Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 7, 1892 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1892
Page 7
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NOW TAKE YOUH PICK, j body in the world. I shan't worry a bit I about him. And he looks so handsome, | and he makes such an imposing figure ho walks down the street, that I Prominent Ladies Cfscuss Their Husband's Professions, j do:l . t o:lre .-j uch ^^ hc does _ Ma: I am clad that hs is going to act now, ires Giro the irith Foilo-iviaj; ;::;;>crlp:icc3 t!io View cf Assisti^j; Other Women Ti'ho w;.<::i to l-c .i;ar- I'ic'J—A f-orloua Subject. oc---! rolieroau tbotroiiUjfl JscT* fiect to £ blliOEji fliato of liio 37010^1, caoii ss ZHsiaeKi, Kansca, Di-o\ralQeai, IMotreos aficz sating. Ma in the £lc!o, ts. Wldlo tkcirmosS rinbio success liaa but-a chcra-c In cnr'.T'g , ... „ . _ eorrcctnlldioord c-30,'thooioioach^ttoulats the liver acdiegulitcthobowela. livoalf they only cored lAdothcy'ffonld'bo&tooatpricclcaatothoso-wta I Bnfror f rom lltis diuirossing complaint; but t orto HmtolytlicirgootlrjceedoesuotGndhoro.andtlioso ,tvho oncotry them will find tbooo llttlo pills •roltz- itblola no many v;aya that they will not bo wll- Siag to <2o without tiicin. so many livaa that lioro la wliors iT70nial:o our grcit boast, OurpiHscuroitwhUa . i Cartcr'o Llttlo Liver Pills nro Tory small and < very csey to talio. One or two pills nmko a doso. Ehcy are strictly vcge'^iblo cud do not gripa or purRC. but by tiiolr yen tlo action pleaaooll who itisothom. Ic vialoat 25cenifl; fivefor$2. Scl3 ! iby firagK^ 13 everywhere, or scut by mdj. CARTER MESICINE co., New York. SMALL PILJL, SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE ICOPTKJCET. 1K-.1 "It ;-. '.crtainly time to thin!-; of settling i w:; in life, and I suppose I ought t-> decide about ay. husband's profess:..: " Such is the reflection cf the Gumn:.: ^ rrl v.-ho is about to flutter into winter sr. briety. "What a nuisance! Hut 1 must decide. Let me see —a barker—bo-ar.d to bo rich when I marry him. but not sure enough to escape thc.se awful crashes. A lawyer? He has to keep things from his clients and he'd learn to fib to me. That will never do. A doctor? Knows a lot, but he would have too marsy pretty patients and I'd never be sure why he stayed out so late. Xo. indeed. A minister? Well, he could never grow sporty, but there I couldn't have fun either. 1 shan't be ?* minister's wife. A broker? Moremoncv than the others, but I don't enjoy bulls and bears vamping around. A politician? Oh! dear! I can never decide in the world. I'll be an old rnaid before I make up my mind." The summer girl will find an answer to her questions here. And she mav rr'y upon the advice, as it i:; given from the actual experience of wives whose husbands are at the top cf their professions. becauss actors are received in better society than boxers." This reflectively j and with due consideration. "Mrs. Corbett, the disadvantages of being the wife of a man who engages ia matching won't form a. very satisfactory article. Can't yon mention something distinctive and concrete that the public will remember?" '-Xo, I can't do it, Jim is as good as gold, and a wonderful success. Anything- else doesn't matter to rnc. Have I told you all you want to know?" Her IlasbancZ's . i'ai:iin ih'j JJuuk rui'l ftll wutAiui; C. 1 byo^r'J^of loata. f'Pr oxertif'n c-r uao cC tobnCRO, opinto nr i:titnuli" 1( nr.tolv Jond to coSKiimMicu, jnHL-.:.:.- tloltt nfc?l J*ir bnr. si.T f'.r :.^, wuli ti • ty.'j j to curn or irivnuv riiiuiidn.l. Cii. t>7iroi!!^<i'Ttiont. IT I 0 '-'.'. ..ultli-e"-.. Siis!!CTl A«"'ir'"".->". K3 )>ciQT"fvi :'.• , THK (.JKNTIM ^pm m tho yfcniQ.1. ' Provided the great Organs ed, thoro ore few diseases that 59i P-iyr;!cia:i'3 Disad- Durinjr r. Cholera. L'.ST at present I • j _ >. in not euro. Ey their action the I:' •I.Ivor, thoSplocn, the Heart and the i Kltlnoys arc brought into hnnnonious .action, nnd bottltri, vigor ofinunl nnd Sbody follow tliolr ««o. BOHO small, t Price, 25o. O21co,39Parl;riaco,N. Y, MANHOOD RESTORED. "SANATIVO," tb9 Wonderful Spanish Remedy, la sold with a Written Cuorantea to euro all .Nervous Discuses. ouch fts Weak Jlomory, Loss of Eroln Tower, Hcndnche, R»Before & After Use. '" Photographed from life. v a n t a ges. In fact. I have had so little occasion to see Dr. Jenkins of late that I have but little love for a phy- si cian ? s life; that is. during a cholera epi- d c in ic. But I must admit that that is a period which would hardly be admitted into the ^ argument. So I will not consider it. An act i v e physiciar needs some one about him to regulate him, so to speak. I find that his great cst disadvantage is in his extreme readiness to answer the calls of even the mildly sick at all hours of the d and night, to sacrifice his own health for the health of others. Otherwise the physician makes a good husband and I would advise young ladies to set theii caps for them." Coi-IietD Would Xot CliSR.ic Pine v.-lth the Prcsitlc.-jt's IVllo. P.S. COKBET fl u s h e d w i : the triumph i her hu s b a n d's , ]iood, Ken-ousncsfl.Las- Rttuile, all drains and loss of power of tlio Generative Orpins lo „ _. ___ either ECS, ctiuscd by \ over-exertion, youthful Indiscretions, or the'cicesslva i'nsaof tobncco, opium, or etlmnlantj, which ultlrnatcly :! lead to Inflrmlty, Consumptloa and Insanity. Put up fin convenient form to cam- in the vest pocket. Price 'i |l n pnckngc, or G for $5. with every $5 order we give a " written guarantee to euro or refund the jrnonoy. Sent by mail to anyaddrcBS. Circular ureo Eta plain envelope. Mention this pupcr. Address, |! MADF1ID CHEMICAL CO.. Branch Office for U. 3. A. 1 S5S Dearborn Street, CHICAGO, ILL. FOR SALE IN LOGANSPORT, IND., BY ||W. H. Bringhurst, DrugRist aiul Apothecary, 30! Market Street. i HOFFMAN'S HARMLESS HEADACHE POWDERS. ffie Best. ALL HEADACHES. 'licy are not a Cathartic For sole by Ben Fisher. Mackenzie's Vegetable Tablets arc tt po*lt!vo am pcody euro for All forms of Female AVo:tkue>«. •asytouso—no medicine to swnliow—cure certjiin ensj 'action truc.ranttrd. Price SI.o«i>er box. Sent. ymallseonrcly sealed upon rccolpi of price. A rcatlso on Diseases of Women, free. Address %, J-XSIES CSLEMiCJJL, CO., I'eoi-Iii.'jli. Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored. "Woftkncos. Ki;rvou»ne.i», Bcbllltj-. and nl. cyrnta of cvtls from early errorsorldter eicesses. £0 results of overwork, sickness, -srorry, eta. Full •Jreastii, development, and tone frtvcn to every oson natl portion of tio body. Simple, nethocSs. Inimedlstu Improvement seen. tnposstblo. 2.1WO references. Bt>ok. ex asa prwjts raMled (sealed) Treo. .Address MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO, H. Y. i Advertising. •'4? you wish to advertise anjthlnc aruwSer? at .any Uaie writa to GEO. P. SO WELL & Co., J>o ! I Spruce St., New Yort TOTICB. TO CANVA SSBKSand eEXSRil ,» AGENTS—ix>n't devote yocr life to enriching iDllshers. Deal direct K-MI tie maEufactnreK 1 the laigest, mid most varied and tosteat selll'iE jistof DetvcishsnbscrlptionJjooSs eitent. 60 "O S CRZOIT at mannfactuiers' bottom whole;le prices, without ordJnsir publishers' , M3L ; xclasive ter-ttorr. Our lS£i osrer Is orlg cm n>i d {jprecedented in the book trede. -Address, for i'mstrated Catalogue and JuU particulars, • --brers'Syndicate, Box 1565 u T. •« was charmingly acquiescent when I asked her tn tell me what it meant to be the wife of the world's champion heavy weight. "I will tell you any-: thing you wish, but it is all so new yet to me that I scarcely know what to say. Perhaps you think I ought to be fright- full;,' nervous after the tension of the big fight, but I'm not. Of course I'm awful glad he won, too. I'm not rnivjh surprised. You see I was so confident all along: and I felt it ia my bones that science must win in the end." "The public was not with you tlicre?" "Oh. "l know that Sullivan hat! been the champion for so long. I believe in my husband, though. At first when he decided to enter the profession I couldn't bear the thcurht. It isn't a bit respectable, I suppose, butto-dav—" I and here M:-;=. Corbett looked at me with f. dcte;-;r.in:\l scrio'-'-saess, "Ji:;i wouldn't chani-o places with the president. That incar.?, ; wouldn't change, places with the president's wife.." Ar.d Mrs. Corbett's :-'.';-vi:vcsncss vanished as she lifted her blo-de head and opened her blue eyes with ;i jav.^hin™- chal- reeeiving proof Gilroy Unovrs All Secrets. IIE wife of a leader w hose word is weighty in the secret conclaves of Xew York's municipal government must be, first of all, discreet. Therefore, it would not be strange if her re. quircmcnts should be at variance with her nature, nor unnatural if her instincts sometimes topped her training. But Mrs. Gilroy, whose husband is a, commissioner of public works and (what is much more) an influential member of Tammany Ilall, met me with cordial contentment in her manner and a hint of discreet reserve beneath it. She had weighed the matter and had long since reached conclusions concerning the lot of a politician's wife; yet she would not consider pros and cons without a definite understanding as to detriment resulting or benefit accruing thereto. "Well, I scarcely know what I had best tell you. Of course, there arc advantages and disadvantages in being the wife of a politician. For one thing, his calls take him away from home a great deal. And his worry with the blame he receives from all sorts of unreasonable people make it necessary that home should be bright, cheerful and unbusinesslike. Perhaps some politicians are irritable, but Mr. Gilroy is'a great home lover, and his annoyances disappear when he greets us all at night. I remember, once, though, that he asked me to pray that it would rain. He said he was tired of being blamed v.-hen the water supply was deficient. I don't interfere with my husband's business. The interest of a politician's wife must- be identical with his. If not, the two will cany on one continual campaign at home. Xow I find the wear and tear of the ordinary canvass quite enough. It's too hard to be long protracted. The life of a business man is much easier, and, perhaps, brains and brilliancy receive a greater reward in business than they do in politics. Often in the latter something une:;peeted and very fortunate happens, but it isn't steady dependence, you may be sure: but I know all his scerc-ts." and Mrs. Gilroy looked Sphinx-like. "Do you consider it an advantage or otherwise to be forced to keep them?" "It is really not so difficult, because ray husband and I are very intimate friends. I am biased, too. when lie goes into anything heart and soul. The only course is for me to follow. Then you don-'t "meet the danger of growing apart in your interests and ambitions.' 1 "Do you think a woman should possess convictions which she may poll at election time?" '•No, I don't; that is, the convictions. It is uncertain, exciting, interesting from one point of view; it is disappointing, wearing-, monotonous from a different standpoint." ZNOW a lay woman cannot find the balance between such close antitheses, so I will imitate the politicians and leave the discussion to a wavering issue. .llrs. Ciari: Bell Says n. isirTcr's Tinie Is I-I-s Clients'. V K X 0 Yf o f n o profession in ^ J which the ad'" }fil vantages arc so -nly ccv?uter- he rrc-sn ecclenvor and of always asking to share m the- burdens, come" the- wSc^e or hovr thev will. _ "1^ beliova that- a clergyman's wife should aid him constantly 'with advico and give fcini constant encouragement ii she s^ him engaged ia a=y grsst work, "There are no disadvantages in the I married ilf e t;f a clergyman who is heart and soul in his calling and whose home life !5 happy. The disadvantages come altogether from the woman who would chine in society; for that is not a clergyman's function, and naturally she has few opportunities of this character. They come from the heart of the wife who has other desires. They do not exist where the work of the wife is to aid the husband—by encouragement, by advice, by srl."-abnegation. "I believe absolutely in tht correctness of my husband's views. I help him in his congregation work, and really feel that there can be no disadvantage in aclergyman'scalling.at least to the c-;cs of the wife who believes in band's great work." inspiration to the hus- , _JIcr.ry Cleu-a on I^cln^ a IZuakcr'a Y.'lfc. BACKER HAS numerous disadvantages and some a d v a n - tagcs. He loves his business too deeply. Ho would ra t h e r supervise a great financial t r a n r. a c t i o n than go to a reception or a concert or an cncra or a ball. " j; c would rather be on the right side of the market than eat a good dinner or travel in Europe. lie would rather make a successful investment than spend a summer at Saratoga or a winter in St. Augustine. Xow. you can see how the tastes of a banker's wife differ from those of her husband. My experience has been vast and varied. "When the market is excited you can expect your banker or broker husband to "be irritable. When it is dull' and too steady you can expect the same thing. When things are lively and booming the right way then the household thermometer is generally at n most comfortable point. I do not know as I would care to have my husband in any other business. When a man has his heart and soul in a profession or calling it is the duty of the wife to aid and encourage her husband, and as a rule she becomes as much interested in the tedious and at times long-dra\vn-out details of a financial transaction as her husband. She hopes with hini and she advises, she urges and she holds in check. In fact, she is happy when her husband confers with her and har>pieut when her : Take it all in ;L!! is a good deal why should :•'. tages far surpass the disadvantages 1 .'" r.Irs, SF.iari P.. t Has *ier Hands Full —the woman vrho won't use Fearline. Has her. hands full of work, and her head full of worry. Let her suit herself. If she'd rather •work hard, and keep everlastingly at it, it is nobody else's business. But that isn't all of it. The clothes that she washes, with her careless, tiresome, rub, rub, rub, are soon v.-orn out. That's your business,, if she washes your clothes., it will pay you to look:, after it. Pearline them. Peddlers ar.d some unscrupulous grocers wi" •<;"• \-^~ --.v- •'- .-« or " the sr.::is :is Pea-ike." IT'S FALSE— y.-j-ri::: ' . :'.",-'-' ; .' t '.\S saves. PLAYING It Y.'ss AH i RO3!NSON CRUSOE. ht r.t First, But Soon Became Monotonous. •'I played Hobinson Crusoe for two o::ihs once," said a St. Louis recently. "I was raised in Xcrth Carolina near the coast. and ribov.t iive miles out was a long, low island, called Plum island, beci.-.:r:e r. great deal oi that fruit grew there. I read De Foe's wonderful story V,-!K::I about twelve years of age, and clet- rmfocd to become :va island recluse. teen tipack-f. a island ;!:-. rale. re coin.; r.r ti, ^^.. „. '. Luerj i, •.: to cat: :. scow '.•:[' barr; led ealthful. Agreeable;" Oisansiflg t , C-.-!.ren Oliappad ETar-ds- Tv'o-ancls, S-jrns, Etc.-. Ivemoves and Prevents 3arLdruff. more eoy.viceing * nan words of the advantage there might lie .in being the wife oi' a puciiist.. and yet. in a moment of yielding ^confidence. Airs. Corbett gave to me another argument. "Here," she said, "is a telegram from mv husband. I've only had forty or fifty today, but isn't this one just too lovely?-' This is what I read upon the vellow sheet: "I shall never forget vou, darling, I love yon with all my heart. Jim." "That makes me want to see him. so I can scarcely wait." "But aren't you afraid to be loved and kissed bv such a great, strong- man?" I asked', impertinently, bnt smilingly, Mrs. Corbett, it is evident, cannot see the ludicrous, side of n, serious matter, for she responded without a signal of amusement: "Oh, no; I cm not afraid of Jim, he is so good natm-ed. I never met a better tempered man. Going on the stage will be pleasant, don't rou think?" "If you like that best, whv i don-'t you make him give nn—"' Here I paused helplessly, for "slugging''was ;h.e only word in the vocabulary ~oi the jentleman of gloves which was at my command just then, and that I wouldn't use in conversation with the trinnrDh- mt wife beside me, *'Give up engaging in matches," was Mrs. Corbett's euphon- ous completion of my suspended question. 'It would be too cruel Why, Jim is a "born'boxer, and now thatte is at tie head of tdsi»rof essioaaud can beat anr- ha becomes absorbed ir. it. It occv.'pi:.-; h:s thoughts day and night to the exvl^ion of everything a~d evcry- his enjr-.i-s". and ia no profession is there greater >'are taken cf the interests in- trusted to the practitioner. J saeak from experience. For instance, when ISADVAXTAG713! Doyov.hnov.-r.Ir. I. o b son? Well, you -know there really are no disadvantages to a good hnsband v.-hether his profession bo that of an actor, author, lawyer or anything else. The d i s a dvan- t a g e s always came with disagreements. O f course there are disagreeable things connected with an actor's life, particularly with one who is compelled to travel a great deal, and most of them arc. But then it is a wile's duty to be with her husband under agreeable and under disagreeable circumstances. To ivife who is compelled t and ti:;-- i.i-j.-.'-jv.ii.cv,-:; -..v:- Uut five- ;-.i;!es oi' \vat"~ twees us i:r.d t?:e n;;i::;-:: no boat. V/e ton 1 r.p '": to ro-.-crjBtru-ji, I::-.- ::.-.:\:. or.t and y.v had to Irr, the yea ?o\v! we ::hcjt ; caught, mo out. and we exclusively. I wa:i monarch of c.11 J sirr- 1 vcyed, but I would gladly huve bartered my crown for a piece <il 'cnr:: ;;one' and a rasher cf bacr.-.i. .'ir.-:i before the plums were ri-,:e a p:::-Iy came ever from the f:im to gather thorn, and I went cut of the Crusoe busfae-3 permanently.''-—St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Best for General Household Use, SP,, . . au-ht. ; ,n;! th, di-soon boc.me very j rMl lOnotonou:;. 1'!:-:• i]v ,-.v.i- ;::;wclc:- -avc &$ \\ \ - the wife who is compelled from her husbsnu the d: are numerous. Ihit. on there are as many happy >-l^--.! the whole, stage' mar. It ijlike c • "• n TS (^—• pine;:: c ; ; - La actor's ••) bi pu'ilis ptnp- Uouscworl: :is a:i ICsoreiso. To keep the complexion and spirits g-ood. to preserve grace, strength nnd utility of motion, there is no gymnasium so valuable, no exercise more beneficent in result than sweeping, dusting-. making'bads, washing dishes and the polishing- of brass and silver. One year of such muscular effort within doors, together with reg-ular exercise in open air, will do more for a woman's complexion than all the lotions and pomades that were ever invented. Perhaps the reason why house work does so much more for women than games is the fact that exercise, which is immediately productive, cheers the spirit. It Rives women courage to go on living, and makes things seem really wortb while.—Medical Record. CA32YIKG PASSEHCERS UAV? Life's Two Crops. In youti tro SOT? TS-i:e oats, but vrlxcc ""o fee! tho frcstc cf arrc Co-^s s:oi:inj over us. ".;= th;3 "• r o 30 to crowtnj si£c. —Zioctrlc Snr!: LOGAN SPOR T Hew i), dally Acoommodatloij Frt.,e^cptSur.Oi?, ;i:l5pEJ KJinClty Ex., except Sundaj- arf?r>Ei Lalayette (Pan.)Accra., exci't S'Jn;!;i7 6*8 p in' StJxjols En, dally IfliSDB Bol Klver I>:v., E.ojran»i;><jrt, 'We«t Si JSerween to:;ac»porl«nd CMLI. EAST BOC«>. Accomodatlon.Leave, except Sanday.10^0 K m Accomodatlon, Leave " " 4:40 pm WS3T AccoraodaUon, arrive, except Sunday, 9:15 a m AcccmcJatlon, arrive. •• " " my hvisband is devoting liis great cases intrusted to him . it is day and night study. It is looking up references all the time. His mind is completely wrapped up in his work. That is the disadvantage cf having a lavrver for a husband. Bnt, then, there is always an intense satisfaction in winning a great case, and that is when the family comes in for its share of the hapni- ness. I imagine all lawyers bring the joy that comes with successes right into their homes. But when they lose great cases'? Perhaps I had better drop the subject right there. Still my husband is in love with his profession. I am in love with my husband, and, logically, I must be in love with the profession. That is my woman's logic, of course," ETjrkhurst Thinks a Minister's YTIfc Is aa Ide^l life. HESE can be no d i s advantages where the wife is heart and soul in the endeavors of her husband. I believe no woman con find a.-better occupation than that of aiding a clergyman husband in Ms work, oi in- AT >OT E i tere are f;n;r.c. a.nd that is particularly the case where a husband is as devoted to his chosen work as :s mine. The public "is after him.' In other words, he .=eems to belong more to the people than to cs. Mr. Gilmorc and his ideas are, 1 admit, popular, but the -wife of an orchestra leader inust naturally suffer by very reason of the popularity. Lftlarn »2. ... .... l-.iofimond andCli)c::u,^ — - 3.05 a ra "2.00am CrOT.ii Fointand Chicago ...... • IU";< m *]2.40ara KU-. ! ;:::ond and Cincinnati... f 5.4i^!n fll.stpm Civ.vn Point, and Chicago ...... J iU!Ja m tli.soam Bnii:r«->rd;ir.(J Colniitbu." ........ • ?,<x> ;; m t 4.a)pni and Elinor...... ...... - ^siiam f 7.45 a ra .-\~;.:-r:i i;: •*-!]. l .'i-rllo and 'hLT-n ant ?.>« ' on tr.e wr.Oie. n nv !i! I can un 1 ^ ia the household as en r;>.v:ce is to -r~c young * in * i.ffipm * 1.45pm ' 1.30 D a j Marion •- ••:• -i2.i5pra '..-. ' 6.00 p-m . ui -i ?.10ria ,. MORfJlNG I FEEL BRIGHT ANC NEW AND MY COMPLEXION IS BETTER. 3 £i l ?? ctor sa?" 5 ft «a pent'.j- on the siomach, Uver and tKiceyiand^apleiLiaut laxatlre. This drink is made from herbs, and is prepared tor nee as taEllv as tea. Itlsciiled " LUBE'S 5 sell It at 50c. and $l.(ni -N5r package jne to-day. Lane's Family .Medfcine movpj tnr how*U each day. In order lo be Jiealtfay. ^I!E is necessary. J. A.i!c'.'":r;._ YandallaLIne A Tribwte to Crcatiiesj;. She—TVho is your favorite hero? He—MyEGlf.—Chicago Xews B-eecrd. IUO OTHER Sarsapsrnlahas the * ™ careful personal stipervisioa of the proprietor in all the detniis of its prepa- has HOOD'S SarsapariJIa. WANTED, "W-A>TEr>—Iniellieeat, iDOcjtrions I-fir to r subscriptions, make collections, nod attend traslness in beroivn locality. Eelerecces re<juireJ $12 PER WEEK. ~* OFFICE OF CATHOLIC PUBLICATIONS, fifth Avc. end 3Iiwllioii St^, . CHICACO, 1892 Trains I;cav-<: Lo^ansport, Ind. J-'OIi THK XOKTK. No. 5-2, £v. S-ojj. jfi.js A. if. For M. Josepfi. " " 4 - " s.*' P. 31. - fwjib E*-nd. ..G, •• ta K JL •• £-. Joseph. " CD. Iocs: Freiubi K.r. f-a .. 5.0J JL M. FOU THK -JOI:TM. No. J>i, £z. sen. 7.34 A. 3T. ?or T»rre Hante. " S">, " 2.5fl p. *:. " "'o, " G.a KM. " " 39, Local Freight Es. Sun. 3.30 A. 3L For complex Time Card, glTlnc all trains anfl .Ttatlons, and for lull infonr.aion es to -islet ttrouyi cars, etc., MCKfJ, J. C. EDGEWORTH, Agent, OR J. 31. CHESBKOCTGH, iss't General P«s»nCTr Asenl, v t Louis, SJo lo iccrod^ce a series of v aaonalnroric! Ilb<;icn;to tlAMCB P. DOWHS. fUBUSHOt, MANHOOOi -'tat the ejmple tr«g> utrntwhkhniddeaioan - Mnfc win ceruUnly cure nd Salty dereJopc fioy T&e recipe Mil hc>. avoid --qcsclCF JOIIE «uf.r,i*¥3 ro Wlito ttairip. WM. IH'TLKK. ik

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