then, if agreeable, would marry her. The woman must bo between 25 and 35 years of age, of light complexion, good character, and weigh from 150 to 175 pounds. The farmer is in earnest, but the question for the woman to consider is whether he wants a wife or a drudge. —"Marshall's gold nugget" will be exhibited at the world's fair by California, and it is safe to say that thousands will consider it one of the moat interesting of the innumerable objects which will be displayed at the great exposition. This is the identical nugget which Marshall picked up in tho American river, February 10, 1848, when selecting a site for Suiter's mill, and which constituted the first discovery of gold in California. The nugget is about the size of a lima bean, and, on account of its associations and the almost incalculable wealth and development which have resulted from its finding, is regarded as an almost, priceless treasure. —It is not in America only that members of noble European families adopt lowly callings to earn their daily bread. According to the Paris Figaro a Princess Galitzen, a member of one of the oldest aristocratic families of Russia and a relative of Father Galitzen, who came to Pennsylvania about a. century ago to do missionary work, is now a stable- maid in a French circus. A Prince Krapotkin, whose family once exercised great influence and power, is now a cabdriver in Moscow, where his relatives have often been the honored guests of the czar. Prince Soltlkoff, the bearer of a name which often figures in Russian history, daily cleans up one of the market halls of St. Petersburg. OUR SOUTHERN NEIGHBORS. BKAZIL has 2,000,000 acres of coffee. THE census returns have now been, completed in New South Wales, and show that the population of the colony is 1,132,234, an increase since 1S81 of 500,706. THE marble slab presented by Empress Josephine to Panama will be in- eluded in the world's fair exhibit from that country. Official consent for its removal has been granted. PEOPLE who like frequent changes in government may find variety in Mes- ico. During the past sixty-two years that country has had fifty-four presidents, one regency and one emperor— the unfortunate Maximilian. Nearly every change of government has been effected by violence. IV T . Hauer Of "rcidericlc, KJ-, suffered terriblj for over tsu years Triili r.l>scesses 23:1 r^nninj sores on liis le.': Jjg. Hs wasied a-.vaT, grevr Treak: and. fa:a. and ivas obliged to use a cans and cratch. ErerythiESwhichcouldbetlioushtof. was done vritiiocs good result, until lie besan taking Hs©d 5 s Sarsaparifla -which effected a perfect cure. Sir. Hauer Is now in liie hest ot health. Full particulars of his case will be sen; all who address C. I. HOOD & Co., Lowen, Mass. HOOD'S PlLLSaretheteatafter-dliuierPmi, Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Svrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its manyexcellentqualitiescommendit to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of. Figs is for sale in 75c bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one wno wishes to try it. Manufactured only by tha CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO,, SAN FBAJfCISCO, CAL. iXnrcsvxLiE, KX. NEW YOKK, IT. l For sale by all druggists Special Bargains, and Notices. Bargain!) Offered bj-Log-»nS|u>rt Merchants, Wants *nd Clinrck, Society, &vllro&d and jttl Notices. Pension*. Prompt attention given all claims for pension, increase of pension, boun- ,y fr- any other war claims. , Paibnt solicitors and general U. S. :laim agenbs-^20 years experience. Address or call. BAREON & WALTERS, Johnson Block. Excursion via Pennsylvania Unc. To Indianapolis on October 12th to .5tb, for Union Veteran Legion, at •12.35 for the round trip, good to return until October 16th. To Anderson on October 13th and 14th, for races; at $1.75 for round irip, good to return until October 15. Democratic Barl)«-cnu at Peru. On Wednesday. October 12, for the accommodation of those desiring 1 to attend, the Wabash Railroad Company vill run special trains leaving-Logansport at 9:18 a. m., 10:30 a. m. and :30 p. m. Additional coaches will also be put on regular trains. Eeturn- ng trains will leave Peru at 6 p. m., > p. m. and 10:15 p.m. Fare, 30 :ents Tor round trip. C. G. NEWELL, Agent. BnrUnsitoii ilonte. The Burlington route is the best -ailroad from Chicago. and St. Louis 0 St. Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, t. Joseph. Omaha, Deadwood and Denver. The scenic line via Denver, olorado Springs, Pueblo, Leadville, jienwood Springs, Salt Lake City and Ogden, to all California points. All trains are vestibuled, and equipped vith Pullman sleeping cars, standard hair cars (seats free)-, and Burlington oute dining cars. If you are going West, take the best line. Sxcnrslon Kates via. Vandalia 3LIne. The Yandalia line will sell round trip xcursion tickets at rates named below .uring September and October, 1892, or the following occasions: ST. LOtJIS EXPOSITION' AXD FAIK. During the Exposition, every Monay and Thursday, September Sth to October 20th, inclusive, round trip ickets for one and one-third fares. Juring- the Fair tickets will be sold, October 1st to Sth. inclusive, at one are for the round trip. HARVEST EXCURSIONS TO THE WEST, XOETH A3TD SOUTH. On October 25th. 1892, round trip tickets will be sold at one fare to nearly all points West, North and South. Return limit, 20 days. For detailed information address nearest ticket agent Yandalia line or the undersigned. These excursions are open to the public generally. Don't fail to take advantage of the extremely low rates as above. J. M. CHESEKOUGH, Ass't Gen'IPass'r Agt,. St. Louis, 2Jo. -tlotber's Is the .greatest blessing ever offered child-bearing women. I have been a midwife many years, acd In each case where Mothers Friend has been used, it has accomplished wonders and relieved much suffering. It is the best remedv for rising of tbebreast known, and worth, the price for that alone. Mas. M. A. UEEWSEEK, Montgomery, Ala. Sold oy Ben Fisher. Xbe \Vrons Slue of Fifty. Readers, have you passe J ilie meridian otllfe? Are your joints getting stiff, your muscles and sinews losing their elastlcltr? Arc you troubled with lumbago? Are you. !n short. In dally or occasional receipt ol any or ffioso admonitions wlilci nature gives to remind people tliat they aregrowlogold? Uso, trj-acourseofHostotter's Stomach Bitters, a most geEial and agreeable mltlgator or the lufirraltles of age. a, rai>lt! promoter of convalescence, and an effectual means of counteracting bodily decaj. Good digestion, sound sleep, a hearty .- appetite, freedom from raeuuiatlc twinges and among ae benlgu .fruits thafsprlng'troin tho regularanil persistent use of this snperbtonlc and corrective, which has received the unclaimed sanction' of the medical fraternity. Give It the fair trial that It deserves, and you vdil bo grateful for this advice. Are yoj made miserable by indiges-. ticc, dizzeness, loss of appetite, yellow skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a posi: tive cure. Guaranteed by B. F. Kees- The Kev- George H. Thayer, oi Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself' and wife owe our lives to Sbilob.'a consumption cure. 11 Guaranteed bv B. F. Keesling. To counteract the desire for strong, drink, take Simmons' Liver Kegula tor. Shiloh's Cure will immediately re lieve croup, whooping 1 cough and bronchitis. Guaranteed by B. F. Kees- Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. A nasal injector free with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Guaranteed by B. F. Kees- ? . '' Shiloh's Catarrh Kemedy.— A positive cure for catarrh, diphtheria and canker mouth. Guaranteed by B. F Keesling. Nobody need suffer from languor and melancholy, take Simmons' Liver Regulator. Coughing JUeitdM to Conmunptt«ii. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence sexual weakness, pimplss, cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling s. Nobody will suffer with liver or kidney disease if they take Simmons' liver Regulator. Glad Xldiii£M. .The grand specific for tho prevailing malady of the. age, dyspepsia, liver :omplaint, rheumatism, costiveness, general debility, etc., is Aunt Fanny's lealth Restorer. This great herbal onic stimulates the digestive; organs, egulates the liver and restores the ystem to vigorous health and energies. lainples free. Large packages 50 •exits. Sold only by Ben Fisher, 311 'ourth street. ' Nobody can have dyspepsia or biliousness if they take Simmons' Liver Regulator. Great Triumph. Instant relief experienced and. a permanent cure by the most speedy and greatest remedy in the world,— Otto's cure for throat and lung diseases. Why will you continue to irritate your throat and lungs with that terrible hacking .cough when Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, sole . agent, will furnish you a free sample bottle of this great guaranteed remedy? Its success is simply wonderful, as your druggist will teil you. Otto's Cure is now sold in every town and village un this continent,- Samples free. Large.bof/tles 50 cents. Why will you cough when Shiloh's cure will give immediate relief. Price 10c., 50c. and 81. Guaranteed >y B. F. Keesling. Nobody can be troubled with constipation or piles if they take Simmons Liver Regulator. When Baby was sick, we ga-o Lcr Casi-oni. When she was a. Chil-i, she cri-jU for C:•;:<'.•:""'•• 'When she beccais JOss, sbe clang to Ca^iuri When cbe bad Children, £i-j #ive :ie ; n C^:or For dyspepsia and liver complain you have a Tainted guarantee on every bottle of -^.nloh/s Vitalizer. It never fails to .jure. Guaranteed by B. F £!*ildrenCryfor FSt»her*s Castoria. Biliousness, constipation, torpid liver, etc., cured by Dr. Miles 1 Ner- vine. Samples free at B. F. Kees- Faintly 2ledlcl»e tlie Everv day. Most people need to use it " _ . Short breath, palpitation, pain chest, weak and faint spells, etc, cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure ' Sold at B. F, Keealing-'s. ,

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