Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1890 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1890
Page 4
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John, Gray's CORNER John Grays Corner On Umbrellas in tb« Following Materials. Gloria silk, Corns silk, Henrietta silk. Millitto silk, French sateen Faat Blaqk, Cotton Seige, Satin Borders, Scotch Ginghams and all grades in Cotton rain Umbrellas. The above are made on the Paragon Frame, Plain and Fancy Gold Handles, Plain and Fancy Silver Handles, Plain and Fancy Oxydized Handles. Caffeine Seidlitz Powders Cure Youri He a d a o h e S cents, at PAR VIW S 12th -st. Drug Store Daily Journal. MAjRIO.NSWADNER CITY CIRCULATOR. <liiy In the week (except Monday) by W. D. PIUTT. Trice per Annum, Price per JKomh. - SSG OO 5O THURSDAY MORNING MAY 8. THF Pharos makes an effort to reflect on the Republicans of the Second ward in their working for Mr. Kilborn. There are only a half dozen Republicans who devote the greater part of the election day to work in the Second ward and one of them was on the board. The Second ward candidates have always relied on their personal friends to assist them and Mr. Kilborn wag unfortunate in having the men he re- relied on kept away by business. Mr. Kilborn need uot be ashamed of the result. With the school board, the County officials, the City officials and the brewery with its large force working against.him he need not be ashamed of the race he made. Mr. Kilborn himself has neve'r taken a hand in politics. It is new to him arid the Pharos is evidently attempting to make him sore. While it is disappointing, with a little more experience he would be able to clearly see the cause of his defeat and un- derstjaud the Democratic effort to deceive him by promises that were not to be kept. A WORD OF WARNING-. As will be noticed in the local columns, our friends, the enemy, are not resting. This winter a tariff reform movement was inaugurated at Indianapolis and clubs were organized in every township throughout the State. Tariff reform, so- 'called, was taught in the school houses by local speakers and in the homes by free literature. This is now followed by a farm- etjs movement organized in the same way, probably by the same men. The object is to control these organisations for the ^Democrats and to get the offices for the advantages they afford. This was done in Kansas and the big noise that comes from that State about the opposition to Ingalls emanates from local agitators whose statements are given weight abroad by the apparent high positions of the authors. The Itepoblican farmers throughout the State should be on their guard against such schemes. Itailroad Accident. By Telesraph to tho Journal'. AiiliKSTOWW, Pa. May 7.—At 6:30 this morning a New Jersey Central express train ran into the Lehigh Valley New York passenger train at the grade crossing of Uuion street, this oity. Two of the Lehigh Valley passenger cars and the engine of the New Jersey Central train were thrown oil their sides. The cause of the wreck was the failure of the air brakes on the New Jersey train to work. The train shot past the depot and crashed into the Lehigh Valley train. A dozen passengers were on one car of the Lehigh Valley train. Emma Hall, stogie, aged 25, of Ithaca. N. Y., was instantly killed; Joseph Hantler, of Wilkesbarre, sustained, a eoneusiion of the brain and cuts. He is seriously hurt, and was removed to St. Luke's hospital at Bethlehem. The other injured were: Mary Barbari, an Italian, of Wilkesbarre, face and hands cut; N. H. Davis, of Jen- cingsville, Pa., hip "bruised and af- ected by the shock; Charles Hiller, >f Pittston, wrist cut; C. H. Puff, of Jpeucer, N. Y., tingfir broken; W. d. Reynolds, chief of the middle division ot the Pension bureau, Washington, D. C., aria and leg hurt .lightly; John Shirr, of Decatur, ;il., knee and hip hurt. Three >thers were cut and bruised. The engineer and fireman jumped. B'ire- tian John Crilly had an aria hurt. Phe Lehigh Valley train was bound or New York, and was known as ;he Buffalo express. Joseph Hnatler, of Wilkesbarre, died of his injuries this afternoon at St. Luke's hospital, Bethlehem. THE new members of the Council took their seats last evening and the retiring members made their adieux. The city will miss the valuable and valued services of Mr. D. W. Toinlin- son, who has spent sixteen years in the deliberations of that body and has done more for the city's growth and prosperity than any .other .member. The Water Works and the City Park are two improvements that he is entitled to credit for besides the many others. As a member of the Finance committee he has saved the city many thousands of dollars by his thorough know^led^e; .and ability. He was always an'authority on questions of ordinance or finance and his opinions •were accepted by n. Democratic majority as correct. Last fall when he handed in his resignation to take the postuaastership his Democratic colleagues refused to order a special election, and he now retires by rea: soil of the expiration of his term. THF people are already asking who.will take Mr. Hanson's place on the Police board. The last board consisted of Hanson, Tousley and the Mayor who is a. member of the board by virtue of his position. No Kepublieau was allowed'on this board. Mr. Tousley of course will be retained and if the council do what is'right they will fill the vacancy with the election of a Republican The Republicans refused to take advantage of their opportunity to return a Republican from the Fifth ward and Mr. Tousley should see that In return for that th'ey get the rep resentation that belongs to them on the Police board. The Pharos says that Mr. Oleitz will vote right so that is one vote assured. '"Is commenting on the election returns yesterday morning the Journal unintentionally omitted mention of the splendid race made by Mr. W . J>. Minthorn in that Democratic ' itfonghold, the Third ward. Tbi usual Democratic majority of abou 150, was cut down to 72. "Dyke" may •well beproddof the compliment paid nimby the voters there. MEW YOIIK. CARPENTERS WlSf. Prominent Employer** Coneeue t HonrH. By Telegraph to the Journal. NEW YORK, May 7.—The strike of jhe organized carpenters of this city "or the eight hours working day and JS3.50 wages was practically ended ;his morning by the announcement ;hat the only two prominent employers, Hermann & Sons, of West !4th street, and Hedden & Son of Newark, N. ,T., had acceded to the demands of the men and would sign ;he contract. EDISON literally works all the time that lie is awake. For him to see an; mechanical device fail or give annoy ft nee, is enough to set his brain at worl devising an improvement upon it; i makes no difference whether it is a patent match that doesn't always light or a toboggan that lies idle waiting fo snow or ice. Coming over from Eiiropi last fall, lie noticed that there was E great deal of guess-work and inaccurac; about, "taking the sun" in cloudj weather. Before he left the ship he in vented a means to take the sun, though it should ho obscured by the densee log imaginable. ' THERE is one infallible test either fo the approach or the presence of lunacy If the person whose case is being ex amined is seen to make no use of Li thumb, if he lets it stand out at ligh angles from the hand and employs : neither in salutation, writing, nor an other manual exercise, you may set : down as a fact that the personJs menta balance is gone. Ha or nhe may con .verse intelligently, may in every spect be guarding the aeci'et of a min diseased with tho utmost care an cunning, but the telltale thumb will in fallibly hetray the lurking modnes which is concealed behind a planbib] demeanor. You cannot havo a college, or even high school, in every village, or a . every crossroad; but it would not b impossible to multiply centers of illu ruination such as were typified by th district-school libraries of forty or fif t years ago. It is just here that such a institution as Mudie's circulating ] brivy, which sends books inpai-cels a over England and collects them week! or monthly, has considerable sugges value. The smaller centers, countr towns and railway stations from whic the ordinary commodities of living ai distributed, might well he centers! distribution for food for the mind' well as the body. A IJook Canvasser. lln nine; tlio door bell with the'air of a inn v. ho was inquest of information, ml when tba door was oponocl bv n. lady ,M.!i ;s.ii nngry light shooting from her y . .-iid lior brow loaded with a thunder imid. lie politely took off ills hivt and nlil: "Madan.e. pray excuse. mo. if I detain on ;i- moment." ••What is it?" she snapped. ••I have been told," bo calmly begun, •by every Indy I have called on, that llio jiust intelligent and accomplished laiiy ii t. wii lives at tills number, and as tho ::ni i represent positively forbids mo nun soUng to any but tho most rclinc.l :ml hlshly cultured, I will bea you to nil mo whether or not I have boon cor- •cctiv Informed, before proceeding fnr- 'L'lio stern look in the lady's face had vi-udually softened as ho spoUc, the an- -ry light in her eyes wasdriven away by pleasant glance, and when bo had finned, the. smiled sweetly and asked: '•What have you for salu?" The book agent swiftly undid his pivl; and said: 'Madam, I have here the most enni- jleto edition ot—" and he sold her a copy n five seconds. The Curtain Down. t\ party of countrymen were, in town enjoying the sights. At last they i:amo ' one of tho theatres. "Suppose wo take it in." said one. "Better see how much It is first," sa.'il: another. After inquiring the price of admission/ they "decided to pool their issues and send one ol the pai'ty Insiclo to sea whether it was good for anything or lot. After remaining for somo timntho delegate returned. "How is it?" asked one. "No good. A lot of fellers iiddlin" in front of a big pictur'. Como on." A Job for an Export. "Is there anybody from Vermont in ;he car?" asked tho conductor, opening ;he door and letting in forty-two rods of Western blizzard." 'I be," responded a fall, lank individual', rising up in a scat next to tho stovo. 'Well, if you will ho kind enough to come forward into the Pullman car," replied fie conductor, "there is a lady thero who has got her spruce gum mixed up with a paper of rosin, and she wants an expert to separate 'em." Hardly » Recommendation. Tangle—I want a set of false teeth, Dr. Stumps. Dr. Stumps (the dentist)—Well, sir, thia is the place to get thum. I'm making tho best teeth In the city- Tangle—'Will you guarantee that they will look natural? Dr. Stumps—Certainly I will. MS lfe teeth are so natural that they -ner.4 ually ache. - lExcltemqnt on an Oceau Steamer. A passenger on tho Springtonlc sprang up from his deck chair, where ho had boen sitting next to a. voluble Cincinnati drummer, with a, shout which sounded like "Man overboard!" "Where? Who's overboard?" yelled a score of excited passengers. "I'm overbored," ho replied. "This fellow has talked mo to death, and I want to have him shut up." A Puzzling Qtuwtlon. A tramp halted at tho-bouse of a lady in the suburbs of a Texas city, and said to the lady of the house; "Please give a poor man, who Is travelling and who is away from home, a trifle to pay his expen es?" "If you haven't got any money to r>ay your expenses, why do you travel? Why don't you stay at home like I do?" replied the astonished female. German Opera In Phltadelplila. Snapper—Oh, it's so disagreeable to have him strike you when ho's broke. Tho QucHtimi IH Unanswered. "Yon arc an authority on feats of strength, I believe,"romdrkeil a stranger to the sporting editor. Thn la ler bowed and replied: "What cjin I do for you?" "I wish you would tall mo which is the stronger, tuo female shoplifter or tho woman who holds up a train?" Lost the Only Chanvn. A conp'o stood at tho front gate tho other night when tho front door was opnnetl and a woman looked out ainl Inquired: "Sarah, is that you?" "Yos." Who's with you'?" A teller." But what's his name?" Oh, you go in." I shan't do it! It's my right to know who he is and what his intentions are!" Ma!" sho ch'ded. I don't care!" Please go In." I won't till I find out who ho is. You aavo been having beans for the last flf- teei. years, and none of them have ever said a word about marriage. Your pa says it's all my fault, but—" Here the youn™ man took a sudden skip and as Sarah wont up the stops suo said: 'I hope you feel better now. Ho was just proposing when you banged tho door open, and now ho's gone." "Good land!" gasped the mother. "Soo if yon can't ovortako him and roax him back." But he was gone. Sioefried (on safety intent)—Firal Daincher! Run for your lives!. Local Manager—Vat's eadfn' you? Siegfried—Don't you hear dona roof- timoers shappin' oud front? Manager—Gome pack alreatty. • Dora vos dot audienno srackln' peanuts, Born for a I!raJ[Otti:ki:. Railroad Superintendent—T regret that you are incapacitated for further service; but aockli nts will happen, you know. Do you know of a good man for your placo? .' ' Railroad Brakeman (who has ! 6nly his thumbs left)—Yes, sir; I know dne'who would last yon a good deal longer than I did. You'll find him over at the. dime museum. He has sixteen lingers. Rlsastroun Carefulness. "Are you careful in the kitchen—anc with the dishes!" ." "I am.'ma'am. It was thro' my care I lost my last place." "That was strange." "It was, ma'am, but you see my master was in the China delf business, and he said If all the servants ^yere as careful as I was his tratlo would ,be ruined. So ho'sent me off." • "-.'. .. Uned the Term Advitiotlly. Whipper—Why do, you call tittio- short a bad egg? Took It r.it«7»lljr. ill) .;•:'--- ; ^p£M» t wm^sf "Dooced bore, don' chew know — looking backwards."' Why It Cornea I«Bh- Patient (who has just, had his oye operated upon) — Doctor, it seems to me S50 is a high prieo to charge for that job. It didn't take you ten seconds," Eminent Oculist — My dear friend, in learning to perform this operation in ten seconds I have spoiled more than two bushels ot such eyes as yours. How the CnnficlentlouA Suffer. Wife — William, tho harness is so far gone at tho traces that lam afraid to go outdriving until it has been repaired." Husband — (wearily)' — Another bill! Wife (despondently) — So many small expenses! Husband (brightening) — Now's the time to lend tho horse to tho minister. Highest of all in.Leavening Power.—17. S. Govt P.eport, Aug. 17, 1880, A New Adjective. A young lady (hesitating for a word in describing a rejected suitor)—H.O Is not a tyrant—not exactly domineering— "Dogmatic," suggested her friends. "No, he has not dignity enough for that. I think pupmatic would convey my meaning admirably." Had Soon It All. "Have you ever traveled much?" asked a tourist of a native of Arkansas. "Traveled much?" was tho reply. "Why, mister, I've been to Buckville, to Sorghumville, to Petertown, to Dog- vllle. to Fiddlevale, and clean over to tho next county. Lawd, man, I've been ov'rywhar?" A Withdraw Game. Sho (at a lato hour)—Do you play checkers, Mr Spoon? He—Sometimes I do, Why? Sho—I thought so. You remind me of a cautious checker-player. He—In what way? She—It takes you so long to move. And then he* jumped. Up to the Times. Landlord—"Low rent, splendid locality, and all tho modern improvements.'' Flat hunter—"Very good. Let me 'see, are there any children in the honse?" Landlord (irritably)—"I said, madam, that wo had nothing but modern Improvements!" An ICxpose. Rev. Mr. Winkwunk—"My hoarors, 1 shall have to ask your indulgence for a few minutes. I forgot my manuscript and bavesent my little boy for it. Hla son (coming in)—Marm conldn'l find the writin', but here's the book you copied it from. Wanted Directions. Busy Cabman (closing the door)— Where to, sir? Apoplectic Gentleman (gasping)—I—1 can't catch my breath. I—I feel as If I were going to die. Busy Cabman—Yos, sir; shall :I drive to an undertaker's or tha>morgue, sir? Cau*<> for Chastisement. Father—James, you kno'w I disapprove very much of your fighting, but I can not help fooling proud of yon foi whipping such a bli boy as that. Whai did you whip him for?" Son (indignantly)—Why, ho said I looked like you. ' -Nfiertml Encouragement. "Miss Ethel, I owe you ' a present," said her timid Ipvcr. "May I ask the size of your gloves?" • "Six is my real size, but—but my hand will bear squeezing." Ho squeezed it then and there, the rascal. The Vounff Man Mowed. "You are like Joshua," remarked Mrs. Snodgrass to her daughter, as young Dolley uncovered and remained standing while she passed. "Why, mamma?'.' "The son stands still for you." Prince Bismarck has decided to frequently express his opinion on public matters'through the press. Doubtless ho will supply, a good deal of "mighty Interesting reading." ABSOLUTES PURE MARKETS KY TBI,KOKAl'H. | (: , !l(lenst ., d Xew York. NEW YOHK. May 7.— Flour— Closed firm and un- cbnnged. Fine grades of winter SU.lOaa 60; Hue grades ot spring, tl.S60S.tlf>; superllna winter, $i*)<72.75; superline spring. S2.10ffi2.EO; extra No. 2 winter, S2.7SR3.25; extra No. 2 spring, $H.65ff3.l5; extra No. 1 winter, $3.1085.00; extra No. I spring, S3.2B85.il); city mill extras, $3.35^74.60 tor West Indies. Wheat— Options were dull and weak to-day, and closed at about the lowest figures. The decline ranged from ISKSe to 2140. Spot lots closed Vac lower; spot sales of No. 2 red winter, 99l^ca SI. OS; No. 3 red winter, H4<?,9oc; No. 2 red winter May, 9MVW; No. 2 rrd winter June, DTI^c; No. 2 red winter July, 96c; No. 2 red winter August, . Corn— Options were dull and weak, closing 3ft to Ufec lower; spot lots closed quiet and easier; spot sales of No. 2 mixed, 4Ec; steamer mixed. 4334C; No. 2 mixed May, 41%c; No. '2 mixed June, 41iic; No. 2 mixed July, 41thc. Oats— Options were quiet, closed bieady and unchanged; spot lots weak. Spot sales No. 1 white, 86V»c; Jfo. 2 white, 34Vie36c; No. 1 mixed, 36c; No. 2 mixed, 841£c; No. 2 mixed May, 32IAc; No. 2 mixed June, Sli-fcc; No. 2 mixed ,TuIy. Sllfa. Rye-Doll. Barley— Nominal. Pork— Quiet; new mess, $H.lCffil4.60; closed June, $0.62; July, $6.12. Butter— Steady; western creamery, 17S19C; eastern creamery half firkin tubs. 178>19c. Cheese— Steady; Factory New York Cheddar, , now, 9%c. Bugs -Steady and unchanged; fresh eastern firsts, 123/tai3c; western firsts, 12S&C. Sugar— Raw, steady and unchanged; reflned quiet; centrifugal 96 test, 6.2. for lair refining 4%c; cut loaf and crushed, 7c; powdered, 13 5-16; cubes. 6 5-16c; granulated, Oi,hc; confectioner's A, 6 l-16c; white extra C, 61*05 l-16c. Coffee— Suot lots closed steady, fair Rio cargoes. C'lilraco. CHICAGO, May 7.— 1:16 p. m. closing prices.— Wheat— May, 9U.4c; June, 91lfe; July, 00%c. Corn— May, SSisc; June, SS'Jftc: July. S^fee. Oats— Kay, 26$fe; Juno, 261,feo: July, 24Jsc. Pork-June. $13.12%; July. $13.31). Lard— June, $6.!!5; July. $6.42Vij. Short Bibs -June. $5.42fe July, $5.60. Hogs— Receipts. 21.600. Market active bu( neat; prices Do lower; llfiht grades, $4.0534.25; rough pi-.cklng, $4.0ot?4.15; mixed, S4.15f74.25; heavy packing and shipping lots, $4,2054. 321A. Cattle— Receipts, 11.000; firm, luc higher; bee.ves S3.75S0.20; cows, $1.70ff 3.60; stockers and feeders, $2.6Qa3.'JO: Texans, $2.50ffi3.BO. Sheep— Receipts. 7.700. Strong muttons, $5ffi 6.30; lambs, S5.60S7.00. Ea-t Allierty. EAST LIBEBTT, Pa.. Hay 7.— Cattle— Market steady. Prime, $4.7534.86: good, S4.25®4.50; cc nimon to fair, $3.60(2.4; bulls, cows and mixed, $1.6033.60. Hogs— Market slow; medium and selected. $4.85 174.40; common to best Yorkers, $4.15g4.30; pigs. S3.7Bff4.15. Sheep— Market dull; prime. $6.2085.40; good, $4.76ffo; commi'ii to fair; S3QM.25; spring lambs, $5.5026; venl calves. $3.6064. Receipts— Cattle, 1,180 head; hogs, 2,000 head; sheep. 1,000 head. Shipments-Cattle, 1,176 head; hogs, 1,050 head; sheep, 1,600. _ , Toledo. TOLEDO, liny ?.— Wlieat— Bull, lower; cash. 94c; May. 94c; July. 91c; AUK. SS1&:. Corn— Dull steady; cash. 36c; Mav, SSVfce. Oats— Quiet; cash 30i,j.« bid. Cioverwed— Dull, cash, '$8.60; May, $3.50; October. $3.87V». Receipts-Wheat. 7,407 bu; corn, 161,880 bu. Shipments— Wheat. 1.000 bu;.corn, 81.290 bu; oats, 1.6CO bu; cloverseed, B7 bugs. CINCINNATI, Mny 7.— Hogs— Dull; receipts. 4,764 head: shlpmen s, _',4G6 head; common, $3.403 3.96; i'alr to eo«.d, light. $4.0034.10: fair to good packing, $4.0034.20"; butchers, $4.2034.26. There are many white soaps, each represented to,be "just as good as the Ivory." They are not, but like all counterfeits, they lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for Ivory Soap and insist upon having it. 'Tis sold everywhere. ;: rae-Tables «'''alcana, ?it. E^oiGiN A I*it ( CKNVKAL TiMy..> , .^ inr.iTK Urr.di'onl IHvlsion. L«iti a ^:35aui« Ea8t«niKxpress i; tQ<m> *,. i.OOym" Fast Line 2.n5pa,» (' I 20 p mt Accommodation b^Oamt ^ •J'45 a caf. JLarion AccomnoUa.tlon. 4.H>| pm| ^ (*l«hiuoiiil Divifiou. : vi 3 A3 am* X\a'M Express l:23:tm» -- lii^S i> mf Accomniouatlou l-'i-jp'nrf 4 ; l.(H|.'in* "ayKxurcss IrlOprnV" llr^Opmt iwommOflatlon 'J->Jamf 1 ml I unit po!i-t JJJvmien. : : ten m* Mght Express liifn m* lli W V in* DayKxpresa 1^15 |, m » * ......... Night Express ......... 2:M a iu« l:laa m* ...... Maut Express ....... 3:15 a in' l:2u i) m* ......... i'ast Line ......... l&iaap 1:47 pm* ....... ......Fast Line ............ 1:25 p in« U 05 p nrf ..... Accommodation ...... laO p ra* USp mt ..... Accommodation ...... 6:15 am}' State l-inc Oiviaiou . 1:30 p mt ____ Mall and Express... „ I^Sumt ....... Express ........ 11:15 a mr ....... Local Krelsht ...... l Trains marked » run dally. Tralnamarkedt run dally except SunJaf. Vandalia Line. : SOnTH BOTKI). ".oral freight .................................... StKJire rerre Haute Expreoa ......................... 736am Hall Train .................................... .. 2:40 9 tu BOUSC. Local Freight .............. . ..................... 6-liai» ilall Tralu ........................................ lU.-46»hi' South Bend Express ........................... »•« n m Through Freight ..................... ;.:.v....'J8«4 m Close connections for Indianapolis tla Collai now made by ull our passenger trainsi— J;e. Edgworth, agent. . '' EAST DOCJtD. Sew York Express, dally ............. 6"t Wayne (Pas. ) Accm., excpt Sund^j- Sao a K San JttyA Toledo Ex., excpt suatiSjUdlijii Atlautlc Express, dally ............... idspm Accommodation Krt, excpt Sunday.. 9Si[i m WZ3T BODX1). I'aclflc Express, dally ................. 7:50an> Accommodation Frt., eicpt Sunday. . 1-jjQ p m San City Ex., except Sunday ......... 3:45pni Latayette (Pas.)Aecm., excpt Sunday 6:06 p m 3t Louis Ex., dally ................... U':20 p m Wabaah Wesu-rn— Depoc Wc«tt (Xisa* GOING K1ST. St Louis and Boston Ex., dally ....... Srft'a New York (limited) ................... 4:40 p m Atlantic Ex ........................... 10:13 p m Detroit Accom .............................. liaSam- COINS WEST. Chicago * St Louis (limited) ........ DsWpia Pacific Ex ......................... :.. 6.-<Maui Mull and EX .......................... 340i;i« Logan Accom .................................... flsn a a SOLD BY DRUGGISTS AND GENERAL STOREKEEPERS. PREPAREOs On<sr BY CINCINNATI,OHIO. Sold by B. F. Keesiing. Lourausp I I1MDCD LATH & SHtML&.; LumPLn SASH. DOORS A BUKIK I If yon are a CI.OSE CASH BUTTER «** j purchase until you set quotations froim' . '.., : , THh HAMMOND LUMBER eOJBPWJY, * , Office, 3330 Laurel St.. Chicago, III.,.',',;,,.*' • ' Yard. Calumet River. Hammond; M WinsloWjLanier&Coi 17 NASSAU STREET, New York, BANKERS, • fOR WESTERN STATES, C&RPOKA- TIONS, BANKS AND MERCHANTS^ INTEREST ALLOWED Off DEPOSfTS AND LOANS NEGOTIATED. *"" THOMPSON'S GLOVE FITTING CORSETS! Are Acknowledged tlie Woild Over ua the best Fitting, most Perfect form giving a most Economical Corslet on the market. For Sale In complete, assortments at the BEE aiVE Dry Goods House. WILER & WISE, 315 FourUi Street. 117-ANTED—A WOMAN of »BSB, T T respectability lor our business In her middle aged preferred Salary $60 per Permanent position. References excha Manufacturer, Lock Box 1585, UniVOOVBECATABBH. A iliu llUllln** .new ux) BOO lirltaom boot IfaM will <m* CMarrh. Catarrh*! DariMn Bltf Th™* JJTfcHo»», Bttorkltim. and OowoiKtM* StOfltM lUm, will Or «mt uj 001 Um» ijllli working for us. preferred who can turnlsh a horso and give tow whole time to the business, apare uiomei^e nw bo profltably xmplored also. A few Yac.ind« ij towns and cities. B. V. JOHNSON * .<-Q.v;5> w ' MatnSt.nri.amond. V.i marliur \\T ANTED—MAN—As agent of ourpatotitSaft* W size 28x18x18 Inches. ?35 retail. All"«!*•" jus low. New stales; now patt"rns;uow lock; n ^J t factory. Not eovernoil by S.-ife Pool. 15very f"* • warranted. Rare cliancs. Permanent bos'" Our terms and catalogue will convince you i. clear StfOO to $500 per iuonth. write (or • ?' territory. Alpine Safe Co., r 1 —'• W ANTED—An Active Man for e:ich L--_ Salary »75 to StOO. to locally represent* successful N. Y. Company lucorafcJ'l tpiSuppw Dry Goods. Clothing. Shoes. Jewelry etc.. Burners at cost. Alxoaljaily of tact;!* «4O. to enroU nembers (SO.OOO now < 81OO.OOO paid Hi), aetereiwws — Empire Co-operatiie Association <c rated) Lock Box 610. N: Y.

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