The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 28, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 28, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, MARCH 28, BIATHEVILLE (ARK.y COURIER NEWS THREB I.S. lax System iverlapping Hit Hoover Group Says Present Set-Up Is Just a 'Hodge-Podge' fe'ASHTNGTON, March 28—f/i'i— fie Hoover commission pictures mer tea's tax system as a hodge- • of overlaps and urged a geii- rrtl revision. The recommendation was made in skeleton report of federal-slate elations. Included also was sharp ritici.stn of the handling of grants i aid by which federal aid is ptven n financing of projects by smaller ovcrntnental units. There were no detailed blueprints .solulion of the pvoblems. In lead the commission, which has seen making extensive studies of wertimcnta! reorganization under or mer President Herbert Hoover, irped deeper exploration by existing The commission urged that na- ional, state and local tax .system "generally revised" in a manner hat would leave to the smaller lovcrnment units enough revenue sources to m^el their responsibilities. Tl went on: "Many tax souprces are exploited by both states and federal povern- mcnt, and today there is even a triplication of taxation in the matter of incomes since many citins are now resorting lo income taxes I to meet their expenditures. >''The whole problem of duplicat- ,*& and triplicating taxation is • most difficult to resolve. But it is Ifo be hoped that the joint (tax) I committee of the Congress and the [governor's confcrnce \vlll continue I to explore the question of ovcrlap- Iping taxes. Little Rock Woman Doesn't Believe In Ghosts, But Can't Help Wondering LITTLE ROCK. Ark,. March 28— M'I—Are you superstitious? do you believe In ghosts and curses and such? Neither does Mrs. Arthur Alexander. But sometimes she can't help wondering. She r.nd her late husband moved Into a stately old house near Little Rock In 1889. Every five years since then some tragedy or unusual event has planned her. A death In I he family, fire, flood or financial setbacks. Every five years. This Is the beginning of the 50tl year. Already Mrs, Alexander has undergone a serious operation What's next? She's afraid to guess But what can be behind all this? Well, says Mrs. Alexander, there an old story about n Negro woman placing a curse on (he house afte she and her child were turned ou by the former owner. "Don't think for a moment that I believe In ghosts." she said. "But two weeks after we moved In I saw n reflection of a Negro woman in my bedroom mirror. When I turned to speak to the woman she wasn't there. "The servants lolti me then about the curse. I toughed it off. but still I can't help wondering. "Bill you; know I don't believe In ghosts and cursos. Do you?" Landowners Win Claimt In Dam Building Suit HARRISON. Ark., March 'J6. (A'l —A federal court Jury Saturday awarded a group of landowners (10.350 In a claim growing out of construction of Bull Shoals Dam. Other plaintiffs In the action settled with the government out of cow for $2,000, It was reiwrtcd. The plaintiffs had sought to have the government pay them $2.348.000 for stone quarried for use In building the dnin. The jury's award, however, \vaj to compensate the. claimants for damage caused by removal of the stone. No award was marie for the value of the stone Itself. Henderson *as probated In common form by the probate court for the ChlckasRWba District fo Mississippi County, Arkansas on the 10th day of March, 1849. An appeal from such probate con be affected only by filing a petition st ting the, grounds .of such appeal within six months from the date of this notice. WITNESS my hand and seal this llth day of March. 19«. Elizabeth Blythe, Clerk. By Stella Cain, D. C. H. G. Matthews, Executor, Box 493, Blythevllle, Arkansas. O. W. Barham, Atty. for Executor, Guard Building. BlyDievllle, Arkansas , I Newspaper Prints Reds' I Ad But Gives Receipts I To Red Cross Campaign ASBURY PARK, N. J.. March 28. T>i—The Asbui'y Park Evening Press I published a half-page Communist 1 Parly advertisement today and announced on page one that H was [ passing on the profits to the American r d Cross. \ The advertisement, which was headed "Patroits Fight for Peace," urged the public to read the Daily Worker for the facts on the current trial of U. S. Communist .leaders. The Evening Prow; said in Its page-one announcement it was printing the Communist advertisement because it believes in defend- In. Tree speech" "for Its enemies as well as its friends.*' ML The announcement adder! that Krie newspaper had "no desire to profit from the sale of such advertising." Reverse Psychology Works on Lost Lad SACRAMENTO. Calif., March 28. OP)—Loving kindness, ice cream and candy failed to draw the right words from the lost little boy. Finally Policeman Bill Wilson put on his grimmest face and said: "Now see here, wise guy. if you don't sing I'll throw you so deep In the clink they'll have to pump the sunshine to yon!" Said the little boy, quickly: "I'm Dickie Sharrah. I live at 1015 Arcade Boulevard, and 1 are four years old." 7 7 Are Rescued From Sinking Navy Seaplane PEARL HARBOR. March 28. W— Eleven swvivors were rescued from n sinking Navy flying boat in the middle of the Pacific last midnight. Navy LSM 4-18 picked up the airmen nine hours after they went down. Brief radio contact said merely the mtn were rescued. No further details were given. The landing ship was ordered to lake the .survivors to Kwajalaein In the Marshall Islands, their starting point. The Catalina was ditched at sea. with P. dead engine 605 mile.? southwest of Johnston Island, 700 miles southwest of here. After putting down on the rough .se;t the flyin? boat radioed it was leaking and could not stay afloat much longer. The Navy rushed 15 other planes to tho area. Life rafts were dropped. Some oi them smashed in the rough seas.' An Air Force B-17 from Hickam Field hovered over the bounding flyiiij; boat until the rescue ship arrived. The LSM was 75 milc-s north when the twin-engined Catalina went down. The surface craft's radio operator had gone off duty but had left his receiving set. on and got the relayed distress call from the navy here. Seven minutes later the LSM was on. its way. The LSM is commanded by Lt Floyd McDaniel Furr of Rockhil! S.C. The spot where the Catalina wenj. down is one of the loneliest in the Pacific. It was not far from where a plane bearing Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker was lost during the war Amelia Earhart lost her life in the same general area. Clarksville Woman Gets Suspended Sentence CLARKSVIbLE. Ark., Ufarcll 28. MV-Circuit Judge Audry Strait has given a one-year suspended sentence to Mrs. Rhodte Rowbotham, 50. convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the stove poker slay- Ine of her husband. Mrs. Rowbothan also was placcc on probation for three years. She was found guilty by a John son Circuit Court jury Wednesday It was the second time she was tried on a charge of fatally healing her husband Paul Rowbotham wit! a stove jx>kcr Jan. 19. 1948. Her first trial ended in a hung Jury. In (he Probate Court for the ChlckusaK-bii District at MiiiJstlppI County. Arkamiu. Ill the Mxltcr of the Estate of Joe Polk, Deceased. Lula Polk Hosklns, Administratrix. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION Notice is hereby gl.'.'i) that letters of AdmLnlstratln were granted to Lula Polk Hosklns on the Estate of Joe Polk, Deceased, on Die 2nd day of February, A. D. 1949. All persons having lal'ns agnlnst said estate are required to exhibit the same to said Administratrix properly authenticated, wlttiln six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, which Is March 14th, 1940, or they shnll be barred forivcr. necessary, from time to lime, by he City Henlth Officer. Section 2 Definitions <a) "Persons handling food drink" cludlni herein are defined as In but are not necessarily restricted to waiters,-, cher», cooks, clerks, Witness my hand this 12lh day I City Health Officer shall be Read Courier News Want Ads. of March, A. D., 1949. Lula Polk Hosklns, Administratrix of the Estate of Joe Polk, Deceased. Route No. 3, Box 149, Blythevllle, Arkansas. Attorneys for Administratrix: H. Ot Partlow <5s G. E. Keck. 3il4-?l-28 nltressei, but- isjlsUnts, Janitors, deltverymen and managers of businesses dispensing food or drink to the general public (b) "Public places" herein are defined as all establishments dedicated to preparation of are serving of food or drink for public consumption. Sucli establishments Include, but are not necessarily restricted to restaurAi>t.i, hotels, ho*- pltals, bus stations, lunch countera, meat markets, drink stands, Ice cream purlors. candy counters, vending machines, temporary stands used upon business streets, mobile units operated either In business or In residential areas, milk delivery trucks and all similar establishments or nulls whether operated regularly, seasonnUy or for »ltort and occasional instances. Section 3 inellglblllty Any person found confnglously Infected with communicable disease dangerous to the public health, shall not be Issued a City Certificate of Good Health nor shall such person b« eligible to handle food cr drink In the area subject to control of this Municipality for the duration of such contagious Infection of said Individual. Re-exmnlnn(lon by the required to establish termination of such condition. . Section \ Ptiinltles 1. Kniplnyff Violation. Any per son violating the provision of thl! ordinance shall be in required tc cense and terminate forthwith hi IN TIIK PROBATE COURT FOR CI1ICKASA\YBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS In the Matter of the Estate of Linda Henderson, deceased. Notice is hereby given that letters testlmentary of administration were wanted to the undersigned uix>n the estate of Linda Henderson, deceased, on the llth day of March, 1949 .by the probate court for the ChicAtasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas. All persons having claims or demands against said estate must present them'authenticated to the undersigned for allowance within six month? from the date of granting said letters. If not so presented witnin such time they will be for- v.i barred; and those claims preen ted within six -'montlix from "ranting of said letter will have >riority over those filed after the apse of said six months. Dated this the 18 day of March, 949. H. G. MATTHEWS rl. G. Matthews, Executor of the Estate of Linda Henderson, deceased. H. O. Matthews, Executor, Box 4S3. Blytheville, Arkansas. G. W. Barham, Attorney for Executor. Guard Building, Blytheville. Arkansas. Read courier News Want Ada. Get the /P4RTU/ 'PRESS FLASH ORDINANCE NJ. 504 AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE REQUIRING EVERY PERSON HANDING FOOD OR DRINK IN PUBLIC PLACES IN THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS TO HAVE AN X-RAY, WASSERMAN OR OTHER EXAMINATION FOR TUBERCULOSIS, VENEREAL OR OTHER COMMUNICABLE DISEASE, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES." BE IT ORDAINED BV THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, ARK.: Section 1 Physical Examination Required From and after the passage of this ordinance, every person hnnd- llng food or drink In public places within the City of Blythevllle, Ar, kansas, and such surrounding area as may by statute now or hereafter be subject to the ordinances of this city relating to matter of public health, Including the municipal airbase, shall be required to have Xray, Wasscrman, or other examination Jor tuberculosis, venereal or other communicable disease, In con- Junction with the health certificate required each year by the City of Blytheville. Said tests and examinations shall be required yearly, or. Iri the alternative, at such more frequent Intervals as may be deemed or her, employment as a handle or food or drink within the City o niylhevllle or any territory uncle Its Jurisdiction, and (b) shnll be guilty of a misdemeanor, for con vlctton of which he or she shall be fined In any sum not less than Flv Dollars ($5.00). nor more tha Twenty-Five Dollars (J25.001. an ench day's vlolallon shnll conslitiit n .separate offense. 2. Employer Violation. Any per son who hires or employs anyon whose duties require a health cer tlficatc shall require and shall as certain that such employee has. City Health Certificate and Hi such employee otherwise compll with this ordinance at the tlm and manner required herein. On conviction of failure so to do. he NOTICE OF PROBATfi OF WILL Notice Is hereby given that the last will and testament of Linda The Friendly Yard has PLAN SERVICE E. C. Kobinson Lumber Have us renew your footwear with our line Invisible half lole*. 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You can, with Bottle Gas. Cook 3 big meals a day. have hoi water all the time. . . and a 17.50 bottle will last you about 9 weeks! In addition to that, you'll enjoy cooking with a wonderfully clean, efficient Bottle Oas Range. Hot Water Heaters and Ranges are not only renson- ably priced, but you can buy them on easy Urms. Look forward lo economical, pleasant living . . . have Blythevillp Propane Co.'i Bottle Oas Installed in your home. Blytheville Propane Co., Inc. North Highway 61 Phone 527 >ll b« guilty of • misdemeanor id he or «he, »li»H be lined In iy sum not leu .'.\*n Five Doln (15.00) nor mor« than Tvmily- e DollHrs (123.00), *nd i-arh il.iy'n olntlon nliKll constitute a sepa- le offense. , Section 5 Severibllily Eucli section, clause, sentence, •ovlslon and Application of (his dlnance Is hereby expressly rte- d to he sevcrnble from the re- slndrr nriri In Hie event (tint any it hereof Is held imcomtltnUonxl void for uny reason, the remain- der thereof shall nevertheleM it- nmtn and be In full force and el- feel. Section » Repcnl , All ordinances mid parts of ordinances In conflict, herewith are hereby repealed. Section 7 Emergency ! Tills ordinance bcliiR necessary for the preservntlon of the public peace, lienlth, Kiid sufcly, mi einer- gcncj' Is hereby declared to exist and llil« ordinance shall bo In full force and effect Immediately from Chicken Dinner Wednesday, March 30th 5:30 P.M. to 8 P.M. LEGION HUT Sponsored by The Jaycees $1.00 Per Plate and after the date, of lt» ruin* and approval. , i; Passed and approved thlj tb4 M day o{ March, IMS. E, R. j«clc*on, Mayor, E. R. JACKSON, Mayer Attest: W. I. MALIN, City Cltrk. Fresh Dressed Hens Fresh Country Eggs For Salt at All Timt* We Also Pay TOP MARKET PRICES For Live Poultry Commercial Dressing Solicited Johns Produce Pho, 4107 W. H'way 18 Blytheville, Arkonsat Tuesday & Wednesday March 29-30 2 DAYS ONLY! T/i« READER'S DIGEST s«y S . "Tlie surest way to Letter motion pictures—a desire g!iare,d by all—is for every one to patronize tlie test films. Don't miss Joan of Arc. JOAN OF ARC BERGMAN •ilhJOSE FEm« FRANCIS I. SULLIVAN • t. CARROL NAIJH • WARO BOND IHEPPERD SIRUOWICK • KURD HAIFIEID -OENE LOCKHARF IOHNEMEHY-GEORCECOULOURIS-IOHN IRELAND •nd CECIL KCllAW«r • tuxd upon Ihi >!•(• pliy 'loin el Loiriini' br MAXWeLt. ANDERSON f*ai by MAXWEVL ANOfISOH'viNl ANOttW &OLT «>l d>.t(i)on by RIC^AID DAY 1 JO&CfKVAUNIINf A.S.C* b» WALTER WANGER Di,«ci,db, VICTOR FLEMING Matinee -1:45 to 5:00 p.m. Adults 75c, Children 50c, Tax Included Night - 5:00 p.m. to closing Adults $1.20, Children 50c, Tax Included SHOW STARTS AT 1:45 — 4:20 — 6:55 — 9:30 Pass List Suspended on This Engagement

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