The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1951
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18, 1951 ELYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER -NEWS PAGE THREE Leader Agrees With MacArthur Soys Allies Should Bomb Manchuria; . New Peace Bid Seen News of Men In the Service TOKYO. April If, tiFl— The top British military officer In Japan has voiced support of General MacArthur's proposal to bomb Red Chinese bases fn Manchuria. Lt. Gen. Sir H. C. H. Robertson, administrative commander of British commonwealth forces In Korea, last week told a confidential conference of British newsmen that MacArthur's proposal offered the best hope of forcing the Chinese Reds out of the war and preventing a costly stalemate. He said l only alternative would he to send a tremendous land army—larger than anyone has contemplated—Into Korea The Australian general Is the firs! imuortant British commonweal!! officer to speak in favor r>( bomb- Insr Manchuria. The British Fovcif*i Office and commonwealth povprn- menls have strongly opposed MacArthur's program for fear It would spread the war. A man who attended the conference said Robertson expressed his off-the-record view Anril 10—th< day before President Truman dismissed General MacArlhur. . H was presumed Robertson, liki S&acArlhiir. liad spoken withoii W.'hsulting his home government. Once ugain, it's news of women in the sorvice— . .. Miss Barbara Cullison of Blylhe- ville, has become the' second Mississippi county woman to enlist since the beginning of the war in Korea. Inducted into HIB WAVES in New Orleans, she Is to receive ler basic training at Great Lakes >)aval Training Center. A graduate of Blylheville High School Miss Cullison also attended Texas stalf College lor Women at Dcnt'ou and Arkansas Stale Col :eee at Jonesboro. Growing Problem: 'How You Gonna Keep Them D«wn on the Farm?' CINCINNATI, April 18. </p t — Wheeler Mc.Miilen, (ami leader and publisher, said today the problem ot "how you gonna keep 'em down on the (arm?" has become a nation- Second LI. Bonnard. E. O'Neal ol Blytheville has been recalled to active duty with ihe Air force. A pilot., Lt O'Neal is attached to the 258th* Air Fnrce Reserve Training Center at. the Municipal Airport in Memphis. Mrs. O'Neal accompanied her husband to Memphis. Cpl. R. A. Friend, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. p. Friend o( Bij'theville. has completed an extended supplemental course of basic training at ".'ra- vis Air Force Base. Calif., and is now attached to the port control section of. the 1704th Air Traffic Squadron of the Military Air Transport Service. Cpl. Friend, who graduated from Blythevillc High School.,'and attended University of Arl.ansas, received his promotion lo corporal earlier this month. ' Thousands Homeless in Flood Area (By The AsMKlatfd rrcss) Thousands were homeless and other thousands were threatened with evacuation today by flood \ui- ter s from the mighty Mississippi River, which is on a rampage in the Midwest. The Red Cross estimates that 23,050 persons have been affected by spring floods in five midwest states. Communities along the ,ifissis- r.lppi from SI. Paul to Quincy, 111. braced for what may be the :nost disastrous floods in years. The river, which hit a record n.4 foot level at Winona. Minn., last New Teace Bid Seen UNITED NATIONS. N.Y.. April! 13. f^t— Reports of a new peace hid from Communist, China circulated here today as delegates studied tile official text of a North Korean cable Interpreted by some as a peace offer and by others as a propaganda blast. The "12 Arab-Asian members of the U.N. scheduled a meeting at Ihe apartment of India's Sir Beneeal N. Rau today to discuss the North Korean communication and "other developments." Members of the trroup hinted strongly that It would be a eood guess that the "other developments" Included a new" message from Pel- ping, relayed through India's ambassador there, clarifying the Red Chinese views on a cease fire in Korea'.' iic. Glenn Hill of Blythcville. wliu Is stationed at Lowry Air Force Base at Denver. Colo., recently was nro- riiole'd to private firsl class. P.fc. Hill entered the Air Force Dec. Rau .denied.- howe hat he had received such a communication. ; A source with close Arab-Asian connections said the croup had sent Fdolne'Ji cable saying: I 1. Dismissal of Gen. MacArlhur created a favorable atmosphere--for pfco. talks. 5. The United Nations Is Inclined t" reach 3 Korean settlement on the *iy>.u M a cease lire near the 38th 3 The Arab-Asians plead for an e"i.'il]y compromising spirit nn thp p-rl. of the Petalns government. T h '5 source said the Pelnlng renlj would be read to the meeting night, was expected to crest slightly above lhat mark today In the svorst flood in the upper valley in 70 years More than 300 families Here evacuated in Wonona, an industrial city of 25,000. South of Winona at La Crosse, Wis., water covered at leaot 30 city blocks and 300 families were forced lo flee their homes. The Red Cross and civil defense agencies are busy caring fen- the homeless, in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Wisconsin and Northern Iowa. tragedy. "The disappearance of some ol Dur best young people from the rms Is a great part responsible or this nation's trend toward moral bankruptcy such as (he Kelauver Crime Committee of Congress l:as mcovcred," McMillen told a farm science conference. "Public morals have declined as our farm homes have disappeared. "When the first census was taken, right alter the birth of this lation, 90 per cent of our people were farm citizens of good, solid :haiaeter. That's the kind that country living breeds, "Today only 1C per cent of our ,ieople are farmers. That fact is a great, silent compliment lo the el- ficlency of modern day farming methods In America. "But we have to figure some 7 to keep more of our bright, intelligent young people on the tarn; to rear families of 'sound mor.v character. Otherwise this nation, m its atomic age, is tost." McMillen, president of the National Farm Chcmurgic Council proposed that more industries move to rural areas. Thus, he said, mjri> people might enjoy the bonefiUs ol rural life combined with economic and iocnl advantages of the industrial age. Pvt. Howard R. Bailey. 19, son o! Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bailey of Bly- .heville. is presently stationed at Lackland Ail" Force Base at "San Antonio, Texas, where he Is undergoing basic training. Sit. Jerry Criggs. son of Mr. and Mrs, Jake Origgs of Rt. 3. Osceola. returned lo.Port Worth, Texas, this week after a visit with his family, who reside near Blytheville. He is attached lo the Airways and Air Communications Service at Carswell Air Force Base, N. Mex. Pfc. Ellis L. Wadley of Rt. 2. Lcachville, ha.s arrived at Percy Jones Army Hospital. in Battle Creek. Mich., where he will receive treatment' for frostbite suffered while serving with the. 24th Division in Korea. Reo Heath, chief aunner's male, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Heath of Blylheville, has reported fo'r duty at Ihe U.S. Naval Air Station at San Dieao. Calif. He recently was recalled to active duty. Court Upholds Gaming Fines LITTLE ROOK. April 13. (API — A Pulaski County circuil court Jury yesterday found three out-o[state men guilty of keeping and exhibiting gaming equipment as a result of a scheme to "beat the bookies" by lapping a horse race wire. The judgment confirmed that of Little Rock Municipal Court, from which the men had appealed. Each of the three— Jame.s W. Bumsides of Miami; Ernest Hunni cult and Charles Kay, both of Asheville. N. C.— was filled $100. The men were accused of intercepting the race results long enough to make beti on races whose results already were /known to them, then transmitting the delayed results through a recording device. The fourth defendant is tried later. to be Peron Comoletes La Prensa Grab BUENOS AIRES, April 18. l/n_ President Juan D. Peron signed today a law ordering the government to take over the. Independent newspaper La Prensa. The president's action ends Ihe Independent career of the 82-year old opposition paper, which, before It was closed by strikes of pro- governmenl unions and federal court aclion. had been a consistent critic of Peron's regime. More War Casualties WASHINGTON. April 13. <if\— lphe Defense Department todiy identified 163 additional casualties in Korea. A new 1UI (No. 260) reported 31 killed. 64 wounded. 10 missing John H. Williams, eldttronire technician third class. USN. son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Williams of Rt. 1. Dyess. is presently stationed aboard the destroyer minesweeper UBS Thompson. The Thompson if curTEnlly operating in Far Eastern xvaters near Korea. Car] E. Ballard. seaman. USN. husband of Mrs. Christine M. Bal- larri of nt. 3, Blylheville. hns returned to the United States aboard the aircraft carrier USS Valley Force, which has been operating in Far Eastern waters. United Church Women Open State Convention FORREST CITY, Ark., April iT> — Approximately 100 delegates let here today for (he opening ses- ion of the annual state convention f the Council of United Church Vomen. The afternoon session featured department lorum on the While i House conference. Discussions were ! mder the direction of Mrs. J. H.i lenderson ol Little Ruck and the Rev. Sheldon Davis of Forrest Ciby. Mrs James D. Wyker ot Colum- lia Mo., national president, will, speak tonight. The meeting ends ^ tomorrow. Cpl. Samuel P. Gann, son of Mrs. Minnie B. Gann of Blytheville. is presently stationed in England with the 53rd Ordnance Service Company of the 32nd Anti-Alrcraft Artillery Brigade. His unit is engaging in joint training with the U.S. Air Force. Royal Air Fcrce and the British Army. in action and 33 injured In accidents. ^ ^ ' ' - ^™ \0» can-l lell a ni«, lm;ro«id tonl «a>E Iron NalvrVllgviliitlwaitl You, hoir.ill l«l Itk- natur-Jly curl, lioi, -«mh lik. -3!jrai[> ^vrly .ial. -loot tik* nolyrolly ew:ly hall ror Toni hoi Ihe gtnlleil »ov. Fr.g !(,';OT Vn^wn-p!ui l>i« ^vw Bonder «av. ,!ll,.',ot| '„, |° on "«° I',',",,',,! 0 "' Only Icr.i ha> Perir.of,. - onl, Ton! guor. orl-«. raut .o.. .ill loot loll ond noluro] l>o™ lk« i,,, Br>l Joy- ond lor monlfcl lo 'i.-nt. *sl I'.doy lor nt-. ln>pro.-d tonl. TONI Refill" I^^PK "~' ~ * ~ "^ r"i%'««A ! LfoCJo roNI C " M1 SH *"«'OO ™,i,, V&'J"^ S( I""' loV. bslle.. look •^%£2^^J > •>'• J3c l ««»li"-aWelyouSofl.Wole r Skofn- ti «« pooinj .VK. in hotd-il «al>t * at, . ' t. 00 i 1.0,1, jour noir wond-rfull^ >oli, I* Ib. lomily tconomy lit. *1.S9 «li>l"ning wllh highligtih. KIRBY DRUG STORES Y/atchman Aims Through Peep Hole, Kills Thief TBXARKANA, April 13. 'API— A man who attempted to hold u i • liquor store here last night wa, shot to death by R watchman, wh look deliberate aim at, the Intruder' through a peep hole. The dead man was identified tentatively from personal eflecU us Robert C. Moman, about 25. of Dat- .The watchman WFIS .Mm Bnkeran, a former railroad special atcnt, who was employed by Ihe Wiikins 1,1- quor Store after two previous holdups theie. When nn armed man entered the store last night and started to rifle a safe, Rakcran thrust a shot gun through the peep hole and fired. The charge struck the man In the head, killing him instantly. Sheriff W. E. Davis said he believed the dead man was responsible for a series of liquor store robberies here, since Jan. 1, including the previous Wilkhis holdups. Dr. C. L. Winchester, coroner, returned a verdict o( justifiable homicide. Bevin Is Cremated LONDO.N'. April 18. *^j— The body of former Foreign Secretary Ernest 'ortugal's Head OfStateDiesalSI President Carmona Succumbs Following Sudden Breakdown LISBON, Portugal, April 18. M',~ 'rpsident. Antonio Oscar rie Flacoso Harmon,!. Portugal's heart of state Slice 1026, riled this morning after i brief illness. He was 81. With Ihe members ol his family Biithcred around htm. the aced iresidrnt coiifc.«.<od to Mssr. iciro He MeMiuita and was clvcn con-munlon this ninmlng. Aitcnrt- inls described him as calm ' and lopcful. Me clleil au hnur niu! 15 mmuU's later, at 11:46 a.m. (5:15 am ESTi. -ie had suffered a sodden break- n'own earlier this mwk and rtottors he was Iti -A .serious condition. His .son. Dr. Antonio Arirrito rar- lloua. arrived at his bciisitle today Irani Madrid and his daiiKluer. the duchefs ol Uusmcl. cnme heic from Rome. , A vetcrim military tieur?, Mur- hil Cnfmoiin became lieacl of .<tate n loai alter the military raw of May 28. He was elected prOMcienl in 1928 and since nab been re-ckcled throe times. HQ beean .serving his fourth seven-year term in iruo. Ridgway Aide Appointment Said 'Routine' TOKYO, Arrll.18. Wi—An Army sjwkcsmriii said today Ihe appointment, of Ma). Oen. Doyle O. Htckcy as clilot of starr to U. Gen. lhe\v ti. niciftway, new allied K\I- prenie commander. Is fl routine "continuation of 'a .situation lhat has existed (or some time." Tlir chief of stuff job formerly was held hy Lt. Gen. Edward M. Almond, a close friend and associate of General MacAriinir. nut Alnihntl Im.s been field comtr.rmrter of the tilled Tenth Corps In Kore« «mc« last fall and Hlclcey has be«n jctlng chief ni staff in Almond's absence from Tokyo. Th« "acting" part of Klckcy's title wrt.s dropped yesterday In a routine Army announcement. Almond continues as Tenth Corps commander. An alrte of General Ridcway said the formal naming of Hlchey to under NfacArthur was "paper confirmation" of the title given to th» man doing the Job. Commenting on where that leaves Almond, the aide said "no change or prospective change in the status of the loth Corps Command ha« been considered." The National Geographic Socitbj .y* Yugoslavia's only steel Is mao> the job Almond and Hlckcy 'held from ore mined In Bosnia. Phone 732 lievin was cremated today at a private service attended only l>y relatives, close friends and Covert)- mrtH and trade union assodat?';. Bevin died Salurda'y at the age oi 70. Wednesday & Thursday "MR. LUCKY" Cury IJriinl • J.nniinc Day Starts 7:15 p.m. Kills Under US FREE With Parerrta PLAYGROUND Fnr the Klrlriles Last Times Tonite— Big Double Feature House by River .vith JAM: \VVATT I.IIVIS HAYWAHI) S.RO. ,. with MICIIF.U.F. MORGAN anil RALI'H RICHARDSON Color Cartoon 'I'llini.-Kia TWO CKKAT HITS Sportscope Read Courier News Classified Ads. 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