Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 7, 1892 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1892
Page 2
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y^SBl^a^ia^-flB^^-UiS^ Q Kl K—,, t Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for InCmts and Children. It contains neither Opiais, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by jaallions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays feverishness. Castorla prevents vomiting Sonr Curtf, cures Diarrhoea and "Wind Colic. Castoria relieves teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency. Castoria assimilates the food, regulates the stomach and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Castoria is the Children's Panacea—the Mother's Friend. Castoria. " Castoria Is an excellent medicine for children. Mothers havo repeatedly told mo ol its good effect upon their children." Dr.. G. C. OSQOOD, Lovrell, Mass. " Castoria is llio bu.st remedy for children of b-hlch I am acquainted. I hope the day is not far distant when mothers will consider the real interest of their children, nail use Castoria instead of thu various quack nostrums which arc destroying thi'ir loved ones, by forcing opium, morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful agents dov,-:i their throats, thereby them to prumuture graves." Da. J. F. JCi Comrur, Art. i Castoria. " Castoria is so well adapted to children that I recommend it assuperiortoatiy prescription known to me." II. A. Ancnsn, St. D,, 111 So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y. " Our physicians in tho children's department have spoken highly of their experience in their outside practice with Castoria, and although wo only have among our medical supplies what is known as regular products, yet we are freo to confess that the merits of Castoria has won us to loo!: with favor upon it." UNITED HoapiTi.^ AXD DISPENSARY, Boston, Mass. ALLE.\ C. SX'ITH, Prcs,, Gen-tan? Company, V! Murray Street, UOTJT York City. s^g^S^ SL8 WIN. Venezuelan Kevolutionists Successful in Battle. Government i-orces Defeated by Qen. Crespo and His Followers— Six Hundred Men Slain. KILLED IX BATTLE. NEW YOBK, Oct. G.—A World La Guayra (Venezuela) cable, dated Octo- T>er 5, s;iys: A desperate battle has just taken place at Los Teques, a small town oa the railroad line to Valencia, Six hundred are killed and many high government officials captxired. Crespo has struck another decisive blow, which, following- upon his previous successes since the revolution began in last March, means victory lor the Crespists. Caracas is more than excited, for at a distance of tut 10 miles from its city limits Crespo has signally defeated the government forces. Crespo has announced his determination to enter the capital at once. Matters are now getting- warm for the citizens ol Caracas, and the prestige of Creapo's success may caxise many of them to fly to his flap. From details received here the fig-ht •was a most bloody one, 600 men being left dead on the field of battle. Considering- the size of the contending armies, this indicates serious fighting 1 oh both sides. But stubborn as was tho resistance of tho government levies, they had to flee before tho Crespists and were •utterly routed. Crespo had at his disposal some 1-1,000 men, including 6,000 brought to him by Gen. Colino, •who joined him some days ago at Valencia. Under Crespo were Gens. Vegas and Quintana, who started some days ago, by different roads, on the way to Caracas, their objective point. The revolutionist g-eaeral possessed twelve pieces of artillery and had the assistance of several Americans and Gen. Widener, n German, and Gen. Petalli, an Italian. THE GEORGIA ELECTION. Majority for Gov. Xortlieu, I>cmocriltlc Nominee, 7O f rj55. ATLANTA, Ga,, Oct. G.—Gov. Jsorthen and the entire democratic state ticket •were elected Wednesday by a majority of 70,555. The people's part3 T failed to make much of a show, polling- a very small vote. Peck, tho third party candidate fov governor, is beaten ia his home county, Kockdale, by 813 majority. He carried only eight out of 1ST counties. The democrats elected the entire state-house ticket and carried, every senatorial district 'except two, which are doubtful, and elected the lower houso with the exception of four republicans and ten third party representatives. The democrats swept every congressional district, carrying- Tom Watson's district by 1,511 majority. "3_ ' Heavy Loss by Firo. Issw YORK, Oct. 6.—Kinney Broth- ers'big cigarette factory, which occupies 200 feet of the block on Twenty- second street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues, has been destroyed by fire, making a loss on stock, machinery and buildings aggregating 1250,000. The loss is fully covered by insurance. More Cholera la Gothata. SEW YORK, Oct. G.—Dr. Koertes at a late hour Wednesday night reported a supposed case of cholera to the police. The patient is James Finley, 27 years old, of 239 East Eighty-fifth street! The case ;' oeing investigated by the health "boar... SENATOR PEPPER'S SON KILLED. He Wl»9 Engineer of a, I'rclffiit Train -Which XVsis Wrecked In Kaus.is. COUNCIL GKOVE, Kan., Oct 0.—A freight train on the Missouri Pacific railroad met with a bad accident about GO miles west oi this place, going through a burning bridge. The engineer, C. T. PefEer, a son of United States Senator Peft'er, and Clint Howard, fireman, tvero both instantly killed. Charles Hart, another fireman, was badly injured. After the accident occurred the wreck' took fire, burning up thirteen cars of grain. Both PefEer and Howard leave families. Jfnttl to Corno Ifcit Fail. NEW YORK, Oct. G.—Marcus Meyer, the opera manager, has returned from Europe. He says that lie is going to bring Mmc. Pn.Ui to this country in November, 1S93, and that she will appear in a neiv upirc.. THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. CHICAGO, Oct 6. FLOUR—Steady. Spring -wheat patents, 54.1C (g».50; Bye, SSLJO@3.GO; Winter wheat patents, $4.00©<UO; Straights, S3.00©3.75. WHEAT—E-olefl steady. No. 2 cash, 73V£@ 733£c; December, 78jfi@70;aC, and May, Sl"i@ BZXc. Cons—Moflorately active and irregular. No. S, 43&@-13?8C; No. 2 Yellow, 43?J@13?ic; No. 3, ; No. 3 Yellow, -13?i@-13;ic; October, ; December, «!4©«SC; . May, i7 ! /i £480. OATS—Steady. No. 2 cash, 31Kc; October, SlJiiasi&o; May, 36©3Ctic. Samples steady. No. 3, 29®32o: No. 3 White, 30tf@33c; No. 2, 32 OSSc: No. 2 \Vhlte, S3@34iic. KTE—Quiet and unohansed. No. 2 cash, 55c; October, Mo; November, 65i^c. and December SSJfc. No. 3 by sample, 43@SOc, BAKLEY—Quite active and medium jrradei easy. Now by sanrple, common to fair, 35@ 45c;KooO, 4S@32o, and choice, 53@(»c; fancy, 63®67a MESS PORK—-In rather good request, -with free offerings. Marltot active and prices higher. Quotations range at 8ll.50@ll.C2y for cash; 511.30Oll.00 for October; J12.ax3li.50 for November, and Sli.50@12.S2M for January. LARD—In fair flemand and offerings moder- nto. Prices higher. Quotations ranee at S£.-10@S.47^ for cash: JS.40QS.47H for October; 8T.B2K®7.C7Hi for November, and 57.20®7.2S for January. LIVB POCI.THY— Per .pound: Chickens, lOc; Turkeys, Cfiill^c; Ducks,;j 9@9i;c; Geese, $4,00©".r3 per cloien. BUTTEH—Creamery, 15<J24c; Dairy, M®21c; Packing Stock, 13;.;(3l4c. OILS—Wisconsin Prime Tnrite, T?ic Water; "While, TJic; Michigan Prime White. 9c; Water White, 9c: Indians. Prime White. S?.(e: Water WWte, 0!;c; Headlight, ITS lest, Svjc; Gasoline, S7deg's, 12c; 74 dog's, Sc; Xauatha, 03 dcg's, 6j£c. HS—Distilled Spirits quoted oc the basis of SI. 15 per gal. for finished goods. NEW YORK, Oct. tt —riQ-*jO up, quiet and steady. December only active, December, 8j?;c. Colts—Dull and weak. No. 2, 50?i352;£c; No- mljer, 51 9-liic: December. 52^0. OATS—Steady aad dull, November. C7c; western, S14©4Sj. PROVISIONS—Beef—Quiet and. steady. Extra mess, Pork— Light demand and firm. New mess, Sl2.25312.50; old mesj, 511.50 ©11.75. Lard—Nominal: 5S.77H- TOKDO, 0., Oct. 6. WHEAT— Quiet, firm. No. 2 cash anil October, 7tiic: December, 77i;c: May, SSJjc. COSN— Steady. No. 2 cash and October, 45c_- OATS— Dull Cash, 33c bid. ; RTE— Strong. Cash and October, S7c bid. CLOVERSEED— Higher, active. Prime cash, October and November, £6.52;;: December, 50.60; January, .SD, O., Oct. 6. i— Slow. S. W., 110, 6j;c; 74 gasoline, Tc; So gasoline, lOc; S3 naphtha, 6j»c. Live Stock. CHICAGO, Oct. 5. CATTT.-E—Market ratter active ond prices well maintained. Quotations ranged at S4.95 ©5.55 for choice to extra scinping Steers: S4.S534.93 for good to choice do: S3.70© 4.20 for f&ir to good: ES.1033.60 for common to medium do; 5ao>J>3.73 for butchers' Steers: JS.0033.00 for Stockers: 51.25Q2.75 for Tesas Steers; cC.50S3.oo for liangc Steers: saoc®3-60 for Feeders: J2.75&2.75 for Cows: Jl 73^2.50 for Balls, and SiaSo.s for Veal Calves. Eocs—Market active and prices well main* tained. Sales ranged at £4-25g5.50 for Pigs: S.05®5.75 for light; J5.00JJ5.SO for rough peck- Ing; J5.1025.r5 for mixed, and S5.25S5S3 foi tcivy p3C4rjpg and shipping lots. A PEACEFUL END. The Death of Lord Tennyson Was Calm and Painless, Scene at the Dying Poet's Bedside- Short Sketch of His Career—His Most Prominent Works. TEXXXSOX PASSES AWAT. LOXDOS-, Oct G. —Lord Tennyson died at 1:35 o'clock a. m. His passing away was calm'and peaceful Sir Andrew Clarke, who attended tb,e poet in his last hours, said, just after leaving the death chamber, that Lord Tennyson's end was beautiful "In all my experience," said the eminent physician, "I never witnessed anything more glorious. There were no artificial lights in the chamber. All was darkness except for the silver light of the full moon, which fell upon the bed and played across the features of the dying poet like the halo in one of LORD ALFRED TE^TSON. iembrandt's pictures." Hallam Tennyson, the poet's son, said: "The end was beautiful, calm and painless. He jassed away as if in sleep. The watchers could hardly distinguish the final moment." Twice during the night he dying man smiled npon those Around his bedside, indicating that he vas conscious and recognized them, jut he was too feeble to speak. Lady 'ennyson bears her affliction with a air degree of fortitude, but is nearly rostrated by grief and fatigue. The Pall Mall Gazette thinks that lr. Gladstone will appoint Algernon Swinburne to the post of poet laureate aade vacant by the death of Lord ?ennyson, "In ."Herrcoriazn." IXDIAXAPOLIS, Ind., Oct. 6,—The vews prints the following "In Mem- riam," by James 'Whitcomb Riley, on Tennyson: EKCLASO, Oct. 0. 1S92. e of the ne^v v/orltl clasp hands v.-itli the old n nevrev fervor and v.'itti !!rn;cr lioid, .nd noblov fellowship. ' master-singer, with tic finder tip •i Death laid thus on thy melodious lip. .11 r.ges tliou hast honored v.-itti talne urr, And ages yet unborn thou v.'iU oe part. O! all songs pare and true; Thine now the universal homage due From old and new world—aye, and still the new. JAMES VI : DJTCOMB RILEY. His Cn-.-cer. Alfred Tennyson, poet laureate, was the third con of the late Rev. G. C. Tennyson, and was born at his father's parsonage at Somcrby, Lincolnshire. He was educated 6y his father and graduated from Trinity college, Cambridge. In IS— he csincd the chancellor's medal by a poem In blank verse, entitled "Timbuctoo." Mr. Tennyson did not publish anything, except the prize poem, until 1S30, when "Poems Chiefly Lyrical" appeared, and from 1842 the steady and rapid growth of his fame may be traced. It soon btcame apparent that the author of the "Morte d' Arthur." "Locksley Hall," the "May Queen" and the "Two Voices" was entitled to tho front rank among English poets. This reputation was more than sustained by the two great works that followed, "In Memoriam," in 1850, and it seemed only a matter of course that upon the death of Wordsworth, in 1S50, ho should wear the laurel. 1 "The Ode on the Death of Wellington" was published in 1S52 on the morning of the funeral. He has written "Poems Chiefly Lyrical," published in 1S30, "Poems," in 1832; "Poems," two volumes, in 1SK; "The Princess: a Medley," ic 1S42; "In Memo'riazn," issued anonymously in 1850, being a series or elegies—a tribute of affection to tho memory of Arthur Hallam, son of the eminent his torian and the chosen friend of the poet In his earlier days at Cambridge; "Maud anfi Other Poems," in 1856, "Tho Idyls of tho King" in 1S5S, "Enoch Arden" in 1604, "The Holy Grail" December 15, 1S09, "The -\Tidow, or tho Songs of the Vv'rcns," in ISTO, and "Gareth and Lynetto" in ISTi "A Concordance to the Entire \\ orks of Alfred Tennyson," published in 1SSO, is a reaiari;s.bie proof of the laureate's great popularity. His latest great poem was "Locksley Hall—Sixty Years After." Eilv.-Ia Booth's Bad Fall. LAHEWOOD, !N\ ,J., Oct. 6.—Edwin Booth, the actor, who is at the Laurel house here, mei with a serious fall Wednesday morning, and in consequence is confined to his bed. While in his room he became dazed and before his daughter could reach his side he had fallen. His head struck on the stone hearth, and he received a bad wound over the eye. He had to be carried to his bed. Tiie fall was unfortunate, as the actor is ia poor health. South Carolina's Debt. COLUMBIA, S. C-, Oct. G.—Gov. Tiilman, State Treasurer Bates, Congressman Brawley and Senator Irby have gone to Xew York to open negotiations with capitalists in that city looking to the refunding of the state debt. Neyarl the entire debt, about 55,400,000, must be met by next July. Heir to a Zlandsome fortune. VAUABAFSO, Ind., Oct.. G.—Henry Leger, a brakeman on the Pittsburgh. Fort Wayne & Chicago railroad, will receive a fortune of $500,000 through the death of his grandfather in Bug land. Leger proves to be the only lawful heir. He was enabled to establish his claim throng-h the aid of United States authorities. lie will return to England. Held Tp by Highwaymen. HnxsEOXO, III. Oct. 6.—James Stokes., residing-near Filraore, was held up by highway robbers aod relieved of over S1,OQ3. . SHORT SPECIALS. I Snow fell in central and northern York Tuesday niffht James Cobb was nominated for congress by the democrats of tlie- Twelfth 'Missouri district. Mrs. John Goepfert killed herself at Bayport, Mich. She used a shoestring and hanged herself to the bed post A posse is hunting: John Van Metes, of Idaho, Ky., for the purpose of hanging- him for the murder of his -.vife and infant. Alexander Bell (colored) was taken, from jail at. Mount Pelia, Tenn., by en- rag-ed citizens and lynched for an alleged assault on a white woman. A child of John White, in Champaign, III., while- playing- with matches, ignited its clothing and was so seriously burned that death wiil probably ensue. Henry H. Harmon, George Welch and Keinper Peabody, all of North Dakota, have been appointed a commission to appraise the lands of the Fort Rice military reservation. Ex-President Cleveland left Xew York for Buzzard's bay Wednesday afternoon. He has nol yet decided whether he will attend the opening o: the Columbian exposition in Chicago. Judge Hunt, of the Ohio suprern court, on Weunesdaj' in a decision re stored the Wesleyan female college, o Cincinnati, to the trustees, decidin 0 against the claims of Rev. W. E Brown. In the case of James Belden ag-ains ex-Judge Burke and others and the Co lumbus, Toledo & Hocking Valley rail road, which involves about 35,000,000 Judge Ingrain, at New York, on Wednesday handed down a decision giving- judgment for the defendants. D E L A M ATER FOUND G U1UTY. Tho Jury Sustains the Charges ol Em bezzloment Made Against Him. MEADVIIXE, Pa., Oct. G.—The jury in the embezzlement cases against the Delamaters returned a verdict of guilty as to Hon. George Wallace Delamater and not guilty as to the other defend ants. The jury stood ten for conviction and two for acquitta. upon the first ballot Wednesday night. Mr. Belarnater received the verdict without flinching-. The defense •will apply for a new trial and will also question the legality of the act of 1SS9. The defendant was a state senator for many years and a candidate for governor in 1SBO, when he was defeated by Robert E. Pattison, the present incumbent The embezzlement charges were the outgrowth of the .failure of the Delamater Banking Company in Decem ber, 1S90. Xno .Fcclr Case. ALBANY, N. Y., Oct. 6.—The case of Commissioner Peck came up for a hearing at 10 a. m. Counsel for Peck argued that the papers destroyed were not public records, and, in reply to the judg-e, counsel for the prosecution said that this was the point at issue between the parties, and that if the judge decided that the papers were not public property that would end the case. The judge took the matter undsr advisement and will give a decision October 18. "Won l>y :tn Austriao. VIES'XA, Oct. G.—Lieut. Baron Reitzenstein, the only one of the German long distance riders who was thought to have a. possible chance of beating- the Austrian record, has arrived at Florisdorf, having been seventy-three hours and forty minutes on the way from Berlin. This settles the contest in favor of Austria, Lieut. Count Star- hemberg- having made the distance from Vienna to Berlin in seventy-one hours and thirty-five minutes. Three .More JSodlPa Recovered. IisoxvrooD, Mich., Oct. G.—The bodies of three more of the men entombed in the 2\brrie mine a week ago have been recovered and identified as Frank Dens-ham, miner; John Bloomquist and Herman Ericksen, members of the timber crew. Eight bodies have now been recovered and two mora lie buried under debris. The search still jfoes on. A Columbus Statue from Genoa. BALTIMORE, Md., Oct. G.—A marble statue of Christopher Columbns has been presented to Baltimore by A. Schiaffincl. It is of fine Italian marble and was made for Mr. Sehiaffind by Achilla Canoso, a Genoese sculptor. A u;ever Answer. That was a bright answer which, a clover ^oiicty girl returned to an in- had the temerity to question her concerning her age. "Sir." she said, with an air of severe pietv, "in the Ip.aguageof the Psalmist, "-.line acr.e is as nothing before thee." ,« TS S*-'l n! 'Aii*. •,-. S. _-i::de>'son. CI Sc.v_ti3,~.!e, P."..,~ veteran ot flie llth Penn. Vols.. r:.i"5. :;r, s, result 01 TOT service be Suffered Every Minute From liver nnd "rddzey -roubles, catarrh in the ii-j~.il, rliC'um^tisn;Di;d distress in his stomacn. ZvsrTuuns he r;te nsciacd Isfce lend. Sleep irns jvfl'.ess, c.iifl in t!ie morning he seemed more tired diaa wlien !>e Trent to bed. He s^vs: Hood's SarsapaHSIa ant! Hood's ?0l3 did me more good tbaa everything else put togstber. AH my disagreeable symptoms tave gone." Be sure to get Hood's. HOOD'S PlLLS are ,tha test [2s. They assist digestion and cere OK3® Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and TBowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthyandagreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commen d it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 75c bottles 'by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Manufactured only by the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO,, SAN FBANCISCO, OAL. , H. For sale by all druggists That Dear Olfl. \Vor<S, Good-toy. Is a mighty sad one. when U is the porting salutation bervv&rn friends whom thousands °£ miles of salt v,-a:er are about to separate, llnrlners, buyers in foreign lands for heavy houses, commercial travelers who have made many trips across the stormy Atlantic, tnlnk little ot ah ocoan voyage, but to th.o fiist voyager the initial trip is a momentous aflair. Sea slqknws is to be expected as a matter ot course. How to prevent It? The finest remedy and preventatlve of the nausea provoked by the tosslnc ol a vessel, the j;i<rlng motion of the screw of a steamship, or of a locomotive train, is Hosteler's Stoma^i Bluer* pronounced be sta captains, ship doctoi-s.tourists, : travelers and emigrants the. finest stolnachjc .and best defense .against ailments of the ;howels, digestive organs and liver In cxlsteace/'.-ilalarla, rheumatism, Sidney trauhle and 'debility are remedied by it. Are you made miserable '.by indigestion, dizzeness, loss of appetite, yellow skin? 'Shiloh's Viializer is a posh tive cure. Guaranteed bv B. F. Kess" The Rev Georg-e H. Thayer, oi Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Slnioh's consumption cm-o. : ' Guaranteed bv B. F. Keesling;. - To counteract the desire for sirong-, driak, take Simmons 1 Liver Regula tor. Special Bargains, and Notices. Eargalns Offered by Locnnsyort JlercimJitfi, Wants and Cliurclu Society, Kxilroad sad Miscellaneous Vetislous. Prompt attention given all claims for pension, increase of pension, boun- ,y or a-ny other war claims. PoLcut solicitors and general U.S. claim agents—20 years experience. Address or call. BAKKOX & WALTERS, Johnson Block. Excursion Kates via Vandalla LIue. Ttie Vandalialice will sell round trip excursion tickets at rates named below during September and October, 1892, 'or the following occasions: ST. LOUIS EXPOSITION AND FAIK. During the Exposition, every Monday and Thursday, September -Sth to October 20tb. inclusive, round trip tickets for one and one-third fares. During the Fair tickets will be sold, October 1st to Sth. inclusive, at one 'are for the round trip. HARVEST EXCURSIONS TO TIIE WEST, XOKTH AND SOUTH. On October 25th. 1892, round trip oickets will be sold at one fare to nearly all points West, North and 'Outb. Return limit, 20 days. For detailed information address nearest ticket agent Vandalia line or .he undersigned. These excursiocs are open to the public generally. Don't fail to take advantage of the extremely low rates as above. J. M. CHES3EOUGH, Ass't Gen'lPass'r Agt.. St. Louis, Mo. Shiloa's Cur.i will imme.diucely re lieve ci-oup, whooping cough and bronchitis, wiaranteed by B. F. Keesling. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor ia. A nasal injector free with each bottle o' Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Guaranteed by B, F. Kees- g. Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.—A positive cure for catarrh, diphtheria and canker mouth. Guaranteed by B. F Keesling. Nobody need suiter from languor and melancholy, take Simmons' Liver Regulator. ILcadH lo Co Kemp's Balsam will stop the coupb at once Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Nervous dt.-bilny, poor memory, diffidence sexual weakness, pimplss, cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling-s. Nobody will suffer kidney disease if they Liver Regulator. with liver or take Simmons' "or all forms of nasal catarrh where here is dryness of the air passages vith what is commonly called "stuffing ip," especially when going to bed, Slj's Cream Balm gives immediate -elief. Its benefit to me has been priceless.—A. G. Case, M. D.. Mili- vood, Kas. ODC of my children had a very bad Discharge from her nose. T«.-o phy- icians prescribed, but without much >enefit. We tried Ely's Cream Balm, and. much to our surprise, there was marked improvement. We con- inued using the Balm and in a short ime the discharge was cured 0. A. Gary, Corning-, N. Y. Glad The grand specific forihe prevailing malady of the age, dyspepsia, liver complaint, rheumatism, costiveness, general debility, etc., is Aunt Fanny's Health Restorer. This great herbal tonic stimulates the digestive organs, regulates the liver and restores the system to vigorous health and energies. Samples free. Large packages 50 cents. Sold only by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street. Nobody can have dyspepsia or biliousness if they take Simmons' Liver Regulator. Steaiiiiuc the and Facial Massage for removing wrinkles is at the present day attract^ ing.wide-spread attention everywhere. In fact, hundreds of Face Massage Parlors are established in every large city where the treatments are given at $2 each. Thousands of ladies however prefer purchasing a bottle of Blush ol Roses Massage Oil which lasts two months /or $1. Full directions for Face Massage and Steaming the face accompany each, bottle. Circulars free. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. Why will you cough when Shiloh's cure will give immediate relief. Price 10c., 50c. and *1. ^.laratitecd ly B. F. Keesiing. Nobody can be troubled with constipation or piles if they take Simmons Liver Regulator. Great Triumph. Instant relief" experienced and a oertaacent cure by the most speedy and greatest remedy in the world- Otto's cure for throat and lung- dis- .ases. Why will you continue to rritate your throat and lungs with hat terrible hacking cough when 'en Fisher, 311 Fourth street, sole gent, will furnish yon a free sample jottle of this great guaranteed remedy? ts success is simply wonderful, as -our druggist will tell you. Otto's Jure is now sold in every town and village on this continent, Samples ree. Large bottles 50 cents. .TZother's friend s the greatest blessicg ever offered hild-bearing women. I have been a midwife many years, and in each case vhere Mothers Friend has been used, t has accomplished wonders and re- iej-ed much suffering. It is the best emedy for rising of the breast known, nd worth the price for that alone. MRS. M. A. BEEWSTEK, Montgomery, Ala. Sold by Ben Fisher. WhenB^bj- --saiii-i. w- ,-;£"'• ::<~ ' :: ••' V>"nen she•fc'as a Child, she c:-kv,',';,-r ',:^-.:.. "When she became Kiss, she c!i:.>£ -i C' : -she liad Children, she ;jave;i::':: CV For dyspepsia and liver complain . you have a r-vinted guarantee on every bottle of -<\iiloh's Vltalizer. It never fails to ^ure. Guaranteed by B. F Kees] ; js;. £hildren Cry for Castorla. Biliousness, constipation, torpid liver, etc., cured by Dr. Miles' Ner- vine. Samples free at B. F. Keesing's ^ Jjaiie'* Family SXedielne JIovcw she .Bowel* Evei-v day. Most people need to use it- Short breath, . palpitation, pain chest, wea k an(J *aint spells, etc. cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure Sold at B. F.

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