Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 7, 1890 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1890
Page 4
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John Gray's CORNER John Grays Corner On Umbrellas in the Following Materials. CHoria silk, Coins silk, Henrietta aiJIc. MilUtto silk, French sateen Fast Black, Cotton Seige, Satin Bordera, Scotch CHnshams an 1 all grades in Cotton rain Umbrella The above are made on the Paragon Frame, Plain aud Fancy Gol.l Hum! las, Plain and Fancy Silver Handles Plain andFancyOxydb.3d Handles. SCIENCE AND PROGRESS NEW IDEAS OF BRAINY MEN EXPLAINED. A System of Telegraphy WliKrli 1'rlnl.s tho Message »' Every Station In rim:: Type—Improved Moana of UlstrUmllac Coinpressod Alr-SclonlWo Meutlnii. ton lluiiso ton minutes. TTio mixture is repoatudlj atlrred during the next hour, Umn mixed with an equal quentlty of water. M rl after standing seveiwJ days H He red The author stales th«v carbolic ar.lf incorporated with a potash soap has Its Caustic and poisonous properties paralyzed whil'i Its disinfectant aciion appears to be increased. It is also Btatod that thn Herlln District Sanitary Com- mliion has found a solution of potash foa'.i in I0,f)0() of water completely to prevent tini development of the splenic Caffeine Seidlitz Powders Will Cure Your? H ea daehe 3 cents, at 12tiKst. Drug Store Daily Journal. MARlONSWADNiSR CITY CIRCULATOR. Published every day In <ne week (except JOwl- by V.'. 1>. PRATT. l*rlce per Annum, - - - - *O O Price p«-r Sl«m 1>, ' WEDNESDAY MAA r . THE ELECTION. Yesterday's election was a decided Republican victory, not in the mat- tar of spoils but in the popular expression of. opinion on the high license question. The voice of the people spoke emphatically for the continuance of the $250 license. The vote for Tousley in the Fifth Ward and Hadley in tho First showed in the most emphatic manner the public opinion on this question. The Journal in raising this issue before the date of the Democratic conventions desired that, whatever tho result in the way of >poiK '".hat question might not enter into the campaign but be assured. The Republican candidates favored high license, and their position was so wall known that ho assurance seemed necessary. In the, Second and Third wards, Mr. Wade and Mr. Berry declined to make any declarations publicly. There was a possibility of political advantage in getting the vote of the low license men in their oft declared intention of punishing the Demo crats for voting for high ^license, but the result shows that there was nothing in this. The threat was only intended to scare high license Democrats. Nothing could be gained in this direction except by a pledge for low license and this the Republican candidates refused to give. Their position was misunderstood, and cost them a few votes. There is nothii g in the terrible threats of this element, and they will stick to the '. Democratic party i.s long as there is one to stick to. When this ' ' situation became apparent there was nothing left to do but to submit to the Democratic majorities in these wards. As to the result in the way of license no information can be given. Mr. Wade and Mr. Berry are said to have pledged themselves 16 $100license. It is not known thht this is correct and the Journal will not venture to state their real position. Mr. Gleitz is said to favor low license and is also reported to have pledged himself to $350 license in the face of defeat. If these gentlemen vote for the $100 license it will be carried, • THK.Republican party in Logansport suffers from the bread and butter enthusiasm of the Democrac . It is..: discouraging to work single handed and alone at the polls against county officials, city officials • • and.school boards. These gentlemen have a right to be at the- polls and to work. They are there because they haye a personal interest in the elections and no one can complain at their being-there but if the Republicans expeot to do 'anything in politics they must find some way of net ting as many and as enthusiastic workers and not be content with one or two daylight till dark volunteers whodo ; the best they ouri under,.the unfavorable circumstances and naut rally don't do much.The new election law will mnko less work for the out aide force bnfc it must bo increased nevertheless, and it might be well to open up a recruiting olfiee and en:list : a;,jaewreguutnb of -workers A new idea in telesraphy has brought to tho attontiou of tho oommitteo on postollicoa ami post roa is, which, it Is urged, would miahli- tlio Kovornmont to adopt a postal tulogni-l'-' system on tho lines suguestcd by UKS Postmaster-General, at prices that wo.i.e. tompb tho public to USD tlio wir« Ins >•"•" ot tho mail. The Instrument is an uler.tru: lyi-' 1 -- writor. with a keyboard not ur.iik<> Mm Hammond" typewriter. Tim ni<j-;*:i,'o-; nro printed in Koman r.lmnu-l.ty.-s In ILI'JU form in tlio presence of tlie o; er.i-ur. An exact dupllcato is proiluwl 0:1 ''' instrument in the oiivuitstmiiltiiiM' '•' 3'- No skill is required. Any pursu;i v. 1m can read and spell fan bcconi" an i-xi^ri operator in a few days, instond of 'vriir, years, the time required to msvlsr- <• \ ,>rt operators by the Morse, system. The instrument, it is olair.ind. has been toslecl between Now ^ or If :i-ml Plttsbursr, a, distance of flOO miles, with complete' satisfaction und ii/Ulitnil-any "repeater" having been required. The agent of this new telegraphic system made the following claims arid proposition: , "Where the business of the oflico requires two men to do the work by tho Morse system, we do It with ono at a price loss than either receives. We do not require a receiving operator; messages are recorded on the instrument automatically. Wo will place a transmitter in the u!ty ol Washington, place a receiver instrument in every newspaper office in this city, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, New York, Novj. Haven, Providence, and Boston, and then with a single transmission from Washington over one wire, produce the message recorded in Roman characters in every one of these offices at, tlio same instant. This cannot bo done by any otter system. Tho stock quotation instruments print on a. tape, but cannot be operated over a line more than liftoan miles in length; all tlie quotations received in this city arc received here by the Morse and tlion put over the local tickers, and tho same work baa to be gone over in all other cities. The spood oJ our system is fully equal to the Morse. Tho paper docs not require preparation, ordinary paper is used, absolute secrecy obtained; whereas by tho Morse you can tap the wire and get thn message. A copy of everything you send is recorded in your presence, thus saving the making of a press copy. iYver bacillus, and has recommended a • 10,000 as one of ... liilion of in parts in luc; best disinfectants. An Improved IKitiBli Ivneadcr. The device to facilitate tho kneading nf douph shown in Iho accompanying illustration represents an improvement on a formerly patented invention. A metallic plato is held in place by a screw on (lie transverse inc'incd partition at 11m rear of the trough, In tho sides of which are suitable recesses lor the trun- nions of a roller, on ono of which fits a crank arm. The upper ends of Iho recesses in which tho trunnions are jpur- nalcd connect with outwardly extending -,1o siu which are held blocks fulcrumed on pins or screws in the side edges of a transversely extending board, the latter lieins pivoted near Us upper edge on •:ITOWS in tlio sides of the trough, whereby the blocks and front board may bo swung outwardly away from the roller, am! the. latter lifted out, when •'--'•—' desired. FItOSI ACROSS TttE SEA. Senator Jones llecelveii Words at Condolence and Encouragement Frtm London. By Cable to the Journal. LONDON, May 6.—Mr. Henry H. Gibbs,, formerly Governor of the Bank of England and now president of the Bi-Metallic League, has sent the following cablegram to Senator Jonee, of Nevada, iu the name of tlie bi-UetalHc League: The friends of silver deeply regret the death of Senator Beck whose services in the cause of monetary reform ure most warmly appreciated on this side of the Atlantic. I he ai- Metaliist party of the United Kingdom, now including over a hundred members of the House of Commons attach the frrt-atest value to the debate about to commence in your illustrious chamber. We fully recognize not on only that tne support afforded to silver by your Legislation during the past 13 years hat helped protect the industrial world from an ac.ute monetary crisis, but also that the debates in congress have served mere than all else to educate our people to recognition of the important issues involved. We believe also that increased coinage of silver contemplated by congress will restore, wholly or considerably your coinage rates and will thus make international settlement of this complex question comparatively easy. WB anticipate further, arid with much confidence, that tho advance in the price of silver which must follow your action will stimulate both the export and the other trades* of your country, and, while tending to the prosperity of your agricultural classes, will also assist the manufacturing industries of the United Kingdom and the whole body of our wage earners. Highest of all in Leavening Power.— TT. S. Coy: F.cprr-, Aug. 17, 1889, VKHTKK1»AV« KAHK BAI.,1 Dy Telegraph to the Journal. NATIONAL I.KACiUE .......... ,. ,„ .......... 004001001— b 10 Sullivan and Klttrldge; Foreran* f 4 r, and Chicago Butteries— Baldwin. Umpire, All other games sehi'dulraJ \vi>r<- postponed account ot rain. I'LATKKS' 1J-1AI/1IK CAMF.-!. II phlf'KTn— K HI' K Clnra-0 ....342120028-14 11 5 PltStuV .......... : . ..0 1 1 2 0 0 0 2 0- 6 6 7 Batterfrs-'nwyw and Furrell; (ialvln andCar- uiuplrcs, Uuimlng and Matthews. Allother scheduled games postponed on account of rain. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION (UMES. B " 2 5 3 Brlghs; Fitzgerald and 1<. i line-Tables, (Cr..vr>uij TIMK. ) . .. . . ...... ..m f in* ....... ..Fast Lino ......... t:20p rat ..... Accommodation ...... 'J'l'l a inf.. \tarion AccoitimoJation. 2.H.5 urn' afl):imt 4iW p cnt vmc,se~ 000:100000-3 Rocheatlr' ' ' ' '..'"".'..'.'..'.io 2 0 I) 0 0 0 0 0- 2 BHtterles-Keer* and llcGulre. 101002300-7 "SSIOKT STOPS'" and Bllgh und Doyle; Umpire. O'Brien. The games at Toledo ;mU Brooklyn were postponed on account or rain. The attendance at the Chicago (fames, the only games plared by the major leagues, was: Players . 1,500; National, 346. :'..(fi a in* 12:S3 ji mi 1.0u Ii ni« ll:iUpint 3nrt •iwo A tfl* \!t;ht Express Accoinmodutloa "ayKipress AixruiiunoilaUou Nt^ht Kxprc^s t»a; t^xnress Kiftprat* l.-tOnm* Saw <t mt l:S5:Mi! 1235 a ra* ......... Night Express ......... »:64 a ni» 1:16 aul* ...... WKht E.xljrBSS ....... 3:15 « Dl» 1:26 p m» ......... KastUne.. ..,'.... Hfflpm» 1^7pn>» ............ Fust Line ............ 1:25 p in« 12 05 o rat ..... Accommodation ...... 420pmt U5p rif ..... Accominodatlou...... 6:16 ami Stale t.inc Olvitiioa. 1-SO p tnt ____ Mali and Express _____ 8-20 a mi 7;45amf ......... Express ......... TiBpail IldSamf ....... Local Freight ...... 11:30 :imt TnUns marked * run dally. Trains raarV.ed t run dally except Sunfet , 80UTO TOTN3. Improved Jtfeanj of Distributing 1'owoi- A moans of conveying steam or compressed air along ii lino of road, to be delivered to a motor propelled thorooii is illustrated herewith. TJ'JK. 3 Is a central longtiUKJiniil sectional view of a section of the apparatus, Fig. 2 being a cross sectional view. In the upper faqe of tho pipe fir tube to which the motive asent Is delivered Irom a central station are castings with undercut grooves, the castings being arranged end to end throughout the length of the tube, and having ports registering with ports in the tube. Within tho undercut groove of the casting is a receiver with grooves to receivo any proper packing, the receiver having a flexible tube leading to tho steam chest ol the motor or a reservoir carried thereby. The receiver is held to the motor by upwardly extend- Hooks on the outside lock tho blocks and front board in place, tho lower edge ol the latter resting on tho top of the roller. On a transverse support on the under side of the roller a scraper is adjustabi' secured, as shown in the small sectional view. The crank handle has a cross- shaped offset with different slots, whereby provision is made foi readily lengthening or shortening the handle in relation to the trunnion. The kneader is secured to a table by means of a bracket with inwardly extending projections and a thumb screw. Skatlnc on Stilts. A new mode of utilizing tho principle oJ stilts for locomotion has been patent^ cd. The action of propelling is that of skating on ice, and any forward figure that can be done on ice can bo accomplished with ease by these machines. Each wheel is independent of the other, and backward travel is prevented by mechanical action. The balance is tna first movement to be learned. By pressing the thumbs on the brakes the wheels becomes fixed, . by which means the learner ran walk on them the same as stilt?. APPAKATCS FOE SUri'I.YTNd OOMT'KF.SBEl) AH.! TO I.OCOMO3MVICP.' ing stanchards, and as the receiver ia forced forward by tho onward movement of the. motor, a forward valve is opened as another at the rear is closed. The ports in the pipe at the side of the track are controlled by valves engaged by spring-pressed lever ; s, and a pipe leads to the steam chest of tho motor, or the reservoir carried! thereby, the distance between the pojrts being about equal to the receiver recess. Thn way to this recess from tho pipe at the side of the track is opened by a lever as the motor moves forward, one of the valves being opened as another at the rear is closed. The economy of this system of supplying power will bo readily appreciated when it Is considered that steam can bo generated or air coin- pressed at a central station at a rate usually not more than two-fifths of the cost of generating such power on an independent" traveling motor.. Tho cleanliness of such a system, and tho absence of noise, would also form striking ad- vantaees in favcr of,its adoption for the propelling of street cars, while its oosi need not necessarily be higher than thai of cable traction or electricity. Medicated Liquid Soaps. In a paper read before the recent congress of Russian Pharmaceutical societies Herr Saidemann called attention to the therapeutic value of liquid soaps, which he claimed to present:the advantages of being moro suitable for inunc- tion, favoring admixtuies «f medicinal substances, and being ativavs p o duciblo from vegetable oil9,| thus 'avoid ing the use of nniin.il f,itSjO'h<n /oit Kussl , Dec. 24 p 3bO,")" The foim ii recommended bv him foi a. Ii U'd si a.p i to mix 1 part of caustic potash dissolve In an crjii.il veiglit of w.Acr, with parts of olive oil »nd one Fouith p*rt o alcohol, and shaVo it vlsoionslv darin Scientific Mnntlon. Perhaps the most powerful electric light in the world is in use in tho Houst- holm Lighthouse on tha coast of Jutland. It is of 2,000,000 candle-power, and is visible at a distance of forty miles. It has been recently placed in position. It is largely an experiment. Physicians in Italy, etc., believe malaria to consist of a fungus floating in tho air aud soaking in the water, and likely to enter tho system in mucb larger quantities through the watoi drunk than through the air breathed. Hence in malarious districts all drinking water should he boiled and tbei> 1'iltered. A new miner's electric lamp, weighing only three and one-half pounds and ca pablo of giving a one and one-half candle power light Tor ten hours, has been made by an English inventor. The accumulator of four cells is contained in a wooden box five, and one-half inche: high, in front of which, in a stronp glass dome, is tlio. lamp bulb and a «•"• Hector. Photography is being applied to thr identlficatlonof bodies in a curious manner by the Paris police. . A knowledge or tho occupation of a murdered person is often of importance, and as the ..and is the part usually most affected ny one 1 ? work, a large series of photographs have been taken, each one showing tho hands of a workman or. a large scale and his figure at work on a small scale. Experiments have demonstrated thai the relation between the velocity of a projectile and the resistance offered by the air to its motion differs materially from New tou's theory that the resist ance is proportional to the square of the velocity. For velocities which are nearly equal to that of sound in the air the proportionate increase of the reslstanc- is much greater than that of the velocity. From anthropological measurement? made on Cambridge students it appears that their heads continue to grow after the age of 19. Those who have obtained high honors have had, on the average, considerably larger brains than the others at the age of 19, the predominance at that age being greater than at 25, a fact which is held to imply precocity in the success of high- honor men. Chemists report the recent ana'ysis oi two remakable meteorites. One, which fell last June at Migheni, Russia, contains about 5 per cent of organ'c matter in- tho shape of a yellow siibstam-* closely resembling resin, and also has about 8 per cent of what is apparently 11 metallic salt of a new element. Tin- other mcttoiitP fell at Carcote. Chi.i and contains nbt only carbon in orsanii substances soluble in other,, but a'so an elementary crystalline form of carbon- dull black and very hard—which is, It fact, a variety of black dhunondr From the Jonrnal's Special Wii; "Taken OSV Hie Bat" Wltli- ont a "Jfasli." Tlie carpenters strike situation at Boston is unchanged. The Grand Masonic Lodge of Maine yesterday elected Albro E. Chase, of Portland, Grand Master. Captain Castatt, the Italian explorer denies tlie stateiuent that he has entered the service of Germany. The Atchison Bailroad statement for inarch shows, arose earnings $2.625,148; increase $670,270. Net earn ings $871,760, increase §515,258. There are no new developments in the trouble between the boot, and shoe -workers International Union nnd the Knightc of Labor as upplifd to the factory of B. G. Patton & Co. of Lynn, Mass. The half yearly convention of the National ilule Spinner's Association opened at Boston, Tuesday. Twelve branches of the organization, repre tenting 8,000 mule spinners were represented. Tha financial report states that the organization is in flourishing condition. Annother judgment was filed in the county clerk's office at New York vesterday against ex-Governor Cornell. The amount was $603.13, and Charles Totnpkins was associated •with ex-Governor Comiell as judgment debtor. The Garfield National Bank is the judgment creditor. Carroll Armstrong, the lawyer who precipitated a scene of confusion before the Congressional Investigating Committee at Little Rock, by use ot abusive language to Judge McClure apologized to the committe later, and it is believed that no further trouble will come from the incident. BBieiiiaan Fru t m-ops J>«;nSroyc«J. By Telegraph to tho Journal. GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 6.—Reports received from the "fruit belt" are to the effect that the coming peach crop is practically a total wreck. Tlie warm weather during February started the sa.p and fruit buds were so far developed that when the cold snap came in early March nearly every thing was k lied. The crop as estimated by otie of the best informed horticulturists in the state who has just been over the fruit district, will scarely amount to a tenth of a normal crop. . 5:00 a ic . 7iBam . 2:40 p ra rarca llkuTo Express llall Train NOHTJI BOBMD. l.oual Freight oOSam Mall Train douth 8en»i Sht ..... Tiarougli Freight ............................... Close connections for Indianapolis via Colin made b? all o-jr lUrfo a m i?^5 P to Sse t>ra via Colin :is.seng«r train*— J. C. ork Express, dally ...... . ...... 2*5 a HI MKS. HITT. of Asliland, Neb., missed her baby, while traveling on the Burlington express, and jumped off while tlie train was running forty miles an hour. Though terribly injured, she will recover. Tha baby was found peacefully aleepiiif; i;i o f : eat of the car from which shs jumped. The Democratic <i!lbrnlt»p. By Telegraph to the Journal. "FORT WAYNK, Ind., May 0.—In the municipal election here to-day the entire Democratic ticket was elected with the exception of one alderman wlio ran as an independent and who had no opposition. The City council now stands 18 Democrats and 3 Republicans. WEST BOUND. faclfic Express, dully Accommodation Frt., excpt Suaany.. IM [MB Kan City Ex., except Sunday 3 :fo p ni Lafayette (Pas.)Accui., eicptSuiuJay i at Louis Ex.. dally Wabcmh Western—L»«|»o* OOIStt EAST. St Louis and Boston Ex., dally. New York (limited) Atlantic fix DetroltAecom - eoiso WEST. Chicago * St Louis (limited).. Pacific Ex p.-t l.ogn :. 3.* a . .i;.'J..5 pm MSianSEi::-::::: *•«?• Logan Accora - BIAKKETS Ui TELEGRAPH. _ dull; flne grades of K.EEXA3S CA5JXOT KECOVEK A Share of THe J'rollts of a Partnership He 3Tew Vorlt. NEW YORK, Muy 6.—Hour-Closed grades of winter $2.10«2 60; fine sVriiiK, $1.8602.26: superfine winter. . sum-rune spring. S2.lUa-ii.60; extra ^. 2-,_wInter, $27683.25; extra No. '2 spring, )#.(»« 3.16: extra No. 1 winter, S8.10u5.UO; extra Jjo. 1 spring. S3.2055.1U; city mill extras, $S.35«4.5:) for W wne"*-WIons closed active, with slight change in prices. .Spot loin closed strong; spot salvs o" 'NO. 2 4 "inter. 81.02% No 1 red winter i wiiiieit ,„„.,„. - - $1.0016; No. 2 ri'd winter June, 99c; No. 2_r«l winter July, 97-isc; 05,7'JGc; No. 2 red wliiter Muy. By Telegraph to the Journal. NEW YORK, May 6—Justice Ingraham in the Supreme court to-day decided adversely to the claim of John Keenan, the Canadian exile that he was a partner of O'Brien ana Clarke, the uqueduet contractors, finding that Mr. Keenan never assented or executed the agreement upon which he claimed a share of the profits. Keenun claimed that he entered into an agreement to form a co-partnership with O'Brien and Clarke for the performance of certain contracts to the defendants for the construction of certain portions of the DPW Croton Aqueduct. The rel'ef demand is a dissolution of the co-partnership, the appointment of a receiver and an accountant. Keeuan claims to be entitled to one- sixth of the profits made under the taiti contracts. Defendants say they called oti Keenan and asked him to advance $iiO.<)00, whioh he refund to do, faying the defendant* had taken the contract too low. Judge Inpra- ham savs there is no direct evidence that, the contract was ever delivered to Keenan or accepted by him, and it does not appear to have been signed by him. Judge Injzrabaui conclodps that if the agreement is sufficient to confiture a co-partner- r-hil> agreement it was never executed or asceriterl to by the plaintiff. A. .•»• w I. S. Cruiser. By Telegraph to iln Journa 1 . PHILADELPHIA, May 6.—The United States cruiser Philadelphia left here to-day to have her preliminary trial trip. She will lay over at the Delaware breakwater to-night and go to sea to-morrow when a test of speed will be made. It is expected she will exceed the Baltimore's record of 20.1 knots an hour, although the guaranteed speed is 19 knots an hour. Will Sh'Tien the Time at Harvard. By Telegraph to the Journal. .' BOSTON, Mass, May 6.—The overseers of Harvard College spent two hours debating on the subject of amending the rujes so as to shorten the time requisite for gramat-ion, today. N;O> ac,tion,:.yra? taken. ; No 2 red winter August, 95V2C. Corn—Options closed linn; spot lots closed firm- spot sales of No. 2 mixed, 44«,4*ijc; steamer 42(4C; No. 2 mixed May. 42%c; No. mixed June. 42Vtc; No. 2 mixed July, 4SUtf; nixed July. 3H,ic. Rye—Nominal. Barley—Nominal. Pork—Dull aiid unchanged; new mess, 14.26. SHffl Liird— Steady, closed easier; June, $C.OS; July, -* SOLD BY DRUGGISTS AND GENERAL STOREKEEPERS PREPARED ONl-V BY CINCINNATI. OHIO. Sold by B. F. Keealiug. Lottan»p__ $6.77; A Sugar trifumil 96 test, crushed. ist. $6.61. , LW, steady: for Jalr refining 43Tic; ceu- I ;. 6.2. Refined, quiet; cut loul and muaui^.. .v., powdered, 6 6-16; cubes, 6 6-16c; enuiQ.ated, litfec; confectioner's A, 6 l-16c; white extra C, 6liiS6 1-16C. Butter—Steady; western creamery, 17al9c; eastern creamery half flrkin tubs. 17ffil8c. C ] iei . 8 e-ste{idy; Factory New YorK Cheddar, new. Oaac; creamery (N. Y.) SfflS^c. Engs-Steady; fresh eastern firsts, 12%31Sc; western firsts, 12'Vic. „, Coffee—Spot lots Quiet; fair Rio cargoes, lOS^c; May, $16.50; June, $1646. Chicago. CHICAGO, May 6.—1:16 p. m. closing prices.— Wheat—Slay, 9Hc; Jnne, 931^: July, 92V2C. (torn-May. 34r>sc: June. M&c; July, 85 Oats—May,261^; June, 25if,c; July, 28c. Porli—June. $13.25: ,!uly. S13.SO. Liird-June, S6.4026.-12V2: July, 86.47^^6.50. Short Klbs-.lune, S5.421(j:.luly, S6.65. Hogs—Receipts, 16.000. Market firm and 6c higher; cummon grades, $4.10ffl4.15; choice heavy and fancy light weights, S4.80rM.82fe Cattle—Bccelpts. 6,1100; steady. Comnjon light to choice. $.3.16(76.110; choice heavy, S6.2Cff6.60; stockers and feeders, $2.76ff4.1S; Texans, S2.00«; 2l Sneep-U«eInt», 8,5(X>. Market wrak. but nrl'-es unchanged at the'closcv, natives, S6.0Ur/.7.0U; western cornfcd, }B.aU(?6.40; Texans. S-».7Da6.15. Toledo. TOLEDO. May 0.—Wheat—Active, easier; rash, Oo>; May. l)6c; July. 021.40; Aus. OOc. corn—Steady, llrmj ciish Jlav, ;i6c: Juno, 36c; (Jilt's—i irr-!. iilKher: casli 80c; May, SOc. Cloversead- JJull, steady; cash, SB.50; Octo- bcr £3 90 Receiirts—Wheut, 7.aW hu; corn, 93.0C3 bu; oats, 981 hu; cloversced. 2156 bass. Slilpments—Wheat. 272,600 bu; corn, 109,562 bu; oats, 2,500 bu; cloversoed, 833 bags. F.a--t .Ijilterty. EAST LIUEKTV, Pa., May 6.—Cattle—Fair, un- iroes--Lower; medium and selected. S4.30S 440; common la best Yorkers, $-l.a)«.4.30, pigs. $4<Xir?4.1!). Sheep—Steady at yesterday's prices. Receipts—Cattle, 644 head; hogs, l.SOO head 8 'shipments—Cattle, 200 head; hogs, 1,600 head sheep, 2,700. : Cincinnati. CINCINNATI, Mny 6.—Hoes—Steady; receipts. 217 head: shipments, 1.SC2 Head; common, Sa.60c? 8.9a;{alr to good, light, $4.00<?>4.10: fijlr ' liod yactuig. S<.0034.i»; butchers, $4.2034.26. If yoa arenCiOSE CASH WUYEK <** purchase until yon get quoUUous tram THt.HAIKNIONO LUMBER COHPAIW Office. 3830 Laurel St.. CMcago, III. Yard, Calumet River, 17 NASSAU STREET, New Yosk. BANKERS, FOR WESTERN STATES, CORPORATIONS, BANKS AND _ INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS AND L OANS JVSGO TIA TED. W ANTED. „„.. ;—A WOMAN or sense, eni respectability lor our business In ner middle aged preferred Salary $50 Permanent position. Relerem •» ej ManufHcturer, LocfcBox i fiBEHTSWiNTEOfe^ IA oppottuoity. C«o. A. Scott* OCCKK CATAHICH. wm lBS ft b«w &nd DUO irrit'tliul ' •nit care C«uurh. CM«irh»l DuafBa* BM ThroM i idptat gtttgo. wl'il t> «.-ia iuu O<M tbo» « ix nnauiia. u. a, ~ tn 10 0>0 workltisf.^fyr us. U who can turnlstt- a hoipe and whole tlnus to tlie business.' Boare mo lie profitably -muloyed also. A few vacaaclesj towns and cities. B. F JOHNSON MnlnSt. uri.hmoii'l. Vn & CO.. . W ANTKD—MAN—As ugent ol ouri size 23x18x18 Inches, gto reUill. as low. New »fr les; new i)att--rns; now i factory. Notgovi'rneil byS:ueroo!. r. warranted. Jiare cliance. Pi>rmaiient Our terms and catalogue wULconvinci- yoaj cl«ir S300 to S500 per month, territory. Alrani> So mayidSt T«7 ANTED—An Active ilao for e:icti! \\ balarjr.*7« to *««O'. to locally successful N. Y. Oimpany lncoritii-J Dry Goods. Clothing. Siiooo. .Ie«,>lrr. e. eumers at cost. Al->oaljad>' : of tac. S *<). to enroll members i^*O.Oi>l> nofl M1OO.«()(> nald In), teferericr- •• Empire Co-operatiAe Asaactatlon rated) Lock Box 610. N. Y. (credit.;

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