Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1890
Page 7
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How's Your Liver? Is the Oriental salutation/ knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. When the liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, t-Ee food lies in the stomach undigested, poisoning tha blood; frequent headacha ensues; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and Bervousness indicate how the whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Eegdator has been the means of restoring more people to health and iappmess by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. Afl a general family remedy for Dyspepsia, Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc., I nardly ever ose anything else, and have never been disappointed in the effect produced: it seems to be almost a perfect cure for all diseases of the Stomach und Bowels. W. J. MCELROY, Macon. Ga. Sick Headache and relieve all the troubles UK* den* to a bilious state of the system, saoh aa Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress afteff «oUng.Palnln the Side, &c. Whila their moat remaxkablo success has been shown in curing Headache, yet Carter's LltQo Liver SOU ars equally valnablo in Constipation, curing and pro- venting thiaannoyi£{zcomplnlnt,vrhile they also correctall disorders of thostomax^Mlmuliito tha UTCX ana regul&te the bowels. Evan if tkcj only Acifilhey would bo almostprlcolefis to taose wJia BuifarfromthiadistressingcomphUnt; butfortu- Bately their goodness does not endhera,and those •sthooncotry them will find theao littlo pUla valuable to so many ways that they will not bo wil. Itogtoaowithtratthem. "-*-«---"-•--<--* Is the ba&o of so many lives that here Ss where wa make our great boast. Oar pUlscnreJtwhflo others do not. Carter's LitUa liver Hlla are very small and very eacy to tsko. Ono or two pilla makoa dose. They are atriotly vegetable and do not gripo or purge, but by their gentloaction pleaeeall who ose them. InvialsatSScents; flvefor$l. Sold by aragglflta everywhere, or sent by moil. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL FILL. SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE KEY LIVER AMD CSJKE. Rear! Symptoms ami Conditions This Specific will Kelicvo and Cure. If Ynil ar( ? threatened with, or r.lrcsuiv hare 19 I UU liritfbt's disease, or Urinary u-ciibic'. If Vnil havo sediment in urino like brick Or;t II IUU frequent calls or rctenr:<;:i, -.vu !i distress or pressure in the parts, limbs Ijiout, If Vnit ! mTO Lnrao Back, Rhctiraatir-ra. st:n£- II I UU ins, Acuiug Pains iu sidt or hips, If Ynil bare Diabetes or Dropsy, boil;.- V,h;::t, II IUU orscauty cii* high colored urino, If You haTe Mn'nria. Torpid Livcr.D.vspepsic. II I UU Gall Stouc, I'cveruud jigtio or Gout, If Vnn biro Irrftation, Spasmodic Stricture. II IUU or Catarrh of the Bladder, If V ni | haveBLOOD humors,Pimp!os, Ulcers, II IUU Seminal Weakness or Syphilis, If Vnil have Stone in Uidnej-, Gravel in Blacl- II IUU (ler, Stoppaso of urine or Dribbling;, If Vnil have poor Appetite, Bad Taste, Foul- II I UU breath or internal Slime Fever. Rllllrie upquickly a run-down constitution. UUitUd Doa't neglect early symptoms. EVERT DOSE GOES RIGHT TO The SPOT. Prepared at Ilisnon eary— Reeomm«TKJcd by rpnowned VhjHci«ii»--luvalul3 Guide to Health'tree. Advico fro« Genuine have Dr. Kilmer's likeness on outeido and inside "wrappers. by all DitrnoisTO and Dn. KILXBR i Co., BinBhamton, N. Y. e SOc. extra large SS- •jj nil larg OUC AT f*H.T"i RAILROAD fancA 1 tail I RATES The MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY »as placed in effect the following tow r-.teBbe- • - -tween pjintsoa itsliues: »4 K 011M<I City . . . #6.00. w«rth . . . S.T&. s > ' <>n "" < -<*W> • • • -- *'-^»««»<iOmoba .... 8.2G. »«- I/onls, Pueblo, Ool.r»<1o Spring* Dearer 15.OO. ' Ja>h J , 'I £ U * uail De Le*veit worth Greatest Discovery of ttie 19ffi Centuryl Medicated Air! J>r. Teagiie's NEW REMEDY CORKS j Catarrh! Asthma I THKfUT \Sf LUNG DISEASES ! in. , Sff 6 !!' ! 1 "'-atarrh It has no enual. X,? iM if atl '' IOblIteratcr l« a perfect Tol' if - f' 8 purlty allow8 "' Tierfect freedom p:lrtlnK " """rat* softness to the com- -, • ••"""•nii.itiu, U. o. A, I-arra»6b7D.'R Pryor, wnj Porter and WHAT DRESSY MEN WEAB LATEST DESIGNS OF THE FASHIONABLE TAILOR'S ART. Ill ii ts on X« ok wear lor 51 en—Han rj.no me Spring Suits | tlliiAtratfld aiul Describee! —Clint Abotib BIfln's fashionK—Hints on the 1-Jitest Modes for Ladles, HE ACCOiU'ANV- ing cuts slio\v the [ pri n ci pul styles which are to prevail in the niickwoar of this seiison. 'L'he. four - in - hnm! \\'ill inainta-in its pluce uf tirst favorite dnriri^ t.ho spring, lint will ho run close bv ihn 'reck. This htti.er may pc'i'lups even surpass the f\iur-in- haucl. It shaiili! ho skilfully plaited ou a soft foundation, so soft that it will Ije free from innchunical appearance atv.l lia\ - e .1 thoroughly easy asid natural elTect, Only juanufu'-.liiivr.-; with the better class of irnined labor will he v/bolly successful in this. T,.;-|c scarfs should always he made with xolid bands. If lined, the lining is apt. to show whon the bund twists iu adjust-mir. In four-in-hands the two and one-!ia!i width is tho safer. It may seem inconsistent but there will be morn throe-inch four-in-hands xvorii in Ihe iale tliau in the early season. Until warm we.atb.or the neekwe:ir will he in substantial fabrics, and two and one-half is t.he proper width for such. During tlto DIA6OSALSU1T, WITH AXOOT.A OVERCOAT. summer there will bo ;i call for a, world of all-silk light weaves, and many of these should ho three inches wide. The puff scarf and Ascot will be worn to a limited extent. Windsor, club-house cravat, and one- and-one-eighth-inch tie will receive more attention than for years, particularly the Windsor. The silks should be made especially for that purpose. Much material well adapted /or "made-up" scarfs is totally unlit for those forms, which should bo made from all-silk pliable fabrics. jSfext in intijortance uorncs colorings. Our London friends are goins to push a THE "OOJIDOJf FliOCK." sftt of new ground colors to the front this season. They have a variety of name» for them, and tho variation of shades is also considoraoiu. somu mea of their character may be had from these names, which are lR;>.d, dark, and lljrlit steel, smoko, elephant, and a revival uf cadot blue in its different tones. Sonn. are fairly good; some decidedly bad. Be careful lest in your desire for novelty you substitute for your own judgment that of the enthusiastic salesman waiting on you. The best of these new shades is that of a bluish cast, running from cadet to dark steel. But the colorings to "bank on" arc white, with libirlc and with navy: navy, imperial, ami cadet hi UPS with wlu'tr. ami llni- mi:.- TRADE H^ifevijpM MARK* J^;->ff^&. jiPTLY -vxn I'rr-r.v-;r\— ~ T.T IMC 33 A. G- O , Eheumntliini, neatlache, Toolliaclie, ® -IP 12. J^. I JV B , Xruralgla, Swellincs, FroaL-bitc-s, B R. U _I_S E s . THE CHARLES A. VOGELER CO.. Baltimore'. MA DKISIiV SACK U'tTII l.O\V ISIJI.L. turc-* of white ;nul black and white and navy. Such am. always In good tasto and have never been moro fasliionablc than they will biv llio, oominc spring. In materials vho rnngo is going to bis UITRC. Jvtnrli of ihn sprinR and summer neclc- wear should be. all silk, .ind in. such Roods somn of the, most, desirable and really novel designs will be in striped and checked silks of fancy weaves. Such effects are brought, about bv com- biniijg two or more weaves alongside of each'' other aud iu all-silk twills, armures, crepes, .lap's. Lonisonnos, etc. Such ijoods when printed with well- selected figures or woven with broche figures will be very handsome. Hrace* for summer wear are to bo made of light material ;i.nd to have elastic only in the back lioloiv the crossing. jS'o leather must,be employed, and they are all to bo made with ojuuab ends. Several very attractive sorts arc now shown iu the. shops. Among the best styles for spring suits are the accompanying designs, which liavo been furnished by a loadine Chicago tailor. The first represents adiag- onal suit with an Angola overcoat. The overcoat may be sllk-fncnd or not, and it is worn in some fifty different shades, a raiigft broad enough to give the most earnest student of color his preference. The luu.iorcoat is n double breasted Prince Albert. The second suit represents » new semi-dress suit (the ''Gordon frock,") which will ho in vogue this year The cut, as tha readers will see, is nnw and peculiar, but very effective. The usual material is of coai'50 broadcloth, although some, of the very finest dress worsted are also used. There is bul one color, naturally, black. The third cutshowsa Derby sack with a, low roll. It is made either in cheviots, worsteds, tir crepes. In fact, tin; rangi- is unlimited. The color is usually dark, although a second lighter pair of trousers are always made'to go with the suil. The corning shades, after black, for the season. In all suits will be either dahlias or blues, but the suits of 18BO will bn almost without exception arrangements in light colors. N"oto» on Feminine Styles. What ha.s been duhhcd the Louis Quinzosnsh is very long, very wide, very elegant and very expensive. It must reach quite to the, bottom of the skirt. Therefore if the wearer is tall the sash must, be fully five yards long. A sleeve which is cut full enough at the top to gather over the shoulder, while it fits like a loose coat sleeve below the elbow, is always stylish and pretty. A fiat band at the wrist, velvet or galloon, makes a pretty llnisli. Sashes, though exhibited in overy fabric, are usually of the tull'ed silks. With the bouffant s'tyle of dress, moire, Turc satin and brocade saslies were in favor, but with I he present almost straight lines softer sashes look better. Who or what brings about the change in fabrics? Human nature: the desire for a change—that's the 'wnat.' The 'who' is usually a whimsical lea-Jer of fashion in Paris, or pcrha'js in ]!er- lin, who says to her dressmaker: 'I'm tired of everything. Benign me something entirely new. And ?o ho set; 1 . about it i'rum the very beginning, gci.- ling a new stuff woven lirst— nil her reviving an old one, for there isn't, am such thing as a really new fabric. a:ul can't be. until s inoboily invents ji nev, animal to shear or plant in weavo — and then ' making ii up in some way novel enough both to satisfy her and to make s .me oth» woman want her dn ssmaixer to s nd her one j;;St like It. Am: th:!ii the tmi'i- uifarturers sot their mills going aii make piece aftrr piece of it in all the shades and qualities, and lhn Impnnliv houses get samples 01 it; and conclude i will 'go' in New York, and p ett.y s on you sen the identical stuff- that !.h dressmaker experimented w';.!i for '.<'• whimsical customer •.vH : i,in ; T ,i -,.- Bnadway with some pretty wntn::u ; ts sponsor, and the s iashiim is IT •set.' ELY'S Cream Balre Cleanses the Nasal Passage Allays l j :i and Inflammation, HealstheSores Kestores tiie Senses otTast and Smell A particle Is applied Into each nostril and 18 agreeable. Price 60 cents at druj^lsts:by mall, registered, 60 cts. ELY BROTHERS. 56 Warren ow, wew YOEK. auglOtl&wtf ~ MOORE'S Tl»y Mt in tie Blood. Slightly laiaHva. Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, A. Impure Blood They expel diBcaso germs, and Purify the Systeni Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.7 They Positively Cure. The Great Etig-ii.i.!) Prescription. A successful Medicine used over ^JO j-ears in thouwiiids of cases. , Cures Spermalorrhen, A T en/ou« Trcnfcne.*;!, Emissions. /m;juiejtci/" -—— and all diseases caused by abuse.« IBEPOREJ indiscretion, or over-exertion. [AFTER} Six packages Guaranteed to Curt--when alt others fail. Ask your Druggist for 'I'to Sre«t EnrU.h I'rcHvripttun. tafee no fubstitute. One package St. Six S-'i. hv mail. Write for Pnmplil^t. Address Eureka Cbeuiicul Co., Cetroit. lUicit. F«p Bale by B. F. Keesllng. mar6d&wU NEW ADVEKTISEM"^ •NESS & HE* J l'KCli'8 LNViSlbi.c, | •^ mm a —K 13 CUSHIONS. Whispers Heard, com. irlftbl*. Kueeejtftd where nil URm^IlM ft!!. Sold bjF. HISCOX. lUr, 853 Ur'dTfar, A'eir York, nrttefar book of pwoU, FJ1KX , EAS Coi PARKER'S HAIR BA|.SAft9 Cleanses and beautilies the hair.. Promotes .1 luxuriant growth. : INcvar Fa; fa lo Rcstoro Gray 1 Kairt? iii Youihful Color, i •eviirits I'•;:"!siiiL'ami hairi;Ulfng- '* • - HINDERCORNS. The only mire Cnre for Corns. Stops all pain. Er.fmrf-i eomforcto thofcet. ISaosBnifrp-ists, HiscoirSCo.tJf.Y. tr CONSUMPTIVE Ccmeii.Bronnl.itK ^stinna, IndiccsUonf Use ^hb'w'o'rar'ciiBtsrand istlTetKstrrMiieay fur all ills nrisina from deCective nutrition. Take iu time. SOc. and 51.00. CHICHESTCR'S ENGLISH ^_ PENNYROYAL PILLS. —-?Sya Zletl Cross Diamond Brand. f *^" " The only reliable pill for wde. Safe and D jr?. Jjadtcs, osk UrtturtrUt for the Dla- tnon<t ilronJ,iu red meLallio boxes, ne*led wiUibLtierlbboQ. Titkonootlier* Send4o> (stamps) Tor particular! aud **Relief far ' ^^.r.t,,^^^^. eu e, m emical Co^ Uadlioii :*Q MADE WITH BOILING WATER. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. C.1ADE WITH BOILING MILK. CURE f° r ASTHMA Catarrh Hay Fever, DioMMa, Moapiig- COTD sad Comioa Colds. Recommended by Physicians and 8"Id by Prtig- glsta liirougliout tbo -world. Send, for Free sample. HIMROD MANTJFG CO., SOLE PBOPRTETOES, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. THEmQRYOFMAN ISmENGTH.VITALITY! IBMlDMlSERIES .ut.nii.iuu ti uiu Fotlj, Vice, Tgnorjuice, lii^vu^-^o «• (vcTtaxution EnervatiDgand milittiiiK the victim :or Work, Biisiri'-as, the Married or Social Relation Avoid unskilful pretenders. Fosse:' Oli« greiU vork. It coiitaiimSOt paireB, royal 8vo. Beautiful .Hiding, embossed, full gilt. Price, only $1.«0 bj .-Kill, post-paid concealed In plain wrapper, lllns- rutri-e Prosp«=-t<" Free. If you apply now. The :latin<nj!Hh.id author, Wro. H. Parker, M. D., re- dved the COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL •om the National Medical Association. -, r , he P^IZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and HYSfCALDEBILITY. Dr.Parkernndocorps f Assistant Physician* may be consulted. CODO*. fntiatiy, by mail or ID person, at the office of HE /•(••X'ltonv MKDICAt, INSTITUTE, 0.4 HM,ritr,-.- ?t., ito^;on. 3rnfl«., *o whom ail dors for ttmke or IeU.T« for advice kbontd b« Urscted at above. U nprecedented Attraction Over a Million Distributed. Louisiana State Lottery Co. Incorporated bv rhe Legislature, for Kd ucatlonal and Charitable purposes, and its franchise nia<te a part ol the prveer.t State ConsUtu- tlou, In 1879, by tin overwhelming popular rote. Its MAMMOTH DRAWINGS take place Seml- Annuallr, (June and Decemhflr), and Its UHANB bIMiLE NDJIBEK DRAWERS take place In each of the other ten months of the year, and are all drawn In public, :it the Academy of Music, New Orleans, La. FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity of its Drawlngs.and Prompt Payment of Prizes. Attested as Follows: •Wo do hereby certify that we supervise tiie arrangements for all the Monthly and seml-arniuai Drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery Company and In person manage and control the Drawings themselves, and that tue same are conducted wtta honesty, fairness and in good faith tewurd a'n par ties, aiidwe authorize the Company to use till* certificate, with fac similes of our signature? at taehed, In Its advertisements." uominlst-loner-n We the undersigned Banks and Bankers will pa$ all Prlres drawn in The Louisiana State Lotteries which may be j>resfrr.tcd at our eoun ters. St. 31. 1VAI.aiHl.KY S=TeH. New aiir* TSa.t'1 8n.nU Siatlonal Uont><- Grand MonUily Drawing, In t!i« Atsitlemy of Music. New Orleans, Tlhvsdtiy. Hay IS. 1890, Capital Prize $300,000, Dollitrs Toufll liX) a»J :V.iU Vrlzs of Prl7.no." Pr!w 01 i'rlzts of Pr!?.e,s of Vrtzes of i'rlzHs i>; JTines of Frizes n) LIST ue t or £300,000 is , 103.000 f.i SO.IMI ; ; 2r..(li)i. i., 10.IJCU tiii- "i. MAI on* l.fo HI-H y.\> aie son are a/) arp EO.Ott W.'-Kf 2y,i>&< i5.au 50,0:«i SO.tXX ' PR1Z3SS. 11)0 Prizes of 8500 are 100 Prizes of SOO an> 100 I'rlicB of '20D are TKIUIINAL PHIZES. S50,00ti „ SO.OOO 20,01* !WJ t'rizea of $100 are .. 10U are ....................... 99,900 99S Prizes B.134 Prizes arnouutlng to ............... $1,054,80(1 NOJV-— Tk-kets drawlns Capital Prizes are not onntled to terminal rrtzes. AGENTS WANTED. For Club Kates, or any further Information 0y- reft, write leatbly to the undersigned, denial statlngyour re Bl'dpncewltb state. coiuity.streetanU number; More rapid return mall delivery wai be assured by your enclosing un Enrelope bear Ing your full address. IMPORTANT. Address 5J .a. !>,«« .. . . By ordinary letter, coiitaluliii; *i'«ncy On;*;!' Issued by all Exprnss ConiputiJtw. New \'orh Ei- change, Draft or rost.-i! Nute, Address Recisteieci Letters Contaiaing C-urrency to NEW ORLEANS NATIONAL BAKK. New Orleans, La. •KK.UKS5S5! H.tiiat ttie iniymi'ut of Prize.- is (ift'AKK'l >Tf *:il >»V KOS'Si MATIOX •• Ij UAXtin of N'ew Oili'ans. and tl)B Tickets ;ir* stRiiedliy the l-r^sldent of an instl rutlon, wli(?se chartered rights are reeogiiLzed !]. the highest Courts; therefore Ueware of all im Uatlons or anonymous schemes." OKE IJOI.1.A11 Is Ihe price uf the smallest part or fraction ota Tlcke.tj!S?v« JK1» BY t'H In any Drawing. Anything in our name offered for leas than a Dollar Is aswlniile. CAUTION . U*» U * AWH price are stamped on the bottom. If the dealer cannot supply Ton, •end direct to factory, enclosing ad-rorUMd price. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf, Heavy Ijiccd Grain and Creedmoor Waterproof. ^, Best In the world. ExamineLW»___ .OO OBNUINE HANZ>-8£WEI> SHO£. " " ' ™ - ^TTSD^W]iLT_8HQE. _ .,2.50 EXTBA TAlt 82.zn .t »a WOBKII BZ.OO and »V.7B BO] All made In r FARMERS' BHOE. EOAI.F 8HOI^ -- «EN'SI SHOBS. "CHOOI, SHOBS. lf.au and Lace. •1.7B SHOE FOB HISSES. Best Material. Best Style. BMt FltMtt W. 1. Douglas, Brockton, MM*. Sold t>7_ s |i»ur sale by ~ __ __________ J.B. W r INTER YOU some of tbe choicest lanrts In WESTEltN NSAS, both clear Hud IncumbertKl. ImproveJ unimproved. »ysetiu *<>*y rwt 'Kb3f-K'SX~ - For KA and unimprov. erty tbftire will KxchMKe for , . inBVOEsT MEKGHAjfBI8C AM» 1,1 VI! •TOOK. Addreu A. B. FABKEB, Buiae, Kui OouatT, Kuita*. ••••U •••1 •• •II kl* YOUNC, MIOOLU AGCO or OLD! I have o p-vv; Live:-- ..o-'r frr alltli - -• . .. -,. ... .. nflf^rp-'v: ? j :v. -•• :•' ' ^t ': • - ^r.-.-'oany ferer. J'rwft <"!•'' - lX '. "- '- '•» •' t.Comf «»•! WOMEN .•».-. - Z Hi .A J.. V\ m*l.. .' 4 ^UW PERFECT TTIVHNO, MSMle-Med anj BMcrly men who ore anfferlntr from iba effecu of voutbtui lolliei! or isr- COMOS or matnror yeni-», ami now dm! th...|r manly vtRor dccro:i3ed utul wlio aro troubu-d with tortlbli dralnsand lasses, you can bepenuiincnllr re.-£orec to PKRPECT MASH001J. at home, xvllhaut expo«nre, at loweie co«t, hy l»r. ClariLe>» approved methods, tested nnd proven in nearly Si vear-s practice (Establlshiid 1ST,]), in Chrojitc. JitrTou. and Special Diseases. lMtl aid. Bend for Question list riho the symptomsof roar t£t- f <<> me ' Conso'tatlon free and sacTM. ; Sundaya,9 to E. Address F.D.CLARKE, M.D., 136 S. Clark St., CHICAGO, 8UL. ' n T Ho is Weal, Di. K. O. Wwt'a S*rr» and Br«ln Treatment, * gturamoed ipeolflc for Hyittrl*. Dlumees, Oon- vntilons. Flu. Nirrouo N«nral(tlE, B»adacli«, K«r>on» Prostration oaoaud by tbe nee of alcohol or tonacon. IVakehilneM, Htnial Dopr««iou. So«- eDltiK of the Ciniii r*iDltlog In Inuultj and leading to n:!«er7 ,d«o«y and death, Premature Old Ago, Earrenn«M, £OM of power In either eez. luvoluntar) Lo«»e« and 8permatorrboea cMBodbj ovoi exertion of the brain, lelf-atsfo nr over-Ui. GQ]jf*no«. Each box ccntalzts one month'ij treatment. »l.OO a bax, or ilx bom.ior to.OO, Hut bj mall prepaid on receipt of price, "WE GUARANTEE SEX BOXES To core «n7 :ut. with each order w rted b o» for «li boi««, accompanlod wlthJr ' <., w» wl •«Et the purchaser oar written gnirr:_.«to r*f cm the money it the treatment doee not effect a cnr» auarant«e»i«ae<lonJ» bj B. I. teenllEg D^nasI«^ Sols Ag»Dt for Log«n»pt.tt. JaJTilSdWir discharges in 24. hours. b—* A ,1 *"^& Goaorraea iii 3 days. . No Stricture No Pain. SURE Adopted by UtcQer- man Govern meabfor Hospital & Army use P.S.C* is put up for American trade m ;i paten t bottle holding syringe (see cut) At druggrets, $1.00, sent.se tm- i sc«i,seojca, lor felThQ VonHohlCompany, Clncfiwatf, ma Sole American Agent* B. F. KEESMKG, Agent, Logansport, tosL STEEL PENS \ COLD MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION IgTS.l Nos. 303—4O4— I 7O—<5O4. ' | THE MOST PEBFBOT OP EBMffii 3>o Tour Ovni ftyeZng, at Th'-y will dye everything. They ;i Vhere. Price IOC. ;: I33:>!;iuo. '*'i:,'j } for Strenpvh, BriphMirn: *n-on •*'. orfor F.I.-III.-.I- :.-••.,;..- ., .. . ;. BAT >lRfter. 311 Fourth street $3.OO SHO FDR The only Fins Calf Seamless $3-OQ Slioein. the -world with. & smooth Innersole. No Tacks, Nails or Heavy Scam of Thread to hurt the Feet and wear out StoclRngs; unequalled for style, durability and wear; made by hrst-class workmen. Every Pair \Vorrantcd to give the purchaser perfect satisfaction. None Genuine unless Stamped on Sole, & 10YCE $3. SHOE WABRAKTHl fW. M. GRAFF1S, togansport ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK OP RIGI BRAND GENUINE SWISS CONDENSED MILK, Guaranteed the richest and prrest milk man- factured, containing over ]0 per cent, of butter. Children and invalids will thrive uonderfally, ami families win find its use more economical than ordinary cows milk. fe» your grocer gives yoc genuine Rlel Swiss I'ondenscd Milk. Inspert Agent, JAMES P. SMITH, Kew 1'ork and CWcago. BR1QHTINE HUMEOT VB FOH CorrefiponUcncu •ollcttfl, valuable D form at Ion frue. Jau»l discount fi> ^ude. \V1J. T. is i*us*.};c si •OR MEN ONLY! _ --H,rrIOJtiNEOO»t aVoUaSKBXLIXT; . »r.r»IH«r HOB3 THEiTHilNT— Bfrt D-m leillfr r.-«n JO Slue, ul Farelyr. (XnUV. Krllf i j^MHpU** Book, rxpfcn&U«n sad pnobiraHFd(.e:Uc<Mrrr Mtomt gtUE MeOICAt. CO., 3U?F£X.O, K. A Chicago druggist retailed :2000000 of }?. F. Keesling and Cullen & Co., sole Agents in Lopansport. CO3HFO3.TABIOE ror •*!• by Lendlne tv-clers, E'i a. Bolbly Ijy WH. BABK22, Sioy, i: "i

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