Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 6, 1892 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 6, 1892
Page 3
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fciAMS Sold anil Warranted iy GROCERS, Discovery of great value for the cure of Dyspepsia, Ulcers, Neuralgia, Worms, Nervousness. Constipation, Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, Sick Headache, Scrofula, Kidney Complaint, Canker, Piles, Catarrh, Female , General Debility. This remedy is for sale by the following grocers in the county B. C. D. Read, Logansport, Win. M. Kreider & Sons, J. J. Rothemel, " F. M. Spraker &Co., C. M. Personate, " National Union Co., " J. & M. Sellers, C. S. Green & Co., I. G. Wilson, Horstman & Boerger, W. J. Parker, John Meehan, ' T. P. Swigurt, N. A. Thomas, •' Geo. Moriarty. " F. W. Kline," Maurcr &. Schilling, Hiram Harvey & Son, Royal Center. N. E. Day, J, H. Phillapa, Galvestcm. Every bottle waranted cure or benefit j or tho money returned. i KOUSffS 1DEXTTIT. Makes an every-day convenience of an old-time luxury. Pure and wholesome. Prepared with scrupulous care. Highest award at all Pure Food Expositions. Each package makes two large pies. Avoid Imitations—and insist on having the NONE SUCH brand. MERRELL & SOTJLE, Syracuse, N. Y. EEL R" W. E. WINCHESTER, . Gen.Agt. lor Inland 111. AGENTS TVAT3TED. To all persons needing pumps: I desire to call attention to my fine and varied stock consisting of my RIVER CATARRH CURE. Can be had at the following drug stores: B. FISHER, D. E. PRYOR, B. F. KEESLING. JOHNSTON BROS, J. F. COULSON & CO. H. C. PURCELL, 821 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING, OCT. G. i My Improved Stone Cylinder, Porcelain Lined Cylinder, Polished Iron Cylinder, Common Wood. Also cistern pumps at lowest prices. These i)umps are fitted with tho best of trimmings making them easy to handle, insuring durability, preventing need of repair, Call and see me at factory. A. N. PARKHURST, 209 Sixth Stree J. W. Henderson & Sons 3IAMCFACTUKRR8 OP FURNITURE, ftND UPHOLSTERERS, No. 320 Fourtn Street, LOGANSPORT, IND. -FACTORY: — Nos. 5,7 and 9 Firth Street. Is as good as the first. No drecrs. o All pure and wholesome. The most popular drink of the day. fRoot A perfect thirst quencher. Eor.'; be deceived if A dcilcr, for the salt of l.-irjc- profit, tells yon some other kind is "J list as good "'—'tis false. No unitaiioa is as gpoU as the genuine HIKES'. F. M, BOZER, D. D. S. DENTIST. Office Over State Xatloual Kan!i, Corner of fourth and. Broadway. Logansport, Ind., Sept S, 1S92. This Is vo certify ttet tiie Agricultural insurance Company of XewTork, S. M. Closson, Agent, bai paid ms loss In toll and to my entire satisfaction ana I recommend tali Co. to all mr friends. F. f. OTJHN. They're off! Sadie Hasson this evening. Wanted—A good boy at the Golde Rule. Admsssion to races this week, cml 25 cents. Remember Anderson & Rans 1 ne\ shoe store. See the great cloak stock at tb Trade Palace. Full sets o' the best teeth for §8, a Clark's, the dentist. Call at John Schriefer's 22-i Marke street, for Toledo Pilsner beer. Pattern suit in crepes and crocodiei only $4.95, at the Golden Rule. Lookout for the races to-day. Then are some good ones on the program See the great bargains in our under wear department at the Trade Palace, The only place for gold crown anc bridge work, at Clark's, the dentist, The Military Band will give an open air concert in Maple Grove this evening. For a stylish and cheap hat, call on Miss Jessie Cummings, 405 Broadway. As usual, we lead, see the fancy dress patterns only §4.95, at the Golden Rule. Baby shoes, 35 cents; children's patent leather shoes, 50 cents, at Anderson & Rans'. Underwear to fit you, to suit you in weight, in quality and price, at Dewenter's, the hatter and Furnisher. Miss Kate McGlynn has just arrived with her fall stock of millinery and would bo pleased to see her old friends. Dr. A. G, Miller, of South Bend, will be at the Murdock House, Thursday and Friday of this week. Consultation free. Wanted, at ones—A good girl, good wages and small family. Apply to Mrs. D. A. Borges, No. 12 Columbia street, North Side. Wanted—Three hundred yards of boulders, 4 to S inches in diameter, 'Cincinnati inspection, at once.—Wm. C. Bowker, contractor, Elvrood. Ind. If you really like to save money you should kindly keep in mind that Anderson & Rans are selling new shoes 25 per cent, lower than other dealers. Lost—"Froni.a carriage Wednesday afternoon, a black satchel containing purse with small sum of money. Finder will please leave at this office terlon* Hoard, of Trade LU ncovered—iiSve Man From Indlann—Jnst Kenresents JSI:=i- self and Nobody Else—A Citizen WJjo Eincvr Him in tlie Old Biiys Gives Some JPolsiUi on a. Varied Career. Chicago Inter Ocean: "Who is Thomas J. Rousch," the man who has just charged John Cudahy and A. W. Wright with cornering short ribs, is the question that is agitating Board of Trade people and some others just now. Various speculations have been indulged in, and it is freely stated that no such person exists. The Inter Ocean hates to see good citizens suffering, so will shed some lighten the dark mystery. 'Tom" Roush—the c in the name is superfluous--the plaintiff in the case, is right here in the heart of the city every day, though he is living with his brother "Dave" out at Brighton Park. Brother" "Dave" appears in the directory as keeping a saloon at No. 22 Clark street, but he sold out the place last June. Inquiry at the bar elicits the information that "Tom" is known there and was around a night or two back. Said a citizen when questioned on the matter last night: "Know Tom Roush? Indeed I do, Knew him in Logansport. Ind.. years ago. There were two of them, Tom and Dave, sons of a worthy, industrious old party, a typical Indiana farmer. The old man traded horses and raised wheat at ,'jfifty cents a bushel and made money. He thought the world j of the boys 'specially Tom; thought they were bright. They were bright, sir; they were marks, shining marks. Tom was a loud talker and he talked Democracy. About 1S78 he oame o •Bge and his father staked him to som money. He had a great time; wor red neckties, patent leather shoes and in that wide-open town of Logans port proclaimed himself a dead gam sport by opening wine. He openec one pint, one small pint. Just abou that time by the way, 'Judd' Taylo who is now a staid citizen of Chicago used to run a drug store in Logans port. Tom Roush hankered for tha drugstore, and his father purchased it for him. He ran it six months anc traded it .for a team of horses anc another drag store at Young America This was a cross-road town in. th swamps and consisted of about seven houses. Well, Tom went on trading until he stood upon his native heath with a team of horses and about §6,000 worth of experience. Then he turned his attention to journalism and became a reporter, or rather the reporter on the Logansport Daily Pharos. Tom was a great reporter. He fell across a new word to him. It was magnate, but the seemed to have a grudge against Tom or the word or some- ihing, and invariably set it up 'magnet.' Hence it was that the columns of the Daily Pharos scintillated with ittle gems about 'Mr. Jones, the dry goods magnet,' or the 'hat store magnet.' Ah, those were great days. I ihink Tom got $7 per week and more experience of course. Well, sir, Tom ook a shoe store next, I think, and 'an that awhile. He had never lost his taste for politics, however, and alked Democracy as only he could alk it oa every possible occasion. He ispired without success to several ocal offices, but eventually got a posi- ion with a post trader somewhere out, West, where as he himself tells it, he Iways saw to it that he got first grade eef for bis, own eating. Just when. 'om got let out of the posttradership and receive reward. C. W. Daniels, advance agent for Peter Baker the celebrated Dutch comedian who with his company will appear at Dolan's oa the evening of Oct. IS, is in the city. Mrs. Frank Hurd was agreeable surprised yesterday by a large party of friends it being her 26th birthday anniversary. A number of relatives from Walton were present. Married at the Cumberland Presbj - terian parsonage by the pastor. Rev. A. W. Hawkins on Tuesdey evening Oct. 4, Mr. Jas. W. Bernethy to Miss Alice Ellis both, of Lucerne. Mrs. Will Mitchell, daughter or the late R. B, Crooks, diedat her home in Frankfort Tuesday night. She leaves three children, 10 and. 12 years of age and a babe of two weeks and husband to mourn her loss. usiness and located here I don't now, but he's here right enough. ' 'Oh, another thing, his attorney in this Board of Trade suit I see is Kenesaw M. Landis. 'Kenny' Landis is another Logansport boy. There were four or five brothers of them. Some of the boya were at school with the Roush boys, but not 'Kenny' I guess. 'Kenny' is only about 25, some ten years younger than Tom Roush, his client, who must be So. "I've been amused at the ideas advanced that Tom Roush is either a myth or that he is acting for somebody else. Nobody would pick him up for a figurehead in a case like this. It's just one of Tom's ventures and there's nobody in the case but -Kenny' Landis and his client, Mr. Roush. -If you don't believe me see Tdn and ask him, and he'll tell you all he knovrs about it in a very little while." Mr. Roush was not pursued as far as Brighton Park, but inquiry at No. 22 Clark street elicited the information thatie was known there and had been in the place an evening or two before. Mr. Judson Taylor was seen at Ms home No. 29 North Hoyne avenue last evening and said; "Iused to know Toni Boush very well when we were both boya in Logansport, Ind. He is the son of a well-to-do farmer who lives near Logansport, and Tom hod • the reputation ten years ago, 'when I | left that country of being a shrewd j business man and a money-maker. When Cleveland was elected he was appointed an Indian agent and spent j the next four years at some place out west. I saw him when ho returned, and he seemed to have plenty of money. I have only seen him once or twice in the past year, and don't know what he is doing for a living. I don't believe he would do a dishonorable thing. Years ago I had a few- business transactions with him, and I found him to bo perfectly square." j RAILROAD EU3IBEESGS. Iteias from c.So Noto-Uoclc of Ot:r Kailivay ILcporter—Potato Personal njud OtlioriviMc. Dave Griffith, foreman of the Pan Handle boiler shop, was in Chicago yesterday. I. N. Drury, superintendent of masonry on the Pan Handle was in the city yesterday. Frank Warren, of Chicago, fireman of a Pan Handle switch engine, is in the city visitsng friends. James Finning, of the Pan Handle boiler shops, spent the day at the fair ground attending the races. Pan Handle engineer Charles Polk, nd fireman George Shannahan. deadheaded to Bradford this morning to bring back a new engine. The boiler of the engine which runs the machinery in the Pan Handle shop at Richmond, was received yesterday at the Logan shops for a new fire box. A car on a Pan Handle freight got OS. the track at Anoka yesterday morning, which necessitated calling out the wreck crew to straighten matters out. • Pan Haadie engine 404 left for Chicago with a freight train yesterday afternoon, but did not get up the hill on account of foaming-. She started ba,ck to town, and engine 424 went out instead. Since the Vandalia has gained control over the T. H. & P. it operates 6S1 miles of main track divided as follows: From Indianapolis to St. Louis. 240 miles. Terre Haute to St. Joseph, 223 miles; Terra Haute to its Peoria connection, 176 miles, and 45 miles of branch tracks at Brazil. Next Tuesday Oct. 11 it will be one year since the organization of the railroad branch of the Y. M. C. A. was perfected. It now counts nearly 460 members and its prospects for the future are vary bright indeed. To celebrate the first anniversary of its organization the association has issued invitations to all members to spend the evening in, their large and commodious headquarters where an entertainment will be prepared for them. Good music and speakers have been engaged for the occasion and those who attend will be made comfortable and will no doubt enjoy themselves. Refreshments will be served by the ladies. will fabric. o vviii smell SANTA CLAUS COAP Dul" c'ces net injure r ; al; rcues-hon or chap the* N,K. QAA , Ti f" >;r k i hey wil! take your Contract to complete your work at lowest prices. STATE OF OHIO, CUT OF TOLELO. i „ LUCAS COUOTT, j - B - FRAITK J. CHENEY makes oath that lie Is tlio jenlor partner of the ttrm of P. J. Cheney & Co., doing business In the City of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of O> T E HUNDRED DOLLAES lor each and jvery case of CATARKH that cannot be cured by ;he use of HALL'S CATARKH CORE. FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed In my presence, this Cth day of December. A. D. 1886. ~^ A. W. GLEASOS, i SEAL I Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and acts directly on tae bioJd and mucous surfaces of the ystem. Send for testimonials, free. J. J. CHE>T3T, Toledo, 0. "Sold by Drusslst, T5c. Last evening at the Broadway M. parsonage by Rev, H. J. Norris, uiss Etta Witters was married to Daniel S. Foglesong. The ceremony "as performed at 8 o'clock in ho presence of a few friends. The ontracting parties are most estimable oun;j peaple well known in the city, 'hey will presently be at home to heir friends over B. F. Keesling's rug- store. The IJcsuJtef IT2criL When anything stands a test of flltr years among a discriminating people'like the Americans, It Is pretty goo-i evidence that there Is merit some where. The valne of a medicine Is best proved by Its continued use from year to year by the same persons nnd families, as sell as by a steady Increasing sale. Few. If any, medicines have met with snch continued success and popularity as Jias marked the Introduction End progress of EBASBHETH'S PILLS, which, after a trial of over fifty years, are conceded to be the safest and most effective purgative and blood pnrlfler introduced to the public. That this Is the resnlt of merit, and that BE A:> DSSTH'S FILLS actually perform all that Is claimed for them. Is concinslvely proved by the fact tha: those ivbo regard them \rlth the great est favor are those who have asett them the longest. BEAXDEETH'S PILLS are sold la every drag and medicine store, either plain or sugar coated. Kxcnrsioo -via Penm-ylvaala Line. To El wood on October 6th to 7th, for reunion of 75th and 191st Indiana Volunteers at §1,35 for round trip, good to return until October 8th. To Indianapolis on October 12th to 15th, for Union. Yeteran Legion, at §2.35 for the round trip, good to return until October 16th. . To Anderson on October 13th and 14th, for races; at $1.75 for round trip, good to return until October 15- The Burlington route is the best railroad from Chicago and St. Louis to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Omaha. Deadwood and Denver. The scenic line via Denv.er, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Leadville, Glenwood Springs, Salt Lake City and Ogden, to all California points. Ail its trains are vestibuled, and equipped with Pullman sleeping cars, standard chair cars (seats free), and Burlington route dining cars. If you are going West, take the best line. Notice to Contractors. Contractors are hereby notified that bids will be received at the office of the Clerk of the City of Logansport, Ind., up to and including October 18th, 1892, for the improvement of the unfinished portion of Spencer street, from Seventh street to Eighth street. The improvement consists of grading and graveling and paving the sidewalks with cement between said points. Work to be done according to stakes set by City Civil Engineer, and specifications on file in said engineers 1 office. ALBERT SWADENER, City Clerk. Krause's Headache Capsules—Warranted, at B. F. Keesliag's and J. L. Hanson's. OMAHA. Neb., May 5, 1891. I have tried a great many remedies for headache, and Krause's headache Capsules knock it quicker than any thing I ever tried. D.-W. McVEA. Sold by B. F. Kesslingand J. L. Hanson, druggists. KGYAL REWARD FOR AN ANSWER. V?i::;t/ la the O3;act dato of Goorjro Washing-ton's appointment as commander ol tha American forces ? '?iic TIOLIC Jewel will .cive nn eiiijr.int Cbicfcoiv. ; ;I;,T punx-'Ca&fl, up:-i;;lit> pinno to tl:o first pet- son ans^orins ili« iibovo o.uostion correctly! tivo Crst-class round-trip riulroad tickets to Chicago auc! return and admission tickets toe two to VroriO's Fair grounds to ivitsess dodl- OP."oh of buildings Ootober 21,1802, for each of. ncirt two correct acsrrcrs; a gold decorated Ciinri dinner set tor tho fourth correct answer. An additional special prize, a bKiutlf ut ; palr; of gold and,pearl opera frlossos, will bo given* for tho flrat correct answer from each State. Each person answering: must send fifteen two-coat stamps for 6 taos. subscription tot Tho Home Jewel, tho illustrated family papa containing particulars of our prize oompett" tlon for a free trip to California or Florida. The object of offering- those prizes is to in- creaso the circulation oC this excellent family paper. Send to-day nnd you may sscur* a> costly prize. Names of all prize-winners f** October number. Write plainly name, poA 1 office, e.Tpress office, county and state. Af dress The Eomc JbKwJ, Suite 601, Bldfc-., Chicago, 111. Bipaas Tabules cure dyspepe*. :ist Talks. Will F. Crawford, druggist at Des Sioines, Iowa, says it is remarkable the way Cubeb Cough Cure sells, that his customers speak of it in tho highest terms of praise. One man in particular who has been troubled with bronchitis for years, never found any relief until he used the Cubeb Couph Cure. Ho says it stops it at once. He does not hesitate to recommend it for all throat and lung troubles. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. From ILalamazoo. NoKJiAi* LICHTI', Des Molnes, Iowa. Dear Sir—A bos, of headache Capsules were handed to me an.d I have used them, with perfect success. They cannot be recommended too highly. Could not possibly do without them in my house. I recommend them to sufferers with this common, though terrible complaint. J. ESSISG, Kalamazoo, Mich. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. Cubeb Cough Cure—one minute. For sale by B. F. Keesling- and J. L H&nsoE. Pronounced Hopelesn, Yet Saved. Form a letter written by Mrs. Ada E. Hurd, of Groton, S. D. t we'quote: 1 'Was taken with a bad cold, which settled ou my lungs, cough set in and finally terminated in consu option. Four doctors gave me up, saying- I could live but a short time. I gave myself up to my Saviour, determined" if I could not stay with my friends on earth, I would meet my absent one» above. My husband , was advised to- get Dr. King's New Discovery for' consumption, coughs and colds. I gave it a trial, took in all, eight bottles; it has cured me, and thank God I am now a well and hearty woman." Trial bottles free at B. F. Keesling'a drugstore, regular size, 50c. acd $1. Good LooJfn, Goods looks are more than skin deej> depending upon a healthy condition of all the vital organs. If the liver Be inactive, you have a bilious look, 11 your stomach be disordered YOU have a dyspeptic look, and if your kidney* be affected you have a pinched look. Secure good health and yon will have good looks. Electric Bitters is tie great alterative and tonic acts directly on. these vital organs.. Cures pimples blotches, boils and gives a good com. plexion. Sold at B. F. Keesling"*-. drug store, 50c: per bottle. Sanitary Notice-. Scavenger work will be done on short notice by calling on 2Tels Hanson, . 56 Sixtk street Arnica Knl**-. The best salvo in the world for cute sruises, sores, ulcers, salt rhesoa. fever sores, tetter, chapped Itand* chilblains, corns and all skin erup- • lions, and positively cures pilw., or c* pay required. It i» gu&rs//.«t4. to- give perfect satisfaction, r- cubney • refunded. Price 25 cents <><f "13. For sale by B. F. Keesliag. For Over Fifty Year*. As OLD AJTD WELL-TBIED REMZDT.— Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup ba* been used for over fifty years by mil- ' lions of mothers for their children- while teething, with, perfect success. It soothes the child softens the gum*, allays all pain cures wind colic, and- is the best remedy for diarrhoea. I» '' pleasant to the taste. Sold by drug- - gists in every part of the -world." Twenty-five cents a bottle. It» value is incalculable. Be sure and ask for— Mrs. Wlnslow'B Soothing Syrup, take no other kind.

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