Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 19, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1898
Page 19
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pierce The Tailor Fine Goods Low Prices 318 . . groadway. DR. F. M. DOZER'S /OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner of Fourth and Browlir»y Central Telephone No Office 383, residence S43. D. R. DENTIST Corner Filth and Market, Pythian Building. 803 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. When Yon KTce<J w» ABSTRACT OR A LOAH F. H. WIPPERMAN, OK Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. E. H. GRACE, D.D.S. DENTAL PA3.LOB.S 316 Market Street. New Alurcinite Rubber Plates. Undertakers, 6l 3 Broadway. Strain M. Insurance and Loans. & »nce and Bonds written in first class companies. Money to loan 8 per oeat. S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. MAKE MONEY OnbmMl capital. 81.00 will start you in the •Chicken business. Young Chicks for sale at i able scraps until fall ma*es ,» nice flock for winter eggs at no expense Kevhatoh just off and ready for delivery at poplar Poultry Park, Clifton Ave. John M. Markley, Proprietor. GEORGE W. RODEFER. r-*-^ Steal Estate, Loans. Farm 8nd Clty .or wrttetome at No. 81 Bel River »v<, n ue.east *nd of Market street bridge. HANLEY & SHANAHAN. Boy and Sell .Second Hand] Goods. «lveu»»oall. 209 6th street Private Money to Loan JMo Delay- C- G. HEFFLEY, Insurance^nd Loans. "Wanted—A girl to do general 'housework. Apply at 405 Broadway. Walter Gibson has taken a position as deliveryman for Strecker, the 'baker. Judge Baldwin has gone to Winona to attend the General Assembly of •the Presbyterian church which is in session this week. Miss Florence Taylor, of Salt Lake Oity, who has been visiting her uncle, Joseph Patterson, and family, has :gone to Delphi to visit relatives. Miss Fay Rank, of Linden avenue, entertained a company of little friends yesterday afternoon In honor -of her Uth birthday anniversary, A bicycle rider who was scorching •down Market street last night ran : int» the Adams express wagon, but •did not injure himself or his wheel. Miss Mary Salmond, of the Butter- ;lck Publishing company, New York City, who has been at Wller & Wise's •fo'r'ft week, went to Lafayette today. Hon. Warren Bigler, of Wabash, -chairman of the fiepnblican district -.c&amittee, was here yesterday ar- -^ging the details for the congressional convention to beheld here next Tuesday. GOLD HUNTERS. How Will Floyd and Party are Prospering. Were at Taldes Pas', Twenty-third i Alasfca, on >f April, tbe Bound fer the Headwaters of Copper Rirer—Trials of the Trip. Valdes Pass, Alisfca, April 23, '98. Editors Pharos:—We left the Valencia just a month ago today and pitched our first camp In a grove of cotton wood, about half a mile from the beach. We were In company with about "00 more people,' making Ifc quite a city of tents. Boats are coming In every day, hue they are all small, carrying from 100 to 150 people. The Valencia arrived again on April 20, with 125 passengers and 40 soldiers, The soldiers are to survey a route to Dawson, so it is reported. The next camp that we moved to was at Glacier City, fire miles from the beach. Ws are now camping on top of the third bench of the glacier, eight miles from the beach and about 900 feet above ssa level. We wlil move from here to the foot of the summit of the glacier, about April 25. We will then De about 19 miles from where we left the boat, and have a five mile climb to the summit, when the hardest part of outwork will be over. Pass is 1,900 The summit of Valdes feet above sea level. We will still have about 100 miles to go before reaching copper river. Most of the gold hunters are bound for tbe headwaters of Copper river, but they can't make it before next winter. You don't hear the stories of gold you read of in the papers bacfc In the states, still everyone going there believe they are going to find something. Quite a number of people are going back on account ot the bare- work. Some work too hard and break down. Those having some sort ot beast to help them are In luck, as they can make big money hauling for others. Dogs head the list In numbers, while horses, donkeys and goats come next In order. All kinds of big prices are asked. Western horses sell from «125 to «400, and hard to get at that price. There were quite a number of donkeys brought in by the last boat, but the owner would set no prise on them I suppose he will use them In hauling goods, as there Is more money In that than in looking for gold. Hay commands fancy prices, as a bale costs $5. Sugar sells for 1" cents a pound; flour 14 for 50 pound sack; wood upon the glacier 10 cents a pound. Wood has to be hauled up on the glacier by everyone coming this way, unless they have an oil stove and plenty of oil. An oil stove will save much time and labor, as you have to haul wood from five to eight miles over some very steep benches. The timber lice on the other aide Is ten miles from the summit. We had to combine with two other parties in hauling our goods over the benches, mating twenty men in all. We used a block and tacfcle and rln that way could put on about 1,000 pounds on a sled, where one man pulling his sled can only haul 100 pounds. On account of so many people going this way part had to haul their goods up at night, we worked two nights getting the three benches. We were lucky enough to see the northern lights, the grandest sight I ever witnessed. With snow and ice everywhere you] look it is hard to believe that flowers are in bloom ^ere, and that large, beautiful butterflies give our camp a visit every day, but such are the facts. A hunter brought from the mountainside a handful of the flowers. They went fast while they lasted and will find their way to the states, pressed In the letters.as proof that this country Is not as bleak and barren as reported. Well I will finish, hoping the next time you hear from me I will be on Copper river. W. R. FLOYD. Improved Train Service. To accommodate Its many patrons the Vanclalia line will, commencing May 23d, extend trains Nos. 14 and 15 to run to and frc^n Logansport, Ind. Train No. 14 wilUeave Logansport dally except Sunday at 6:05 a. m., arriving at St. Joseph at 9:40 a. m. Train 3so. 15 will leave St. Joseph daily except Sunday at 5:25 p. m., arriving at Logansport at 9:00 p. m, Charles E. Kretder has received the Canadian patent on his attachment to lawn mowers. ADDITION iL ITEM Girl wanted at 1218 Market street. Insect sprayers and bug finish at I. N. Crawford's. Mrs. Thomas Mancters, of Gas City, is in the city visiting relatives. Mrs. Emma Johnson entertained the H'srh Five club this afternoon. Cadet James Nelson has gone to Lima, Ohio, to re-enter military school. Wanted—A girl for general housework. German preferred. Inquire at Times office. C Fresh and salt meats, the be3t_tbe market affords—Dsvls & Co.', 319 Third street. To Mr. and Mrs. John Klenly, of Richmond, a daughter. They formerly resided here. Wanted—Middle aged lady for light housework in a small family. Call at 211 Wheatland street. _ Money to loan on mortgage secnri ty on terms exceedingly liberal. Write E L, Miller, Peru, Ind. Mrs. Charles Dean and daughter, Mrs. Joe Constant, of Chicago, are visiting Mrs. Louis Banker, of Pratt street. Mrs. Walts, wife of Rev. ,f. K. Walt?, la recovering from an operation performed at Chicago several weeks ago. Mrs. Eva Standlsh, who has been here visiting her sister, Mrs. Robert McElheny, has returned to her home In Michigan. Dr. Morris and his Fulton, experienced a daughter, of light shock from lightning Sunday. r.A cow near by was killed instantly. Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Blederwolf left yeseerday afternoon for Winona to attend the meeting of the general assembly of the Presbyterian church. Logan Council No. 21, 0. 0. F., will meet tonight in regular session in Progress hall. The report of the representative to the grand lodge will be read. Offlcar tfadig arrested a man last night near Twell'a grocery on the Westside. Three or four other men came out of the alley and assisted the prisoner to escape. The funeral of Michael Powlen was held this afternoon from the Common Center church, the funeral cortege leaving the house at l o'clock. Interment was made In the Kline cemetery. THEPHILIPPINE ISLANDS. CLAIMS ALLOWED At the Regular Meeting of tlie Council Last Xisrbt. STKEET DEPARTMENT. Pay roIUJamesoji) —$382 SO Pay roll (Kerns) — « w Michael Navin, repairs § j-> K. S. Rice & Son, sundries j> *> W F May. carpenter work 5 80 JVanBusktrk, lumber -MIS Stevens Bros., lumber — - ~ °% Thos Shields, cleaning ott i- «> Josaph LaOrauge, feed -— ™ Joseph Mandel, travel « J" SEWER DEPARTMENT. John Gladman, labor 2 50 J M Thompson, blacksmithinf ™ 4 Oa J W Ulackf ord, wire 2 10 Fred Kay. rodmai engineer 3 00 Meluotte Bebee, asst. engineer... U SO King Drill Co., grates 6 50 FIRE DEPAaTMENT. John Jackson. rent of manure bin - IS 00 J M Thompson, blacksmithing — ...... 2 30 I N Crawford, sundries ~ 6» Gamewell Firealarm Telejrraph Co., fire alarm boxes la '' °0 Lizzie Kro.l. washing 5 « City Treasurer, freight '•> Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co., gas « 60 ELECTRIC LIGHT DEPARTMENT. Pay roll CScribner) V4 75 Pay roll (Cann) 1< 50 Standard Electric Co,, lamp frames 5 09 America i Carbon Co., carbons b9 00 Genoral Electric Co., sundries 249 S2 T MeHugh, sundries _ 49 to Wm. Heppn& Sons, macaine soap 9 00 MISCELLASEOUS. John Jackson, wag-on 6 25 J Van B-jsklrk, sawing timber 3 14 0 J Stouffer. sundries i "a E S files & Son, sundries 3 30 City Treasurer, freight 1 18 Logansport Journal Co., printing _ 5 50 LouthBin & Barnes, printing election,.,. 30 10 J K Button, printing election 1 40 Logan uoort Journal Co., printing election '•— J 0° ELECTION EXPENSES. Election board ~ 800 00 Meals for election board - WO 00 Room rent for electicn 70 00 Miscellaneous claims M 62 WATER WORKS. Payroll •.« -— — • 61 50 Miscellaneous claims - S2 SO POLICE DEPARTMENT. Pay roll 3&4 .55 Logansport i Wabash Valley Gas Co.. James O'Donneii. livery !,"> 2J Logansport & Wabash Valley Gas Co., gas for ciiy offices 20 HI BESSY'S MSSTEELS, People and Products of This Twelve Hundred Island Archipelago. There are more than 1,200 islands in the Philippine archipelago, but only nine of them are of any considerable size, the others being little more than bare volcanic rocks. They have a population of betvreen 7,000,000 and 8,000,000 inhabitants. Luzon, the largest of the Philippine group, has an area of 41,121 square miles, being about as large as Cuba, and it has a population of over 4,500,000. Manilla, the capital of Luzon and of tbe whole Philippine archipelago, is situated at the mouth of tbe river Pasig, •which empties into tha bay of Manilla. Including its suburbs it has a population of 175,000, of -which about 5,000 are Spaniards, 12,000 are Creoles, or Spanish of mixed caste, and tbe remainder are mainly Tagal Malays, mestizos, Chinese and Mohammedans from India, with a fuw European foreigners. The Philippines are the most northerly division of the great Indian archipelago. The bay of Manilla has been called the finest commercial harbor in the world. It is 120 miles around it, and the water over much of its inclosed area is 300 feet deep. All the navies in the -world might anchor in the bay at the same time and have room to spare. After entering Manilla bay a vessel still has 28 miles to sail to reach the city. In the Philippines the rainy season lasts from May to November. The heaviest rains fall in July. During the wet monsoons—the rainy season—the island of Luzon is subject to typhoons which often cause great destruction to tbe shipping and to property inshore. Like Havana, the Philippines' capital city is famous for its cigars. The Manilla cheroot, highly appreciated in the East Indies and in Europe, is far milder than the heavy Cuban cigars. Malays of the Tagal and the Bisayan tribes form the bulk of the population of the Philippines. The aboriginal inhabitants, a dark people, called by the Spaniards Negritos, live in the mountainous parts of the islands. Tbe Philippines were discovered by Fernando Magalhaens (Magellan) in 1521. He -was killed on one of tbe islands. Wet gun cotton, 220 pounds, is tbe explosive material used in tbe United States pattern of Whitehead torpedo. Up to 1851 pirates infested the Philippine -waters. At that date a Spanish expedition against the island of Sulu put an end to their depredations. The Spanish laws for the Indian are simple—and Spanish. Every male inhabitant raust pay a personal tax and give 40 days' labor annually to the public works department. Besides this, in Luzon tbe coolies must cultivate tobacco for the government or pay a money equivalent. A leading production in the Philippines is hemp. Manilla, as a term for rope, is in use the world over -wherever vessels sail. It is probable that balloons will be used effectively by our troops in the conflict with Spain. Volcanoes are numerous and active in Luzon and other islands. The city of Albay was destroyed in 1814 by aa eruption from Mount Mayon. lood's Pills Should be in every family medicine chest and every traveller's grip. They are invaluable when the stomach is out ot order; cure hudaeh*. bUicoxsneu, and all ltr*r trooblw. Hills and efficient. S cezo*. Oscar Miehaells (riren a Hearty Greeting by the Audience. Hi Henry's minstrels plaved to a large and appreciative audience at Dolan's last night, Mr. Henry has the largess anfl best minstrel band and orchestra that has ever visited Logansport. The first part setting was grand. Chief among the entertainers are Oscar Miehaells and C. A. Skelcher, vocalists; Arthur Demlng and Dan Allmon, comedians. Mr. Michaelis was given a hearty greeting by the audience. He won his reputation as a singer while a citizen of Logansaort. Arthur Deming is without a doubt one of the best comedians in his class. Harry Lelghton, who was iatroduced as "the phenomenal alto," <s a frost. Griffin and Cowper are splendid buck and wing dancers. The musical act of Locke and Allmon is good. The after piece, "On the Klondyke," contains some funny features. The company went from here to Pern. PRIZES AND PRIZE COURTS. How the Spoils of » Captured Enemy's Ship Are Apportioned. Any ship of the enemy may be made a prize on the high seas, even though it belongs to private citizens. The question of the legality of prizes taken is settled by a specially organized prize court. The prize court now in session at Key West is composed of three judgns appointed by the president. The sentence of the prize court is conclusive upon all the world. The original owners of a prize seized and condemned -have no appeal from its decisions. ~-.-M=ufc^ •: '- "• One-half of the value of all prizes captured by the navy goes to the government. One-twentieth of one-half the value oJ all prizes captured goes to the commander of the fleet to which the captora belong. After deducting the fleet commander's twentieth and thefleet captain's one- hundredth share from the half of the THE LITTLE MANGROVE. [Alcme and unaided the --Baby of tbe Navy" captured the great armed steamship Panama, \vonh about 5750,000.] prize reserved to the captors the remainder goes- to the men and officers of tbe capturing ships, being divided among them in proportion to the amount of their regular pay. All vessels of tbe navy within signaling distance of f&9"~ vessel, or vessels making a capture and ready to render efficient aid if required, share in the prize. When a vessel is captured, the commanding officer of the vessel making the capture is. reauized to naf her in_ch$i£8 ol" s prize officer and crew to take liter into port If a captured vessel and cargo are not taken for tbe nse of tbe government, in which case the captors are paid tbeir dne siare by tbe government, the prize is sold at auction. The 5 inch gun is the largest to \vhicb rapid fire action has been applied in the United Scales navy. With a gnn of greater caliber one man could not easily handle tbe cartridfiQ- Colored Wheels All this Rare. It is evident that gay colored wheels will be all tbe rage this season. The up to date cycles seen thus far indicate that tbe brighter the color the more popular tha machine this year. Dealers say tbe call for the somber black colored machine is greatly exceeded by tbe demand for gayer colors. Tbe most popular hues of those asked for are bright yellow and olive green. The vermilion tinted -wheel is not so much in evidence as the yellow, green or maroon or nickel. The last named colors seem to predominate this year, and only tbe mild cyclist who is afraid of attracting attention will stick to the quiet black frame model.—New York World, +++«•»•••••«••••»»•••••»»* > * DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Disorders positively cured. G-rover Graham's Dyspepsia Kemedy is a specific. Ooe dose removes all distress, and a permanent cure of the most chronic aac severe cases is guaranteed. Do not suffer! A. 50c bottle will convince the m«st skeptical. Business is Dull This Spring. "With so many tailors, but I don't have dull seasons anymore. K"ow I admit my I IS and §20 Suiting may be the drawing card because I make so many of them. Did you ever thiiik about . saving' money on clothes? I can help you. Good goods, fit, workmanship and low prices save a. world of talk. H. G. Tucker, TAILOR, Fourth and Broadway. This Large Rocker. Oak and Mahogany finish, very large and i r ery handsome, with faacy high carved back, high braced arms, fancy turned spindles, siddle seat rockei, worth exactly $3.00. Our bargain tfr Q<* )rice only *sJ Our Second Shipment of The Whitney Baby Carriages. 25 new ones have just arrived THE TINSHOP. JOHN MEHAFFIE Proprietor. All Kinds of Tin work. Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. No. 314 Fifth Street. Mutual 'Phone No. 153. NOVELTY WORKS. Office Fixtures and Partitions. Store Fronts,Counters, Shelving Turnizig, scroll sawing and general re- paring. Estimates furnished. Door and window screens to order. Sole agents for the Wheeler Great American Adjustable Screens; made to fit windows with or without blinds- absolutely fly proof; slide easily, in wet or dry weather; can be taken out or put —' in by a child; the best thing on the market. John A. Sturkin, Erie Avenue, between 3th and 9th Sts. THR City National Bank. LOGANSPORT, IND.] CAPITAL .$200.000 JOHN GRAY, President, I. N. CBAWFORD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier. —DIKBCTORS— John Gray, C. G. Newell, J. T. Elliott Dr. W. H. Bell, A. P. Jenkg, W.C. Pennoot. Isaac Bhldeler, and Geo. vr. Fuai Loan money on personal and;feollatera) security. Buy and sell Government bonds. Buy and sell foreign ezchang-e on all parts Of the world. Will pay 2per cent per annum on cernncates of deposits, when deposited sir months: 3 per cent per annum when left one year. Boxes in Safety .Deposit Vaults, for safe keeping of valuable papers, rents reasonable. Your Spring Suit, Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas '. Save You Money. Pearl StNextto Dr. Bell's Office. ANOTHER BARGAIN. First National Bank CAPITAL J250.000 A. J. MCRDOCK, PBBSIDKNT, W. W. BOSS, CASHEKB, J. F. BROOKMEYER, ASST. DIBBCTOKS; A.J.Murdock.W. H. Bringhuxit, DenaU Chi, 8. S. Rioe, B. F. Yantig. I M. Jmrwood. W, T. \vilaon. Banking- In all ita Department* promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customer* and stockholder tlOBght for. Strong Reserve Fund Maintained. NO PAIN!NO DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain, or after effects, such as sore month, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. The most natural-looking arUfloiftl Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The finest and best method of CROWN »n<t BBlDwB Work. fTtio charge for extracting- without pat» when new teeth are to be tupplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, 3111-2 Fourth 8t. over FUher'l Drue BMr A SDMER NORMAL. The LOGANSPORT CoJtMKECiAi HIGH SCHOOL will canduct a Summer Normal, beginning June 6, and continuing TEN WEEKS. They have secured the services ofProf. A. W. Gamble of the city high school, who will have charge of tills department. Prof. Gamble's reputation a» an educator; tt sufficient assurance of the most satufaototr °Tbe course of study Trill be especially arranged to meet th« demands of teaohen and those preparing 1o teacii Thorough inirruo- tkms will be given on every subject on -which the teacher will be required to pazs examination. Tuition 10 weeks $8.00 Good board per week 2.50 M. A. JlffRFHT J. W. BOOKS \ FRINCIPM McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN lUREh ,T8. CHICAGO. Takes the burn out, heals the wound, cures the pain. Dr. Toomai' Eclectrlc oil, the household remedy. FIRE PROOF. One Mock, from C. IB. I. A: F. am* i, S. * M. S- Kallroa*. depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 'hive jast been completed, and the house; now offers every convenience to be found in My hotel, including hot and cold war«r, electsic light and steam heat in t'ery rttom. Rates 75 cents per diy and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owier utf

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