Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 6, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1890
Page 3
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-Some women are "bothered to death" with corsets breaking. There is a " bone " that never breaks; it can't be broken—by wear. The only way it can be 1 broken is by bending it back the other way —which is never done in wear. Don't believe it, perhaps? Very well. Go to your own store and get a Kabo corset; and, if it "breaks in a year, go back and. get your money. The steels may break— the Kabo never! The store has a primer on Corsets for you. Ctoowo Cosasr Co., Chicago and New York. full line of s Medicines at Pryor's Drug store. LOST orPAllISe MANHOOD! General and HEKVOOS DEBILITY- Weataeisof Body and Hind, Effects nf Errors or Excecsea in Older Yonng. il REAL ESTATE. Kor sulo, 11 residences on Broadway. l-'orsalo, 10 resldencos on Spear street. for sale, one Stone ami two Frame rosldencos »u North stroet. For sale, two residences on Osage street. For sale, residences • ~i Pratt and Chlppewa *tre«ts. Kor sale, resldnnceu ^a High street. For sale, a brick residence on Broadway. Kor sale or trade residences on the forth and south side. To trado, -t i^ood firms for dwelling pi operty. To trade. 3 good farms Tor business blocks. To trade, a stock or Dry Goods for a good farm. To tra;io. a stock of Dry (joocls for town lots. To trado, a dtvslnihle residence in Francesvllle tor property in tho city will pay the difference In price. To trade, ft No. 1 Steam firlst Mill with all the modern improvements. The Mill runs day and i-4 In goo lo atlon for a good farm. Wanted lots in all parts of tho city to sell. To ron* oioijiint third floor apartments. For Particulars Enquire of • M. M. GORDON, Pension and Real Estate i*gent. Room No. 8, Elliott Block. Log-ansport, • Ind. dccld-wly WANTED To snll our goods by sample to wholesale and re- taIKr,vle. We are tho largest manufacturers In our lino. Liberal salary paid. Permanent position. Monny advanced for wages, advertising, »tc. For terms address CENTENNIAL MFG. CO., Cbicago'Ill. aprllSdniwlm Daily Journal. TUESDAY MORNING-. MAY. 6. Pears' 8oap secures complexion. House with gas Sycamore street. Something new, a beautifu now24dly for rent, No. 335 clee32dtf "Friendship KJD S s," at Taylor's. may2d2t If you want a beautiful black leg_horn hat, go to Mrs. Briggs, 312 Market street, over Flanegin & Cris- iuond'8 mayldfltwlt John i>iehl and wife, of Peru, and Weorge U. Stewart and wife, of Kokomo are here attending the funeral of Capt. John G. Kessler. Lost, between Bates street and •olored church, ladies cuff button, garuet Bet. Finder please leave at HodTuraer'H barber shop and get rewarded. inay6d3b •'Charlie," the Swede, the well Ivnown giant who works on one of Chris Jeanerett's ice wagons, fell heayily from the wagon yesterday about BOOU, on Broadway and was badly shaken up thereby but not seriously hurt. John G. Kessler, Capt. Co. "A" 2d 12 8S Z 9U H U , U( i- ° aValrr ' bora A ^' ust 12- 1821, d,ed Sunday, May 4 at 8:20 a. m. of paralaysig, f une ral Tuesday 10-dO a. m. Interment Mt. Hope f n fl Wa *M " lember Ofthe 6 " A - R and resides eorn e r of Pontiao and Miama streets. FATAL, GAS JEXPT^OSION. BTi-s. .!- J. Mnnean Meets l>eatl> in a IHannei-. Kokotuo Gazette Tribune, Saturday: Mrs. John J. Duncan, four and one-half miles south of this city, died at 4:39 this morning from injuries received by a natural gas explosion Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Duncan was out in the yard making soap when the accident occurred. The Duncans burued natural gas at their home and a pipe had been placed in the yard, this fuel being utilized by Mrs. Duncan in soap making. About 2 o'clock In the afternoon Mrs. Duncan noticed the gas was not acting properly and called her hua- band, who, suspecting the regulator had been tampered with, undertook to remedy the defect, when a violent explosion followed. Mrs. Duncan who was still standing near the end of the pipe, was terribly burned, being entirely enveloped in flames. Her clothing instantly took fire and before the burning garments could be torn from her the cruel flames had done their deadly work. She was carried into the house and, though given the best medical aid and the tenderest care, all efforts were unavailing. The hand of death had been laid upon her and no hutuau agency could countermand the edict. Though a great sufferer she borejner affliction wilh the fortitude of a true Christian until death. came to her relief at the time above stated. Deceased was about forty-three years of age, the mother of three children, who with the husband, survive to deplore their great loss. She was a sister of Enos Neal. of the same neighborhood. Mr. Duncan was seriously burned about the hands and body while endeavoring to extinguishing the flames consum ing the bf dy of his devoted life companion. His injuries are extremely painful, though uot dangerous. The funeral of Mrs. Duncan occur- ed Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, at Albright's Chapel. American ®lt»otitng; Tournament. A three days' shooting tourney will open at the Lafayette shooting park, Wednesday, ander the auspices of the American Shooting Association, and under the direation of Major Taylor. The object of the tournament is to classify the trap shooters of the country in order to govern entries in shooting tourneys so that every man will shoot in his class. There are three clases. A tournament was held last week at Columbus, Ohio. On May 14 a tourney will begin at St. Louie. In the contest at Lafayette seventeen matches will be shot each day and the prizes amount to $900 in cash. Live and inanimate targets will be used. Many crack shots will be in atteiidance,among them Budd, Srice, Bandle, Taylor, Heikes, Murphy, JleMurchy and others. It promises to be the greatest sporting event in the history of Lafayette. The Sprlnx Medicine. The popularity which Hood's Sarsaparilla has gained as a spring medicine is wonderful. It possesses just those elements of health-giving, blood-purifying and appetite-restor iug which everybody seems to need at this season. Do not continue in a dull tired, unsatisfactory condition when you may be so much benefitted by Hood's Sarsaparilla. It purifies the blood and makes the weak si rong. l meet en of Officers. At a meeting of the Logansport Typographical Union, No. 196, on Sunday, the following officers were elected to serve during the ensuing term of twelve months: President^- Toler Kline. Vice-President— Henry Six. Cor. Secretary — Oliver M. Hand. Sec.-Treas.— John K. Moore. Sergeant-at-Arms~W. W. Beck. Trustees— Jas. Sparrow and W. W. Beck. _ The prize flag which was awarded to the Logansport High school by the Youth's Companion, as a prize for the best essay on patriotism written in this State, and which was gained by Ben Long, a High school student, will be unfurled to the breezes on the tower of the Central building next Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, with appropriate ceremonies. Mr. Quincy A. Myers will make the address on the occasion. Prof. J. E. Kennedy, the mesmerist who made an exhibition of himself at *;he opera' house here two years ago, is again showing in Indiana. He has written to friends here that the spree he indulged in here was the last, and that he has braced up. His manager confirms the statement. O. A. 11. The members of the Grand Army of th.9 Republic are requested to turu out this morning to attend the funeral of Capt. John G-. Kibtler. Meet at the hall at ten o'clock. RODNEY STHAJN, Post Commander. Juvenile Worker's Institute. To be held nt Logansport May 8 and 0 1890 commencing at 10 o'clock 10:00 a. m.—Devotional exercises conducted by Mrs. C. A. Morris, Frankfort. 10:30 a 111.—Mlsoelanouus business, appointment counties, etc. 11:08 a. m.—-Address, by Mrs, A. A, Brookba.uk, G. I. J. T,, Jen'ersonvllla. 11:15 a. m.—Remarks by mtimuera of Institute. 1- :3Da. ni.—Question drawer. 11:45 a. ra.—Adjournment. 2:0 • p. in.—Scripture lesson and prayer H:15 n. in.—Paper. Subject Juvenile Work by Mrs. K. j; Morris, D. S. J. T.,Hlclnnond. 3:80 p, m.—To be given to tllicusslon ot paper. 2:*5 u. m.—Paper, Relations ot I. O. O. T. to Juvenlln Temple. 1.8. Wade, G. U. T Lafayette. 8:03 ]i. n\.—-Paper, Dutjol! parents u> Temple w -rlc. E. 1>. unlbmlth, S. J. r. LlnUftn, 8sM p. in.—Sana. Xtis Orphan Child 6y A. A. Brookbimk and E i Miller, (i. C. 3:*5 p. m.—Paper, Duty of church and Sunday school relative to temperance work among-children. Wm. Coombs, S. J. T. Memphis. 4:00 p, in.—Misuelaneous business. 4::(0 p. m.—Question drawer. 5:0jp. m.—Idjoummeat. 7:j() p. m.—Public meeting at Baptist church. Kcrlpture lesson and prayer by pastor. Solo—"Out In the Suovr" A. A. Hrookbauk. Address By I. S. Wade, (i. C. T. Audi-ess by Kll Miller ti. C. Uuec—A. A, Brookbank and EH MUler. Address by fAiln '/.BSger Stretch, D. 8. J. T. Address by A. A. Brookband. (i. S. J. T. Solo—T'me Hiding. A. A. Brookbank. Benediction by piistor. I'BIDAT. 9:W)a. m.—DsYotloaal exercises. T. J. Legg, City. 'J: 1-5 a. m.— Paper, TUe temple a factor in tem- f.erence reform. 3, K' Rois, S. J. T., Fiiii'Iand. 9:!JU a, m.—Paper. Our boys what shall wedo with them. Mrs. E. A. Morris H. J. T. Frankfort. 9:10 n. m.—Our gids. How best to train tliem. Mrs, M. Henry A J. T. Klfchart. 10.-00 u. m.—Paper, Dranlujness and crime among culldreu. T. J. tegg, G. M. City. 10:30 a. in.—Paper, Importance of choosing a superintendent. Klsa Splea S. J. T. Boawell. lfl:15 a.'in.—Paper, Miss Ella yox, S. J. T. ^lertor. souvillo. „,-; 11:00 a. m.—Paper, Our rnltn or rnlglit, wlilch. Miss Lulu /,. Stretch. I). S. J. T. Lafayette. 11;SIO a. in,—Question drawer. 11:4S a. m.—Adjournment. s ^:UO p. ro.—Scripture le^flon. 2:15 p. in.—Paper, Tlie evil elTejts of older, Miss Allle Llnam. S. J. T. Leesbiirg. 2:3 f J p. m.—Paper, tjenlor Temple, their uewl and utility J. L. McNaughton, Supt. JeliersonTllle. -:45 p. nt.—Papar, The Gauntlet to be run by the children of to-day. Ell Miller G. T. Hishuwalca, S:<i( p. m.—Children's ruwstlnj;. 4:0!) p. m.—Miscellaneous basinets followed by Question drawer. fl:0o p. m.—Adjournment. 7:3o p. m.—Reports from committees. General discussion. Instruttlons in Temple work. etc. Social meeting. Adjournment. Utoblu -Votes. J3. H. Moss has gone south on a pleasure trip. N. S. Brandt and family spent last Sunday at A. O. Brandt.s. Vergy Watts, of Mouticello, is here visiting friends and relatives. . IdaZinn has returned from Carroll county where she has been visiting relatives. Mr. I. N. "Watts, of Pnlaski county | attended >Irs. Maria Watts' sale on last Thursday. Mr. Smith from Royal Center has moved into the vacant house on Mr. Fisher's farm. . Mr. and Mrs. Martin Carney and granddaughter, Alice, visited Mr. Sol. Carney's the past week. Halleck Fisher and his sister, of Jefferson township, were the guests of Mr. Louis McMillen last Sunday. Jennie Jenkins has returned to her home in Pulaski county after visiting her sister, Mrs. Louis Ross. Mr. Fisher and family attended the concert at Indian Creek last Sunday night. They report a good crowd in attendance and a very pleasant time. CrUBSsNoT. May 2, 1S90. Ctunretan. The bridge at Bantas will be com pleted next week. Jonas Mieheals is running the tile machine this week at full blast. The festival at Georgetown we announced last week was postponed until strawberries are ripe. The 10 cent show at Georgetown, the 39th was considered to be by everyone a fraud of first colors. Joseph Barr.assessor for this township, was around last week taking a list of articles of value for assessments. Word has been received from Amos Jordan at Wyoming. He says the country is very mountainous but that he likes it tolerably well. The festival at Pleasant Valley Sunday school was well attended, the net proceeds amounting something over nine dollars which goes to pay John Quinri for an organ lately purchased for Sunday school use. Thanks to all who liberally attended and helped us on this needed im provement. _ SCAT. Dl»rb.vs Prophylactic Fluid. Gives prompt an4 permanent relief iu burns, scnlds. chilblains, venomous stings or bites' cuts and wounds ol every description, It is invaluable In scarlet lever, dtpthorla. small-pox, cholera, yellow, typhus, typhoid and other fevers, for sick-rooms, to prevent the Spread of contagion, it Is the best disinfectant known. Hon, Alex. H. Stephens, of Ga. Darbys Phophylactle Fluid Is an article of little cost, but great value. Its domestic as weli us •medicinal uses are numerous while its specialties are mo-t wonderful. No head of a family should ever be without It. 2 A Model Hallway. The Burlington Route, C., B. & Q. Railway, operates7,000milesof road, with termini in Chicago, St. Louis, St. Paul, Omaha, Kansas City and Denver. For speed, safety, comfort, equipment, track, and efficient ser vice it bas no equal. The Burling ton gains new patrons, but lonti none. mayldSt FROM OVER THE OCEAN. The Queon of England will bo Rod- mother to the now girl In tho Duke of Portland's family, and the child will be called Victoria- Dorothy. A benefit performance for the English Aclors' fund in London recently re- alixed 52,501. Tho poriormaniie lasted for six hours and over sixty actors took part in it. The Ia.to.-l. addition to the lirilish navy, tho Victoria, is said to bo the largest war vessel at present ready for active fcrvlce. tilus cost over 81,000,000 and carries ;i crow of ':;','.< ollicors and men. A Vroncli paper says of a, rccnut murder: "The miscreant, was nvldciilly in senrch of monev, but M. Diirand liad prudently deposited nil his cash in tho bank, and consequently lost only his life," The pastor of tho clinrch at Melton Mowbray, wlicro tho ton Rcntloinon with sporting blood recently rode; a midnight stcppIe-chaSR. on tho following Sunday denounced the proceeding from bis pulpit. The London Times recently remarked In an obituary notice of tho late Baron Dowse: "A great Irishman has passed away. God grant that many as groat, who as wisely shall love their country, may follow him." James Berry the hangman ot England, has secured a verdict for S50Q damages in a suit for libel that he brought against a weekly paper called Answers which had made some remarks about him under tho heading "A Mun of Mystery." The civil commissioner of Johannesburg, South Africa, has ordered that only the Dutch language shall be talked in his court, and that the English, who compose the bulk of tho population, when they appear befora him must talk Dutch or hire an interpreter. The insulating material of theelectric- light wires over the stage of a Vienna theater began to molt a few nights agu and a shower of burning India rubboi 1 fell upon the stage. There was a panic, and BOO persons had rushed out before it was quieted. The rheumatism from which Queen Victoria is suffering, which has become chronic, has caused a contraction of the muscles of tho leg. It does uot impair her general health, and she looks well, but every one admits who sees her that she has aged much In the last two years. William Forner, aged 20, of a good Edinburgh family, while rushing for the goal with the ball on a football field at Walkerbum a few days ago, was charged at and struck by another player. He dropped insensible and died a few days later of concussion of the brain. NOTES ON TEMPERANCE. One-fifth of the inhabitants of Norway arc said to favor tho temperance movement. The system of licensing prostitution by the State has been officially condemned by the Medical society of Kiew, Russia. Omaha, with a license feo of SI,010, sends four students to tlie State University and eighty-one convicts to tho State penitentiary. Tho womon of Kansas in their relations to politics are said to considei themselves "a handful of salt thrown into tho bitter pool for its cleansing." , Mrs. S. M. I. Henry, the well-known Woman's Christian Temperance union evangelist, will represent the National Woman's Christian Temperance union Bt Chautauqua this summer for the third time in succession. The cigar manufacturers of a- certain western city have lately contrived a novel method-of advertising their wares, viz., by attaching to a fa.vorite brand the magic legend W. C. T. (J., declaring tho letters to menu "Wti Claim Them Unoqualed." Hoflroken Wedel-Jarlsberg, liidy-ln- waiting to the Queen of Sweden, gave a temperance lecture at Christiania, not long ago to n erowJod and enthusiastic audience. A Norwegian paper declared the lady to be tho ablest temperance lecturer in Christiania. AprlzeofSSO for the best essay on tho relation of the temperance question to political economy has been offered for the competition of college undergraduates by the .Nation Woman's Christian Temperanco union department ol organization and. Instruction in the higher Institutions of learning. "Homo Protection Posters" are thr Intest Invention of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. There arc largo printed sheets, covered with terse and eloquent sentences aimed at the evils of the liquor traffic. They are intended for use on Woman's Christian Temperance Union bulletin boards and for posting on fence corners and in other conspicuous places. An Englishman, who insulated his bedstead by placing underneath each post a broken-off bottle, says he had not been free from rheumatism or gout for fifteen years, and that ho began to improve immediately after the application of the • nsulators. A paper, quoting this, adds: "Them's many a fellow who could cure his gout if ha would break off the bot- hoin of his glass bottles in time." NEWS OF THE LABOR WORLD. There are about 5,000 organized carpenters in New York city. There is talk of designing a union label for dwelling houses in cities* which have been constructed by union labor. A new labor paper Is to be started. It will be published under the supervision of D. A. No. 40. It will be known as Labor's School and will be tho New York edition of tho official organ of tho Knights of Labor. Though little has been said recently concerning tho Knights'of .Labor, the various districts throughout the United States are rapidly assuming as formidable an aspect as thoy showed prior to the disruption on account of tho Home Club, in lS8'i-7. This Is'particularly noticeab'e In this city. In I8ri7 District Assembly, No. SO, was. reduced to about to about 35,000 members and a few scattering local assembled. To-day it numbers under its new Master Workman, Gurrar, fully 200 solid locals and about 75,000 members. Other districts have grown grown proportionally. The order Is working morn ID secret than formerly. Its superior excellence proven in millions of homes for more than a quarter of a century. It is aged by the United States Goverment. Endorsed byjthe heads of the Great Universities &a the Strongest, Purest and Most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream'Baking Powder does not contain Ammonia, Lime or Alum. Sold only in Cans i Price Baking Powder Co. New York. Chicago. St. Louis.SanFranctsc WILLfflANTIC SPOOL For Safe by all Sffi-CORD COTTON. Leading Dealers. 34 Union Square, New York City, Aug. 3'st, 1889. After a series of tests at our Elhabethport factory, extending over a period of several months, we have decided to use the WILLIMANTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, believing it to be the best thread now in the market, and strongly recommend it to all agents, purchasers and users of the Singer Machines. THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. There is nyotmgf member of a diplomatic corps in Washington, according to the Post, who is disposed to bo polite, "out who is not always judicious. He was conversing- with a lady who combines intellectual and physical graces with :i considerable degree of .maturity. "I have enjoyed talking with you very much." lie said. "It is a pleasure to be in the •society of some one who has observed the world." "But, Mr. Brow a." she said, laughingly. "perl:aps I am not so old as I look?" "I wai" always sure of that," he returned, with all the gallantry of manner *hat, h« could muster, Burlington JKontc—But One Sight Chicago to I>enver. "The Burlington's Number One' daily vestibule express leaves Chicago at 1 p. ID., and arrives at Denver at 0:30 p. in. the next day. Quicker lime than by any other route. Direct connection with this train from Peoria. Additional express trains, making as quick time as those of any other road, from Chicago, St. Louis and Peoria to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Council Bluffs, Omaha, Cheyenne, Denver, Atchinson, Kansas City, Houston, and all points West, Northwest and Southwest. maySdSt List «f Advertised Letters Remaining In the postofBce at Logansport tor tho week ending May 3,1890. LADIES' LIST. Harris, Cora Mrs. Newmaln. Daisy Mrs. Miller, Fannie C. Mrs. Stewart, Eva E. Mm. aEMTTJSMEN'3 LIST. Barnar, Wm. T. Hevenor, E!. P. Bonges, Patrick Howard. Eobcrt H. Carter, Jos. K. Jones, M. W. " ' " - Llnse. A. Oliver, R. J. Simons, H. 41. Towman, 15. L. Williams, Weaver Willis, G. B. Photo—G. B Wills. Persons railing lor the above letters pleas* say Advertised. D. W. TOMLQISOX, P. M. Clark. J. ft. Clancey. Martin Coleman, Louie. Cor.v, J. B. Flowers, Samuel Gaumer, Henry The 4Jreat Spring: TCedlclne, It will be gratifying to all who realize the vital ne esslty of purifying the blood, to know that Hlbbard's Rlieumntlc Syrup can be relied upon is a blond medicine. Mr. B. C. Robinson, ol Ifarshril, Mich . , says : Gentleman:— I have suffered Intensely from bllllousness and rUeumxtlsin lor over three, years. ind had tried so many remedies that I had lost ill faith. Hearing ol Ulbbard's Rheumatic jyrup I bought a boi tie and found it helped me t have used four bottles, and It has restored my liver and kidneys to healthy action, and done .nore to purify my blood than anything X have Q\ er taken, t am pleased to recommend Is as a •vonderful blood medicine. Very truly yours* B. C. Robinson, Marshall. Mich. Sold by druggists. Prepared only by The "'I'nrles Wright Medlclan •ompany' Detroit, Mich. a A Cmc for Consttpatlou end Headar.hr. Dr. Silas Lone, while, In the Rocky Mountains, discovered a root that when combined with other berbs makes nn easy and certain cure for conslpa- Won. It Is In the form of dry roots and leaves, and Is known as Lane's Family Medicine. It will :ure sick-headache ID one night For the blood. liver and kidneys, and for clearing up the complexion It does wonders. Druggists sell It for K cents a package. Sample free. Seed iUhbard'uKhrom tic nud I-iver JPIII*. These Pills are sclntlflcally compounded, onf uniform in action. No griping pnla so commonl) following the use of Pills. Thry are adadtod to i>oth adults and children with perfect safety. Wi funmntee they have no equal In the cure of Sick aeadache, Constipation. Dyspepsia and Bilious n>-ss; and. as an appetizer, they excel any other preparation. janlOdJtWIy Don't neglect that first cough! Syrup White Pine and Tar will »e lie veil at once; 25 and 50 cents pet >>ottle. For sale by B. P. Keee- ling. Jan25d-w4m SUMMER TOURS. STEAMERS. Low RATC*. ^^ Pour Trips per Weofc Betwoon DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND Petoskoy, Tlio 800, Morquette* and , , Xiake Huron 3?<-ru>. Every Evening Ban DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Sunday Trips during June. July, August nM S«fJletnb«r Only. OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS, Rates and Excursion Tickets will bo furuiaJtsd by your Ticket Ageut, or addrcaa E. B. WHITCOMB, G. P. A., DETROIT, MICH., TJiE DETROIT fi CtnVELflSD STEAK! NM». CO. Don't use cheap worthless goods, but try the Acme soap, it is pnre and will please you; only Scents a. bar at any grocery store. Mail twenty five Acme soap wrappers to Lantz rtros. & Co., Buffalo, N. Y., and get our most beautiful picture, ''The l.ittlpRose Bud." mav2d8t IBiAGES! I make a specialty of mannfaetnt* inkf Buby Carriage* to B«O1 direct to prlvuto parties. You cnn^ therefore, do better with me t*nu» witb a dealer. Cmrlairea Delivered fm of Charge to nil points in tli3 United States. Sen<1 lor l -. CHAS. RAISER. {Wfr. -34 Clybourn five., Chicago. Id. 62-34 Pat. Oct. I, 1889. A cold Carburetor which -will enrich NATURAL GAS and produce a 26 candle power gas, It will work at any temperature, and is absolutely safe. AQ-E3STTS "WANTED tor particular** aclelress, FHE WELLMAN CAHBURETOB MA2HJFACTUBING CO., 25 "WARREN ST. NEW TTOI

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