Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 7, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1890
Page 5
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DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. One Solid Week, Commencing Monday, May 12th, on a Thomas Don- nt!l present rioutbcca Dra JnOtlu ijt •"•"•J *-*.ILI i S, In tlvo acts, entitled. THEOCTOROON Or, Lile in Louisiana. The Orchestra wUl * -miter th«, f'ltaiige of lilay wiuli cyi-a SCALE O onuwaiuiwcenu at.kMalliig - rtnras Store. PRICES: Rwetved Scuta on Snle Real Estate For Sale orTrade In all parts of the City. Residence at all prices. Business Houses. Tacant Lots. Exclusive Sale of Johnson's "Riverside dition". 20 Vacant Lots on Broad way and North. { Bargains in Lands cloj to the City. I E N. TALBOTf Real Estate Broker, '\ St. Elmo Block. Broadwi A.d- B. M. Me Mi He Plciures, Stationary, Hammocks, Croquets Picture Framing \ SPECIALTY. Xe. SSOT - - Market St. aprlSd&wly "The first sodawater of the season at Pryor's. Miss Minnie Anderson of Indianapolis is in the city visiting relative s. S. A. Henderson and Emmet JonPS, Pan Handle freight brakemen, ure aoh laid up with smashed lingers. SMrs. J. D. Johnston departed for Springfield, Ohio, yesterday isit to her sister,|Mr». on. Marion Chronicle, Monday: Mrs. B. F Louthaio, of'LoRansport, who has been the guest of Mrs. J. M. Wallace for several days, returned home this afternoon. Col. Briaghurst.mourns the loss of lis old buggy horse wbirih had donp his bidding so faithfully for the past seventeen years. The old li-orse lost his breth last Sunday evening- Three young boys were caught in the act of breaking into the Winlcle- bleek residence on Broadway Mon day night and frightened away. Tut youiijj rascals had partly raised one of the windows and were about to crawl inside when discovered A drunken hoodlum created a little ripple of excitement last night about midnight by firing a revolver off in front of Pryor's drug store onBroad- way. Merchant Police Hutohins took the fellow's gun away from him but did not place him under arrest. The lovers of base baseball canno fail to appreciate the fact that tho Journal furnishes tho score of the Players' League, National League . ^Xw.fMMo.H.u Association games bj A specially in.tho show wtuuOiv %..,*-",£> .Broadway art furnisher consists of a two-panel folding .screen, three foot higli, made of ehonized wood. Inside there are two shelves for brio-a-brac. The panels wo glass, stninnd wood and carved leather. Enameled jmvolry is by nu mc-uns out of date, hut tho violet, pansy, marguerite, or wild I'o-.iC has had its day. Now the orchid loads. There aro no less than a, dozen to ohoose from for a lace pin, in tho heart of which a solitaire of sorno sort is burled. In headgear flower bonnets take the load most decidedly. They can be without nuraber, wreathed with roses, violets, heather, and jjoppies. Bonnets without crowns aw equally popular. Gen. Henry C. Dwlfiht has been elected Mayor of the city of Hartford, Conn. It is intimated that Gen. Mahono would accept the position of American minister to Braxll. Tho Chinese Emperor recently made n, journey accompanied by a rotinue of 10,000 persons. Michael Davitt is to take tho editorship of a London new weekly paper devoted to labor. Senor Pierola, the ox-Dictator of Peru, has been committed to prison for attempting to stir up a riot In Lima. Dora Pedro has refused to accept the proceeds of the forced salo of his Itrazil- ian property ordered by the Provisional government. Senator Stanford has retired from the presidency of the Southern Pacific railroad in order that ho may give more time to tho affairs of his University. It is roported that in contrast with Bismarck's policy Emperor William tends to pave the way lo cordial tlons with France, am! thus i-obtfl Russia. The Empress of Austria, who is out of health, lias presented her wedding-dress to tho statue of tho VirRin Mary, to be worn by tho sacred imapco during tho month ol' May in St. Matthews' church. Kov. T. L. Ci.iyler preached his last sermon as pastor of tho Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian church in Brooklyn on Easter Sunday. In tho course of his thirty years pastorate Dr. Cuylov said he had preached '•3,7f>0 sermons, delivered many hundreds of public addresses, made 20,000 pastoral visits, and published 3,800 articles in various periodicals, Prince Bismarck was tho recipient of an enormous number of presents on the occasion of the seventy-filth anniversary of his birth. The gifts included two mastiffs, foriy-threo drinking mugs, •..over a hundred long pipes, meerschaum "JiuJ.wood; three hunting guns, many didn'tads of tobacco, a large arm-rtiiah of licric- of horns, several dozen canes, In toucWcrablo packages of preserves, cakes, sixth\candles sent by farmers' wives, bar jj e jof egffs, sides of bacon, half a sheep i £iij idieino chest containing a dozen bot , Jot some wondorfnl euro for rheuma I . e< i, ( A hair pomade, brushes, cushions aicm tf ajK | an en Q rmO ii S salmon fron !iangb\g s .jnong recent deatha is that of Will a , .WJalloway, believed to be the oldes class ifinotivo engineer In the Unitei like ar(, Sj w ) 10 ran tno tj rs t engine over th quite/d'.more & Ohio railroad. He was born •wltimoro oJ English parents SI year began his railroad career i MONEY TO LOAN! 4ad Notes Bought In any sum OTer $25 at lowest rates, targe amounts 6 percent. GEG.B. . since Raynes died, the body is perfect state of preservation so care- » jlig 9ixtoen (, r j ps the action a week, making In all about as,372 trips. "It is said that only The It. P. Itall. The second annual ball given by ivision 26, U. R. Knights of Pythias t the rink last evening w:is nn nri- ualifled success. The ririk h«cl been ery tastefully and beautifully deco- ated for the occasion and The floor ,'aa never in a better condition for ancing. At 8:iJ8 the Uniformed Hank head- el by the new K. }>. band inarched n a body to tin-- rink nnd an ' liihibi- iou drill was given which •vvitsloudly applauded by the already large rowd which had gathered at the ink. The promenade concert by the new band was a ery delightful feature of thu early part of tho evening. At lalf past nine tho grand march was called and from that time until a ate hour, with, an intermission at midnight for supper, tho inerry-mak- ng was kept us. Steinharl/s orchestra furnished the music and Will Custer acted as prompter. The management of the ball in every department was all that could be asked and the Uniform Rank is complimented on the success of their second annual ball. The proceeds of .ast night's entertainment will go towards purchasing uniforms for the ne-w K, P. band. Lonvlt'K AUi.Hlon Mold. (Jhas. N. LotiBks, who purchased the Smith farm lying just west of the city, the other side of the junction, and platted th» same in city lota, has concluded that his investment j*as not a wise one and has iold the property, thirty-! ve acres, to William and John Rehwald, the butchers, for §3,000. Mr. Loueks spent considerable money on his West Side addition and sunk more than he probably cures to admit ou the gas well, only to find that the city was not quite ready to build out in that direction. The tv/nnty aores lying just east of the city which ilr. Loucka bought at the same time he has disposed of the J. T. McNary. A NEW YOBK doctor says that yon can make a man believe that his liver is out of order "when you. can't mate Mro believe that there is a hereafter for hi." soul. The human liver is dosed ninety- nine times -where it needs it but once. N T I C E During the next thirty days *ve will abstain from ten cents a line locals and all other advertising- outside of the contract space except in our Show Windows and price tickets attached to Bargains an>d. displayed on sidewalk in fr^nt of store and inside i. of store and By Word of Monti! For Grown people we have Websters Dictionaries which we present to purchasers of certain amount of either Clothing Men and Boys Boots and Shoes or furnishing goods. We give smaller presents with individual articles in various lines as for instance With Childrens'. Clothing a first class Base Ball outfit. We have the finest store and stock outside of Indianapolis in the State. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course:" A. E. SMROYER, i'errnorly «£ Elliott, Sbroyer to Co., 0. M. CROSS, lonr.arly -SchsoU ft Ce., Uul&uaij^l eleol3diw6m MONEY TO LOAN, . ,,;jv nun ittsuwJjOWTreT rnwa .Private iuud* •-'v I'/m-y alwaye in bnurl. IS'o roil topo or cle- -,. iawirwri «u<S principal payable in LORSJU^. .-*•!; Mpeoiul urrbnsoraonts an to payment oi r; t LJi;-MAndintoro6t,niiMleto salt the wtehen o\ '.-•ma-ar "£\;r Curtbor perUualerH apply io Fred W. Munson, * lorj.-i e.; ui* Bsd Cnlttd Btoton Commissioner, MONEY, -.?«ar.»?r8i lueacanca nnd Loans. All Jrlnda o( In* urAT.c^ plHcM In tiretclflns companies. Endow- i"?i?t ••oltc'lCB pnrchiifiud, Bonds tit auretysi.. vMit"-:: {or pun-ties holding poaltienB nf tcoei 3J9 ST. Closson Dally Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING MAY. THE 1VKATHEIC. D. C., May 5.— Ifoi- Indiana- Warmer; ?»rlable winds; lair except preceded i northern portion by light reins; warmer, weiithor Thursday. fair .To Mr. and Mrs. George Weoht, a daughter. Dr. J. 3. Burton, of Royal Center, was in the oicy yesterday. Harry Buchanan lias gone to Kansas to take a position an a roilroad. Michael Bligh has returner] from New York where he was visiting Each fluid ounce of Kinport, beef, •wine and iron, contains two ounces of fresh lean beef. 8 Mrs. E. A. Hall and daughters departed last evening for St. Joseph, Mich., where they will take possession oC their cottage for the summer. C. O. Heffley of the Golden Rule .Dry Goods store, returned from New ."York yesterday where he has been for the past tea days purchasing gppds. "., ;.'Kr. J. T. Bryer, of the mortgage statistic department, of fhe census oatue up from Delphi yesterday to vote. After inspecting the mortgage records of Carroll county Mr. Bryer will go to Kentland where he wlli examine si =i!ar records. The StandardJOpera Company has made arrangements with Manager Dolan for a weeks stand at the opera house here, commencing Monday May 3.2th, in a repertoire embracing popular plays, opening with "The Octoroon." Popular prices, 10 and 30 cents. fully was it subjected to of tho embalming fluids. Send in your guess on the popula- tioa of Logansport according to the report of the census enumerators who will begin their -work in about three -weeks. See the Journal's offer in another column. Cut out the coupon, file your (*ues3 and mail it to the Journal Census Bureau. It costs you nothing to gusss. You may be the one to act the gold. A. drunken row on the West Side ast night resulted in several lunched h»atls and black eyes. Clem iagle was "done up" the worst, being compelled to place bin head in charge of a doctor as a consequence of the scrap. His injuries, however, are such as will soon be heal«d by the application of raw beef steak and will not disable him for long. The police were called upon to quell the listurbance bub no arrests were made. It is stated that Alexander Tyre, the Jackson township man who was recently acquitted in the circuit court of the charge of burglary will bring suit for daiuases against the complaining witness, Charles Schmidt, who was impeached on several occasions daring the course of the trial. Schmidt alleged that he and his-wife saw Tyre ia their house burglarizing it, whereas the defendant was able to prove that be was home sicfc in bed at the time alleged. Doc Lester returned to the city Monday, having apparently just remembered that he left his clothes scattered around among his friends. Two or three bundles of apparel he left at a South Side butcher shop when he departed to Lafayette a couple of weeks ago after being divorced from his wife, and on Monlay he was around enquirii-g vague" y if the things were there. Lester's story that he was robbed of $200 by a policeman is no nearer verification than it was two weeks ago. On Inspection of the members of the force he pointed out four of them as looking like the man that did the bad deed, but conld not give any definite points of identification. II it took Lester two weeks to remember where he left his clothes the mprninK after his wife threw hiin out, it may be a month before his memory of the missing check returns. two accidents happened to hi3 train whtla he was in tho engine cab; and no- borty was hurt either time. During fifty-four years of active service on the Baltimore & Ohio Mr. Galloway was never sick, and never missuii a, trip. In 1887 the company retired him on a, oom- fortabl« pension. A New York correspondent of thu Philadelphia Press tolls this story of Mrs. Kate Sprague, who is still handsome if no loiiKi-r voiinu: "Stress Sprague is still not, without, an appreciation of masculine attentions. On a creat public occasion she fell in by accident with an exceedingly good-looking, graceful, and well-mannered reporter of this town.- Ho rendered her some service in tho way of dijjgin;; after her wraps, not knowing who sho was. \Yhen they arrived on the scene of the ceremonies, Mrs. Sprague, who was late, and accompanied only hy her daughter, held on to her escort, and the younK man was pleasantly, astonished to find the lady'in his charge surrounded by thu most distinguished inon present, including foreign notables as well as many well-known men of this country. Slve stood by her escort, however, intrB- dnced him to everybody, and at, the close of the ceremonies, some hours later, parted with him on the most friendly terms. JUVENILIA. SHROYER & CROSS, Jobbers of Imported, Key West and Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis.. FRED DYKEMAN Rsprassnts the abcve firm in Loganspprt. surrounding towns. and SAIL AND SEE US! THIS WEEK. «. A. 11. The Grand Array of the Republic have arranged for a special memorial service to be held at the hall Sunday afternoon at 8 o'clock, in memory of tlia members recently deceased. The address will be delivered by Dr. D. P. Putnam. Friends of the deceased soldiers are inviterl to be preseat.' . To<lri~>trt. . Whether oni pleasure bent or business, should take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as t acts most pleasantly and • effectually on the kidneys, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, head- acBea and other forms of sickness. For sa e In 50o and $100 bottles by all leading druggists. For Sale by B. F. Keeallus. Mother (to young son who has been dininR with the neighbors): Had a good dinner. Jimmy? Jim: Tip-top. Mother: I hope you- didn't ask twlcft for soup. Jim: No, ina-'iun. T aslced throo times. "Oh, Bobby, T ' his mamma said the other day, "is there any neert of your keeping yourself so covered with dirt all the time?" "Yos, mamma,'' he answnrcil with a fine assumption of (travity: "you so,e I'm mado of dirt and I grow so fast that I couldn't set on at all If I didn't have some dirt or, tho outside to grow out of." The modern child is an analyst. Tho small kid was playlnK with the seiswr* and his kindly old grandmother chidcd him: "You mustn't play with tho scissors, dear. I knew a l!Ul<! boy just lil.e yon who was playing with a pair of scissors 1uat like that pair and he. put them,In his eye and put his eve out ami ho never could see anythingeveY after " The child listened patiently and salt!, when,she got through: "What was the matter with his other eyo?" A gentleman who lives not a thousand miles from Now York city bus recently been absent from homo several months on business. Not long ago hi? wife received a lettrr from him, which she began to rrad aloud at tho breakfast, table. But she was somewhat interrupted by a young son and heir, who apparently found other things more interesting than tho lettp.r. "My child," she said, in a tone of maternal rebuke, "don't you want to hear this nice letter from papa'.'" "Papa? papa?'' was thn puzzled reply. "Oh, yns, you mean tho man who used to live at our house." • Little Johnny W——1s 4 yonrs'old, and formerly lived In Bangor. Maine. His parents now reside In Augusta. The other day Johnny's.natural aptitude for Inn anri misrhiof led him to commit some trifling misdemeanor, which wivs promptly rebuked by his mother. Sho dwelt upon tho fact of (Sod's seeing us and always knowing what we are doing. The' Idoa seemed to impress Johnny forcibly, and for several inonvnts he re- laalned silent. At last ho broke out with: "'Say. mother, doos God soeevery- thing In Augusta?" "Yes," was the solemn-reply "He sees one every act." Whareiipon the young sinner exclaimed: "Good gracious, mother! Let's move back to Bangor!'',-, Both tho method anil result;- \v:r>'.. Syrup of Figs is taken; it io T>!?:r-.i!: : . anil refreshing to t!io taste, i<u<! a;:;.' g-eiitly yet promptly on tlic Kidneys. Liver ami Bowels, demises t.h3 sy-: tern effectually, dispels eoidc. fc"">'l ac:bes and fevers aud.euvpn hfJ):!v. constipation. By nip c:f-Fi<rs <s I>H •r.ily voiiieay ol' its kind eve/ ;••;<:• tinned, pleasing to the taste :u":i :ip cept:ible to tho slomndi, P» - oiii;>t. in its action, and truly botiofieu'.i i;i Hi effects, prepared only from t'-ic roost he.ilthy and ag:-ee.il-.le Enlv-taiK-es, :ls many excellent nm)!Hii'8 corat;'-•:•'.< : to all and Lave made it tl:e luw; We will give you a Ladies' Button Shoe for $ Ladies' patent top lace shoe for ' Men's velvet slippers for. ... .... ••'•;'. Men's Congress shoes for ... ..,.-,' 1 Men's working shoes for .. • ; .?.,.- A Your pick out of the store of Puritan calf goods for 2 lace, Button, Congress, this week only. CHICAGO SHOE STORE, 403 Broadway, Logansport. 60 00 50 20 00 00 popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is tor oak in and 81 bottles'by r.i! Jcs.ilin;.; d by :•.;! •ril i<i Vili> and 81 gists. Any reliae may not have it on cure it pr'iruptly for wishes, to try it. Da substitute. CAUFQfMIA SAII rX iOttlSPItLt', KY. For s-al-' ! hand v/:C ' !=;:'.' one ' act i-cvopv. FIG X£W I'OiVf. /.' Y ; Keoslirif:' . THOMPSON 1 ^ GLOVE FITTING CORSETS! OTTO MEINSHAUSEN, HEADQUARTERS FOR NaturalGas Stoves, Gasoline Stoves, Oil Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Steel Ranges, Alaska Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Cream Freezers, Tinware, Woodenware, Mantels, Grates. We hare about fifty of the above QaioUM rtOTe* *bat Wewill«U»t the greatly reduced price of «18. formerly ,old at «»'"Dotft forget th. number, 408 Market St., Opp. Golden Rule. Are Ackn.jwlHliicd the Woilri Owr aa tlv WsfPlninz must ' Perrtct form Biving a moM ECOMOII ICiiJ Corset oriithejuiirkct. oi complete, BEE IUVJ3 Dry Cioods House. al the 315 Fouflu Street. WATCHES! WATCHES!! WATCHES!!! ,arg«t Stock injthe City and Sold on inontbly payments ISol^V $30.00, Blgiu WatoUw $5.00 and warranted. NO AUCTION GOODS. So prizes given. No lotterys r,nr, but good goods, BoUS'.low. work and Enirravinsr done in the city. D. A. HAUK, The Jeweler, sold; .low. ,. Best watoh 41O

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