The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1951 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1951
Page 17
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THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 1951 • BLYTHISYTLLE, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS PAGE SEVENTEEN'' Our Boarding House with Moj. Hopple OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Willioms , LADS? T UMPIRED H6YDW OF THE EN/EM LbOK^MiSTeR, TALL wt WANT You ALMIK) £ i« A SQUARE LISSEN/ AFTER. ^lOU'VB HIWTEP, CNPi-OMXCieP AM 1 HIGHBROWED HIM INTO.IT, HE'LL BE JUST AT VDU AS XT ME PER. K.ICVC1W HIM RIGHT WHERE THAT LETTER IS--AN 1 •VOO FATHEAD, MAIL VOUR MOTHER'S LETTER.<• OH, I FOLD PANTS VERV GOOR AND TH' LUMP BOTHERS we ASlD LfiftMDER'S UMCLE t CAUL KlStAT AM' S6T6 DOFF6D HIS CAP TO MV UMCANMY ACCURPlCY OM BALLS AMD !....,.„,. VIEWS 15 ALWAYS UELPFUL = THE SHORT CUT Jlot or cold, wet or dry, Blue skies, blue j^ys—ho hum! Meyer's Bread remains the same, Delicious and. y\im yum! KILLER'S PACE BY JULIUS LONG COPYRIGHT I95t BY NEA SERVICE, INC. DECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Classicnl Cat YOUD &6TTER. . | YOU THOUGHT , TCU. HER.JUNE/ THIS THING UP/ MEEDS A . 's TOUCH/ TKE MAESTRO SAYS TRIXIE .' WET PROGRAM f=> STRAIGHT OUT WHAT DO YOU MEiN FIT I, WAS RAISED Ol WE REPAIR Radios, refrigerators, freezers, ranges, washers, small appll ances. All work tuaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD . . . Shoe Repair Saves Money HflUT€RS I [QUALITY SHOC SHOP! I 121 W. MAIN ST. I Look at the Record PLAY SAFE! For Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! , j£or Automatic Washing Hit it'* very best, get a BENDIX Automatic WASHER Isn't It Time You Bought a Bendix at HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. I" IIliXCi up the phone will -L emphasis, slapping the receiver inlo ils holder. I opened the telephone boot; door and slcpped outside. I! had gol very -hot In there in Hie last 20 minnic.s. My wiitch sakl I had been [here only that Ion», though it hail seemed an hour. H was now fl:2IJ. I couUI picture Criminal Court No. 7. I could even piclure the scene in Judge Wana maker's chain hers. 1 shuddered. I wondered if this was to he Star Williams' last case. The phone rang. I stepped back into the booth and did not close the door as I answered. It was Kitty Coyle. She sounded hysterical. "Jisn, you've got to do something! Quick! Judge Wanamaker's just sent out a message that if Star doesn't appear by 9:30 he'll let the ease go to the jury without further argument!" Wannmakcr was within his rights. He had .insisted that Star make his defense argument the previous afternoon, immediately after the stale's opening argument but Star hud, held, out for an adjournment, though it was only 4 o'clock. Fuming, Wanamaker hac granted an adjournment till 9 this morning. And now Star hadn't shown up. "What can I da? Nobody's seen him after midnight last night. He was out at La Jolla Club watching the floor show there. He left in a taxi, and 1 haven't been able to trace the taxi. I even got Al Nana- barro out .of bed, but he knows nothing more than that Star was at his club." 'Imagine Star wasting his tim at a night club floor show at time like this!" wailed Kitty. She hung up. I left the booth again. It was' in the rear of the Court Bar. a scant block from the courthouse. It was deserted save for myself and Pele Crnmmit, th< solitary bartender. The usual bar flies and hangers-on were doubt less crowding Criminal Court No 7. Star had always rated a bi gallery. Only this time there wa no Star. * • • TT was the first time that Sta had ever failed to put in courlroom appearance. Since 1 ha started working for him a coupl years before he had given me few bad moments, but always h had been able to put on a shov\ Bui this lime Andy Tanner, th D.A.. wouldn't even have an oppo nenl lo contend with. "Why don't you give up?" Pet Crummit asked. He was smug] mopping the bar with a rag Ihi looked as if it might have been door mat to* a conl mine. I ha never liked Pete He had tende bat here since repeal and, as h trade, was almost exclusively mad up by the legal profession, he ha picked up enough superficial leg; knowledge to aflect airs „ "Not that ft would make an difference," Pete wen I on, "whf ther you found Star or not. Th time he's licked, and he knows i For my money, he's deliberate! Sh,« Jaeld a little black automatic pistol. She pointed K ml my ' middle and lifted delicately thin brow*. . tiding out in that hotel." "What hotel?" 1 screamed it. J ele went nonchalantly on with lis bar mopping. ,"Would*you like to know?" "What do you think I've been >alling my brains out for since 8 this morning? Say! When I asked f you knew where Star was, all p ou gave me was the deadpan! Vhat arc yon trying to give me, rib?" "Nix," said Pele. throwing down .Js rag. "I kept my trap shut at first because 1 wanted you to con- •ince yourself that you'd never find Star without me. Convinced?" I was convinced, all right. I selected a 'sawbuck from my -.valet and tossed it on the bar. Pete pretended not to see it. "It's worth a century," h< vouchsafed. "Not a dime less." I recovered and said calmly: 'Aside from the facl thut I'm not wearing that kind of money, you're all out of line!" Pete betrayed no interest in Che second ten spot that 1 placed beside the first. "You'll pay me a century and like it! J don't know whal kind of a corny alibi Star's got worked out, but if he don't show for this Bidaull case, he's through. No- body'd ever trust Star again. A lawyer that walks out on you [or the pay-off plea! Phooey!" • • * T-TE was right. The sttvialion was desperate. I emptied my pock- el and threw the entire contents on the bar 'There's aboul seventy bucks That's all I've go1 on me now!" "Then I'll take a chcrk for the balance." said Pete. I saw that h meant it. I always 1 " carry a span check, and I scribbled a check fo thirty. I was sure I'd thrown mori than S70 on the bar. but this wa no time to quibble "All rfght. Pete, where is he And this had belter be right!" "Strsnd Hotel. He's wilh a dam named Madam Sareeta." The Strand was a cheap theatri- al hotel, A dingy afT.iir, it housed clientele of honky-tonk and iiirlesque entertainers. There was a Madam Sarcela egister^d in 166, I used the stairs though the lolel had something thai lookeo s If It might be an elevator 1 cached the first Hoor and rat lown Ihe corridor to No. I (16 ried the doorknob, shoved anr lung open the door. A sleel- >runette in a clinging black gowi urned slowly and fared me. Shield a little black automatic pistoi She pointed it at my middle nnr ifled delicately thin brows. The brunette was of medium leight, hul thai was the only thint medium about her. There was enough intelligence showing through the black eyes and the Iranslucent while skin ol her ex- quisilely molded face to match the nerfection of her bcnuty. • • * QTAR Williams In person stood ^ on the other side of the room He held a half-filled glass in which the Ice tinkled. "I'm ashamed of you. Jim. I always taught you to knock when you entered a lady'* room!" I ignored Star's appalling gall He was in belter shape than I hart expected to find him. Me was neatly dressed though he wore Che same stiil he had worn the day before. He was cold sober despite the evidence of the highball glass in his hand. 'Who i$ this man?" asked Madam Sareela. still pointing the pislol at my middle. "I've told vou about Jim Marshall. 1 Star tossed oil the rest of the contents of his glass Madam Sarcela laid her little automatK pistol on a stand. "Jim. this LS Sony a Sarcela the famou? tad* magician." Star approached net affcctionalciy. and though she wa merely a medium-sized girl, sh- dwarfed him. (To Be Continued) Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS 85% Germination . . . $4.25 Bushel Dell, Ark. Earl Magers Phone 2811 Service that Shines T. I. SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phon« 2122 YES, WE BUY Scrap Iron and Alelal. Old Cars, Plows. Cullivalnrs, Tin, Wire, Batteries, Radiators, Rags and other items of little value to you. We sell all kinds of an^le iron, flat iron, «lc. and when you need Coal and Kindling, call .. HESTER'S COAL & SCRAP METAL YARD S. Highway 61 Phone 3186 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) All Ijpfs ol hemorrhoids (piles), figures and other r«(»l »llm,-nlj Ireated and cured bj our modern office methods. Twenly years experience. Drs. Nies & Hies ill Main Phont ZSJI You MMrJ \ No/ BAHRHLMOUSc] BEEIHCT/ftJ Boosty AMO / BACH BEBOP f / AMD . BRAHMS' "Sis, Is that what the-y caU PRISCILLA'S PO BY AL VEUMEEH PLEASE, PRISCILLA! IF YOU MUST HAVE A &OY FRIEND, I SHOULD THINK YOU'D DO BETTER THAN THAT •SILLY BELIEVE ME, SHE DIDN'T FALL FOR THE FIRST LOVE--5ICK CALF THAT CAME ALONG! I WISH YOU WERE I MORE LIKE t> MDUR [ MOTHER I CERTAINLY DID! 1 . DO/V'T YOU REMEMBER ? «Y MICHAEL O'MAL EY umi. RALPH LANK tOUlE,THATA\AM Y SUK6. 1 VOU FCJJWP PE-AC 7 J WHOSE —JOE FAKO--WA5\ LE&& you I VVAMT SOU TO i-' WAMT HELP ME. VHEM SOU WEfZE A ) <.WELL,..NOVV... (TCH-V1AN, SOU WEKT=)HAH...IT'& f=O(Z VEAffS 60KT OF /TJTUE PAT T' A ME5SASE CEWTST AU ME I AVASJY /_ THATfe WHY THEY T--TKIEWPS CAU-EP YOU LOUIE,/WASW'T U5TEP THE L&TTE-RrSOX^ . --EtSHTf V\iAMTYbUTOSECOM& LCU16 THE LETTEeSOV /4&AIN I VVAMT VOU TO HELP ME PIMP A MAM CALLEP lOHPf frO SjTOSVL 6PKUU6 YA CAPTAIN EAS\ BY LESLIE TURNER 7 SHE—ftcH, YVES,,.OM MY 'iDO HOT FEEL WIW HOME. SO GOOD! HUM.i IN FACT I'M SOU ARE AN \ TAKIMS OFF yVrowciRp.ow. AMERICA, ..TONIGHT Ik) THE CENTeR RING AT THE GARDEN TWO GENEK- MIONS OF CARWLE5...CAE.RV OM IN WY TKUUIC,,.IF THIS IS THE EU6PH&NTS MtE LIKE PEOPLE... WO TWO A.LIKE. TAKE EMILV...LOVM, AFFECTIOMATD, BUT HIGH-STRUNG. SHE... CARLVLE! VOU'RE GOHWABE AWRIGHTl MOD SOU TO THE HOSPITAL IM NO TIME. SUH I BUGS RUNNY EHH, WHAT'S UP, YA. ftLLEY CAT SUfA? HOW CCWiE YA AIN'T MOOCHIN TH' U5U^L PIME FEE A. "9AUCER O' MILK, IT'S A DC6RAPIN' PRACTICE, GUVNOR,' T HAS KUINCP MV SELF- RESPECT.' PON'T BS PAFFY/ VA SEEM MOOCHIN' PIME& OFF ME FER VEARS.' I BXPECT IT/ MERE / BY V T. HAM LIN HOW A SOU TIT, DO YOU THINK / YEH, WE'VE MOVED I I.... FAR ENOUGH BACK UP THE TRACK? HEY; MV GOSH, NO; v/E CAN'T STOP NOW/ HERE COMES TH' / EH? OKAY, REST OF THAT BANDIT SANG... MADDER'M HORNETS. 1 DUCKIMTO THE WOODPILE AND HANG ON! m$^^&sm HJy-^r^ ^WA '•?>•%? ^^4» -;'t^Wfe?>*i BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN /

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