The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1951
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1951 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS >ur Boarding House with Maj. Hoople UMCL6 AMOS, AK6 YOU TOO BUSY LOOK- INS FOR ATOM BOMBS TO UMPIRE OUR SPRiMG CLASSIC WITH )%: We SOUTH ^-^ STREET „ I SLUGGERS ? MEED *0 EGAD, BOYS.' VOO COMPLt- AlJ HONESTJ1 MEKlT M6-~ AH-UM.' GOY WHO ^ NOW THAT WV FIGHTING DEFEWSE 15 FUMCTIOKjlhJG Like A V1ELL-OIL6D MACHINE, T OUGHT TO Yes, T-'LL AS ARBITER.' THE LAST UMPiee voe /^ HAD QUIT, AMD SAID HE'D PAINlT OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R Williams WWV FLATTEM THEM^ CAM'T VDU S66 WHVAUL . AROUKID -/OO7 EVERY CAKJ THAT'S PUT IM THE RUSeiSH IS FISHED OUT AktP USED BANkCS-FAINT BAMk.S. BOLT BANKS, GREASE \~ f/ WELL, EVEK! THAT'S BETTER TH4.NI HAVW 'EM USe GOOD TEA CUPS AMP COOKING PANS--THEY WILL — YOU'LL SESEJ WHY MCTTHERS, GET The Medina mosque is regarded *s Arabia's architectural gem nc- rording to the National Geographic Society. A LIFT FOR LIFE! NO OTHER DRINK PICKS YOU UP LIKE DR.PEPPER The Gold Mannequin By Myks Connolly COPYRIGHT 19S1 BY NCA 1CRVICE. WC, I The best bread lor any meal— I The bread that will make you feel, I Cheerful and gay, three times a I Is Meyer's with the red and seal. XXVTII 'P1M REESE relaxed slightly. found words. "Here." He gave the tiny mannequin to Jean. "I've had all I want of gold mannequins for a while," "Won't you believe I love you?" She was emotional, pleading now. "No, Jean." His words had a cool, quiet finality lo^them, "Even if it were true, I couldn't believe it, I could never believe you again." He passed by her, moving clumsily to the door. He stumbled once but did hot fall. He went out, closing the door quietly after him. Jean, stunned, watched him go. It was a long moment before she recovered. Then, in panic, she raced for the door. "Tim! Don 1 ! go! Please don't go!" She cried out into the hall, pleading wildly. "Believe me, Tim! Please don't go!" The only sound in answer was the whir of the elevator on its way to the'ground floor. Jean whirled back into the room ran for the roar of the apartment "Martha!" she screamed as she ran, -"Martha! My shoes! S'tockings A dress! Hurry, Martha! Hurry!' * • • HPIM REESE, rushing away from the shop, as if in some wile hope of leaving his heartbreak be hind him, moved with painful ant clumsy speed along the slippery sidewalks. Twice he slipped ar only the quick hands of passers-by saved him from falling. Once h stumbled and fell to one knee. I was only with torturing effort holding lo the sill of a store win dow, that he was able to get bac! on his feet. People passing him 01 j the drab, cold day thought hin drunk or demented, or both. His hurt now btinded him am his mind was blurred with mad ness.. He wanted to move faster faster. He w e a v e d, tottered ipped. Cars barely missed him nd horns cursed him as he slum- led across traffic-crazy streets. He was headed for his hotel, but nly vaguely. He went south, then vest, then south, then west. His ne clear purpose was to gel away s quickly and completely as pos- ible from Jean and the past. He came to Fifth Avenue. The ights flashed red against him as he cached the curb. Traffic leaped orward. But Tim did not stop. He unged forward through the mov- ng cars. One car avoided him hen, a second car. A third, a cab urncd sharply as it bore down on urn. Tim stumbled. A horn barked wildly, brakes icreeched. The cab skidded. Its 'runt wheels swerved, avoiding Tim as he lurched about trying tt regain his balance. But the bod: of the swerving cab sideswipcx him, threw him to the pavement. The cab driver slipped out'of hi cab, made his way through th crowd that had immediately ringet Tim on Ihe pavement. "Drunk as a hoot owl," the cal driver muttered. Tim, struggling painfully, got t iis knees. "I'm all right," he said "Just give me a minute." A traffic officer on duty at th intersection, pushed his wa through the crowd. He eame a Tim, holding lo the cab, had grim ly worked himself halfway to hi feet. "Take it easy, hud," the office said, "Better.stay where you,are. "I'm all right," Tim said. : Then, his knees crumpled, an he pitched forward to the stree and lay there. A few minutes after the ambu lance had taken Tim ofT to th hospital, and the crowd had hair ly dispersed, a cab came to a sto at the same crossing. In the ca was Jean, hurrying to Tim's hole Every hair in her silvered gol head was still in place but he lovely young face, usually relaxe nd luminous, was strained and ark with impatience and anxiety. She leaned forward Jn her seat nable to understand why the cab ad stopped. "What's the matter? 1 ' ie asked the driver. "Traffic light, ma'am," he relied. "Hurry, won't you?" she pleaded .'ilh the driver. "I have to get to ne hotel immediately. It's terribly mporiant! Please!" • » » CHRISTMAS had come to Cedar~? brook, and gone. At the hos- lital, Midge stood on a tall step- adder, taking down the ribbon- uowcd green fir sprays from over he fireplace in the recreation oom. Tim, in his wheel chair, was back distance, watching her. The two were alone in the room. "Be sure to keep the red rib- Kin," he called lo her. "We're gong lo need it nexl year." "Thought you were going to be ich nexl year," Midge called down ) him over her shoulder. "Yup. But come here a min- ite." He held up a booklet. "Just :ake a look at this." He wheeled Ihe chair over to the foot of the stepladder. She climbed down, joined him. The booklet was from a real estate agent, and n it was a 'picture of an avocado ranch. The white, red-tiled ranch louse stood on a liUle rise commanding a slope dark green with un avocado grove. "For sale." Tim grinned. "Back in my old stamping ground, California." Midge whistled. "I guess I'd better save more than ribbons." He put his arm around her. "Don't worry, hon. Cochet is going to pay me plenty. And so far as running the ranch Is concerned, I'm one of the best ranch hands in (he business." He saw her glance down at the wheel chair, smile. "You look at me/' he reproved her, "not at the wheel chair." "Mad man." She ran her fingers affectionately through his hair. "All right. You wait and see." He looked around t« make sure they were alone in the room, then, quickly he kissed her. "Remember," he said with his grin, "I can still wigsJe my toes." THE END PAGE FIFTEEN "My dad does all his firm's labor negotiations—what chance have I got to talk him oirt of a bigger allo.wance?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER No Class Burvoi/ve GOTTA GIVE HERA CHANCE.' SHE'S A POOa. L1TTLB RKHSIRL. WHO MEV£R HAD AMY FUM LIKE OTHER. KIDS/ NAME If, SHE pfAVS.//! DOUBT' THAT BARRELlKX-KfT SOLO WOULD BE APPR6ClAU r O/ Tt-te TROUBLE wmt OLD . BASSO! ME Aisiteor NO CULTURE.' SOIN6 Tb TELL . ; sue CANT pukvf IT'S 6O1NG TO MELT HER MORALE/ PRISCILLA'S POP "He Learned About Women" BY AL VERMEER WE'VE BEEN GOING STEADY FOR THREE WEEKS, LESTER, AND YOU STILL WENT ASKED ME FOR A HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) All types of hemorrhoids ipHes), fissurrs and other rectal ailments treated and cured by our modern office method*. Twenty years experience. Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS 514 Main Drs. Nies & Nies Rljtheville. Ark. %HEET METAL WORK; OF ALL KINDS Custom wink for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to Vi inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 11? South Broadway Phon« 2651 Good Nitrate Fertilizer V I will have a rar of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate here neNf week. It contains 20.57° nitrogen and the price is $72.00 per Ion, F.O.B., Blylheville. • Paul D. Foster, Distributor Phones 3418-3153 Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miles Extra Power Get The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 AW. >-. iHUCKS, PRISCILLA! ! DON'T LIKE TO KISS NO BUT A GIRL 1 LIKES TO BE A-5f<eO.' •SHE LIKES > TO BE FLATTERED; I SHOULD SAY NOT, YOU FRESH THING Holding Oul on Papn? BY MiriiAI';], (TiMAI.I.rcY nrat RALPH I.ANR MIMC7 IF )MW[7 r ALL KXSHT, fLf~n> LETS) HE CAViE TC>A\V .R ALL you KWOW /OFFICE. HE WAS ASOUT JOE FASD/ HE TOLPASE.TCWEET HtV\ THAT MISHT. THEM HE THKSV DOM'T KNJOWAIVOUUE HOL17 *4OO ON A\V VtSX AS1P KAN. IT TH6EE,\SLJT IP VDU PIMP A WHILE(yOJT ANVrHiNS- ASOUT FASTO, COS\B TO PAPA WITH IT--OK PAPA WILL 86 VEXEP SJEVEIT SfiW MIAN ALIVE ASAIJJ. \f WHAT ELSE? ' --WAKJNA TAKE THAT SUITCASE ^K YOU LEFT IN A\V LOCKE I? f THAT SOMEOJE ELSE WAKTTEI7. CAPTAIN EASY Stricken Trainer BY LESLIE TURNER THIS WAW IS 1 IT WASUT EMILY'S FAULT, BADLY HUET.VSHE v^s CRAZY WITH FEAR.,,. we MUST GET HIM TO THE HOSPITAL AT OWCE ' -*—> - T -T'* ' •, •:>', '•**•? AV^'j ».,s ^s;- '(syysVVi 7;/«T: DIPM'T CECOGUIZE W6... /THE HOSPITAL IS AT WEMSI.EY OLD ON,,:OW WE ^ WE CAW CARR.Y GOKJTER. GET A MOTOR \HIW, TO WiY CAR PAST ALL THEVl LORRIES 50RRV MOW, MR, CARWLE AW GYPSY WAGOU5 WOTS Bt.OCK.IN THAT LWOE WAGOUS.IUPRIUE HIM TO WEWSLEY! 85% Germination BUGS BUNNY T. 1. SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2122 BY V. T. HAMLIN MY GOSH.OOR WE'VE BEEN HERE OVER AM HOURfV/HY DOESN'T WOMMUG SNATCH US BACK WITH THE TIME-MACHINE? 1 GUESS TH'OL' BOY'S ASLEEP ONTH'.IOB... MEXLOOKITJ JESS SEEMS TO BE COMIt- AROUND. NAV/.,.WE'LL JUST DUMP •IMOFHAN 1 PULL DOWN . TH' LINE A WAYS! WELL. ALL RIGHT...ONLY I THINK WE'LL MOVE IN REVERSE. AW, JUST TO BE ON THE HEY, SAFF_ SIDE...I DON'T WHY WE I KNOW WHAT'S UPAHEAD.' UP? BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES Wealthy Woman BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS IOORY RttofVRO 90R 6 ^C Vfc« COME Blytheville, Ark. Dell, Ark. "Day in ond day out, of/ the peopfe seem to talk about is GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPOR AT/ON and their friend// /oan jerrr'ce/"

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