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The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 4

The Daily Chronicle from De Kalb, Illinois • Page 4

De Kalb, Illinois
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4. THE DE KALB. CHRONICLE TUESDAY JUNE 8. 1S03. i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 it frrriTin TOE DE KALB DAILY CHRONICLE TO USE ROCK ir a i in i musr not cnccK, oiisicr or peel under climate, must color.

or losd Published" dally except Sunday by DE KALB CHRONICLE l'UBLISIIING COMPANY, frank W. Qrttnaway, C. J. Raymond, eTraa. 110123 EAST MAIN STIIEET.

it AS BALLAST North-Westcni Line Will Change Material Used in Roadbed ITAICE LONG TIME Precass Is. Necessarily Slew and Se serving under the Pates. Subscription action of smoke or gasc cral Years Will Consumed in thslsant social manner and refreshments Tests have proven tKat only pure paint will give satisfactory wearing results. the influence of not change its its pre- fi FINE FARMING.


1 I IU. Use I Why 1 experiment Patek's Highest Quality Pure Paint i I FOR SALE 1 or EXCHANGE BAU8UM LAND j- EnEAMDBIKtDTIHlteS DEALERS IN 7 i Wall Paper, Paints, Glass and Painters' Sign Painting, Paper Manglng, and General in Painting and Decorating Line. Main Street, Opposite Both ty I In Deliall) Society SURPRISE; PARTY. A surprise party wm given Mr. iwt "at uome on oouia rf irst street, vj in llibl VlAM of the llaptlaL church of which Mr.

M. U. Karl la teacher and few neighbors, Mr. and Mr, Swift celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary last week and the party wai given In honor of thla event. The evening spent In a pica were served to the guests by the young daughters of the house who were in the secret." Mrs.

Swirt was presentea with a meat fork by the class and the neigh bors gift was a silver gravy ladle. The hostess is a popular member of the class and her! friends congratula ted her most heartily. MARRIED IN CHICAGO. DeKalb friends will be surprised to hear the news of the marriage of Miss Sadie Shank, daughter of Mr. and Mrs John Shank of North Ga lena avenue.

Dixon, and Dr. Charles VVyland. in Chicago Thursday. Miss Shank is one more handsome and at tractive Dixon young women to add to the list of June brides. She has many friends here and although her husband Is not known here, he has their congratulations, Mr: and Mrs.

Wyland are expected Jn Dixon in the near future to visit at the John Shank home. The above from a uixon Kxcnange Interest many DeKalb people who are friends of the bride. iq HAD FAREWELL PARTY. The 1909 confirmation class of tho Swedish Lutheran church gave a aur prise party fori one of their number. Miss Ktt Nelson, who soon leaves for her home In Minnesota where her parents reside, 1 A pleasant time waa enjoyed and refresluneiila were served.

The guesle of honor waa prraeitted with a baud Mmo signet rum which win in a pleasant reminder of her DeKalb rncmi and school male. ENTERTAINED FACULTY. i Mrs. M. IX Shlpman waa hostess Saturday afternoon to the ladles of the High school faculty at a thimble party.

The gentlemen Joined the la- dies later and a dainty dinner was served to the guesta. ENTERTAINED AT PARSON HOME Mrs. S. F. Person's entertained the Normal facnlty Saturday afternoon In an informal manner.

Music was en, Joyed and light refreshments were GUILD WILL MEET. i The Lutheran Guild will meet with Mrs. Seaholni. on soutn Eleventh street Wednesday! afternoon WILL MEET TOMORROW. The Iadles Guild of the Episcopal church will meet with Mrs.

White to morrow afternoon. I I 1 4 i I 1 PERSONALS tMl i I IMtttti i Misses Eva and Bern ice Smiley at tended the commencement exercises at Waterman Hall today. Mrs II. Smiley visited with friends at Malta yesterday. Cleveland Maek of Pierce waa in town today.

Mr. Sweet of the Pinea has been called to Chicago by the serious ill ness of a Mr. and Mrs, ('harles Wcnmouth of Aft on were here today. Mr. M.

Gleaaonila Ultlng In Kirk land for a few dy. Mr. and Mr. Ceorao Darling of Waterman -spent the day In town. J.

A. Watson ws a visitor yesterday. W. J. Keast left tast evening for Wisconsin where ho ill travel for a few weeks.

E. Fowler of Jollet was In town yesterday. i Oscar, Berg of $habbona spent the day In town on business. I i Roy Tudor la unable to attend to school duties because of an attack of rheumatism. I i Joseph Boumgarten from North De Kalb was in town todsy.

Raymond Peterson is recovering (from an attack of the measles Dr. Rowan 4 was a Chicago visitor yesterday. Wlltberger who travels tor a farm implement company has gone on the road aaln after a few weeks vacation. A number of the friends of Mr. and i Mrs.

Walter At wood gave a picnic for them Sunday, Mrs. Treadwell of this city sang In lone of the Belvidere church last Sun- day and directed the singing. The church is the one of which Miss Grace Wood Is 'the musical director. i A DECISION Politicians and Attorneys are Wilting (or the Opinion PROBABLY INVALID Sentiment Seems to That the i Court Will not Mold th-prsnt Law as a' Valid One That WUI Necessitate Another 8ession of the Legislature to Frame Up Another Attorneys and politicians of thia city and vicinity are eagerly, watch ing for the opinion of the supreme court on the present state primary law. it is expected that the judges will hand down a decision in the -matter about June 15 or 16 and according to the general opinion "the court will knoctt out the primary, measure.

Those who express this opinion base tnelr belief on the arguments which were made before the supreme court when the validity of the law was be ing questioned there. If the 'decision is against the law, I then It will be up to Governor De- neen to recall the members of the legislature to pass another measure and if past occurrences are any indi cation as to what the legislators will lo It Is likely that the whole winter will be spent in preparing a measure that will suit the lawmakers and then it Is hard telling but what the court will do with It aa was done before and the whole matter will have to be gone over again. People generally through the stale ir.e disgusted with the legislature ami Ita brand of primary laws. DEKALB PEOPLE WED IN AURORA Will Make Hem With Rtlativta I Hera In Thia City. A wedding occurred Saturday In Aurora which will surprise a number of DeKalb people who are Interested.

The contracting parties were James I Lawtenslager and Miss Edna Nolle, both of this city. The young couple left early la the morning for Aurora, 3everal relatives from this city (who were present at the wedding, which ook place In the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lawtenslager have re turned from Aurora and.

will for the present make their home with the former's mother. The young people are well known 'lore and have a large circle of friends who will extend congratulations. PERSONALS HIHinillll II 1 II 1 1 111 1 a Marlon, who nad beeh taught to re port her misdeeds promptly, came to her mother one day, sobbing penitent ly. Mother, I I broke a brick in tho replace." "Well, that Is not very hard to rem edy. But how on earth did you do It, I pounded it with father's watch.

(From "Success M. D. Shipman spent the day lu i Chicago on business. James Igo of Chicago visited De-1 Kalb friends Sunday, Miss Alice Urtdley of Amboy is visiting at the lleerutan home, IV WtMldell waa a ChUanu la. tor yesterday.

Mlsa Marjorle IVlle who hna been laktng a vaest Ion because of III health hna returned to her school At Uollo, Dr. Fretidenberg spent Sunday Chicago. He visited Mrs. E. Wolcott at one of the hospitals and reports her ss Improving very much.

Mrs. Dutch of Lake City. Is visiting at the N. A. Kellogg home.

Mrs. Frances Henry of this city has returned from a visit In Dixon with friends and relatives. The guests from Grand Island. who have been visiting at the Oaks home returned home yesterday. Miss Ruth Wilcox of Amboy is visi ting at 'the M.

A Olson home. Miss Dorothy Newltt who has been traveling In the interest of the K. I Baklng Powder company. arrived home last evening from Bloomington. The demonstrators have disbanded for the summer and Miss Newitt will spend the vacation at home.

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I Try a Chronicle Want Ad. for Results If .10 3.00 1.50 In advance COUNTY LINE 15. (The patterns described on this page can be supplied to the patron of the Chronicle through thla paper. Send ten cent to thla office with the number of the pattern as given under the Illustration and the name and address I of the peron wanting it, also giving data concerning sizes, etc, where ne-1 cesaanr. and the order be for warded.) I airla fourteen and sixteen years of are.

Bend 10 cents each for the patterns of coat No. 6319 to this office, giving- num bers (coat 631S. dress G13). and they will be promptly forwarded to you by mall. VAGARIES OF.

THE SEASON. Points For the Making of Graduation Gowns Black Satin Coats. Graduation gowns are being dis cussed In many homes just now. Most of the frocks seen so far are fashioned along princess lines. The front is made princess, and the waist Is short ened In the back to give the modified empire effect A dress modeled thus CHILD'S OKS FIKCB AFROX.

could be lengthened at the waist In case the style should suddenly go out. College girls gowns, too, show tunics and Greek draperies. Soft mull and batiste are favorite materials 10c their expression, though cotton crape Is having quite a run for this purpose. A fashionable milliner is using a great deal of fringe on her hats. She predicts that the vogue of the high.

bell shaped crown with very little brim will be short lived. Therefore the woman who does not look well In this style of hat should pass them along without regret. This apron- is pretty and becoming and can bo made in the traditional -Jiffy." 1 It is cut all in one piece and slips over the head. In cross barred nuslln this model is very attractive. JUDIO CIIOLLET.

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Suddenly the house seemed to rock on its foundations, then It settled with a crash that brought everybody In the house from their bods. Every Window Broken. Every window was broken, furniture wrecked, and much damage resulted. Half a minute after the explosion terror-stricken men and women lesped through the windows or ran In panic through the front and rear doors. Entire families in the neighborhood were hurled from their beds by the concussion and hurried into the street the women and children screaming- fot help.

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Irving Washington (wiping tls Hps) That was resUy the sweetest kiss 1 Mm aver had I Louise Barkis I thoutht too. would think ao. Irving. My face powder gave out. and I used confectioner' augar.

Juage. sassBSSBSSpaassjassssswasswewTapss DidnH Psss It. A. mlsslonsry to Trinidad once asked a negro sitting In Idleness by the road side bow -be managed to pass toe lime "I sit in de sun. massa, and let de time pas me." was the quaint and philosophical reply.

P05T jj VOX) "Sunkist" Switch. From Gravel to the Small Much Mora Satisfactory Than Lumps of Stone. The C. at. N.

W. official have an nounced that they have abandoned the use of gravel for road ballast and henceforth crushed half Inch rock will be used In this work. The con- pany has now started to ballast the Galena division of the line with thia rock, starting at Galena and It is expected that the road here will be given attention during the fore part of 1911. The rock ballast is being secured from quarries owned by the company at ElmhursL The roc ballast Is being used so that it will the dust and will make- a more permanent roadbed than gravel. It is claimed that there Is an enormous waste In gravel ballast, due to the disturbance of the roadbed by swiftly moving trains andthe great suction -caused by these Quantities of I fine sand and gravel, which is used as filter.

The continuous removal of the fine qualities reduces 'the stabil ity of the ballast, requiring that the roadbed be re ballasted about every seven year. It is started that only about fifteen miles of rock ballast could be put In place in a year, and as a result the work of ballasting with rot will be very alow. and tedious But when the work la completed the road will have a aiiirnaiq roaaueu sua one mat win last many ytmra. WEDDED TO ELGIN GIRL Former Do Kalb Young Man Was Married In Ottawa Last Week, Ross Li Renwick, a former, resident of DeKalb, but now of Elgin, was -married last week to Miss Berenice iBower, also of that city. The young couple visit eu Ottawa one day last week and the ceremony was perform-1 i I no Mr.

and Mrs. Renwick are both em ployed in the Elgin Watch factory and they will not begin housekeeping until later. The former is the son of MrsI Frank Fuller and js very well known In DeKalb. Ills friends here will congratulate the young couple and wish them much happiness. BOY BURNED AT ST.

CHARLES New Skin Will ba Grafted Onto Se ver Burns Received Several Days, Ago. Elmer Monte, of the St. Charles Home of Roys was badly burned one day last week while working on the bakery conected with the school. Dr. C.

II. Potter of Chicago has de ciaea. tnai win oe necessary 101 graft new skin onto the burns, which are very serious. Ten boys, all from the school and friends of the unfor tunate lad have offered to give skin for the grafting. The operation will be iMTforiued In a day or ao.

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