Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 8, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 8, 1892
Page 5
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THOMAS J- EODSH. 'jGELBBRfVTE STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WIN DEWENTE "The Hf\TS R STYLES, "at SAi tj OBSERVE. H. ,—i n LT. J Pearl Street ing some \ woolens tor The Tailor is show- - ery handsome f';i,:i -A ear ia suitings He al <> a thing ijew and aUr;-.iuive overcoats some- foi Y',mrs Truly, "PUCK. >J DAILY JOURNAL. SATURDAY MORNING. OCT. S. Keuiirti of rrsr. it A XZrx, Cruezidlcr. We a.re pleased to announce the re.-turn of Mr. and Mrs. Gruendier whohave arrived in Loganspoel to make it their /permanent homo. We learn, it is their intention to open n school of music, rinaking a speciality of piano and vocal culture. They are too well known to the Lojaasport people to need any introduction at our hands. - Their name and standing as artists of recognized ability is also well established here. Their coming here at this time is a most fortunate matter as our city is in need of just such an institution. We predict and wish them .every success in such a laudable undertaking- . Mr. and Mrs, Gruendler will appear to-night at Dolan's opera house with the Gruendler-Spooce Musical and Dramatic Recital Company of which, company they are members. We feel assured that our citizens are pleased and 'will tarn out in such numbers as to make this their last appearance with the a.bove company such a success as they deserve. Base Ball i'osterdar. Spools! to tlio Journal. CBiiCAGO. Oct. 7.—Boston, 9, York 2,. Brooklyn 0, Washington 0. Baltimore 4, Philadelphia 5, Pittsburg-i, Chicago 9. Cincinnati 4, Louisville 3. : - St. Louis 3, Cleveland S. YOUR NA3IE IS PUIST. Items of a EN-rsiOiinl Character Concerning: JLiOiWiisporters uni! TZielr New Cforlmlau Endeavor The next regular meeting of the Logansport C. E. Union will be held Oct. 19th at the Broadway Presbyter- an church. Rev. Geo. Knox, of Monticello. will deliver the address of evening. At this meeting officers rcill be elected for the coming year. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Attend Kothermel's celery sale. Admission to races to-day only 25 cents. Full sets of the best teeth for s?S, at Jlark's. the dentist. Admission to races to-day only 25 :ents. Don't miss them. S. S, Clark, D. D. S., has removed rom the Geiger building to the corner fourth and Market streets. "Money to loan on furniture, pianos, iorses, carriages, etc.. without publicity.—L. R". Clevenger. office over fpry's Store, room 7. :iThe horse belonging to D. L. Meds- cer, which was advertised in yester- ay's Journal as having strayed was ound yesterday ' morning two miles lor.th of the city on the Pleasant rrove pike by Officer Kleckner, who ad. read the advertisement and knew 10 animal by the, .descriptioa given. Vho says now that.it does not pay to dverttse? Mrs. Bissel will return to-day to her borne at Washington, 111., after a visit with Mrs. John Truman. Mrs. Mary A. Brandt of Eaton, Ind., is visiting her son, Sol D. Brandt and family of east High street. Mr. J. P. Webster departed yesterday on a brief visit to his daughter, Mrs. A. H. Willard atOllivettc. Mich, j Mr. R. S. Rex, of the Hotel Whit- ' comb, St. Joe. Mich., has accepted the position of night clerl: at the Barnett. Hon. S. P. Sheerin returned from New York yesterday-to attend to some business requiring his attention. He reports activity at the national headquarters of both parties. Miss Carrie A. Bacon, the efficient and charming representative of Flora A. Jones' celebrated and popular Blush of Roses, took the druggists by storm yesterday. Miss Bacon favors. this city with a visit but twice a year and on these, occasions the medicine dispensers simply throw up both hands, look pleasant, and hand over their order. When Sat urc Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy is the Syrup of Figs, mrnu- factured by the California Fig Syrup Company. New York counts, at Rothermel's. More About About the Yonuz Napoleon of Short Klbs—Due in Conrt To-morrow—21rs. Koti»h .Knows He Ha»Xoc Been Speculating —RiM.Uncle Andrew JacSc- aou Hunter Also Denies That Thomas i» a Planner. Chicago Inter-Ocean: Tflomns Jefferson Roush is booked to appear as the complainant in a suit against John Cudaby and A. W. Wright tomorrow morning in Judge Brad well's court in which the two well known Board of Trade men are charged with being parties to a conspiracy with the booming of the rib market as the first objeot. Since the suit was brought there has been much inquiry among the Board of trade men as to the identity of the complainant. The Inter-Ocean has already published something of his early history including the fact that he was at one time the proprietor of a drug store in Young America, Ind., and at another time the owner of a shoe store in Logansport, also that he was one of the men selected for appointment to public office by Mr. Cleveland after his election to the Presidency. Time has not dealt kindly with Thomas, and the incessant agitation to which, his brain has been subjected in figuring out schemes of getting a living without doing any work has caused his hair to turn gray, and his form no longer shows that willowy grace indicated by his photograph of twenty years ago. Those were gala days in the life of Thomas Jefferson Roush. He had just become of age and an indulgent father had started him in the drug business. In a building about the size of an Archer avenue street car he wore a white shirt and store clothes every day in the week and sat around the store in delicious reverie except when some of bis old friends from the farms came in to buy a bottle of "Kendall's Spavin Cure" or "Hostetter's Stomach Bitters." His subsequent life has been told and the incidents of his short but rapid life as a Logansport shoe merchant and his appointment by Mr. Cleveland to the position of post-trader among the Southern Utes of Colorado are well known. The city directory has made a grievous error in omitting the name of Thomas Jefferson Roush, and for the enlightenment of a yearning public the information is given that he lives on the corner of California avenue and Thirty-sixth street. Inquiry at his house yesterday afternoon wae answered by Mrs. Roush, who said that her husband was down town, anil that he would not be home until late. "Does your husband speculate on the Board of Trade?" was asked of Mrs. Roush. "No, sir," she answered. , "What does all this talk about his buying pork on the board mean?" 1 -I don't know. He told me the other day that he was interested in some sort of a suit, and that his name had got into the-papers in connection with it: but I don't see the papers very often, and so have not seen anything that has been said, but I know that he has not been speculating on the Board of Trade." This last statement was made with a positiveness that was better understood after a talk with Andrew Jackson Hunter, an uncle of Thomas Jefferson Roush, who was found at the corner of Thirty-ninth street and Western avenue, where he was superintending the construction of a house. He evidently does cot have an exalted opinion of Thomas Jefferson Roush, for when he was asked as to that gentleman's career as a Board of Trade speculator rand business man, he said: --Tom Roush never bought over FREE--THIS WEEK ONLY. Oak Chairs for Everybody. Real Japanese Cups and Saucers for Ladies. Folding Vest-pocket Comb, Case and Mirror for Men. Beautiful Sound Books for Big Children. Iron Tops and Flying Kites for the Soys. FREE with shoes this week, value depending upon amount of sale. We adopt this pian to attract the people instead of giving an opening. Our stock is now complete; inspection solicited, SHOE DEPflRTME me. for I have good many years, sized him up wher ribs, for about what he could LOGANSPORT RACES, The Races will be continued TO-Dfl'Y a pound of ribs in his life. This story of his having-been speculating on the Board ot Trade is all .1 rake. H& hasn't any money and ha isn't likely to get any while hi» wife keeps her senses. She has an income of'about S40 a month from some property that was left her down- at her home in Richmond, Ind. She used this to support herself and the children, and. the most that Tom ever gets oat of it is an occasional quarter for street car fare. When he gets any money J want to see some of it for a house I built for him a year ago and finished the second day of January this year.'-' "I'm getting so that I wouldn't bet more than.-§1.50 that lam alive," said John Condon yesterday. --JuM look at that fellow, Tom llousb! Here he's gone and mixed up in a provision deal with the two end men i.f the Board of Trade, and. now he claims that they ran in a cold dcel; on him. They say that he bought several ions of the stulf, and thnt is what beats known him for a and L would have ! it came to buying three pound;—just, easily take home wrapped up ia brown paper, under his arm. "He Is a pretty slick article,though, and if he has any kind of luck he will pull out of this deal all right. I remember once when he fooled all of the folks down home. It-was after the Cleveland campaign in 1S84, during which Tom hustled around among the farmers in great shape. Soon as it was settled there was of course a great struggle for offices. Half a dozen of the best known Democrats around our end of the State told their friends on the dead quiet that they were going to get the Ute Indian Post-tradership, and when Tom allowed that he ought to be due for something, and that the position among the Utes was about his size all the neighbors laughed at him, and it was 100 to 1 that Torn wouldn't be one-to-three. He borrowed his father's frock coat, however, and started for Washington, and they say that he just clung right to Cleveland until be got the appointment. Then he came and laughed a-t the way the other fellows were doing a ghost dance and swearing that they would get even. "Tom went out Wesi and held his job down for four years and then tackled Chicago. I haven't seen much o' him here. lie dropped in here one day and said he had a scheme, in which he wanted me to take a hand, but I didn't do it and I don't know, what the scheme was. It might have been a proposition to go in with him and drive John Cudahy and Phil Armour out of the provision business-" Kenesaw Lancis. the young attorney who will appear for Thomas Jefferson Roush. to-morrow morning was seeaa.thisofSueint.be Tacoma, but said that he could not srive any iafor- mation as to ib-: whereabouts of his client. . "He'"^'jr. here this morn- UiilROAU RCMBLIM.'S. Han- < ItoMiw from '.lie >'ote-!£ook 11 £I:UKv:iy Jicporter— 'Ptilutc t xonal iHid OtlK-rtviMv. Supt. Chas. Watt*, of the Pan die was in the city yesterday. Pan Handle engineer 3S5 is in the shops having her Hues repaired. Pan Handle engine -111) is in the shop receiving- some repairs on her tank. A special was run to Royal Center yesierd'iy on account of the Democratic rally. W. H. H. Carter yesterday shipped a car load of hogs and sheep to Pittsburg- over ttie Pan Handle. Mont Swig-art bill clerk at the Pan Handle freight house has yone to Washington to spend a ten day's vacation. John A. Watts formerly of this city but now of Chicago has been promoted from fireman to engineer by the Pan j Handle. " | Pete Wakefus.s and Bill Stick!, man of the Pan Handle boiler shop weal to Royal Cenier yesterday to attend the j i iH'nalor Frank Hiseock, of Sew •»ar j York. Tuesday evening. Oct. 11, at • the rink, city. j Hon. J. T. Bryer 'it 1-ong school hon.-o. Waifoinglun township, Monday evening, Oct. 10. Congressman Daniel W.'iugh at. Young Araei'iea with Judge Johnston, | T:iur>d;iy, Oct. 111. JaJge William Johnston Republican candidate for congress /vill speak in Ca-s county ia October as follows: Roy::.! Center, Monday llith. at 7:30 p. in. New U'avcHy. Tuesday llth, at 7:30 p. rn. Walnut..Grove school house, Wednesday 12th, at L' p. m. Young America. Thursday 13th. at - p. m. GalvcjtO!;. I'nursdiiy 13;.li, a-!.7 p. m. Walton, Friday Hth, at 7:30 p. in. Logans-port. Si'.Uirdr.y loth, at 7:30 p. ID. On the Fair Ground Track. See Program in another colnmn. incr." said Mr. L--t.ru! tcow where be ;;-v^can Scd him ;:•-•;;>;. to me to be a :i>;-.Ue;- ance who Mr. Soush trial: it is the other *. --but I don't '•'"• where you i i. dcjueii't seem <u" much import- Is. He is not on fellows, Cudaby Democratic rally. Several car loads of hog-i which went east over the Wabash j'eslerday were unload and fed here. They had come from the far west and were billed to Buffalo. By the death of John C. Bimesdafer the Pan Handle company looses one o/ its best and most favorably known employes. He had the confidence and respect of his fellow workmen as well as of everybody else that knew him. He leaves his widow and family not unprovided foras he carried §1,750 worth of life insurance policies $750, of which was in the Pennsylvania Relief Association. A large number of his former friends and associates, - and especially of his old shop mates, will follow his remains to the last resting place next Sunday. James Thompson, a laborer of the Pan Handle cut off between Curveton and Royal Center met with a painful and distressing accident yesterday afternoon. A rope which he was pulling- on for some purpose gave way precipitating him with-such force to the grouad that ho bit his toague entirely off besides biting a deep gash in hi.- !ov7er lip. D:-. I'allarU was su in mooed m the .Mo^es Xethercutt farm where ihe parly is encamped and sewed ihe tongue, and lip oa with fair prostji'iitr that they will grow on again. The patient is a young- mar- about 2G years old and i= a strange.- here. Rev. Norris will lead the Gospel temperance meeting Sunday at 2:30 p. m. at Gjod Templar's hall. All are cordially invited to alt-end. Two pounds of flour, one undone-half pounds of coarse powdered sugar, one and one-fourth pounds o£ ground almonds, one -Dound of butter, one-half j ounce of ammonia, <>r<e pint of yolk of eggs, rinds and juice of two oranges, orange iluvoriag. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream, add the yolks gradually, and when light an.d glossy crush the ammonia to powder and dissolve in a little milk: stir into it the cream, work in the flour and almonds, then the flavoring, juice and peel (previously grated); spread the batch on a paper- lined baking tin, and bake-in a moderate oven. When warm spread a coating- of orange-colored water iciag on the top and cut out as required.—British Baker. KNOW SOMETHING -'.I'Oiil ];r.-:iri:u:ir:in^. lifleraTL They can •!! :-. GOOD KAKIM: POWDER c-: tbc :;:;it'n!.n!<: uld of li Govem- Supreme Analyst, or m Jcoolc. >f iht!rc.v,-3. a-.;: '•{ C'.imax from your Grace arid your cough: LBT IT RUN, ay cad in something seri- .._ •- ->_\ . . .1 _•" and Wright who are to be tried." Senator Hiscock of New York, one of the "big four" of New York, will speak at the rink Tuesday evening. He is a distinguished American and an able speaker and should be. given an enthusiastic reception. ous. It's pretty sure to. if your blood is poor. That is jast the time and condition icat in- yitss Consumption. The seeds are sown and is has fcaececi iis hold upon von. before you kno-jr that it is r.car. It ^on't do to trifle and delay, when tie remedy is at hand. Every disorder that can • lie reached through the blood yields U> l)r. i Pierce's Golden .Medical Discovery. For i : Severe Coughs, Bronchial. Throat and Lang i Diseases. Asihma, Scrofula, in every form, j and even the Scrofcions affection" of die I lurjfs that's caDed Conscription, ia ell its J earlier stages, :D is a oostire end complete • cure. ; - ; It .is the only blood-de&aser, strength re- ' .storer. and Sesh-bnilder so eiToctivE Cast it "can be guaranteed. If it doesn't benefit or enre, ia every case, TOT have TOOT money •ftack. AH medicine dealers have it. FOR I a Bear of Fryer's Drug Store.

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