Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 7, 1892 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1892
Page 6
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prson VuDuii S OF Discovery of great value for the cure of Dyspepsia, Ulcers. Neuraigtfa, Worms, Nervousness. Constipation, Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, Sick Headache, Scrofula, Kidney Complaint, Canker, Piles, Catarrh, Female , Genera) Debility. This remedy is for aale by the following gr"co.":j it- the- couaty • 3. C. D. Head, Logansport. Wni. M. Kreider & Sons, J. J. Itothcme', y. M. Spraker & Co.. C. M. Personate, National Union Co., J. & M. Sellers, C. S. Green & Co., 1. G. Wilson, Horstman &Boerger. W. J. Parker, John Meehan. > T. P. S win-art. N. A. Thomas, Geo. Moriai-ty. •• j F. W. Kline, •• I Maiirei- & Schilling. .Hiram Harvey & Son. Royal Center. flND UPHOLSTERERS, 1TASYELOUS SPLlkDOfi, Marvels cf Electric Lyrhti Seen This Toar. to Be The Edison Float n Dream or Lljlit—St. Lonis and Its Ball of Fire—?.I:i;rniiico!st IJCects In Chicago—o.ique Design In CleTclsru;. No. 320 Fourth'street, LOGANSPORT, IND. — FACTORY: Nos. 5, 1 and 9 .fifth Street (Trade Hark.) & P. KID GLOVES Day, Phillapn, Galvi or lh- \v;;ra.i!cri cure or benefit W. E. WINCHESTER, Gen.Agf. forlnfl. and III. AfiENTS AVAWTJJD. i If youciir.notgct Lhf-.W j notify tfco - uniitiiom-ers. Pir.«- , jnd a8C Broadway, .\e\v Y.j-h, and tiiwy win see ;liut you got lUsiii ' INSTANT KILLER OF PM ^V^'l '"t"" 31 ^ d External. isk^^fe For Man or Beast. Cure* j'Xhonniutism. IVciiralKin. Mciat- sca. LiiniD Hnpk. Kiunay Affections Ln.-nbr.co I.o:nnictcd_MiifcloH, sioi-es,SoroThroat,«olic. Kenycr M;!ita/j " 1 ' l:1:> ° ; i! and n.s.-usrkably a!:cec---s.'ul K '~" u "', I'roviilns tnoruuKl. iiruiniriiuuli 'uri..uil<:;ro or JiiisilK-ss.aliir cun-lil ISM- V I ""' 1 ' V ' 1S ."'" - 01 Ll;akl1 . nnljiisiiiui n:a!iy iiora. J-'or iiiustmi. cnialoguu- address uuiu. L.AH-KJJJ.-I.-EHL-ST. LL.II., Jlcctor. [COPTRICnT, ISM.j Ye little stars! hide your dteicisncd ravs. When liladison Square Garden, ablaze with electric lights, looked resplendant Jn the most dazzling- and brilliant of imique designs, there were those who believed that a climax had been reached in the ornamental ends of incandescent lighting. The displays at the Actors' Fund fair certainly surpassed those of the Lenox Lyceum, but it remains for the mars-el- ous outdoor effects of the Columbian celebrations in 2S T etv York, St. Louis and Chicago to make memorable the year and the century's greatest achievement. It is to New York the nation will look for an electric climax, and it will certainly not be disappointed, for the splendor of the Edison float will be without a parallel. I have caught a glimpse of it, a glimpse of a thing- so rare, so rich, so fanciful that it seemed almost like a dream, like the imaginings of a god run riot. Capt. AZfre4 Thompson, the designer, calls it "The Genius of Edison Control- ing the Hydra of Electricity.'' It was drawn with no definite end hi view almost a year ago, and when it was first suggested that the design could be effectually'"brought out,' 1 even the experts in the Edison company smiled and said: "Impossible!" Then a few slight modifications were made and the project began to take shape. It was Capt. Thompson's idea to have motor attachments so arranged that the great dragons would appear to be drawing the heavy float. Cut the granite pave^ ments of Jvew York put that part of the idea out of the question, and so the usual ga.yly caparisoned horses will do the "motor" act. As it will weigh seven or eight tons the horsis will number sixteen, each with its electric torch bearer. Uut'a test had to bs.made, and so a float was constructed on the general plan of the Thompson de-sign, the lights with ..-ktctric li-nts and tte work ever-- •.vhcre 15 progressing- finely. The west is, however, the first in the .io.d with.its marvels and St. Locis is just now wondering if it is possible to clo still better. The jrrent "pieces" in St. Louis include a representation o* the caravel Santa Maria stretched across two great pediments on which the words "America" and "Spain" stand out in livid letters. The masts of the ship and itrs complete outlines are fixed by dots of light while varicolored electric globes bring- out the words "Santa Maria" underneath. Then there is a fine painting of Columbus, illuminated by electric lights in unique effects. Perhaps the most impressive sight is the great globe, weighing 10,000 pounds, and with n diameter of twentv-five feet, suspended between the great" buildings at the corner of Broadway and Olive streets. Two sets of electric motors revolve the globe on its axis and control switches giving varied effects in turning lights on and off. The globe is a representation of the earth, the continent FRIEND** JAKES CBJL8 BIRTH EASY. Colvin, La., Dec. S, ISSG.-ICCywifo nse<5 EOTHEE'S PSIESX) before her third eoEfinemant, and says site -would Eot bo without it for auadreda of dollars. DOCS ir Sent by express oa receipt of pries, $1.30 per bci- ue. Book- To Mothers " svjled frtef , ue. Book- To Mothers " svjled frtef BRADFIEUD fg 'OR flALC BY AU. OnUC(ii£T3. , For sale by Ben Fisher, drug-gist. CO., fte Celeoraieo F«!i Gore, Is Sozx> ox A posjTive GUARANTEE I or money refunded. j CHICAGO MEDICAL INSTITUTE j Jo7 & J.J!. S. Clsrk SL Chicago, ID. The Regular Old-Established PHYSICIANS &SURGEQNS are still Treaty W ]a tie Greatest SKILL f\ND SUCCESS ILL Chronic, Nervous and Private Diseases. '^^'Sl^'UtLIs ttnd ull bhd ninrwl j«">irt Cttr» m ^^m^^^Al ^ .7 A3 (j>ui\,-:;u; i EE is-Japf »^< ' f) tocaronny'inn / /,. ft £V of nc—333 ,»3- lib y/ jj fas'! cr_,-ir.v t!is- \_. -/i , •win mmvu .u u^-^it)^, &zii t-.-x. isuru i nroaij, ^OJM'. •i:h»irra Jlorbun. C.':"inij>*;mdltten.daciie instantly. Crimp. Dipthcria, Diiirrhrm, Astlimn. ijiunsy, hroi:cliitis. Jiariidja ntid Toothache and all tno union cr.rl pnins tho Human Family are .'illl'.ott.'d^yilh. No family yhouid ho without, if,. Jilt illfftOt U(1.Hl3L! «lL propai-ofl i «-<mi>™-J!y for siocfc. js tlii> most powerful and i IMWitrirjiii'ic Liiiiiaentir. existence. Cures Coiic r sr.il Vras>3:iM in twcrty minntos. Scou- I .•wr.itclies. Wind Hulls. Harness Galls. Sprains. AwelJis^. Cnts, Bruises. Corks, P.inir Bcmo. Still ! Joints, borni.vus, Scro-,vanrt Grnh Worms Foot ' UiHoases, Hollow Horn, Ovackod 'Jits and a.11 fjrnjx of S5iNcn.H,. H of both Cattle and Horses. Lur-jo $1 sizo 7ic. v BOc. size iOc. (C) l-'nr young ladies and Rirls. Fomnicd ibi.-. to provide west of the AlieRin-nies r.!V e '!' J "f " f ""! VI ' ry liigln-st' grade. Formerly of Berlin, Germany, the eminent Surgeons and Specialists- by the request of many friends and patients have decided to visit Logansport, Ind., Saturday, October. 80i. And Every Fourth v\ edne-day Thereafter. At the Murdock, 8 a. m TO 8 p. m, ONE EVEUY MONTH ,,r FREE aml 3tr '" l3: ™*™™<.M In tho Private parlors of do ° ^ d " C!180S b °" 0r thlln tbo slck caa themselves. It Is o wonde power, Imvo crontod Bonders throughout the country. -• \yr i -v *sn <i V-NJI* YJ > KIJ <••(..yj^),; .*"' <j* ; ?'>iiiis£s- TySfeSite » ^••^=^' ;! VMM&l. 33 1 ELECTKIC EI-FECTS FOR THE NEW YORE COLUMDIAX FESTIVITIKS. and islands being 1 shown by banks of incandescent lamps, and the water by a dark background. Three thousand incandescent lights are used to produce the effects. One of the unique effects to be produced during- the JTew York festivities in October will bo that at Madison square, and which during- the summer has been utilized for advertising purposes. I am told it will be changed to contain n number of interesting- facts connected with the celebration. But its arrangement is worth more than a passing notice. The great sign consists of letters of galvanized 'iron, on the face of which are apertures ivhich give place for the lamps. Seven circuits are used, and in the'first line there are SOS frosted white lamps. The letters are six feet high. In the second line -2:35 red lamps are used on letters three foot high. In all 1.437 lamps aro used, and the switching, procluaing such magr.ilicent effects, is ia control o'i aa operator in an adjacent building. Incidentally it might bo interesting to refer to one of tho marvels of elective cle-tric lighting Drouv.ced this fall i:i Cleveland. Prom the xl;y light of the Ar-adc building sL\ lirr^h lamps, each of 0,001! candle pov.-t Along a railing in fro lery arc finely wrong' supporting large colored glass shades inside of which are tho small bulbs of incandescent lamps. Over the top gallery these lamps aro suspended from the months of lions and tigers, whose bronze heads are placed at the ends of the iron girders supporting the skylight, and rows of lamps follow the iron arches, above the arch lamps, presenting the' appearance of stars afar off" At the world's fair the preparations for wonderful effects in electric lighting arc well under way, and the building set apart for electric displays will bo re- SEFORE iron ,'Ji-: ,:x'«3- 'AFTER nlvcnsoo-l SHciul.-i^s, Tul.,-aoco oi-Oilur: or through youthful J :<;> ; :r';t' ; ;:, f.vcc in-li:!- nouco, <ts., snrh .--.. .1 o.-s-s <•; j;:~;n ?ov.-rr, Wakofalncc:-, Ecn.-i^-; I:OT-T r_j-i."i-.i Lb-j b.-.c^! Soriilnal Weai; Uofni lr,:-t;--i..., K:-:-.-i:t;.s J.Vt.5- prcaiatr.ro"ol fl s;:r •':i• I '• • i .--•'-';: v." rric-p ;?'u>0 a of price. A \vniTTi;?: <;'",\r:-'!:-:rHT: <-rivr fo- every $5.00 ora;ri-.-:--iv; 1 '.<.,r-,- i -.vcTtL-c'i:io.icv if a Pormcncct C c:- r.,:/.),., iTci.-: *,\l. T.'o l:;;vtj thousands of tcs'-J"'.'.•!?;:.".-' -.T.: r-n! i!.nil ycui-g of both ec^cs, v.-'.;o h->vo hoc' 1 i.ie.'-n.-ir.CP'.ly cured by t!;o u.s; cf -Vilcoditluo. ClrciLlar'a free. Mention papor. Adc'rosn THE APHF:O MEDiCiNE CO. Western Branch, P. O.Sox 27. PORTUKC. OF.ECOH. Sold bvBFKeesiing-. Dru'ro-jst Ecliavo Suppressed Jleusiruatiou. Used successfully by thoab- acds of prominent ladies •monthly. Thoroughly reliuolo and sale. Worth tiventy limes their weight gold for /oiia.'s iercg- ttlaritics. Never tii to fail. Sent tv mall fOrS2. "Address The Aphro ffiedicin? COMPANY, . Western Branch. Bos S~. Portland. Orocon. Sold by B. F. Keeslingr, Druggist Log-ansDOrt Ina. , , iiiiry S? °*' to stomilch - uty-rlments. Age cured ; corrssDondence Is sncr«i;v Our long exDerience enables u.f to (fc cure* n all Curable Caws of Eraemu, Scrofula SjDhlllx, Bladder niid Kldnpy Disease^ I*ucor- rhoeaand KecuUa Troubles, Liver Complaint " Ctmirrli, «]1 Blood. Skin an<1 Servos Diseases f l%ll ° llas f: " 1( * ! M cu ™ >•»>>• i«a«. S to S; Sa J u. li Cru! on or nd Chicago Medical institute. Ii7 & Ian S. Cliri SL CliloJTO, III. T yoa ow-0 root-self and fiun. bcst *aln» far your roonc". ize In your footwear by nurcbu.lnt r- a " fehoe., which repreneni iK fr. P * "to" 1 ' "» tt"»»iui4» KO fiPBSTITPTK.ua :-e suspended. f the first gal- i;-on standards S B CENfLGlEN THE BEST SHOE fN THE WORLD FDRTnEMONfr. lui-tuoiu, siyiisn aoa aurame than any other shoe oror cold at the price. Equals custoci icado fihoeacostinfc irom 54 to §!i. •— » , Buocnlfshocs. and durable chocs over Bold 1 have the largest and best- selected stock of new, fresh goods in the Furniture line in the State, which I will offer at the very lowest prices. Call and see the line when you are in the city. . !• Sema l&av?'^ 43 and 45 S: Pfleridian St. 50 1 I'clice Shoe, worn by farciors nEtf nil o others who \vaut a good hemy calf, thrco ' 50 Fine Cn!f, 82.25 and S2.00 Work, « iii Cm< .n'H shoes will ptvo cioro wear tor tbo ythaa any other mnlcc. 'They nro mode for Ber- • I Sr'°° an " Yontlis* 91.75 School —r - ^ —' tohoca aro -worn by TLo boys ovcrr- whero-^ThoinOBtmri-iccabloshoessoldattioprtcci.. io 53-00 iiiin<)-»p-ivcu. s S^-«O and Sl.75 slioea for Jliseca aro made of tho best Dongola or fluo Calf, ni e Cttution.—W. L. DougTos'namo nnd tho price If stamped on the bottom of each ghoo: look for IE whenyoabay. BcwareoJUcaloranttcrnptlOKtosuD; Btltutopttermaics Tor them. SncliBubsfltutlonsare fraudulent and subject to prosecution by law rorob- talnJils money mider £alS9 prctonccs. W. I*. JUO LfGJLAS, Urockton, fllasn. Sold by J. B. WINTERS, Broadway.. cocelc.Loss'ot Manhoodr^itai'DrafrfiiTuri' A1J opcrutlons :u-e In modern hX,-,-" : l i;i0n ' Deafness lilouu and ^Vnstini; Jiiscaso^. • nt the patient'* honie or at otir NOSR positively cured. rr::bou: pa'n o- use > ' ' - i ot MASR1AOE. Those vli.. aro :iwS-o o<- pbviic-. «hl,-l. would rciidot • niarV- wtfttWdtMvcll to ea:l ocas. . ^o Bre prsr-re- w :re:! : a,, .'. ns Fiii Keoi, Curvitn-e o" ihp ! bpme ' u c:lk Ankles, cic. j FREE EXAMINATION OF THS URINE ' * " 1 a P?y'nsfor.-acr:ic.-.: WcatmentsSouW u " ounces or itrinc (Hint passed , K P'«femKl). W ji c h mil ^ceiTe ! and ™!o«>«»Pic examination '-i : -"" : i' 1 T llukc ', C!>t: ? ain!: '"' i:h them month artorrao-tri u -^pi; ..a.-u^a::L v o]y. Delays iro dan^i>rous, ' :llytrcntcd. <i^ ivirt nt C. O. D. to anr part or U. S. List of HRLSCK & 64: LirscoSn Ave., CHICAGO. 3LL, ELECTRIC LIGHT DESIGNS IX ST. LOUIS. were attached and about a dozen people saw the first illumination in a clingy storage room down-town. And it was a success. So the work went merrily on. Then it was found that there was no wagon strong and larg-e enough in New York city to carry the float, and some one suggested getting "Big-Tom," of Paterson, the only available truck ia the vicinity. This also was an easy matter, and nothing- now stands in the way of fair dame Genius and her conquered dragons. Four thousand globes will light the great design, every line of every form on the float being brought out "purely by colored globe light effects. Forked lightning will play startliugly along- the course of the great dragons. These are four in number, all held ia check by a winged Minerva-like figure. The Genius holds a wand of light in her hand and rests on a cloud, under which two idyllic figures hold the pic- tare of Edison. Back of this rests a massive sphere filled with myriads of incandescent globes and resting- on a group of mythical fi~, iircs. Beneath the circle the genii of Comraercc. Agri- cultrure. Art. etc. I!;u:k o; th : s. and at, the cr.cl of the Hoar, fr.ir-ujnred Fames trnapet the great news to the world, while a circle of great electric lighted phonogr-ph tubes arc; ready to herald tnc work that is yet to come. The electric globes circle through every part of tho wheels and great beads of light will hang from all its sides. Jiut even the white and the colored gentlemen who made gloricns the pageant of El Dor-ado will be electrified for the occasion. They will wear armor, underneath which and out from which globes will Hit-mine the sides .of ail the iloats. In every case these necessary hiaan a<lj'oncts"wffl be attached by wire to the floats. But the street ilhiminatioa aad the five arch designs will all t»e resplendent - splendent ia desig-us and colorings. [ The work of lighting the Administra tion building has finally been approved On the ground floor eight standards will be set up, each about eighteen fee- high and carrying fifty incandescen lamps. In each of the four entrances the building will be two clusters o: twenty-five lights. Within, at the leve of the mezzanine floor, about eighty- five feet from the ground floor, is the rotunda gallery. In each alternate pos! of this gallery there will be a seven Tht standard. On the cornice, about ne hundred and thirty feet from the floor and just at the.base of the dome a circle of about fourteen hundred lights has been placed, arranged in rosettes. Just above the false dome, in the space between it and the dome proper, a dozen are lamps have been located. Their position is sush that they illuminate the interior of the dome proper from behind the false dome in such a manner as to best reveal the beauty of its decoration. The light is shed through the oponing in the false dom-o by reflection, the lamps being out of sight. The effect is one of diirusion rather than of the usual painful brilliancy. All told, thirty-seven hundred iights will be used in the buildinjr. i PENNYROYAL WAFERS. A npc-clilc monthly rawlclno for ImilM to rcstpro and rcjulaco tho msni-iM; ,prcduclng trw, licaltliy nnd pnlnlc*. •discharge No iches or piUns on up. proiich. (tow used by over 20,000 ladlcil. once ujed , will uso ngnjn. Ijivf eonitca tbrao orpuia. Buy of your druitfrfst only thojo with OJIT sf^nBturo ,j£) M CacooflnbeL Avoid Bubstitutes. Scaled particulars mailed 2o stjunn. p , CSIBOIT, Mum. For sale by B F Keen ll nj; and J t) Hanson ELEO FOR OVER FEPTY TEAE3 this old SovereignEemedy has stood tho test, and stands to-day the,best fcnown remedy for Catarrh, Cold in the Head and Headache. Persist in its use, and it will effect a cure, no matter of how '.ong standing the case may be. For sale by EAR m UNDEVELOPED . ns. ContlbiuoaB Ccrrf«(H ttt H!«"Tticilr thrr.ijch nil H'l'.AK PAKTS, t-Mtorlng ttiew 10 lIKiLTII anil VJCUIHH.S STRKSUTIL Jlrctrft tnrrpnt Trlt IhfciJJjnJy, nr we r<»r(pJt £i,(XK) in east/. JKLT ami Smpensorr Co3i)>li.:f ^. ul iji WJ- "^ mauratly Cnrrtl la l>i-re« nwiaihr,. eAKDBHEIEOTSJOCO.. ' , WoJ-ct CMCt "c prjjjpclet , » r . , y **P S F**»- «•» Per L.-X f " cri - BUarantce of : ^• a ^E£P. for J' a -"' MBWCAt •• :-.7ftii {pa- Cynthia M. Westover, who some years ag-o invented an iraproved cart for carrying- earth out of mines and tunnels, has recently been noticed by the French society of inventors. They have made her an honorary member and awarded her a first-class diploma and a gold medal. Ziiiss Westcver's mother died when she vras three years old, and she became the constant companion of her father, Tvhq Tvas s, greolog-ist, mine- ovrner and prospector. She shared hi= camp and mining-; ife, and picked TIJ> a-', varied education ;;nd graduated state L'siversity cf Colorado- . LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. Those -n-ho have need quack medicines Witt high Bounding foreign crimes, and not ocen cu-cd e'jonld try Dr. Avcrys Epcclflc, n genuine medicine innde hv « trcnutne expert physician, nnd sold -K-ltt o -n'/.'ttcn sruaractee to i-urc Headache Nervousness. Pain In Back or 6Me. ED] 'Drezvif. Lacl: of -Confidence Lost Man^ hcod, Weak Memory, Lost Brain Foircr. nnd a!! wastinj diseases ca'uwd hy ovc"- exertlon. youthful folly o? O-.t excessive use of tobacco, oniiim. or stjinaiiinti which lead to cononrnption or :ns!DltT. Pet up In coudiouvd fonn for th" norkpt. , Seat Cy mall Sl.OO r»r boi. &ix for fi.OO. -(Vl:!i even- J3.00 order we clve a -w-i£ CoaJidence t Scrvt>«^u*.-"«. I.fuwitfjtlV poorer of the G<,-neral[7c Or^ass in oit-.tr , tion, TO!itU>uI error?, or cxccssi^i* u: j <j of .'; lants irhicli soon lead to JnJlrmit^." Co^r.-jru^^on /sup conTonientFto carry in"vest pdnkeu ?<•"• " r jr Sale in Lo^aa^pon Ind. Bv H C /ur^rli Dru-^u: ;J:>1 Fou u>;<l -n i>, " r>ii: ;-a I:'- IM«» Jj J f« ^o, i-l-h Sc I's: ir/.) l£. r.Iay depend upon tha way yo.; treat !he•«—••. c c ns ? w hJch nature sives- A few bortles o* s. ci. b. taken at the proper time may insure j-oo- 1 nea^liioraysarcrttvo. There/ore act a: once, lorii IS IMPORTANT that ca±nre be assistedat the rigbttime. never fails to relieve the system of im- -**-.*.. ir LL-) .u icjjcic fcuc system ui imn purities, and is aa excelleat tonic stoj Re Wants to Add His Name. US. POTT'S 'it eold iriti a •K-ritten guarantee to care a3] i-.erroiis disesse* of the OTT'TIr!*: flf <*lthi>^ ftl»~ mfSn nn III ...._ "», . i. • K^. "..fctcw fcu^iMui^c LW t^iu AJJ r.ervous ouseue* or tne i;eDerati7o ii* S'S 23 ' of either scs. ruch aj Herrona Prostration, fillire or ¥%: if *' J^ntood, Jicpoi,Tic7, ^igbtjj- Emission*. Yonthfnl Krrorx, l£W; ^ ftDIal Wony, excessive use o£ Tobucco or Opium irnk-li lead io K»: ; - tonsnmptionandln«z=ily. Tothe-o-caicitreslorKi th« mancBrf CSIX5 --^,erce5si 7C U50o£TobiiccoorOpii—, .._^ tonsnmptionandln«z=ily. Tothe-o-eaicitrestorra tb« «napBnd vj^or ol yo«b, and fell power to all who ns> It. Sold at : JI.OQ per bos, c bores £, r §5.03. JJ,. ifc«e Cteaical Ce», (SeTBla>d, fti t i-^.--,. ^.^.^.^^ il4 ^"itu » ot^rdnc v^..?. . is certainly one ot the best tonics I ever u?eJ- " -ir, Acdersc£,S.C. Treatise on blrxxi and s!dn diseases maijed ;rc_ SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atkala, Gi Sold at Johnston Bros, drug- store BR. WiLLEAKS' EKDSA;; r:-_:; r. .ix^^E :: .. l..-orbr. the @ffi a Z? U Cnie ^^^ ^^'X^C a=cl i,'-;-;: .„- r-.-!.-:; :: .. lorbr- the ^.<—tarnors, allays the Ife-hingatozec- :^s -i-;: -.-..<*;•*• e~?™ m lastacr, relief. Prepares only for iiw aau i ;.-a u 4 ' o> she \3a private rjarts. Everv rm-r is vr^rr^.nr^? .\-/"ifMi-/'^/-.riu «r ^..^*.» ujxis vry.rrariK'i jv-rigt ^,,«^ a , w xisysviLIe. ji_ Y..says: -Dr. "i7ilu:»as' IniJiaa Pi2o Ointment cured me alter years of suffering," Soidbyi/raggjst* SCnti IlTT T71?l?T/»! ^A/«*>iT^t- rvf Til—fy»£» Cj* niin t-ii ti-w*i *^^'*^ TiCT Drtt_ Sold by B F Keeslin? and J L Eaneozr

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