Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 23, 1896 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1896
Page 7
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Shortens labor, lessens pain, diminishes danger to Wool fHMJ* Vm ^»w*«--— ^^ FOR RISING BRE&ST -Known and worth tho prleo toribiit alone t-r^n,! r.ml recommended by midw ives lino Makes Cliild-Birtli Easy, BB1PFIELD REGULATOR CO., iTLASTi, Oi. SOW) DT AM. DRUGGISTS TIME TABLES. -Ml Leave for Chlcnfio 5:00 am; 1:15 pm; ; 12:30 p n, ; J '.00 p m Braird 3:00 a m; 12:35 p m;l:lO pm 2:05 a »;ll:00ain;l» J. . A. MCCTXLLOUGH. Agent. Logangport. WEST BOUND. 5 3 at. Loui ;inl HAST BOUND. - a m STABLE J5TANPARD. Mr. Hob.rt Show. Wh^ Gold I. th. Bo.t 8t»nd»r<l of Value.. In his letter accepting the republican nomination for vice president Hon. Garret \. Hobaxt said: "The money standard of a great nation should be ae fixed and permanent ns the nation itself- To secure and re- taln the best should be the desi-re of Tvery reminded citoen. IJestm ? oi. stable foundations, continuous and unr varying certainty of value should be ite aistiflgufchtaff characteristic. The experience of all history confirms the truth that every coin, made under a.nj law howsoever that com may be stamped, will finally command in t.ie markets of the world the exact value of the materials which compose it The dollar of our country, whether oiffold or silver, should be of the full value o 100 cents, and by so much as any dollar I, worth less than this in the market by precisely that suA will some one bc.de- TCh« F«o Sliver WoIfW That Money Lumb I, DlstnrWnjr B The wiK in the fable blamed the lamb for stirring np the bed of the the wolf •EEL. IUVER DIVISION. .WESTBOUND- ^ NoSSarrlve .................. • ...................... 236 p m ....... 10:45 » M NoS« leaw No 84 leave • -• VANDAL1A • naw ' FOB THE BCCTB ... m* sondar.... to st ' ArrlTW ••Ttie necessity of "a certain nnd fixed roonev value .between nations ns well, individual, has grown out of the interchange of commodities, the trade and buKlnc.ssrelationshipswhichhavear^n amor," the peoples .of the world, with the enlargements of v ™" nfa MKl the broadening' of • This rieccssity has made gold t h< standard ol all enlightened na Jc "If -we are to continue to hoia our place among the great commercial nations, we must cease Juggling with tliis : . cuestion and make our honesty of purpose clear to the world. Iforoomsnouia be left for misconception as to tfie meaning of the language usedI m the bonds .of the government not jet, ma turcd. It should not be ; possible for anj party or individual to raise a question as to the purpose of the country to paj all its obligations in the best form of money recognized by the commercial lined! "if you did not, your srru.uu,.,— did." And he straightway dined on young mutton. •.-.•,,•.; The silvcrite wolves who are howling calamity and threatening to overthrow our'sound financial system pretend to find an excuse for their sixteen to one schemes in the unsettled condition of business Bacausoloans are being called in and'capital.ls timidly waiting the re- s^rs-r-SSr sszszse 5S=3t indications in trade.and industry they loudly ascribe to the gold standard, and the manufacturers who are *° rce V°. limit'their output by reason of the refusal of merchants to buy while there is so much uncertainty about prices are accused of being goldbugs who ore pur- - ASHORTJOURNEY CALIFORNIA ..• .IN.-- ' . - ..' FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co ••SUNSET LIMITED'' TRAIN. Over the S«n^Route~New Orleans • •• - • -" -.'-tqv.'.,. . '....' . UwAngele* aid Sain Frnclaco. WM,discontinued Aprtl ICth.. The. raperlor accommodations given tbb nut number of patrons of the tnln during the past tourist season, warrant"' th« announcement of plans IK'next 1 season of finer service, with wolpment superior to anything .yet kiown in transcontinental traffic. Look for early .re-Inauguration of "SUNSET LIMITED" .thli fall: |t For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Oo. "Sunse. rte" in connection, with tho "Queen .Crescent Route" are running ,th» rime of through tourist Pullman leaving Cincinnati evew r evening for Los Angeles and ,DB are. specially. i, : and tb'e.object ta'.tft e^ble tbos. "Any nation which is worthy of credit, or confidence can afford to say.explic:tr 1 V on a questibn/BO vital to every interest what it means when such meaning is challenged or doubted.., It.is desirable that we.sh'outd make it known, at, once and a.uthorita'tively tbat aa, honest dollar' tneansoiyCollar equivalent to'-a gold-dollar of the prpeent standard of weight'and nneriess;"' '. . : Th«r« B»i !»••»» I »° »«"""•"."— . Whenaallverite urges youto.vote tor free coinage on the -ground that he crime ol '73" reducedthc money in the country,'just show him these figures: The money in ihis.couiitry in circulation, not counting the money m : ths treasury, :at two -dates' 20 years apart was «. follows:: -^^ ^ ^^ State bank notes Subsidiary-silver Fractional .currency. United States'notes. Natlotfalibank nptes. Specie on Pacific c at. Gold coin '22,, 216,331,927 Gold con Silver dollars......... Gold certlhcatea..;.. Silver oertiflcatos. ... Sherman notes. ...... Currency certmc tta 458,12^483 52175^998 42,320,769 331,2fi9,B09 95,217,361 31,840,000' ™t/>r<i to see through the hypocrisy of •Silverita claims. Nothing caa be more certain than that instead of being .flue to the gold.standard any financial stringency 'which .may now exist ,s al- nirct entirely.caused by the agitation tor i debased currency. With a»la.rge number of office-seeking politicians go- inTup and dbwn'the country shouting for.cheap dollars, and promising to cut the measure ,of: values in two if tney gain control of the government, how can business be good? A tight money rnarket simply menus that the owner* . of capital are unwilling to make loans Does any 'reasonable man expect that the threat of .'enabling borrowers to pay their debts in 50-cent dollars is gotag toencourage investors to part with tteir capital? , On the contrary, is It not self-. ev dent that the clamor for a debt repudiation policy' U the real eourceof business depression? So -long-as there remains any doubt as to f.;e'future financial.basis of oui- jrreat industrial- and, mercantile opero- tions so. long will, there be .anxiety and, fear in the commercial world., ,P«strnst wiircbntinueHo bree'd failures;; capltol wlll" ; be : scarce and interest high; debts will be hard-to 1 'collect, >and investors' will hesitate to<engoffe,in produotiyesn-: dustries. This condiUoTi of aflairacan onlybe remedied, in.Bofar^ourflioney •tand'ara is "concerned,, by, an emphatic declaration^ tfe-pollsagainst freesil- ver and'all.'othercheap^ moneyfallacies. I hold sound, stable .currency tto'.bel among: the -greatest-encouragements to industry and'business r generally : and-an unsound and fluctuating-now, expand- ruff n.ud'now contracting, .so that no honest man cai tell; what.'to; do-as ajribu'tr the'prreatest 'discouragements.— John C.'Calhou'n, 1838'.'' ._ A W»rnln«t from Webit«r. He who tamper's"-with the;currency )bs labor'of its-bread: -He panders in., . .- • '___ j,. - Annual !t ivhU>h:is--keen Not Due to Appreciation of Gold, nnt to Cheaper Coil; of Production. .. , Hon.. David -A, Wells; author:of "Ke- cent Economic Changes," and the createst American authority on the cause of fulling prices, has a full page article on this subject in the New \ont Tribune of September 7. He finds tmu. ,thcre has been a universal tall in prices, averaging 30 or 40 per cent., since IS..!, but that it is only in this country that the fall is attributed to the demoneti- zation of silver. Continuing, he says ^GM^ting, as every intelligent pevsoa must, that the recent universal decline in prices cannot be due to any local agency, but roust be attributed to some universal influence, it is claimed tnat Buch an influence.is to be found in an appreciation in the value or purchasing power of gold, owing to its hm.ted and insufficient supply, and also that this, .decline in prices followed the so-called demonetization of silver in some countries, and the closing of the mint, in other countries to its coinage. The appreciation of gold, helped by nn alleged enforced scarcity of silver, and a decline in price seem, therefore to stand to each other in the relaUonof cause and effect, and the cause of the advocates of silver has •accordingly «t the outset much of plausibility. But plausibility is not proof, nor assumpUon tmth. as is strikingly illustrated by the claim of Eev, ,Jasper, : pastor ; of,;_Hu. First colored church inlllcll1in , o , nd '^ that "the sun do move," and the earth "dp stand still," and who has more ot seeming facts in support of his faitn than can be addnced'by the ndvoeatea. of the gold appreciation theory-tor cannot everybody with eyes sec the sun m ov.e up every morning in the cast and move clown every evening: m the west? And if the earth moves 10 miles awry second, ns the astronomer bugs tell us. would not every movable tlii.fr fly off ' its surface as mud does from' n revolving carriage, wheel-? And ™ c ° t . h !" 1 '. does fly off. is it not certain that the •earth stands still? Investigation -j n the case of Kev. Jasper and the advocates of the gold appreciation theory will, however, lend to tlifflcrent conclusions. It Is to he noted In the first place, that the advocates of the latter theory, in stating what they assert to be the truth, never express themselves other than generally, m-nll that has been written or spoken in support of the gold theory on cither side of flie Atlantic. •No one has ever been able to name a single commodity that 1ms notably decline* in price.withln the last-BO years rind satisfactorily proved, or even at- 'tempted to prove, that such decline was due to the appreciation of gold. And the reason for such default is that it car.not .be''done. • * On the other hand, not a single commodity that has notably declined in price within this time can be .named in respect to which clear,'abundant and specific evidence cannot be adduced in proof that this decline has been due to decreased cost .of production or distribution or .to changes in.snpply or de- inand occasioned by wholly, fortuitous circumstances. irazilian Balm BE 6KMT SOUTH MESICM BKHII TiiPtGtllllli It clears the head of foul-mucous -heals tho .ores and ulcers of thehead «d *£*; jsweetens the breath, snd perfrcUy «8tofea the senses of the. taste, smell; and. bea™*> 'Stops headache and dropping, mto tte ttroat. Also,de8troys the germ which caus«ff HAY FEVER, ing a perfect eureka a few days. Never ? here BrjizUian Bat- -5 faithfuUj' T; lestro,*' \egrippegennandquicldyi iii Hi - H: bad effect in. V715U, 'iYPHon> ; \ and, -. wv-*»«^*<*«— MEASLES, and any. disease whet* Git. naammation, Fever or Conges* ion. Greater Klief in Consuic-jtion ever discovered. . rf^.^r^^H^TiL^r The Best Family Medicine In ExIsteMfc •i.oo BOTTLM eot/Atswrf* eo °- B0rrtes ' HOME TESTIMONIALS: rrh 'friend ofinmeof hay-fever^' _ ~-,'-*rrh -Brazilian Bajin-' n v»v 1J»J.= =>-'j — j. — - . T , , cawtTieQ — lUGFC ZMWUTWn ""-'— ------ .._.„,,i, litp" Mrs /. L.-aiiway, *'"*•>"'"'">*-• •_ ble as I was ct forty. -*™°"f l l'^' ' .*, fo , Lventeen years she' "—A-vson BM-T'.U, agea of. n ""^ '" '-•--that during the winter for seventeen years she < I ^entirely aidperma^ntly r^red with Brazilian ^I~yna.ncJ-tfc^j • *»»•« *« — B. F. JACKSON & CO., CleMlantf,li . Battery ftnfl A. R. Klstler. SUHMER TOURS A MOUNTAIN Arizonft MYSTERY by ».8tr«n». . Mountain Formation. .. For the last half .c-entaiythe Amer^ can residents of Tucson, A. T, have been trying to solve the mystery o* what appcL' to ba a hole through n SuS Peak-in sight of the town to the clear air it looks to be only.. short distance away, when in 'reality it is at least 40 miles. , By the aid of a good marine telescope the mountain can be brought to wrthin a. few miles, but not near enough, to tell the -exact nature of the rock formation. A first peep through the glass lead one to believe that there was hole aears , VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE riOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid Vestlbuled TraJas W<tb Wagner Sleeping Car* to Hew York and Bostot to explain IDC uiwi.i>c .. --.— .•.• • pelled the honest sellers of merchandise-all over the world during the lost 25 years to :tnke lower ;pricus; for. their Lods in the.face of an unexampled- abundance of capital. a.nd.remarkably •low rates of interest.: except for one or botli'of two reasons-excess of supply -Jminlshed demand. Has anyone- would lead one to believe manners «»= no mystery about it. The hole appears as plain as possible, butSeveral days on trip or one way ; tickets,, to enjoy romfortable ride with sleeping car •rWleges anrt noi change of cars at.tne ••ry low second-class rate. For furthei; Information, address.^. fl. CONNOB, Commercial Agfc S. r- •«.. Cincinnati, O.'.'".'"'. "•'.. . wvo. NEIMYER; o. w. Agt.-8. P •i;'; Chicago; 111; '^ '•>. MOBSB, O. P.*T. Agt 8. 1: ' ' r coVer4he.cerca he reaemption of ego 1 'tender notes, '378,61'4i043 silver-dollars, which. are in the treasury .mainly because.peo. pie object to.receiving.them, and other, moneys. aggreg a tlng..$68.4,^0«SlT whole amount of money in Tl876' was $765,083,284; ir, 18M gol'd and silver bullion in the the amount Is $2.346.807.955. From • *«» . A depreciation "of-'-the. currency is al ways attended-by,' a'loss to the labor; ititr cldsses/' This' portion -of She community^ have ' HeHtier '.time--..n6r .dppor^. iunity to'watch,.thfe:ebb9 aiid toiw.ot the money marknt. Engaged from, day,., to day in.thcir useful tolls, .theydo; not perceive, that, although', their wages.are.. nominally 1 the. -same,; oi- even somewhat higher, -they are ? :greatly!' reduced, intact by the rapid 'iscveaae'.of currency, which,-: as ',i.t' appears; to ' make' money, abound,. th,ey are not ot first, inclined to; consider' a blessing.— Andrew. Jackson,.. Eighth , Anniial asa . .. ' ... .Even if it were,true.that free-coin-:. • ureotsixte;entoone-wonld.ralpe the price .: of silver, how, y^ould-,-that, beiieflt ; .Uie jreat majdritiy'of the'American people? Not one person in a thousand owns aail- ver'inine or nas'sllver'bnlllpn fprwhich KO Trfltitrfft ; hlffhiirnrlce/'But everybody •obs laoor ui ji= ujt«— — i—-deed td greedy- cftpital^whlch^s-keen •Lhted. and may shift for.itself, but:he beggars labor, [which is-hones^ unsus- Sg.-and too busy with.-the pMaent to calculate.for.the;future.. The pros-. parity of >eforking/^ctawe. (ves, moves and has. its' being; in' established creditand a steodyimedium'ofpayment. All: sudden changes'destroyltiv Honest, industry nevjer,comcs;in.fpi;.any ; part_of the-spoils in- that scramble, which takes. uiace • when' the currency of ,a.countr.y is disordered;: Did. wild .schemes and, projects 1 ever •benefit • the'industripus? Did-violent fluctuations ever do good to him who depend* on his daily labortfor his daily bread? Certainly, never. All these .things.may gratify, greediness for Buddea gain or the' rashness of : daring ' ^peculation, but they can brisg nothing but -injury nnd distress to ;the .homes of patient .industry,, and hones> .labor.- DanTel Webster, Speech at >ew YorK, 1837. / ' _'_. ',.__ '.,'.•.;."•""'" As'.iong as gold, either'from.its intrinsic superiority; as a metal,-from its rarity' or from 'the-'prejudtcies of mankind: ''retains' 'so'-considerable 1 ; a -preeminence 1 l-ri'Val'ue-.bvcKBllver'asMt has hitherto"' had, a ;naturalicon'sequen«ierOf thls-seems-td.be. that it8,condltion..wul be mor.e-.8tatlon,ary.. The revolution.?, thereforeV:,which,inay take..placein the Li^.-_^™*l«o vriliie' of irold and .si , , MM.' ' »ay»:" of, , . ..-j.. . ,. ce,." of .Beaver. ;ta. - . '.attaclfJ'of •• pnettmbnia ' in It -to a ; wqnderfiU: foronwariuie, or urn, and chapped hands and face.lt cnrei : Mt ia invaluable In the fa»- ' ' or iliminisnea acmtuj". ".— --••,-, ever attempted to explain how It has happened that during the recent period' of the fall of.prices the world's stock of money, and especially of silver, hos been. constantly .increasing .. •-....• Is it uot plain that B phenomenal de- Mine of prices in two parts of the world with entirely di-ffierent monetary coaUi; a'dernonotiiiatibn of silver in-.thc United States/which took place, if it ever did; a comparatively-short-time ago- (repeal of the Sherman act in 1893), and-which, ha. not prevented nearly $6.00,00(^.00,0 oi silver'credit money from-clrculatiDg.. in the country at its full nominal value? Thct the price'of-labor niciiHUTed n •yold-lKis not declined, but increased in.. » marked degree e.^ry^ere in.fche.c.v- iliwd world duringrthe last quarter of a century, has been already,commented on-'hence, if'the. purchasing'power of TO Jd- lias increased during this peri.qd'n- given amo-unt*f'i't; wou'ia havepurchased more labor- -aid:-not .Ic-s-s.-or what is the same thing.. wnges-wjoulcThnye-fnllen, which*u"ey have nqfcdbiicj.... -.. ,; .: • : Meosured by the price of labor, gold has unquestionably depreciated,.«nl «cent careful examinations indicate that the ratio of its decline has been from TOO in iR73-'tb'83:in ; 1803,- Measured also by the decline In the rate of interest on Buch' established gold-paying -securities as Eritish consols, the ratio hns.been. from 100 in 1.S70 to 75 in in 1806. Can anybody suggest, a .better measure for testing this issue? ' Has"any one-'ever end^-iavorod to ex- nlaic how an.a.pprecUition..of gold lias reduced the cost of railroad and water 'iransportatlon 'to ; the extent of more ihori 75 per cent: within the la*t!20 ye^rs, although, .the wDges of .employes have notably, .advanced during.,the, same. 'period? ".. , . . .... , .-'If on the other hand, these -reductions ! w erfc : 'oausea-by : ,the- suppression of the teuton of^policy'enUle the .railroad?. !to advance. ;thelr:frelght:rates and rob - he ^pwMnt'-more^not;present-?- ,| i.'/ir i--»'inWio Bi'innlementary pro- as plain as possioie, """"^ 7^ 7 -* study of the spot yill-develop the fact that the hole-does riot..always look the Tfany days when the sky «• dark he- bind tho mountain tho hole will appear, a brilliant white, like a snowdrift, and ondayswhcnthe S lcy.isblueitwill.o.ften ; look so dark as' to. be^almost invisfble These facts have led many to think that it is an immense piece of mica lying with its polished surface toward the sky and reflecting the cloud ; forma; tions of another part of the hftr.fon, instead of being the light seen^rougL, a hole. Viewed with the naked eye. the hoi. simply, aears as a whit«> the hoi. simply . appeaio »=. - ••-:-._ spot, but the telescope'reveals pine ^trees and other details, although varying The -ange of mountains in which the strange peak can be Been is known as the Catalintw, and numerous parties have ma'de the attempt to climb it, but all have failed on account °* * he s « e * 1 und rugged prttelplcea in the vicinity. rrom ,«,, Peoria. Indianapolis, Clncto- •;-. : natl, Dayton, Columbns. .- • vJ» •' CLEVELAND AND BUFFAJ^ "The Knickerbocker Special." •Tbe Southwestern Limbed." Six Terminals at the Great Lakes.- Ctilcaeo > Benton Harbor, Tole*» Detroit, Sandosky, CleveUafi. Tourist Rates In all Direction!. E. O. McCormlck, Eagg. Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin, Gent Pass and Tlctet Agent. Greatest Discovery: of tftc 19ft; Centory. HIWBMKDT Medicated Alt For the Cow ot CtiUrrh, A«th»» and all pulmonarr »««••*_ It hai no MIUIUC LOVE LIGHTENS -LABOR. H.T. OT.r v be warits-WhlgMr price/' But everybody w^its to buy Bllverjln theiorm ofanan-; ofactured-articles!of. use,or ornament, knd.therefore w,antii.it.to-be aseheoPas poBSlble,:^; A,;seheme r .for .maWngj.glaas;;., ware'or 'hardware Searer would .not re-,, ;elve ! iniich ! favor f rom'thefconaranera 6f those goods. IS Itmt alt likely tWt'tta 1 conBuraers oT silver mantifacrurerare anxious to pay more for them' therefoewc,ni bdmpar'atiye value of. go d,and silver Will be 'ctiaiger in' the rta'tt of thrf.lat- 'terratfier than SnVtBat oftbe<fonner.--, 'Alexander ' l Their City . The .countryman, has, if he bo wise enough 'to peweive it, good -reason to counf himself -a luckier perBon altogether than he .whose work'te done in town. .For. .the latter, says: Black and White, .unless he be exceeding well off, there, are ,'few pleasures easily obtain- able''^ the intervals, of toil.: Food and sleep : a're excellent 1 ' in ^thcir way, 'but they are-necessities, and they are usually. taken. under such: circumstances a^ to . have . :notliingr of the 'character of luxuries. The countryman is luckier than this. It may be that W"^'* tiring and tha-this wage 'is a small onn, but he'labors in such a way. that he ai- wavs gets the fullest enjojinent out ot his rest,"an-d-when..Tie i .piiuses.-to-toke his midday meal- it is und e r:condition<* that would moke a perfect.hpliday for the city, and to whose charm .even, the man accustomed to them .cannot grow callous. ' 'He '•.lies' at ease among the sheaves that be has cut. and. the sun. .whose ardent rays madi> •'*'«, •"». *"* heavier, now adds to his delight: Moreover, he eats- 'with, the.pleasan.test^of waiters to seeto his; comfort; , it may ix his wife wWbrings; his dinner, or.per- hai»'it : i3 sime'buxdm- girr.from;thc far* Wno'Hi ^;-yet hif.^thougbshe _. v ajbow ^Wb» ae , when Medicated Ale k guaranteed to cur* ie». /|»M**>r* • *•" •» Medicated Alr»D<l Drn« Co., RlcbmoDd, Ind., D. 8. A. me Loaanspprt Humane Socieflr\ (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animal* E. S. Blce-Prc«'. 0«o. W. Wftltern-Seo. W. ». Binliop— Hnmftnc 6*o»r. ' V. C. : CooltXK|». ; . ' r. . Telephone No. 30. Re joit capes ol crueltjf lo Sec:eiwr. people inif 50 per cexn • , Snd' will not; some supplementary, pr*., IvisIonfeHo'thVfrea-Minage'nctbeneees- iW ;5 povie»ty. v -6f: thli Coxey-.^--^--v" ta-amps andunemploy ed^orkers justify them in demanding a share of the property own-* by *he farmers? visono'- EBrytopVeVeivf their BO doing '' We cannot by, law flx'the .value of either metal: or, cpin^br, of ; any of the SScTe : a : 'th'ift enter. into -the' Wants of life'^.The great law of -demand and 8up- p\y affectf the value as- iVdoesirou. r <or 'Zinc: All hove i alien ^inimar-- dscoveies so ., • herself.. and: he is not afraid Verily, his .toil. (is must be a . " • ', but ,r.f ,1 yj uiav u " Y 1 -" , • H. . ^ ,' 1 it llpht nmid, these « JJd improved methods o 'Se'n'ator Shermar. y*anv,ejiMi«»". i H ti .-r' i; " ••:• neciefl with tie composer and «f peTformance. of his works. ;. Brazilian Balib K - ] (.^-- j{f -br:SO drop* * • '-« «'. .'••• of'wartn -wa:.*" i." .- •'" : - JBiiri'tani-i-.j.M:-"--' --'••'• '., Typhoid' and Scarlet Fever. ' . makiBK a rau^l«tM:^ *,..

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