Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1892
Page 5
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THE FIRST DAY'S MEET. GELBBRfTTED HfVTS STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES. THE LOGASSPOET TROTTDiG AS SOCUT10N STAETS IX GREAT SHAPE. Tie Races Yesterday Afternoon Beiter Than-; Expected.—JL fai Crowd and Active Interest in the I>ay'» Eveats. E. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Taiiov is showing, some very handsome woolens 10," ikll vvear ia suitings Ho also-has something new and attractive foi overcoats Yours lYulv, V ? "PUCK," DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MOKNING, OCT. 6. CONVENTION ECHOES. TliO Second Bay's KuslncK.s Session of tl»e State JBapxiMt AM.soctntioii Attracts » Groat CroivU. So groat was the attendance at tbe second day's session of the State Bap. • tist Association yesterday that the churcu would not accommodate the crowd and many were unable to gain admission. Last evening the experience of the evening before was repeated and a great many were turned away the church being crowded to its utmost capicity. To-day the crowd will be augmented by the arrival of the delegates to the Young People's Baptist Union of the State and the afternoon and evening will be giretr over to the business of the Young People's Union. On account of this increased Crowd the afternoon and evening meetings will be held at the rink. At S o'clock the Young People's meeting will begin and will be presided over by Prof. J. W.Moncrief of Franklin College. YESTERDAY'S SESSION. At SJo'cloekyesterday zaorning there was a private meeting of the General Missionary Board, foVowing 1 which at S:SO there was a half hours 1 devotional meeting conducted ; by Rev. J. G. Tedford. Following . this the session was given over to . reports on the condition of the State missions, including the reports of the general board and several pointed addresses were made in the interests of missions. A general missionary board for the ensuing year was also appointed. In connection with missions the ladies held a special meeting at the First Presbyterian church, under the direction of Mrs. Jeffrey of Indianapolis. : The annual report of State Superin- teadantEev. H. S. Hoffman was made at this hour concerning the condition i •'• of Ihe Sunday schools throughout the State. This report was of a very encouraging nature and was widely : discussed. ; : In tha afternoon the business ses :»ion was resumed and reports of a .statistical character were made by : the standing committees. At S ^o'clock Rev. Dwight Spencer made his report on Home Missions which was followed by addresses upon the Home Mission cause by Kev. L. Kirtley, D. D. and Rev. F. M. Huckleberry. ; This "missionary day" would not ^tave been complete without the spe- -: cial foreign mission centennial service "at the church last evening. Xhis meeting was made very entertaining to the large audience, and the addresses Of the State Centennial Committee snd district secretaries were listened to •with, the closest attention. The program of to-day's work is as j follows: TnCRSDAT MOHXIJfG. S:00— Consecration service. 9:00— Heitort of Publication Society. Addresses. The Publication Society, Rev. C, C. Bitting, pp. Tlie Publication Society and tha State, Rev. J F. Williams. The need of increased Bibln study and distribution, Rev. J. B. Thomas. 11-09— Report on education and remarks, Rev. W. T. Stott, P;J. Address, Investment in men. Rev. II. 0. Keller. 12:00— Adjournment The first annual meeting of the Logansport Trotting' Association started in under such favorable augury that it is safe to say that the succeeding events of the week and the future meets of this association will be of the finest. The day could not have been finer yesterday and the track was never in better shape. The members of the association had worked hard for this meeting and white it is not likely that t was their influence which brought he fine weather to them may be attributed the suberb condition of the rack. The attendance while not large was probably as good as might be expected for the first day. To-day the attendance will be trebled and it is believed that 5000 people will witness the day's even.ts. A number of the leading merchants of the city will close their stores in the afternoon that their clerks may see the races without putting up the usual excuse of the death of a grandmother or some other relative. There is a great program for to-day and some races will be run thai will be well worth seeing. YESTERDAY'S EVENTS. The first event of the day was the two-year-old trot for a purse of §100. In this there were three starters, two of them, Harry Brockton, Dallas Ouster's little grey, and Capt. Hardy's famous Laura Trego, belonging hero. By agreement the race was concluded in two heats, Ouster's horse winning two' straights as follows: Harry Brocton j i Tana 3fcCoy •> 3 Laura Trego .' s o Time S aad 2:591,*. " FKEE I-'OR ALL PACE. This was one of the most interesting events of the day. The race was for a purse of $150 and was won easily in four heats by Alert, Little Rube being second in favor. The record was as follows: (Tnrte Jefferson, Cutler and Flora Bell were dlsumced In theurst heat.) Little Rube '. o i o A : .'..:r.:.'.::'.3 2 3 3 1 4 1 1 EEK ONLY. Oak Chairs for Everybody. Heal Japanese Cups and Saucers for Ladies. . • Folding Yest-pocket- Comb, Case and Mirror for Men. Beautiful Bound Books for Big Children. Irorgiops and Plying Kites for the Soys. FREE with shoes this week, value depending upon amount of sale. We adopt this plan to attract the people instead of giving opening. Our stock is now complete; inspection-solicited. stn SHOE DEPARTMENT. THE LOCAL LEGISLATORS. A Mom-Drum 31eetin-r of tlte Fatuers Last NJsIit. The Common Council of the City of Loganspoit met in regular session last evening;, Mayor Read presiding-, and! all members present save Messrs. Powell, Dolan and Peters. The claims committee submitted the following claims which were allowed: , Street payroll ................................ g 29374 11 llanln, alley crossings, etc ............ V 40 00 J. w. Williamson, cement crossing ........... 42 80 John Medlaud, cement crossings .......... 41 SO C, B. Gallioii, cement crossings ........ 17 us L. -V. Waif, eel-Mug gutters.. ............... '.. 9 A1TERXODN. ISO— Heport of committees, caro!lracnt, resolutions, Education Society. 2:00— Addresses on Education, Belatlon of education to the lienomlnatlon.Eev. P.O. Duncan, 3:00— Words of cheer from youug people's societies. Round table talk. How shall we bring our young Into line. Two minute speeches. 7:15—Devotional meeting. 7:30—Opening exercises. 7:45—Baptists ana religions liberty. (S minutes) Rav. Martin W. Buck, Terre Hautu, Baptists and civil liberty, (S minutes 1 TF. S. Peckbam, Lafayette. Tie future of our churches'and the young people, (8 minutes) illss Lida J. Meredith, Rochester. Address, subject to bo chosan. (10 minutes) Miss Ella D. MacLaurln,-Chicago. Address—President John H. Chapman. Election of officers. AdjoHrnmem. United States Senator Hisooclc. The best republican speech of the campaign, on-national issues, will be delivered next Tuesday evening, Oct. 11, by Hon. Frank Hiscock, United States Senator from !New York. His speech will be argumentative and clear, and the rink should be filled. Notice—liOsaaaport Military Ji?Knd. All mambers are requested to meet at the band room this evening at 7:30 sharp. H. L. BISBEE, Director. CHis. A. SMITH, Sec'y. i''or Kent. Rooms on second floor in new building corner Sixth, and Broadway. Bath room, hot and cold water, and gas. Inquire of Rurus M-VGEE. Time 2:27; 2:23; zdil&'i'sti'. " " THE 2:40 TROT. The sun sank into Fitch's glen before this event could be brought to a finish. There were five starters in this race and it was proving right interesting, but had to be continued over until to-day. The split heat will be started promptly at one o'clock today as there are five 'races in for the afternoon and it will take brisk management to conclude them before sun down. In this 2:40 trot were entered Altimore, Decoration,Fayette Medium, Monk and B-own Sprague. First heat was won by Altimore in 2,39i; second by Monk in 2.39J. Will Farrer of Peru acted as starter and his work gave entire satisfaction. A. N. Donaldson, Fred Dykemanand Bert Tomlinson were judges, while C. X. Grams and L. D. Norris were time keepers. TO-DAY'S EVENTS. There will be some good races today. For instance: Three-year-old trot—Greville, Venus Star, Brock. Energetic. Cwo-thirty trot—Giftoc. Patsey Fayette Medium, Byeriy Boy. Billie Wonder, Mamie Phillips. Special Cass county race—Billie, Herald Sprague, Lady Crooks. Running race—In this race there will be six starters, names not ' yet given out. fieo. Barnes, cement crossings so 92 L. N. Won, alley 'crossings ' 21 oo B. Whittaker. broken stoue " 49 40 W, L. Fecnald, lumber for street.' 82 00 Parker &Jolmstoa, lumber ' 1251 Elizabeth Kroll, washing for Ore dep't s -15 Mary Hotter, washing for fire dept. 5 so Leuthaln i Barnes, printing.. .. 'n 40 Peter Walrath, printing ' " •>« oo J. E. Sntton, printing 20 oo Locansport Journal Co.. printing ' 7310 City. Commlssleners *:..... .y, on W. T. Farrel, ass't'g engineer ' 13 J-G F red Behrens vte in Sit. Hope cemetery 63 73 Jas Benner street crossings 95 «5 A: H. McDonald, cement crossings. ... 1.55 vi G-eo. Wm. Hodman, treasurer sund .. 10 "•' llatchless iretal Polish Co sund fire dent 4 75 Wm Hupp wlc In Mt Hopo cpmetery 15) 50 D. 51. Surface, extra police duty jg £9 Total ...S14U 19 Admission to races 25 cents. this week, only LOGANS PORT RACES, TO-Df\Y OCTOBER On the Fair Ground Track. The City Engineer was instructed to establish a grade and set stakes for the improvement of West Broadway and Wheatland streets, west of the Chicago railroad tracks. The City Attorney was instructed to prepare a declaratory resolution for the improvement of the unfinishec portion of the sidewalks on Front street. The engineer was instructed to set the stakes for a grade On 19th street, at the corner of Jefferson street. The petitions for deferring the work on Wilkinson street and State street till March, 1893. were granted. The City Attorney was instructed to prepare a declaratory resolution for the unfinished portion of Montgomery street. A new alarm goag was ordered in at the pump house.. The minor bill of thayClectric light company, reused at a former meeting was allowed, it being found that it was through a misunderstanding that the bill vras refused. The company's bill for $650.79 light for September was allowed. Tbe special cornmiltc-e reported that a contract had been entered into between the county commissioners and the committee of the council /or. the sinking of an artesian well on tbe court house grounds. A deed was ordered to Sara J. Planck for lot ~S~o. 46.5 in Mt Hope cemetery. The alley running north and south between Baoadway and Market streets and Twelfth and Thirteentb streets was ordered vacated in the usual order as was also too. alley running north and- south between 17th and 18th street and Broadway and .North street. Similar action was also taken In the matter of the north and south alley between Market aad Spencer street, east of Seventh street. The civil engineer ••v;'.* iWiructea to t the stiikes for g.-v/Jft o:; -hi- Corner of IS'ortb and I2ib =.:,-.•.;. ;»;,' feet -O-ath. A deciarslorv ivjulur.ivr: v.-as i adopted for the improvement O f Helm j street from Barren, street west, also j for the improvement of Garden street from Bates strcei: to Daisy street. The plat, of the sab division of the j southwest quarter of Wp.ioat uark bv j LaSose et aL was referred to the i street committee. » . | .A The petitions for ths -location of various alleys were .referred to tbe city commissioners. The petition of property owners on Pontiac for the improvement of sidewalks was granted. Adjourned. l>oJau'a Opera House Saturday SflrUc. Ever alert. to the wants of his patrons Manager Ed Stuart has secured the Gruendler-Spence Musical and Dramatic Co. to appear at Dolan's opera house on Saturday October 8th. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gruendler are too well and favorably known here to need our recommendations. Mrs. Anna Dalin Spence a member of this company has gained the admiration and applause of large Chicago audiences and Logansport's musical people will 3e pleased to add to her laurels. The following letter will be of interest to ,he many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Gruecdler. ALMA, Mich., Sept. 20, '01. A. H. LAAVKY, MAXAGEK QPEHA HOUSE, ST. Louis. Dear Sir:-—You can not do or say too much in favor of the Gruendler-Spence musical and recital people. They gave by far the best entertainment ever given in Alma. They ar efirst class in every particular and should be well patronized. Respectfully Yours, C. F. Bno-vra, Editor Alma News. There is no sweetness in a kiss, Unless your teeth are just like pearls, , Then would you share its trembling bliss, Use SOZODOXT at once, sweet girls; For it alone gives to the mouth, White teeth and fragrance of the South. fell la tlte River. Yesterday afternoon while the young son of Peter Potts was playing on Biddle's island near the river, he was seized with an epileptic fit and fell into the water. John Knepp, who was working in Routh's packing house, saw tbe boy fall and make no effort to rise, divined the cause and waded the river rescuing him just in time. When taken to shore he was to all appearances dead, but by proper means he was resuscitated and was taken to the home of his parents who •eside on the Island. He soon regained consciousness and is doin" 1 well. Keasons \Vl»y, Sadie Hasson is the most popular soubrette on the American stage. Sho can sing better than most women v?h& dance. She. is an acknowledged actress, and her great versatility i» admitted by nil the leading critics. She possesses that indescribable magnetism -which makes her audience feel as if she were a kin to them, and they are proud of her. She bas surroundect' herself with oce of the strongest companies .of singers and comedians ever seen in oce company, and sho gives them all a chance to show what they can do. and in --A Kentucky Girl" which she will present at Dolaa's opera house this evening she gives her audieaco full value for their money by giving them the funniest ' cleanest and brightest and best show on the road. Miss Hasson will be assisted by the great Dowllng and Has>son organization. Tbe Kentucky Giri ' is said to be the only play of raoderu times that equals in its intense interest the great successful drama of "Blue Jeans." Everywhere that the play has been presented, it has met with instantaneous succes?. Hrimloy-IIorii. At the Broadway M. E. parsonage last evening at 7 o'clock, Miss Dora Brimley v.-as married to Mr. Charles. H. Horn, Rev. H. J. Norris, officiating. These youog people are well to do parties living G miles northeast from the city. The wedding was strictly private. V Mrs. Will Mitchell formerly Miss Fanny Crooks of this city, died at Frankfort yesterday. The funeral will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at Frankfort. [oiisekeeper A L.o*.tz f-Alir Patient at L,arze. Bertha Krosger, of Michigan City, who eloped from Long Cliff on Saturday evening, is still at large. She is middle-aged, of short stature, speaks only German, has light hair cut square, and is usually lucid. Wore a checked, , blue gingham dress, name on all clothing. Information will be received with compensation. MUCH MORE —BY CSISQ H COSTS — Less than Half the price of other kinds. TWO KINDS OP WOMZ1T need Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription— those T .vho •want to be made strong, and those •who -want to be made well. It I builds up, invigor- j- ates, regulates, and i cures- j It's for young girl.s just entering womanhood: for women. who have reached the critical A TK.IAI, Pounds, 20c- Hr.Jrcs, IQc. (Joartcrn. PJ10TE THIS. ',<L try Grocers— In Csuas OCOj. "change of life"; for -women, expecting to become mothers; for mothers who are nnrsing and exhausted; for I every -woman who is run-down, delicate, or overworked. !• For nE the disorders, diseases, and Trj weaknesses of -vromen. ''Favorite Pre- script5on ; 'i3 the only remedy so' nnfail- ing that it can 'be guaranteed. If it doesn't benefit'or care, In every ease, the money frill be returned. itorage FOR RENT. Of oi Drug Store.

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