Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 7, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1890
Page 7
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How's Your Liver? t IB the Oriental salutation,' knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. When tha liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish, and constipated, the food lies in the stomach undigested, poisoning tha blood; frequent headache ensues; a i'eeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how ike whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Regulator has been tha means of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. As a general family remedy for Dyspepsia, Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc., I nardly ever use anything else, and have never been disappointed in the eUect produced: it seems to be almost a perfect cure for all diseases of the Stomach anil Bowels. W. J. MCELBOY, Macon. Ga. Slcfc Headache and relieve all tho troubles iac£* dent to a biiiouH state of tho system, suoh aa Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress after eating. Pain In the Side, &C. While their moss lemarliabla success has been oaawa in anting Headache, yot Carter's tlttlo Live? 5UT9 ma equally varoabloin Constipation, curing and pro- venting this annoying complaint, while they also? correct all disordorsofthostomach^timulato the liver and regulate the bowels, Even if. the? only AcbfltheywOTildboalmoatpriceless to those wno Gutter from this distress! ng complaint; but fortunately theirgoodnessdoosnoteod here And those who onco try them will find theso littlo pills valu- nblo in so many ways that they will not bo willing to do without them. Btit after ulloicktead io tlie bone of so many Uvsa that hero la where vemakooor groat boost. Oar pills cure it while others do not. Cartor'a Wtilo Llvor Pills aro very small and very easy to take. One or two pills inako a dose. They Ere strictly Tegeiable and do not gripo or pnrgo, but by taair gentle action pleooe all who use them. Invialuat25ccn.l8; flvoforjl. Sold by drugjieta overywhoro, or sent by mill. CARTER MEDICINE CO., New York. SMALL PILL SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE mm LTOEiiANQ CUISiE. feeart Symptoms and Condition'^ Tills Specific tvill KeSicvo and <.: t :rc. If Ynil nr< ? threatened -with, or nlrmuiy l.--vj II I Ull Uriglit'ii disease, or Urinury troub.;-. if Yni! '!""'<> sediment In urlaoli!tpl>r ! "i;<'-.--' 8J I UU trcquent calls or reU':H ; o" v-i i distress or pressure in tao parts, liail-j l&:.i:, If Vfil! h&™ IJimo Back. IHiciirnutisni, tt:r--- II IUU ing, Aching Pajusiusidt or lajjs, " If Ynil havoIMabetosor-Dropsy, inxly- i.'": r, II I UU or scanty or hifjb colored urine, if Ymi 5?XP Malaria, Torpid Liver, Dys)»p»ic, Jl 1UU Gall Stoue,l''everaiul Ague oi- Uo;;c, If Ynil hav <5 Irritation, Spasmodic Gtricti-.rc, I 1 I UU or Catarrh of tho Bladder, If Vnil havoBlOOD humor3,Pimpier-, Ukc-.s, II IUU Seminal Weakness en-Syphilis, If Vnil tavoStoneln Kidney, Gravel fn Blad- II I UU der, Stoppage of urine or Dribbling-, aTO P oor A PPetite, Had Taste, Foul- reath or mtcrtial Slime Fever. "PQUickly n run-down constitution. Don't neglect early symptoms. EVIHT DOSE Cora EIGHT TO TI.S SPOT. -.^rS^"** at Dispon sary— Recommended by renowned JhJrta«n^-In»alids Giiido to HtaIth'"VccV^dvi°iSS D I Go?"! 06 havo Dr - Kilmer's likeness on HII outside ant! inside wrappers. Snlrf *S, all BnroeisTB and Da. EILBKII & Co., OUIU Btagharnton, N. y. large 5®c. extn-a large SI. If Y fill II lUU IN RAILROAD RATES ^.MsssduEi PACIFIC RAILWAY aw placed m effect the following tow r:.tesbe. twecn points on its lines: &.?&. 0.00. 8.25. li.CC. 19m Centuryl Medicated Air! Or. Teajrue's NEW REMEDY OUSK3 Caurrli! Astfima I THTWl.VT AND JNG DISEASES ' Cll "ghs. Colii? sn» T?™ I s n a P° sltl ve cure for ™>. Splttln^ n f ninlii v-R™ 1 Hoarseness, Dlphthe- Throat ail"" £„„„ , L U Uoopln 8 Cm '^< ! »»1 all ^"nlldlseSleMjflheE'K Teilsne ' a ^eSnlv^ FASHION NOTES. Perfumed ink is ready for adoption. For a walking eostumo soutane cloth of military blue is very stylish. A black fan of turkey's feathers is considered chic with the most delicate evening toilet. Girls In bright red jackets of box cloth are seen in the park i>vnry nttnrnoon, walking or driving. If you want to seem tall and i-omtniind- ins carry a white parasol and wear a wliito hat or white aigrette. It is jjovmissibln to paint tlin lower panes of glass In a, window of a vcstlbnlo door and use. it us a haekgniud for studies in flowovs and still life. t'arasnlottes of nriinson. irririklud lis- si:c. iu'D ndjiisteil to tito yas-burner in surh ii. w;!y l,!:!i.t tlin li'rlit sti'nams down through tl-.i! iisvurti'il shark-. (t is iitir".':;s.;.ji; 1 .l".M>' for ji \\'ti;u;ii! \v r\- |,nct. her v. aikimv j:i'..-ki.'(; or long c!oa,l< r,o lit, \vhun shu sils down. Tho garment i.i a rosular su'.iiuing all'air. and she is in K'.'C'U !nrl\ if ;!. lio'ds \\'lir'n sins is nn i'fM 1 frill. \Vllilc. U)ilH.S V,'i!' i'O ill \'U^ r ll(! Ilii.-i suniinffv; [j;r(iv!i is liii'jursL.ionably a la moiln; hro\vn is !.Lo poet's color, and iljo yi-llow tints, particularly baiTic. primrose, apricot, and ennmo, aro on tlie. lo() wave of popularity. Monochromatic is 1.1 in most [asioii;i.bl.v tinseriptlvo niljectjvo in use. II. is applied to a dinner table, an opera, toilet-, an interior and a wedding. To bo monochromatic, to have a spread en monochrome is.tho perfection of taste. Gold braid Is put on srray dresses and silver on brown. The Grecian border is very beautiful done in ribbon or machine ivork about tbe skirt and corsage of n, houso dress, but to employ either on a street dress is an oflVnsn against trood taste. A specially iu the .show window of a Broadway art furnisher consists of a two-panel folding scree-.!, throo feet high, made of ebonized wood. Inside there are two shelves for brie-a-brac. The panels aro shiss, stained wood and carved leather. Enameled jewelry is by no means out of date, but the violet, pansy, marguerite, or wild rose has had its day. Now tbe orchid leads. There are no less than a dozen to choose from for a lace pin, in tho heart ol 1 which a- snli- taira of some sort is buried. In headgear flower bonnets take the loa<l most decidedly. They can be without number, wreathed with roses, violets, heather, and poppies. Bonjaets without crowns are equally popular. They sport coronets of .let. butterflies of black lace, and narrow strings of black velvet down the center of tho back. A straw hat, with a band of Parisian or Turkish embroidery about the crown, skewered with a couple of silver-headed pins, makes a nice spring bonnet. A bonnet for half-mountins: has a crown ol openwork Jot, with trimmings of lilacs of heliotrope shade laid quite Hat on top of the bonnet, with the small end of the branches toward the crown. In cheap goods tho Brandenburg cloth attracts great attention The cotton yarns are so cleaa and smooth that they might almost be called linen. The cof- ors fairly sparkle and are in sharp contrast with some of the dull stuffs. Cre- peline, the rough and ready, crinkly, wiry material, can bo washed like a Kingham, and if it is dried so it doesn't wrinkle it is u neat dress once more, without ironing. Gloves are found in lovely tints of old rose, shading from ashes oi! roses io deep plum. Drab tans and gray brown have a greenish cast, which is not bronze, but as near that as anything. Fine cords with tiuy rows of embroidery appear on the backs, Mousque- taires are as popular as ever, and are worn both for dress and on ordinary occasions. Tho eight-button answers tor a-11 except full dress. Green shades are odd. Long, light shades for evening wear have a quilling of old lace, and are embroidered near tho elbow hi sill; and gold thread, with either monograms or armorial bearings. The lace falls down over the glove in an attractive cloudy way that adds to the fine lights of the full dross. Silk stoves are shown with double-woven and kid-flnished finger-tips. SENTENCES PASSED BY 'JUDGE. I'ooplo will take anything except ad- To bo cITcslual sympathy should be given as a draught—not applied externally. Gratitude ilowi easily for things ro- c'Rived. It is harder to give thanks for that withheld. If tho will-o'-tiie-wisp hope leads one i.-slothn bog occasionally, this much may l:e said of il—it rarely quite deserts one until the bog is crossed,. After all, tho only real difference between laughing and crying is that in one case the corners of the mouth turn up. while in the other <;a.se they turn down. Metaphysical lexicographers itrc un- agreed as to whether fealousy is a ba o alloy of the gold of love, or whether it is n vein of gold which stamps as genuine (lie motal of love. A little bitterness with tho food, I hough it may not aid digestion, is still not bad for the soul. At any rate it is a ?ance to which one Is destined early to become accustomed. What elders so imcompromislnely dub an overweening self-conceit in a young person may in truth be but a buoyant confidence In his own ability to do what others have failed to do. CROSS-LIGHTS. Too often left—The right path. .-i handicap—Tho Turkish fez. A good boarder—Tho carpenter. Tho world's fair—Lovely woman. A short hor.so—The Shetland pony. Heforf! the footlights—Boots and shoes. Wages of Bin—The price of your laundry. Doomed to the scaffold—The hoaso- palnter. Making a note of it—Reaching the upper F. Come to light long after It was dls- covered—Electricity. His Unlndky Dny. "I tell you what it is," said a Brooklyn man, "J am firmly convinced that every man lias his particular days foi Rood and .bad hick. Monday is my un lucky day. I liavo been watching it for twenty years and uo.hino; can shako me i i tills belief. I never "begin any enterprise, 110 matter how trivial. or start on any journey on that day The i of ore I make Monday an off day, and do nothi, g but putter around tl'n house. Even iu these little a£fai.> everything goea wrong. Take the rets ord of last Monday, a fair average, and be convinced: "Smashed linger while nailing board on fence. "Fell down cellar stairs with coal scuttle. "i-'c-ll ovor wheelbarrow while carrying step-ladder. "Sat down on chair where ohildrei, had boon pulling taffy. "Got swindled by peddler. "Got thumb pinched in gate. ''Dropped smoothing ii on on foot. "Baby got out in yard nnd was butted by strange goat. "Tn:: man called. "While eating supper square yard ol wifeg fell on dining table. "Went to bed to escape further dis aster. Had nightmare. Thought I waf falling from top of Eiffel Tower. Fe^l out of bed and broke arm. Looked a{ clock and saw it lacked fifteen minutet of midnight. Laid still till clock struck twelve. Was afraid if I moved befort Tuesday was ushered in would ha-»t broken neck. "Yes, indeed,'" concluded th° man, "Monday is iny unlucky day, and I approach ii with feelings'aldn to terror/ —JWvr Yorh World.' A Walking Golden Ku!c. He was a good young man: He didn't smoke, he didn't chew; the taste of liquor never "knew. No card ever touched his hand ; he never broke the sixth command. He ,' was a good young man: In billiard rooms ' was never found, noi frecjuehted the base-ball ground. He didn'ti dance, nor banjo play: no nauglfty word would ever say. He Was n- good young man'- Ho wa.s a walking golden rule, and taught a class ir] Sunday-school. He lived just like ar''old-school Quaker. In fact, was quite 'a, AVauamaker. He' was a good young man: Yet when-He skipped, without ta-ta, with the ImnkVfunds to Canada, the whole town cried, as you may know, with shaking heads. "I (old you so!" But he was a good young man! W«.' Averted. "If you jab Unit umbrella in my eye again, as you have done twice already," said the mau iu the brown overcoat. 'fiercely, "you'll get a broken head!" "It was as much your fault as mine," retorted tho mnn in tho gray ulster. _ If you -want to kick up a fuss about it, just sail in. I'm insured for $100 a week in tho .Scrappers' Self-Protective Mutual Association, and I'm neliing for a broken head." The man in the brown overcoat looked fixedly at the other. Evidence of a severe mental conflict were visible in his face. At last ho spoke. "You're safe," he said. "I'm an agent for that company." The Undertaker Ahead. Brown—I learn that Old-man Take- adrop came on!, ahead in that ten- dollar bet he made with .Tonkins, the undertaker. Jones—You arc mistaken; it was Jenkins who came out ahead. Brown—Why.didn't Takcadrop drink the half-gallon of liquor in accordance with the terms of the wager V ' Jones—Yes. Brown—And didn't Uie undertaker hand over: the tea dollars? Jones--las, but Jenkins came out ahead uevisrtheless, for he got a hundred dollars for burying him— ??ew York 7Ve,v;y. " ' CURES PERMANENTLY U30ES R^:: WOO^ Ft-il I'roru n v !-rr.-->;i P ; ,j e . u Hl-!t(. r Ot-.i-.riticil. I jvas Wcto.1 h/a nm'r, 1 ,':;-^ ftj^a ould i,.,t wulkW threu <!"J v« !'!•„( fc-trti-vS eeks, but St. Jacobs Oil cured 1:10 r-rMmJ,. t }.k? _ __ i.. .LA;.'',.iD01.'- Weeks ... TIIECHAHLE3 A. VOGELEU CO., Baltimore, 'M, ELY'S Cream Balm 's tlie Alliij-s Vain and Inflammation, UcalstlicSores Itcstores tlie Sen ses of Taste ami SruelJ Try tlie Cure U nprecedented Attraction t)ver a Million Distributed Louisiana State Lottery Co. ucatlonT.ran'lVh 1 ' 7 !,'?? r-^s'nture, for Ka phf™ ™ r» "writable purpos™. and Its Iran- ?i,m i^?i-Q a i Wirtofthn pr»f«.t State Constltu- ttOQ, In 18i9, by nn overwhelming popular vote. MOORE'S They act, ta tho Blood. BU<! ™ f 1 " atlTe - tami, RKAWINGti take place Semi- <rvf"'r v ' it,Wl?.f "'' DwniH-r), nnd its WHAM) ^h :; t , I<t l? IBl!;u BKAWtNfcs take place in nH drV e . 0tller H en mcilths ° r the year, and an- NewOrlKms'l!;" ' '" ""' ^™""". T <"' Music, FAMED 'FOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity of its Dpawlngs.and Prompt Payment of Prizes Attest^ as Follows: and in person manage nnd control the DrSwlmre themselves, and that tne same « re conducted Iwtb honesty, fairness and m ? ood fuith toward aS par l< S',»" n . d we , auc ]>orlze tfie Company to use tlj- MTtlflcate, with fao similes of our Klgiiaturro at' tacbed, In ifs udvertlEemonts " ••""iwi a YOTT3TW, SlliilU fi-mred and Kinerlv mon tv?i,. /LT,» nulTerlnt.- from tho olTecU of youihl". l!,i" t -e !" « cesses of raaturer yocra, imd nuw nii.1 li'u-lr nj'nniv visor docrcnmil nnd whu ,, re tr,rak,o<! >v ih tCTrib fe Uraln«anrt louses, you ca . Iieperniar^lilly n"«t,"S] |ti t imm^, wllh,,ot F. D. CLARKE, IW. D., IBS 8. Clark St.. CHICAGO, U.L. ieeltli is Wealth, Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, &. Impure Blood They eipel disease germa, and Purify the System Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St N.T( They PositiveJy Cure. The Great English Froncrlptlon. A successful Metiicine u««d over '/5J..R3U years in thousands of cases. Spermatorrlita, 2, T ervcus\ und Bankers will pa; all Prizes drawn in The LouMana Stat-a Lot torlas whlcij may l» prejientod at our own 85. 31. t°li:.*tK.K A. SAJ.^ . oa. lj«aS.Kiii5> Grand MoniHiy Drawing, iu the AcHilemy of MuAln. Kew Orleans TliHSdav, 5f:u i;i, ISSO Capital Prize $300,000. y BJoisarr* * Cures , . and all diseases caused by ubuse/ IBKPOIIE] indiscretion, or over-exortton. f Six packages Guaranteed in Curt wtien atlotliera fail. Aak your Drugget for'J'lic Great Encll.h PrcMrlptlon. take no Biibslitutp. One package 91. Six $5. bv mall. Write for I'^irnphlet. Addri-ss EureUu CUctulcui Ho., lii-troit. .TllcJi, Fer nalo by B. I'. Keesllng. marSdtwl; forUble. S> QiUj. »M Ur-dnnr, PARKER'S HASS BALSAEVJ Clc.-insi.-s and bsniuifics tho hair. Promotes a luxuriant growth. Novnr !•'= H to Reoloro Gray hcirtn i(j Youthful Color. "-wi;!.s I'„•,.],•„;r „„,! ],„!,. lam , 1B .: KKJ 11X1 MJO T.ISTO'J 1 l'IJ Prfes of. iJSOO.OOO U PrlEo of 1IW.ORI Is 1'iizn of W.l.VO !.-. ['rl;:s of ai(:wi i : : i'rl/cs or Prizes of of . i(l,(X)ii ani 5,000 urn. Prizes ot Prizes of Prizes of 500 are. . 300 are ad) are .. 50,0 < OO.QH 100 Prizes of $500 are sjy.i 100 Prizes of SCO are _. MO'I 100 Prizes of an ;>.re .'..'..'.'. a( DJ. E O. Wut'i Ntrw ud Brmln Treatment, . ffn*r«ntoen specific for Hyaterta, Uircneas Oon- Tnluiont, FIta. N«rrou§ NanraVi*, Boadaoh*. Nervoai Pro.tr.tloD canned by tbe two of alcohol or tuoiM!co._tVak,fBln»M, Hmtal Deprewloa. Sort- coin* o; tbe Brain roalllng ta iniwmlty and load- log to misery ,dto»y and d«»th, l>rem«tnre Old ago, Burrenuati, Eon'ol power In either "- InvoIuntBT} Lofisei aod Spermstorrboan oftus nvel -ezortlnn nf tha lii.Bln n&i* .!._«_ uiiarj oMei tod Spermstorrhosn osMedn 01101 eiortlon of the briln. Mlf^tase or over-ui -Iul««nc». Each box cental™ one moath'a tr«t- m«n*. tl.OO a brn, or tix bo>«. {or te.OO. sant bj mall prepaid on receipt WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES Tncacoan/ 5w». With uch order rer | ywl b an fur «ti box«t, accompanied wlth>? ' - , we tri M*at ton pnrcbaaor our writUn guacf ,n»eto refon Owt^U' th ° treatment dow not effect a c£« Sole Ap*nt tor ItOganipcxt. unnatural '. hours. "*& Gonorriiea in 3 days. No Strict lire NoPaia. SURE ^Adopted bythcUer- miinGovernmenti'or Eiospital ScArmyuse P.S.C. i3 put up for American trade " n a patent bottle hoW- Ing syringe {sc« cutj At druggrsts, Sl.OO, including Syringe, or ,., tj • . j -icnt.seQled, forSLIC 1 ho Von HohlCompany, CincinsatL CWft SoleAmcricai) *« B g. KESSLIKG, Agent, LogansiKJrt, IndL HINDEE7CORNS. ThftonlymiroCnreforCorns. Stopflall pain. Ensures comfort to tliofect. 15c. at Driig^rists. Hisoox &Co. f N. Y, ising from defective nutrition. Tiite iu time. 60c. and 31.00. 52L IB OAMC.E .''. ScVCTIll yoiLI>:ilgoI u'UMtvillm! luwea ,.>.., •. 'omuii who limlu malignuiHlorni of cuimcr:... Ijcrfool. TIiucanuersiHiw M'orsemnler tiic].n'- scribed trentiinint, nml tho tost and one sidt D: tlie loot were :it icuyili eulvn onlirely mvj:v. Tho patient coiil<J i;ut. hnvc survived nincli loi:. ger, but 1 oomnu'iiccrt (!i« uyc of Swift's f.pi-. clfie, ana il cured her sound well. That « us tlirets yeiu-3 ago, innl Uiere lias been m> rv- .urn of the disease-, r regard Swift's Specific a most cxi;cr«ait rneilieiiie for blond disenses, ns it.s tomlei.cy is lo diivo out the poLson. Mnthcrviile, Miss. Wsi. K STABO M n CANCER OF THE TO5TGTJE. For three or four years I had an eating sore on my tongue that made a considerable hole In it I became alnrraed lit its profnes?, and went to Atlanta for treatment. The result was that I commenced the use of Swift's fipecllir, nnd the MI re was soon Roue, wllhnul r.tracco! it It'll. Thontaston, Ca., Mar. 14. '8H. A. l.r.\vi-i. Troatist? on CHiieer maiU:il tree. Swirr Sfsarx Co.. Drawer;!. AMuutu. t;» CHSCHESTER'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. Bed Cross Diamond Brand. Tho raly reliable pill for Mis. Safe nnd anrc. Ljidicts n^k Druffalnt forthut>la> mon<l X.rnncUlu red inetallloboxe),«ale<l vtthblucrilitMn. Tukonoothcr. Bcnd4c. ("lamps) for parliculara p.nrl «*Hellef for ~ I j.nd!cv* * n tetter, far mnll. A'anw Pajwr. CbleheitcrCtoriloolCo.. Hadiion to.,i'l.lludn.Fa. GRATEFUU-COMFORTING. 999 Prleea of $100 are U09 Prizes of 1<» ;U-L> 3.134 Prizes amounting to Nom—Tickets drawing Capital Prizes arc nui entitled to teriulunl inix«!. AGENTS WANTED. For Club Rutes, or any lurtlwr ini'orniiUion dtv sired, write legibly to tho iinderslgiieti. cl.jarlr rtatingyour ri'Sldencewith slate, couiity.streetunil number; iiore rajjld return mall di'livery will be assured by your enclasinsnn Envelope bear !ng your full address. IMPORTANT. Address TS A [:>•*. C'S-^StSJIX J m jic.f<- 4/i-loxutn, t.-.,. By ordinary letter, roiitaliilnK";no"4-v Ordci- issueu by all Express Companies, New York 'Exchange. Draft or Postal Note. Address Registered Letters NKW is COLD tfEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION L173. Nos. 303—4O4—I7O—GO4. ( I THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS.! ,^ r rr ^' fc EYES Do ycKE 1 Oivn Byoillir, a* IIonn:. . fur Jjtr..|,..-i , ;-,r .-' • - • «rf.ir f ! , .. . • ' ,. . Tht-v-i' • Ben llsher, 811 Vourth street. New Orleans, La. .'.si, mat Uie uaynteiit of Prlzw - •• -' „ „ - '•'' wAXUlw ol New Orleaos, unu tlie Tickets ;ue slRiietl by tlie rTiwident o/ an Inatl tutlon, wbu.ip chartered rlgLM nn- reiMgnlzed ii the highest (lourts; therefore Iwwiire ofalllm Itatlona or iinonymous schemes." OTXK n»LL.AR Is the price uf the smallest parlor fraction of iiTicket(f!»K« «:i> Jtv 1 >. In any Drawing. Anything In our name offeree for less than a Dollar is aswlmile. CAUTIONJS Take no Bhoea nnlua \V. JL. DonielBs.' nnne »pd price are stamped on th« bottom. If the dealer cannot Bupnly ;on, •end direct to factory, enclosing sdrvrlued price. •wno has a diseased liver Is to at onco tato proper ffieans to euro it. Tho function the Liver Is So- Bigncd to perform, and on the regular execution 01 which depends not only tho general health of tha tjooy,, bat tho powers of the Stomach, Bowels, .crawl, and the whole nervous system. aaoTro it^ Vast and vital importance to*human healtli. made by J.LEMING BUOsT, Pittebnrrt , nao according to directions they will cure you promptly anff permanently. Around each bo;; is P wrapper giving full description of tho symptoms oi a diseased Liver. Thcycanbehadofdrug|l3ts. "(SfBoiv-are of CorraiEErjnis ninde in St. LDUJS.-^-; CURE f° r ASTHMA Catarrh ley Feier, Dipltlioria, Mousing Gonili, Croup and Gomon Colds. PP common dod by Physicians aod sold bv glata tUroughont tbe world. Send for Ereo Sample. HIMEOD MAK-UF'G CO., SOLK PEOPEIETOES, 191 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. FOR Tho only Fic.a Calf Seamless $3.0O Shoeia the •world.v/ith a smooth Innersole. Ho Tacks, Nails or Heavy Seam of Thread to liurt the tect and wear out StocSngs: une- Gcnuine unless Stamped'o QERKIHS & 10YCE $3. SHOE WARRANTEE M. GRAFFiS, ILoganspcrt Ina A Scieniific and Standard Popular Medical treatise on thoKrrorsof Youth, PrematureDecliue,Nervous and Physical Debility, Impurities of the Blood, Hop Bitters—Seeing the Other 1 FLEMING BROS., IVORY a r.Tr'' •&"=? Ju^iiltniirtroin Foll>, Vice, Itjnornnee. KxcL-ceee or Oviiitaxutloii. Knervatlng one! unlitlin^ tho victim Tor \Vork, Bnwin'-BS, tho Marriod or 8or,ial Relation. Avoid ui,skilful pretenders. Possess thin great Trorli. it contains 30'i pages, royal 8vo. .B»'outlflil .inid.ng, enibofsed, fnU gilt. Price, only $l.l'0 by inuil, post-paid, concealad in plain wrapper, lllna- -ritLivc Pi'oepectus Free. If you apply now. The ll»tinctii«hed author, Wm. fl. Parker, If. D., re- aivcd the COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL .Yom tha National Medical Association. •or >ho pi?IZ£ ESSAY on NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr. ParkerandocOrpl •>f Afif«i^!>nt rhyBiciaca may be consulted, eoaQ- tontinljy, by rmtil or In person, at the •fflce of I'HK J'KAHOI>Y MEDICAL INSTITUTE, So. 4 iinifliurti St., iio*ton. Maa«., lowbomajl *rde,r» tor book* cjr Jetton for advice fluoufed. b»- W. L. DOUGLAS 93 OHWE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf, Heavy Ijuod Grain and Cr*ed. moor Waterproof, ISeBt In the world. ISxaxnine hit 95.OO GENUINE HAND-SEWED 8HOK. J4.00 HAN1>-SEWK1> MVKLf SHOE. B3.no POI.ICK AND FA ETHERS' SHOE. •2.BO EXTRA VALUE I JAI.F SHOE. •2.gf> & ft WOBItlNG.lEN'.S SHOES. •3.0O and •l.fs BOYS* SCHOOL 6HOE8. All made In CoDgrem, Button and Lace. $3 & $2 SHOES L/ 81.75 SHOE FOK MISSES, it Material. Belt Style. Bert Flttln*. Douglas, Brockton* MM*. Sold b7 SWISS CONDENSED MILK R1GI BRAND GENUINE SWISS CONDENSED MILK, Guaranteed tlie richest and purest milk roan- factur«J, contalnlns over 10 per cent, of butter. Children and InTalhls will thrive wondei 1'tiUy. and families will find Its use more eeonomlesl than ordinary-cows nilHt. see your grocer gives you genuine Rig! Swiss CondenseO Stllk. Imnort JAMES P. SMITH, Now York and Chicago. BRIOHTINE . I'OSITIVK cum; FOB Correspondence •olU!K.-<l,Ta!usWo uformatlou free. Jsu»l discount to IB II KIOIIT'H ',HK<r.(.o -nfl bimlivl 1VST. T. J.fNIM, •?;•»• a; <•«., '5 *ili?u>n!4 WHAT T i HAVE YOU PAltlH ____ :ml and NEEVOtra tWesknenofBodynndHtBtl, Sffcctn Hot>o»t, Nohle UeserIptlv*'Doo^ . racrlptlrj Dool, »Jtriu,«ilon am! unwr.r m-i>d (w»:<j<l) fm>, -««.. ERIE ffiSBiCfU. OO., BUrFAF.C^N. V, For Bomo of tbe cholceat lanria in \VESTEKN KANSAS, both clear and incunjbered. iniprovml Kndunlwprored. t3T"Seitu furOar ».l«t ofprop.- crty thflt we will KxchamK« FW I<A5i]>. KKM- II»fc.\CE8, MKKCHAJilMSE AAI> I.I » JE STOCK. Address A. K. PAHKEB, Eaalno. New OoutitT. K»nsn«. •MPU YOUNG, r.Tisr.Ln: AGED or OLDI ill I" 19 Zhavoap-:'.::rorr-^::.- n r fcr nil di B e»8D* 111 •••« rOAulL^riT it 1 !--?! tinv-i-.i oi' youi-u in'ulsore- JonBoreicw 5 "!:; I^viJ t;?. '••\\-r:''-:-,\i ra v/iiHinitrtny ioT»r-irp-iv"",';oi-~ ? >•'*'> •• r. '. i -• ;V : ^? i'rs'.ct'S any iifffemv I*-"-'* f -"*' ' ' rv ••' • •'• • ••> {VHUP WANTED for OR v scorns UMH I C.EJ beaumJi Electric *" T * -'"nniefree to thove be- »<i WOMEN L ".,KMi;>.i.j.:.. A Chicago druggist retailed "2000000 of B. P. Keesiine 1 and Cullen & Co.,sole Agents in Lopanfiport. COIHFO^TABLK and far 3dla By L>eadlng Daalero. U'lfi. SBlJj 17 WJL BABZEU, I'wy.U.-i ;5!^;»fr»^^fi!^B2iiiKi*&Mi^^

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