Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 7, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1892
Page 5
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GELE>BRiF\TED STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINT:R STYLES fjnni. _ f THE CONVENTION ENDED. THE BIG BAPTIST COJSYESTIOS COMES TO A CLOSE. Tiie tarsest Convention of tbo State Baptist Association Ever Held Adjourns iast Sisht. FREE-- WEEK ONLY: R The H. 0. TUCK Pearl Street T.-iilo:- is show- in o- some very handsome C5 woolens lor tk!l A ear ia suitings He also has something new :u;d attractive foi overcoats Yours 'Truly, PUCK." DAILY JOURNAL. FRIDAY MORNISG. OCT. YOUR NAME IN PRINT. tuuiH of a FtTKOiiul Character Oon- cornins iossaunporters and Their A Manufactured Tale. The Pharos of Oct. 1st, said: "During the recent township election Trustee Novinger of Wash- in "ton township asked his neighbor Sylvester S. Cragan to vote for him. "Well now I'd like to help a neighbor out but you see I am a Republican and it's against It was a big convention. There has never been anything like it in the history of the State Baptist Association. Of all the sixty State conventions which have been held by this association the one which closed last night was by far the biggest. This fact gives Logansport another opportunity to _plume herself on bet- ad vantages as a convention city, which title she is rapidly acquiring over the State. The local committee took cognizance of and found entertainment for 670 delegates to this big convention. Besides this Dumber there were many who were entertained by friends or relatives in the city and who did not report to the committee. There were therefore more than 700 strangers brought within the gates of the city | by reason of the GOth annual con! vention of the State Baptist Associ- ! ation. That the delegates were I pleased with the entertainment given |. them in the city is amply attested by the. unanimously supported resolutions to that effect adopted by both bodies of the convention yesterday. I he auxilliary body implied ia the proceeding sentence is the Young People's Union of the Baptist churches ot ^tbe State. The convention of this union, formed from the various Baptist Young People's societies of the State, yesterday afternoon and evening was a big thing. There were reported to the committee yesterday 330 delegates to this "Y r branch of the convention, and that didn't include all the visitors, for, of course, there were many who received entertainment and welcome from friends who were not reported. The white silk badge characterizing these delegates was a very conspicu ous and ever present sight on the streets yesterday afternoon and las evening, and the rink, in which the deliberations of this body were held was crowded by their wearers and friends of the Union until 10:30 las nisht, at which time adjournment took place. THE DAY'S PROCEEDINGS. The third day's session of the con SSG J. tvLli ft X*»t; JJ u *-" iv>vi 11 u.i-v* -- - -•» - —- -- " •/ my principles to vote for a Democrat." | vetl ti 0 n opened yesterday George Irwin went to Marion last evening 1 to attend a social reception there, Ethel, the o-months-old daughter or Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Warner died at b p. m. yesterday at the family residence on Race street. Judge Winfield entertained his brother, Mr. W. H. Winfield and wife of Texarkana, a few days this week. They are enroute home from an eastern visit. Mr. and Mrs. John U-ross of Decatur 111. are in the city, stopping at the Barnett. Mr. Grass was a former resident of Logansport, but had not been here since .his departure twenty years ago and the city presents many startling changes to him. They will visit here several days. The Good Nature* Uonijnn. Pete Baker— inimitable --Pete"-(who has not nt some time seen him play?) The good natured German will he seen at Dolan's opera house next Thursday night Oct. 13th in his world famous comedy entitled • -Chris and Lena." Mr. Baker has , played in nearly every city of any sue in the entire world, and hundreds of thousands of people have laughed at him —his celebrated voyage around the world several year.s ago was a perfect ovation. Pete Baker has no rivals among other Gorman dialect comedians. he is at Xho head and front of them all- In his play of Chris and Lena ho impersonates a good humored but blundering German emigrant, who has just arrived in the great metropolis. and his inany laughable mishaps keep the audience in merry moments all the time. There isn't a greater fun maker in the world than this good natured German dialect actor Pete Baker. Keep your memory , on the date, Thursday night Oct. 13th and go and laugh. When Xature •Sfeeds assistance it may bo best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most pertect remedies only when needed. The best and most, simple and gentle remedy is the Syrup of Figs, mrnu- factured by the California Fig Syrup Company. _ _ Slap of the fnUcil States. A large handsome map of the United States, mounted and suitable For office or home use. is issued by the Burlington route. Copies will be mailed to any address on receipt of twelve cents in posta-e by P. S. Eustis, General Passenger Agent. C., B. & Q.. R. S., Chicago, 111- The Pharos uses this as the ground of an appeal to Democrats to vote for Homberg. To show the steps it, has to resort to it can be proved by Democratic, authority that there is no truth in the statement; that Mr.'N"v- inger is not the trustee cither but the assessor. Mr. Nicodemus is the Trustee and each of these gentlemen states that he did not ask Mr. Cragan to vote for him. The Pharos is compelled to work on the prejudices of its readers by manufacturing statements. li Mr. Hornburg authorizes misrepresentation against his opponent the Journal will give a few truths about him. Base Ball Yesterday.. Oak Chairs for Everybody. Heal Japanese Gups and Saucers for Ladies. Folding Vest-pocket Comb. Case and Mirror for Men. Beautiful Sound Books for Big Children. Iron Tops and Flying Kites for the Boys. FREE with-shoes this week, value depending upon amount of o o ] £1 . ' We adopt this plan to attract the people instead of giving an opening. Our stock is now complete; inspection solicited. SHOE DEPrlRTAAtNT Special to the Journal. -Boston, 0, Phil- CHICAGO, Sept. 6. adelphia 4. Pittsburg o, St. Louis 3. Xett- York 6, Brooklyn 2. Boston 9, Philadelphia 5. Washington 18, Baltimore 5. Philadelphia 10, St. Louis li- Cleveland 5. Cincinnati C. Chicago 5, Louisville 3. Y. W. c. "f. 1'. Notice. The Youcg Women's Christian Temperance Union will meet this (Friday) afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Broadway Presbyterian church. By order of the PK-ESTOEST. morning bj a sunrise prayer meeting at the churcl at which nearly 300 devout souls gathered. The meeting' was led by- Rev. 0. A. Cook of Morgan Park, 111. At S o'clock there, was a consecration service led by Rev. J. W. Wendall. The regular forenoon's session, was principally given over to the hearing of reports from various committees and the action of the convention on the same. The Publication Society was given a hearing and many were the reasons urged and commended for the genera,! extension of this important branch of theiwork. In the afternoon the business session was resumed and the convention listened to reports of committees. P. 0. Duncan made an address on the "Relation of Education, to the Denomination," which was followed by a general discussion led by Rev. Carr. After some concluding business the big convention adjourned at 3 o'clock to give way to the Young People's meeting. On account of the crowded condition of the church this meeting was held at the rink. This meeting was presided over by President Moucreif, of Franklin College, and the afternoon was chiefly taken up in short speeches for "the good of the order/' the acceptance of various reports of committees and adjourned for the afternoon after a pleasing welcoming address and timely words of encouragement by Rev. Dr. W. H. H. Marsh. THE SOCIAL. Between the afternoon meeting and the evening meeting the delegates to the Young Peopies Union were entertained and feasted by the young people of the Baptish church in the lecture room of the church. Ice cream and similar dainties enough to supplv a small army were consumed and that especial feature of the evening was made one of the pleasantest, so far as social cheer goes, of the entire week's work. AT "VVOKK AGAIN. Following the above pleasant social, the delegates repaired again to the rink. The evening meeting was opened by a rousicg rendition of the inspiring hymn, "Take The Name of Jesus With You/' followed by a .scripture reading by W. W. Smith and a prayer by Dr. Cavaus. In addition to the further bearing of reports and the transaction of the necessary amount of general a.t»d miscellaneous business of a. routine character, the large audience listened to interesting and very encouraging addresses from W. W. Buck^pf Terre Haute, on "The Baptists and Religious Liberty:" W. S. Peckham, of Lafayette, -Che Baptists and Civil Liberty;" MIPS Lydia J. Meredith of Rochester, "Future of ourChurch and the Young People:" a further address by Miss Ellen D. McCloen and an encouraging address by John H. Chapman of Chicago, National President of the Union. The officers elected by the Young People's Union for the ensuing year are as follows: p re s.—President Moochcif of Franklin College. 1st Vice Pres.—W. b. Peckham of Lafayette. . 2nd Vice Pees.—Miss Allie Whitcomb of North Vei-con. Secretary—J. H. Shelton of Rochester. Treasurer—M. A. PolU-r of lodian- .V Kentucky Girl. The first engagement in this city o: the pretty and clashing soubrette, Sadie liasson attracted a good sir.ed audience to Dolan'^ last evening. Supported by the Dowling-lia^on organization MUs Hasson appears to excellent advantage in her new play "A Kentucky Girl" and the audience was not slow in giving every indication of its appreciation and approbation of this successful comedy drama. bv iliese latter gentry were to carry pasfccgers from 2-1 Ui street to the fail- ground for 5 cent's. In face of this and in direct violation of a specific agreement, these, people are charging 10 coins straight, through. The pub-lie wants to know how this corner and vvbythe drivers are not compelled t<v stick to thtjir agreement. The Military Band gave a, general' coca air concert last evening. winding- I up at Maple Grove. Manager- The plot of the piece is well worked j j^ c j<ary turned over a car to the band : out and the specialty business intro- j zn & the boys made the rounds of the uuoed in connection with the play w&s c ity i n this car of slate after which they gave their regular repertoire for the delectation of the people oi. Maple Grove. A large crowd gathered at that pleasant suburb to hear the concert. These open air suramer concertf, will it is understood, be concluded next week. Out: of the woitrcsses at the Barnett. hour.e is suffering an attack of typhoid fever. As the poor girl has DO relatives here she was sadly in need of the ministrations o! a nurse. Mr. Barnett secured the services of one of the Sisters from the Catholic hospital at La- of a pleasing character. effects w e re well put on, the draw bridge scene with its train of cars, the hand car race all coming in for their share oi applause. Miss Sadio Hasson not be an unwelcome visitor to gansport any time pany may choose she and play The scenic the saw mill, full and the will Lo- com- her elock Wailccr-Karroii. Yv'c;]Bcsdi-iy evening at S ihe i-c~icen.ce of '..he bride's mother. Mrs. Elizabeth iSarron, in lioyal Centc". Miss Grace Ban-on was united in marriage to Mr. Harry H. Walker. fayette to nurse the fever stricken patient. There is a great need in .this uir.ui"K u> ju.;. j-j^'ij >••>- .•-•".*-•• -din- voung merchant of Shelby- «Uy of such an institution as Lafayette .uiu,., ^v/uu^ - ....... ,.(-.. i, rt ^.,;*-nl .in,} C/\TOA villc, Rev. Simons performing ihe ceremony in the presence of a large party of friends. Many well wishes attend this union. He <iot Five 1'ear«. Yesterday Chase Case who was arrested some months ago at New Waverly for attempting rape on a girl living near there, was called before Judge McConnell for a hearing. Case plead guilty as charged and the court sentenced him to imprisonment for five years in the prison north. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Get your blankets and bed comforts at bargains at the Trade Palace. See the llannels. Miss Kate McGlynn has just ar- i rived with her fall stock of millinery and would be pleased .to sc-c her old friends. I Wanted, at once—A pood irirl. good has in the way of a hospital, and some properly directed efljort should be made to establish both a private and public hospital here. LOGANSPORT RACES. TO- Is the Last Day of the Races. Executive Committee—Ilev. F. C. Fulmer of Elk-haft: Mis- Anna Philley oi Fort Wayne and C:iry Winaus cf Terre Haute. KcpuMic-an CUib ::l (JalVi-.Hto:;. A Republics c;ii:>> was organized at Galveston last eve-.ir,"-. Mr. wasrts and fmall family. Mrs. D. A. Borffe.-. ^'>. 12 street, North Side. Wanted—Three hundred j boulaer.-. -i 1.0 ri iuches in ! Ciucinaati in.speclioo. at once.- Joho ! C. Howkef, coatract.01-. El wood. Apply to Columbia yards of diameter, LESS . THAM HALF THE? ?!CE: OF OTHER-BRANDS -i-POUNDS,20* Adams presided and Mr. PU C..Griffith was made secretary. Officers were elected as .oi'.ows-: President—Muhlon Bell. Vice President—J. A. Rodabaugh. Secretary—A- C. Davis. Treasurer—Charles E. Forgy. Hon. VT. T. WUson addressed an earnest and attentive audience of about 200. At the next meeting of the club, Hon. William Johnston will address the club and citizens of Jackson township. Jackson township is well organized and enthusiastic for Harrison, Chase, Johnston, and the ecunty ticket. On the Fair Ground Track. Kii --«-ri «i a men t. Following- is. th^ pnigrim for the grand Columbus enter::-:!nmant at the ST. Joseph hall Fr'u:;iy evening Get. 31. .National Alrs-Instrumena!. ColnmDus at the Court o{ Spain. Euei—Italy. , Thtve Days o; th« Life o£ Columbus. Daughter 'o' tDe RegHnenL Yoong Patriots. Tableau—"Battle. -On" to tbe Batlle"—Trio. "Werliat das Blcrnng^stiutv? Kissl-ig Papa tlnoagt the Teliplione. Waiter Drill. . . T .. . Herel See the bargains in wool and cotton hose, at the Trade Falace- At Lexington. Ky., yesterday v;itn skies fair and track good. Kaccy Hanks failed in her previous efforts to annihilate time and space by {ioin^a mile easily in 2:06. It, ^as announced that the Trotting Association had secured an agreement on the part of the hack drivers, where- HALVc? i, ! j ••- U CANS' OHiY M}- PURELY VEGETABLE- Dr. Pierce's Pleas- knt Pellets. They're a compound of refined :oid concentrated botanical extracts. These tiny, sugar-coated pellets —the smallest and the easiest to take — absolutely end permanently wire Constipation, Indigestion, Sick arid Bilious Headaches, Dizziness, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of the liver, stomach, and bo^els. Thev cure permanently, because they act noiuTuUy. i'bey don't shock and -weaken the svstem, like the huge, old-fashioned S ills, ' And they're more effective. One ttle pellet for a corrective or laxative— three for a - cathartic. They're &e cheapest pills you can bay, foi they're tjuarznteed to give satisfaction, or yoiir money is returned. You pay ocly for the good, you get. rt, IncL, Sept. 8,1S92. Tisislsto eer.il'y tliat t!;e igrlcnlmial Inxnr- z tics Compasij of New York. S. M. Closson, Agent, has.raid nij loss In Toll and to my entire satisfaction and I recommend this Co. to all my friends; V. F. DCKX. rage Room FOR RENT. « Heap of Pryor's Drug Store.

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