The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1951 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 13
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TUESDAY, APRIL IT, 1951 BLITMEVIU,B, (ARK.y COUKraR NEWS PAGE Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams MCEHAK1, GIVE PRIVATE MEYER SOME EXTRA STABLE PDi.!Ce- AKJP TEACH HIM HOW TO RIPE THAT HORSE VJ1TH ITS HEAP UP IM A MILITARY MAMWER.' J EGAD, CHIEF.' THIS ftCKS O .'— -THf^T ONE Of YOUR Tossec A 8URMIMG CIGAR OUT OU1H£ AVIMII03 AND STARTED TH6 —- IF YOU SWELL AKWTHlMS FOUL rr MIGHT BE THE CISAR ? O!6 Of -fHEM AfJ MEMBER OF I*Y AUVILIARV PIKE CORP6/ SMELL POOL CIGAR WOULD OUT AGEISEfZ. BOKM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON Some men always prefer a blonde, Others don't give a hoot, But when, you serve Ihecn Meyer's Bread, They think all gals "re cutel Mannequin By Myles Connolly COflXKMT 1»51 «* NCA SEIWKE. WC. HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD.. . Shoe Repair Saves Money , H-flLTCRS buquTY SHOC SHO' t. 121 W. M fl I N S3L WE REPAIR Rid 101, refrigerators, freezers, ranti*, washers, small appll inc«. All-work cnaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. XXVIL | OAUL PANCJERA'S comment on 1 Tim's announcement ihat he had been thinking of forming a dross design firm of his own was immediate, "Naturally, Mr. Reese," he said. "With your talent for design you will have no great difficulties. Especially if you have Miss Roland with you." Then, Mr. Panciera added casually, "Only the business end might possibly prove a problem/' "I imagine you can always hire someone for a job like that," Tim Reese replied. "The right man is not always at hand, I am sorry lo say. It you saw a place (or me in the firm — if firm there is going to be — I could very well conduct the business end for you." "I might be able to use you at that;" Tim, looking him over carefully, nodded. "I'll probably need someone to front for me. That's not in my lino." Mr. Panciera disguised his elaion: "I shall be happy to be at your service, Mr. Reese," he said with a little bow. At that instant, as Mr. Panciera was speaking, Tim, glancing aboul the room, discovered the tiny gold mannequin on the table where Mr Panciera had put it the night before. , Dramatically, the little manne cjuin held his gaze. This was wba Mr. Panciera was going to sem him, while here it was before him here where' apparently it belonged The' gold mannequin was a sma thing, but as Tim stared at it, grew until it hugely and brutally dominated his entire consciousness Slowly, it became for him a mas sive corroboration of the suspicion of lying and deceit be had enter tamed at the Ball. N"OW, gradually, Tim saw the man in tbe room, something h had not seen at flrst because of hi iscination with the many pictures Jean Roland. \ Now Tim saw the man's easy lair by the table that held the old mannequin. He saw the cent wood cigar humidor on the ower shelf of the table. He saw IB hook of sporting prints near ic humidor. He saw other fash- •n awards on the mantle of the replace beyond tbe chair. He saw man himself standing before im, the key of possession in his ocket Now, Jean's lies and evasions raw led out from the dark into Ibe glit and he recognized them lor vhal they were. Now, he knew why she had made igh[ of Mr. Panciera on her visits 0 the hospital, why she hadn elephoned him on her return from Europe, why she hadn't told him the Ball. Now he ,knew wh> he had feigned afTeclion for bin and why she had not wanted hm come to New York. Now, h mew why he had been kepi suci secret. There had been no place for him he man in the wheel chair, in thci romantic and luxurious life. H had been the meal ticket and some -hing of a necessary nuisance, am :hat was all. Mr. Panciera, unaware of Tim 1 realization that he had been th dupe of an elaborate deception ialked glibly and happily on, giv ng his ideas of the new firm wit 1 three-way partnership as h saw it. But Tim could not,hear him. H could not hear him for the roar o his dream world crashing in' pieces within him. Nor, turned toward the ftreplac grimly - seeking out new evtdenc of deceit, did he see Jean Rolan every hair in place, radiant in voluptuous morning robe, niakit a smiling entrance. Jean, discovering Mr. Fancier frowned her displeasure. But h eager to remove any misconcep lions, went quickly to her. "Good morning, Miss Roland. I ropped in for our morning confer- ice and found Mr, Reese here. 1 ok the liberty of telling him how ghly you think of him. IJ He rncd to Tim. "Here is your bean - ful lady, Mr. Reese." But Tim, unheeding, was labor- iiisly getting lo his feet. Jean suddenly saw the dark In- ensity on his face, flashed n ques- oning look at Mr. Panciera. But Hr. Panciera, having just discov- red Tim's intensity himself, was s bowildered as she. Tim, walking fiwkwardlv and ith difficulty, went to the table y the fireplace. He picked up the ny gold mannequin, stared down t il. Jean, disturbed now, went swift- y to him. 'Tim, darling[ You're walking vithout canes!" She was rapturous It's wonderful! Wonderful!" He looked slowly up at her. Hlr aw was taut, his eyes burning. She vas startled. * "Thai—thai mannequin—" She ried to interpret his hostility. —that's from last night. That's -ours," * » • pIM REESE'S jaw slnyed hard,. - his eyes continued to hurfi. fean Roland saw Ihe hurt and re- icntment on his face. "You're angry?" She was fear- a\ of the worst. Her voice broke a Hide. "Why? Why, Tim?" Mechanically Tim turned the iny gold mannequin over in hi= fingers. Paul Panciera diplomat- calty slipped out the door, closlnp it noiselessly after him. Neithci Tim nor the girl was aware of his going. . Tim's silence became a reproach more overwhelming than words. Jean Roland was uncomfortable. For the first time in the company of Tim Reese she had come face to face with a situation she did not understand and could not handle. Jean did not know what happened between Tim and Mr. Panciera, but she did know that the gold mannequin Tim held in his hand was the cause of it. She moved close to him. "I love you, Tim," she whispered suddenly. "You're the only man I've ever loved." (To Ife Concluded) FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEB It'll Re Rig I nope YOU E>IG OPERATORS KNOW WHAT , yOU'RC DOIMQ/ THAT SYMPHOM/ is STRICTLY IDMG HAIR / "I'm ten minutes late buying print dresses and he gets tarcastic—I'd resign right now if they were paid for!" DID^OU see TRIXIE'S 100- . WATT EYES WNEM V/E PROMISED BU<5SED CXIf R A SOLOIST SPOT IM THE I Like A SCHOOL SYMFHOMY? J COUPIA LONG HAIR---SHORT HAIR.---STOP DRAG GIN6 YOUR. FEET/ WE'RE DOMG TllfT MAESTRO A FAVOT4 ANp GIVING TWE POOR. KID A BREAK / A TEN-YEAR-CXO SOLOIST/ WEN SIOKOWSKI NEVER. HAD A BReAK LIKE THIS. 1 WE'RE WK1NS MUSICAL HISTORY/ PRISCILLA'S POP Hair-Curling Incident BY AL VERMEER HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to '/ ( inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Kroadway Phone 2651 Good Nitrate Fertilizer I will have a car of Calcium Ammonium Nilraf* here next week. It contains 20.5/'o nitrogen and the price is $72.00 per toii, F.O.B., Rlytheville. * Paul D. Foster, Distributor Phones 3418-3153 Blytheville, Ark. Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS 85% Germination . . . $4.25 Bushel Dell, Ark. Earl Magers Phone 2811 Service Shines T. L SEAY Motor Co. T21 East Main Phone 2122 I GOT A NEW PERMANENT TODAY. 1 JUST TO '-'ON THE WAV TO THE OFPICE TODAY I LOST MY WALLET... WITH I FOUND IT ON THE FRONT WHY J BY MirilARl. O'MAI.I.EY mid RALPH LAMB COIN' COWMTOWN LIMT MI7 WOW, \\E BUCKO-ME VEEYTHIM5 VOU ^W ABOUT THIS 6SOWL'S OPPICE LOCKEFT,THfi ARO H ?OGV ELSE WAWTer7*KETOSE& IM THE SUITCASE WC HA5 R.AC6C7 THEE£ WITH SCOWL'S FEW.IS- S!OM. POe A LITTLE TALK ALL ASOUT VOUST CL1EWT--THE LATE USJLAMEMTE i JOE FA!ZO/ Y'KNOW.OSC AR.TH' LOOT IN THESE I THAT'S RIGHT.OOP. AND 5ADDLEBAGS WOULD GO A. ^/ IF OLD WONMUG'S ON LONG WAYS TOWARD PAYIMG I THE BALL. HE'LL BE YOUR BAD DEBTS; WHATCHA RECKON'D HAPPEN IF WE GOT SNATCHED OUT / YEAH OP THIS ENGINE,GOIN' LIKKITIS? MIGHTN'T SOMEBODY GET HURTT WtLL.IHA DOES IT.,.I'M READY YOU'VE GOTSUMPIN THERE, OOP; i PULLING THAT TIME- MACHINB SWITCH ANY MOMENT NOW BUG? RUNNH NOT ANOTHER CARROT PO AW. GLUTZIE .. .I'/W HUNGRY.' HOW ABOUT SOME O' VEK OLP CARROT HELP >—<: I'LL BREAK •YOURSELF.' ) HIM PQWN . t'LL MAKE HIM SO/VSE VOU REALLY ARE HUNGRY' WHEN VOU FINISH THOSR... THERE'S ANOTHER WHOLE 3OVJFUL YOU CAN HAVE/ 15 Y V. T. H AMI.IN Stepped Up! 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