Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 7, 1892 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1892
Page 3
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A representative of tbe Journal talked with Commissioner Winn a day or two ago and was pleased to find that he verified the Journal's statements about county affairs. "The county auditor's report to your Board at the commencement of your June term showed $37,307.42 on hand did it not?" asked the Journal man. "That was about the amount," said Mr. Winn. '•And you appropriated at that session one-fourth of the annual expenditure or about $20,000." '•We appropriated as near as I can recollect about $18,500." "What was the amount the Treasurer reported to you on hand September 1st when you met?" "It was about $21,000." ••How much did yeu appropriate at the September term?" "About $19,000, as near as I can recollect." ••Then the treasury is about empty?" "Wei!, there is about $2,000 in it." "You meet again in December and will appropriate about $10,000 more. Where will you get it?'' 'Well, the November taxes will bring- in something 1 ." •The county levy of 20 cents on §19,000,COO valuation makes ?3S,000, or about half what the county has pent. Of this amount §2-1.112.87 was >aicl in in the spring and part is and vill be delinquent and uncollectable. You cannot expect much over §12,000 n November, and with the $2,000 on land, how are you going to meet the appropriation of about $10,000?" •Wo may have to borrow some money until the spring taxes come n." "There is §10,000 of the. £50,000 ionds that, are fine the first of the ear with a thousand or two thousand nterest. How will' you meet that vith the treasury empty at the De- ember term?" We will have to borrow that until tie spring taxes are paid." •Then you meet again in March efore tbe spring taxes are paid and vill appropriate about S19.000 more, low will you meet that?" "We will have to borrow that until ie spring taxes are paid." "You will have to borrow between $30,000 and $35.000 between this and tbe spring lax paying time?/' "Yes, in that neighborhood." "The levy has been increased from 20 cents to SS cents. That will increase the spring revenues from' §24.000 to about $4-5,000?" "I should think so." ••With $35,000 borrowed money to pay back you will have about $10,000 left." -Yes." "And you meet in June and appropriate $19,000 where will you get the other $9,000?" "We will have to borrow it." "And you meet in September and not known at the time the levy wa fixed that the gravel roads would b bought or even the purchase petitionei for?" This last question might have been asked, and the answer would be. tha it was the intention to use half of th surplus with the proceeds of the 20 cent levy for this year and half with a 20 cent levy /or next year to keep from the tax-payers a knowledge of the effects of the new tax law unti after tbe election. Boiled down, there are six sessions of the Commissioners between this date and the spring tax paying time in 1894, a year from nest spring. At the rate of county expenditure, $85,000 annually, the commissioners will appropriate this' amount and a half more, as there are four sessions a year. This means $127,500. Added to this there is $10,000 of the §50,000 due this winter, and §10.000 next winter with two years interest on the whole amount, makes a total of about $15Q,000. To meet this there is $2,000 in tbe treasury, §12,000 due in November and by a levy of 38 cents on the $19,000.000 valuation $70,000 is expected to be realized next spring and fall. This makes $S4-,000 income to meet $150.000 of indebtedness. It will be seen that the estimate of $60.000 indebtedness at the spring tax paying time 189-1 is a low estimate. This is tbe program and this the situation prepared by the Democratic ring for ihe taxpayers and the next Board of Commissioners. It may be frankly admitted here that; many Republicans question the advisability of trying to elect Republican comidissioners to meet j such ;t situation as this but it is their duty to the people to try for election and to make the best of the situation and by careful management to make the burden as light as possible. This is the situation created to conceal the increase under the new tax law. It was created at the instigation of a Cass county ring, and it is to be regreted that The new Board of Commissioners have fallen under Us influence. It must be admitted by every intelligent citizen that the necessity of carrying this county and State for Democracy has been presented too strongly to our Democratic Commissioners. The Journal v/ill be accused of misrepresentation by the Pharos, but not one of the statements will be disproved, acd as in the statements of the Jour. ua! in county matters two years ago, every statement herein made will be generally admitted as correct by Democrats after the election. The best to be done now, is to exercise tha utmost economy in county affairs and to elect a legislature that RAILROAD UUMBU58S. will modify the enormities of the present tax law. If the large increase paid to the State can be lessened, the burdens of county taxation will not be felt in the coming years when the taxpayers must make up for the present. Starts* from cbe :Yot»;-S3o'>k of Oar Kiiilivay iEoporier— <*oint» Per• oiial and Oilmr\vl»e. Pan Handle fireman Charles Hogan ie marked off sick. Pan Handle engine 373 is ic the shop for light repairs. Pan Handle engineer W. H. Laing and fireman. Chris Williams are on the sick list. Pan Handle engineer Will Close returned to work yesterday after a •weeks illness. C. A. Radabaugh stenographer in Supt. Beanet's office is taking a ten days vacation. John TJllery has quit his position. as fireman on the Pan Handle. He bad but lately been hired. J. C. Fairman foreman of the Pan Handle lumber yard and wife went to Jhicago yesterday to remain till next week. Hanlon Bros. company passed ihrough the city yesterday morning on the Wabash from Lafayette to Fort Wayne. Pan Handle fireman Lcedy of the lichmond division was severely scalded Tuesday by the bursting of a flue on his engine. Elias Keis the well known Vandalia brafceman had his left hand pinched Tuesday at La Paz Junction while making a coupling. Brayton Bemisdarfer of the Pan landle round bouse, was called home yesterday afternoon on account of the ilarming condition of his father who vas reported dying. Passenger conductors oa the Eel iver division of the Wabash are at iresent on the anxious seat. Two of heir number have already been dis- harged, while it is reported that at east that many moro will SOOQ make heir last trip on the Wabash. John Curran who has been running he plug train on tbe Eel river, has een transferred to a through run 'Otween Peru and Detroit, the change o take effect to-day. Newi.Richason well known in this city will hereafter run the plug. Yesterday morning when Fred Hankee the Pan Handle machinist, was engaged in fitting a set of guides on a locomotive he cut himself severely in tbe left wrist, making an uffly gash. He was taken to Dr. J. B. Shultz's office where the wound was dressed. The Vandalia tracks, at Lakeviiie, are badly blockaded, owing to~ the large amount of ties and other material they have handled for tbe new Chicago division o/ the Wabash. The latter road has received notice that no OFFICE WORLD'S FAIR Sept. r;, iggj BiACicwELL's DURHAM TOBACCO Co., Durham, N. C Gcnticr-en: We have Smoked up -'i iht Tobacco at the World's' Fair, and have unanimously ;i-.v;>rdM u-,j- GoW Medal SLACKWELL'S n ; you en your success, Yours truly, COMMITTEE. BlackweJi's Has been the recognized standard for over 2; years. Uniformly ^,-oou nr.a u;!;;"o; '" ; y first. Bright, sweet and frajant—\vc invi;-.- ;:-? most fastidious to test its ;•"_-:',:.!or eM^H-ncr. Blackwell's Durharr: Tobacco -J«., Oi:rha,7;, N. C. hastily improvised a couch by turn- ng the seats over, and there, amid much excitement, the birth took )lace. In the mean time a telegram ad been sent to ivoutz, Ind,, for a hysiciao, who boarded the train at hat point and took charge of the ase. Upon nrrivinjr at, Chicago the voman was sent to the county hospital vhere, at lust accounts she was doing veil. The baby was siill born. T!J<; GrucocilcrN. Thanks to the faithful eO'orts in behalf of the patrons of art. Manager btUcirl has succeeded in arranging a date vvith the Gruocdler-Spence musical and dramatic company. This company will appear Saturday, October S, at Dolan's opera house. Mr. and Mrs. Gruendler are \vell known here. It is needless to exalt Mr. Grueadler's masterly piano executions nor to dwell on the exquisite rendition of Mrs. Cora GruendJer's vocal selections. Both are artists of the first order, and Logansport music loving- people will be glad to meet them again. Mrs. Anna^Dolin. Spencc, also a FREE TO CHICAGO, THE HAQNIFICENT. For how Ions, alter the first reading of th» Declaration of Independence, was the oli "Liberty Boll" rung? The fior.'ic Jiicel will Rive ivn olofrant Chick**. iuc pure-:oncd, upright piano 10 the first per- FOE answering tbo above question correctly; two Oret-cluss roirncl-trip nxilroud tickets to Ohicns'o and return and admission tickets for two to World's Fair irroundo to witness dedl- ciii'oii o r building* October -1. 1S92. for eacli of ac-t two correct answers: u s?old decorated Cirna dinner set for tbe fourth correct :;ns'."'cr. Ar. additional special prize, abeiutlful pair of Koli! and pearl opera glasses, will bb given fyri!io first correct answer from cacb. state. Each person r.asv.-criasr must send fifteen two-coat stamps for 3 mos. subscription ta T.'ic Hume Jcn-d. the Illustrated family papef coijtainins particulars of our prizo compett tion for a free trip to California or Florida. Tbo object of offering Micso prizes is to la-: creaso iho circulation ot this excellent family. paper. S?nd to-day and you way secure fc costly prizo. Jvamcs of all prize-wiunera f October number. Write plainly name, pos^ office, express office, county and state. A' dress Tht, Home Jewel, Suite 001, Hanli8t"V Bldf., Chicago. III. Krause's Headache. Capsule—-Warranted, at B. F. Keeping's nn:J •'-. L. Hanson's. OMAHA. Neb., May .3. ].y.u. I have tried a great many remedies for headache, and Krauso's he:uiacbo member of ibis company, is a stranger-l-Cttpsuleskoock it quicker th.-u, any in this city, but she comes with such thin-I ever tried. D. W. McVi:A. recommendations that v,-e feel duty bound to give her voioc. The Chicago press has ranked this talented ludy timong tbe very best, and be [>!?fi??d to meet h?r. F. R BOZER, D. D. S. DENTIST. Office Over Smt<; \atloiial Bank, Corner of .Fourth and Broad tvay. Report ot tlie Condition -01" THE- First National Bank Or Loyansrort. a: i.os?msport. In the State of Im'.li'.im, at the close ol business, Sept. 30,1892. KKsOUJtdS. I.ociiisaiui disc-Hunts $294,602 17 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured i',-if>() 2S . fc. S. Bonds to secure circulation 50.000 00 * Stocks, securities, etc 15,7-17 26 . line- from approved reserve agents -M.'^e S) Tn;e. from other National Batiks. 2.S3 77 BanUlnc-liouse.fnrnttnro.aiidnxtures.. I3,o«i oo Current expenses and taxes paid 12S1S1 Premiums on U. S. Bonds 7,nx) 00 Checks and other cash Iten-.s l,C75 2S Bills of other Banks y.oco OQ fractional naper currency, nickels and cents..,.". 327 21 Specie 76.S91 10 LesU-teiuier not<*s liu.JiOO 00 Rixtem:>tlon Mud with T". S. Treasurer (5 percent, ot circulation) 2.25U CO Total $5-10.915 IS U.UJlLmSS. Capital stock paid In $230.008 00 Surplus and s.oftS 42 Ondlvided proats S.57S 41 National Bank notes outstanding. S4.700 oo Individual de(K>slts subject to check 1W.1HW 41 Demand certificates of deposit— S4,tj?J 9i TOW! S540915 iS Stole o! Indiana. County of Cass, ss: 1, William vf. Ross, aishler of tie aooTe named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. IV. W. ROSS, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to Before me this 6th dar of Oci'JKt 1 J9J. GEON»K C. TABSH. Notary Public. Correct—Attest: A. J. MCTOOCK, J" DKonsUKu J-Directors. W. T. WltSOX. ' ) appropriate $19,000, get that?" "Borrow it until taxes come in." where will you the November "In November you will owe $28,000 with about §20,000 due and in December you will appropriate $19,000 more acd at the first of tbe year there is $10,000 more bonds due and in March you will meet and appropriate $19,000 more. As near as it cau be figured you will have a debt of $60,000 at the spring- tax paying- time after next spring- and you will have to borrow money at every session for the next two years?" "Well, we will have to borrow i some money." Is not this brought about by the attempt, to create the impression that the tax law did not increase taxes?" "I never told any one that. The new law does increase taxes." "But has not the levy been made so us to bring in half the necessary revenue that the taxpayers might think that the new tax law did not increase taxes?" ••I never told any one that, I voted to make the levy low to got rid of the surplus.'" ••There \vas enough surplus then to pay half of the expenses of the county "or a year and to buy the gravel roads for $42.000?" ••Yes." "Why did the county raise so much surplus two or three years before it was needed or used?" "That was before ray time; I cannot find out." ••Why was the $50,000 borrowed with such a surplus in sight?" "I have asked that question myself. Nobody knows." 1 "Why was $88,000 raised this rear when .you had enough, to run the county for a year? Why was it arranged to hold half of the surplus over until next year, when it was Columbus Day In tlie Toivn and Din irlct 5-ohooi* of Case Covaiy. The pupils of the town and distric schools are to gather on Oct. -21, 1892 at the usual hour in their respectiv school houses. As far as possible a] the rooms in each school house unde the same principal are to unite in having the same exercises. Th exercises will consist of songs, essays recitations, etc., selected by thi teacher and pupils from the sugges- live programs found in the Septem ber term of the Indiana School Journal. The largest liberty is left for individual ingenuity and taste in extending these programs with additional features found in the Officia' and other Suggestive programs. Wherever practicable the flag of tbo Nation is to be unfurled over the school bouse aod Columbus u.ees planted in the school grounds. The parents and friends of the pupils are invited and confidently expected to attend. Family interests on Columbus Day are expected to center in the particular school house where the children attend, parents lay aside your work, take your lunches and spenri one day with your children in making- memorable these festivities. Written accounts of the exercises in the various schools of the county would be appreciated in this office. Very respectfully, J. H. GARDNER, County Supt STATE OF OHIO. Crrr OF TOLEDO. > c . Lcc.ts Cousrr. FR.OTK J. CHEKET m:ikes oath that ha is the senior partner of the firm ot F. J. Cbener & Co- dole; business in the City ot Toledo. Conity and State aforesaid, mid that said Srra vriP pay the sum of ON.fi HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of CAT.VRKH that cannot be cured by the use of HALL'S CATAP.RH C-CRS. FBAXK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed In ray pre*- ence. this 6th day of December. A._D. 1SS6. SEAL Notary Pablic. Hall's Catarrh Core ts taken Internally and a;ts directly on the bio id and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY, Toledo, 0. ^?-So!c! by Druggist, 75c. To Loan, $5,000 to §20,000 at 7 per cent, interest on business property. Apply to W.D.PRATT. Full sets of the best teeth for §8, at Clark's, the dentist more freight wiU be received for Lakeville until the present hlockade is raised. As dirty and filthy looking a lot o dagos as were seen in the city for many a day arrived on yesterdaj afternoon, Indianapolis train on the Pan Handle. There were about t dozen of them and the faces of EOmi of them hore strong marks of dissipa tion and crime. Their baggage was encased in soap boxes and dirty bee ticks and seemed to invite the cholera to take possession of tbe entire outfit, Luckily they did not stay here long but left on tbe first train for Chicago. Texas Siftings: The car tracer is a man employed by a railroad company to hunt up lost freight cars. He travels a great deal, but the beauties of the country through which he passes are lost to him, for he has no eye except for freight cars. If he takes a little snack in a railroad res- trurant, his eve is turned to the window constantly, especially when a freight train goes rumbling by. He has been known to leave coffee half drank, rush out and raount the caboose with an air of triumph, proclaiming that he had recognized the initials and number for which be was searching. Studying freight cars as he does •enders him oblivious to the beauty of .he most elaborate Pullman or Wagner jalace car, and be looks upon the alest improved vestibule limited with supreme indifference. In fact, he dreams ot nothing but lost freight :ars. strayed or stolen, and initials and numbers dance before his sleeping vision'continually. Conductor C. R. McCullough. of he Chicago and Erie railroad, had an :xperience Saturday which gave him everal more varied sensations than he has felt for many years past in his xtensive railroad car&er. Icvoiua- arily he became an obstetrician. It 11 happened in a second-class coach fty miles out of Chicago, and ai- iough there were several women in he car at the time, the unusual oc- urrence produced such consternation rnong them that not one offered to helo he unfortunate woman. The mother is a Holland immigrant who was traveling with her husband to Oakland. Cal. Conductor McCullough noticed the woman, and it did not take long- to find out what the trouble was. After an unsuccessful appeal to the women in the car, Mr. McCullough Sold by B. Hanson, drug' A ss J, L. Delphi Journal: Judge Bal'dwic, who applied for a number of job under the administration and failed to get any positioa. has changed base and is now making Democratic speeches. No man ever said meaner things about Democrats than Judge Baldwin and the Democrats never said meaner things about any man than they have said about Judge Baldwin. And now they are sleeping id each others arms. Judge Baldwin has made a great deal of money out of the Republican party. He wanted to be drawing revenue all the time. He came too high and the party had to let him go. Talkw. druggist ;ii, Des it is remarkable i O.jrp 11-11... - „ u'. v >... i . Notice to Stockholders. There will be a meeting of the stockholders of the Logansport and Western Turnpike Co. at tbe Council Cnamber in tbe city of Logansport, Indiana, on THU^SDAV, OCTOSEK 27, 1892. at 1 o'clock p. rn., to take action, upon the question of selling said turnpike to Cass county. D. D. NEFF, Pres't. D. W. TOMLIXSON, Sec'y. DeEiiocrntic Barbecue at JPeru. On Wednesday. October 12, for tbe accommodation of those desirin<" to Will F. Crawford, Moines, Iowa, says the way Cubeb Cong \ his customer's fepeak of Si In tbo highest terms of praise. Oyfi rrmn in particular who has been troub «d with bronchitis for years, never found any relief until he used the Cubeb Cough Cure. Ho says it stops it «t or.ix. • He does not hesitate to recommend it for all throat and lung troubles. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. From KuJaniazoo. NORMAN LICHTY, Des Moines, Iowa. Dear Sir—A box of headache Capsules were handed to me a-ud I have used them with perfect success. They cannot be recommended too highly. Could not possibly do without them in my house. I recommend them to ufferers with this common, though terrible complaint. J. ENSIXG, Kalamazoo, Mich. For sale by B. F. Keesliog and J. [.-. Hanson. Cubeb Cough Cure—oni? mitiute. For sale by B. F. Keesiing and J. L lansoD. I'ronourioed HopelchM, Yet Form a letcei- written by Mrs. Ada 5. Hurd, of Groton, S. D., we quote: 'Was taken with, a bad cold, which ettled ou my lungs, cough set in and 1 finally terminated in consu nption. four doctors gave me up, saying I could live but a short time. I gave will run special trains leaving Logansport at 9:18 a. m., 10:30 a. m. and 1:30 p. m. Additional coaches will also be put on regular trains. Eeturn- ng trains will leave Peru at 6 p. m., ! p. m. and 10:15 p. m. Fire, 30 cents for round trip. C. G. KEWEI,!,, Agent. Kxcursioij via Penij-j-Jvaiila Line. To Indianapolis on October 12th to 5tb, for Union Veteran Legion, at •i2.35 for tbe round trip, good to eturn until October 16th. To Anderson on October 13th and 4th, for races: at §1.75 for round rip, good to return until October 15. For Ov«-r I'iirjy Year*. ilrs- Wiu.siov-".- Sootbiug Syrup be* been used for over ri^ty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child softens the gums, allays a!l pain cures wind eolic, ace is the best remedy for diarrhoea. If pleasant to the taste. Sold by druggists in every part of the world if I could not stay with my friends on earth, I would -meet my absent, ones above. My husband was advised to get Dr. King's Ivew Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds. I gave it a trial, took in oli. eijjht bottles: it has cured me, nod thank God I am. now a. well and hearty woman." Trial bottles free at B. F. Kpeslin^'g drugstore, regular size. 50c. und $1. Good JLooif* Goods looks are more than skju deej. depending upon a healthy condition of j ail tbe vital organs. If the liver be I inactive, you have a bi!iou> look, if I your stomach be disordered voi: have a I dyspeptic look, and if your kidneys j be affected you have a pinched look. j Secure good health and vou will have great, alterative and tonic -<,i::l~ directly 02 these vital organs'. Cur>:-.- Dimples blotches, boils and gives a srond com plexion. Sold at B. F. Ktesling-'e drug store. 50c. per bottle. Xbe f'Sver oores, cetu^r, ehfc.i»i—i< Twenty-five cents a bottle. Its vaine chilblain.-,, corn* and is incalculable. Be sure and ask for Jfrs. Winslow'a Soothing Syrup, and take no other kind. Admission to races this week, only 25 cents. Ripans TaUuies core dyspepsia. tions, and p'j.-itive:y cur*-.- p pay re^um-fl. .It It- «n.,K give perfect satisfactioa, ' -efunded. fr'ce 25 cetitr. Tor sale by B. F. 'i». Call at Jonn Scbriefer's 224 Market street, for Toledo Pilsner beer.

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