The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 11
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TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1951 BLl'.lIlfiVILLK, ('ARK.)' COURIER NEWS »AQB ELEVEN New Siding Shingle Acceptable to FHA The insulating Siding Industry • Mg Introduced an inexpensive iARdlhg material that has a lasting exterior surface and provides insulation, which has been accepted for new construction by the Federal Housing • Administration. Insulating siding shingle panels are one 'of the few new products introduced in the building material field In 1951. ' " . These shingle panels are from 9" U> 15" wide, and 44" to 43" long. Half-inch thick Insulation board provides structural strength . and Insulation. An asphalt coating offers lasting weather protection, and mineral granules on the surface In colors ol white, gray, green, and brown provide lasting beauty and freedom from maintenance problems. Many architects and builders claim that this new building pro- duct will revolutionize siding on new liomcs, for in itself these insulating shingle panels provide a lasting exterior surface, ' beauty in conformance to modern architectural standards, resistance to* the weather, Insulation, and strength to the wall. In addition contractors and builders favor the product because it is economical to apply—covering sidewall area quickly, and the product is economical toy comparison to other like building materials. Many new homes,are being sided with these panels. Contractors have found as much as a 25 per savings In wall material costs when iLsing insulating siding .shingles. Consequently it is very popular -jvith home builders and consumers interested i» the popular home price bracket. Tests by the U. 5. Bureau of Standards] and evaluations from Direct Gl Loans Available Here Veterans May Apply Now to Little Rock Regional Office The Lttlle Hock Regional ottirx of the veterans Administration »n- noimces that veterans desiring to purchase or construct home* In Blytheville may now apply directly to the Little Rock regional Office ol Hie Veterans Administration for such loans, The veteran, however, must have been unable to obtain financing at 4% from private lenders. The entire county with exception of Blytheville has heretofore been eligible for Direct Loans. A down payment not exceeding $250 Is required on properties cosi- ing not more than $6000. Progressively larger do\vn payments are required on properties costing more than $6000. Maximum loan that may be made under the program Is $10.000. The first loans under this nro- gram were made In September 1950, anil the authority which was graul- ed to the Veterans Administration to make such loans will expire June 30, 1851. lt'» Fum«-Proof New Sun-Proof House Paimproduces film of unusual whiteness. Smoke or gases will not discolor 1L Gallon - $6.21 PITTSBURGHMMi'l-PROOF HOUSE PAINT field experience Indicate a useful life expectancey of upwards ol 15 years with no maintenance costs such as painting, washing, etc. P.H.A. has published "•» Use of Materials Bulletin No. 8 on "Asphalt Insulation Sidings," which has been released to their field offices for guidance in Insuring P.H.A. mortgages on new homes where insulating siding is used. Approximately. 5°0 per cent of the mortgages on new homes are Issued by P.H.A. Acceptance Recognition of the product by this important government Agency is significant, Because it gives insulating siding increased prestige with banks and lending institutions. Wood sheathing is applied over the stud framework. A water proof building paper is laid over this sheathing before applying insulating shingle panels. On the inside (warm) wall a vapor barrier Is installed on homes where the outdoor design temperature for heating is below 20 degrees F. Ten to fifteen I'.'j" galvanized and painted nails are used In securing each panel—depending On size .of panel manufacturers instructions. Caulking compound is used around windows and doors where siding panels are cut to fit snugly against the^wood casing. —Courier News I'hoto ORAFTON'S RKMODKI, HOME—The Roscoe Oration home at 1145 Hearu has been completely remodeled and redecorated. A den and an extra bath have been added and the kitchen nnd breakfast nook have been combined into a large kitchen. The entrance has been moved from the north end of the house to the west side and the, exterior also has been redecorated. Orion Is New Curtain Fabric Easily Washed, Needs No Stretching and Little Ironing Excellent for curtain fabrics is a new fiber called Orion, Home Demonstration Agent Gertrude B. Hollman revealed today. It has been placed on the market during the past year alter a long period of research costing millions of dollars in developing it. Desirable qualities incliide resistance to sunlight, mildew, heat and gases in the air. It has dimensional stability too—which means it "does not stretch'or shrink. Is quick drying and has rapid recovery from wrinkles,' all making ' launder. It easy to 10 acres of the NE^l ol (he NE11, except for !i acre in the N\V corner there-of, In section 30, township 15 north, range 12 east. J. P. and Maude C, I,enti to Holly Development Corporation, for $10 and other valuable considerations: Lot B, Block- fl of Cliickasawba Addition to Blytheville. J I?, and Mary K. Marr. In Russell K, and Marguerite W. Marr, for $10 nnd other valuable considerations: all of Lot 4 and the west 10 feet of Lot 5. Block 5 of Davis Third Addition to Blytheville. D. C. and Monlta Pafford lo Jack F. and Ellenc Robinson, for $10 and other valuable considerations: Lot. 2 of Jackson Addition to Blytheville. Irw'In E. and Mary M. Burger to P. S. Barger. for $10 and other valuable considerations: Lot 3 and 4. Block 14 of Bugg Addition lo Blytheville. Lealcr Cunningham to Mary Hopkins, for $1.500: Lot 8. Block 1 of Jiarron and Lilly Addition to =lly- thcvllle. J. W. and Mary Osborne to May DIxon, for $1 and other valuable Good-bye to bangfng wlien SLATS-O-WOOD. Awnings go over-doors, windows and verandas. .. wcaute Iney're sfuidily anchored to form A part of me nouse. Permanent as the fine wood of iwhfcK they are made, SLATS-O-WOOD. ventilated awnings bring lasting comfort af low cost. TKey let in tne light—but keep out the sun. Coax Ine breeze—but repel rain. Custom-built Jo fit the lines of your home, a personal cafl by 'our design** is essential for an accurate estimate .ol cost. To insure early installation, phone NOW for this free sfc.vice. Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. .109 E. Main Phone 4469 If properly woven and finished, Orion gives curtains a nice drape, and they have a luminous luster and are'warm and pleasing Lo the touch. When washed the curtains need no sletching. They can be washed by hand or in the machine, she pointed iuU A mild soap or synthetic detergent in warm water is preferable. And they should be rinsed well. The curtains need - no wringing; just to be smoothed ant while still wet and left to drip dry. If all wrinkles are not .smoothed out at this time, they can be removed by use of a warm iron. Not shrinking or stretching, the curtains will not change shape with changes in the weather, she explained. considerations: SE J /i of of section 8, township 15 north, range 0 cast. May DIxon to J. W. nnd Mary Osborne. for $1 and other valuable considerations: SEM of SEVl of section 8, township 15 north, range 9 east. J. W. and Mary Osborne, to Alon- Read Courier News Classified and Eltonbctli Flpflinan, for $11 and other valuable considerations NWU of SEU and SSVU of NKf-' of .section 18, township 15 noitl range 0 east. J. W. and Mary Osborne tn Bry an and Lois O.sborne. for $VO rim other valuable considerations: SE 1 ol SW',1 of section 5 and the B'g o NE|i of NWIi of section 8. flll In township 15 north, rnnge 0 enst, Ma.vtteld S. and Elcne Lloyd to Riiymoiul S. nnd Louclla .Johlison for $900 and assumption of Indebtedness: Lot 7, Block C of John 15. Walker Second Subdivision of Ely- theviUc, Thermostat Can Be Used In Any Outlet A plug-In cteclrlo clock automatic thermostat, developed by the Min- lonpolls-lloncywcll Regulator Co,, can be Installed by a householder In less than five minutes. Equipped with a universal wall [ilate, lliLs gadget tnkcs the plncc of a manually operated Instrument connects directly • U) existing wires. Us plUR-ln-cord connect. 1 ; with nny convenient base outlet nnd enables Us electric- clock to lower house temperature at night nnd raise it again In the morning, without further attention^ Plans Available For Handy Man II you're handy with tools «nd like to make things yourself you can get working plans for various useful accessories by writing to th« Western Pine Association, MO Yeon riiiilcllng, Portland 4, Ore, Among Instruction sheets avails-, bio Is one for a rod and gun cabinet. Another lhal fills many households needs shows how to build »' knotty pine chest. lor storing sweaters, T-shirts, blankets and swimming trunks out ol season. A colonial bookcase and cabinet for living or den that can serve for dishes and table linen In a dining . room, or for books, clothing and knlcknacks In a bedroom, is among other plans available without charge. ' Building Permits Samuel P. Norris, to enlarge a storage room and convert It Into a studio at 810 Walnut. Jietiel's Inc., to alter frame rental property at the rear of 026 South 21st Street, at a cost of $300. John R. Gee, to remodel a residence at 020 Lake, at a cost of St.000. 5.65 Per Gal in 5 Gals. 5.75 Per Gal. Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E. Main Phone 4469 A BETTER AWNING... AT A MASS MARKET PRICE! • NEW LOW COST • STREAMLINED BEAUTY • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION LEAK PROOF • EASY/TO INSTALL • COOL IN SUMMER • PROTECTION IN WINTER Transfers Real Estate S. T. and Bertha Hardin lo Russell K. Marr. for SIO and other valuable considerations: the north 131 (eel, of Lot, 1. Block 2 of Miller and Greenlee Addition to Blytheville. Russell and Marguerite Marr to Crawford and Virginia M. McClure. for $8.500: north 131 feet of Lot 1, Block 2 of Miller nnd Greenlee Addition to Blytheville. George O. and Esseye Yates to H. C. and Margaret Campbell, for $10 and other valuable considerations: the undivided half interest in all of the south 100 feet of Lots 13 and H, Block 3 of Davis Third Addition to Leachvllle. Ira and Freddie Koonce to E. H. and Lena V. Crook, for £13,000: 40 acres In the NE',i of SWV, of section 5, township H north, range 11 cast. Holly Development Corporation (o Donald H. and Charlyn M. Day. for S\0 and other valuable considerations: Lot 9. Block 2 of E. O. Adams Subdivision of Blytheville. Willie and Carrie-Purccll to Aubrey and Olene Chapman, for S4.000: 12 acres In section 27, township 16 north, range II east. ' J. W. and Geneva Sblnault lo James B. and Ethel Lou Forsyth, for $400 and assumption of indebt> edness: Lot 1. Block F of Barron and Lilly Addition to Blylhcvllle. Blytheville Cotton Oil Company to E. R. Jones and W. L. Whittakcr, for {3.500: all of lot 9 and the north 128 feet of Lot 10 of the Irregular lots of the SWH of section 10, township 15 north, range 11 east. H. W. Nipper to B. f. and Carrie L. Fitzgerald, for J3.500; [he west KEM-GLO The Miracle lustre Enamel IOOXS AND WASHES LIKE BAKED ENAMEL Have a kitchen you'll love to live with—ii'i so easy with KEM-GLO. This "minclccnanwl"makes housework easier. You can laugh at smudges, soot, spilled liquids . . . KEM-GLO cleans as easy as your refrigerator. For kitchen and bathroom walls and for woodwork in every room KEM-GLO'will make you glad you selected (he best. One coat usually covers, saving lime and money. ONLY' >39 PIR QT. $798 PCK GAl. OUR FAMOUS CTVI E f*IIIHE PAINT AND COLOR STYLE GUIDE . showt you 100'fofcoli>rr«clp«j|nu»«l ALUMINUM IWASSE AWNING Y«-*, *lwn MtTlrr lammtrf »naVt your home e* bn>me*< « "V«* ttip" k'» IIT»»« t* »r*lKcrr>arr] wiih HIVASSE VEMTS- r.lTED ALUMINUM AVNtNCS -nd DOOR CANOP1F.S. Fxo- rx>mk«l, t»vj hi !n*l>Il, thfy'll *i)<l >rt»rklin$ fn-inlj, prnii'i« j m*l finiiTi. W^nn'l lr*k T m«t, r*tl!e »r m»f- . . * * 'iViwassS^ 7 ^ "Hv-»'ib-sce, with the arrowhead label* ^l.^.T^P-'^ Available for a Limited Tim« Only! AUSTIN & WICKER BIythcviMs 112S. Fint Phone 6207 .'"'•oocsvi*—~^<^/vvvv--o- Washable Beauty INS IDE... On Walls and Ceilings the new, deluxe wall paint ""•^™ You eon'l mor hi molcMeii compUltly rfitttrenll ll'l gisai> • nli«d waihflbTil* 6*,,,*«t n,w c.I.r., l.vtly pa ill It, rich d»tp to/iii ,.. R*arfy l» vi*...*aiy !• ui*. •TWi h.v. ihawn 1K.1 Svp*t K«m*r«ni win wli)iti«*4 r*>*o1*J wci tCAIN -_ fl "tGal CU/P "oust <J ff r PAINT PORCH AND FLOOR ENAMEL Dry WAU.TNISHES •Ni l«is «f l'»ti/ c«l»r f«4Inf« ttT«h «*Jrf (•IF«tli»ri, rapid tr»tUn, l»n4«nTr*ll«tf cSvlkUg, <h«<Vlnf, I, mildiw 9fi4 fvmtl. tro tovgTt prolee'ion if rich tut* Ireui hrsuly ollht (om« liwn.VV««r • ntf w«atTicr i«iiilonl. For hirchtn, porch end playroom ftoori. Slain, d Ifnolium ,.. i4i In (at I. moil Hb or I lubjic '10 6 1 Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E. Main Phone 4-169 HOME DECORATION SERVICE SHEKWIN-WILLIAMS CENTER PAINTS 411 W. Main Phone 6767 OR YOUR NEARBY SH ER WIN - WILLIAMS DEALER WATER REPELLENT! STEAM CURED! BLOCKS —Plain and Haydite— The all purpose . building material All sizes and types — WE DELIVER — JOHNSON BLOCK CO. S. Hiway 61 Blytheviflt Phone 2380 *t See . . . •this wonderful washer AUTOMATICALLY wmh« 5 , rinsei, damp-dri« b*H«r; quicker, cleaner, mor« quietly I Amazing new SHAMPOp ACTION gently:washes every stitch wonderfully clean. Exclusive, patented "Centric" Agitation make« the magic different I With these MATCHLESS FEATURES: SHAMPOOS l)» elolk.i. ABC COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC WASHER AUTOMATIC UVEL1NG . p«niolei for »re dWcr- •rv:«i En floor revel, per- milling woih« r to ifond »r»"Jy. No Wiling down. MGNAt. LIGHT UgSl Indkflfor ft on wh*rt mown* fl fn op trollop. Goat off y*h«r> <ycU h compltlocf. Saves many it«pi hj Jouncfty room. GCAPLESS AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION AmarFngfy t'tnplo dtiFgn end engrne«rlng,forqul9f, trouble-fr<« operation, long NP^ona 1 f«w#r parti. 289.95 —NEWS YOU SHOULD READ—, The November 1950 issue of Consumer Reports shows the results of an intensive test on many makes of automatic washers, We invite you lo see this magazine—read what it says about the efficiency of Hie AI?C-0-Matic washer. A copy is here at Hubhard Hardware. 213 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2O I 5

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