Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 6, 1890 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1890
Page 8
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FOR TEN DAYS MORE On account of some special alterations in our new room corner of Fourth and Market street, we will have to occupy our old quarters for ten days longer during which time we will sell the remaining stock at prices that will gurrantee you a •aving From 25 to 33 per cent. Be sure and call during this sale Schmitt & Heffley. A GREAT FAKE, Marion Sport* VH. Iiognnsporl Ditto Jtotli Siiten thn Victims uT JOIN Harry Or. Tucker's Suit Club. Investigate the new mode of buying a suit for $2.00 I5T5V r± T TT (H T2T17! "R tt Jet JL lJT. JLU'OJa^Jli JA, Merchant Tailor, 32O Pearl Street. "Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt" Right from.the start when we advertised to Close up our retail Clothing trade, the peodle took .stock in our assertion, and came by the scores to carry off bar- galas. The Community knows we never deceive, we never, advertise, for buncomb. our statements were always accepted as true. We are daily making deductions on every Garment iu the house to reduce stock and wind up as soon a possible. All are invited to carry oft a bundle, and save Dollars and Cents on your purchases MARTIN FRANK, On the corner of Market and Third Streets. Daily Journal. If you have Have, your eyes examined and fitted by -,. Graduate Optieion Any Defect of Vision Corrected. JAVA & MOCHA CQFFE STON coFFt I ANDY WELCH, Fancy Grocer, Sole Agent. TUESDAY MORNING. MAY. 0. For weak stomach, use Kinport beef, wine and Iron. 1 Charles E. Woodling and Elizabtb B. Cotner, are licensed to wed. Mr. O. J. Stauffer and family returned yesterday from a visit to relativeb at Wabash. Read the advertisement of the Bee Hive see what choice novelties they are offering this week. George Murphy has resigned his position with'Chae. Kilborn and will clerk for Frank Beatuer. Mrs. Win. H. Stoughton and family departed yesterday to Liberal, Kas., where they will hereafter reside. The most elegant line of silk parasols and gents silk umbrellas ever seen, now on display at the Bee Hive. On sale for a few days, real hand run ladies Spanish black silk lace scarfs at bargain prices, at the Bee Hive. In the Circuit Court yesterday, William H. Euimett was granted decree of divorce from his wife, Caroline Emmett. Mr. W. S. Anderson, of Chicago, formerly Pan Handle station agent at this place, is in the city, the guest of John Y. Wood. There is danger in impure blood. There is safety in taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, the great blood purifier. One hundred doses one dollar. 1 A full attendance of the German class is desired at the office of George E. Ross this evening. Business of 'importance is to be transacted. Prof. Rudy, of Indianapolis, instructor of the Mascotte band, is in the city for the purpose of giving the band their weekly course of instruction. Mrs. Fletcher who has been the ;*uest of Mrs. George Gerard left for her home Saturday evening. Her daughter still remains with her 'riends. A good appetite, good digestion, steady nerves, pure blood and healty liver, can be had by using Osborn's System Pills, for sale by all druggists, 25 cents. april24dGm. John Bowers, the boy who was arrested several days ago on affidavit and information charged with stealing a pair of boots from Isaac Ran's store, was given a hearing in the circuit court yesterday and the case dismissed, the court failing to find evidence against the boy. At the regular weekly meeting of the four co-operative suit clubs at the tailoring establishment of Harrv Tucker last evening it was decided that the following gentlemen were entitled to the suits: Walter Farquhar, Frank Wipperman, Geo, Parish and Charles Thompson. « Reporter: John Robinson's big shows will exhibit at Crawfordsville May 14th. Circuses are dodging Logan sport. The license will have to come down. Wrong again. Several days ago the Journal announced that Bar- urn's greatest show on earth would exhibit here on the 8th of July. John Ensfield is patting himself on the back, so" to speak, concerning a great catch, of fish he made yesterday. He returned from a little jaunt down the river with a beautiful string of bass ten in number, which weighed eighteen pounds. Not bad for an afternoon in May. Bert Thornton and Curt Miller, of the Pan Handle, will start to-day for Hot Springs, Ark., and points in Texas and the Southwest. They will be gone most of the summer for the benefit of their health. Thornton thinks of going on to Southern California whera he has an uncle residing with whom he may visit for a while. Two Mllck StraneerH t'ombin •• lo -mo" 'JTwo T»vriiN— A Hnmtii.y Itiiuiiiitfir .'!!i,«cli mill Fight. Sunday afternoon two hundred people who bad been given the quiet 'tip 1 assembled at the fair grounds to witness what purported to be a sprinting match for "blood" and a $1000 purse, between a sprinter who goes by the name of St. Glair, for the reason perhaps that St. Glair is not his name: and a sprinter backed by Marion sports, whose name was given as Jent, possibly for the reason that his real name is Gibson. St. Clair who is a quiet gentlemanly appearing young fellow ha.s been at the Barnett hotel for several weeks and has put in his time at the fair grounds training assiduously for yesterdays race. The arrangements for a match with an unknown (?) to be produced by the Marion "sporting fraternity were perfected. On Sunday morning the Grant county men appeared in the city with their unknown, and simultaneously with their appear- anca St. Glair's backer,L.J.Forrey of Detroit,made hisbow upon the scene. The Marion runner was introduced as J. .lent, and when stripped for the race showed up so well that the Marion men smiled confidently as they went down into their inside pockets and flashed up a roll of $475, which they intimated it would please them to have covered by a like amount. They were immediately accommodated and this in addition to the $500, they had contributed to the purse and several small bets on the bide, amounted in the aggregate to something over $1,000 they had laid on their man to win. In about twelve seconds from that timo they were sick. Their favorite did not win, possibly because he had a bone in his leg, or for some other equally trood reason. He was beaten by St. Clair by a half a yard, and the money was turned over to the backers of St. Clair. The Marion sports claim they were "bilked" out of their money and make no bones of saying the match W'"j,s set up on them. The man called Jent is not Jent or Geret, of London, England, as was stated by the evening papers,but is one Gibson a noted American professional sprinter who is perhaps the fastest man in the West to-day. His (home is eaid to be in Ottawa,Il!inois, whera it's said St. Clair is also at home. A Logansport man whose word wo can vouch for, positively states that Jent's real name is Gibson, and that he and St. Clair are relatives, and that yesterday's race was not the first in which the two men have been pitted against each other. It is undoubted that the Marion men knew what they were about and supposing they had a "ringer" in Gibson who would have a walk-over in the matter, came here with a fat wad and a settled determination to do up the local sports in u style so low as to be decollete. Gibson left last night for Marion whera he will gather up what little baggage he finds necessary on his travels, and will no donbt ere long be joined by St. Clair in some place likely to bo equally profitable for the working of their little scheme. As an outcome of Gibson's failure to -win the race, L. B. Hutehinson.'a tailor, and G D.Doreinous, of Marion backers of Gibson, threatened him .with vengeance most dire for going back on them, and but for the intervention of friends might have combined to "do" the sprinter, who, on his own behalf offered to tackle any and all comers single handed, but did not care to be attacked by pairs. H I chison, who was before evening considerably under the "influence" breathed threats against certain and divers local sports who put their money and backing on St. Clair. One of them caught wind of these remarks and later meeting Hutchison in fronl of the Western Union Telegraph Office pulled put a big navy revolver and commanded the tailor to down on a chair which was placec conveniently near. This Hutchison did and an animated discus sion followed. Presently Hut chison arose and struck him in the face whereupon the latte: again whipped out the piece of artil lery ne bad in bis pocket and cracket the Marion tailor a couple on thi head which brought the blood an< laid the sport from the gas town ou for the moment. Dr. J. B. Shult whose office opened close at ham repaired the injury to the bruiset head of the tailor and peace pres ently spread her wings o'er th scene. Won't V.xperimrnt with the Throa And Lunirs. Use only the old brand—BAKER' PURE COD LIVZR On. or BJULXR'S EMOIBIOS. Al druggists. CONTINUATION Of the greatest bargains of all the bargains ever offered Here is now going on at HARRY FRANK'S The entire stock of Mr. S H. Kasley bought at a great sacrifice will be sold " at less than 50 cents on the dollar. Flanel Shirts 25c. Cassimere SWrt« 35 cents. Suspenders 15c. Linen Collars 10 cent? Unlaundred Shirts 33e. Laundred Shirts 43 cents. Shirts and Drawers 25c. Knit Jacket!" 50 cents. Jockey Caps 25c Children's panta'SSe And thousands of dollars worth of other goods. The's are wonterful bargains Unparalleled in the furnishing Trade. Prudent buyers owe it to themselves to call and see for themselves—We boldly and truthfully state that no Merchant can sell his goods at such figures unless procured at similiar circumstances—Come and be astonished RRY FRANK, Leader of Low prices at Logansport and Delphi. C. E. KILBORNE'S BAKERY AND RESTAURANT, 317 Market Street Is the best place in the city for board, by the meal or week. Meal tickets of 21 meals only $3.50. Use "Peerless" and "Boston Brown" Bread. What Merchants Say "There's something wrong-for we can't make those prices, we cannot buy at some of them. McCaffrey's will not sell at what they claim to-or, if they do, poor qualities, short weights explain it" Nonsense! What folly if we'd advertise a price we did not hope you'd come and buy at. We had better close our doors than to refuse to sell at what we say we wi 1 !. As to poor qualities and short weights-those who know best know better. Compare on standard goods- such as neither they nor we can cheat on These for instance Best Sugar Cured Hams, fresh smoked, per 111 many dealer charge 121& _ H!|C Best Sugar Cured Shoulders, per ]b 81/ac Is the price at other stores Stee Best Breakfast Bacon, per lb Look at jour Pass Book and see If you are not paying We- »\& Best smoked side meat, per lb Tlfsf. Best Dried Beef, per 11> "W Best Country Lard, per lb * Fancy Sorted Potatoes, perbu - Anotber quality Potatoes, per bu •Vgoocl Family Flour, per hundred $1 The Best 1'lour, Pink Sack, under the brand of "Snow Ball" guaranteed belter than any iirand of Flour made In Logansport, per hundred «i _ 2 Corn Meal, White bolted, per lb : jiVSr. -. Fancy Golden C Sugar, perlb : ..r..~:.,.. • Choice Fancy C Sugar, perlb ;c. .':<>. Choice extra C Sugar, per lb .• : White, extra C Sucar, per lb Soil A Sugar, perlb •!».»•* Standard A Sugar, per lb ,.?2S.., Best Granulated Sugar, per lb : •.'.'./: Fancy Bulk Roasted Coffee, per lb '. Aiax—Rousted ColTee, per lb. package Extra Choi e Package Roasted ColTee. the Cordoba—with a Story Book enclosed—per lb s 15. L. C. Package Boasted Coffee, peril) Ths Vesper Packa e. a < omblnation blemled to make a most excellent drink, per lb.... Jloclio and Java Roasted Coffee, extraordlnay line per lb A Good Oreen C->ffee, perlb A Kancy Green Coffee, perlb Fancy Peaberry Green Coffee Fancy Bananas, per doz Fancy Layer Figs per lb Fancy Dates, per lb Oranges, per doz Fancy Lemons, per doz Fancy Mince Meat, per lb No business ever prospered as ours for ten years' with an element of fraud about it. What Mechanics Say Some Mechanics tell us they have saved $500 in the last five years by buying of McGaff; ey's. What costs them $20 elsewhere must cost the $ 11 here to do,, it. One could soon buy a home with such a saving. Argument is folly anyway. Our prices are facts that need no comment Our reputation guarantees our weights and qualities. If it were not so McCaffrey would not be a competitor worth worrying about. As it is who would not trade with us? McCaffrey & Co, 36 c 25 c 85 e 19 c llfee •Me 6 C 61&C 21 c 24 c 25 c 25 C ... •a, e li> c ... 'a c .. IS C ... J4 e ... 16 C .. 15 C

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