Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 8, 1892 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1892
Page 7
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That Depends upon il:Liver. If the Liver i.- inactive I'K: whole BV.-,tem is out of order—clie breath is bad, digesvion poor, her.d dull or aching, energy and hopefulness MUSIC HALL SINGEBS. MARIE VANONI, THE VARIETY QUEEN, ON HER K1ND = gone, the spirit is depressed, a heavy weight exists after eating, with general despondency and •che blues. The Liver is the housekeeper of the health: and a harmless, simple remedy that acts like Nature, does not constipate afterwards or require constant taking, does not interfere with business or pleasure during its use, makes Sini- inons Liver Regulator a medical perfection. i l.ivi ti.-stoil its virtues personally, and •i.-w ilut '•<"• Dyspcittitt. liiliousnoss and •ij'iiil'iriL' Hcml:io. L H.'. i;. is th^ best nn.vli- ;:'• :! <• wuriiji'viir sun'. ]I:ivc triuj forty i>? r :;:medji-. u b(.'!'oix* Simmons i.r. or- i-<j'.:]iit,or, and nmie ol' them ^M\-O r.'.oi-'.: :->\> t;,-;apor:iry relief, but tliu j:,;riil;ito: ' - ;ti)y relkrvrj'. iiilf. Cliri-d. ii. '.!.. JONES. ?-I;;c'.;-.-, G",. Golnc from Tlienter to Th«ater lo a Cab and ^laklujj U£htnln£ Changes of Costume Along: t'io Kouto—About En~!l«h Andlences. -1 RECOGNIZED FA- voritc of the mt/jic hall on the other side of the water usually appears at four or five different places of amusement on the same evening. This has bcfcn very common in the city of London for years, but only lately has it been done in the cities on the continent. The work taxes an artist's powers of endurance to a great extent to fill the engagements for the London season, which lasts three months. When the eng-ag-ements are made, the time for appearance at each of the music halls is mapped out. For in- as accurately as possible. Then look at these same players and see how they act when they knock a ball, and an erratic player or a fielder who is likely to throw wildly :n returning- the ball. If a ball g-oes to the outfield to a slow player you -will see them running- to first base v.-ith full speed and invariably keep on running until they g-et some distance beyond first on their way to second, so that in case of a fumble or a. little slowness in fielding- they can make two bases on what ordinal!}' they would attempt but one. I tell you, the man that allows the ball plaj-er himself to form hisicleis of an opposing- player seicioi.i is wrong-." SQUABBLING OARSMEN. , TurL-I- vation t , tuo ma/;irul iv l>O l ,iilliy.\Vakflrii!;n»n.J J o!isMiiahot> I'uJn In ilia ±I;icli ;iml ull WJIHI.IC/: by wrorn of youth, pvoi- oiTLion O ttSO of tobncoo, opium or Htiuial. TTintoly iMnd lo CD:;rurj->*!an, l:man: Sold titjl jwr bo*. tax lo- fS, r.-ith n CMl'y tn rur-t or rr,anijy rmnii<!*v"i, C ' * © Tfca ]Pi]3 in €ho lyori Provided the great Organs, f of the body nro not irreparably ii\jnr- \ ed, thcro uro fow diseases that •will not cnrc. By their action tho HiTor, tlio Spleen, tlio Heart :u;d tlio< KitlnayHm'O broujjht into harmoiiioaH aetlon, ami health, vigor of mind and . body follow their use. Doso small.fc 1'rioc, 25c. Ofllec, 39 ParSl Place, Jf. Yn HARMLESS HcflDfiCHE POWDERS. ftp Rpp.f lilG vCvt.* ALL HEADACHES. They are not a Cathartic For sale by Ben Fisher. FOR WOMEN ONtf • Mackenzie's Vesetablo TnblctB are a positive and [ "pooay euro for all forms of Femnio Wciikii*»«. Ba»y to use—no medicine to siTiilIow-ciire certain. f wlvjaetitm guarantee ri. Price SI.OO per box. Sent >yui&tl securely sealed upon receipt of price. A realise on Diseases of Women, free. Address L v JTAME8 CHJEMICAX, CO., rcorlu, 111. VIGOR QF MEN Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored. 'Wettkne«», A\Tvou«nc»«, BolilHty. nnd all I-WO train of ovlla from early errors orlnter eicoasea. tne results of ovenvork, sickness, worry, eto. Full I strcngOj, dovolopment, and tono given to every I CKmn ana portion of tho body. Slmplo, nutural I mothocts. Imiuedtato improvement seen. Failure I Imposslblo. 2.000 relercncos. Boos, explanations aaa proofs molied C-icnlcd) free. Address IV1ED10AI. CO., BUFFALO, N. Y. JIA3UE VANO.NT. stance, you appear at the Empire at 7:-15 in the evening-, you are due at the Alhambra at 8:40, then at the Pavilion at 0:30; at 10:15 you appear on thestag-e at tho Trocaclero, and probably your last appearance is at the Oxford at 11 o'clock. The itips from place to place arc usually made in a Hansom cab, eugajjcil by the season. The "cabbie" calls at your loclgsings at about ,":30 to 7 o'clock, drives you to the stapre door of the place where you are to appear, and waits until your performance is over. The '-call boy" of the theater hands you your music, which hns been collected from the orchestra, as you pass out of tho stagfc door, and you arc driven to the next place, and so from lace to place until your evening's work is over. If there is such a thing- as chang-in^- of costume, it is usually done in the cab, vrith the assistunco of a maiil. :LS on many occasions you appear in different characters at the different theaters. English audiences arc peculiar. They understand at just what time an artist is due to appear, and if she should happen to be a few moments late, they do not hesitate to make the fact known, and begin a continual hubbub and stamping- of feet until you make your appearance before the footlig-hts. Then the reception is almost dcufen- ing. Specialty artists on this side of the water, who appear at only one place of amusement during- an evening-, would find the quick changes in London from the heated air of the music hall staire to the street, so often during- the evening 1 , almost impossible to endure for a three months' season. ITnnlHii and O'Ccmnor 1:011! Cliiiminc Cltamplonship Honors. William O'Connor denies Hanlun's right to challenge Stansbury to roxv for the championship of the world as the premier American sculler and offering- to row him and Gaudaur singly or enter a sweepstakes with them to decide the matter. A dispatch from Orillia says Gaudaur will accept the challenge and row in either or both ways providing- the contests take place not later than Oct. ".. He offers to make another double scull match with Hanlan and O'Connor on behalf of himself and Hosmer. Edward Hanlan, the oarsman, claims to be champion of America, and s-jys he was never beaten over a five mile course, which is the full recognized course. Hanlan says O'Connor is not warranted in claiming the championship of America because he defeated John Teemer over a three mile course. Hanlan offers to row O'Connor over a championship course of five miles, and will meet him at any place he may designate to draw up ancl sign articles", llanlan also says if Gaudaur is willing- to be his partner he will row a double scull race with O'Connor and any partner he may choose for any amount. Oarsman William O'Connor, replying- to Hanlan, asserts that it was Hanlan who reduced the American championship distance from five to three miles arid also than Hanlan lost the championship while he (O'Connor) won it at that distance. O'Connor offers to "row Hanlan a five-mile rn.cc for 31,000 a side and to share the receipts outside ofthe stake. O'Connor also signifies his willingness to arrange a match with Gaudaur or to enter a sweepstake with Gaudaur and Hanlan.—Sporting- Life, Sept. 24. THE RING. Corbett is proud of the fact that he has never been knocked down by any man—not even by th,e great John L. Between Corbett and Sullivan there is now the best of feeling, and there is no probability of their ever meiAing; again. His fig-lit willi George Dixon has convinced-Jack Skelly that he is not in the lirst rank ol' puyilists and he has announced his retirement from the ring. Mike .Donovan was forbidden by the board of governors of the Xew York Athletic club to second Jim Corbett, and his disobedience of the order is likely to cause him trouble. liob FitTZsimmons says: -There is just a faint possibility that I may join the line of pugilists who are knocking- at Jim Corbett's door for a match. I am not over-anxious to g-o out of my class, as I don't sec that I could better myself, no matter who I fought with, and there are not many men in the world that I would be afraid to tackle. If I do fight Corbctt it won't be such a one-sided affair as his fight with Sullivan was." BIG JOE'S ATONEMENT. He Conidn't Save UIL- Immigrant Family. Hut He Dlrl tlie Ilest lie Coulu. I don't know what ailed Big Joe that afternoon the emigrant family came into camp. He was sometimes given tc queer whims and notions, and now und then the devil in him xvould flash out in a way to make us keep as far away from him as possible. He never mentioned home or wife or children as other men did, aad when he heard them speak of such things he would go off by himself and >ul:< like a wounded animal. I always believed he had been married an 1 had a na';py home, but he had suffered AOina gix-at wrong- and was brood- Jr.sr ever i;. The- emigrant 3'arr.ily consisted o! hu^l'anu :in.| wife and three small ehi;- viren. The horses were jailed and poor, ;::e \vifj ami cnudren thoroughly worn out, asci tii.= husband bittarly repented of tho enterprise. We were in hard lui'.cai Kobinson's Bend just then, but wv cimlil Mxire them a little. They ha, a welcome from all but. Big Joe." Iii had one of his fits on that day, am when asxed to contribute: he cursed the, enii:,-ra;it for a fool and hoped him all sorts of bad luck. Wife and child. were friirh'.ene'.T b;,- his violent speech, u-id the husband, though renl:;'.in:r that ul; the rest of us madt: him weleoia h i.:hi-d up his team and drove on with- r.o covering- except her luxuriant blac! hair u::t-: 020 of the men gave her hij, rod ilr.-ne! shirt, which on her reaehec to the r-rounu. Thoug-h very wild sh<_ was by no means stupid, as was proved by her rcr_tiy consent to pilot the party to the settlement, of her people, "who she tohi them in the Maya tongnc, were ::n agricultural people livinsr in a secluded -.-alley. Having guided them for sc™e distance into the forest she suddenly stopped to listen, when her captor.; plainly 1—ird a hubbub of voices. Telling- tho woodcutters to remain fjuiet while she went to prepare her people for their appearance, which to the little folks would be so stranq-e. she darted off ir.to the woods, and that ret! shirt anO. its foments have never :; ::;- L ' bc? " ~ cu : -'>' Anglo-Saxon eyes. V. !-:ileve" mry he the present peculiarities ci the inhabitants of these unexplored v.-i!;l:i.cort:iiri it seems that within historic times a pigmy race has occupied this land of the Mayas.—}T.V. Sun. V WANTED. Advertising. J.'f-SVyoa wish to ndvenlse anythlnK anj-where at I Inny time write to KEO. P. BO\VELT. i Co \o 110 Spruce St., .New York. -AG^Tb—Don't devote your Ule to publtshers.- Deal direct with tlie manufacturers of the largest, and most varied ancl 1'nstest selling fast of new cash subscription boo;:s extent. 60 DAYS CREDIT at nianufactmers' bottom whole- sals prices, without ordinary publishers' MoSt Exclusive ter-ltory. Our isfi oiler Is oris -:«i rt ; <i nnpreccdentp<l in the book trade. Address for Illustrated Catalogue ;md full particiitars ':. Book il»n -torers' Syndicate, Bo.x 1566 X Y. WASTED.—The names and addresses of ener- I ii setlc men and women open for penivent work, Tve give exclusive territory. We irramo- 5ee good workers $SO a weeR, \Te furnish office. furniture, deliver? team, and newspaper advertising. Our article Is ;t ntotiopoly. it wi!) s;\ve -\5 per cent of the coal-bills ot everybody. Fall rar- Uculiirs br mall. Litnographs, Kunphlets, etc. free upon receipt of postase. Address KCHL- SPiP. CO,—Department Xo. IKi Boston. -Mass. PALESMAX WANTED TO TRAVEL ix SUE- Urpandine district*, by orvn te;un or otherwise, sollcltins oraers from retail defers for rabber boots and shoes, » be snipped direct from factory. AOosa already travellns with anotherlln* of.-oods COUAti make this a valuable addition to their bus- fs •: Colchestrr Rubber Co., Colchester, Conn. A TEST OF MERIT. * Unconscious Deference of riayors to Superior Fellow-flayers. "The only way you can judge a great ball player nowadays," said an. old-time enthusiast to editor John Foster, of the Cleveland Leader, the other day. "is to watch how the other players treat him. It always makes mo weary when I hear a 'crank' shout that this player is no good, or that player is a 'dandy,' after seeing- him play two or three games. Anson has g-ct the correct idea of g-auging- the real worth of a ball player. You never saw Anson take a man up and keep him one or two games and thea release him: in fact, he never takes hold of a man unless he thinks he can be developed into a first-class player, and then he will put up with alaiost_ any amount of shortcomings before he will eventually release that man. To illustrate this. look how he has developed Dahlen, Dungan and the other youngsters of his team to-day. 1 seldom make a mistake in estimating- the real strength, of a ball player, for the sirnole reason that I watch the players of" an opposing- team, and in this way I elaim that I g-et a sure way to judge of the abili- :ies of the player in question. For .nstance. look at the out and iri- ielders when such, players as Ryan. Swing-, Ward and Coruiskey g-o to bat. They know that these men are srood hitters and daring- base-runners, and, therefore, they take no chances with | them; they field the ball as auickb- and i PRETTY ALICE RAYMOND. A Cornet Soloist \Tho Has Won 3Iuch Distinction. This well known cornet virtuoso is a native of Springfield, 111., and has just passed her twenty-fifth, year. She comes of a musical family. Her brother is E, H. Little, leader of Little's Band and Orchestra, noted in Xe\v England. He was her first instructor. Miss Eaymond began her studies on the cornet at the age of 14 years, and perfected herself under Xew York masters. She made her first professional appearance at the University club, this city. She has since played with success in all the larger cities of America and Canada. Her best hits have been achieved at Xew Orleans and at ALICE £Ar:sio:yi>. the St. Louis exposition, directors at the latter place presenting her with a magnificent gold medal in recognition of her talent. Miss Raymond has also appeared in conjunction with the United States Marine band before the President and Cabinet, and won praise from national dignitaries in an entertainment especially tendered to the Pan-American Congress by Andrew Carnegie. Miss Eaymond executes her solos on the cornet with marked strength and charming-simplicity. She .s graceful in carriage, and tas a fine figure and winsome features,—-Xew York in :;n hov.r. An hour before sundown a courier cum- lilt i camp from \Vashoe Flats, to il.e east, and reported another raid 1-y the InJ.ans. They had killed thro.: prt'r.p-jeUK-s out from \Vashoe. am! h • h:r.i:-;-li had barely escaped, llig .ii.e heard his j.-.utemeul along- ivith the rest of us. -but we. had nothing- to say. I iv- memUiL'r ihat he sat on a, reek, chin in his hand. :ni-! his eyes on the jr.-<ICIKI. and when the rest of us went to •-mv,.-r he. Slili he!i| his place. Twilight was eomir.ij; down when he arose and \Viiikeil t-> his shanty. ;ind lour or five 1.1:11 ut,:s later lie riuppeared with his ri.'lc; in har.d. liis face had lost inach of its ugliness In- tiiis time, and we dared to q:;est;o:i Ivim. "iVharum f goin'?" ho echoed, as he looked to see if the rifle was in order. "I'm goin' db-.vn the trail to iin:l thnt fim'iy and bring 'em back here. The fool orter knowed more than to drive on." "Hut you abused him, .Ice." "I didn't mean it for abuse. Folks hadn't orter be too mighty sensitive out this way. You are a nice set of men to let that fam'ly go drivin' phimo into the arms of the infernal redskins! Wbv didn't you smooth it over with tlie higii- strung tenderfoot? Why didn't 3-011 insist on his staying?" "We'll go with you. Joe—a dozen of us." "Xo. I'll go alone. If 1 driv'em awav I'll also bring "em back. If I hurt, his feclin's I'll ax his pardon." The emigrants would be camped at the spring, three miles awivy, and they would fall an oa-sy prey to the Inc'.inns if attac'.i-ed. We felt thai wo f,n'jlilto go along- with Joe. but he insisti-.i on going' alone. 1 believe he meant 10 humbly beg pardon for I:!L, r!:i!vi;; ss, and our comjiany would have i-;nb::r- russed l;im. The night curne nn (':;.-!; and clou-civ, and as a, matter of p:v.:-:i'.:- tion \ve posted sentinels about ihe camp. Xot one of us slept till pu.-.t mil night, waiting for Joe to return wit the family. It was a plain trail clow, to the spring 1 , and it wouldn't take hin over three-quarters of an hour to reai the camp. Allow half an hour fi hitching up and a full hour for return ing, and they ought to have been in eleven. We finally concluded that thcj had decided to wait for daylight, anc those not detailed for guard dut; turned in. In the gray of morning the camp was aroused by the report that rifle firin_ had been faintly heard in the direction of the spring-. As soon as it was lig-h enough to pick our way twenty men started out. We looked for signs of Joe or the wagon all the way down the trail, but found nothing-. We finally reached the spring to find our worsi fears confirmed. The emigrants' horses lay dead on the grass, their throats cut with Indian knives. The wagon had been fired and was now pretty well burned up. On the grass near the smoldering camp-fire lay the emigrant, his scalp torn off and half a dozen arrows bristling in his dead b'ody. Thirty feet away lay his wife, tomahawked ancl scalped. Beside her was the youngest child, its head crushed by a blow from a war club. All the bodies were yet warm. To the south, just at the edge of a thicket and at the foot of a lone tree, we found Big- Joe and the other two children. When the attack eamo. ox* when he realized that sucjisss- 1 ful i-esistance could not ba made, the miner had tried to save the little ones. He had been shot and scalped; the poor children had been tomahawked. We had gathered about the body of P'ig Joe. horror-stricken at the swift and bloody butchery, when he suddenly opened his eyes and we could see his chest heave. Water was brought and lie drank it, and as his head was propped up he whispered: "Were they all wiped out?"' "Yes, every one but you." "I—I couldn't git him to g-o back," he gasped, with painful effort." and so—so I stayed to die with "em." ..lore water was offered him, but as it touched his lips he fell back dead.—X. Y. Sun. me Kiss "A LS'i'TLE [\ONSENS£, . —Hf-Toro Marriage.—He—"Kiss Carrie" After marriage.—She—' me. Harr;/."—Kos'.ou Transcript. —"Are yon in favor of monopoly'. 1 " aske;l the seedy stran;, v vi-. "Yes." replied '.lie young man, "wheiv your best, gir'. i-. concerned I am."—X. Y. Herald. —He tool; ncr out Tor ;i^ i^e c:-L';iin u-eut, His prcKy, Wue-cycJ S;i!. But riinaeii v.-!ii.-ti liu road I hi' M;:n. "Cirv ir. niiu-iy fents :\. ;;;ii." —Chicago Inter-Oeeau. — lie (u-ha is going abroad to seek his fortune)—"You'll be true to me. won't you. dr.rii:r.r?" She—"Ye—yes. George, if—if you're successful."—i'k:k-Me-L"i::. — "i.;igg-.ir> is just a bit uri'.viniautie an,-! cold-blooued. 1 fenr." "IVilil-bioo;!- e,l. yon say? Every mosquito ta-.-lvies him gets a ease di;i::np:>!is .Uiarnal. — ••How is Winter f cramps. — In- s:i;:' when 1 last saw t to liis back." getti:ic;- on? him he hadn't "I'oc;- fellow 1:1 vc se, iiiU'il tu See llin:.—v'kira—"I ihe oilier ilav —T.<1—\V :'„ noU' irom .si. drummer who said he would H'ive the world to kiss me." ^liuul—"What did you re' Clara—"I told him to eall on me sain ni os."—Clothier of -"Well, Aunt he symphony ppotty l to ma' ply? with a, lull line and Furnisher. Mrs Young-husband Jane. Jiow did you Hire concert." Aunt Jam—"Oh. veil. !>u.t it kinder s'juilt, the eit'eet to w that man up in iVanr, pretending to Irum on nothin".''—.Mnsiea.1 lleeord. —The Retort Courteous— To Hie pert laundry muid His bill he's nol paid. "What u-oulils't tlioii?" lie cried. And he straiffht away hied. When shu ijuiclily replied: "I am w.ishink' and \vailins for t.'ico. " —Detroit l-'ree Pi-ess. —A famous college president gym;in, was addressing the students in the chapel at the beginning of the college year. "It is." he said in conclusion, "a matter of congratulation to all the 'riends ol' the college that this year opens with the largest freshman class in its history." And then, without any pause, hu turjied to ihe Scripture les;,ou i'ur t'.i:; day. the third Psalm, ancl beg-an r;'::d'rjg, in :; vol.;e of thunder: ••'.o'.-.i. liow are they increased that Any one whose Watch has a I bow (ring),will never have oc- casionto use this time-honored cry. It is the only bow that cannot be twisted off the case, and is found on!}' on Jas. Boss Filled and oilier watch cases stamped with this trade mark. Ask your jeweler for a paro.phlct, or scad to the ir:ar.ufacturcrs. Keystone Watch Case Co.- PHILADELPHIA. Healthful. Agreeable, Oieansing. Ctiroe Chapped Hands, Wounds, Burcc, and ^events Dandruff. Best for General Household Use, Oilier Ctaicals 'ViV- / U\'A /.'!(,' I,: V.V\ «1-fi IIRPfl. ai?. thr> tne Mono ri cloys of the Americas * i~a 'ic - interior of the y f.f v.-..:.-.:L;:-.;t-crs on the j\ r:(•>••• ir.atcnal fur j-:;v::jjr is now being introduced in I/o:ic;o:j. it is composed of rrnnulr.lei! e<•;•'.: ;:ivl bitumen pressed into blocks, which are hard like brieks or wood n:iv::* : g. The special advantage of the material lies in its elasticity. When used for pavement it gives a soft tread which is e.v ceeding-ly pleasant, recalling the feeling of a carpet. Regulating Drunkenness. A law passed in -England in 17JO to the effect that at parties "ladies must not pet drunk on any pretext whatever, aad frentleinea not before nine o'clock." ore usco, preparation of ia absolutely pure and soluble. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa, mised with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, acd is far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, and EASH.TT DIGESTED. So!cl by Grocers everywhere. W. Baker & Co,, Dorchester, Mas& .I'. >v:.-. ; T'SNiiKVE /N-Di:nAIX7i>B.',T5IENT a : .- :'.;• :<"Ia, iJi-Kire?:!, KIM, Sourilcitt-Hcad- T--' ; : : "'^''yt.^o.'i C^'IHC^ tjr aicojiut criobacco,, ':''-'" -.- '-'- : -' ^'•ri-{-"-'.'j^ So'teiiJniT of JJriUn. : '- : '- " ..-,.::..~C!-V. -'-.• • • . dtlith; prcIBatOTO Old •r-:.u-.- ...r-'^.r^ ••- j^.'it.':c-rsc-j:.IinpoLel)(n-, ;.. — * ;.r._: a!J !•>::..;-.• :j a j:r.eiaK-3. involuniarv •s,spei-Jiii'.torrht?7' ' • • tr-.Jiston Eros., Druggists ;::ul So'r- /• :-port. Incl. w2 cajy l)y Agents, Lo- It Cures Golds, Caabas, Sore Ttroat, Croap, Isfi enza, -Whooping Cccjh, Bronchitis and ^«t^Tr. ?l &. certain cure for Consumption in first stages, nnd a mre relief in advanced stageo. Toa Till eee the cz»ellcst effect after taking tie Srrt dose. Sold by dealera cverTTrbcrc, Larro bottlcu, 60 cents ojid $1.00, Reward. r!:o above reward :«r "inj" caseof '•• Dy-p<-risla. SU->: ]Jc::i!ache, Inai:';iii(..'i or Coj-tiv»7i"s.K we cannot •'•- ' "-•x-'.'.Mr J.iv.T pills, Khr-n the •: r!-i/ i-^ ln ,.],«i v.i:)i. Xhfy are ; M !;•••,-(?.- .'»:: ;o zivt satlsfae- • -- ' .-.-.•ii-i-ofcnii..'.HJfelts and Inilta- ,;.••:::!-;•'lii,-(liil(;irt-.;f,.(l only by THE ' vr Li-.-.JPASy. CHICAGO, ILL. ciiiston Jiros. DR. HOBB'S Act gently yet promptly on the LITEU, KID- JiEYS sad B01VDLS, (Us- pelliEg Headaches, Fevers and Colds, thoroughly cleansing the system or disease, and cores habitual constipation. They are susrsr coated, do not irripe. very Emull, easy to take, and jrerel; •1 irom ?N- -1-.^ he for^zt. n^d was too oy the sight of the whites tc make its escape. It was a dark- skinned girl about eighteen years old anrl not cuite three. feet iuirh- She hac; IGi^ Is guaranteed to si-cry consumer of HOOD'S Sarsaparflla. One huacred doses in every bottle. Xo ether does this Perfect digestion s their use. They tcly cere sick he=i!. h?, and ire rwoixsf so- a? physiciars. Fc:r sn'.e by lesillr-" 7sr.ntbya^;l; 25cts. avinL" Adnr»s= 083'S HEDiCISE CO., Pr:ps, San FESSKI cr Cher;, FOX SALE !X L6GAXSPOET, IX D.. E : - " H. 3ri3ehnrst, Drc^ JIarke: Street. r. pcii^cary ASSOLtTTSLT CTJBBS. £ OfNTKLh'T E"KI,T CJtd . rrntoricp :h«r. :•» UOLTJi n^-J ^ Orr^ol ¥ell Jnt'.iull.r. (.• *•*• i.-)'. Si.OW) In Wont auft WAXT • WANTED. c— Istel- Scent, (ndujirtous lr.t!y to receive KjDs, dEko Mlloctiocs, au<J nifDtJ to OL— iiberown locality, litrc.-ences rc^alreil. $12 PER WEEK. OFFICE OF CATHOLIC PUBLICATIONS, Fifth Avc. nod iliullAon Sts^ • CHICAGO, c; rnO*t»t ntfht; Tr to contlnno tumors form nd

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