Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1890
Page 5
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DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. One Solid Week, Commencing Monday, May I2tn. entttW. THEOCTOROON Or, Life in Louisiana. The orchestra will bt> under the il'f™' 10 ", "'' ,»? ikunsu ishwl violinist. Mr. Ben It. * '*"'«' A raluahfe present Riven away every iilKUt. (ThaiiSH ot plnr oildl PVtmlli!;. SCALE OF PRICES: Ontj lit nnil 20 cents. Keserrod Bents on Sale as keesluiK's Drus btoru. Real Estate. For Sale or Trade In all parts of the City. Residence ut nil prices. Business Houses. Vacant Lots. Exclusive Sale of Johnson's "Riverside Addition". •2-0 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Bargains in Lands close- to the City. B 'N. TALBOTT Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek. Broadway. Sealed Proposals, To furnish supplies for the Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, For (tie Montn of Jim", 1890, Will be received by the Board of Trustees at the aoapltal, until 12 o'clock M. on Tuesday, May 15. lt»0. Dy order of the Board. JOS. C. ROGERS, Medical Supt Logansport, [ml.. Hay 15. ,890. B. M. MeMillen Pfc'areB, Stationary,.Hammocks, Croquet*. Picture Framing A SPECIALTY. No. SO7 - - Market St. aprlSd&wly MONEY TO LOAN! An<J Kotes Bought In any sum over £26 at lowest rates. Large amounts G per cent. GBO.B. FORGY. UeclSil&wGm MONEY TO LOAN, -.: am smru ot tlie LOWEST ratnc friv«w fund, miy, ;V!ouO7 alsvttye tu hand. No red tape ordi«- ti;. tasure^t >md principal payable fn Logoijt*- •jort. fliMKitol erranpaments an to payuitint o . yrliioU-ftl «uti iutoroet, madu to eait tlie -wlebes o &orrfr*er. For further pp-rtlonlnrs apply to Fred W. Munson, Attorney at Low and tnttod States CommlDBloner , Frturth street, nppnolto Court Hoi3fl*>. Q ' N E Y , la .. ... 1 »viit»mllii!'arttnc* nnd Lcmntf. A.11 Jtiudf- •*jra-!i>e plncwl In ilrwt clnsa com pan JOB. uiHij:i*i^1Ii*VB* V*iirohA8od. Uonils of Bnre - rtn.vo for S.-R t Eie»» holdinff poult leitH • • ' iron «bi*rt« t. h-md-ts r^aulred. '•':. -"- ' ""-3 19 "PEARS, ST. S M. C loss on Dally Journa;. Judge I). P- Baldwin is in Indianapolis. The Standard Upera Company lit popular prices all next week at Dolans, Judge Walker of Peru, was in the ity last night en route to Colurnbtus 3., on legal business. Capt. Hud. McK.ee, ofWashington, a expected home next week for a ew days on business. Henry Roaoh, jr. the plumber, will iepart to-day for a point in Wiscon- in to work at his trade. Dr. J. W. Ballard departed last enintf on a ten days trip to Nebraska and the West. Thomas Meek of (Jalveston, was in he city yesterday en route to lit lleinens springs for his health. Mrs. E. A. Coppur, mother of Mra. . B. Sliultz and Mrs. J. W. Kern vill occupy the Winklebleck residence on Broadway. £Capt. Ooulson, U. 8. navy, has leen in the city a few days. He will [<?part this morning for California to ake command of a vessel in the ruer- ihant service. The council meeting last night was well attended, many no doubt beiufj anxious to note the final methods of he retiring members of the council ind their successors. George S. jRinger, of Jefferson ownship, has traded his farm to Beorjje B. Forgy for one located in Carroll countY : near Woodville, and will move onto the same next week. Mr. James Hooley and Miss Ella layes, both of this city, were united n marriage at St. Vincent do Paul shurcti at 9 o'clock yesterday morn- ng, Rev. Father Campion ofKoiat- 11 g- Mr. and Mrs. George Wubster will return to their home at Sioux City, .owa to-day after a week's visit with relatives in the city. ;The.y will be iccompariied by'-Master Laurel Webster, who will spend the summer with his brother. In the circuit court yesterday "Win. ooper was awarded a judgment for $87.50 against Louis C. Trent, administrator. The case was^brousht aere on a change of venue from Car- rollcounty,and thisisthe second trial of it. The case of Simon Ramsey against George W. Jones was disposed of by a judgment for the plaintiff for $371-40. Richmond Telegram: "John Railsback, of this city, one of the southern division Pan Handle passenger conductors recently discharged, today went back on the road as a freight conductor. It is also reported that John Manginand Ed Hughes, two of the first division conductors let cut, are also to return, but in what capacity is not known." Chief of Fire Department, P. J. Farrell, before the council last evening, tendered his resignation of the position to take effect when his successor is Lamed. Mr. Farrell's object in thus tendering his resignation is to enter into business for himself. He has been an efficient and careful officer and in the discharge of the duties of his office has acquitted himself ably. It is not stated yet who will be named as his successor. Muucie Daily News: The Standard Theatre Company opened a week's engagement at Wysor's in "Octoroon." T)»e drama is too well known to need comment. This company is the strongest repertoire party that has visited Muncie for several years. • Every part was well carried. Miss Calla Barbour as "Zoe, 11 Will E. Atkinson as "McClosky" and "Billy Barbour, as "Salem Scudder," deserve special mention. The theater was crowded to its full capacity." Opera House one week commencing Monday May 12th. Prices only 10 and 20 cents. THURSDAY MORNING MAY 8. VOX WKATMEll. WASBISOTOX, D. Cl, May 8.—For Iwliana— Watmet ftrfr weather, Berth easterly winds. (3et yoor carpets now at the Trade Paltce carpet rooms. See the shades and j aC g curtains. fligh novelties in men's flannel "Shirts, non shrinking neck band, at ' Patterson's, the Haberdasher. .1 One hundred dozen fans jast opened; ostrich fans, $1 a piece, at the Trade Palace dry goods and carpet house. Special prices on 100 pieces of mo hair and brilliantine dress goods at 65 cents on the dollar, at the Trade Palace. Challies f 5 cents; best prints, 5 cents; yard wide muslin, 5 cents; ginghama, 5 cents per yard, at the Bee Hive. In the circuit court yesterday the Pan Handle company confessed Judgment for $210 damages to G. W. Burrow for the trunk which wa» lost in the -wreck near Kokoino during the winter. TTonnker-ScbaNtiun Wedding. Last evenig-at 8 o'clock the First Presbyterian church was the scene of a very pretty wedding ceremony, and a large number of invited guests assembled to witness the solemnization of the marriage of Mr. David Younker to Miss May Sebastian, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sebastian. Rev. Dr. Putnam performed the ceremony, and the beautiful marriage rite of the .Presbyterian church was never more impressively rendered. After the oerernony the wedding party repaired to the home of the bride's parent* on the West Side, where an elegant -wedding 'feast was served. The groom... is an en ergetie, industrious young man, a cigarmaker by trade, and is congratulated on the fair prize he has gained. The bride is one of Logansport's best-known and nics' popular young ladies, charming amiable and possessing the highesi esteem and love of her large circle o] friends, all of whom join in the very best wishes for her happiness The Journal extends its usual con gratulafcions and well wishes and hopes that life may be full of joyanc prosperity for the young couple just starting together on the broad sea o matrimony. THE TENTH DISTRICT. An Attempt to Control Tlie Farmer's Allinnee In It for tho Oem- ocrat**. The Republican farmers should be on their guard in this the Tenth district, in the organization of Farui- r's Alliances. Farmer's Alliances are good things but they may be >adly organized. Mr. J. A. Cantley ivbo is a Democratic politician and vho operates a strawberry patch in linton township is traveling tiuder i, commission issued by a Dernoe'rat- e caucus at Indianapolis by which claims to be authorized to organ- ze the farmers. He served in the egislature from Cass County a few" fears ago, and has been writing free rade articles for the Democratic; ^haros ever siiice. He is a Demo- iratic agitator, pure and unalloyed, md almost disorganized the Farm- ir's institute in this county by trying o introduce politics into it. The Republican papers of the Tenth district should warn the farmers against entering into what will sure- y prove to be an unholy alliance. Organization is necessary but for heir own good the farmers shou'd ee that every attempt at it is not uanipulated by politicians. Re- 3ort» ot the proceediugs in other dis- ricts in the State show that the democrats are working this scheme diligently. The organization claims to be a ecret one, and on that account is [a'ngerous. The organizers, by tak- ug in a minority of Republicans, ontrol the action, and by taking in he less intelligent ones can obtain 11 influence over them that will be atal to sound Republican principles. The Journal asks that all inforuia- ion concerning these organization?, vith the names and politics of the organiiers and members, be sent to his paper by its country correspondents. _ IFVtul Itailway Accitlcnt. Last evening the engine of the ; dummy" which runs between here and Marion struck a man on the top of the grade a thort distance out of Marion, killing him instantly. Engineer Turley. saw the man walking towards the train, but supposing he would step off in time ;o escape injury did riot slow up us train. The man paid no heed to the warning whistle which shrieked out when the engine was almost upon him and he was struck and cast far out at the side of the road. His body was terribly crushed and broken and death resulted instantly.. Whether suicide was the^ unfortunate man'^ object or whether he was intoxicated and did not heed the impending danger is not know. The man's na'me could not be learned by the reporter ast night. He was unmarried and a resident of Marion. Th« &tars and Siripes. The flag which was awarded to Benj. Long, the high school boy who carried the Youth's Companion prize for Indiana, will be unfurled froiu the tower of the central school building this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock with appropriate ceremonies. A large crowd will gather to witness the demonstration. Hon. Q. A. Myers will make the address of the occasion, and the "bright stars and broad stripes" will be unfurled to the breezes amid the patriotic cheers ol the assembled school children. Carl Pretzel's I'm osopnj. Der toiler dot thtood beer saloons around looking for someting to did vas pooty nire to have sore eyes. Der t'ery existence of der ooniferse vas n shtaudin memorial of der goot- UOBS of its Creator. Angels vns a goofc much liabbier a?, men on ackovinu dhey vas euchoy more enlarged knowledges, and cloud vas af- iiicted mit vasli ladies' bills. — Sunday National. Killed by a Cave-Iu. By Telegraph to tlie Journal. DBS MOIJSBS, Iowa, May 7. — Jonas Russell, aged 10, and Clarence Hickox, aged 17, East Side boys, wenl fishing Monday evening, intending to camp out. Their bodies were found this morning under severa feet of sand, at Deep Rock Springs belo v the city. It is supposed they tonk refuge in a cave and the roo fell in on them. A JDeipcrate Murder. By ToleffKinh to the Journal. PlTTSBURG-H, Pa. May 7. — Aspecia to the Times from New Waterford O says: In a. quarrel over a judgmen note Ira • Murlatt shot arid killec Barak, A»hton four miles south o here this morning and wounde* Lewis Bell. He fired a shot at. the sheriff while being arrested but wn overpowered and locked up. Whether on pleasure bent or business, shou!< take on every trip ii bottle of Syrup of Figs, as 1 acts moat pleasantly and effectually on tho kid neya, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, head aches and other forms of sickness. For sale I OOe and 8100 bottles by iill leading druggists. Fo 1MB by B, f. Keesllug. Iilme. Lux & Shultz have a new lime kiln burned ready for delivery, South Side. Telephone No. 64. maySdSt THE San Franevr-o j.;.rar,iiner tells ;his iftory: In the t-iu-ly clays of Cali- 'oruio a Chinese liny c'ime to San Franci.-ub. For fanir loanon he divorced 1)inn<e 1 .f fro in I'll axuoeiations wiili hi;; couulryraer, r.'-.:'^:!iC'd Ihofjnr); a il haliiU of a:i AIIK-I I.- ;. u .il 'on: 'Aid •hi! i/niutur's tnulo. Ho loo 1 ,,, tho name of .losoph Allman, •.-.ud autlli-.il liimsell in San Tjpandro wlirnvLc pursued his calling, ai-.cl v.-as tfmjeinlly vo,pe<-;od. Many rears at'tonvaril hi i old father cunio to this coast and hntilpd ii'i his on. Then there occurred a scene bo- ievctl to be unique in the history of tlie country. Tho son was compelled tc converse with his father through un in- :erprcter. By reason of lack oj association with the people who spoke Chi- icse Allman had entirely forgotten tns native tongue, and the father had uot jeen long enough in tho country to lick up any English. After a time Allman sought to tako out' "citizenship papers. He then found that he was actually a man without a country. On account of his race and color he was prohibited from becoming an American, and as he had lost tlie langxiago of hia Barents he could not claim China as the country of his home yeavnings. Bepeat- ed efforts to become a citizen of the United Stages hav<=. resulted in failn:<-t. Cost of a Head of link-. A fine head o! -virgin-gold colored lair will bring from $200 to $500. according to its length and luxuriance, and to those who have it and are anic- ious to convert it into hard cash, it may bo pleasing- to hear that there are orders in advance for till that can ba 31-odiiced of this dpsi'i-iptjur, for tha next five years. A HUMPBACKED man at Chicago gets living by selling the time of day. He lan a chronometer, and it is warranted ;ime. .He has a certain territory which le goes over, and furnishes the housewives in that territory with the time of lay once a week. He gets ten cents a week from each pat'.on. Snfa Versus liroom DrKl. ]3elle—Can't \ou go to the broom drill this week, Cariie ? Carrie—No, I'm very much pressoil for lime this weak. Belle (maliciously)—Yes, and I know what time it is, too. Carrie—What do you mean ? Belle—The time that you are pressed — -.from. 8^30 until 11. — Burlington Free Prebs. A Cork Kopi*. A cork core floating rope has beou invented. The inventor claims that hla floating rope of one inch thickness wtl? stand a strain of raoru than one thousand pound;. It can ba used in life lines, on lite rafts, and as a heaving lino to tie heavy hawsers to. At a life-saving station such a rope would he very valuable. THE cosuie.it. hur*e burn iu the world belongs to D. E. Grouse and is located at Syracuse, N. Y. It has uo-\v cost the owner, a millionaire horseman, something l.ke $700,000. Incidental expenses will make the stable cost little short of a round million. Two to One- on Willie. "It's very puzzling," said ;v worried looking wonnui to one of her neighbors. "What's that." "1 can't tell whether Willie is corrupting the parro'* or whether the parrot !s corrupiug Willie.' Tlmt Explains It. "All, ha!'' siiid tho physician, "lifty per cent less deaths last week than. I expected. By the way, how much medicine did 1 le.itvc-. 1 " "About half as much as usual," replied the attendant. Botb : the muUioil and results when Syrup bS>Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts E ;ntiy yet promptly on the Kidney?, iver and Bowels, cleanses the system cffecbuaJly, dispels colda. hend s.ches and fevers nud currs habitual constipation. Synip of Figs is the only remedy of its l;i;;d ever pro- dticeJ, pleusing to f.he l:inte und a» ceptiible to the stumaeb,' prompt in its action and l:vuiy beneficial iu its to all and have made it the mo.3! popular remedy; known. "••'= Syrup of Figs;'is Tor sale in 50, and SI bottlesj&y--all Ic&tiing-clm.;j gists. Any "^reliable druggist wli may not have it on Land will pr cure it pranptly for any one wli wishes to try it. Do not accept an} substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FSANC1SCO. CAf.. LOUISVILLE, Iff. .W.'/ f!>KK. t! Y '••'•' For gale by B F •flOP, N O.T I O E During the next thirty days we will abstain' from ten cents a line locals and all other advertising- outside of the contract space except in our Show Windows and price tickets attached to Bargains and displayed on sidewalk in front of store and inside of store and By Word of Mouth! For Grown people we have Websters Dictionaries which we present to purchasers of certain amount of either Clothing Men and Boys Boots and Shoes or furnishing goods. "We give smaller presents';."." with individual articles in various lines as for instance With Ohildrens' Clothing a first class Base Ball outfit. We have the finest store and .stocli \ outside of Indianapolis in the State. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course." C. M. CfipSS. tormei-lyiv lunll & Co.. Indianapolis, A. E. SilROYER. torrnorlr oi' Elliott. S)iro.ver<£ Co., Losauspsrt. SHROYER & CROS«, Jobbers of Imported, Key "West and Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. , DYKEMAN Represents tie above firm in Loganapoi-t and surrounding towns. SAIL IN AND SEE US! THIS WEEK. We will give you a Ladies 7 Button Shoe tor %i, .60 Ladies' patent top lace shoe for .... .... ! 00 Men's velvet slippers for. ... .... $.0 Men's Congress shoes for ... *. . .. .... I 20 Men's working shoes for . . .... .... i 00 Tour pick out of the store of Puritan calf goods for 2 00 lace, Button, Congress, this week only. CHICAGO SHOE STORE, 403 Broadway, Logansport. OTTO MEINSHAUSEE HEADQUARTERS FOR NaturalGas! Gasoline Stoves; Oil Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Steel Alaska Refrigerates*, Water Coolers, Cream Freezers, > Tinware, :; Woodenware, •.* Mantels, Gratesr; We have about fifty of the above Gasoline BtOTes that we will Belt at the greatly reduced price of §18. formerly sold at |2a Don't. fen-get tb« number, •• •• 408 Market St., Opp. Golden Rule. WATCHES! WATCHES!! WATCHES;!!! Largest Stock i'njthe City and Sold on monthly payments JOold^Watohes '$20.00, Elgin Watohti $6.00 and warranted., , ,. :i NO AUCTION GOODS '• , : , . '•-. ( ;' No prizes eiren. No lotterys run; but good goods, sold;;iow. Beat watch work and KagravinK done In the city. . .. ....,.,,. D. A. FT AUK, The JeWeler,

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