The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 26, 1942 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 26, 1942
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 26, 1942 Germans Seen "Throwing Everything" At Russians in Desperate Crimean Drive By THOMAS M. JOHNSON NEA Service Military Writer .WASHINGTON, May 23.— "To win - the war this .summer, Hitler i will throw every thine at Russia , but the kitchen stove." That is an expert estimate of the import of the sjrcat Nazi oi- \ fensivc just beginning. That tre- t meridous effort promises to be the , dominating news-story of the sum- | mer; its end. in victory or defeat, j one of the decisive events of world | history—and in a very real, of American history. The struggle 0:1 the Russian front, more than the dramatic and important events in the Pndhc, will determine just what this war is;to mean to us in treasure, blood and anguish. For if Killer crushes Russia, either we must .send enormous expeditionary forces to Europe or we must give up hope of beating Hitler there and keeping the war from our shores. LONG WAR IS ANTICIPATED Either way we must, face not a relatively short war, but an infinity of affliction; rising tuxes. lower standards of living, economic dislocation. That is a sober consensus of opinion here of the meaning to America of the battle- now beginning. That the first Nazi blow should fall on South Russia is none the less ominous because expected. Not merely because Hitler, by reaching Baku, would Rain oil, but because Stalin would lose it. One good authority estimates South Russian oil is less important to Germany, with her synthetic industry, than to Russia, which gets seventy-five to ninety per• cent of the fuel for her planes, tanks and tractors from the southern fields. And the road to oil is also the road to Suez and junction, or at least closer co-operation, with Japan. GERMANS STILL HOLD MOST OF THEIR GAINS To that fixed objective the road has now dried, although spring mud still entrenches other key points farther north, such as the great industrial and railroad centers like. Moscow and Leningrad, great shipping centers like Mur- mansk and Archangel that are funnels for British and American supplies. African Desert Troops Have a Tire Problem, JToo Mccl Lieut. I. Pirozhkov, Russian tank commander who helped smash Hitler's Panzer divisions in last winter's campaign, (ionliaeut, self-possessed, lie is typical of the Soviet soldier who, in tin- Crimea, Is now "holding the fort" against the Na/i war machine's desperate spring drive. AIKEN. S. C. (UP)—With motorboat and automobile racing discontinued for the duration of the war, the a^e-old .sport of horse- trotting lias been .streamlined to keep up with what some feel will be the big^t-sl season in history. Officials of the United otates Trotting Association met here recently and laid plans for a grand spluryo thi-s .season, then possible discontinuance of the sport until after the war. The streamlined program Ls being topped by the biggest purses ever offered. The present trend Ls away from the small weekly county fair races to the pari-mutuel tracks where purses and entries are already breaking all past records. Last year, approximately GOOD trotters and pacers raced in 42 of the United States There are now 2200 owners who have horses ready to race and more than 1800 drivers. The war-time rationing program will hurt horse trotting, but not ! seriously, .since gasoline is not needed and the amount of rubber used on the sulkies is negligible. The only blow so far has come through the discontinuance of a number of fairs where trotters and pacers were scheduled to race this Summer. The hardest blow has hit the Grand Circuit. Already three members of the circuit have given up their state fair parks to the government. They -ire New York state at Syracuse, Illinois at Springfield and Indiana at Indianapolis. Officials of the Trotting association believe, however, that the modernized program of racing will result in the sport's biggest year. The McNaimira barrier which starts the racer by a phonograph record, and eliminates the tiresome practice of scoring and false starts is being used. This over-head barrier British troops on the Libyan desert front roll in the "tyres" as part of their campaign to salvage •war material—both their own and that captured from the enemy. Pep-up ads are on old oil cans. Jhis Lawmaker Fought the Japs Charge Taxi Drivers With Fleecing Drunks heavily; its technical troops, .such as tank and plane crews, arc now below last year'.s standard, but it is getting maximum use from them in major operations by using All these are nearer the Nazi | vassal troops .such as Rumanians All thrae ^ eer .^ c ^ cCi ^ h/c an d Italians for mopping up and grasp Germans are still three-fourths other easier jobs. the way to Moscow, almost in Leningrad." The Russians' spectacular and gallant winter counteroffensive reconquered less than The Russians, on the "hold the fort while we are coming?" I have asked that question of numerous observers, unofficial and official. The unofficial ones, lately returned from Russia, .say 4l" Those who are certain sometimes seem so mainly because the other Ru&sians were so certain, yet that hand, are expected to use their own second-line troops in the first line. They have found that the one-fourth the area they had lost! initial rush of the Panzer divi- during last summer, ~ including | sions—twenty-four arc .said to be none of the localities vital a.s j involved in the present attack— sorinpboarris to the sprinc drive | simply cannot be stopped. So how launched by the Reichswehr. American military opinion still considers this the world's mosl formidable army. It has lest ' ' CHIC P*T West Main Near 21st St. Prices always lie and 22< Sat. starts 12:45: Sun. starts 1:-15 Night shows 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Tuesday & Wednesday BUDDY WIGHT 2 for the price of 1 characteristically, they shrug their .shoulders, say "Nitchevo." and let it vent its fury on second-best troops. The task of these troops is to sacrifice themselves to slow it riown. so that real first-line troops, held back for the purpose, and aided by guerrillas, can counterattack and' prevent the armored , spearheads from breaking through \ and encircling them. MAY speaks volumes for Russian morale. Official observers are more- cautious, but more optimistic than they have been hitherto. None expects to see the Russians escape without heavy losses of men. material and ground. Some expect to see them driven buck to the has been made mandatory at all New York pari-mutuel meetings. Equipment for photo - finishes will be provided, along with saliva tests, a totalizator for pari-mutuel betting, the use of paddocks, the dressing up of drivers and equipment and better officiating. Purse Value Over 52,000,000 Aireadv as a result of this KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (UP)—The Tennessee Bailey Authority has begun expansion of its apprenticeship program, is training women for duties other than clerical work and is developing potential abilities of all present employes to meet the increasing manpower shortage. The movement is in addition to the TBA's regular recruiting program, which in itself has been intensified. Journeymen who do not meet the authority's standards for versatility in all phases of the trade, are being put to. work at the journeyman level ind are given opportunities to ex- jancli their versatility in the craft. Lose 1400 to Army Through a means of training, increased employment of women not only for clerical work, but also for other positions, is being made possible. Twenty girls have been enrolled in an apprentice course in engineering draftsmanship. Also, application files are being prepared for the recruiting of women as accountants. Still another step the Authority ALBANY, N. Y. (UP)—Fort railo. "birthplace of Yankee Doodle," is three centuries old this year. Here in the quaint two-story brick building a British army sur- eon, Richard Schuckburgh, wrote the rallying song for America's armies in the Revolution. According to legend, Schufck- burgh was sitting on the wall of the well in the rear of the house in 1758, during the French and Indian wars when he wrote the song. It is said that he was inspired to put the words together by the sight oi 7 an approaching group of ragged American recruits. |l Later the words were set to the £' music of an old English air. Houses Antiques Now Subsequently the place was the headquarters for the revolutionary army of General Philip Schuyler and at times housed Washington, Hamiliton and LaFayette. Originally th? structure was built in 1642 to protect the residents of a Dutch manor of nearly one million acres, now split into five counties. Its walls were 20 inches thick and pierced with cm- HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (UP) — brasures for firing muskets Acting Municipal Judge James R. Campbell has given a general reprimand to taxicab drivers of this resort city for their practice of hauling drunks around for long periods of time just for the purpose of running up heavy bills against them." The action was taken after a driver brought in a young sailor, who, the cab driver claimed, owed him over $6 for a two-hour ride. Now it is furnished with price- [j less Dutch antiques and is in the charge of the state. TO CHECK FUNNY BUSINESS Rep. Warren G. Magnuson, [Washington state congressman, arrives in Seattle after five months of active duty as a lieutenant commander aboard an aircraft carrier which engaged in several raids against Japanese. streamlining, attendance has pick- ii las taken is raising the upper age ed up so much that race promoters limit for the TV A safety service can put larger purses, yet cut down the entrance fees by one- half. Last year, there were approximately 517 tracks conducting harness racing in the United States, Volga, but holding unbowed. RUSSIA'S SUCCESS VITALLY IMPORTANT However bloody those heads might be, with the winter to recuperate, next year there .would still be a Red Army. This army, supported by the industries buili n^. , hp-Vds ' 175 in Canada, with purses amount- - . —with— Victor Mi-Laden, Dennis O'Kcefc, Palsy Kelly, Zasu Pitts. Comedy—an all star short— "Blonds and Blunders" On tin's refinement of the tactics that proved successful last summer, the Russians pin their hopes of upsetting the Nazis if they use the same tactics a.s last year. Some authorities believe they will not—that they will spring startling new methods and weapons! including gas. In any case their real objective will be no fixed geographical point—not. even oi! welly. Capture of these will be secondary to destruction of the Red Army. And the best way to destroy it is to encircle it. The Russians have the manpower to stand the losses of sec- ond-linc troops, and the interior linos, especially in the south, to move that man-power about. Can they endure the shock of the first ore y - up in the Urals or moved there. jChailottc, N. C. might at most be capable of an offensive in co-operation with British and Americans, or, at least be able to pin down strong German forces. And by that time we would $2,000,000. There were 36 tracks staging races last- year which had not functioned : in 1.029 or 1940. Biggest purse 'of '.the Veai- was the $28,700 Hambletonian stake for 3-year-old trotters ,' in Gashen, N. Y., won by Bill Gallon. owned by R. Horace Johnston''of from 3(K to 50. Officers are now being recruited under this policy. About .1400 employes of the authority have been, inducted into he army. Of the 34,000 now in the TVA's employ, 25,000 are engaged i construction, olectric power pro- uction and chemical manufacture. Deferments from selective service ave been asked for less than 750 mployes since the draft began. City to Use Taylor's Plane HOLLYWOOD, Cal. (UP)—The have ships somethin find supplies and in approacing plenty; we'd have men, too, if need be. And though the war might go on for another year or two, it would have been won—won in the battles that are beginning today. Holland Students Are Given Awards ^ blow, the dread pounding of the "~ second, third, fourth—of a whole summer of blows? Can they A total of 38 awards were presented .students of the Holland School ai J,he commencement pro- _ gram May" 15 for which Forrest j Rose was the speaker. The bacca-' laureate address was given by the Rev. Mr. Brown. The following students received awards: grade valedictorian—Doris Pritchard; urnde salutaiorhm—Au- dra Nclle Norrid: music — Dana Capehart, Ruby Lee Godsey. Juanita Neal. Gail Cooper. Pattye PENO, Nev. (UP)—This city with a reputation for easy divorc and wide-open gambling, is bccom ing as pure as the snow on th mountains behind it. At the request of army officials, city and county authorities have outlawed prostitution. The reason for the re-birth of Doctor Forgets Patient, Locks Him Up In Office COLUMBUS, O- CUP (--Patrolman C. D. Miller heard a beating from the inside of a door to a downtown establishment late in the evening. He forced the door and the imprisoned man, who gave his name as Igolius Raines, 45, Negro, told the oficer that he was a patient of a doctor at the establishment. The doctor and his assistant for- that Raines was in a consulta- Los Angeles Board of Supervisors ition room when they locked up for as "adopted" the trim monoplane I the night and went home. f actor Robert Taylor for use dur- j . ng the emergency. Read Courier News want ads. 'It's a trick cigar, so I can finish my first aid course \villi some real experience!" Uncle Sam has ffar more for War Production Reno, is the war. This city Ls in a military zone. The navy has announced it will build a training station at nearby Lake Tahoe and the army has announced an air base near Reno, New laws are pending to reduce the number of saloons and cabrets. This Ls sponsored by local authorities as a measure to protect the commuity from "fly-by-night" operators. Edwards and Ruby Pritchard: :~olo The divorce rate, compared with —Jackie Griddle. Dixie Gene My- the marriage rate, continues to de< Barpain Matinees Every Pay Ex-, r-r.s and P. A. Colcman. clinc. Last year there were 25.000 cvpl S:\lurday ami Sunday. Show Kvcry Night 7:fiO P>nx Office opens G'.'lo Continuous Shows Sat. ami Sun. LTSTKX TO KLCN j f):(!0 a.m. 12:-ir> p.m. 4:30 p.m. j ma tics— Krllry Hale: journalism- Band—Gail Cooper and Audra j couples married here and only 2.000 Nolle Norrid; best boy uthlotc—Joe • divorced. Coleman; bo>t girl athlete—Lavash-j Last survivors of "the wild west" lie LavalU-: oratory—Ruthkr Win-i;own are gambling and liquor, key and Dixie Gene Myers; dec- j When army authorities met with lamatory -•• Huthlce Winkei: dra- ••--'• Phone 42 Box Office Opens 7:3(1 p.m.— Show Starts 7:45 p.m. Admission Always llc-23c Tax Inc. I TUESDAY DIME jSITK All Tickets He (Tax Inc.) William Powell, Mary Astor in Tuusdav & Wednesday CHET AGENT OF JAPAN 1 with LYNN r.ARl & VRESTON FOSTER ANo Selected Shorts. civic leaders to ask a ban on prostitution, minister? joined in urging u ban on gambling and liquor. ours a day. Wlvsky flows freely in j Uie 74 bars and cabarets. One minister iumpccl to his feet Gail Cooper: vocational agriculture—-James L. Pinks!on. R UI the "chuck-a-luck. roulette. Commercial work^-Pa'tye Ed-| f ij cc anc j p O k C r games continue in wards; typinc—Jiumita Ni-al; sci- R ( » IO - S jraudy gambling houses, 24 encc—Ruthlee Winkri: history-Ruthlee Winkei: home economics —Dixie Gone Mvrrs; mathematics -Opal Mauley; En^ish-Ruthlce ;. u lhR y| con trol WctiiW'LeV.s Wmkel: h,o opy-Dmc C,cm, ^ , ^ gambling and the ;s "ri;rSi R Sov^mv li , -,; »-•<-;' ****™*«. -^ ** McCor "ick- best all"around <rirl-i !lsltl { ^ of . havl «e fcl ow clcrgy- Gnil Cooper: highest rankm, sen- :! ' ( ' n of my church pointing at me ior-Jakio Griddle, junior--Kri;<-y r', r ; f ; s ,^" in S Nevada is an outlaw H;tln\ sophomorr—Dixie Griv.- My- cis. IrrshmsMi—Roy Scott Utle\: high, school valedictorian G;ii! i Cooper; hii;h school saluiatotian-- Rutiilre Wmkel. U. S. Officer Mistaken Wednesday 'The Perfe Charlie Rnggk^ Charlotte Greenwood, Lynn Bari. Cornel Vl'ilde Comedy and News Thursday, Victory Kile $25.00 War Bond James Ellison, Jerry Colonna, Dorothy Lewis Shorts ami Except? j ! Show Every Night 7:00 ttox Office Opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and Sun. Tuesday & Wednesday Honeymoon Cruise Airman TUI.SA. policemen slopped and quvsii an ensign of the nnv;il rern office here, convinced that hi:. form resembled that of a Ctr air officer. The officers were told >• none of their business :I«H: c:\lle.d "on the c'lrnet" by >h- of police an hour later tcr ;',l a naval officer. The rr.>i-;r,, ever. agreed to drop the ter. RKO .,„ RADIO Picture wiih Charles "BoMy" ROGERS • ZaSu PITTS Also Selected Shorts. IRRITATION . RELIEVED cools and re f re- Old-timers doubted that any "viMnent to do away with whisky »i gambling would get much sitp- '••''. Some said westerners got the ''bit of drinking when they first, niio west, because water was very "rro. And. then, too. there wasn't! •'•'••a home life in the early-day ' •.ininu camps and the boys had to -vn some place to .spend the even- * for all occasions Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Glcncoc Hotel Kldg, than all these three together! IT Adolf TTirnhito ind Bcnito probnblv their conquered countries nwtoitrf-Alba- dedicated today to making Uncle Sam so £n ? <l"l. °-d these nighB. They nia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and the #««,./.« that A* aggressors vnll soon be know UmTmcn^, ff£t and growing rest of ,hc long, tragic list. K« fe*r ™re nothing more than three busts m the Hall i - - -.^Kiu turn thr iVnn u-p \\-\A in the last war. otlniamyl \var production must inevitably turn tnc wan \sc naa in UK, / tide against thorn. ' No other nation even approaches Amcr- ^ America c .n do it because America has ica s power resources. And this has largely the clcclric pwa to do it. Electric power is been accomplished _the American way- basic to production. Electric power multi- by electric companies owned by millions i- i t • 4^f marhinrs nf Amrrirnns and managed by American plies ffwrz-ixmrr and drives the macnmcs oi Americans ^^ s i that make tanks, planes, ships and guns, business men. How „;-,-/, power has America? A/or, The practical experience, the people than the three uneasy dictators and all and the plants of all these companies arc Ark-Mo Power JHVEST IN AMMUCAJ BUY WAk SOXDJ AND STAMP I

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