Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 17, 1898 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1898
Page 17
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c r THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. 281) YEAR TUESDAY JEVENING, MAY J7,1898. NO 167. The Present War ."Has attracted such universal attention that it has effected business in all lines. The New York Jobber Md Importers were the first to suffer, the retailers next: the New Yorker has made ns some wonderful offers, which we have accepted amd in order to make oar sales for May equal to or exceed those of last year we will institute one of those howling sales the Bee Hive is renowned for. 50c will do duty for a dollar. Great sacrifices will be made in such goods as yon are in need of for summer wear. WE ASK YOU 'TO ATTEND THIS SALE. frisstly Black floods and Novelty Dress floods, at Half Their Real Worth. War Department Puts a Gag on Every Man Employed There. EEST7LT OF NEWS "ENTEEPBISE." Grare Charge Brought Against Some Metropolitan Journals. 10. for 75c Brocaded novelties 38 *"" Inches wide, Including serges and Henriettas. and 85c for »1 25 Fancy Black etemines, 38 Inches wide, and 85c New and -Fashionable Novelty Dress Goods, actually worth |1.25. Suit and Jacket Chance. Here is a wonderful. Tne best Ladles' Tailor In America 'had enough materials (flne Imported goods) oo hand to make up 25 swell sulta, we bought the lot at our own price* and now offer choice of ObeYiot Covert and Serge Tailor-made Suits, •Ilk lined Jackets, percaline lined Skirts. Jackets can be worn with oddsklrts.Suits actually worth • 15 to $18, for Special Prices During This Sale on Silks for Waists. Choice of 25 pieces of Japanese Silks, always sold at 50a, for a 9S. j Wp for 75c Snlrt Waists, greates •"" gathering yet of Women's anc Misses Shirt Waists, percale, ging bam and lawn, short yoke, fuJ gathered front, detached collars stripes, plaid* and checks. SrighMy soiled. KO. for 81.00 Shirt Waists. from the manufacturers at a great bargain Gold Medal Black Good. Guaranteed quality, 40 inches wide, in rich Brocades, also in Alpacas, and gold medal aerges,goods now so much ID demand and from 25o to 35c under the prices asked in any other store. CO. per yard during this sale , none """ reserved, they all goat this one price. *•«> *2.00 Shirt Waist P< Of; for $2 00 and »2 50 Shir * l J " Waists. Metal Belts at Inducing Prices. Special lots on sale at 25c, 35c and 5Sc. Or;,, for China silk long puffs in black "M navy, maroon and white, actual ly worth 50c VERY SPECIAL PRICES FOR THIS SALE •on Muslin Underwear, Wrappers, Fancy Plaid Hose for Ladies, Misses and Children. "Wash Goods .-Choice oi any Pattern Hat in our Millinery Department at Actual Cost, MS PATENT AND Plours AUTOMATIC Flours Flours are the Purest and •highest grade on; the Mkt the "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself witb a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My terms are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing machine n ibe bouse. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th B WHITSELTT THOMPSON'S HERB TEA ..FOR THE.. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks, A GUARANTEED CURE *. . -HFOR . . . Dyspwpsia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, (Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. sScroinla, Erysipelas. Salt Eheum, Eczema, Weak Back, Fevei and Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. EVERY WOMAN lfc«puM*4nfliihMUtoBMd. if j.« wsl ifct fc*u,f* Dr. Peal's Pennyroyal Pills mlM (Dr. fHal-t) MTW 4tn». iC*,atT*iM*,0. For Sale by Ben Fisher. Notified to J.ook Out. Springfield. "Ills., May IT.—Dr. Egaa secretary of the state board of health was notinedyesterdaymornins- byhealth commissioner of New York that one case of small pox had been discovered among passengers of the stoamer Vic toria. The passengers are destined for haSi a dozen points in Illinois, Chicag-o Elgin. Blooming-ton and- other : places Authorities at all theseplaces-have beer notified. New Life "Insurance Scheme. Milwaukee, May 17.—President Thomas H. Bowles, of the National Association of Life Underwrtiers, has issued a letter ,to the presidents of all the life insurance companies in the United States in regard to the -istablishment of a co-operation hospita.l service between the American Ik'e insurance companies fur the benefit of policyholders who are taking part in the present conflict between the United States and Spain. He advocates the idea. Volunteers Number 81,000. Washington, May IT.—Reports received by Adjutant General Corbin up to 10 o'clock last night indicate that 81,000 volunteers have been mustered into the United States service. It is expected now that unless something- unforeseen occurrs all of the 125.000 volunteers will have been mustered in to the service and be in their permanent camps or enroute thereto by the end •jf the present week. Scores on tJTeTistil Fields. Chicago, May 17.—Following: are the base ball records made by League clubs yesterday: At Chicago—Cleveland 4, Chicag-o 12; at all other points—rain. "Western League: At Columbus—In- iianapolis 4, Columbus G: at Milwaukee —Detroit S, Milwaukee 0. ABBBEVIATEDjmEGRAMS. The house has passed the senate bi!l to establish an assay office for the Klondike gold at Seattle. President Dole's itemized bill of expenses for his trip through this country amounts to JT.OOO. The British steamship Twickenham arrived at Fort de France, with 2,500 tons of coal for Porto Rico. The residence of James Wedlock, throe miles east of Mineral Point, Wis., was destroyed by fire. Loss, $1,000; insurance, J500, A package containing over 500.000 francs in securities and gold was stolen from a car of the Paris, Lyons and Mediterranean railroad. The secretary of the navy has prepared a deficiency estimate of over J'20,- 000.000 for ordnance, equipment, construction, etc.. of the navy. For over 100 years a weekly distribution of bread 'has taken place at St. John's chapel, one of the Trinity parish churches. New York city. Captain Michael G. Bauer, secret service agent for Kentucky, dropped dead in front of the custom house at Louisville from hemorrhage of the lungs. An engine drawing a west-bound freight train at Grey Court, Ky., blew up, killing Engineer William Cronk and Fireman Benrank. of Port Jervis, Ky. Charts? F. Muth. a prominent and •wealthy merchan: of Cincinnati, and recently elected member of the board of control, committed suicide on his farm, near Morristown. Ir.d. Robbers caj-ried the safe in the "Willow Springs (Ills.) postoffice a mile from tie village un a hajadcar, smashed it with a sledge-hammer and departed with J40 in cash aiid J50 in stamps. The commercial telegraph companies will refuse to accept cablegrajnsvrritten in cipher from individuals whose identity an il business are unkno-wn to the managers of ibe local office* wb.er« may b« »r**eat*d fvr Charged with Supplying tlie Enemy with Valuable Information—Nothing Given Orjrtof Any Importune**—f*robuble Movement of Our Two i'l«?eU to Bend OB'the Spanish Armada—Cartel Arranged for Kxcliuns:* <if I'risoners. Madrid, May IT.—A dispatch from Cadiz to KI Heraldo de Madrid says the port'authorities at Cadiz announce that the reserve fleet, composed of the first- class battleship Pelayo, the armored cruisers Kmperador Carlos V, and Alfonse XIII, the newly equipped cruisers Rapico a.nd Patria, with the torpedo' boat destroyers Audaz and Pro- cerpLna. will be ready for sea this week. Curacoa. May IT.—[Copyright, '1S9S, Associated Press.]—The Spanish squadron nnder.Admiral Cervera, which left Sunday after the cruisers Vizcaya and Infanta Maria Teresa has .taken »n atout TOO tons of coal and a great quantity yl provisions, wasnotsightedyester- day.; "When the squadron disappeared it was going westward. London, May 17.—The Daily Mail says this morning: "According to the most trustworthy information the Spanish cruisers Cardinal Cisneros, Princess de Asturias and Cataluna are not yet ready for sea and therefore cannot have arrived at Martinique." London, May IT.—The Paris correspondent of The Dally Mail says: "A number of Spanish war vessels which were recently destitute of armament have been supplied with Krupp gun?. They have also been supplied with all the necessaries, including German ar- tillerisas." Washington, May 17.—An order posted yesterday morning- and signed by Secretary Long- relative to the publication of n,ews emanating from the navy de- .the effect yesterday of considerable curtailing: the supply of information that heretofore' has been rather freely given out. The secretary's order was directed to Captain Crowninshield, chief of the navigation bureau, and he in turn gave it effect by making an order in his own name that no person connected with his bureau in any capacity should have any conversation whateverupon subjects in any way pertaining to the navy with representatives of the press. As an offset it was ordered that bulletins of such facts as have actually occurred and are proper for publication, and are not connected with existing or projected movements, shall be prepared and posted on the bulletin board. And This Is the First Day's Budpet. The sum total of the information published by the bulletin board yesterday under this rule was a notice of the intention to start the Philippine relief expedition, and of the permission given to some foreign neutral vessels to pass the blockade at Havana. In explanation of the issue of this order the naval authorities say that some of the leading American newspapers have been so far lacking in patriotism as to print plans of campaign and projected movements of naval ships, with the result that the ,var board has been obliged to completely revise its plans in the knowledge ihat the Spaniards had promptly taken notice of the publications and were prepared to profit by them. Complaint was made to Secretary Long: that the newspapers were working injury to the government in such cases. Orgo of the Spanish Armada. Intimations have been received here that Captain General Blanco at Havana, s very short of ammunition, in which. :-ase the powerful batteries at the en- :ranee of Havana harbor of course would be deprived of a large part of heir defensive strength. This state of affairs may lead to some desperate at- empts at blockade running on the part if the Spaniards in the hopes of setting nore ammunition into Havana. It is >elieved that the supplies so frequently •eferred to as being on the Spanish fly- ng squadron are of this character rather than food supplies, which makes t all the more important that Sampson and Sch'ey should succeed in keeping- Admiral Orvera from reaching Havana r Cier.Cuecros. or any port in Cuba connected with Havana by rail. Coramo- lore Schiey probably is well down on he Florida coast now. His appearanca jn that side of Cuba would enable son to bring his ironclads with perfect safety into Cienfuegos on the :!i side. TtAlSED IT FIFTY SELLUTONS. WTial t)» Senate Committee Has Done t« the War Revenue BUI. Washington. May 17.—The debate up• the war revenue measure was begun n ;he senate yesterday. The opening tatenient for the committee on finance vas made by Allison, the ranking- member in the absence of Morrill of Vermont. It was estimated that the bill, as t came from the house of representa- ives. would raise about S100.000.0M a. •ear. As reported from the senate committee Allison estimated that it Trill aise $151.497,066. Appended is a recapitulation of the amount of revenue to be derived by the- government under the present law and. under the bill as it was reported from. tts Fennenteo liquors. J55,906,'l2o,- tdt»cco and snuff, $43.840,560; cigars and cigarettes. $16,302,465; tobacco manufacturers and dealers. 1307,102; bankers. J2.394,- 600; exchange brokers and pawnbrokers, tl.500,400; commercial brokers. $213.094; theatres, circuses and other exhibitions, Jl.820.447: bowling alleys and billiard tables. $166.967; stocks, bond*, merchandise, «tc,, tlO.OOO.OOO; bank checks, JS,000,000; inland biUs of exchange, $1,500,009: foreign bills of exchange, $500,000; express and freight, including- all bills of lading-, $10,000.000; life insurance, $1,277,000: mortgages. $2.041,599: all other articles in schedule A. including tax on receipts. $28.000,000; proprietary preparations and perfumeries. $20,000,000: chewing gum. $1,000,000: legacies and successions, $9,27.-,,475; total. $214,045.829. Add the revenue to be derived from articles not included in the pending- bill on the basis- of receipt? of 1897 to this $214,045.829: Spirits, $S2,OOS.542; brewers (special tax), $160.927; retail dealers in malt liquors, $191,071; wholesale dealers in malt liquors. $27s,SOt; oleomargarine, .K.0-3: filled diet's?, $15,992: miscellaneous receipts.$''75.4fiS: total estimated revenues, S29S.113.tf59. Less revenues for 1S97. $146.619,r,9:i. Revenue provided by senate bill Jl~il.494.06t>.. At the ocnclupjnn of Allison's statement the bill was made the unfinished business and it will be pressed to passage as soon as-'possible. The house received its first.veto from President MeKinley and voted unanimously to ySustain- the executive. The veto was of a bill conferring upon the, court of claims jurisdiction in a private claims case of long standing. The day was given to tbe consideration of bills under suspension of the rules, none of. which was of general interest. EXCHAXGK Of PRISONERS. Report of tbe Party That Went to Havana Under n >'lag of Truce. Key West, Fla., May 17.—The Uncas after leaving here at 1 o'clock on Sunday morning headed for Havana and spoke the Mayflower, which was acting as flagship of the blockade fleet. Lieutenant Brainard, U. S. X., special agent of the United States government, boarded her and handed sealed orders to the captain, who thereupon instructed the Uncas to hoist a white flag and proceed into Havana harbor. The Uncas then steamed towards Havana, and when within signalling distance of Jlorro Castle she signaled, asking for an anchorage. ' The castle signaled back that its commander was waiting for instructions and that the Uncas must certainly not anchor. After an interval a launch with the harbor authorities on board put out from the shore and took on board Lieutenant Brainard and Mr. Knight, the correspondent of the London Times, who had been chosen to negotiate the exchange of prisoners. As the launch was returning to tlie'shore she was met : by Captain General Blanco's launch coming out with the captain general's aide- de-camp and Mr. Gollan, the British consul g-eneraj. The boats drew together and a conference was had. Lieutenant Brainard and Mr. Knight were assured that Messrs. Thrall and Jones were absolutely -safe and were being threated with every consideration. It was added that Captain General Blanco was willing to release them the moment the United States authorities send him two Spanish prisoners in exchange, Mr. Knight was told he could not land at Havana from an American boat, in spite of the flag of truce, and it was explained to him that if he desired to reach Havana, he must go there on ,-i ship belonging to some neutral pnuvr. The Uncas then returned to K.--V West and delivered this infornm- tlnn tn- the department. It is understood Hint f.v» of ilie Snanisn. captives now in Port Mc'pherson, Atlanta, will be promptly s»nt down, and the exchange of prisoners will be consummated without further trouble. Hus*!n.n Kdltorial Opinion. St. Petersburg. May 17.—The Novoe Vremya. commenting upon the recent speech at Birmingham of Chamberlain, the British secretary of state for tbe colonies says: "We doubt if the United States desires an alliance, and question whether it would be agreeble to the other powers that the United States, after wresting- the Philippines islands from Spain, should afterwards sell them to Great Britain." The Novoe Vremya says that display of such an intention would be "sufficient to induce the powers to reconsider their neutrality during th« present war." Spain Seizes a Cable. Liverpool. May 17.—The telegraph office at the island of Grand Canary, near the center of the Canary islands the chief city of which is Las Palmas. ba» been seized by the Spanish authorities. All telegrams except the barest commercial messages have beeen stopped. MORE GOOD GALLOWS' PUTTIE Incident in tbe Criminal Annals of th» Prairie State Capital. Springfield, Ills., May 17.—Joe Morris has been landed in the county jail and a charge of murder will probably be placed against him. Morris went to the residence of Jane Murraycnd demanded to s;>8 Lucy Murray, her daughter. He was refused admittance, whereupon he broke in the door and grabbing a lighted lamp threw it at the girl. The lamp exploded, but Mrs. Murray managed to :hrow it into the hall. Her screams attracted the .attention of Henry Cleveand. The latter rushed upstairs- and extinguished the blaze. Hearing- the commotion inside the reora, where Morris was beating Lucy Murray. Cleveland rushed In. Morris attacked him frith a arge knife and came near disembowljjigr him. Cleveland was taken to St. John's aospital and the physicians say there *» no hope for his recovery. "W»*bburuV» C&Saoi* Contract. "Washington, May IT.—Minister Den- r, at Peking, sa-ys ic a communication, n> the department of state tkat tt Is reported in Peking that a. contract to build a railroad from Hankow to Cta- v . u-as .recently a'waxded to ex-Senator Wasfcburn, of Minnesota. Iff Volunteer Troops Are Assembling, Ov«r 8,000 Having _ Already Arrived. WAE DEPAETHEUT MUCH PLEASED At the- E*«e niul Quicki><>« -with WMck Mobilir-atioii 1» Pro<-p«nlin)- — Illioou Michigan i*ud Iiuliunv. Guard* Arrive »t the Camp—Other Slilitia Prepurin* ** <io—As^ijjiiiucat of t,ei«t«>r* for 1 he Seven Army Corps —JUte Among Tli«-w. Chickamaugra National Park, Ga.,May HI. —The war department has reason to be gratified at the dispatch and ease with which the volunteer army is being eoncenirated. Within forty-eight hours Jrom the time th« order was issued for the mobilization of state troops already- mustered into thereRular service at this point $.500 men, representing Six states, have reported to Major General Brooke, CKK OF OtTR BOTS IX BBOWX. In command of the department of ths laUcs, headquarters here. These soldiers have been moved not only rapidly, but " •n-ithout delay or. accident of any kind. General Brooke has already reviewed the majority of the companies, and ia gratified at the splendid apearance of , the men. The transportation facilities.- from Chattanooga to the park havebeen so thoroug-hly arranged that the regrl- . niPiits as they come in are promptly transferred, so that without any confusion they are assigned to their camp, draw their supplies and are out ot the, way in time for the next arrivals. Arri val of Western Regiment*. .. • ; The Third Illinois infantry arrived at , Chattanooga in three sections over;the , Nashville and Chattanooga railroad arid , did not reach this point to report to , General Brooke until 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The regiment is In command of Colonel Fred Benaitt, and is ' composed of twelve companies, 1,027 ' men and officers. The Fifth Illinois lia- ', fan try. Coionel J. F. Culver commanding, arrived in Chattanooga at '3 o'clock a. m., and reached the park at- noon, ' reporting at once to Genral Brooke. The regiment has twelve companies, 1,175 men and officers. The One Hundred and Fifty-seventh Indiana infantry. Col. G. M. St.udebaker commanding, arrived at this point at € o'clock. Eleven hundred men and officers comprise the regiment. ludlaua Soldiers K«n<:h Camp. The Twenty-sixth snd Twenty-iev- enth Indiana batteries from Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, under Captain Jamse B. Curtis and Captain L. T. Ranke, 125 men each, arrived at 8 o'clock last night. They came without horses or guns and will be equipped here. The Fourth Pennsylvania infantry arrived at 2 o'clock and reached the park about S o'clock. It Is a famous regiment; and has figured in an the defenses of th» state against lawlessness and strikes. GKTTIN« THINGS IX 3HAFK. Assignment of Generals to the Seven Corp* It* Annoimced. Washington. May 17.— The wardeput- ment yesterday rushed ahead its preparations for the mobilization and thorough equipment. of the volunteer army &r.d the progress which is being- made is most gratifying. The important development of the day was the definite selection of the corps of commanders. The announcement., however, does not contain any surprises. Though Major General Wesley ilerritt if, accredited to R«y«l ukc* tfce tod p«r».

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