Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 6, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1890
Page 7
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Is tlio Oriental salutation, knowing that good health cannot exist without a healthy Liver. When tho Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the food lies 3n the stomach undigested, poisoning the blood; frequent headache ensues; a feeling of lassitude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the -whole system is deranged. Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them a healthy liver than any agency known on earth. It acls with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. Asafreneral family remedy for Dyspopsla, Torpid J.lver, Constipation, etc., I liardly ever use anything else, and have never bcetj disappointed In the effect produced: it seems to he almost a perfect care for all diseases of the .Stomach and Bowels. \V. J. JIoEi.noY, Macon, Ga. Sicfe Heodaoiie and relievo all the troubles incident to a bilious state of tho system, Buoh on Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress aftae eating. Pain In the Side, &o. -mine their moaS remarkable success Las been shown in CQdsg , Headache, yst Cartor'a Little liver MM ST9 equally valuabloinConstipatiozi, curing and preventing this annoying complaint/while they also correct oil disorders of tho B tomach/i ti mulaeo tha livor and regotate tho bowels. Even If they oalj cosed AclMrthoy wouldbenlmostpriceless to those who cufferf-ronithisdistressingcomplaint; butfortu- noJely theirgoodneoa docs notend hore,and those •who onco try them win find these II ttJo pills valu- .tiblo in so many ways that they will not bo wit- Buta£torallslckIiQ84 2s the bane of BO many lives that norelsvrbera wemaie our great boast. Oorpillaourelt-whila others do not. Cartel's tittle I,lver Pills ore very small and very easy to take. OneortwopUlsmaliQa dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, bat by tfcoir gentle action please all who osethom. InvialsatSBcontsj flvefor$l. Sola . by druggists everywhere, or sent by mall. CARTER FfiEDJCJNE CO., New York; SMALL Pill. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRIGE A 6EEAT BLESSING TO ICead Symptoms and CondttloiiH this Specltic will Believe and Cure. 1C Vnil have nervous or sick heodache.stom- ir I UU aohacho, backache, spineacbc, bloat- in K, iuteraal heat or scalding- urine, If Vnil n " v o chronjo weaTmess,benrintf flown II IUU •'H-pcrversioasincideat toljEc-chanKO If Vnil have uterine catarrh, suppressed or • II Ull painful periods, or ovarian dropsy, If Yflll nave suspicious growths, disposed to II I UU tumor or cancer, or hemorrhage, It Rllilrio upquicWy a run-down constitu- II DUIIUd tion and brings refreshing: sleep, It Will di3 P el those dull tired looks and feel- II illll ings, and bring back youthful bloom and beauty—restores the nervous system, Mntlinrc G'vo It to your weak and delicate UlUlllblO daughters. Not a drop of impure Blood can escape its healing and purifying influence. ;;. » If Ynil, valuo £00d liealtn arid hope for long H I UU life, use I'-fiualo Keinedy. I Symntoms continued with certificates of r'jrta. t in "Quldo to Health*' fife. Alao advice free. |lmer& Co.. Dlnghnmton, N^y. Srugglsta 91.00 ~ ' •llllllllllllljlljNM.f eREATCUTHAni The MISSOUEI PACIFIC RAILWAY »as placed in effect the following low rites be- -twucn points on its lines: St-txmtn r,nd KanuM CHy . . . $i,00 «t. Loal* and Leaven worth . . . 5.76. »I.Lo»l,,At<.-Iil«on and St. Joseph . . . B.OO. £'• J-» u ••!•••> Omaha .... 8.25. ^^iK±.?ssii*£si^^ IMB - II—iJ^T""5 g 11 ^' »>*<l Pueblo, Oolontd* tnver . , 3O*QQ Oreates) Discovery or tne 19m Century! Medicated Air! Or. Tcagiie's W REMEDY CUKES Catarrti ! Asthma ! TKHOAT AMU LUr-;o DISEASES! Ji/.s >;u SOTAC ,, * Positive cure- for rta.pittin- or p n?i w? ntl Roarsl>n(1 '«'. Dlphtlie- Throat inrLuni Ol '?.- w '«">Pl"g Coiujh. and all curesal SsraSor h 1 "'^ 8 - J«'™ c ' s TSjfeSnIv. Weak VlsloTin ,S,, e ^? e: Granulated tlctoand as an olid Vt 1 ™ Ju ««onwit! 1 Medicated AH Tenuue'8 Me. ciit^ m,i?, tarr ? !t hlls no e( " ml - Irt Powder [U m nt "ff rater ls a FPrfnot Tol- in Porter and will LIZZIE'S TACT. In spite of the warning of Aunt Catherine, Lizzie Hawthorne had determines to marry Foster Lantlioni, whom Liznie's aunt had described as of penurious habits and violent temper, He was a widower, and it Aunt Catherine's accusations \voro true ho had literally talked and scolded his first wife Miranda into her grave. Despite all tho lugubrious warnings of friends—and Aunt Catherine was not tlio only one—Mrs. Foster Lao- thorn was settled in nor husband's home, not as delightfully as in her own little eattaffe. but. still quito pleasant A month hud p:is~c;d by, and Lizzie Lanthorn bcynn to wonder when her husband's bud |)roi:Hvil.ifS were going to show themselves. SJiu had not long to wait. Om> noon ho came in, a.little earlier than usual, to find Lizzie with a handkerchief tied over her glossy black hair and her sleeves rolled away above her elbows. Tho hall was crowded with the furniture from the parlor, :i haircloth suite, rather the worse 1'or wear. ••Whnt'a all this, my dear? Is today sweeping Bay?" "Oh. no!" returned Lizzie sweetly, ••I was looking-at the iurniture, aad I have decided that it. is entirely too shabby -for the parlor'. I propose removing it .to the sitting room." A cloud gathered over his face. ••But whnt'll the parlor do empty?" •'Empty!" and the little diplomat raised her eyes innocently. ••Oh, tho parlor-mustn't go empty, my dear! Wo can ;ret u. splendid suite at Cavendish's for §700—gilt and ebony mountings on green, crimson, of orange velvet." ••Seven hundred dollars! Why, woman alive, wluil, do you lake me for —.u, moiuiybiig?" "Oil, no; only a dear, good, kind limsbaml! Just l«:tve everything to me. A chefi-r for S900 or 01.000 will- furnish our need fill articles very nicely." The husband looked ;il iu:r. halt doubtl-iig her senses. ••It is preposterous—simply absurd. Just replace tho furniture where it was; it served me ton years: T guess it will serve you. too." "But can't you really afford it, dear?" "I really ean'i, my darling. If I could I would." "Let us come down tn dinner, then." Alter dinner Foster Lanthorn went out, chuckling to think how completely he had flanked the enemy; and Lizzie Lanthorn went out straight to Cavendish's and ordered a bill of §1,000 to he sent to her husband. Of course he raved and stormed, and Lizzie smiled gently and told him she couldn't think of receiving- callers in the shabby parlor, and then asked BO innocently what -the oil ^paintings, rosewood furniture and velvet carpet in his office.cost. And Mr. Lanthoru was silenced, while he wondered if anyone had told his wife they had cost .$1,500? After that there was pleasant sailing on the sea matrimonial for a Ions while, and then Mrs. Lizzie discovered that her husband had a great many errands out of an evening. ' 'You are going out this evening, Foster?" she asked one night after tea. "Yes. 1 have a little business to attend to. I'll be in early." So he stopped to Idss her. "I wish you'd not go; it's BO lonely when you're away." "I'll be home to-morrow night, sure. Good night." Tho next night when Mr. Lanthorn came in to tea, his wife was dressed in her promenade suit. ••I am going out to-night, .Foster. I had tea a little early on that account. Shall I pour your cocoa?" "I said I should be home to-night, Lizzie. Have you forgotten it?" "Oh, no; but I am compelled to leave you this evening. You will not be lonely a litttle while." "But I'll escort you." "No; I hardly dare ask that. Mrs. Gracio 'iod Miss Lambert are to call for me." And in a few 'minutes after she went away, leaving a silence after her that he didn't altogether enjoy. The next evening he had another errand out, and when he returned Lizzie was gone, too, and it had struck 10 before she came in, fresh and rosy. "You haven't been out again, Lizzie?" "Why, yes, I ImTe. Weren't you away, too?" "Men have business out at nig-ht: women do not.'' • 'You are mistaken there, my, dear. I have just joined our club. A club formed by -married ladies, called the Ketaliation and Prevtntion for Lonli- ness Society. I am secretary, and, consequently must attend every meeting." Mr. Lanthorn stood holding the door handle. "But I forbid it. The idea of a wife of mine mixing up in these disgusting affairs, when they ought to be ai home." ••Entertaining the husbands or sitting all alone, wishing- they %vers home? Which, Foster?" She laid her two little hands on his arm, and looked at him with her pleading, wistful eyes, and then the stupid man saw what it all meant,. "And you'll give up everything i'or me, if I'll stay home ' and ' bo entertained by the prettiest, cutest little woman in all York State?" "Indeed I-will. Do you promise?" "Yes: and this is the fj^il." A resounding kiss testilled to the birth of the hour when woman's wit had overcome man's delingueaeiea. Silvor trimmings are to be in high favor 'ho coming season. HOW OLD HUTCH MADE $33. Also Why His Son wan Not Pnrticultirli £T«asect tvltli tho Transaction. "1 was introduced to -Old Hutch,' In Chicago the other day," said a New England man in Washington. "Ho is a typical Yankee of the extremist sort, and you remember ho was originally from Vermont. He has a large frame, and in good rtesh would turn iiOO." "Single?" ' "I guess; at least, he has that reputation. You remember ho was held up last year by footpads, and, although ho is worth millions, they only got twelve, cents for- their bold undertaking 1 ." "They say ho dros^oj shabbily." "There is usually some hayseed under his collar, but 1 heard n good story about his getting a now coat. His eon one day upbraided him on his coarse clothing and urged him to got 0 new overcoat, like his own, which, though it cost $100. he assured his sire was made to order for ;} j ;0. Tho old man yielded, and the son sent word to tho tailor if his father carno in to make the price §-10 and ho would pay the balance himself. The $100 coat was soon on the old man's back, and the next day on ' the Board of Tra.de a broker inquired if he was not getting ratlu.'! 1 extravagant in his dress. •• -That's u fine i.'out you have on. 1 would be willing to pay !?75 for one just like it.' •• 'Von may have it,' quickly responded tho king of tlio pit, thinking only of the $35 profit, and. suiting tho action h> the word, peeled his covering us quickly as a country sucker could a- nubb'ii. ••Thai, day there w;is a Sfi.5 net loss in the 'Hutch' family, but the old mrcn never know it." TRUE COURTESY. ,\n l-:^hihij.ioi» or 3). .Sca.ri'« ArCIclo (in « Now York Street Car. A woman who looked to weigh 400 pounds, but probably fell a little short of t.hat figure, was descending from a -Blcoker-street car the other day, says the New York Hun, when a man who looked to weigh about seventy pounds, but might pull' down 100, sought to ascend. They met. They bumped. They gazed at each other in a. cold way. Neither would retreat for the moment. Then tho man's natural gallantry was called in question, and ha said: "Ah! I am in your way." "I am in yours, rather," she replied. "Oh, not at all. Lf I v/asn't so ff»t I could move quicker. I often envy you people who move about so lively." And she looked into his face, saw that he was serious, and her efforts to strike a girl's gait as she moved t<! the curb provoked a platform passenger into saying: "That didn't cost him a cent audit did her 11. thousand dollars -worth, ol good." The American Comin«rci:il Traveler. Take the ordinary man—add to his faith, virtue, and to his virtue, knowledge, and to his knowledge, temperance, and to his temperance: patience, and to his patience, godliness, and to his godliness, brotherly kindness and charity. Then to these fundamental virtues add certain more modern and superficial ones—a woll-dressed and well-mannered personality, a determined but tactful presence, a shrewd insight into human nature, and the ability to tell a capital story. Al] these before you can have tha successful commercial traveller—that characteristic oxponentand product of American business methods and business life, say.s the Now York Sun's "Woman About Town." NEVER FAILS. KamrroN ON FACE AND NECK. After suffering for elfctit months with a trou- blefiome eruption on my fnce and neck, and try- Sagoil Borlaof remedies. Iwnslinnlly cured "iy taking a few bottles of Swift's Specific. It increased my weight from 95 to 135 pounds. A. W. CROOK, Ottmvn, Kan. RHEU5IATOM ELIM)NATEI> FI1O3I THE BLOOD. I am satisfied that S. 8. S. is the best bioci remedy in the world. I have used it for rheumatism, with the best results. L. L. ROUSSEL, Sherman, Texas. BAD CASE OF FROST BITE. A patient under my charge wnabodly affected with blood poison, the result of frostbite in the feet. Both feet had sloughed off before he was kurucd over to me. He was cured sound with a few bottles of 8.8. S., nnd is now walking Hbout on hia knees. R. ii WOOD, Milledgeville, Ga. Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed flrce. SWIFT SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, Ga. through my irovfe to-day? I fee/mlserable,, bead- achy, tired, pain In my back, my food won't digest. my -whole body seems out of order. Wo ans-.rex' that it is no wond«r you nro in such a brohea down condition, and you-will keep netting "vrorsc unless vou can euro your JjIVBJl. This imponant organ is oat of order and you inusfc euro it by promptly using those neTCr iallin m *" Jt . |l - 1 -'' l ''' JJ ^ ! -' '• « Dr. C. McLane's Celebrated LJVbr Pills, Ihey Trill restore you and give -rigor and health to vour whole system, maklnc you strong and welL Only 25 cents & box.nnd they may save your life. &flk your druggiat for tho genuine O. 3MCoT u A TXTEi ? IBt GELEBRA TED LIVER PILLS — MADE Br— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. OSfLook ont for CotOTTEHFErrs made In Et Louis, U8E WORYPOIJSE^F{1. B PEREDMES TBUE BEEATD. , \ CURES PERMANENTLY JE/I.^'r I GZVL SuIFeroil for Xunvly DO Vears. 1,V/' S. i:lm=u;r .-L., llnllimure, Mil. For nenrly :•> ycms ! sKil-jrod with rheumatism in mm unit shi,i:i'.ior; cuiild not liltmy arm. t^o iSjuu uyo UIL:!I>S of St. Jncubs Oil cured me. \\: u. Of J\I:iny Yearn* Standing. ijui^Ujn, i.Tiickuit Co., Tcnu. .My case was riiv;iuiia:i^iu f many years' slimdiiiir, crjinra Lcil duiiug the war; tried must eviiryihlna witliou: relief. Pi Jacobi Oil finally cuivd me. I'KJiD. UOQGE. AT D!;!,'i':f.[.^Ts ,«si> DRALKTIS. THE CHAHLES A. VOGiLEn CO., Baltimore, Ud. ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses the Wa.sal Passa-fje Allays Vain iiiid Inflauintation, Heals tlicSores Itestorcs the Senses of Taste and Smell Try the Cure A partlclo Is applied Into each nostril and is ifcjroroblfl. Price f.O cents at druggists: by mall, r»Blfltereu, 00 cts. ELY BROTHESS. 50 Warren fat., NBW York. auglOd&wtf.;", -FEVER MOORE'S Xhey aot in tho Blood. Slightly lu Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & impure Blood They expel disease germs, anil Purify the System Druggists, a Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.? They Positively Cure. The Great English ^Prescription. A successful Medicini; used over ijaJvSO years in thousands of cases.. m Cures Sperniaton-lica. -iVerfOUS*) Weakness, Emissions. Iniputency and all diseases caused by abuse/ IBIFORE] indiscretion, or over-exertion. fAFTnR} Sir packages Guaranteed to Curt- when all others Fail. Ask your Druggist for I' 1 "' CremEnclLh I'rctcrlptlon. take no substitute. One package $1. Six $5. bi' mail. Wrire for Pamphlet. Address Eureka Cliemlcul Co., iicn-oit, -llicla. Kor H:',|H !••>• B. V. Kct'slliiK. nmrSdiMvlj HEW ADVEBTISEMtfNVt, IESS *. HEAD HOIStS CURED 1)7 ecK'n INVISIBLE TUBULAR EAR - _ CUSHiOH'!. Whispers Board. ConS lorfabte. Siieepsa'alT,hurt,ail UtsmpdlMroll. SoldljTP. IHSCnx. •ulj, 653 U.-'J-.roi, Heir Vorli. Write for book ol PARKER'S Ciciinsed and be.intiHes the hair. PromoLCR a luxuriant growth. Hevor F= la io Restore Gray risirfo ifj Yculhful Color. Prci-'.-nts I'-LM-Ii-nrrnml hair loJIli HINDERCORNS. TheonTyEniroCiircforCorii?, Stnpsall pfiln. Knanrcn comfort to tho feet. 15c. at Dr^trpista. Riscux&Oo., NQf. ITavo ToiiC'miffh; Rfniifliltlt. ^Hthitia, ladiircMlont Use PARKER'S GIPJOER TONIC. It, lias cured tlio worst CMRivraMil istliobetiti-eiuudv tor oil ilm arising from defccttvo nuUltion. Toko iu time. fiOc. and 31.00. CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH PILLS. . Rod. Gross Diamond Jirand. The only reliable pill toraila. Safe and cro. J^ndlc^t o*k lJrucc*»t for tha DIn- onilU roinl, in red metallic boxes, M&led titbbltiurLbboa. Tukono other. Sond4c. (stamps) for particulars and **JteUcf for Jjndles." tn tetter, byjnalL Ao dismlcnl Co.. Mn ills on ;.-u., ' MADE WITH BOILING WATER. GRATEFUL-COrVlFORTING. tfADE WITH BOILING MILK. CURE f° r ASTHMA , Hay Fwer, DiDltleria, Wlooilag Congli, CroiD ml Comoa Mils. • br PhysJciana and sold bv Drug- glstiJ turotlGiiout the world. Send for Free Sample. HIMEOD MAWUFG C0. s SOIJS PEOPETBTOES, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. TRENGTH VITALIT*! A Scientific uud Standard Popular Medical Keatise on thoKrrorsof Youth, PrematureI)euliiie,Kervoiia and Physical Debility, Impurities of the Blood, Foils, Vice, Ignornnce, OvurtaJtution. Enervating and unntlinK the victim for Work, Biw1nc*«, the Married or Social Relation. Avoid unskilful prc'tenders. Possess thle great worh. It contains 30" pages, royal 8vo. Beautiful ->lnd»ng, omboi-sed, tnll gilt. Price, only 41.nO by nail, poBt-pidd. conoealod In plain wrapper, llrnfl- nitrve Prosptctns Free, if you apply now. Th» llBtineulihed nnthor, Wm. H. Parker, M. D., re- •eiveif the COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL ram the National Medical Association. 3r «ho PRIZE ES3AV on NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr. Parkernndacorp* if Assintirjt PhyelctaiM may be consulted, eonfl. ientinllv, by mail or in person, at the cfflce of THE J-KAIIODV MEDICAt. ISSTITDTK, \ T e. 4 SSnlflncl) St., liosion. Masn., JowhomaH irder* for liookfl or Jcttrra for advice should b» directed al above. U nprecedented Attraction over a Million Distributed. Louisiana State Lottery Co. incorporated by the Legislature, for Educational end Charitable purposes, and Its franchise made a pactofths pr-ser.t State Constitution, In 18,9, or tin overwhelming popular vote. ..-.,^,.^_, n ujuuj^ii, i'n.'VtT ll^vro IUAC UJUTO III each of the other ten months ot the year, and arr nil drawn In public, at the Academy of Music. New Orlenna, I.a, FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, FOP Integrity ot Its Dpawlngs.and Prompt Payment of Prizes. Attesti'd :us Follows: •Wodo hereby certify that we supervise the arrangements for all the Monthly and semi-annna] Drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery Company and In person manage and control the Drawings tneinselveB, and that tne same are conducted with honesty, fairness and in good faith toward all nar tlfs, and we authorize the Company to use thin certificate, with fae similes of our signatures at tached, In Its ridvertisenients." Cvmmlsjiloner-B We the undersigned Bimka and Bankers will paj •all Prizes drawn In The Louisiana State Lcrt- torles wliich may be presented at our courj .n. 31. W Prc». .Xat'l Itunli. .., S'res, Slut:- JBat'J BSnnk A. i:,».iL,sm'js;. Orle *"" B(at; ' Manh eH. fjniosi National JJenk. ,' ; Grand Montbly Drawing, In the iciidrtiiy of Music, New Orleans, '. Tiinsdny. iluj lit, 1SOO, Capital Prize$300,000. 1O!I,(MIO Ti<-kfi-H :i1 TWCUI.V S>()ii;«!-» euo.o. SEalvvi- St<); ({uufi'ii- «3: LIST OF i'i:izi:.j. 1 Prfeo ot SSOO.COU Is 1 Prizo of 101.0011 is 1 Prize, of 1 I'rlze ol ii Frizes ul 5 rrlios of IB i'rlzea of 100 Prizes of 2(0 Frizes of 500 Prizes of ai.00tl Is ib'.UU) im : .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'^ aMO are J.IXK. are &IX) are 800 are •203«r< iOO.OO*. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Ifi^UUi 23,0(10 '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. lOj'.IVX' U1J Prizes ol' goOtl aye J60,(XXi 100 Prizes of 300 am 80,000 IWI Priztw of an are i»,OtC TKKaiUAl. P11IZE9. 'J99 Prizes ot $100 are 99,9a< U'JD Prizes of 11,11 are 99,000 8,131 Prizes amounting to $1,064,600 NOTK.—Tickets drawing Capital Prizes are-uot entitled to terminal prizes. AGENTS \VANTED. For Club Rates, or any further Information de- :>Ireil, write leglDly to the undersigned, clearly "tatlngyour residence with state, county, streetand number; 3Eore fapld return mall deliver? win l:e assured by your enclosIiiB an Envelope bear l!iK your lull address. IMPORTANT. Address V- A. t/.'tt S'StSR. • By ordinary Jeiter, ounlalnliiic v -i>"<>y Order Issued by all Express Companies. Ni-sv York Exchange, Draft or Postal.Note. Address Registered Letters Contaising C-urreiicy to NBV.' ORLEANS NATIONAL BANK. ••KK5IESlIt?'.It.iU:it the ui'.nm'tit of Prize* 13 tftJ f \>:KA\'fl-Kr: J!V I-'Orit NATION '• Sj [6.t\KK of New Orleans, and the Tickets are piqued by the l-'riMldent of an Instl 'utlon, whM!< elinrterpil rlRlits niv recngulzed In tlie hlRliest Courts; tlieret'ore ncT,-art> ofiilllui Itatlons or anonymous schemes." OXK ipm.l^iMUt la ihe price of the smallest part or fraction of a Ticket" fr« I JK1» «V '«'» many Drawing. Anything In our name offered for letis than n Dollar Is a swindle. Take no show mflesa *W. Jj. l>oiisla«' nftme ard price are stamped, on the bottom. If the dealer cannot aupply TOU. •end direct to factory, enclonlne advertliod prlco. CAUTION W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf, Heairv Laced Grain and Creedmoor Waterproof. lieAt in the trorlil. Eacamine ml •5.OO GENI7INE HAND-SEATED SHOK. S4.OO HAIfD-SEWED MTB1.T SHOE. 83.5O POLICE AND FARK1ERS' SHOE. 8^.50 EXTRA VAIUE ijAll? SHOE. Iz.20 & *2WOBKING. JEN'S SHOE B^.OO and «1.T5 BOYS' SCHOOL SH All made in OongresB t Button and Lace. $3 & $2 SHOES •1.75 SHOE FOB MISSES. Bent material. Best Style. Bert Fitting. W. L. Douglas, Brockton, HUM. Sold t>7 , ,For sale by J.B. MTINTER . N'S SHOES. OOL SHOES. WHAT :TO: HAVE YOU For some of the choicest lands In \VE.sTJKKJi K ASSAM, both clear and Inoumkered. Improvod and HiilmproTed. BTSenJ forOnr •.l»l<if i>roi>- ertvth* we will KJtchnHiB* for UAWM, RBS- IIli'.VOES. MBBCJHAN0I8E A!V1> l.H K SToilK. Xddrew A. B. rABKBB, B«ilne,Me 8 s County, UPU •• pi HI HI klQ VOUNO, niDOL-"- .-:GED or OLD! I hnvo a r^*:' iv^ rc-i.e.'.?- i';r all tliHCaiics reauI'.Ir.T -.•.• J ;:i t .-.-:•: -i --•: y^-_:li. i^Cbcra- - i -.M\ita T-^U isjitruo- .V _.=-.(- i-cy any - -- . ioilf-ir-R-iT-,non-/jr?r - ulFerer. VI-A.C <O,-V /* ".y* lor DI7» SCOTT'S beAmHin £lectrlo R^rn^lp frf*n to those be.(.-. '». n: :«, a'.}U'-'- fajwi. PERFECT , Mhlrae-nncd and Klderly me:] who oro suffering from the effi-eta of youllilu loim-B ,tr er- COMOS of. raaturor yc&», and*now Un.l Ui:-ir nianlr vigor decreased and who :iru Lmub.txl tviili terrible uralnaanu losses, you can tjtj perniunt-'nily rcstor^U to PKKPJCUT XIATfBOOn, at home, without cxponnre, ac l<>we«t* COM, by l>r. Clnrltc'jl approved method*, tested anil pnivcn tn nparly 4Tj year's practice tKstnbllshod fel), in CaronlcT frervou* and Special Discuses. *"•"••"«• If tn need of medical aid, nend for QuMtlon list so you rain fully descrifie tho symptoms of yonr nar- SSJ, mr 2 ? e 'i s 'y o me ' Consultation free and sacred. Hours, a to S; Sundays, 9 to 12. Address F. D. CLARKE, M.O., 186 S. Clark St., CHICAGO, HJL. Health is Wealth, 1)1. If. O. WMt'a Ntrye *nd Brmia Treatment, • fTnarantacd «p«clflc (or Hysteria. Ulaznees, Oon- vninlone, Flt^t, Karroos NeorslRta, Beodach*. Nervuas Frnstmtlon caaced bytbe tu«e of alcohol - , , , - ODfn^ of tbt* BmlD r«»Dltlnc In insanity and load* !n« to mipory .dtcay and death, Prematcr* Old AflQ, Earrtnnesa, Low 'of power In either MX, (nvuluiitnrj LoMesaod Spermatorrhoea cansed by o\ si tfxortiun of the brain, self-Stan 3 or over-li^ .'al(jeaoe. Each box contains one montb'M treat- ii-.«rH, tl.O) a bu, or aix boi^e .{or J5.W, sent by ccatl prepaid on receipt of price. WK GVARAJTTEB SIX BOXES Tn carp «oy ^ftfto. With each order r*** ired b u« fur «lr boxan, Rccompan.-i»d frithtr , ( ue w i aont tb? purchaser our written gti&rr ,t*e to refan tt-.e n;oaHy if tho treatment doe* not effect a core Qunri,iiL«o8Js6nedoul> B> B. I. SoU A«*nt ror I-ogaodpcit. OTOPS ALI. s *-* unnatural discharges in •3.^ hours. C URES Gleet fit Gonorrfiea in 3 days. No Stricture NoPaiu. SURE Adopted nianGovernnnsntfor Hospital &Arrayusc P.S.C. isputupfor American trade in a paten c bcttlc holding syringe (sec cnt) At druggists, $1.00, Tho VonMohlCompany, Cincinnati, ( Sole Amerlciia jSseats, B F. KEESLIKG," Ageut, Logansi.oit. Did. STEEL PENS GOLD JUSDAL PARIS EXPOSTTlOtf 1473. Hos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4. | THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS; '^DEEHIEK Do Yo«r OiEvn J>yein^, at Hoiac. Th y "ill d>T. eTer>'thir.[.*. 'J'uov f,rc:,olu C^-PI whero. Price- MJc. ;• nr, v i;.u. c. T!i.:y J-.mt* i-»"?^i for Str«n- n 'l i;, I'.rivr-'^-,^-i •VrA'uri*. in r.-i'ikas iw. 311 Fourth street. S3.OO FOR The oiily ]?ino Calf Seamleaa $3.00 Shoa in the •world with a smooth Innersole. No Tack% Nails or Heavy Seam of Thread to hurt the 1' eet and wear out Stocldnfrs: unequalled for sty'- J —•-"• J *--a-^_ enuine unless Stamped on Sole, SERKINS & 10YCE $3. SHOE WARRANTS! M. GRAFF1S, Logansport Ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK CO* RIGI BRAND GETTOINE SWISS CONDENSED MILK, Guaranteed the richest and purest milk Tuafi- facturcd, oonfainlnK over 10 per cent, of butter. Children and Invalid* will thrive wonderfully, and famlUesnlll find Its use more economical t&aii ordinary cows milk. Sfe rour grocer gives you genuine Rlgi Swiss Conden?e<1 Milk. Trapoft JAMES P. SMITH, New Tfork and CWcago. A NEW UKMEWX POSITIVE CLltK FOB LOST or?AILIHQ and XtERVOUS saof Bod? and Kind," Effect* lof Errors or Excesses in Old , _ <v ncn tcattlf t^ra SO SUt«B Had Ft3ro!^it C^ur>irk». VTr'J.> th'M* Dcierlntivc Bock, *iB[ancll3^ A2*l prof's TnMt.'Ks-ntvil! Jjvw, Utw ERIE (V1SU1OA!, C - •' " . CO.. lil!iT.v:.O, N. V. A Chicago druggist retailed 2000000 of 8. F. Keeslinj? and Cullen & Go.,sole Asrents in Lopnnsport,. (v'TS COMTOStTABLE Had for Sato by Lending Dealers* tt'i a. Seluly lay WH BAEKEE, Iroy.K.Y

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