Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 4, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 4, 1890
Page 7
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;;-.iov.-i:i^ th;it- iyx>d health .':..., ,'!_ !•!,.-, ;' o ,- ;i -1 ijpr. - . ' ' -••" •.'••\i--/'iht \-.'-. ; tho. 'irvin- them ',' .;:• c:::'.:! any .••-. <•>.} earth. .. . . .• ,•..;, ^ '-•.. ! ijnrdly -, •--. ,M.I; itiivo never ' Plflt Headache and relievt. all the tronblea tact- <d8nt to a bilious state of tho system, 6uoh an Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress after eating, Paia in the Side, &c. While their most xemozfcable success has been shown in caring , , yot Carter's Uttlo Liver Pitta ma equally -valuable in Constipation, curingand pre> venting this annoylnecomplaiait, while they also correct all disorders or thestomach^tlmulate too liver and reguiato tho bowels. Even 11 they only AdietheywoBldbealmostpiicelesstoniosowIio Buffer from this distressing complaint; but t ortu« Tiately theirgoodueao does no fcendhere^ind thoso •who once try them-will find these little pills-valuable In so many ways that they will not bo-wll- BUB to do without them. But after allslcS head la 4he bane of so many lives that hero is -whera wemako our groat boast. Ourpillacureit-whila C4hors do not. Carter's Little Liver Pills aro -very email and very easy to take. Ono or two pills make a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or paijto, but by their Kontls action pleaeo all who usethem. In vials r.t 25 cents; flvefor$l. Sola fcy draggisto everywhere, or Bent hy mail. CARTER HIEDSCINE CO., New York; SMALL PILL. SMALL BOSE, SMALL PRICE A GEEAT BLESSING TO WOMEK.L Read Symptoms and Conditions tills Specific vlH Kcllc vo and Cure. 1C Ynil have nervoua or sick beadaohe,stom- II' lull uchnche, backache, spineache, bloating, internal heat or scalding urine, If Ynil *"vra chronic weakness,ftearing down II 9UU or ])erverslonsIncident to life-change K Ynil ha >' G uterine catarrh, suppressed or III UU painful periods, or ovarian dropsy, If Ynil nave suspicious growths, disposed to Jl I UU tumor or cancer, or hemorrhage, It Rlltlrlo t] P Quickly a run-down constitu- llDUIlUO tlonaud brings refreshing sleep, It Will <lis Pel those dull tired looks and feel- 11 Hill ings, nnd bring back youthful bloom _ and_beauty—restores the nex-vous system. nvn Give it to your weak and delicate - --.ClO daughters. Not a drop of impure .— «oo<l can escape its healing and purifying influence. vnluo good health nnd hope for long life, use Fcmalo Kerned). IfYou See Symptoms continued with certificates oC i ln"GuIdet e to HcaltU" free. Also advice free. Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binphamton, N. Y, Druggists 91.00 RAILROAD RATES The MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY has placed in effect the following low ri.tcs be- —tween points on its lines: JU Lout. undKaiwu. City . . . $5-O0 . St-louUianaisavcnwortll . . . 5.75. S.Lo.ta,Attl,Uon«ii.l8t.Joiwiil. . . . 6.00. W.Loute and Omul,, .... S.2G. »l. Lou!,, Pueblo. Col.r.do Borings, DcBTer 1S.UO. " Greatest Discovery or tue 19ffl Century! Medicated Air! l>p.Tcagiio's NEW REMEDY «n-S! Asthma i THKOAT Ajni LUDO DISEASES! JIAK W) SlifAT. >--»r t*ii'\ DC Xepv- -.ighs^ Collii S, 81 "^?™ la d P'MiUTO cure u, ria, Wtt In-of wS^wS 8 *- HoarseneM. Dlphthi- Throativmi r,™°°?,' w hoopltig Coujfh. "nrt ai cures all di<,onSr s , dlseases - league's ByeSalv. . Weakvisiontu n?M heEye: GrauulateilLKteaml i as an ointment |™ lu 5 otlon «itH MetIlcHt«l A I I let Pb-.v(?er "r'Sf rSInt''^ t * nite1 ' !s '' Pwfect Tol "fasc.lrnpaninn? rt {, all ° T '» of Perfect frocdon plexlon. '""-""BailfllcatB noftniwa to tiie oorn "Porter nnd HE DIED AT HIS POST. Hia name was McGuire, and it was down there on the hill that we buried him. One night when \vc wtro workin 1 late in the mine lie name running in to tell us that the river had broken out and would flood tho mine. "I needed to ask no question, I was miner enough to understand it all perfectly. "Cpmc. Phil," I said, for the boy stood punting' f ° 1 ' breath; "ivo must get out of this us quickly as possible." He looked up, startled at hearing: my voice. •'Yon here?'' lie cried. ••Why didn't you go with them! 1 Uoivt waif, sir. .1 must out the lmiTic:ide."' Like a Hash tho wholu situation burst upon me, and my cheek paled at the thought, Kvery life in tho mine depended upon that. impulsively I atoppcu I'urwai-d aiiu clapped my hands on his shoulders. ••.[ hart tbnrotten." j said. "Wo will go together,, my hid." Hand in hand, to steady our steps over the wet rocks, we went down into the main gallery, feelin;r oar way into the intense blackness, hearing the gurgle of thc s \v;iier, already sweeping to my waist. We could distinguish some cries far of:' in Die mine, and hear tho frightened bats Hitting- about our hencls, as we finally struggled up to tho heavy timbers, and I hacked at thorn with an axe. They would not stnru Tlie lives of every man in the stablo.s hung- with that barricade; yet slill it clung there, and as we toiled, tho water kept creep, ing up, until it ivached tho boy's throat. Like rain 1 showerod my heavy blows, scarcely able to keep my own feet in the sweep of the current. ••l-'or Heaven's sake, lad!" I gronned in despair iiiicl agony, "what can wo do?" ••I know, .sir." ho cried oul, for I could not see him in the darkness, "and may Heaven help u-.oto do it!" And catching the lower Umbers lit; cuimoercu up. What he ijuceocded in cutting 1 can only guess, but 1 heard a cry and a crash, then down eaiua that gread mass, completely blocking the passage) and sending an immense black vvavo over my head, and clear to the top of the tunnel. Oh, heaven, what a night of horror that was; I have, wondered since that it did not turn my hair to snow. Back of me the black, gloomy, silent mine yawning like a grave; before mo the barricade and on every side the eddying currents of water. Sobbing, crying, praying-, half- crazed, the long night wore away—• sometimes dreaming that I saw the boy's face in the darkness—calling to him only the ochoes of my own voice come back in tho mockery. I think I was truly mad when the party of rescuers camo at last guided down tho tunnel by cries. In tho flickering rays of their lights, the first thing my eyes saw was poor T"ful. lying crushed under the timbers. At the sign!;, and before they could reach me, I fainted dead away, It wasupinthe house, with a crowd of rough, sympathetic faces aboutme, that 1 cameback to life ones more, and looked eagerly around. "The girl?" I asked—for she was the first thought—"where is the girl?" They drew back silently, and then I saw her kneeling over a shrouded body in the corner. For her own sake, she must be taken away, while the men did all they could with the poor battered figure. The lads helped me to her tenderly. "Mary." I whispered, taking her cold hand in mine, "you cannot halp Phil any more now! Come, let us §'° home!" She looked up at me, her face like death, but without a tear in her clear eyes. "It is eo hard to leave, him hero!" she said piteously. "Is it right?" "Yes, my girl," my own voice trembling. "I think so and you must trust me, Mary." "Yes." I led her out of the sad place, down tlw hill toward their little cabin. At the bottom she stopped and looked wistfully back, and as she did so tho tears broke fortii at last. "Oh, Phil," she sobbed, "you wero all I had in this world." The heart came up in my throat at the pitifui loneliness of that cry, and t knew I loved her. "Not all, Mary," I whispered tenderly, "not all, if vou will turn to me." She looked up into my face bending over her, and I think, read there my earnestness. "You were good to him," she said, simply, "and I love you." Smoking Out an Army. An ingenious American officer proposes to settle the business of smokeless powder by immediately, on the commencement of operations. firing: bombs into-or near the ranks of the opponent; the bomb will continuo for a few hours to emit thick cloiul-i of smoke. Perhaps the bombs r.iitrbt be lit in the ranks of .the opponm; :,,' the smokeless powder. A STORY ABOUT SUNSET COX. How He Was Nearly Shot by His Com In IMTuny Tears Ago, When Sunset Cox was a boy running nbout Zanesville, Ohio, he had a close call from being accidentally shot to death by his cousin, Edward Cox. The latter is connected with the Dcn- uison House, and has incorporated the incident in a seriesof reminiscences he has prepared of his distinguished cousin for use in Congress. Sam and Ed, as they were called, had a boyish spat about something, and after several days passed without speaking to each other they met and patched their difference in a boyish way. Sam, who hud novel' lired :i, gr.n to date, proposed a, hunt. Young Kd sneaked an old fashiomd boll-shap .d single-barrel shot giui, and iliev stai-'.- ed across the fields. At the first brush heap Sam stction- cd himself to stir out tho rabbits while Ed, with gun at full c.ocic a:u! t!i.; weapon pointed at Sam. vrallod foe tho appearance of bunnio. Suddenly tho gun was discharged, there was a blin'.i- ing report. Ed went backward i.c;.-U over head, and the future statesman looked on with a pale 'ace and chattering teeth, unable to speak. When Ed pulled himsel; ioa'-th.ii: h : inquired in a trembling voice, "Saiti, was you hit?" Sum said he WHSD';.. but he felt tho winJ btirrod b,- the load as it blew past within an ine:i o! his face. All that prevented a trag.j ,',y was the gun wu.s s-.i close to yu:u:'i Sam that the shot ln:dn't time to s.vin- ter, for had the load spread the naui.- of Sunset Cos- would na now by on,- <-.', the best known tmioiiu- ihe eotuil.-vV honrn-ed dead. Kil-.i-ari! Cox vras ;'or lino same ro;i:;on sj'Mt-cd ;i« probani' 1 uhurga.of murder, Tor B.S yet nobn.i ,• I knew they W.JIM friends usr.i:i. lilting Finn tines. Willis Barnes of Charleston, Ind., has invented a little machine which is operated by clock work, and marks automatically, on giass, 50,000 lines on the space of an inch. A Five-Headed Instrument. Captain Charles H. Townsend of New Haven, Conn., has Invented an instrument which serves as a sextant, a theodolite, a transit, a pelorus, and an azimuth circle. NOVEL L;FE PRESERVER. Cnl tin]f riou-n Ilia Salary S:tveil Him iVnui :nn t'iravo. Hiuruiu foru.ight is ao often at fault that it may be considered true, as n general rule, that men are not very good judge.-, of what is good for them. What they tako for a blessing frequently proves to be a curse, and— what is pleasanter to think of—the very thing which they dread as an evil turns out to bo a piece of g-onuine good- fortune. ••My life was saved by having my salary reduced," said a robust, middle- aged man, according to the Philadelphia ("all. The remark naturally excited surprise. "Yes," continued tho man, "that was what saved me. I was assistant bookkeeper for a wholesale house, and was earning twelve hundred dollars a year. Something happened, no matter what, and I was thrown out I was idle for two months, and then went to work for $750. "At that time I wus thin and weak, and couldn't walk a mile to save a dollar. At any rate, I thought I couldn't, But when my income was so fearfully reduced J found it absolutely necessary to economize, and I did so by walking- home .from my work, a distance of about five miles. "It pretty nea,rly killed .mo at first. Then I began to enjoy it. Within three months I wa,s walking both ways, and I've kept it up ever since. Ton milas a, day, summer and winter, unless during a hard storm, and look at me! One hundred and eighty pounds, tho appetite of an ostrich, and not a day's sickness in ten years. "You see, g«nth;irien, how it was that the cutting down of my salary- saved mv life." NEVER FAILS. ERUPTION ON PACE AHD NECK. After suffering for bight months with a troublesome eruption on my face and neck, and trying all sorts of remedies, 1 was finally cured 'iy taking a few bottles of Swift's Specific. It increased my weight from 95 to 135 pounds. A. \V. CROOK, Ottawa, ICan. RHEUMATISM ELIMINATED TKOM THE BLCHD. 1 am satisfied that S. S. S. is the best biu&i remedy in the world. I have used it for rheu- raatisui with the best results. L. L. ROUSSEL, Sherman; Texas. HAD CASE OP FROST BITE. A patien t and er my ch arge was bodly affected with blood poison, the result of frost bite in the feet. Both feet had sloughed off before he was turned over to me. He was cured sound with a few bottles of S. S. H.. and is now-walking nbont on his knees. R. L. WOOD, Milledgavllle, Ga, Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases rnailcil tree. SWIFT SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, Ga. through my -work to-day? I fe^mUerable, 3ehy, tired, pain in Ely back, my food won't (gost, toy wholo body seems out of order. "Wo answer tnat it_ia EO -wonder you arc in such a broken. dov,-u condition, and you "will keep t,'ettin£ wor.vO u;ii<.-ys vou can euro your L1VEK. This iiaporriiut organ i» out of order and you must euro it byproujpUy natng those never Dr. C. McLane's Celebrated Liver Pills. Ihey will restore you anil giro vigor and health to S oiir whole system, making you strong and well. nl7 25 cents a box , and t ney may savo your life. fl-nk your druggist fortho geuulne • ZOar. O. DELEBRA TEU LIVER PILLS — MABB BY— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. 3£0"Loofc out ior CouwrERPsrrg made in St Louis. USE I?ORYPOIJSH PEIlFtBMCES THE BBEATH. $&>.••/!&? Cures lill^f Backaoha. _ Martinez. <:,:L Octobers, KSS I could hardly walk ,-,i-1;,. duwn from Itiue- back; Buflerocl seven,! wneits. St. Jacobs oil permanently cured nit-, i-.u, .,- remedies having failedtudoso^ ra'D. HITTMAM. Trrrv, 1 - CI ," Vurd:l1 '-, i "4.. Feb. 8, 1SS7. *J °,pabnu cold palm .willed in mv Lsek ??,Tw i su ?l"' ed ere&ily; confined to bed and Oil^w ,'"? ly mo , vc or ttlrn - 1 trled st - J ' lc °to Oil, which cured me. I do not fcarrecurrence. HKS. P. M. KEINHE1MJEB. Cream Baiiril the Allnys JPaui illKl i:iUaniination,l HcuJstlieSoi-csl Kestores the f Senses of Tastel and SmelJ ft&SBfe 'HftffEVERf " Slffl t', ?^. \*\t ^- A particle is applied into each nostril anus agreeable. Price EOeents at drapgist8:by QIHII, registered. 60 cts. ELY BROTHi'fiS, 56 Wmml St., New York. , MOORE'S act in tils Blood. Slightly laiativo. Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, & impure Blood Thoy 'expol disease gorms, and Purify the System Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.Ti They Positively Cure. The Great Ej A successful Me'licinu used over ' years in thou.so.nds of cases. Cui-es Spennaturrtiea, j kness, Emissions, linputeiicy end all diseases caused by abuse ^] indiscretion, or over-exertion. il packages Guaranteed to Cure when alt others fail. Ask your Druggist for'-l'^c Great Engllith PrcBorlptloti. take no substitute. One package 81. Six Sr>. bv mail. Write for I'nmplili't. Adcirusa EurelLU. Cliciiiicnl Co., Detroit. JMIcb, Ker *alf dr B. K. KeeslljiK. marSdiwi) forl&ble. S •ul;, S53 Ur'airitT, He •NESS & HEAD TCISES CUSEDby I rouji'a INVISIBLE TUnUlftg EAR CUSHIPHS. Whispers heard. Com. Drpnil UemctllMfell. SolrtltjP. H1SCOX, TYork. Write ftr book of prooEu PU1LE Cleanses and bcfiutiScs the hair.S udPromotes a luxuriant growth. I HNev.Tr Kr..ls io Uosiore Gray? 8 Hairti iti Youlliful Color. I ? rr °K' fc !."'' ~'i »'/J "!'niS'-i'-!^""*I HINDEIRCORSViS. Tho only frnro Cure for Corns, fitnpanll pnjn. ' comfort; to tiieCeet. ICc. at Urue^rlfit?. Hiscox<ttC , ImltKeftiout Use . JP^f TOWIC. It (inn cured tlio worst casaa-and is tiiu UL'st rt-inedy £ur a]l ills ai-ir^ini; Crom defective nutrition. To^Qiutime. J30c.ojtUSi.ou. CW(CHCSTSR f S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. It«tl Cross DiamoacL ISrand. Tbc only rcHnble pill for sale. Snfc and aarc. I^adles* auk I>rufccli*i Tor tho Diamond Itrnntl«lu red meuUllcboxr.s,ecated withbJuoribboD. Tiikono other. Scnd4c. (•stamps) for particulars nnd "Kellef for JLndlca.V in tetter, by mull. -VaweJ'aper. Olilchestcr Cnemlcut Co^ Jtiadliton ba-t riillad»» PC. MADE WITH BOILING WATER. GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. WADE WITH BOILING MILK. CM, Hay Fever, DiDttliem, Wloopim . congli, Croup ani Comoii Colds. Pocnmmended by Physicians and sold by nrajy- glst3 tiiroughoufc tho world. Bend for Freo Sample. HIMEOD MANUF'G CO., SOLE PROPBIETOES, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. . SSCJIZETOCJIEl A. Scientific imd Standard Popular Medical treatise on the Errors of Youth, Premature Decline, Nervoue nnd Physical Debility, Impurities of the Blood, le^nltiutrtrom Foll>, Vice, Ignorance, EXCL^HCB or OvcrUxulion. KnervatiD(f nnd uufittini; the vicUm tor Work, Buplnrss, the Married or Social Itelution Avoid uuskilful pretenders. Poeaesa this greut vork. It contains SO't pages, roval 8vo. Beautiful jjuding, cmbowsed, fuU gilt. Price, only $1.00 by. nail, post-paid, concealed In plain -wrapper. IHim- rntWo ProepectUB Free, If you apply DOW. The tlatitiKul«bed nuthor, Wm. H. Parker, M. D., re- eivcd the COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL torn the Notional Medical Association, or the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr.Parkorandacorp* •-f AflBiatant PhyBiclana may be consulted, eonfi. senMallv, by mail or in person,'at the office of PHJ5 i>I-:AKOI>Y MEDICAt IXSTITUTB, Vo. + Biilfl«rh St., Kosfon. Mass,, iowhomnJl ;nler» for l>ool:a or l**ttcr« for oclvlco eboutd b« iireeted o» abovo. U nprecedented Attraction over a Million Distributed. Louisiana State Lottery Co. Inoorportiti'd by the Legislature, for Ed- ucatlonal and Charitable purposes, and Its frin- ohlsomajiea parrot the pr»ser.t State Constltu- Uon, In 1879, by an overwhelming popular vote. Its MAMMOTH DiUWtNGS take place Soinl- Aiirnmllr, {June nnd Deceml-i>r), and its (JRAND t>IM.].K KUMB15U DHAWTNUS take place In mum 01 I no otlierten months of the year, and are I-Jp-s PCM™ '" • pubua ' :lt (he Academy of Jimlc, ' FAMEFOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity of its Drawtags.and Prompt Payment ol Prizes. Attested as follows: 'We do hereby certily that we supervise the arrangements for all tue Monthly and seml-annuai Drawing of the Loulslmm State Lottery Comixuw und In person manage and control the Drawings themselves, and that tue same urn conducted wltti honesty, fairness and in good faith taward aa par ties, and we authorize the Company to use itUs certificate, withfac similes of our signatures nt tachod.ln Its advertisements." We the undersigned Banks and Bankers will pa> all Prizes drawn In The Louisiana State Lot terles which may be prenenltMt at our cciui ters. K. M. WAH.M8i.KS', Pros. I'oulwiaii SSnt'l VIKURK J , A. BAJUDWIK. tt*ren. BTcw Wri «-'AKS, JB.OHX, Grand Monthly Drawing, In the Academy of Music. N«w Oi'li-ans, Tuesday, May 33, IfM, Capital Prize $300,000, 1LOO,O#O TJrkff.M eacb. Malv«N ti Tenths S'.:J : Tuvn B'-.vt-uiy rt!:* .s i . LIST OF PT.lXKf. 1 Prize oS i300,1100 Is... 1 Prize of 1 Prizu cf 1 Prlzu of 2 Prizes of 6 Prizes of B> Prizes of ICO Prizes of flJO Prizes of 600 Prizes ol is 5t),iXH) ii iiO.t^J is 10,Ui!o ar^ 6,(KH are l.txx ;ire a«l an; 800 an- 20i) ave . so. «;,utx) a),OOC -a.mw 20",!)(fl Bl.OfX) API-UOXIMATIOX L'JJIZ 1!W t'rlzeh of .JilO .-ire 100 frizes of M are 100 f'rtzcs ui' a/dare TKroilMAl, 1'BIZEa. 9» Prizes ot S100 ara VM Prizes of lOH are 30.UX) 3,134 Prizes amounting to $1,054,800 NOTE.—Tickets drawing Capital Prizes are not entitled te terminal prizes. AGENTS WANTED. For Club Bates, or any further Information (J»sired, writs legilily to the isndersiKT.ed. cleat)? stating your residence with state, county, street and number; More lapld returu mall delivery win he assured by your enclosing UQ Envelope bear Ing your lull address. IMPORTANT. Address .-> A. it •-. '* *'tllf.. "_r*v. ^ ..5,i««|.. ... • '4. .%, 5?AS 4"!i J ',V Wn-iliv >!'!r!. t, • By ordinary letter, contain I;]'; * -<i*cy 4>r<l«c* issued by all Express Companies. Now Vork-ai!- cliange, Draft or Postal Noti-. Address Registered Letters Containing Currency 10 NTTW OXUKANiS NATIONAL BASK. j\'«v Orlenn.s. L;: <« r «T/» S.:'' 1 H. riBt las |.nym«it of Vrizff si.s'vsv Kii- tsv S' - «i:»< . I. ViAAIMW t ,r :\ tw Orleans, and the Tickets;:!',; signs'.! bj tlie i j re»ldeut of an iasll tution. whor.t; chartered rights uro recognized In the highest Courts; therefore bevrarp cfallim Itations or artoiiymous scheme?." 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MEN YOUNG, KfaOLE: AGCp O^OLDI (or * or excesnci ha-va a r^^-'-ivo rf: :~ *•/ I'-f ail cllaeurcs isultir.^ lLv.:3.t-*r:.: : of yn:'.li. l.idlscre- «n l Iw::iB:ndi>:-rj-v. ;1 ^-iV.- i; liirjitruo. ions fflrp^v.tn «»•."?."'•;:-• "••,- • '.; •-•'.•• *'•(••.> taany uffcrep. VrnC^^i.rjf. A-1 *-•">'*..',V • ^ '.".-•••'Vfl". Ooiui <<><• oRi, ecorr-n bencUdS ElectHO llCoro«t3, Samolefrpfl to those be. No rift, n\jic<t ntlta. PERFECT YOTJNO, Ml,ldl«-azed and K!<K-r!>- mc-n ivbn are suffcrtna from tho i;irei-tij of youtbfi'l :o:ii«* r.rvt- consesuJ matnrcr f e«STB, ana now tlrul Uiolr nmruy vlunr uecruHSert and who nm trouuiwl witu tcirible Unilnsand losses, you can bepormaiicnt]yre.«t(n-eilt»j I'KKFSCX MAirHOOB, nC home, without exponnre, lit !oxv-e«t ca«t, uy l»r. CInrlirV RDprovnd methods, testetl and nrover. in ueaOrZ TC"'» practice lEntabllobca lW), In <Ch»titl: Bf«rvou» unJ Special Diseases. ""•«., If In need of medical aij, send for Question Jjst «p you can fitily deseriho the svraptomsof voiircur- H°™,'?/ Sf^""., 10 rao - ConsuitatloS free and eicESf Hours, 8 to8i Sundays,»to 12. Address F. O. CLARKE, M. D., 186 S. Clark St., CHICAGO, «.&.. Di. E. 0. West's N»rT« end Brain TreeteCT.', a snuraDteoii ip«clflo for Hysteria, DlMaas*. Gon- vulelona, Fits, Ntrvous Noaral«ia, BBttn^nbo. N«rvouB Prontmtion on n Fed by the u«e of o!onho! or tiiuficoo, (VetefalneM, Mental Doprewlo--. >'..!»K o( the Briln ratultlng in Intaulty H.T: l^ijd. ovai -eiertlon of tho brain, wlf-al-aae ,-.r ovtr-lii- flal|?enoe. Each boi contains one month's trent. meut. 11.00 a bai, or «ii borne.for S5 00, tent Uj null prepild on r*calpi of price. WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXKS To^cars «nr lui. With each order »•• nv.6 \i ns tor «li boi»«, «ccomp«ni«i withff ' • , we wl j»nt tho parchnor our written gnarc -.««to ttt un tas money if the traatraent dow not eff\y;l a onro Gnaronteee leiraed onl> b) D. Sole Airut tor Ix>g«nipcr>. t unnatural discharges iu 24- hours. f^URES tUeet ^'•t Gcnorrhea in 3 days. NoStricture NoPaia. SURE Adopted by the C?«r- ma n Go vern m tatfor Hospital&Armyuse P.S.C. isputupfer American trade In a patent bottle holding syringe (see cut) At druggists, $1.00, <Kclu<UitgSyriiigis.or The VonMohiCompany, Cincinnati,* Solo AnKTtcan Asenw, B 1?. KEESLlliG, Agent, Log-ansport. Iiid. STEEL PENS GOLD 2IEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION JS7S, : Nos. 303—4O4—I7O— 6O4. . |THS_M03T PERFECT OF PENSjj I>o Teur OVTTS Th,-y will dvtf c where. Price 1OJ for Streuirib, Il .. .. orfoc i? ij-t't- -• ••' -.'•.- < -. They cl'»i- ' ftpn Vislier. 311 Fourth st-rcet. S3,©© FOR The only F Calf Seamless $3-OO Shoe in the world -with a smooth Innersole. — ^^— No Tacki NaiJs or Heavy Seam of Thread give the purchaser perfect satisa Genuine unless Stamped on Sole, . «ERK!NS 10YCE $3. SHOE WARRAKTEft fW. M. GRAFF1S, Logansport Ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK R1GI BRAND GENUINE SWISS CONDENSED MILK. Guaranteed the rleSlest anil purest milk noari- factured, containing over 10 iwi' cent, of butter. Children and Invalids will thrtva wonderfully, and families will find Its usa more econonilcnl «»an ordinary rows Biilk. Sea your urocer gives .vow BBnmiie Rlgj Sirtss Condensed Milk. Import. Agent, JAMES P. SMITH, New York and Chicago. |For orFAtLIKa MAKHOODf d and NBK.VOC3 Bl!BlI.inr{ 'cakneseof Body and Kind, H£fec VIGOR-; _ orTcunA. Bobntt. Nobla HAMlOOn follr Restored. Uijtr ti »Klmrse TnaJ MrngtVn m;ii, tutDErcttn>KDQa<<.\us*i>.iK-rao? HOG;. AlMOlutotv noAtlloa H0n£ TIIKATJISNT— BrncfiU In n <:t:r. Tlea t«atU7 from £0 at«tef and ^«r«l(a Countries. WritA t!v^ Dflo«riptlve Boob. txu!flji*lloncud nr^cr^ni^'.'fVifCtfGkii^treo. jutaat ERIE rBEDiCAL, CO., BUr ?Ai.p s M. V. A Chicago druggist retailed |2000000 of ?> " ^ H. F. Keeslinp and Cullen & Co.,sole Agents in COETFO33.TABLE and for Sala by Leadlns Dealers. J£'i 2. aululy Iy V72C. BAEKEB, Troy.U.Tf

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