The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TWELTS BLrTREVTU<15, (ARK.) COURTRH THURSDAY, APRU «, 19W Some Seafood Dishes Are Easy on Budget B.r CKCII.Y BROWNSTONK AMOfUltd Press Food KrEEtor You can make seafood dishes stretch so far they'll be practically painless tfnm a budget standpoint. Take Shrimp Creole. A |iound of <hrlmp that ordinarily serves three, when teamed with a can of tomatoes will make four to five p "(Ions. But be sure to cut the jhrimp through lengthwise so they're well scattered through the wuce. Another trick to slretch the Shrimp Creole still further I added several sliced hard-cooked eggs and Mrved It over Individual rings of (teamed rice. With deviled crab bring on large baked potatoes, a huee salad, and lots of crusty rolls—and you'll have six to eight satisfied customers when you serve it. Shrimp Creole Ingredients: 2 tablespoons salad oil, I small onion (dicedi. \i cup diced green celery or 1 green pepper (diced). 1 No. 2H can solid-pack tomatoes, 't teaspoon oregano. 1 teaspoon salt, S teaspoon pepper, dash of garlic salt or small clove garlic (minced), 1 tablespoon cornstarch. 2 tablespoons water. 1 pound shrimp (cooked, peeled, deveined. and cut through lengthwise). Method: Heal oil in large skillei and cook onion and celery or green pepper In it over low heat. Arid tomatoes, oregano. salt, or garlic Bring lo a boil. Mix cornstareh and water together until smooth; stir Into sauce, and cook and stir constantly until thickened; cook > few minuites longer. Add shrimp and reheat. Serve over hot cooked rice. Makes 4 or s .servings. Deviled Crab [ncrrdirnts: 2 cans crahmeal, 1 small onion (minced!, 3 tablespoons butler or margarine. 2 tablespoons flour. 1 teaspoon dry mustard. 1 cup milk, 'i teaspoon salt, '•', teaspoon pepper. 2 sprigs parsley (minced i. "i teaspoon nutmeg, 1 egg (beaten). 1 cup grated Italian cheese. Method: Pick over rrabmeat and remove librous membranes. Set aside. Saute onion In butler until tender but. no brown. Remove pan from heat and stir in flour and dry mustard until well blended Gradually add milk and stir until smooth. Return pan to heat and cook sauce, .virrins; constantly until thick. Arid salt, pepper, parsley and mr.mce. Stir a little of the sauce Into the beaten eeg and then add ei;K mixture to hot saiice. Return lo low heat and stir constantly; remove from henl before sauce boils and stir in gra;ed cheese anri crabmeat. Turn into fi or 8 Individual lemckins or shells. Brown In a hot (400 dec.. FJ oven about 10 minutes nr until top is brown. Hot and Tasty Sandwiches Are Homemaker's Helper A Hst of hot and tasty sandwiches is the homemaker's helper on many an occasion. To add to her repertoire, here are French Toastwiches—a serving- designed (o draw the undivided attention of the family at lunch or supper. For quick work of French Toast- wiches use a can of ready-to-serve meat, suggests home economist Reba Staggs. Combine the ground ready-to-serve meat with minced sweet pickle and moisten with mayonnaise. Place the sandwich spread between two slices o( bread, then dip (he sandwich in an egg-milk mixture the same as for French. toast, paiifry on both sides in lard or fat. If there's leftnver cooked moat )n your refrigerator, use it! Cooked fcpef, veal, pork, lamb or ham mm' all be appropriately used In those hot REtiuiwichcs. To the ground meat add Ihin slices of stuffed or ripe olive, a bii of shredded carrot or pimento. Serve the sandwiches straight from the griddle with assorted relishes. Apples and Cheese Add Much Flavor To These Sauerkraut Casseroles Fish Fillets Are Dandy Hurry-Up Meal (or Guests Pop Them in Broiler And Ten Minutes Later You Can Begin Eating For that hurry-up mpal thai must be prepared quickly, try fish fillets. Fish will give you high quality protein, calcium and the minerals, phosphorus and iodine. And not only are they an excellent food, hut the frozen fillets so plentiful on the market right now arc easily nnd quickly prepared. You can just pop them into the broiler 10 minutes before Ihe meal and they'll be ready to serve. Few meats will make as many servings pi?]- pound as fish. One pound of boneless fish, such as fillets, which are sntid pieces rut away from Ihe sirier of me fish, will serve from 2 to 3 persons. Miss Josephine Flory. extension nutritionist of (he University of Missouri, says that the reason some persons do nnt like fish may be that it Is not properly cooked. To keep fish moist and lender, use a low temperature and a short cooking time. And if you've always used he frying mill for fish, try your iroller. You'll be rielighlcd al the results. Here are Miss Flory's sug- gestimis for broiling fillets: If lime permits, thaw the fillets iwfore you broil (hem. Wipe the illels with a damp cloth. Dusl liBht- y with rornmeal. cracker crumbs or flour. Preheat the broiler (but not the pan) for about 10 minutes. Place the fillets skin side up on Ihe broiler pan about l«-o inches from the source of heat, flaste with melted butter or mai-Rarine. Turn carefully, as fish are a fragile food. Broil at lo\v heat for 5 to 8 minutes. When the fish loses its scmitrans- parenl look and becomes white or creamy colored, if has conked long enough. II, will be tender and moist. If you hid not have lime to thaw fro/en fillets, you can put them in the broiler while still frozen. Place I hem a bit farther from the heat —about 3 Inches—and allow a little longer for rooking. For a publication which tells much about flsh cookery, ask your county agent, for Extension Circular 551 "Fish the Main Dish." This lively blend of sauerkraut, •pple and cheese flavors Just seems made to order for these snappy days when appetites are at their keenest. Round out the meat with broiled cheese-filled frankfurters, given added zest with rich-prepared mustard, and you'll have a contented, well-fed family. Apple Kraut with Vrankfitrfers (Make* 4-S servings) I Rome Beauty apples 1 No. 2 can sauerkraut 2 tablespoons brown suear 1 cup grated Cheddar cheese y teaspoon nutmeg 8-8 frankfurters Rich-prepared mustard S-8 frankfurter rolls Wash and cut apples into small pieces, leaving skin on. In a bowl, combine sauerkraut, brown sugar, '? cup cheese, nutmeg and apples; mix thoroughly. Place sauerkraut mixture in 4-fi individual casseroles or n 1'3-quart casserole. Cover; bake In moderate oven (350 degrees) 30-35 minutes. With a sharp knife, split frankfurters lengthwise without cutting all the way through. Spread with rich-prepared musUird in opening and fill with remaining grated cheese. Broil until cheese is melted and frankfurters are done. Place broiled cheese-filled frankfurters In split frankfurter .rolls. Serve immediately with cooked sauerkraut. Lamb Stew Can Be Different Meat Pie Here are txvn formulas for mak- lg na lamb pie. Take your pick! For the first, start with uncooked Iamb cubes. For the second, cut cubes Irom last night's lamb roast. Either one becomes a meat pie when the stew is given a topping, according to home economist Reba Staggs. Used In Two Recipes Lonfr slow cooking is the secret of the first slew. Lamb cubes ilamb shoulder is a wise choice lor cub- intrj are seasoned, then completely covered with water. The utensil is covered and the meat allowed to cook slowly on top the range nr in 300 degrees P. oven. Vegetables Pork, Noodle Casserole Pork chops top noodles for a zest- fill casserole. First, brown the chops, (hen place them over noodles, moistened with tomato soup and seasoned with prated onion. Bake in .1 moderate oven f350 degrees F) for 45 minutes to one hour. Serve bacon on a supper menu sometimes; its good (coined wilh creamed noodles lopped ivith cheese anrt a sreen sa ] a ,i or co ] c s | aw _ For dessert you mlsht have baked apples stuffed with ilriert fruit and nuts. ------- . --- __~-,._— ^.™,,, — , ii\u\u*m\i* BEAUTIFUL WHtTR SHOWER CAKE will E ive glamor tr, Ad Announcement parfy Announcement Party Cake Is Pretty, Easy to Mak Beans and Almonds Ron green simp beat is whole add ci've with s crcd almonds thai tinve been toasted brown in butter To slivrr the almonds, cut in thin strips immediately after bbuch- ing while they are still soft. FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 inch to 48 inch, plain or rceiifurcprf. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper lhan lumber Tot barns chicken houses, pump housrs, tenant houses, lool shctls. We deliver Call its for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. This is the open seascn for announcement parties. That's why this beautiful white .shower cake is 50 limcly. 11; is easy to mnke in a glass bowl thai gives it iLs shape. The frosting !s oiii. of this world. SHOWER CAKF, Cake— Three-fourths cup shortening, 1'i cups sucar, l teaspoon almond extract, i teaspocn vanilla extract, 3 eggs, 3 cups sifted cake flour, 34 ten-spoons bahiner powder, % Icasponn sail, 1 cup milk. Iclnjj— One-half cup cold water, 1 M 'cups snenr, ',<< teaspoon salt, "i teaspoon cream of tartar, 1 tablespoon light corn sirup. 2 egg whites, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. ' 1. Cake: Cream shortening. Add sugar graciually. creamin? until fluffy. Beat in flavorings, Add eg?fi one at a time, beatins well after each addition. Sift together the dry e inured ient.s; nod alternately with milk lo shortening mixture. , Pour batter into a well greased : 2^ quart heat-resistant glass bow!.. Bake in slow oven. 300 F., fcr about Ifi hours or until cake is done. Cool for at least 20 minutes before removing. LOOF.CH with a spatula nnd invert on a plate. This ?ives a mound-shaped cake ready for party trimming, 1. Ioim>: Place all Icing ingredients except, vanilla In the lop of a 1'.£ quart double boiler. Beat with rotary eis beater until ingredients are blended. Place over boiling water in lower part- of double boiler and beat constantly until icing will stand up In peaks. Remove from boilin? water; add vanilla and continue beating until spreading consistency Is reached. Leftover Roast Can Be Converted Into a Tasty 'Next Day' Pork Dinner are added to the meat in time to be cooked tender. Total meat rook- ing time is from 1 >£ to 2 hours. The Monrt type stew naturallv '5.:a:-/]iiick version. Cut the leftover roHst, lamb Into cubes, then .simply reheat' In a canned vegetable soup or mushroom soup. Thicken the liquid for gravy. Cooked vegetables may be added if desired. Both type stows become lamb m'e.s with the addition of fluffy whipped potatoes on top. Biscuit dough or pastry may be used too. Or perhaps, you'll want lo serve the stew in a biscuit ring for a clever appearance. The next tune yon serve fresh , porit roast, save some for the fol-1 lowing day. ! Here'* a delicious "next day" pork dish. Veslive Pork Suppfr : (1 servings) Onp cup cooked pork, around or cut, In thin strips, I tablesporn chopped nnlnn. 1 tablespoon fat. "t cup vinegar, \ cup wator, 1 tablespoon cornslarch, 2 tablespoons brown or granulated sucar, I teaspoon salt. 2 cups (1 No. 2 rant Breon beans, 2 cups cooked, diced c sir-rots, Brown the rnion In fat in a heavy skillet. Combine vinesar, water, cornslarch. .sugar, and -salt, stir Into onions. Heat. Add pork and cock 10 minutes. Add tirained beans and carrot*. Heat slowly 2-i to 30 minutes. Serve hot, with crusty French bread. lo=s. i <*d green salad and a light dessert, Crcolf, Pork Str.ik-s (Serves 3 to 4\ Three pork shoulder .steaks, salt, iiepper, f tablespoons chopped on- sen, 1 cup canned tomatoes. 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce. 1 hiy ,eaf, 3 whole cloves, 1 tablespoon flour. Flour steaks and brow IT in a Htle hot fat in a skillet. Sprinkle with salt, and pepper. To tomatoes ?.dd on ten, Worce-sEer shire sauce. My leaf and cloves. Pour nver steaks. Cover and cook slowly for an hour. Remove meat from jkillri and thirken gravy with flour, S?rve "teaks topped with gravy. A reader asks for a coffrr cm- :erbrpad recipe. Everyone will enjoy the answer, below. Cof frr Ginjcrhrrad (9 yervlngsl Two cups sifted enriched flour, 1 1 reaspoon salt, l teaspoon soda, l i teaspoon Rinser. l teaspoon dnna- j ruon, l j teaspoon cloves. ! i cup su- : 2fir. "a cup shorting, l cup unsul- | phurcd molasses. L egg. well boa ten. j H cup double-strength hot coftee. j Heat.oven to 350 decrees F. (mod- i ernte). Sift tceetber first seven In- \ sredicnt.s. Cut. in shortening until i mixture rp.-embles fine crumbs. Stir: in moll?5.=e.«; and e?s. Beat in hot 1 coffee. Rake -IT minutes or until done in 9-inch square p?n. • 'If desired, measure and sift, dry ingredients, cut in shortening and set asirlp until rendy to use. Then mix with liquid ingredient* and bake.) j Tastemark is a word that should be in rvery homemaker's book I Yes. for Tastemark is the trademark of better dairy foods. The Tastemark emblem on Ration Dairy products means foods have been tasted, tested, and approved by the Tastemark Panel. Naturally. Tastemark dairy products »re your best food buy! Try them today I Distributed by Rhoads & Haun I'aragould, Ark. Here's a Meat Sauce Leftover slices of veal or lamb are excellent healed in a sour cream sauce. Season the sauce with chop- peri parsley, spit, pepper, celery unit and znrlic salt. If desired. Spread over the me->.t in a bakine dish and heat in a slo'v oven (300 degrees F.) for 30 minutes. Luncheon Plan Here's an economical luncheon riiah for you. Melt K pound of American cheese with ^ cun nf tomato sauce. Add one slightly ] beaten egg. ', cup thin cream or top milk anri season with >, tea- i spoon Worcestershire sauce, salt ', and pepper. In the meantime pan- i broil strips of bacon. (Be surfi to pour off excess drippings as bacon on toast cooks.) Serve the bacon on toast or on toasted bunt and top with cheese sauce. i Now This 70 Year OEd Able to Work Every Day, All Day KAOACOL Corresis Indigeslion «nd O.n Pjin Whtn CmieJ by i Uck o( ViUmins g,, Si, Niicin ,nt Iron, lastemark'd for Taste 4 'lastemark'd for Appearance lastemark'd for Texture 4 Tastemark'd for Qualit tt's amaj.inp how aches and pains and indigestion, due lo n lack of Vitamins B., Bj. tron and N'iacin. can keep dragging you do\vn and down, take all Uie joy out of life, finally make you feel years elder than you are. Thousands of folks suffering from such conditions have found a real and lasting answer lo their problems with today's jrreat KADACOU Mrs. Fannie E. Rowe, Route 2. Hoi Arkansas, writes: "I (oimd no relief, until 1 heard HAD- ACOI. advertised. [ decided lo Rive it a n-ial. And after Inking only Iwo small hollies, I felt jo'much rm'ter and so sreally relieved from aches and pains. I was able to go about and do my own homework. I could not digest my [cod either. I suffered from indigestion and ,-;as after each meal. And afler lakinj! HADACOL only about threa days my food hcKan hi digest wonderfully, I suffered no more gaj pains. Now I ean say Ihanks lo HADACOL. I am 70 years old and "Iroti; snd healthy and able t» wmk tvery day, all day." Wouldn't you like !o eet that "\Vont!«rfui Hadacol reeling." too? Wouldn't you like to face a future that's bright and cheerful, U you are suffering from a lack o/ Vi'U- mins 81, B-!. Iron and N'iacin? HADACOL builds up the hemoglobin of the blood (when Iron is needed) lo rush the precious Vitamins and Minerals to every part of your hody and lo every body organ. HADACOL, corrects the basic caust of deficiency troubles from the Inside out when due to lack of Vitamins B,. B 3 , Niacin, and Iron. The.s* health-giving elements, plus helpful quantities of Phosphorus »nd . Calcium, are in * special liquid form, already dissolved, so thai these wonderful HADACOf. element will b« absorbed quickly, hfallhfully, in the system. Why hesitate; why wait? A brighter tomorrow may he just around the corner. And remember, this formula is backed by a strict money-back guarantee. See your druggist today. Good Nitrate Fertilizer I will have a car of Calcium Ammonium Niiratt here next week. It contains 20.5% nitrogen and (he price is $72.00 uer ton, F.O.I?., Blylheville. Paul D. Foster, Distributor Phones 3418-3153 Blytheville, Ark. 2 for 15* s-- IGA Deluxe — Reg. or Drip — Special! COFFEE ib79' END SLICES—A BIG VALUE! BACON Pound 1 ^J GREAT NORTHERN BEANS 4M5 IGA Ail Purpose—PI. or SR in Print FLOUR - 25 b 2.02 Duz, Tide, Oxydol DREFT---lge.31c Limit 2 Giant Size - - 82c; Limit One Yello—in Sticks OLEO u 32< CRISCO i 1,09 Limit 1 to o Customer Swansdown CAKE FLOUR - 37c Aunt Jemima—20 Ox. Pancake Mix--19c SWIFT'S Peanut Butter 35c FRESH FROZEN—12 Oz. Strawberries - - 29c FLORIDA Grapefruit-3 for 25c CALIF. SUNKIST LEMONS—doz29c Large, Solid Head LETTUCE - 2for29c Whol* Whit* Kernel* Bush'i—No. 2 Con. HOMINY - 2for19c For an Economical Meal SALMONS- 49= Ken-L-Ration DOG FOOD 39< 3 16-Oz. Cans Fresh Tender Pork LIVER u 390 Fresh -Chuck Beef ROAST - First Cut, Loin Pork CHOPS - 49< Sunshine HI HO Home Dry Cleaner RENUZITo.. 2,39 ^ Staley'j Honey Flavored SWEETOSE 19< Lbs. Plenty Of Parking Space At Your IGA Store MAYS' IGA SUPERMARKET 421 S. 21st. "Remember, It Pays to Shop with Mays' " I

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