Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 7, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 7, 1890
Page 3
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c?n ir o to vour store - 7hVV,,-..7t corse!: there (L'mii's), wear _i>: two or three weeks, return a, and get yo;-r monev again, it it 1 --" n ,.^y;''; e ",;, 0 ,;'' j s that this ">-- ' !-"r, rkrht for nine out of !-•• arid Vne merchant, _ or ril i, e ."l ;e ruaker behind him, takes' the risk of the tenth. There is a primer on Corsets ior you atfthe store. OMSK Co., Cuicat-o ana Uew Sorfc A line of Humphrey's Homoeopathic Medicines at Pryor's Drug store. REAL ESTATE. For Hiilfi. 11 residences on Broadway. for sale, 10 res'.clottcpson Spear street. For .sale, ono Scone an 1 two Frame residences on North street.' b'or sale, t.vo residence on Oaago street. Pot siile, residences • -i Pratt and CUIppewa streets. For sale, resitloncw Jt \ Ilisb. streot. Fox s:ile, ;i brick residence on Broadway. For sale or tniclo residences on the North and -Sjuth side. To trada, 4 ROT! t'irms for dwelling ni operty. To tnuls, 3 good !;vr,!i3 toe business Dlocte. 'I'o trade, a st;>ci of Dry Goods for n good farm. To trade, a stock of Dry (foods Eor town lots. To trade, a desirable residence In Francesvtlle for property in tho city will pay the difference In " To'tnule. <i No. 1 Steam Orlst Mill with all the modem improvement-*. Tke Mill runs day and to In «oo la a'.ioa for a good farm. Wanted lots in all parts of the eitj to sell. To rent ele;; int tlilrd lloor apartments. For Particulars Etipire of M. M. GORDON, Pension and Real Estate llootu No. 3, Elliott Block. Logansport, Ind, decUl-wly Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING MAI. T. Pears' Soap secures complexion. House with jjus for Sycamore street. a beautifu. now24dly rent. No. 355 dec22dt£ .Tudije and Mrs. Baldwin entertained the Literary Club last evening. A valaable family horse belonging to Mr. S. B. Howe did Monday evening. Miss Lizzie McCullough departed :<> Troy, O., yesterday, on an extended visit with relatives. Dr. Rogers and Dr. Landis went to Richmond yesterday on business connected wit!, the asylum. If you want a beautiful black leg- liorn hat, go to Mrs. Briggs, 312 Market street, over Flanegin & Cris- iiiond'H. mayldGtwlt Several gantleiuen from this city are preparing to attend the National Catholic Congress at Hartford, Connecticut, during tbis month. Frank;WiUiams who works for Chris •leannerette the ice man held the lucky uuinber that drew the watch at Ferguson & Gutherie's. Lost, between Bates street and oolored church, ladies cuff button, garuet set. Finder please leave at Hod Turner's barber shop and get i-ewarded. rnay6d3t Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Miles, and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Fuller were call- ad to Troy, Ohio, by the death of f-ilr. David Hathaway, step-father of Mrs. O. W. Miles. Yesterday P ran k Lamport and I'tms. J. Rogan, both residents of this city, filed final papers of naturalization with the County Clerk, thereby becoming full fledged citi- 'ens of the United States. Major McFadin will go to Mt. Vernon, o., today to attend the annual meetiug of the Mexican Veterans Association of Ohio. Col. Bringhurst iad planned to attend this meeting inifc his recent serious fall renders him urmbla to go. Last Monday evening was the date , r ^ e r «gular wouthly meeting of r lie Logaosport Barbers' Union, but was postponed until next Monday even i cg , when a f tendance is expected. The Octoroon. Parkersburg, W, Va. Daily Sentinel: The Academy of Music was packed last night, and long before eight o'clock standing room was at a premium, the attraction being the Standard Company's first appearance in our city. The company, headed by two Parkersburgfavorit.es Billly Barbour and his charming wife Calla. Mr. Barbour, iu the role of "Salem Soudder," was received with rounds of applause, while his wife, in the title role "Roc," won the hearts of the entire audience by her excellent impersonation of that very difficult oharaeter. Mr. John J. Barry,as "Wahnotee," the Indian, made a decided hit. tie acted the part to perfection. "Our Jess," as little Paul, was the pet of the evening, her cute remarks and artless manner showa that this little girl, though only seven years of age, is a thorough mistress of her profession. The balance of the cast was exceptionally strong. The scenic effects were fine, especially those of the burning steamboat, and the tableaux at the conclusion. We do not hesitate in saying that this company is without a doubt, the best company playing at cheap pricesj^tliat has ever been in our city. To-uight they produce the great six act sensational military drama "A Celebrated Case." Every one who wishes to enjoy a pleasant evening should attend. Will You Q Guess? THE JOURNAL will give a Prize of TouTDollars in Gold to the person wti»sa guess comss nearest and a Prize of 1/ive Dollars In (fold to the person giving the next aearast guess to the Ilgures of Uie Census Enumerators, who begin their work In Logansport on or about June 1,18i)0. To Insure your name and' guess being corroLly recorded, cut off the coupon which appears below; (ill In your name, your address and your estimate of Lo^unsport's populations In the proper places. Then cut out the coupon and forward It to the "JOURNAL", Census Bureau Logansport, Indiana. 'SgViJ t j ' . No guess received later than .Time 10th. and no guess recorded which Is nnc made aud tilled In on coupon cat from THE JOURNAL. In case of a tie, the parties shall divide the prizes. iTU GUESSINGOPENTO THE WORLD. COUPON GUESS. The Joumarcensus'Bureau First PPiz3' $10 In "Gold. :S8eond Prize $5 in Gold . Guess How ManyJPeople there are in l<og«us|)0rt. POPULATION NA1IE ADDRESS No CaeHS Reglsteretl Unless on this Coupon. Lewis Beriica, a twelve-year-old school boy while coming; from school yesterday at noon with several companions sustained an injury which will keep himjconfiaed to his home for several days. One of the boys threw young Benica-'s hat over the fence) into Mr. Hagenbuck's yard above Sixteenth; street. The boy commenced to climb over the iron fence after his hat when he slipped, running one of the pointed palings into his groin inflicting an extremely painful ' wound. The suffering boy was conveyed to the office of Dr. Taylor and his injury attended to. While very painful the boy's injury is not specially serious, and he will be all right in a week or two. ___ »on't Feel Well, ana t you are not sick enough to consult a doctor, or you refrain from so doing for fear you will alarm yourself and friends— we will tell you just what you need. It is Hoo'cls Sarsa parilla, which will lift you out of that uncertain, uncomfortable, dangerous condition, into a state of good health, confidence and cheerfulness. You've no idea how potent this peculiar medicine is int.. .'cases like yours. 2 Mr. and Mrs. 0. H. Barrows, of the Spencer House. Marion, will accompany Mr. and Mrs. Van Orman to Chicago next Saturday where they will join the special party of western hotel keepers enroute to Boston to attend the annual meeting of the Hotel Keepers' Benefit Society. Mr. Burrows was in the city yesterdfly for a few hours>haking hands with old friends. J>arhy» Prophylactic Fluid. •Kims pro-apt and nacmanent reliet iu burns sea Ids. chilblains, venomous stings or bites' cuts anil'wounds of everr description, It is Invaluable In scarlet fever, dlptherla ' 1 cholera ' rellow. trphus, typhoid and • c r, —mu • S? r «'£"?h 0 '5 S ' ^iT 8 ! 8 ",' 'l! 8 Swe * <1 <>•' conta- ion, It Is the best disinfectant known. Eton, Alex. H. Stephens. ot Ga. DarbYs PhophrlocUc Fluid la an article ol little cort, but great value. Its domestic as well is medicinal uses are numerous while Its specialties are most wonderful. No head of a tern IN should ever be without it mii^iy A. Model Railway. The Burlington Route, SO., B. & Q. Railway, operates7,000milesof road, with termini in., Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. For speed, safety, comfort. equipment, track, and efficient ser vice it has no equal. The Burling ton gains new patrons, but loses none. maySdet AT HOME AND ABROAD. The bill to provcnt tho enlistment of aliens In tlie navy has boen favorably reported to tho House of Representatives. A cabinet order has been issued forbidding dunlin;; in tho Herman army, except in cases where ii council of men of honor shall declare that a duel Is necessary. It is said that Emperor William has ordered that honors usually reserved for royalty shall be accorded to tho United States riflemen who will visit Germany for tho Schuetzenfest. Tho election In Rhodii Island, the first held under the new ballot reform law, shows large Republican gains, but no decisive result, and the choice of the State officers must be made by the Legislature. Lord Randolph Churchill bitterly opposes the government land purchase bill recently Introduced in the British Parliament. He says it will not only fail to pacify Ireland, but is certain to lead to jealousy and repudiation of rent. The equipment of the Hartford Free Library, for which a fund of «4')0,000 has just been completed, Includos 8200,000 worth of books and manuscripts, tho latter being valued at $30,000. The whole number of volumes now at, hand is not far from 100,000. The women of Kansas do not seem to prize the suffrage as highly as they did one year ago. At the municipal elections recently held in somo sixty towns, but a little over one-halt of the women registered actually voted. In several of the towns thoir tickets vvero badly defeated. The recent destruction by lire of Horace Greeley's old homestead at Chappaqua occasioned an irreparable loss in the burning of Mr. Greeley's library and a large collection of unpublished lettprs. It was Miss Greeley's Intention to have placed these In the hands of somo person competent to write the life of her father. Eepresentatlve Taylor, from the committee on Alcoholic Liquor Traffic, has reported a bill in the House of Representatives,providing for the appointment of an alcoholic liquor traffic commission. Some startling statistics as to tho evils of the liquor traffic and the cost it entails on the public were included in the report. Representative Qulnn. of New York, representing Tammany, made a minority report, claiming that the bill will Infringe on the rights of the people and is uu-Amoriean in Its character. The Methodist conferences, recently In session, took united action against tho bill now in Congress which provides that after a certain date Chinese found In this, country without a certificate snail be liable to deportation or imprisonment for n term of years. The conferences stigmatize the bill as un-Amor- ican, contrary to the traditions of our history, calculated to awnlce animosity in China, and to gravely imperil the peaceful interests of both countries. The same sentiments of opposition to the bill are expressed by members of the Presbyterian, Baptist, and Congregational churches, and by the American Bible society, the Evangelical Alliance, and the Society of Friends. Optimists declare that nihilism in Russia is thoroughly overcome. Pessimists insist that the revolutionary spirit pervades all classes and conditions of society. Neither ia right, though perhaps the truth inclines rather toward the pessimists, for it is undeniable that many who are high in society, and not a few of those in authority, are in sympathy with the revolutionary movement. The recent letter ot Madame Tshobri- kova to the Czar is ono evidence of this, and another is to bo found In the discovery of a conspiracy amon? the students in St. Petersburg. The spectre of retribution is always visible to the unhappy Czar. Tho agitation is spread- Ing to Finland and Poland, and troops have been sent to quell the disorder. It may bo delayed, but sooner or later a constitutional government mnst come in Russia. PUCKER1NCS. Poor Paize-Money for the Navy—The Enterprise Testimony. A Man of "Might"—Tho chap who doesn't know whether he really will or not. When a man turns to one for advice, nine times In ten the advice given turns to naught. Hogg was only a fourth-rate poet, but he is the only literary man who ever had a pen named after him. The phrase "to make, an aUer-dinnor ipeoeh" Is unnecessarily long. Why not say "To Bapo.w" and be done with It. If everybody's business is nobody's business, what becomes of the idea \hat "tho injury of one Is the concern of all?" Queen Victoria, travels with seventy- two trunks. What good times Irish baggage smashers could have If she Npould only come over here. This Is truly a world of discontent. Somft people are not satisfied until they get into tho penitentiary, and no sooner are they there than they want to Ket right out again. Is It policy for a man to risk his money on uncertainties? Well, somes times it 1« policy; then, again, It may be- lottery—but at all times it Is extreme darnphoolUhness. DEFINITIONS OF THE DAV. A Hose Reel—Tho Ballet. A Word and a Blow—Toot. Cut and Come Again—Whiskers. Down to Bed-Rock—The Cradle. William the Good—A Genuine X. There are Millions in It—Poverty. Alack and Alaa!—Love in a Cottage. Counts for Something—Speaker Reed. A Fowl Tip -Lock Your Hen House. The Staked Plains—Homely Heiresses. Going Over the Wires—New York Mud. The Spinster's Motto;—Never to Late to Men. Hooks and I's—The Fisherman's Story. A Stitch In Time—The Clock on a Stocking. The Southern Pastor's Favorite Flower—White Phlox. A Mean Advantage—That it's S»fet than Either Extreme. MAY MUSICAL, FESTIVAL,. Kedoccd Katptt to Indianapolis via the Pennsylvania I/inrs. The Second Annual May Musical Festival will be held in Tonilinson Hall. Indianapolis, from May 13th to 10th. The following talented Artists have been engaged for the occasion: Sopranos—M'lle Clementina De Vere arid Mclme. Herbert-Foster; Contralto—Mrs. Zelda Seguin-Wallace; Tenors—Signer Jules Perrotti and Mr. Charles Knorr; Basso—HerrEmi) Fisher; Baritone—Mr. Chas. Holmau -Black; Harpist—Mr. T. C. Cheshire and Mr. Franz Wilczek, Violin Virtuoso. The whole supported by a chours of 600 trained voices and Seidl's German Opera Orchestra of 50 pieces from the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. From May 13th to 17th, excursion tickets will be sold via tho Pennsylvania Lines from .Logansport, at rate of $3.15 good returning until May 18th, inclusive. dtwtolS BAPTIST IlltF.TIIHK V. Annual Mcetines at Pei-tle Springs, Mo., and Xorth aiaiichcster. I int.. Slay £3<l to 3Otli. 1 SIX). For the annual meetings of the Ofernmn Babtist Brethren, to be held at Pertle Springs, Mo., and North Manchester, Ind., May 23d to 30th, the Wabash Kailroad will sell round trip tickets from all points on its line at half fare. Tickets will be on sale May 10th to 27th inclusive, and will be good to return up to and including June 20th. 1890. For tickets and all desired information, call or addresn nearest AVabaah ticket agent. ^ dto!2 KiirHiistoii Jtonte— But One Sight Chicaco to I>envcr. "The Burlington's Number One' daily vestibule express leaves Chicago at 1 p. in., and arrives at Denver at 6:30 p. in. the next day. Quicker lime than by any other route. Di rect connection with this train from Peoria. Additional express trains, making as quick t'uie as those of any other road, from Chicago, St. Louis and Peoria to St. Pau], Minneapolis, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Cheyenne, Denver, Atchinsou, Kansas City, Houston, and all points AVeet, Northwest and Southwest. inaySdSt TlieWreftt ftprlng 91eii£cin<>. It will be gratifying to all who realize the vital necessity ol purllylug the blood, to know tliat Hlbbard's Rheumatic Syrup can be relied upon as a blood medicine. Mr. B. C. Robinson, of Marshal, Mlch..sajs: Gentleman:— I hnve sulferecl Intensely from biulousness and rheumatism for over three years. and hud tried so many remeilles tbatl had lost jill faith. Ucarlng of Hlbbiird's Rheumatic Syrup I bought a bol tie and found 1C helped me. I have used lour bottles, and It bas restored my liver and kidneys to healthy action, and done more to purify my blood than anything I have ever taken. 1 am pleased to recommend Is as a wonderful nlood medicine. Very truly yours' B. C. HoblnBou, Marshall. Mich. Sold by druggists. Prepared only by The Charles Wright Medlclan Company' Detr^'t. Mich. _ a uniutic and I/ivc These Pills lira aclntlflcally compounded, and uniform In action. No griping pnla so commonly following: the use of PIUs. Thry are itdudted to both adults and chUdren with perfect safety. We guarantee they have no etuRl In the cure of Sick Headache, Constipation, Dyspepsia and Bilious ness; and. as an appetizer, they excel any other preparation. _ j Don't neglect that first cough! Syrup White Pine and Tar -will ic lieveit at once; 25 and 00 cents per bottle. For sale by B. F. Kees- Ung. Jan25d-w4in Not a Pimple on Baby Baby one year old. Bad with Eczema Hair all gone. Scalp covered with eruptions. Cured by Cuticura. Hair splendid and not a pirnple on hiai. • Cured by Cuticura ] cannot flay enough In praise ol the Cuticura Remedies. My boy, when one year ol age, was so bad with eczema that he lost all ol Ills hair. Els scalp was covered with eruptions, which the doctors said was scall-head, aud that his hair would never grow again. Despairing ol a cure Irom physicians. I began the use ol the Cuticura Remedies, and, I am happy to say, with the most perfect sue ess. His hair Is now splendid, and there Is not pimple on him. I recommend the CutJcura Remedies to mothers as the most speedy, economical, and sure cure tor all skin diseases of Infants and children, and leel that every mother who has an afflicted child will thank me tor so doing. Mrs. M. E. WOODSUM, Norway, Me. Fever Sore Eight ;Years I must extend to you the thanks •! one of my customers, who has been cured by using the Cuti- ctfta Remedies, of an old acre, caused by a long spell ol sickness or fever eight years ago. He was so bad he was fearful he would have to have his leg amputated, but be Is happy to say he Is now entirely well,—sound as a dollar. He requests me to use his name, which Is 11. H. Cason, merchant. JOHN V. MINOR, Druggist, Galnesboro, Tenn. We have been selling your Cuticura Remedies for years, and have the first complaint yet to re- calve lr»m a purchaser. One ot the worst cases ot scrofula. I ever saw waa cured by them. TAYLOR ft TAYLOR, Frankfort, Ka». Cutieura Resolvents The new Blood and Skin Purifier and purest and best ol Humor Remedies, Internally, and uutlcura, thegreat skin Cure, and Cuticura Soap an exqul»ite Skin Beautlfler. externally, speedily, permanently and economically cure every disease and humor ol the skin, scalp, and blood, with loss ol hair, whether Itching, burning, scaly, pimply, scrof- lous, or hereditary, when all other remedies fall. Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticura, 60c.; Soap, 25<x; Resolvent, Si. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Corporation, Boston. J^-Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," 64 pages. 50 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials. L> A D V'C Skin and scalp preserved and beau- D A I» I O tilled by CUTIODRA SOAP. Absolutely pnre. EVERY MUSCLE ACHES. Sharp Aches. Dull Pains. Strains, and WeaknessesBrilwd In OBeMtaote 07 al^ the Cuticura Anti-Pain Plaster. The _ _rTu first and only Instantaneous paln- kUlln gitreogthening plaster, 25cent». n Us superior excellence proven in milHona of homes for more than a quarter of a century. It is used by the United States Govermen*. Endorsed byjthe heads of the Great Universities as the Strongest, Purest and Most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does not contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum. Sold only in Cans i Price Baking Powder Co. New York. Chicago. St. Louis. San Francise ULLIMMTIC SPOOL For Sale by OH SIX-CORD COTTON. Leading Beaten. 34 Union Square, New York City, Aug. yst, 1889. After a series of tests at our Elizabethpcrt factory, extending ever tf period of several montJis, we have decided to use the WILLIMANTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, believing it to be the lest thread now in the market, and strongly recommend it to all agents, purcJiasers and users of the Singer Machines. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. Pont spoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOES f WEAR THE T1 See that EVERY PAIR is STAMPED* BURT & PACKARD "Korrect Shape.** Don't allow YOUE dealer to palm off any substitute for the "Korrect Shape," as we have arranged to supply anyoneln the United States who cannot get these goods of OUR iigents, :mil prepay all rtellvel? charges, thus bringing them to your doot without extra cost. . . The Burk & Packard "Korrect Shape" Sl'oes are made In four grades, viz., Hand-made, Jland^reJt, Burtwelt and Machine Sewed, which Is stamped on the sole In addition to our trade-mnrk above Our ajents should carry all grades In Congress, Button and Bal for Gent's, Boys and Youths. PACKARD & FIELD (Successors toDurk& Packard), Brockton, Mass. OTTO A.KRAUS, Of Course, is our .Acent In LOGANSPORT TOMACKINAC SUMMER TOURS. Low RATES. PALACE STEAMERS. _ ' Pour Trips per Week DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND JPetoekey, The Boo, Marquetto, and lioke Huron Purta. _ Erary Evening Between DETROIT AND CLEVELAND BuuUy Trip! during June. July. Angult ud S«pl«n:l»r Only. Oon ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS, and RxonrBlon Tickets will tm fornjdwd by your Ticket Agent, or t E. B. WHPTCOMB, G. P. A., DITROIT, MICH., Tf'S DETROIT t CLEVELAND STEAM NAV. CO. •OR MEN ONLY! Ir^NGTH For LOSTorPAUJHO MANHOODl [Central icdlTBttVODE DEBILITY; |W«akneM of Body and Hind, Cffoetfi lot Errori or ExceaaM in Old or Young. to enUne end biMt, Nob!« 11AN110OD fnllj Itntored. H - [Hr»B B lh.nITKiK,l-SDErP,LOPBDOR<UN9aPiR'rSOKBODr. AtxolBtclT unnlllnr IIOBE TREiTHEKT- B»cOU (• • tor. Hen teiltlr Froni GO State, and P.rvlgll Coontrirt. Write thttt. Dencrlntlve Book, riplinatloa and pro«r.»«J]rd(ff«k!ed)rr*«. *Urai ERIE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO, N. Y. Don't use cheap worthless goods, but try the Aciue soap, it is pure and will please you; only !> cents a bar at any grocery store. Mail twenty five Acme soap wrappers to Lautz Hros. & Co., Buffalo, N. Y., and Ret our most beautiful picture, '-The Little Rose Bud." niaySdCt TAMI! The best remedy on earth for piles. No use in quoting a long list of testimonials when a fifty-cent box will cure any case in existence. You can buy it of B. F. Keesling, 365 Fourth street, Logansport Ind. marl8d-wtf I mitke a specialty of m in]* Buby Curriugea u> eell direct :o private par-tie*. You CM* therefore, do better with mo teaar witti Jl denier. Onrrieirea Dslivsrsd Free of C&argB rn all points in tb«t United States, Sen'.l lor Illustrated Ciit&.Jgaer o CHAS. RAfSER. Wlfr, v 62.64 Clvbourn Ave. ( Ci.icawO.flL WELLMAN'S GAS CARBURETOR Pat. Oct. I, 1886. A cold Carburetor which wilt enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a 26 candle power gas. tt will work at any temperature, and is absolutely safe. AQ-E3STTS "WANTED For particulars iiddrcss, FHE WELLMAN CARBURETOI MANUJPACTCKING CO., 25 WARREN ST.

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