Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1890 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1890
Page 6
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ALL15 QUATEEMAII. 2V 3. SIDES CriAynK yx—< "Jvtw. l&rewaLl," I seisL. "Senas nd hor5*en>*-!3i with re-iBO^Uci 1 a> Vjr u:- in ta ho-ar. il poBKii'ie. Scuy.tliR- pB-*»'j.u i. jryrie<rai t,'., the iaSt wiag u W1.C*- OTfl the UOITJR8UE »ufi £ZJ)ilLiI "'•You whl Q'J yjur beat to BZI-T* har. Q,ua.V3.rmbl.i!r" he Baad. ic a aroker ziare i jnaEBioneu to pall up, im.TiBjr • the horses Si.nil ourse'Tes tea Ss oifl BO, and H-'- 'ji:5t one ir.i '.:am - ja.Lied by iir 1 •«•!.-.. «!' OIL; n.t "-& aiid ac- g-ailopad off t,s ••oil: tiie ucivt.ito^ vhi'.'L by thi? time upsi- Jo!'dlniT tae tittle bro:<k that iow rsz red with the piona of the faiier^. A?- lor L'msl'XJOiraii? and siytieil- wr- j.a£t uhst di-esidf -1 field ss arrowp ies-Ts u b-ow.ana iL ii 'e-sr naicuwf liid-psisaud rlgit ou: of the sisrkt t>I ei»nJTC.iar. the :i me-: of blood imd the tormDii and si/j'-itl*_-jr. which oniy came «fi our aarr u.= a Jtut. far-off rotrint- ike iO^zi3 r-f iisiitBt breakers. E,t is to say, tTnJBlDpOS* 11 ' laid, ana-then helped me-o™.. for wiEii Satig-as, and the pain af , wound coiild JKK. io BO lar the graliaat'iior»9E stoad paati: ' .rastlag- £r«t one tea and thaa while the rs-wsat ftU drip, drip, from • them, and the Bteam rose tad :h.cag- in 1 iiaie uioudi : - ii the stil: sigi.t sir. , IrtsaTins 1 C msjpopoffaas w hold toe j aore-ta, I hobbled to the "spring am.'" fieei! of its ewftSt waiers. I iuci svuzii^r, i -j at the sxms time erring **<« «?F«fl paas- i urord- "Opeji*. open a messenger, a j tiding-t -of <£ae war!" • "Wiisi newE? v cried ske g-aii.?- srao art £bs»3 £aat ridi^t BO mi. , ! the. A5TA1. C't> c*r the rise o'breaiihe our horsss; ^n r .;ed !it the baitle . i.:":Brr : r\»i5 us it wat, by e rar^' of ii-.e sinking su wiijle V.IWSK rad. iottkad from e we were i&ore like ssms -wild -w vrias fiiacti midday- wiiec the iiasiit begin:. aad I was parched £?, though lay iiiitiirue was tuu srvsjat to utlaw -HIP no'leei iii^ssrry. Thai:, imfing IE red .raj ie-rsred hsuS sad hisis. 1 returned sina the Zulu -weail a-aS draak. Sen ire allowed the horses v> lake a eoapie of mo'jiifuis easa — DO sore: anil oil, whs.T a PtriiH'friiS -we has to £€t tiae poor 'beasts away from the TBAST! Thare were yat two raiiziuTHs. and I employed it is hobbling up i^ia flown t» try End reliere my stiffness. tind in- ypev^ins: condittico of the horses. Mj .nx&re. gallant animaJ tiiDaga- sis.* iras, was evident!;!- aracSt distressed: she ittmg' her "aa&d, and her eye looked sick and duih bet- Daylijrht, 5yle-pt;ha's giorioas horse — who. it be is narred a.rig:ht. should. like the r^eed* who saved the great KameaeE in IPS naad, • feed for the rest- o! Ms CUSTE oat of -a g-olden zaang-er — svas KiiiC, ODZE.pB,ra- with t''^ it iiis d-vc. Jus biiicfc tog. Open-' yp-J2- i bria^ tidLiifs.'" Xbe ^r^:ii.t E"^i--t-'^ *'ii.ii ny.'jil 02 tliail rciiara. jm-d ibe drt w :>rid ;; r 5tli with s rB-'uuiiii^- rT!:.^. ii,ai v t ciiinis^c yr thraujrii the- cot ana cn-er tbt oijt:-. '•'tViE.: uev.-r.. ITT iara. WUL.I ^evr-r" One laort. eSort, piliast torse. a,ac yst nxDri ^•lUiii^-t ^2Ji^! So, li^U riot now, Dayiig-ht. a-ai hoifi tby lile ia -tb.ee lor Slitsan short cinuies air>re. old Zoic "Wiir d r _'r, arid ye fciiaD b:>t,;; lire iorifsr is tiie itiLriiiA* of tb.e land. On., olattaring- tkro^g-a lite bleeping Etraes. We ars passing Sb.2 Fi^wer Taraple now — oae riile mars. 02 ly one littie jmile — i»t>Vd ot. keep yoar li'« in ye, sae tb.e i.Dai>B5 rca past &f tttem- salves. T_^p, jrooi lior=e, up, there. bnt fifty yards noiir. Ab.: TCJLI see yo^ a3 stazg-er on g-a.lia.-tjy. Tiiiiak God. tbe paiaoe at last! see, the £rst arrows of - I vast. ie b.ad bf I'aj 1 rv. H* -was tacked up, c.ista.309 iii&tx5t, O.' j5To.^a Eis 3rJ.§-ict buvt- b&eu eip Tie 2-rta.t irr^jeu ls;,p of t-vrarc IB ,? i-^r-^s^ wx> beisg f ouerst O3t. the baisi roua'd oattina c»* the iills "ns'sliid, <£3C the wide Fir&ap of lie piaia b&- voai. -ifanaa to ciK'Ei'f iv- &aii- -wial was t:-tiineaaciu¥ eooag-'t. Tuiies wne vr*'-- "t; ^1 •'•**-t > > t :' rry? How ti must they s,ia-iike. s Tri.i! tbe iia.--. iii-'j-'^aiiii:— " oii ^-ni&jO-po^itiit. -\.3.ir-r.™ m tiis e. situation vitji & g-li,no» ol Ids iesd eye. "l«c/at. tht Ij»5y ^shi^ 'oroes girt oc ersi if no sESMSi'ieii re Lb.eE- taey ie -srll d-irin rner te erB. and doed. ,a.ad his leg? were weary, b'av his eve wu= brUrht azid clear, and he heldl his shasely head up i«na grsssd out- into the darkness around >^~' ia a way that needed 1K> ss-y Tjha.1 who eTer faiied he was g-oC'd lor those fre and forty siies j Than CinslopBiFaM helped rae into the•' saddle and—Tigarone old as/rage thai he -sras:—rasiisd into hi* own without. trjoaniag- smrrop. and we were o5 ca.cs. more, slowly -at first, till 'tihe horses 5-01 into sheir stride, and th-ss more ifwiftly. So we t«t5=,e-5 over another tec miles, and than came a long, weary rise of some gi"£ or se~en mile?., iLiici three, timfr- dlo. ssy poor txis'jiii mare nearly come, i«3-"fchs grossd with oe. Bat on the -top she seemed 'to' raiber heiseli together, and rattled iown the Elope with loss"- eon-r-ulsiT-B stride^. brea.ubing- ia grasps- ^e did bhti-t- three or lour mHe~ more swiftly than any since we had started on o-ir 1 wild ride. "t>ct I Jolt it w he -a last sSort. &&d I wo* 1 rig-hi. Suddenly my, i •ioor horse took Jjjde bit batwaea hsr ! seelii and b^liad fcrioasjT along & j -stretch &f le : vel g-ro'^ad for some three I 2r lour htmdred yards, and -then, with. ! two-or three ierky strides, pnlles. hesi 1 ' self Tii* -and fell with a crash right oii- j l-o hfe- he>i. I j-oUiztg myself free -as ! rhe did si,.- As I struggle orty my i !etst. the bra re -beast, raised, her head i aai lo'-'tad a~, me with pitefiis hlaoci- ;l shot eyes, and then her head dropped •! with a sroaz aafi she Tra* dea.d. Her ! heart -was 'brokec- 1 =8,roa.S!-,<Ind I looked at him in dismsy. •j .There were still more than t-w-ast;. i to do by dawo. and hyw were ~-e v.i i 2^ it with one horse." It ^ee^ed nope- gh ',>= a hundred i ! -es=. tat I had for=ratte,n the old ZuJti's- -- bat li-ese. and V.< ] srsraordinary running; paw-art. "VTLthwit a single word he sprang IrcKa the saddle ana bejjau to hoist me i into it. i ' -Whsi -will thou do?" I a&kei. • -'SiiiL," he answered, oexzm-g my ! ^ulrrn-p leather; Then off we Veal azahi, iubnost ar I last SE before: a=a oh. the relief is.. I wa.» to me to jet thai change of horses Anybody irho has -erar ridden agraias". time trill know what it- nea,Bt-- Bsylight sped along: at a long- ^-l-retchinjr hs,!Hcl-^-2illop. ^ivm^ -lihe jraunt Z-uln a lift at every* stride. It was a. wonderful thing to sae eld CrasLopogaa.? ma mile after cols, his lips Elig-htly parted ac.3 hi= aoFtrila s,g^pe lik^liie horse's. 2HTery. fire miles -or BO we stopped for a few mirrjtes to let bi-ri g-et his braatli- aiiid tb.en fiew -on a^siij- i-Oaost them go further," 1 fi&id at. rHe. Ds-srn the side; | tbe third of these stoppages. • -or ajaH galloped, across wide '-! I lea^e ties to foBcrw me.^ - - - - j£ e poiated with Ms as tD-a dim mass before as. It was tie Temple of the Sim, BOW not swre 1h.an fire miles away. • 'I reach it or I .die," he g-aspad. Oh. l-hatlast £v-e miles- The Bkin -.-u- -rab">r-"3 from -the inside of .my legr, the dome. Bat shall I g-et ia here, or is the deati done and tae way barrai? shout -'Opaa- -opsnT So answer, asa :art g~rowr rery Jai-nt call, and thii tinie -a single re.plleE. ana t,o n:y joy I reoog- e it as bbloaEinc to Sjtra.. & failow- Ger of Srlepih&.'r ^-^leircisi, s- nii^i X _'W *uO OS jl-^ £iOlilIHL -JiB lilie '1-i.^li*. c Kyleptha. had on tbe dsy she indeed, ^h.e 55,3.5 j sent I/O arrest Sorais flea 1,0 the teujple. • -Is it thoa. Eara.? 7 " I cry; »•! am the b-riog-e aad throw wide the gate. aat eaetned •K.T lesg^ih the brjdg-e the g-b-te opeaei Once siKyT"—a,ni he shook V;i- head Btdiy- - -Bat," h-.- aidei. - -I do not thihk that titsi tii'jy Tt-UJ Sffbi ag--«ra. ITS hare fed Is w-JJ V^ have lireil At Iss! 1 hire !,een ii f ?ht -srortti seeing-." ujraic, ?i,ari a» we w«-rr.i- side fcy side J ;.oid him -vrhi,t o^ir mlijElc^r wriis. sad hs.d been lost th»t day - 'Ah."' he said, •miles asc! ito horses '•*t tiers '^ht':-e Cawc" Wei ££:.d insyha/p we =hu,l! l>e there wssied to b-ara us. lie old -rztiE-taafc- ':T." -did be? And E.OT.- h«- would wi a. fcar& forrsymcfther pfyleptha] .woiLd r.-e? Good'. &o e-jre as isy mtne is -he "A oodpecter. &o stirily. "s-e lay rioiher aiive or oe&d. wjil i split him t9 tbe leard. Ay. by TCb.:..~Ea's haa9 a.:? he ^ri.llot>e€.. Uy tiov.- the ds-r£i:e?r ' B T-^W ^loi^s.^- in. bat fcrrLvmiite^- there On we sped i-Urocgii "..he " hs,d g-ot their -sr.l^d by th>>. stE 'iweepln^ B,lo~Hr -^vith a -*nd.e stride that -neither laiied nor f</r die j jp''jn of slopes we vales th»t &t7-ev.-asd to tie foot of far- ufT fallla. Jvearer a,ad nearer grew lie ~-,j ae hill?; sow we -irerf traTeling -up T.b.-;ir steep*, and aow tre were oarer •i.ud passijifr toward crt,tiws that sprrnjr •;p liiie vision? ;r tbe r H-r f.-i'r.L <5"-:'..5.nee Then followed a Bps.se to me endless. b-Jt -ss faD iina one-half n,txd we g"ol into the ootirt-yB,rcL. where ceatb me. us 1 thought, dead. I strajrgle-d free. <i^a l-eardng- against a \ p~j~T.. looked aroand. £icept EL&ra, i tfaare wiis nobody t9 oe seen, and il? I rELrni.£i:,t;i:- were all toni- Se had i jpeaei the jrate end let down the j orid^e alcine. arid was itaw £r0utinc I ihera up ana sh.at E,g^in (as. ^Bwiiig to I J ~ary inrehioas sjraiig'fejant of | :r£2&5 asd lererf, one mac -ccrjld i ^P'.S^I ,y 'dlO« &Z2O-, 2Zlude». • -Where are the groird?" I ga«|>&d, ieaj'lsg his answer a? I ne^er fesrs-j anything belore- " J X Imrnc not." he sLn.5wered: •" two hosrs ILJTO, as I r-lept, ( ras I seized and bc-c.r>d by the wiiteb mder me. and bat now lih:? very no\ zjent, have I Iresfl myself •with my : iseth. I fear, I great; y fes.r. tba.t we , 2j*e betriiyed." : TT^g -words gave me fresh energy. him by the arm. I sia-g-g-ered, by U-raslop^ffaas, vh-o reeled ! after -as lite a driiiken maa. thr-G'-jg-h i lie cO!irt-yards, -^p tie great hali. ; which was silent ss the -gra-re. toward ; the Duesn"= sleeping- plaoe. : We reashad the first -anteroom—no ; srnarfe: the B?.ooad. still no graards. ; Oh. surely the thing- wai- d-onat we : -wE;re too law aiter all, too late; The ,- slenoe -E.n.d -solitade c»J those graat i Dharnbers Tr,a* dreadfol, aad weighed i me down like an eril dream. CfcL i rigit into Sylepthsrs cazcaber we nei« amoixg -saese Tmy •wjLiu.^g av;:y two of <discrelik>a ?" •Ay,^ she said. • •aorely.™ bid theni ^o oj"t by -Lti^r si'J; to any cii.b'.eiir vrnom li.'; bathint tbee of us man loyal i« ; tiiee, p.-nrl pray Lhem co^it> c,rnHid. «'!;.; i all honest fo'fc uhaA they ca~ ffi;.ber ; t>3 resca* "uhee fram de&t^i. Nar.sLitrs = tion not; cio its I say. ajd qLd-i.y &&r» hare -will id. cat the maids. ~ | She tamed, aad selsctiag- two of tb* i crowd of dajaaels. renaatad the worf» ' 3 had aiiiered. girin^- tiham Besides * - iist of Tjbe d*£Qes cf t.r«^ IDSH io wh-ost i e&sh &han.id ran. ' ••Go t-wifiiiT and ssicretly; g-o for i your lires.'" I adda± '; ia another raiment Tibey had left vhih ILjLra.. whors I "told to rejoin us &t i -Ihe door leading from the irre!i.t conrt- 1 yard on to the stairway as SOOE a? he had Tirade fast >>3hiiid the girls. : Thither, 1,00, UjnslopOEr&as and I made ! oar.way. followed by tie guean a.DC • Aer women- As we want we -uore off I uiO"j.thf'^ls of food, m^d tjetwesix "Lhem j I told her what I knew of the Saag-er j which eriflosipiissed her, and how we i iu>d found Kara, sad how til uhe : - guards and men sarr-aiits were g-one, j and she was alone with h-er w»me3 in S that great place: and she told me, too. thai a rsnaor had spread throogrh the iown that our army had been utterly destroyed, and that Sorais was ntaruh- iag in triiELph OE iliiosi=. sad how in. S cttnBi:^u€£ace thsreof ?^1 ise^ h2id XAlle^ i away Ircca her. I tell, we hud aoi beer; but sis ur seven j -ter^ple. bebsg- rery lofty, was ablate ; with the rayt of the risi^k^ s>cm, it was I aot yet, dawn, nor would be for 113- I otherhjia rsicates. We were ia ihe i court-yard now. and here ay wo2-nd j paioed sie so that- J had to take 3Ty- ' ieplha'E arra. while Uiasiopog-aas rolled I along- afier -as, sating a? he weal. i Sow we were across It. and had ] reaohed the narrow door-way through i fee palace -wall that opened oc to the j mlg-hty stair, j i looked throag-h and rtood ag'hast, I is well I might. The door was g-oae j and so were the outer fates of broiize ! easlrely g-otse. They had been taken J frozi their hirureE. and as we -afterward i 'ocn-d. hurled from the soar way to i '-he gr-onnci two hnadrbd feet- beneaih. I There in f-roal of us wa? ths sanu-cir- j ihe siie af a lanre oval dininsr-tahle, j S.IIQ the tieii ciired black marble sterns To -^-('ar a 7ifrfed.lT ;.]E,;' f!OL" ; S.,^*-T I ETC'-jit c«i i t-ai nr-Hii'S-e C'.-v.:. i? :.:. j i *oi:t of i bf v.-C'r:tl.*- for 1,1.^,1. i? ij,*- ^ ;x . i TOTJ!:C .Ti.trrfj wonn--: a:K i f^r & chiLi;r"t tbt t(:& ^act.;t if j-c^-i i:i(r I thtr.c. I tm.i b-rciar rsisiiitir capLared in Isew YD; t : w..= tatien & fciip &? puptir on wfci^L Wtis | .«-rir.eE: "j eap i-oiifl coaspuny or nnae.'' is me tiest polir/-" **I>rii.k B tO r2iH." ^.riOOOT t,tlj f^T.Ti^r SUC 1«*.V n--.r-" *-CiTlL:y i-osis nD'Aing." "Do BEAUTIFtJL use of i.iLr&-p:lyasrijjs is cases ol ZU&iiOlUl -Of SllcoliOl IB rSCWE* «5 by KD l&iiglish pcyBitdfca. A drcj: on Uic LOII^TM rouses a I&inuaj Tnfti^, juid it miij restore iiTfi ua the case of %t£liiUI2_ B£ £z*HQ ^f,pn'iii^|y it imS heuduciie, benr: A LA BAM A. i2S E 5lS!SB3£ l^ST IE to St OIKE *tnfcB pmMT 1J2SEBB t& ci^s it. !The ftoKSiDii tbe Lrrar is as, on . cfvtidfc aeiKHidEiintimJ-ftifcBisiHiiil hsaltiiofShs toOT. but tiiE 1 irtywHTE of the .&tormetc& ? znd •&& -vrhws ixsrvaus, tpBtem. BIIDWE TRAVEL VIA j sading onto the TJ stair — and that MAI HS OF LAW. •lEBCESTG S3O£,5 rng -J0 <jtrpn prnnnriSj' BHQ jH^md*cri C Cilb£115££l XiIVBE. ^llt''* j^5^-rf^ms.of COCTTEE _ ryans each r)'.TT nm? OjF ^h£ ^_- JLL;.-II^' te iiad of crugnisis. CMeago. Lalay ett Indianapolis. Decisions of the Court- FTZXTEITE HUx£l£ 2T. =1. AiCUlS." B 2S- BROS.., Pittsbsrp; rs. IVORY POLISH PEHFJWIEE ~HE BsstTH. Ass ?=DS rr- Where the a.2idarit TIT>OZI which >sfDre si riOtsiiTT public, "who fails ittaeh his ssal iintil af tar a rerfiict •etninied. the ^-— ,'":?* TT- -war "bad. noiion to dtiash should "nnr^ De?-u jainsd- The attachisg of the ifter s niDtiozi in a,rrest of ara^s ^tade. cc»'ild not rela.te "n&ck 50 a cure the error in OTerruimg- the to cisas; were varied euppjeiaestarT «o n. parties irsiiy he broagtt in j Ov proper T>isadiiig= and reatirrsd to i i.3iwer in respe-citossy inte i jiw.'mg- f.';M7T] -srhich thej isay hare, or i assert to the property iiide ! ise the execution -defeadast. -srhich is • scxn^ht t-D "be reached- "Wherein i aroseedinrs issnes of fact are fortaer j s, .lary trinL as is -ordinary eirii cases, I ts'propsr- VThere a -rerdict is rendered i aafore the last dsy o-f a term o socrt, the a-ppliostoon for a new trial zmsi he macs during that te-nn. It IE lohbtfol whstier aajattomey can bind ois client by an agreement, that lie sptrasrte party may apply for a new trial at an ensuing: terzs, uriless such < Sksrseiiisat is entered on the minutes of the court, or made in compliance ?5S. 3- S-, 15S1- sTl 1 a. never jjauils? (/-r drsi-sring- reia. oagji the pes-fat: <aaiot £>I the night, t "wa? =*', Jiiie a. -scrag- 1<o 'She falling ;-!e of our horser"& hoofs: «D. past sleep, -e:m.eini- -of jay ber-ss ffare >" or tras feat all. I w* ij iuE. want <if food ani' and also .saSering fery zroefa', in. my- a plane de-e-'-ted riJla-?es.. where only eose j Ir-om "the &low I ha£ f-orgot-ten Ftarvinjr do? howled a meian- : left sid«.: it iseemefl at th-oagh ' ' " lei OS. past ^oceiv moated \ of bone or saiaetihiiig w:as slowly pie-rc- os.' through the white I ing into jay l-nug. Poor Paylig-ht, toe patchy 3i<x>aU»-ht. t,hat lay coldly oppa j w-as pretty nearly finished, ami the -xrlde bosom c-i the earffe. astiujQgh •?aere wa« no wanatb in It. Jmse to : /.'3e.e. ftir hoar after bcnrr" ; We spake rot. but bent u* forwar-d j '.o lie seeks oT those two g:3-oTi-ou? \ horses, and li«'«e.i!ed t« their d^iep. 1 "c-nsr-drawn breaUifi as they filled their ; iTreas lung?, and to 5-fee re-g-nlar cnialt- ; ering ring- of their rotmc hoofs. Grim 1 &cd blaek indeed did -old Umslopogaas 1 look be=id= me- mounted OQ the ^rea.t, i white bosre, like 0eath In the Bevela- j '.ion of St. Johc. a^ a.o«" aaid again j iu'Sing bis £erc« set face he gazed out I along the road, aasl pointed Tri53i his | as tovrard some distant rise- or lionse. j i so OB,. ti!2. withoct break or •', ; for tour after hour. I At last I began, to feel that even the j splendid animal thai I rofie was b&- < ginning to give out. I looked at my watch; it was nearly midnight, and -we j > considerably more than half way- j i l.ho top of a rise wos a little spring ] I remembered because I had fearing the f-ery srarst^J we .saw t was a light in it- ay. ac& a fg-ure baaiiiiff ths ligin. Oh. thank God, it- is IQE Vrhite Q..aean herself, the q-aeen nnharraad' There &he Ftaniii in her nig-ht-gaar, rocsai, by the elatter of our cozninsT. from her bed. the heaviness of sleep yst in her eyes, and a re-i blush, of fear and shame mailiiaj aer lo-rely breast aad ehealz. "Who is K?~- &he cries. -'Whn,t naeans this? Oh. J^Lacnm-a^ahn- is- it taou? Why lookest thou so wildly? Thou eomest zts -one 'bearing- eril tid- idg^—^and. my lord—oh, tell me aoit my Icvrd is -deaij—not deadT" the wailed. TTT-i n g~i-n-g- he? white hajids, i "liefxracabtiwoapaea. tet leading - ^ ^ e o . ne -| toe a-djanes •£>»» soi^s tet a^ht , ^^f ^^-n^t''inr obtaining a .tsnawira; SbwrfM-e fet- *? aaart E!g,n -nTT^ choir, is tToSe , have rest. So^rns» oe-aten back ai.^j |^ ^ortonalelr, I cs^ot. In- :j along i her iines.ana thy arps pre^a^ | ^^^'^^ OT intelligent i "I knew itP she cried, ia trmmpa. j ^^e 2 -— j"^""-_ «±»i-'-._ , 77!J "I liaesr thai- he woald wia; and they j eall him an oatiaDder, and ehook their ; ! -sris-e heads when I -gare him the com- os v ci ?&r)or y Treiiif.. For Indisj.-jSpoSs. CSDEiiiEsii sad .. I_ S*. L, Lias LOGANSPORT . . i C. 2_ St. I- i C Kfl. d. St :m Qlnalwflj flaEy.. i:5S u m j *rs;K^t; Siiiidj^- 11 S ! L IT. i - rest.. »: TK. ie. Positions In Church Choirs. 44- fe Kn. 45. *- si- Loau rreJpbL «ssspt c-rass TTE?^. Pacilit "ErpresR. gh-f>r 2 IE SL Lcrais Looaj rr . Gar EJU. es. Sunaa^" — ? Acsom. . ' ... 2!*i* p a j- ------ 131) JJJE ELECTRIC BELT few aiettE before, and* oo no wonder. Btit tiiere was a Emell of •lawn an the air. and we mlg-ht utrt .T-^y: better that all thi-ee cf cs abffnld die IJTKJD the road than that -sre should '^nffcr-wiUe Vhaesre-was life in-QS. Hie air wgc thick and hea-ry. a= it some- ''me* is before the dswo breaks, and— a.n otter iafallible sigrc in certain part* of Za-reodis that saursse is at iiand— ii-oadreds ef little -spiders pendazA on tUe end -of iGn-g to-ug"h tre-bbs were fictaV ing- sbo'jt ia it- These early-rising' ('.:-eatDr.ei;. cr rather the-ir webs-eaag-ht upon tae horse's aod ocr own forinsby scores, azd- as we had neitiar "the tune nor the energy to brash thesi off, w-e roshea akxnjr coversfl -srith d.re4-s of long- gra.T threads iilreaffled oat a yard or nwre a=—a.nrl -a very -stracge tcev nm?t ha.Te giTe.rs tis. And now before cs are the brazen gates of the water wall of Frowiuag City, and & new asd hSTTiMe doubt, strikes me: Wtet ii they Jci us in? Sia-t mand. Last night at sun-down, sayest tSwra? !ajid it is not yet dawn. Surely ?3 ••'Throw a cloak ar-&Bad ihee. Syiep- -tha," I broke in, "aad give us wine to c-rinV; ay, and call thy jaaiden-s -quick if thoa wouldst sare thyself aiiTa. Xay, stay not" aainred, she T&& and called curtains toward some room beyond, and then hastily put on her sandais and a thick cloafc, by -srhicii time a- dtraen or so half-dressed jwosnen were pcyaring- into the room. •'• •-'Follow as and be silent." I said io them, as they gazed with wondering- eyes, clingiag one to another. So we went lato the first anteroom. •"Xow.' 1 I said, "giTe ns Tirins to drink and food, if ye ha-re il. for we 'j aie aear "to death." The room was used as a mess-room fur the officers of the goards, and from a capbaard some Sag-oas of trine and sorae oold S.esh were brought forth, aaxd TJsnsiopogtaas and I drank, und Jelt life &&w ba/E^: into our vei?33 as *h© gx>od red wine went dowa. •Haii; to ase, SylepQia," I said, as face, taste in dress, and a good address will each cod ail haTe their value in this, as ia other pursuits aad proles- sons- All of the latter, however, are of only the slightest iffiportaaoe in oomnarison with the power wielded by the first- of them—inStience. In different cities its powers are differently limiueC: while, on the -one hand, ia some it i? of almost no TaJ-ue at all, JE others it is of eq-nal, and eomeSimes erea of greater importance than the foice itseif- His FeeJing Were Hurt. ligit First Tramp—BHi, Til neTer go to that house again. The wosaaa ain't got no manners whatever. Second Tramp—What did she do? Set the dog on jon, Eirst Tramp—If aw: bat she gmane .. a soft biled egg, and when I asked fer j -a napkin, she said: "Don't be BO per- i gkl«r.~ She aint no QirissiaB. I Efltnn Sooai na» saes * oSiect lor $1,033 I to lie Vincent BOKS.UI, tt S«»a, an !o] (lit-aJaoB lor tto rriiff of irorlaiig -woaasa iP^a girls, e*i»i>r»ii»l nr.flw £be pairoajtge Man 4 EcprBH,. Ctl. 4 St. L, (amisefl-!. aaiff-.. Pasaic Mr». J. K. "VTaoest, lor of Lake Erie & Western Railroad Co. "NATURAL GAS ROUTE." nsea TimeTaJsJe T» -Knrer-r M.TJ^r let 1B9C 5oHiJ Trains 5>ftw«aii Sanfloito 83<2 Percys sud sa Jfiichl- , and from «a ptiDts la tt» I United StsKs &nd C-anads. TraJas Leare LoganspOTt asd ctcm«* wKJi a«- W1SASH B. B- I- E. * W. B. B. Pern, Kortti Boaai _____ 4^5p.iB WABASH B. B. Lear? LocanFport. L. E- A: W. B. R. 130 p- C. T. D1LT, ASL GtBL PML A T, , 1KB. AJt TO WEAK MEN PENNYROYAL WAFERS. A ^^^ Frrvfua *c*««rrw ocr n. t> i so * dw»- As ter IL Sent H, »rj- addren far

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