Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 8, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 8, 1890
Page 3
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-."" corset tortures or v.'-oniar. worse than cS:--e she has on, or on. unkss it be a c. :, -> --:,-hf- corset, a " ' ; -'C-, 01' • •.:,: .',':'- ioi' i.:"-:; '.•} part c:- : ?.i one is Tb'.vifs s. primer on Corsets fcr you ?.t the store. r ; :: 1,0 COTKZT CQ . OM^n aE-.l Sew York. A full line of Humphrey's Homoeopathic Medicines at Pryor's Drug store. REAL ESTATE. K.>r sal?. 11 residences on Broadway. For sale, lu residences on Spear street. ir'or Sile. one Ssona a:iJ two Frame residences ofl Xorth street. For sale, t*vo residences on Osage street. i'or 3-jle, residences • i Pratt and Caippewa jireets. .-or sale. resi;lene?.< ^j High street. i-'ar sale, a brick residence on Broadway. for sale or trule residences on the >"orth and south side. To t-vle. 4 OTO-I firms far dwelling p: Jperty. To trade, 3 good far;ns for business blocks. To trade, & itock of Dry {food* for a good farm. To trale. a stocS of Dry Uoodi for to-.vn lots. To trade, a df-siralie residence lu Francesvllle for proptn; iii tas cltj '.Till pay the difference in price. To tnule. a No. 13te;vru Grist MU1 with all the modem improvements The Mill runs day and lo in goo l-i a:ioa for a ?ool farm. Wanted lot? in all parts of the city to sell. To rent eH',j.mt ttun! floor apartments. For Particulars Enquire of M. M. GORDON, Pension and Real Estate Room No. 3, Elliott Block. Logansport, - Ind. deeld-vrtj Daily Journal. THURSDAY MORNING MAY 8. Pears' Soap secures complexion. House with gas. for Sycamore street. a beaiitifn now34dly rent, Jfo. 335 deo23dtf Fine faas for graduation purposes, ;it the Haberdasher'?. Thos. J. Kistler and Carrie IJ Kisller are licensed to wed. 5Ir. and Mrs. C. W. Fisk are spend ing a few days in Indianapolis. B. 31. Me Jlillen for pictures, f fames and easels, at very low prices. mSiJt Kid gloves fitted to the hand by an expert, at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. Miss Carrie Talbott has gone on an extsnded visit to friends in Ifew York. Picture framing a specialty at B. M. i&jllillen's 'Xo. 307 Market »treet. may.8d2t Miss Pearl Hoffman returned yesterday from a week's visit with friends at Columbia City. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Kessler left yesterday afternoon for a three weeks outing at Rome City. • L. B. Simins, of Delphi, and Dan Woods, of Kokomo, were in the city yesterday on legal business. If you want a beautiful black leg- liorn hat, go to Mrs. Briggs, 312 Market street, over Planegiu & Cris- Hlond ' s mayldetw'H Misses Maud and Alice Grant, of Royal Center, attended the K. of P. and remain in the city a few days with friend?. By some sort of errar the Journal stated that Steinhart's orchestra Burnished the music for the K, of P. ball the other evening, whereas it "as Gulp's orchestra. County Clerk Jacks ig en-aged on entering in record the special findings and judgement in three cases Bought by George W. Ewing in this sort, -Each case makes tweutv Pages of record and the whole pro" record"' 8 mak68 ** m ° 8t VETERINARY DEPARTMENT. NOTICE—We are alwajs Anxious to maka oar Vet«rf'wry Department as compels a* possible and fiope our readers will avail themselves of ItwttencTerttiey desire toy Informa Ion, thu» assisting us to make It one of the most Interesting and valuable features of Tiie Journal. We often receive letters wild requests for private written replies to be s?o.l tj tao quontluns by mall; where that Is done It ceases to D^ a puo- lie benellt. and becomes simply a private advantage. All such requests mast Da aJUressetl direct to our veterinary editor, Geo. S. Ba&sr, V. S., Boom 3. ajo r'oarto street. Logansport. lud., with -A fes> of $1 Inclose I, as a »rofesslona! opln'onforapersons's private use Isoniltled tu compensation aud should be paiJ for. L. M. O.—I have a cow that gave birthtoa dead calf about a week ago, and her bag is caked hard, seeing painful and is very hot, what is the trouble and how can I set ridof it? The cow is suffering from matnmitis >r infianiation of the udder, bathe the bug for an hour at a time twice a day with very hot water, milk her clean each time, and give a tablespoonful of nitrate of potash iri a bran mash night and morning. B. P. O. Metea—The lump on the colt's leg that I wrote you about last week, is hard and fast to the bone and I think is growing all the time, it is quite hot but he does not go lame on it. it seems to be just above the joint, it is sore to touch. He probably got it caught in some kind of a trap or else the mare stepped on it when be was .lying down, try a blister of biniodide of mercury one part to eight of vaseline, and rub well in, after three days grease it once a day till healed and repeat the blister. A. B. 2f.— Two weeks ago my three- year-old colt ran away with a cart, and bruised one hind leg quite badly but did not break the skin. She did not go lame for a week after but has been getting worse every day for a week, she starts off on three legs but after going a few rods begins to go better and in a little while trots as square as she ever did, can fled no enlargement any where. She evidently sprained the back, and unless relieved you will have a spavin, apply a powdered eantha- rides paste one to four of vaseline, and after forty-eight hours srrease once a day till healed. Will You Guess? THE JOURNAL will give a Prize ot Ten'Dollars in Gold to the person waesi g-jass com» nearest and a Prize of Hive Dollars In Gold to the person, giving the next nearest guess to the- figures of ihe Census Enumerators, who besln their work In Logansport on or about June 1.1S90. To Insure yoor name and guess being correliy recorded, cut off the coupon which appears below; all In your name, your address and your estimate of Lo^tinsport's populations in the proper places. Then cut out the coupon and forward H to the "JOUKSAL", Censas Bureau 1-ogansport. Indiana. . - ^ x No guess received later thaiiJuue Idtli. and no guess record*! which Is not inade and filled lu on coupon cut from THE JOD'RNAL. In csss of a tie, tne parties shall divide the prizes. f "i t—i GUESSINGOPENTO THE WORLD.' COUPON GUESS. Tiie JournaTCensuslBureau First Prize' SlO inlGold. Second Prize $5 in Gold Guess Ho^v Jfinyyeople there are in Lognnsport. POPULATION ADDRESS. So Ones* Keglst?red Uuless on this Coupon. A Mfay Wedding. Charles E. Woodling arid Elizabeth L. Cotner were united in holy bonds of matrimony at the residence of Rev. Butler on the south side at 11 a. m. Tuesday May 6, after which they repaired to the residence of the groom's mother where a sumptuous repast awaited them. They were presented with a number of costly and useful presents. The groom is one of Washington township's most prosperous farmers and the bride a most estimable young lady'who is loved by a large circle of friends. Ther will immediately go to housekeeping in a neat little house furnished by the groom. May joy and prosperity go with A. GUEST. Everybody Knows that at this season the blood is filled with impurities, the accumulations of months of close confinement in poorly ventilated stores, workshops and tenements. All these impurities and every trace of scrofula, salt rheum, or other disease may be expelled by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, the best blood purifier ever produced. It is the only medicine of which "100 doses one dollar" is true. 3 Kali It 10 the Light. The man wno tnlls JOQ confidential! just What will core your cold fs prescribing Kemp's Balsam thlsyear. In the preparation of this remarkable medicine for cooghs and colds BO expense Ss spared to combine only the best and purest Ingredients. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to the light and loofe through it; notice the bright, clear look; then compare wilb. other remedies Price Site, and $i. _ ' 4eod Lost, between Bates street and colored church, ladies cuff button, garnet set. Finder please leave at Hod Turner's barber shop and get rewarded. nmyMSt LITERARY BREVITIES. It ia prouable that Mrs. Frances IIodKson-Burne t will not reiuru to this country from abroad until nest fall. Susan Coolidgc will join the literary exodus to Europe this summer, and intends to remain abroad for six months. Tennyson has quite reiioverod from his recent illness, and is enjoying iho primroses and the violets of hia be;iuri- ful island. Tho poet Whit tier i* reijrrsont«?i1 hv ;i friend us iiidisrrimisiately div! : nin(r a!! proposals for Ifterary work, owins to feeb.e health. \\r. eai> il! aflonl to liavis !his i net hang up his lyr?. Mrs. Charles Bigot, daughter of a:i old ChJcagoan. Healy, the ^painter, has written a- story, of which, the S'.enn is laid in Paris, li will be published by McClurg. Although Walt Whitman is gc-tiir.g very feeble in body his mind remains clear and active. He is, however, cloin.z no literary work at all and scorns to feel that he has rounded out his career. In the library of William Bell Scott, which was to have been sold at auction in London a few weeks ago. were first editions of Shakespeare, Ben .lonson. Burns, Milton, Sterne, Gray. Keats, Shelley, and Coleridge. There was also a first edition of Bewick's "Birds." An American magazine has offered the Princess of Wales §r>,ooo for an article. So determined was the editor to secure the royal contributor that he sent a special messenger to Marlborough House-. The Princess has as yet neither accepted nor declined the offer. Mrs. Ednah D. Cheney, the hiupraph- er of Miss Alcott. has written a sequel to Ibsen's "Doll House." She calls her book "Nota's Return." gives her heroine a career, and presents, it is said, "a moral lesson with reference to the ennobling and advancement of women." The popularity of the "Journal of Maria Bashkirtseff" is on the rapid increase. The latest report from the Casse!l company estimates the total number of copies of the more expensive edition at 50,000, and the average'daily sale of the various editions amounts now to about 3.0QO copies Mr. Rider Haggard is described by Mr. Eugene Field as "not particularly prepossessing." He looks." Mr. Field adds, "like a good-natured boy. that is all. His head Is small and his nose is large: he has bice eyes and red-cheeks: his manner Is that of a loose-jointed, companionable fellow." Of the 25O copies o' the edition de luxe of Mr. Stanley's forthcoming book, each copy will be numbered and signed by Stanley himself. It will be printed on the best hand-made paper, and the illustrations—some of which will not be found in the other edition—will be ipecially printed on Japanese paper and mounted. RURAL NOTES AND NEWS. Air the cellar on mild days. Mixed farming is the safest. Use good seed—plant careful!?If your wood-house well-filled? Frt vegetables require fat land. Girls, have a ihie show of {lowers. Farm for both profit and pleasure. Make all tramps work or move on. Remedy for worry—earnest work. Be gentle with the colts and calves. Carefully guard against foreign fires. Raise plenty of carrots for the horses. "Plow deep while sluggards sleep.'" Keep the poultry house and yard dry. Confine the fowls on cold, windy days. Make a good seod-bed before planting. All foods for plants must be soiuolo to be available. Do not remove the mulch from trcc.- and plants too early. Ground bone is a good fertilizer to put around trees in setting them. Docking and castrating may bo done when the lamb is a week old. Give your fruit trees a good soil. They can not feed and thrive on nothing. If you want to feed milk to a lamb n~? a. tin can with a long spout like an <>'<.', can. "Management." This one \\ord has more meaning on the farm than is generally suspected. How many tradesmen and men in other lines of business arc Vankniplr-'! to one on the farm? The farm may not, yield big profits, but is there any other calling so snr 1 re give a man his living" A wash of fresh buttermilk is said ic kill lice on hogs. The milk needs to be Well rubbed into the bristles. Give the ewe clover hay if you hav< it, bran, and crushed oats, and she wil' provide tho lamb with plenty ol milk. The world's available supply of wheai on March 1 was l-',7SO,()00 quarter?, against 14,000,000 quarters a year ago. A well-managed creamery in a com rnunlty will give the community a pros perity that it has never before known Prepare your ground well before planting, cultivate well. and. barrin? accident, the harvest will notdisappoin! yon. Plant the garden so that you ran have a regular succession of vegetables. Plant small frott with the same end in View. The scrnb animal has a pedigree which by 'adverse circumstances has n downward instead of an upward tendency. Every man should try to furnish himself with all necessary tools and notreH- too much on the good nature of his neighbors. It is estimated that 2,000,000 orange trees have been planted in San Bernardino county, California, since January 1, 1S90. WAYSIDE THOUGHTS. Racy, entertaining (alk is only exposed thought. Freedom is lost with too much responsibility and seriousness. Talk always brightens up with the wldltion of a fresh crackling stick tc the fire. A'man had better be silent if he caj; only say to-day what he will stand b> to-morrow. It is the most difficult thing in the World to reconcile religious assoclation- with the real or artificial claim* of socia life. MAY MUSICAL FESTIVAL. KeduoMl RatPH to IndtanapoliK via the Pennsylvania I.ini-*. The Second Annual May Musical Festival will be held in Tomlingon Hall, Indianapolis, from May 13th to 16th. The following talented Artists have been engaged for the occasion: Sopranos— M'lle Clementina De Vere and Mdme. Herbert-Foster; Contralto—Mrs. Zelda Seguin-Wallace; Tenors — Signer Jules Perrotti and Mr. Charles KnorrjBasso— Herr Emil Fisher; Baritone — Air. Chas. Holman -Black; Harpist— Mr. T. C. Cheshire and Mr. Franz Wilczek, Violin Virtuoso. The whole supported by a chours of 600 trained voices and Seidl's German Opera Orchestra of 50 pieces from the Metropolitan Opera House. Jsew York. From May 13th to 17th, excursion tickets will be sold via the Pennsylvania Lines from Logansport, at rate of $3.15 good returning until May 18th, inclusive. dtwto!5 Unnkards. Attention ! For the annual meeting of Dunk- ards or German Baptists at Warrensburg Mo. (Pertle Springs), the Vandalia Line will sell eicursion tickets at one fare for the round trip. Tickets will be on sale from May 19th to 27th good to return unti. June 2Cth 1890. The Missouri Pacific Railway has also arranged for side trips from Warrensburg to points in southwest Missouri, Kansas, Indian Territory and ^Nebraska, at one fare for the round trip. For rates and further information apply to the nearest agent of the Vandalia Line. X BAITISTBRETHKE-V. Annual Meetings at Vertlc Springs. Mo« aiidXorth Manchester. In<t.. 3Eay 2S(I to 3Olb. 1K9O. For the annual meetings of the <Terman Babtist Brethren, to be held at Pertle Springs, Mo., and Korth Manchester, Ind., May 23d to 30th, the "Wabash Railroad will sell round trip tickets from all points on its line at half fare. Tickets will be on sale May 19th to 27th inclusive, and will be good to return up to and including. June 2flth. 1S90. For tickets and all desired information, call or address nearest AVabash ticket agent. _ dto!2 JixirHnstoi! Koute— liut One Chicago to Denver. "The Burlington's dumber One" daily vestibule express leaves Chicago at 1 p. ni., and arrives at Denver at G;30 p. in. the nest day. Quicker time than by any other route. Di rect connection with this train from Peoria. Additional express trains. making as quick time as those of any other road, from Chicago, St. Louis and Peoria TO St. Paul, Minneapolis, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Cheyenne, Denver, Atchinson. Kansas City. Houston, and all points West. Northwest and Southwest. maySdSt The Wreat Sprin It will be gratifying to all who realize tuc vital en'sslty of purifying tho blocd. to know that Hlbbird's Rheumatic Syrup can be relied npon as a blor.d medicine. Mr. B. L'. Robinson, ot Marshal. SUcli . . fays: Gentleman:— I hav? suffered Intensely from bUliousaess and rheumatism for over three years. and had tried so rmmv remedies tbat I had lost all talta. Hearing of Hlbbard's Rheumatic Syrup I boughta bottle and found It helped me. 1 nave used four bottles, and it has restored my liver and kidneys to healthy action, and done more to purify my blood than anything I have ever taken. 1 am pleased to recommend Is as a wonderful blood medicine. Very truly yours' B. C. Robinson, Marshall. Mich. ~old by druggists. Prepared only by The Charles Wright lledldau Company' Detroit. Mich. ^ 2 Oarbys Prophylactic Fluid. Givesproaipt and permanent relief lu burns, scalds, chilblains, venomous slings or bites' cuts and ivoands of every description. It Is invaluable in scarlet fever, dlptheria. small-pox, cholera, yellow, typhus, typhoid and other fevers, For sick-rooms, to prevent the Spread of contagion, it Is the best disinfectant known. Hon. Alei. H. Stephens, of Ga. D.irbjs Phophylaetlc Fluid Is an article of little cost, but great value. Its domestic as well as medlclnai uses are numerous while Its specialties are most wonderful. No head of a family should ever be without It 2 A Model Railway. The Burlington Route, ?C.. B. & Q. Kailway, operates 7, 000 miles of road, with termini in Chicago, St. Louis. St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. For speed, safety, comfort. equipment, track, and efficient ser vice it has no equal. The Burling ton gains new patrons, but loses none. _ may3d6t A Core for Constipation and Sick Headaclu*. Dr. Silas Lane, while, in the Rocky Mountains, discovered a root that when combined with other herbs makes an easy and certain core for const pa- Uon. It Is In the form of dry roots and leaves, and Is known as Lane's Family Medicine. It will core sick-headache In one night. For the blood, liver and kidneys, and for dearing up the complexion It does wonders. Druggists sell It for 50 cents a package. Sample free. Seed Rlbbard'M Rheumatic and Liver PHIm. These Pills are sclntiflcally compounded, and uniform In action. No griping pnia so common]; following the, use of Pills. Thry are adadted to both adults and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no equal In the cure of Sick Headache, Constipation. Dyspepsia and Bilious ness; and. as en appetizer, they excel any other preparation. _ JanlW&WIy Don't neglect that first cough! Syrnp White Pine and Tar will ic iieveit at once; 25 and 50 cents per bottle. For sale by B. F. Keee- ling. jan25d-w4m *!OST PERFECT MADE. Its superior excellence proven in millions of homes for more than a quarter of a century. It is used by the United States Goverinent. Endorsed byjthe heads of the Great Universities as the Strongest, Purest and Most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does not contain Ammonia, Ijime or Alain. Sold only in Cans i Price Baking Powder Co. New York. Chicago. St. Loiiis. San Frauds* WILLIMANTIC SPOOL For Sale by all SIX-CORD COTTON. Leading Deafen. 34 Union Square, New York CHy, Aug. After a. series of tests at our Elizabethport factory, extending over a period of several mortifis, -we Jiave decided to use the WILLIMANTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, believing it io be the best thread now in the market, and strongly recommend it to all agents, purciiascrs and users of the Singer Mackzaes. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. Pont spoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOES/ WEAR THE "iTf Sec that EVERV PAIR is STABSP6& THE BURT & PACKARD "Korrect Shape.** Don't allow TOPS dealer to palm off anv substitute for the "Korrect Shape," as TO hare 'apply anyoneln the UnSted States who cannot get these goods of OETR agents, and p repay aC d«Jmj charges, thus bringing them to jrour door without extra cost The Bur* 4 Packard "Korrect Shape" Sboes are made In four grades, viz.. Hand-made, HanCupit, Burtweltand ifitcfilne Sewed, which Is stamped on the sole In addition to our trade-mark above " Our agents should cnrry all grades ia Congress, Button and Bal for Gent's, Boys and Tooths, PACKARD & FIELD (Successors toBurk& Packard), Brockton, Mass. OTTO A. KR AUS, &« & LOGANSPORT TOMAGKINiG SUMMER TOURS. P»L*CE STEAMERS. Low RATES. _ FOOT Trips per Week Between DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND o Soo, Marquet Heron B utta. , Potcike.v. Tho Soo, Marquett«, and Lake __ Every Ereninff Betireea DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Scuds; Trlpj tetac Joa-. Jdr, Asret iaj ' OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS, B»t«« ftnd Xxmirvlon Tickets will be furnifthtd by TODT Ticket A^ent, or addren E. B. WHITCOM8, G. P. A., Drrrorr, MICH., TI!E DETROIT & CLEVELfiRD STEM «»«. CO. B « Y CARRIAGES! I make a soecialtyof mane£*rtur- ins Bab? Carriage* to «eH <3a*eet 10 private parties. Foa can. therefore, do better wttb me Out " Osiiferef Pros oTcteigB tosll point? in th<? Un: ted State*, "'cH^S^RAi^ER^RlfrJ? £2-04 C'.jfco-Jra Ave.. Chicago. Dl WELLMAN'S GAS CARBURETOR Pat. Oct. I, 1389. FOR MEN ONLY! VIGOR- For lOSTorUIUHG XAHHOOD) merml aadSEXVOTTS TIKWTT.TTY. ..etkneuef Body and JCnd, EffMtl _ lof ZrroriorExeesMa in OldorTotmR Itebut, Xobte BUCHOODftllr Ke»t»rr4. II«w lo «•!»«* *** Smart toKWKAK.rKDKrELOrCDOK&JUCBAPJfiTS OF BOOT. HO9K TBE1TMSTT DncriplM Book, ripluufa* u< »n»Ik m.lVJ rmM) &*«. Altow ERIE MEDICAL CO.. BUFFALO, N. V. Don't use cheap worthless goods, but try the Acme soap, it is pure and will please you; ooly Scents a bar at any grocery store. Mail twen- tv fire Acine soap wrappers to Lautz Hros. <fc Co., Buffalo. N. Y.. and get our most beautiful picture, '"The Little Rose Bud." may2d6t TAMND The best remedy on earth for piles, ffo use ia quoting a long ligt of testimonials when a fifty-cent box will care any case in existence. Ton can bny it of B. F. Keesling, 365 Fourth street, Logan sport Ind. mar!8d-wtf A cold Carburetor which will enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a 26 candle power gms. It will work at any temperature, and is absolutely safe. AG-E3STTS WAZSTTE1> For pmrtlcnlJtm [HE WELLMAN CARBURETM MANXTFACTUBLSTG CO., 25 "WABREN ST. NEW

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