Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1898
Page 19
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pierce The Tailor Fine Goods Low Prices 318 , . Broadway. DR. F. M. BOZER'S Dental Parlors. OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner of Fourth and Broadway Central Telephone No Office 383, reiidence 343. .D. B.. DRLAZB.IAIA DENTIST <eorner Fifth and Market, Pythian Building. New jJndertakera. 808 Market street, Hoppe Building. 'Daniel Killian & Co. When Yon Need am ABSTRACT OR A LOAN JF, H. WIPPERMAN, ."»« Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. KROEGER Undertakers, .phones-office 53 Strain 64. STRAIN, Broadway. Insurance and Loans. St •nee and Bonds written in flrst class oom- jpanies. Money to loan 8 per cent. S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. MAKE MONEY On small capital. tt.OO will.start you in the Chicken business. YounE Clucks fov sale at 1( ato ?ed a o°n the table scraps until fall makes a nice flock for winter eggs at no expense New hatch just off and ready lor delivery at Poplar Poultry Park, Clifton Ave. .John M. Markley, Proprietor. GEORGE W. RODEFER. on mortgage or persona.i <><~«' •«• • ~-- ™ —; Or write co me at No. 31 Bel Klver a'anue.eaBt •ndof Market street bridge. HANLEY & SHANAHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand] Goods. airauiaoall. 209 6th street E. H.G-RACE, D.D.S. DENTAL PAB.LOB.S 316 Market Street. New Alunnnite Rubber Plates, Private Money to Loan No Delay€• 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance^and Loans. 80S fourth Btreet. OITY to Marion S. T. McConnell went "today on business. A. G-. Jenklnes is at Indianapolis today on business, Dr. Ward and wife have removed to 2115 Broadway. John tr - Mesk has returned from Macomb. Ills., whare he conducted a law suit involving the division of an estate valued at »20,000. O. C. Myers was the victim of a robbery recently . Some one entered his bed room and abstracted $41 .from his troaser's pocket. Jacob Ullery aud wife and Mrs. Peter Shafar, of Anoka, are at In- •dianapolis attending the meeting of the grand lodge, Daughters of Ke- bekah. Robert Taggart is back from the "war." His father took the proper •course when the young man left, by not sending after him. He. will probably be satisfied with home life now . Walter -Ray, the Western Union messenger boy, caused his parents aome uneasiness yesterday by departing without notice for Indianapolis to Tltit Damp Mount. A telegram was welted from him which straight- •«nad out matters. HOPE 'TIS SO. Belief ID Certain Quarters That Cuppj's Letter Was a "Kid." And That His Great Right Arm Is as Good as Erer—Ba*e Ball Sews. ID yesterday'a Pharos there was a brief reference to a let ter written by George Cuppy T-o Frank Downey, In which tbe Logansport boy, who has become famous as a base ball pitcher In the National league had declared that bis arm would never round-up in Its old form and be would soon be classed among the "has beens." Notwithstanding tbls declaration there Is a belief in certain quarters that that letter was one of George's jokes, and that his great right arm Is as good as new. This belief Is confirmed by Fred Clark, of tbe Louisville team, who had the following to say to a representative of the Cincinnati Enquirer concerning the Olevelands and Cuppy's prospects: "There is a team that is being overlooked by the wiseacres. It is strong In every department." Don't you think they are a little weak in pitchers?' was suggested. " 'No, I don't. Young and Powell are about as good as you find anywhere,' was the reply. 'Both are at their best. Then there is Cuppy. He is as fit as a fiddle, and will get In and help win the flag ' How do you know he is all right? He has not done any pitching. 1 " 'I know he hasn't, nor he won't until the weather gets warm, 1 said Clarke. 'I watched him work, and you can take my word for It he Is all right. He will get In there along In June, and from that time on he will take his turn and hold up his end. You know that means a great deal. I also pick the Cleveland team because they are so strong on the road. They play better away from home than they do at home '" BASE BALL NEWS. The Port Wayne base ball club that wlli play here next Sunday Is not the inter-state league team. Instead It Is made up of old state league players. The bast pitcher who has ever played in amateur base ball games in Logansport Is Charles Hutton, the "south-paw," recently signed by Managers Wandrei and Hall. He has a wo.rld of speed and all the curves. He' played last at Grand Rapids. Mich. AMUSEMENT PATROSS Promised afi*Up-to-l>ate Minstrel Performance Tomorrow Sight. Amusement patrons are promised one of the very best up-to-date minstrel attractions of the day at Dolan's opera house on Wednesday, May 18, when Hi Henry's new city minstrel show will hold the boards, and If glowing endorsements from the best journals of the leading cities for anything, this orgintzation must be amoog the foremost in its line. Mr. Hi Henry is one of the most successful minstrel managers of the day; a manager of extensive experience and of ample means to successfully carry out any amusement project he undertakes. His present minstrel attraction is specially organized for the larger cities, and is composed of the best bright lights of minstrelsy. Their swell tally-ho parade and superb military band Is said to eclipse anything yet offered In the minstrel line, THE BALDWIN CLUB ADDITIONAL ITEMS May sale commenced today. — Sol- for general house- den Eule. Wanted — Girl work— S. M. Yelsey, 2530 Broadway. Wanted — A. girl for general housework. German preferred. Inquire at Times office. Attend the K. and L, of H. dance Thursday evening, May 19, at Dolan & McHale's hall. Money to loan on mortgage security on terms exceedingly liberal. Write, E L. Miller, Peru, Ind. William M. Smith, of the Westside, has taken a position at Stapleton's grocery. Dick Green and Charles Joyce, of Chicago, who were visiting Logaas- port friends, returned yesterday to Chicago . Miss Gertrude Bitter, of the Westside, was the victim of a very agreeable surprise Saturday evening by a luge number of friends calling on her unexpectedly, the occasion being her sixteenth birthday. Vocal and instrumental music was indulged in during the evening, after which an elaborate luncheon was served . Miss Kilter was the recipient of many souvenirs cf the event, one of which being a beautiful rocker. OFFICIAL CALL. Closes the Season With a Banquet §1 The Barnett. The last meeting of the Baldwin club was held last night at the residence of D. P. Baldwin. Charles G. Newell talked on "Recollections," after which the club adjourned to the Barnett hotel, where the banquet was held. Toast Master George A. Gamble passed sealed envelopes, which con tatned the toasts assigned and gave the speaker no chance for thought. All, however, were equal to the occasion. The officers elected for the ensuing year are as follows: President—Hon. D. P. Baldwin. Tice President—Prof. D. C. Arthur. Secretary—Bert Small. Treasnier— W. T. Gifle. Crap Game Interrupted. A "crap game 1 ' conducted on Third street was interrupted last night by the police and the players arrested. One man is said to have stuck In the dumb waiter in his efforts to escape. He called for the officers and -they helped him oat. The men will have to call on the mayor and settle. Hood's Stimulate the stomach, rouse the liver, cure biliousness, headache, doziness, •our stomach, constipation, «tc. Price S e*nti. Sold t>T mil Th* oolj KU* to tafc* wiUi Boat'* ftuwptrfU*. Pills WILL GO AS A NTJ-BSE. Mrs. Lazzie L. Barren: of This city has mad-e application and offered her servic-es as a nurse for €he boys -who •liave srone ix> the 'front, llirs. Barron is a member of the Natfonal Bed Cross associa'tion and served 'in the hospital t«ists with Miss Barton dm-ing a national encampment and competitive drill ia Washington from May 23 to 30, 1897. Miss Barton then for the first time in -this cormtry established the Bed Cross work in the hospital tents during- the en'campment. Democratic Congressional Contention Will be HeldjJnne 2, 1898. MARION, lad., Mar. 29, 1898. To the Democracy^)! ,tae Eleventh Congressional District: The Democratic congressional convention will be held In the city o Wabash, at 1 o'clock, on Thursdays June 2d, 1898, for the Ipurpose of. nominating a candidate for congress j of the Eleventh congressional dis- { trict, to be voted for at the November election, 1898, rand for such other business as may properly come before the convention. The basis of representation to said convention as fixed by the Democratic district committee IB one delegate for each one hundred and fifty and one delegate for each fraction of seventy-five or more votes cast for William 3. Bryan for president in 1896. Under this apportionment the convention will ccnslst of 155 delegates divided among the counties as follows: Case — — y Grant - : ^* Howard ~> lunfington ^ .liami -2* Wabash - " M. T. SSIVKLY, Chairman. JOSEPH N. TILLETT, Secretary. What'.Trustees Make,, The township trustees made the lollowing charges for their services for the seven months beginning Aug. 1st and ending Mar. 1st, 1898, and the same was allowed by the county commissioners: Jackson. John Wilson *2SO Jeer Creek. Chomaa elynn IS* Tipton. W T. Shaffer 228 Clinton. Wm. Vttnrtarten • •>!Miami, J. n. Forgy !»•* Adams, Wm. Ctrson £0 Clay, Robert Barnett ijs Jefferson, Jeorge Calioway w* Bethlehem. Alonzo Cover 3411 Boone, W.S. Kistler 182 •Washington. Silas Storer „ ^»» Noble. W W. Moss 28* Eel, Robert Johnston «o Harrison, Phillip Wolford -00 Sunday School Convention. The programme of fhe Eel tow n- ship Sunday school convention, which, will convene at the Broadway M. E. shurch tonight, is as follows: Devotional exercises—Miss Alice Milllgan. 'The Graded System"—C. F. Moore. ; The Normal Class"—Homer Kessler. "How I Get My Pupils to Study the Lesson"—F. P. Nice, Wm. McDonald, J. T. Oockburn and Mrs. Kendrict. Improved Train Serrice. To accommodate its many patrons the Vandalia line will, commencing May 23d, extend trains Nos. 14 and 15 to run to and from Logansport, Ind. Train No. ! 4 will leave Logansport daily except Sunday at 6:05 a. m , arriving at St. Joseph at 9:40 a. m. Train ~So. 15 will leave St. Joseph daily except Sunday at 5:25 p. m., arriving at Logansport at 9:00 m, Sew Director*. At a meeting of the stockholders of the Logansport State bank yester day the old directors were re-elected to serve the ensuing year. They are as follows: George W. Seybold, Victor E. Setter, W. C. Thomas, M. A. Jorkan, W M. Graffls, John C. Dewenter and B. F. Keesllng. The election of officers will be held in a few days. St. Joseph's Bazaar. The bazaar, given by the Sisters of St. Joseph hospital, opened at the rink last night to a not over large attendance. A larger attendance is expected tonight, when *n exhibition drill will be given by St. George Com mandery, Knights of St. John. Card of Thanks. We desire to thank ourin&ndn and neighbors, who so kindly assisted us during the death and illness of our daughter.—Alphonso McDonald and family. LOCAL It is rnmomT-that a .popular young lady employed at one of <tne telephone offices is soon *o -wed a -weH-known Panhandle employe. &eorge Hairiso-n and family liave removed from east High street into rooms over his «uri i ag i e reposirory at C17 Broadway, arranged especially 1'ar itlieiiT use. Marion Leader: "Professor C. F. Moore of Hall's 'business college, of IxKKmsporr, spent Sunday -with his •wife, who is visiirinsr h-er -parents. Mr. mid MJTS. S. P. Fk'Moss. of South Gallatin street." Horary F. Cahl, formerly a ni.fflK watchman- at the Ash & Hadley factory is noiv •& policeman. He was appointed ikvst evening to fill -the place of Officer "Wrigh't who resigned, from itlie force some time ago. A .yoiKM? couple f ormeriy devotees of the -bicycle, have now 'been married peclally BEled her for the work she has undertaken as a lectorer and as a writer on foud products and kindred sob- jecta. Zweibmclt. The real German zweiback, which can be bought at almost any good grocery or bakeshop, is one of the most.de- licions and .healthful foods for children. It is often used on this account in hospitals and sanitariums. It is composed of slices of rusk, or a kind of fine, dry bread, dried in a very slow oven to a delicate brown color. Vienna bread slices are sometimes prepared in the same way. Bo not buy a large quantity at a time, as it soon grows stale, aud keep what yon have wrapped in confectioners' paper. She I» »n American. Anna Prentiss Dole, the wife of President Dole of the republic of Hawaii, is an American and a descendant of President John Adams. She was educated at the Eastern Normal school at Castine, Me. Daring a visit in 1870 to her uncle, Edward P. Adams, a prominent merchant in Honolulu, she met Sanford B. Dole, the son of a missionary, now president of Hawaii. They were married in 1873. He New Were Store. ANOTHER BARGAIN. »««»»•••»«»•«•»»» Business is Dull This £ Spring. "With so many tailors, but I don't have dull seasons any more. Now I admit my ?1S and §20 Suiting may be the drawing card because I make tiie 'bicycle, nave now 't>eea mamea r D -abouttwo ?eus. Neither <nn* awheel t so many of them. Did now. The husband traded Ms to on a •wagon la/nd #b« wife exchanged hers for a: baby 'buggy- trates to btcy<flers who wihirl over the ew streets whither they are drifting. A PhiHdelphi* Clubmari Witts One of th* Beauties of WMliingtfin. Ea,'.ly in Jane Miss Alice Belknap, augtter of the late General Belknap td one of the most beautiful yotfffgf •women in Washington society, will be- married to Barklie Henry of Philadel- ihia. Since her presentation to society hree years ago Miss Belknap has been miversaliy admired. One of her intimate friends was Miss Bonaparta, who was married a little over a year ago to Jount Adam' de Moltke-Huitfeldt. 1C was apprehended for a time that Miss Belknap would follow ia her footsteps and confer her hand upon a distinguish- incident illus- WILL WED IN JUNE. ', help yon. Good goods, fit, I workmanship and low prices [ save a world of talk. H. G. Tucker, TA.ILOR, Fourth and Broadway. work. Spouting and ftoofing a Specialty. NOVELTY WORKS. Office Fixtures and Partitions. Store Fronts.Counters, Shelving Turning, scroll sawing and general re- wring. Estimates furnished. Door and window screens to order. Sole agents for the Wheeler Great American Ad justable Screens made to fit windows with or without blinds absolutely fly proof; slide easily, in wet or dry weather ; can be taken out orpu in by a child MISS AUCK BF.LKXAP. ed youbg foreigner, and the announcement of her engagement,to one of her own countrymen bas been a subject of much genuine gratification among her large circle of Washington friends and acquaintances. She spent her childhood abroad, where she -was educated. She bas traveled all over Europe and speaks several languages as fluently as her native tongue. She has always been fond of outdoor exercise and athletic pursuits, having learned to ride horseback in Europe when she was a very youug child. She rides a bicycle and is considered one of the most graceful and expert wheelwomeD in Washington. She has also a cultivated taste in the matter of boobs and spends much of her time in their good company. She is of medium height, with a graceful figure and carriage, a well poised, shapely head, golden hair, dark eyes and a creamy complexion. In a word, she has all those gifts of nature and of grace that combine to make a queenly woman. Mr. Henry is a prominent clubman, belonging to the Philadelphia club, the Yacht i:lub and the New York Yacht club. After his marriage he contemplate; making his home at Ardmore.—Phila delphia Times. She Is Especially Fitted- Dr. Mary H. Green, president of the National Household Economics associa tion, has conducted a successful practice ever since her graduation from the Wo man's Medical college in Philadelphia in 1868. She has long been a member of the American Medical association ant was unanimously chosen to serve upon the jury of awards on food products a the World's Columbian exposition. Dr Green's scientific record, her practica- erperienca and her professional applica tion of the science of dietetics to the •merRancies of ev«ydw life. DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Disorders positively cured. Grower Graham's Dyspepsia Remedy is a specific- One dose removes all distress, and a per nianent cure of the most chronic am severe cases is guaranteed. Do not snf ferl A 5«e bottle will convince the most gkepticsL ever think about money on clothes? you saving I can This Large Rocker. Oak and Mahogany finish,, very large afld very handsome, with faacy high carved back, high braced arms, fancy turned spindles, stddle seat rocket, worth exactly $3.00. Our bargain jt jrice only * Our Second Shipment of The Whitney Baby Carriafes. 25 new ones have just arrived JHDJ&I1Y TINSHQP, JOHN MEHAFFIE Proprietor. All Kinds of Tin No. 3I-S Fifth Street. Mutual 'Phone No. 152. the best thing the market, John A. Sturkin, Erie Avenue, between 8th and 9tb Sts. City National Bank. LOGANSPOKT, IOT.] CAPITAL $200.000 JoSs GRAY, President, I. N. CXAWFORD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier. —DIBECTOB8 — Jolm Gray. C. G. Newell. J. T. KIliottDr. W H. Bell. A. P. leaks, W. C. Fennocjc, Isaac Bhideler. and Oeo. W. Fan* Loan money on personal and;jcoUateral security. Buy and lell Government bonds. Buy and sell foreign exchange on all part* of the world. Will pay 2per cent per annum on ceroacates of deposits, when deposited six months: 8 per cent per annum when left one year. * Boies In Safety Deposit Vault*, tor safi keeping of valuable papers, renta reasonable YonrSpring Suit, Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look 'veil and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas .You, Save You Money. Pearl SUScrtto Dr. Bell's Office. THE. First National Bank CAPITAL 1250,000 A.. J. MTTRDOCK, PBB8n>»rr, W. W. ROSS, CABKTBB, J. F. BROOKMETER, AMT. DIRECTORS: A.J. Murdock. W. a, BringhuMt, Jtonntl OTil, K. 8. Kloe, B. F, Yantis, J M. flarwood. W, T. Wilson. Banking in all its Department* promptly an-1 carefully done. Sifety to Customers and stockholder nti fht for. Strong Beierve fund Maintained. NO PAIN!NO DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such aa sore month, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. The most natural-looking ar< Iflolal Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. The Quest and best method of'CBOWlf and BRLDUOS Work. »W~No charge for extracting without pal* when new teeth are to be su ppiied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, TM7'KTTTC'TI SU 1-3 FourthBt. UJ&JN I 10 1 lover PUher'i Dru» Btor A SUMMER NORMAL. The LooAifSPOBT COMMERCIAL Htox: SCHOOL will canduct a Summer Normal, beginning June 6, and continuing TBN WEEKS. They have secured the services of Prof. A. "W. Gamble of the city high school, who will have charge of this department. Prof. Gamble's reputation as an educator i* sufficient assurance of the most (atlifaotory The asur«e of study wfll b« e»podally. arranged to meet the demand* <j( toacherp and- those preparing to teacL Thorough imrtmo- tloDS will oe given on every §ubj«ot on which the teacher will be required to pats emmlna- tfon. Tuition 10 weeks fS.OO Good board per week 2.50 M. A. MTTEFHT J. W. HOOKK PRINCTPM McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN IUBEN .TS. CHICAGO. ^H J> Takes the born out; heals tlie wound, cura the pain- Dr. Thomas' Eclectric oil, the household remedy. FIREPROOF. One blot It fr«Ba_C>R.I.4c L. S. A: M. S. HmOroMl A Improvements costing $75,000.00 hiv« just been completed, and the. bouse ' now offers every convenience to be found 1 !* any hotel, including hot and cold wrftr, electric Hgnt and steam hat to «>ery tvom. Rates 75 cents per d»y and upwards. First*class restaurant in connedioa. WILLIAM McCOV, Owicr M*

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