Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1892 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1892
Page 6
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WAR !N AFGHANISTAN. >1u Astatic J:fcv:,!t '-"hut r-~»y Z,tc<I to Serious CoTisc^cnrc .. The nr.zar.-i. rebellion against the j'unccr Abdurrahman ha 1 ; attained very j-;erious pr'.-p^rtioris. The Kheihh Ah's, ~.hs r.esv.f.:i ar.d ;••! Hie ;~cz- tribes ••-.vhose hc;-.'.i;!;.j' to tha Ai'"h"r.j has alv.'ays boc-n irrocor:.?;!;;b:o h?.vc jdr.ed "•cgcther in a f<;rrr.ical>Ie c';'-~l>i:-.:itio:i ;;V.Tulr,st tho ain^cr, v.-ho i:> eslle-jting all <ais resources to c<-.-,e with this wid-2- -spreacl ir.s'-irroctior;. lie has brought ••'-..•.yrnihcr C0.::-00 regular troops and an -.:-•• !;':;:! force of native levies:. llciscn- •• !e;vvnrhj 1 'fio rnisa farther lories, excit- •t.vLrds and the pr.if.pcc I:; of the Ilazara liTiu;]'-, being 1 divided betwnsn them. Un.,';;,:• tho kifluenc-e of thc.32 promises *atiry tribe.-inien arr: joining his stand:wd. The Firo-hohis, one oi tho Tar- r :\-ir tribe's inhabiting tbo ITa.zr.r2, coun- and one-hall eapluis or nour, one cupful of chopped raisins. one-"n:i!f cupful of currants, two tablespoonf als of but^ tor. a t-jaspoonfai oi cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg 1 . Bake in a- ;i:oder::.t« oven about forty minutes.—Boston Herald. —VvrinldC's,—Those having a flabby skin arc troubled with wrinkles most. Years ago the ladle:; of England used a substance called ''wool f:vt" which they obtained by getting the clipping's of sheep's wool and steeping it in hot alcohol. It can ba prepare:! at home or found at the druggist's. 1;' prepared at home great care should be v.ikea when hunting the alcohol, as i; is inflammable.— 5. Y. World. —For the completion na excellent nastc is made is follows: 1'or.r over a. EiTSBNATIONAL COEBON. s;i;all quantity of oat snEcient "iry Th 'Th ilAN KIIAX. , are raiding the Saripul district. 3 state of insurrection prevailing in :;menu, however, prevents tbo Af;-n general there from proceeding ninst them. To still further embar- ;3 the ruler of Afghanistan ho is in- ved in serious trouble with Russia rvjcovmt of the recent fight between .• HuLBiaaG acd Afghrvr.s at i?cir.atash. e Russian general who wtis in ccm- .i.d at tho tiinc saysthe Afg-hanswcre N aggressors and' that the Russians id in self-defense. The r.mcer, on the ,<;T hand, says the Russians surrcund- tho camp of the Afghans and began : fighting, ancl has appealed to that ;- i'uiiin of the rights cf mankind, John :!, to help him in his struggle against 1 encroachments of the bear. HOUSEHOLD BREVITIES. —Graham Puffs.—For a dozen gems, -lake one egg. one pint each of sweet /mill: and Graham ilour, and a pinch of -.Kilt Beat the CJJJT well, add the milk, •-then the flour and stir briskly. Pour 'into itov, well greased gem pans and bake them quickly.—Ohio Farmer. —Bread Omelet.—Crumble a, cup of .stale bread crumbs, and soak them in liali a, teacupful of milk. Then beat .•them.quite smooth, and add half a teaspoonful of salt and five beaten eggs. Butter a, shallow pudding dish well, pour in the mixture, and bake in the oven .about ten minutes, serving at once in •the same dish, as it falls quickly.— De- ~iroit Free Press. —Cheap Fruit Cake.—One cupful of •.-.v.gar, one-half cupful of molasses, one l.of buttermilk or sour milk, two cold water to make p, thi;; paste. Strain this Uirough a fine sieve, and bathe the face with the liquid, leaving to dry upon the sliin over night. Jinrin;;- the dsy tie some oat meal in n thin c;-.:.r.i, dip '.n. \ water and dab upon tho face and bauds. ] V.'hen nearly dry rub vigorously, audit v. 1 ill cause all the dead skin 2ml tan to rub off with it.—Detroit Free 1'rcss. —Chicken Broth.—If the weather is warm use but half a chic-ken to make broth for one person. Pali off the skin, as there is too much fat in it, allow one quart of water to half a chicken, skim it neatly when it begins to boil, put in a tablespoonful of rice, a teaspoon level full cf salt and boil slowly two hours, adding water as it boils down so as to always have a quart If onion and parsley are to be added chop them fine, and put onion in after broth has boiled an hour and parsley five minutes before serving.—N. Y. Herald. —Codfish Balls.—One cup raw salted fish, one pint potatoes, one teaspoonful butter, one egg well beaten, one dash pepper. IVash the fish and pick in half inch pieces, free from bones. Pare the potatoes and cut in quarters. Put the potatoes and fish in a stew pan and cover with boiling water. Uoil twenty- live minutes, or until the potatoes are soft, not soggy. Draw off all the water, mash, beat the potatoes and fish until very light. Add the butter and pepper and when slightly cooled add the egg. Shape in a tablespoon without smoothing mivjh. Slip oS and -fry in smoking hot lard one iniaute.—Christian Inquirer. —Doughnuts.—Add one-half cup of sugar to one cup of milk, stir until the sugar is dissolved, then, put in about one and one-half cups of Hour. You must have a moderately thick batter; add quarter teaspoonful of salt, two rounding tcaspoonfuls of baking powder and the well beaten whites of three eggs. Now add a teaspooniul of butter, melted, and sufficient ilour to make a soft dough. Koll this dough out, cut into doughnuts and fry in smoking-hot fat. The secret of having these doughnuts tender and light is to use as little flour as possible. They must be quite soft when they go into the fat; this will require some experience in handling.— Boston Budget Perdita—They say Dick is very much taken with you. Penelope—Indeed he isn't. He is refused most decidedly.—Truth. tsa .Formerly of Berlin, Germany, the eminent Surgeons and Specialists,. Joy the request of many friends and patients have decided to visit Logansport, Ind, Saturday, October. 8th. And Every Fourth Wednesday Thereafter At the Murdoek, S a, m. to 8 p, m. EVERY JvlOISTTKC ttonoultatlon and Examination FREE ana strictly confidential in tho Private psrlors of the :'ilotcl. Tho doctors describe the dIK'cruct diseases better tban the glck can themselves. It Is a wonderful S^iftlor any ono to possess. Their diagnostic potrors have created wonders throughout thn country. Dr. P. L. Popoff Elain.es Enelancl for the Spread of Cholera. Die. ESLTCU. tbe Celebrated Eye and Eat- Sui-^van and Specialise on nil Chronic BluensCK.xforaicrlJ' 01 CSnrltr Hospital and Prof. V. Grade's EJ-O Clinic at Berlin, Germany, Savinj: SO years' experience in the treatment, or cnronlc disease, cures all curable cases of the Stomach, Liver, Heart, Lungs, Kidneys. Bladder. Brain, Jicrvcs, Rheumatism. Fits, Keuralpia, Blabetes, lltspopsift. Chronic JDIarrhcea. Dropsy, Bronchitis, Catarrh, Eczema, Scrofula, Consumption, Deafness and noises lu tho ear, discnnrnlrK from the ears, . . __ cured when others failed. All Eye Troubles, Catar- ^otescc. and all diseases trtsioc from Self-Abuse, net and Cross Eyes successfully opcratefi. Errors i.oss oi iJeraorr, i^ro succossraur treated by our tn tho vision restored by proper classes, Allfonns. 1 or Sores, Elood and WastinpjDiscases. e<X In modern purKcry n£ tao patient's home or at our private hospital In CMeaso. DJl. TTIKPrSf. tlie Celebrated Surccon --3\nd S^»cc;uH»t of lilseare» or "\Vomon and :fUcn. lormerly nl the Imperial Hospital, Vienna, jtustrio, and Berlin, treats Bucces&TulIy all discuses -of vrornnn. as J^UllBR of the VTomb, Lcueoirhes, ^JmivlnK Down P^in^, Bactaiches, Hcnclaches, Ttrcd 'ss, yener.il \VeaRncss. and all Disorders of ca.bv neTf and Improved methods. nensoo of Men. —Blood Poisoning. GOCOr- rtea, Gleet, Strlctiire, Syphilis. Kvcirocelo, Varl- ••Xicolc. Loss o£ Manhood, vr.al Drr.ln In Urlce. Xoc- l Eiatsslon, Impaired Mctcoo". Weai; Buck. 1m- operations arc pcrfcr The Sndcralc Ileglon of Icdla Sliould Be Fnt Under Qnarantlae by an International Eaaltary lioard—SoSantists of •111 Nations Should Combine. PJI.E9 cnicd without Pa!=.KaUo or hindrance rom biSiUECss. CANCER positively eorci -n-ilco-jt pain or i f inU'e oy cnr new ractnod. _ Wearp prerar«atotrea;aU kinds of dotonnlties, as r 1st 1- eei, Curratnrtj o! tho Spine, WeaK Ani!os, etc. FREE EXAMINATION OF THE URINE.- I Each person appfyinfifor medical treatment should Wo have sfudlecl an;l s'lccc^fyn" 1 " curoi by tho latest and test methods Kno~^n to medical sciences cli us Honss jpaihr and Tl*si;o Cura isd Klectrlc Cure. Call early, as our parlors aro alxrays crowded ro'.-S3n8ruineS in hea'.'-h t- vnlw.moa preteadars. Tx-ho Sees triaiac wlta them raonth afteriaonth, ns po'.wiu-tts a^d injurlouc co^xposncis. should upply. ::nmt;d:=,ie;y. Delays are dacsaroas. ?'Cr~<cs roiJ rorrospoartpr.fe confides:!*!. Troatnca; sent, C. 0.3X to any psrt 0* U. S. Ust of AJire23,-,7iUi postage, - DSS, ERLICK & TilSPIN, S42 Uncoln Ave., CH5CACO, SLt. [COPYIUCHT. ISJO.] It is in India where the cholera, endemic and epidemic, is always to be found, where tlie Ganges and the Brah- mapotra floTv through many mouths into the Bay of Bengal, that the effort to kill the cholera germs can best be made. But to make an argument for international action effective, I believe it best to prove first that India is beyond all question the home of the disease. I •will begin with the epidemic of 1S17, which started from the delta of the Ganges, spread with fearful rapidity both east and west, taking its line of march along the seacoast in its easterly course and both along rivers and seacoast in tho west. As far as Europe is concerned we irmst note the three roots of the disease. These are, first, tbe water of the Ganges. This leads naturally into Afghanistan, Pokhara, Turkestan and Russia. The second root cotrr.sE OF TEE CHOI.EEA. leads from Hindostan by vessels to the Persian bay and from there into Persia, and then through cither the Caucasus or Turkey, cxr through both, into Europe. The third root leads again from Hindostan on ship to the Arabian sea, then to the Eed sea ancl then into Egypt and into Europe via the Jledi; torranean. Up to 1359 before the Suez canal was completed the pestilence reached Europe only in rare cases, through this last channel. Its course was aloag the African side of the Mediterranean into Algiers. Since iSflO, when ships passed direct to European countries via tbe Suez canal, this pat!] of cholera became more dangerous tc the civilized werirl than tho so-called historical ono ovcr!:.md and through P.u"-;a. It d"v br: v.vll hero to any a plague fi-cra r:~ cv.i-.^iri: • £r:;"\:;! in Chi^a c.:v.l Jmnri V.tid \'?>\::, p, ;::-,;i'.:,I O7i the I'aci'iic. in fact diii*:^.'.; thl:; cpi- clenue tho course I lis.vo ontllr.:v.l has "bc^n c::aouj' iciiovvccl by tiic plag~ae, lat; reports giving fasts concerning 1 so- rious cholera cases in Japan and China. In this age of ra^iu inter-communication by steamers ar.d railroad.? between all countries of the globs the spreading of an epidemic is not alone enhanced, but is so rapid that we canr.ct afl'ord to leave unnoticed the outbreak even in far distant countries. That vras possible in past years and in previous centuries, when travel was cqnSnad to the boundaries of nations, and sometimes not even GO e-tensive. To illustrate, in the latter part cf Jlay the cholera appeared in the city of Baku, Russia, a crovlnce of the Caucasus. In about three months from that tims it was in the harbor of New York, and in this short period it devastated whole Unssian provinces lying on the Volga, crossed the Russian border, reached Hamburg, touched England, France and Belgium, and finally appeared in the port and in the city of New York. This proves most strikingly that the appearance cf cholera, not alone ia llussia, but even in some remote comer of Asia, concerns us as nearly as though ;..>'.;•,-..ii :ui^rc. > :;nrse, wmcc xaeans a less laoulitlsg into the billions. But all this satriiice would be for nothing, for there n'-i other wavs for the olaxrue to reach all ports of tho civilized world. It is evident then that there is but one practical way to stop the disease from gaining so general a foothold. It is, first of all, putting under stringent quarantine the delta of the Ganges. How can thi= plan be realized? AYe must bear in mind that the delta of the Ganges is part of the English East Indian possessions, where, at present, only England has authority to adopt any measure tending to prevent the spreading of the cholera beyond the narrow limits of the delta. What measures did England adopt to save the world from the monster? None! In fact, the countries oi Europe have repeatedly remonstrated with England urging the necessity oi some such steps, but John Bull paid not the slightest attention to them. Some English writers were bold enough to criticise French, German and Kussian authorities for mismanagement in the plague-stricken provinces. To all these insults the Germans and Russians have not replied. They have been too busy trying to purge o.ut the plague, which came from English possessions, and did not care to reply to the insults which were added to the great injury inflicted. But the French, who are suffering less from the plague, and who are much more impulsive than either the Germans or Russians, could not listen quietly to the English gibes. They say that Europe suffers now from the cholera simply by reason of "the brutal and egotistical" policy of the English. As the cholera concerns all civilized nations alike it is but proper that all of them should take part in the proper quarantining of the source of the plague. This is the only feasible plan for the prevention of future epidemics. The question of the complete annihilation of the cholera germ will follow in natural sequence and will be settled by the scientists of the near future. International action means that the world will contribute its scientists and its funds to the extermination of the plague in its home and to the inauguration of such steps as will insure a cessation of world-wide cholera epidemics and possibly a cessation of the life oi the cholera germ. Its cost is a bagatelle compared to the commercial loss at European ports this year. Of course it would not be practicable to make an estimate now, but I am sure that this country alone would gladly not only pay the bill in full, but also contribute no small number of the needed scientists. There is evidence at hand to prove that we can achieve the end, and I recall, by way of illustration, the utter blotting out of the biack plague Ja Eussia several years ago. It brolre out in Vctlianka, South Kv.ssia, a-ncl a military cordon aro-iaci the pla^-e not alone confined it within these Ihr.its, but even completely annihilated it as far cs Russia is concerned. An Internationa! sr.aitsry cordon that might be established at the delta, of the Ganges most ecrtahiiy will have like results in reference to tho cholera. .Aman-can and European soiontiuts onco iv.v control cf the limitation of India v :;-.ild give it the most thorough cleaning out it has ever had, and.would establish systems of sewerage and oi drainage which in the "end would achieve the result desired. International congresses are by no means unusual. V.'e have them for es- purpcses, clc. !;: fcxvt. there are two of see no reason why a<;i:cct;cr: which con- * MOTHERS* FRIEND'* \ OHO BIRTH EfiSl ColTin, La, Deo. 2, ISS6.— My wito asod EIOTEEB'S PEESITD before hor third confinement, and says she wonlcL not bo sritheut it for Irjjidrcils at dollars. DOCS MH,LS. 1 3ent by express on receipt c? price. £1.30 pa 1 bot- Jc, Book " To Mothers •'' ir^ued iiee. ZCL<L.ZTOi~: CO., OAL£ OT AU.PRUGCICT5. For sale by Ben Fisher, druggist. CHICAGO MEDICAL DTISG I5 1 -TBS- COURT OF A;J EGYPTIAN nom;. it were in our midst at the very outset, because it is a question of .a few months only when we will be f orced to face the monster. And now we come to the prevention at the roots. The epideraic that started in Europe from Baku has b«jn slo~iy but surely traveling from th-7 strip of English possessions in which it scorns always to be. A year ago the Hussia-n authorities i-eceived notice from their Asiatic ofEcials that cholera had overstepped its usual boundaries at the delta cf the Ganges and took steps to prevent its spread in. Sussa's Asiatic possessions. Of course, it was impossible to achieve iMs task, as the Russian joundaries are thousands c : f miles in extent and naturally it took its historic course this year as in many previous ep- .dertdcs. But Surops gets ;the pestilence via the Sues canal and Enssia is out oi that course altogether.' It is iiere that prevention is feasible, but it .evolves, first, intercational intcrfer- e and compete Intermotabnof com- more in5;5L-rtcnc-j thai: cny ::;j jject dis- ctiiSEd up to date by r'.-pr'.v.entaiives of nations. shc."]d not l:avo tli-i attention Uut there arc secondary chclorrv spc':^ vrhic-i mv.st be v,T.tchcdas ecrclullyanu whk'h rr.u^t be placed in the ehargs cf naUcus. Mecca is one cJ these. But to these who say that the cholera gen±! has now established a permanent home for itself 03 tbo Seine and the Elba I would reply that these sources are in- sijziScant cotcparcd with these oi India, and the strict quarantine now e> tablished will soon have them nnder control Then we will again look East Indiaward for the beginning of a ne'W plague. I/R. ?. J- POPOFF. iu7 £159 S. Clark St. <'!iicn:ro. li!. Tlie Regular Old-EsiaWisliefi PHYSICIANS & SURGED MS are still Treating with tlie Greatest SKILL FIND SUCCESS ALL Chronic, Nervous 'and Private Diseases. • S&-NERVOUS DEBILITY, Lost 2r:ln!lood Failing Memory. Exliaustliyr Drains, Tcn-ibl* Dreams, Eea'l and Back Aclie.'m'iiiH the effects lea .Ins to early decay and perhaps Consumption or Insanity, treated scientifically by Urw methods with never-falling success. CS-SYPHILIS and all bad Blood and Skin Diseases permanently cured. 537-KIDNBY and UHINAHY comp:alnts, Gloet. Gonorrhoea. Stricture. V-irlcosele uud ;ill diseases of the Genlto-Urmary Orpins cured promptly without Injury to Stomach. Kidneys or other Organs. 03?~No experiments. Ase and esperlenca Important. Consultation free anil sacred. EJT'All correspondence Is sacredly private. Our long experience enables us to Guarantee Cures In all Curable Cases o!. Eczema, Scrofula, Syphilis, Bladder and Kidney Disease:;, Leucor- rhoeaand Female Troubles, Liver Complaint, Catarrh, all Blood, Skin and Nervous Diseases. JJo matter who has 1'alled to cure yon, \vrlie us a full history of your ease. Hours. 8 to S; Sundays, 0 to 12. Call on or address Chicago Medical Institute. 15? & 159 S. Clurk St. CIuc.i^O, Jit. CREAM B Cleanses the Nasal Passages, Allays Pain and Inflammation, Heal the Sores. Restores the Senses oi Taste and Smell. TRY THE CURE ft Apartlolels npp':i'-u Into earti uosirll ami Is a.Si'w-Ojle. Prictt £dcf.".!.<:it J>rDsi?tsi.s: by :nall registered, COets. £iA' BROTHER.-:. JO Warreu St.. !>'cw York, •FEVER fuSED BY THE FASHjOMA8Li.616RXVyMS£i Imparts to tho nkln that exquisite whiteness ! 4 and purity and flne, soft tcjrtnre eo mnch aa-C ^mlred. Posltlvoly removes wrinkles, frocklee.f rodnega nnd rougimess of tho skin, pimples, C blackheads, tan, sunburn, and all Imperfoc-p tlona of the 1 comploxloru Guaranteed ubso-p lately pare. 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And In c!i;u>"» of the ^U'CtrU: rmcl Surgical De* parUnmitoJ' tu« Steaical ;i:i'l Surgical Inarltute o! Loulsvlile J-."y. Will be at the Murrtock Hotel LOGANSPOKT, IND. Thursday, Oct. 6th Kctunilii!; every month ilurlnj U:c yuftr to rC. iniild ono day. Dr. E«a has been connected' vrtSi the largest hospitals In tbe couutry.aad Isaa no suysMor tZI diagnosing ;iad treating diseases and cUiiormltles. He will give $50 for any o.ase that tie cannot tail . the disease tinil where loo.;it«l In live ruinates He will return to Lojansport overy n),o:i:h thi" year to remain one clay. Tre.;:ts all Cam We Medical Mfl SurKtel DIB oases, jciit^ and Chronic Caistrri, Dlsaisaa otth< Eye, Ear. Nose. Throat and Luncs, Dyapeps'tt/ Brlghl-'s Disease, Diabetes. KWiwys, Liver, Blflfl- der, Clitonic, j'"om;iitt liiul Ssxuitl i/i.SKiSfts, Epilepsy or Fiis Cured. . 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