The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1930
Page 3
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NOVl'lvnjKU •*.>, -; Armory, Jusl Completed, \Yill ' pill! Tops BlytKeville ; "P"! i!"! »-V: nail -ial :ji:ord R , *,, ::r;,;t, and Thursday nigh". It will eceiptt; 101' OCa- t «::E:U-> f-r -.'* first of a teiiej -' • - '-' r.nj rth'.nic affair, thai !?d to nnke it a cjju:-r c:r cpor;-, available any' Post at nniell Installs Us New Oi'i'kvrs son by Narrow Margin, KKNNE1T, MO., NOV. :!5.--At u . -.._ , - "iff .. T i r- • i • •'"'"•! Installation in'.'eil:i;s of Hi" ....... M.s : ,i:n, and I Ideally, LotlOll .llKfUSiry rurmshing f- : - : "•<••••!! Legion at Ilic Arnisjy |-i''lw to (b:ic05 and. imtlic mcct-j ,. , „,,. \ n . 6 IK:,- : : ,:,t nl?lit the rccenliy in?-ai wen. |ob:; for Winter Declares - • ' Harns. D RIDGE- Little Rc?k moved ilsoai c.* *31y- '.? ccme ihcvillc- ]i"l \vce'/. in 1930 ?r o c-'.- T'-yrEJ. at the capital city kist week were Vi-5 ta!;.i. f:r a e:»;:n'3 tc al cf 08.021, white Blytheville rcc'iv.rl 3.192 bales, for a Eeainn'^ tc'a! cf >HJ t.i -jii-'. i the wc?kiy compress report of ihe Arkansas' it- Ci ton Tn-is n r :::!at!?n. I c-r.:ru:tiHy, also, lo celebrale l!',7 Receipts las: week for the entire 1 ccwrlclicn of a civic protect which . 'A • • .V3.8C- 1 tales, noniirarsd to involved the contnbutit.ii of ay- 51,698 laa week, and 51,4114 Ihe ia::;imau)y S7.0QO by ihe coimmui- ittttia week a. year ago. Receipt 1 u y t ; r /.:ppUmcnt a .'tale appropri- Ihe ImniBijIats n«d Is fr i«e and ether cqiLp.'iien'.. P.athct •::nds -i activity for years than lo s?pk ll:e ncc;3:a-y mon.?y bv public nibicription (he com-! ATLANTA, Nov. 25. (UP)—Gco. mince in r.'-aue hns determined P. Harris, executive board member linn the l:uild!ii(j J:nll pay its own j of the Cotton Textile InMltule of way frc:n now en. Hlcach.;.- seats. America, said here today lie csll- lo cost uppioxiiiKitcly $000. have, mated cotton mills of tlie south T'-'ji'Ej.v.- night's nffnir, a dance v:' - Mulcc'.m Burke's crche:tr.i furr!:l!'n<; the n:i:si?. will l:> in '. :iaiuro cf a h?u$2 warming for '>": ••'• i" il;'.:iv. It will qive psc- teen 'ffdcrcd, and mil"be here ear-; recently had Increased their pay- i_: t> Blvtheville and surrounding ly next month. The dunce Thur.--|iol!s approximately 30 per cent cc::)ii-.i!ii[[its iheir first r-pportunity day nieht, nnd oth:r cvjnlr tliul|over Hie summer level. in.pcc-. the structure, end an will fellow, are expected to provide! -Qur people must live through revenue for retirement of the deb:.' u, c winter," he snid. "They must ,,„ ,.; " ccntril - ll ^l The'be given an opportunity to adjust binding will be operated cnlircly: themselves lo the changing crindl- wii.ioiil profit, all receipts :-vcr iuidjti ons |,, tnD Industry. This slep 1ms above actual ccsts gpiiig back into] bL . C n taken as an evidence of wll- "-I '.JIciTs cf Ihe Sisnuiol T. Adams Pc^i n.•>.•(• ln:tallc:l. There t? l nn no I-"M .--,11111 of Kennett In tlie ruiin- ':•' Vice commanders were chossn t-'va H-rnersyille. Benulli. nnd o!rvc1 ' £lrl l j 01 * PI1|J tfW- C:i'<lv ;i .ii in addition to the regular |"' c .combined In the 1 '••' •J'. K>nnelt officials. , 'il^ciul arrangements have- In'm. niaili' by ihe Kennett Post lo linve-, uravcs of all vx-rarvlco men: AKTlCl.i: X<». fl'i • 11Y \V.M, K. Mi-KKNNKY Srciclaiy Anu'ilcan HrUge IJ Muny players loo <|iilck to with the king Bi-anL oppnrent loclng trlcfci. • • - • the . trick ".with, the ace. • Declare? '• icturna 0».four of hearts, throwing.*"-'' East, In tli'; lead with t!;o Un • -ot •• i Past Is forced to lead either.- a : s?«rjis.c r^xiss-r" >^-- £ -»^ lie 0|:e::od, which the dummy wli» j • i n"i r V '"' lll ' r '" ono '' 11: wlth the king. Declarer leads th» ,7 . , . ? al ' lc ~ i;iant oppnrent loclng trlctei. 'Jiwfc of irmnp from dummv with .in ., y f"' j Pl ] . |n 'f the ll! " At.llmos clever card reading will .^ilenllon ol Inking Z )onj ? nro»in ff ,W«t In the .'How tiie declarer sufficient Infor. If Eas old! ho c uee d h '''\" ih " (t '^" r h <„ ,. , ,. ._ . . . . "" J i iiu,u3 Ult [ CII1U nniilpn^l nl plv Yin....!. the hand down rr.d""•' lead wlth/'a minion lo |x>rmll him to execute a I cue Unit, 'he wi°l cover* iTl'i'i ?hk colltracl of slx hearts. ' ' ' t> play. c«e East has iiothlng' tobi, and tc °Wrl«ht,-1930, NEA Service, In c ;r .. _..„. ..., stnicture. end 1 c,-;:""i> : 'i'ly, also, to celebrate i»:i!l::d by appropriate mnikcrs'i ^_^, E ? T u 'lilr!i are lo be furnuJied by ihe I 5> ~''-'' Ivdi-ral government. Tl'.- follY.vlng officers were inMallvd: Ccuunander, Elmer (lib) llu-kiln, Kennett; Adjutant, Cicorjje H'-iiphlll, Kennett; Finance Officer, Hob Clurk. Kennett; Pirtt Vic.-> (.'onim.inder, Fred Harris, Keimctt; Etfuiii Vice Ccnunandfr, Ollbcit Smirli. Kenath; 'ir-Jrd Vice Commander, G,?orie Wells, Honii'i-.s i 10-5 'rl-7 o-a-io- €-3 C-J-9-7- NORTH •S-K-9.8-i ' H-I.5.5-3-Z . D-A-8 C-0-0 following .eveiylliliiK t« ! played and (he 'ihe ace. ro Hie queen i» declarer wins witli EAST S-7-t H—d-IO- Little Eo-Jk ... Pine Bluff Bly'.hcville Fort Smith .... McGehci Texarkana We.i: Memphis , Helena Hcpe Walnut Ridgci . Coiiway 1,413 Eudora 1,405 Newport 1.297 Forrest City 1,210 Jcnesboro 1,050 the week season 7,122 08,627 4,649 3,192 2,727 2,327 2.108 2.048 2.012 1,892 1/.D9 01,108 08,283 32,53u 30,222 2H.431 | 49,783 25.323; 2G.714I 19,014! 14,5621 28,450 19,828! 2C.57G 22.725 by 76 feet. wide. This auditorium. with its fine, liardinod ncor and oflicer;; cf Arkansas and s'utheast hijli ccillnc. will provide the best Missouri, and pesiMy and largest court fc-r basketball otv.1 Harvay Psmell, will b; military dcpamicnt, national guard Governor her,?. A i nice Returns on SU'cleher. Too 111 to Talk 'p To Cities and States to Curb Racketeers Says President.- WASHINGTON, Nov. 25. (UP) — Suggestions that the federal government, should begin a campaign to curb local racketeering were frowned upon today by President Hoover. The president described such suggestions as a reflection on the sovereignty and stamina of stat? governments. Two things arc needed new to diminish criminal activity. Tha first is ^an awakening of city govern- msnls u-hich have failed to protect; citizens against criminals, and the second is support for (hose organizations w:i:Ch are endeavoring to snoprcss racketeering. President Hoover favors revisior. of the immigration lav; to provide more "selectivity and flexibility," he announced today. may pected," he said, "cannot be forecast." "What Stranger Found", Subject For Talk Tonight The rtev. E. K. Latlmer has an- ncunced (hat l-o will preach tonight on "What a Stranger Found in BlythevIHe" in the .fourth .icr- v!cs of an cvangclk.tlc meeting which b»2an Sunday morning at the First. Christian church. Some int.'rralln? revelations are promised by Mr- Latlmer. Last nij'itj; large audience heard tha paster preach on "H- •*• To Make It Rain" when he said ill part:" This subject is to IK ditcu.'S- I ed from a religious standpoint, noi troai the scientific angle. Hosca 10:12 tells us how to make it rain religiously, that IE, how to make 1 GcdVi busings be rained upon you and your community and ycur church. The prophet of enumerated four things that v,'e can rto to induce divine blessings: fi live lightfiously, be kind, make good use of our opportunities and to .vek God." The minister said lhat Ihftsc things, cultivated by the undivided will, bring lowers cf blessings. The s^rvipes will continue for ten days or two weeks teginning each evening at 7:30 o'clock. An ancient city has been un- earthrd near the village of Grad- sko, Serbian Macedonia, which archeologlsts describe as the "Dal- knn Pompeii." vilU-; Fourth Vice Commander, Oliver T. Smith, Cardwcll; Scrueant- nl-iir'iis. Cass Blair, Kennett; His- l"i:an, Wnlter K. Hunttr, Kcnnetl; CliBphiln, E. N. ll.?lley. Kcnnell. Adjutant Ca.-ncn of the Pcmiscot, Count Post ;a Canither.h'illc assist- B-9.74-2 SOUTH-CEALIR C—10-5- S-A-6-2 3 - ? The D-K-J.S C-.VK-0 »ni; play<d ut contract Old Rockefeller Estate :' " WiU Become GoliChb-; Cl EVFXAND, (UP)-TKi BO' 'cr-'" r-;2te -f. John D,'Boal:;fti:^r. Sr. •" lure is to .be. Iraiisfcrmsd into iVf exrlusIvo .country club by Jc'in'D'"' Ro-kefelkr, Jr. % ,. ••'--'• The golf links, whjre liin As Ihe ten and nine are both out 'atiiilnst Oic declarer nnd us, If both are In one hand, he cannot pick them ,up. he . plays llic king of lieiuls, West discarding a small club. The declarer should make the (ol- Jowlng deductions of West's liand. The original suit opened headed at Rcckefcllvr played Jor..;ri : mo'sT least four cards—probably five. The vcllrs . will- be enlarged. The dub"" 1 • - • • Is lo he cperatcd , in icriniwctlciv'- with ilvi exlentlvc Fcrc^t HJIh pj-"' 1 . tlnglclon lienrt now gives the addi- tlonal Information that undoubted. mid South, liio dealer, opened Ihe bidding v.ith two hearts, which Is n Ion-Ing bill and requires partner to keep the bidding open. Went passed. Noi-fi, holding less than two tricks, even, though he has ' ri nee. administered the oaths of of Minnesota had 4200 farnier- OWIIKI cooperative associations In 1929, doing a $250.000.000 business. 1 no trump, showing an original four- card suit holding. North Jumps Ihe declaration to six hearts, which closes Ihe contracting. Tlie ly (he Jnind was a 4-4-4-1 dlslrlb,u- 'dentlal section for youn/r t eirccu'-'~ lion. Tlie declarer hns n' loslnu 4 VCS ni . 1(1 buslne.» men, bclnj'.bsil'* ---•--•••- - -by llockefcller. MEmtsrship,' v/iil i spade and u loslns iicarl and slrip the hand down In make 'his contract. Therefore the ace, king and n.u?en of clubs are led and Soulli discards on the third club from dummy. The five ol diamonds Is led to dummy's ace and the eight spot returned, declarer refusing to finesse, going right up with t'.ie king. The Jack of diamonds is re- lurncd.and trumped In dummy. ., . llm " p d to reildents of tlie i;is- irs.-..,' order lo I ^ llm " p d to reildents of tlie i ! trlet and a few Invited. otttslUi West's strongest suit. Is cuades, | Now a small spade Is led. Even 666 Read Courier Nev.'s Want Aimcc Semplc -Alcrhcrson LOS ANGELES, Nov. 24. (UP)— \ Mrs. Aimec Semple Md'herson, j Mr. Hoover said the recent re-i brollght bnck to Lfls Angeles "on. a I strictive measures placed in efTcr' : strc ' c her after a long vacation, was azainst entry of immigraiils v.-h,i re P°rted to be "ill and in no con- ', might become public charges were working out satisfactorily. dition to be interviewed" at her j home on the grounds of Angelus Temple. Luxora Boy Breaks Arm in Fall While Playing LUXORA. Ark.—Saturday aiter- nmn Stanford Ccok the small son ft Mr. and Mrs. Chas. CoDk fell while playing and broke his right arm at the eibow. Hii condition is not serious. Luxora W.M.U. Holding Thanksgiving Market -The Baptist W. a Thanksgiving LUXORA, Ark- M. .U. is r-avini Market today. Mrs. John Ccchran is in charge ana the proceeds of the safes will be donated t: Orphanage at Monticello. the German Baroness Will Live in U. S. Baroness but -,- Br>rt "'" ra von Kalckrcuth. 2 '' 5c:xr * c - <l Oenn"" beauty ot Ecmc rencwn. " rvc ' my heart J" ' h""','V' ^ le declared, "nnd I'll be back, sho has lived in New York for warly a ycsr . whm .._ ^"^SE-s? 1 ; an artist. Dell Students Visit Biytheville Institutions Sudents of the 7, 8 and 9 grades of the D;ll school visited various business places • Friday and Saturday in carrying cut their pro- eram cf practical education. They were accompanied by W. M. Pinchback. i She F*ared There Was No Es! cape From Cruel Neuritis j —New Medicine Scores Quick Triumph Ee.ides the Ccca Cola Bottling' v.-crks, Blytheville Cotlon Oil Mill. Acton Printing company, Courier MOTS and Nugrape Bottling company, where they saw drinks manufactured, cotton .vcds made into oil, find printing done, they also in- sp:cled I'nc fire department and county jail. Wcgro Boy Loses Fingers | in Dynamite Cap Blast! LUXORA, Ark.—Sunday morning LcRoy Hice, a small negro boy living on the Teaforil farm, had his right hand severely injured wh«n n dynamite cap that ho was. play- ir.g with exploded. Two fingers were blown :il and IE-.e fiesli from the palm of his hand was mangled. His condition is scricus. Lone Oak Items Mrs. Carl Wallac,? \vas the guivt. of Mrs. Sheia Walker Sunday. Mass Virginia Rioliardson of Gos- nc!l f|jent Saturday nl?ht nnd Sunday with Miss Hnr.el Walker. Miss Ama Neeiliam spont the v;cek end with Muses Virginia and Tb;!ma Richardson, cf G'snell. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ncedham v.\->; t!i» E"--'! o- Mr. and Mrs. J.N. E^cblnson. Sunday. Miis Helen Hodge spent the week eni' in Oosnell. MirJ Mavorlino Davfeon was a guest of Mr. and Davis, Sunday. Mrs. Clarence Mrs. Erby Hidge spent Saturday vllle. with Mrs. Effie Pruitt of Blythe- MISS NELLIE MORRISON "Oh, what a debt I OUT to Kon- jola, the only medicine I ever tried that gave me freedom from the tortures of neuritis, and relieved me cf indigestion," said Miss Nellie Morrison. 4461 olive Slreet. St. Louis. "For three years I suffered untold ajony from neuritis i.i my arms and limbs. Indigestion added to my misery, and every meal was followed by pains Dizzy spells and headaches were frequent and I felt miserable all over. And as nothing helped me, 1 was deeply discouraged and disheartened. "A friend advised me lo give Konjola a- chance. What wonderful advice that turned out lo be! In Ihree weeks my digestion was normal my system u'as cleaned of poisons and impurities, and Ihe last of those terrible neuritis pains had faded from me. Imagine my happiness to be freed of I Ills rcourge, for neuritis is all of that. No words of mine can ever express medfcine." Many express amazement at the speed with which Konjola works. It does, but a course of from six to eight bottles Ls strongly rec ommended. Konjola Is both a. medicine and a tonic, rich in up- dinncr g;u«st of Missfs Eunice and! my gratitude for this wonderful Drruice Jruatt, Simdny. Mr. rnd Mrs. Virglc Hill was the Tncre will be a prand mppcr for; building powers, ths Rev. Wiilinms Toiursday night Konjola is sold in Blylheville icr , Nov 2Hh. | Ar i; 9 , lsas at Klrby Drug Stores. Ail are invited to attend Sunday: and by all Ihe brtt druggists In all v.ns;! and church services each tcwns throughout this entire «-- Sundn >'- , tfon. _Adv. Is a doctor 1 !! Prescription for^.i^ Colds and Headache£ IS THE MOST SPEED*' ' REMEDY KNOWN. ';;, ALSO IN TABLETS'. - IT Cooking School Notes by Mrs, Myra Oliver Dougait In (he cooking school I conducted recently under the imspices of the Courier News, I stressed modern methods of cooking. Naturally, then, I use and recommend CRISCO—for it's a modern shortening. —Mrs. Myra Oliver Dougan. " AUNT SAI.I.Y WmTE use<l to hake the ,-"" • /%. l>C3t cakes in our ncigliborhood," writes ." Oic wmimn ivlio sends me this recipe. "Ami sho ' WU.H so {secretive tlial when someone iLskwl' • '. wliut went into Ihli particularly (jcxvl cake JJ., she rci>lic<l Itstily, 'Oil, it's a conglomerate.' ',ii The name stuck, even after she left her hanti- ... written recipe Ixxik to my mother. The original '- " couglomcrati: rcciix; rallml fur anolher fat, hut '•'. I've fouml Crisco much Ijtltcr." •• "•" No wonder—for not only does Crisro taste ; • fresh nnd jmrc like Awcct butter—hut it's so :; - : 5|M)«nablc; nml workulile tliat you can '])nt '"", your eggs, Crisco and sugar all into the bowl ;: "' it once and blend them in one o/vrof ion. • • ' CONGLOMERATES ' .- 1 cup sc«llcsi raisins t cups hut water cup Crist-o 1 cup walnut mcnU y cups flour ' 4 tWLs|H*)ru hnking > po'.v<lor 1 teasiHxm niitmeg 1 lcas[MK)]l cillnnmoa J^ tcas(HHjil cloves suit , -. She called 9 em ^Conglomerates" IH H* ttfte airtight ran—UK frnh aHrt nirccl at llic itay il tra* made But now Aunt Sally's secret is out/ Boil rtii^ii^ ainl water'tog?t]uuj JtboulytQ iTliniilc.;'.' K Drain. ofF and Ktvc.lhc water, aJcling enough inore --,' watlT lo.hmke 1^ cups 6f liqiiiil. IMcml Crisco. ' , sugar nml eggs in one nc>crnlion. (You'll $avc ^ o( ymir lulling time.) Add wnlnuLi nnd raisins; then .," 'iililid. Sift logctlicr the flour/ salt, b.ttiug ,cr nml spices. Ailil to first inislure nnd mix ' Ilioroughly. Kill \vclt Criscocd n,t,.'ii. pans «hout ••- lialf full. Hake in niodcralc (375° !•'.) oven is u> SO ininiilcs. .Makes aboul SO cikcs. !cc wnlli Mnrlia mam icing. (Ilk-ml \'A lnbles|x»lis Crisco \villi .. \Yi cupa confectioners' sugar, 2 Ublcapoons cocoa ••, and Yt tuuixxiii Kill. Aild 1 tca$ixx>u vuuilh aud * • • lablcspoOD:! strong coffcp.) SHELLBARKS "In the autumn out on our grandmother's farm a Mock of us children used to traipse through the wools Rathering hickory nuts—shvllharks , —lar&e and filled with luscious nut meats,"— . rends another letter. "Grandmother made up .; a cake batter for little rakes, lilled it with the — mils, and we'd eat them right onl of the oven, " without any frosting. And we called tlie little • cake 'Shellbarki'." If you can't find, hickory mils in the market, use English walnuts. Crisco is the shcrteniag I'd advise. It's so easy lo blend wilb the sugar ."and the eggs and it comes to you wholesome , : . ' and pure flavonxl in,the air-tight can. •1 tablesiHwni tr.ilk ' .; l/-^ cupi flour % teaspoons linking posvilcr " ilex's }^ teaspoon salt Mix C'ri-w-o, n[i:l t^gs nil togetlicr in one :- ojKTfltinn. (Cnsco i? in-ult; workable 50 you can <lo * this.) Atiil nuts and ;ni!k. L'o!<l in dry ingredients siltisl togctlicr. Hcj-.l vigorously. li.ikc in sirall Crijeocd ctiji cake tins for 20 lo £ ij minutes in a -, mo«lfnitc (XTi" I'.) oven. Iliis nxriira makt: alxxit £1 ttikes, <!e|>ciHling on lite size of ihe pan?. . .. ALL MEASliKEMENTS I.EVEr,. Hccipt; testc.1 nnil njiprovcd by Cioo<I Housekeeping Institute. C'rifco ii the registered Irndc-lnsrk of a shortening manufactured by The l*rocle- 5: Gamble Co. And when you haven't time to bakt! cakes at home it's nice to know that you can go to a nearby haker or grocer and buy delicious rakes made with Crisco. Most good bakers do UFI: Crisco, I've found. And when a baker is so particular alxmt this shortening, he's apt to use the very best of other ii|grcdients. WINIFRED S. C'ARTEIi Oiwo, P. ftc.r*. ^ cu[> Crisco I cup sugar 1 cup chopped hickory nut or ^vnliuitlr.catJ Fluffy? Ye$,Crisco)H(is now so tiS^S&rf fluff^lT^you doivt need to cream it, Simply stir together Crisco g sugar |g|" eggs ^ /i Whisk 1® caUes into the less time oven

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