Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 4, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 4, 1890
Page 5
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Real Estate. For Sale orTrade In all parts 'of the City. Residence at all prices. ' Business Houses. Vacaut Lots. Exclusive Sale of Johnson's "Riverside Addition". •20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Lands close Bargains in to the City. B N. TALBOTT Real Estate Broker, I St. Elmo Block, Broadway. ;B. M. MeMillen Pictures, Stationary, Hammocks, Croquets. Picture Framing A SPECIALTY. Xe. SOT - - Market St. MONEY TO LOAN! | And Notes Bought In any sum over $25 at lowest mtos. Large amounts 0 per cent. MONEY TO LOAN, ^u* vim at tnu LOWfcBT ruson i ! rival* fond* ? ." Money Alwnya iu baud. No red tapn or »- In:oroni «ud principal payable iu Log& > -. Mrwolftl arraaKeraexits no to pnyir.eut of . Ittcipal and Intorotit, made.ta, jiait the wlflfces o< -crjwsr. For further Fred W. Miinson, Attorney at Low teul t'nltod Statea Commissioner, Fonrfe Btreot. opposite Oourt Hnn««. M O H E Y tfenerftl Insurance ntu! Lotme. All kinds of In- ^aranco plao«<Hn nrstcloas companies. Endow- -Tinnt policies purchased. Bonds of euratyfii.. . for parties holding positions of tmei * bond !0 required, C1 o s s o n . Sunday Journal SUNDAY MOBNING-. MAY. 4. THE WKATHEM. D. C., May :!.— Jj'or Indiana— I Thrcntenlug we&ther and rain, with local storms i rarlnble winds; cooler. AMERICAN TBAITS \s S«en by the »i»tlngnl»he<l Fi'«n«ili- mnn Max O'Kell. Max O'Rell in Nortb American ieview for May: I have said that nqaisitiveness wfts the chief Ameri•.an trait, and that it arose from the ohildish character of a man who be- <mgs to a great, successful, but ,-oung nation. Are there no other ;raits", more or less typical of Ameri;an manners, arising from the same janse? I bplieve there are. Generosity, impulsiveness, forgiveness and—excuse the word—cheek are \mong thorn. The American runs wildly after the dollar, but he is .avish of it; he does not love it; he .ikes it for what it procures; and ivarice, which you so often find in .England and in France, is a vice— an ugly yice—that you very seldom ind in an American. He will resent an insult, hut very quickly forgets t; and there is 110 man in the word that can stand good-humored chaffing as well as he does. He s audacious, simply because he has done such marvelous things in such a shovt time that he simply believes nothing is impossible to him. His dens are eccentric, but eccentricity s only an exaggerated form of the actirity of mind. He lives on a continent so vast that he can .hardly see a limit to it. He has the •word "big" carved on the cranium, and as it is a wonder that sometimes the word is so deeply carved that it makes a hole or crack in it? I repeat it, I have never discovered the typical American, although I have discoved traits that are characteristic) of most Americans, and, as for American gentlemen, I have never been able to distinguish them from English or French gentlemen. The aristocracy of nature is universal. OUR, FLAG. The Account on It» Travels Over the State. Go to Hanna for screen wire. Hosiery and underwear, the Ha- ilerdas;her has all kinds. Miss Jessie Baiiou, of Marion, is visiting friends in the city. D. C. Spraker, of Kokomo, is I spending Sunday in the city. Samuel Sailer, of Jiogansport, has | been granted an original pension. Spring and summer underwear for 1 men and ladies.—The Haberdasher Vassar shirts, at the Haberdasher's the headquarters for the late novel ties. Beautiful neckwear, gloves anc tine furnishings, at the Haberdash er'e. Kid gloves fitted to the hand by an | expert, at Patterson's, the Haber | dasher.' Our new line of bird cages are now in, anithey are much lower, at th< Hanna Store. The h : ewest;thiog in headwear fo I ladies, is the "Hedwig Coiffeur," at I the Haberdasher's. Those girls" trycles]are immense for the money. Wo have reduced the : price at the Hanna Store. The best screen doors only f 1, delivered , li.ee. We can save, you money at the Hanna Store. Patterson, the Haberdasher, has the most elegant line of ruchings, ribbone and collars, in the city. Win. Holiis aud Ida Button, both >f Boone township, were united in marriage by Esq. George W. Fender ' at his office yesterday afternoon. Judge Winfie'id, Judge Nelson, , Frank Hide, M. D. FansUr, A. P. ! Jenks and H. J. McSheehey are | spending th,e day fishing on the banks [ of -Lake Haxinkuckee. On Monday, April 21st, I cut prices on collars and cuffs. Collars, 2 cents or 25 cents per dozen; cuffs, 4 cents; plain bosom shirt, 8 cents; open trout 10 cents. China ware for sale : cheap. Tea, CO cents per pound.— i Lee Wah Sing. We know the ladies will be pleased i to learn that any and all of the leading styles of dress wear carried by | the big Chicago dry goods houses, i can be found equally well and fully as low, at the ever popular Bee Hive [ dry goods house of our own city. A NEW RESIDENT. A Valued Addition to Vomis: Man. Kokomo Tribune: Benjamin Long, a 17-year-old pupil of theLogansport high school, has> been awarded the prize offered by the Youth's Companion for the best essay on "The Patriotic Influence of the American. Flag when Raised Over the Public Schools." The prize was offered for the best essay written in the State of Indiana. There were over fire hundred competitors, some Kokomo students among them, who ranked well up to the front. The prize consists of an elegant set of desirable books. Peru Journal: Benj. ^Iionjj, a 17- year-old pupil of the Logan sport high schools, captured the |100 "Youth's Companion" prize for the best essay on "The Patriotic Influence of the American Flag W> Raised Over the Public Schools." There were 500 competitors. High School Xotew. Miss May Putman is back after » severe sickness. Mr. Martin, of Anoka, was in the High schol Friday. Miss LaRose is very busy getting examinations ready. Mr. A. W. Martin, of Onward, was visiting the High school Friday. The teachers had a meeting Friday afternoon concerning the pupils. Everybody is invited tb Miss Bazin's room next Friday afternoon. Miss Cox's room will have a very pleasant meeting , next Friday afternoon. The reading match in Miss Bazin's room was enjoyed by all who were present. The High school scholars are all all taking their books home getting ready for written lessons. The time in Miss Cox's room was spent in a very pleasant manner Friday afternoon and -was enjoyed by all who were present. ^ G. C. * Patterson, the Haberdasher, surprises all callers with his many novelties in fine furnishings. CHAS. R. GORMAN. The above excellent likeness of Charles R. Gorman, the president and business manager of the Groriuan Wheel and Novelty company, will be readily recognized by the many friends the young inventor and expert machinist has formed in this city during bis few months residence here. Coming here as he did a few months since, relying wholly on his energy and the merit of his inventions, organized the company, of which he is the enterprising head, for the manufacture of bicycles, wheels and novelties. The company has now got fairly to work and much local inteiest is aroused in regard to the unexcelled make of bicycles which bear Mr. Gorman's patents. Charles R. G-orman is an Englishman and has been iu this country for the past four years. He served a.n apprenticeship of seven years under the English government and when that term closer! was declared one of the luost expert machinists in England aud at present bears the honor of being the youngest patentee in that country. He was for several years manager of the Royal Mail Bicycle Works at Birmingham, England, and the well known wheel made at that place was much improved by the addition of his patents. His patents cover a large number of well known appliances in wheels, bicycle?,milling machinery, drills, etc., and have been taken out in England, Germany, France and the United State 0 . At the Tjondon exposition of 1830, Mr. Gorman received the prize medal for exhibiting the highest grade of machinery. Expert wheelmen who have examined Mr. Gormrn's patent improved safety bicycle unhesitatingly pronounce it superior in many valuable points to any machine they have had any experience with and the sale of these wheels promises to be be very large when the factory is opened to its fullest capacity. As has been before mentioned, Mr. Gorman has received every encouragement to organize a Wheelman's club here, and he now proposes to form the club, furnish free instructions to all members and give an entertainment at the rink in a few weeks. Mr. FredMinneman and Miss Lena Kardes were united in marriage at St. Joseph's church Thursday evening at 9 o'clock, Rev. Father Koehne officiating. Both parties are wel known and many friends join ia we! wishes for their happiness. Mr. anc Mrs. Minneman began housekeeping yesterday in a neat cottage on Wabash avenue. Mo'ice. The party holding No. 0,223 in the Ferguson & Guthrie drawing .wil please call and get the gold watch given away. If not called for by May 7th, number 5,093 will be the lucky number, after these are uum bersfi,909and 1,678. FERGUSON & GUTIIRIK- mavld-wtf ' Tourixts. Whether on pleasure bent or business, shook taka on ever/ trip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as I acts moat pleasantly and effectually on the kid nojra, liver and bowels, preventing fevers, head aches and other forms of sickness. For sole in 50c and $100 bottles by all leading druggists. To Sale by B. F. KeeBlluz. CHARLES R. GORMAN, General Superintendent, Gorman Wheel and Novelty Company, Logansport, Indiana. •y&l i. A MOMENT'S CHAT VI H One ar Onr Jiiuk Dralci-M Alient TTriule; Flrfi XiasuraiK'r. Ktv. |Suid a junk dealer, yeatsrduy: i' : You will rarely" Iiutii' of <t jimlc (idler tailing in bttbiuuss if he .sticks <j> that business and don't meddle <}ith speculation on the outside. A reat many people imagine there is o mom;y in the .junk, business, imply because v;u buy and ell what other people throw' way. Hugs are not as high :i price now as they were several ears ago becauso the cheaper grades of paper aad paste hoard are •ow manufactured from woodpulp nd straw, but still there is sale for 11 the linen rags and junk of that ort that we can get, for use in naking the finer grades of writing paper and paper for ithograph work. A junk dealer subjeet to great danger of oss f oui fire, beeauso very few deal- rs can stand the heavy preuiiums nsurnnca companies charge. They must have a big premium becauso of he danger of spontaneous coinbus- ion. The heat generated from voolen rags, especially if they are greasy and damp, is something astonishing. I have frequently been iompelled to use a fork or a stick o handl* rags that wers ightly packed, into a barrel or boi when damp; the heat generated 'ver night being too great to admit of heir being taken out by hand. Then again it will occur that the people who are hired to sort the rags and who are generally great smokers are lot as careful as they might be, and a spark dropped into a pile of rags nay smoulder and burn at the bot- om of the pile for a week before it Bursts into flames. Being aware of Jiese facts underwriters naturally want big premiums for taking big risks. A Ilalatcd (Sensation. H. C. Lester, who at one time conducted a seeond-hand store here, allies to the front with a rather sensational story, which, although be- .ated about a week, is none the less interesting. It appears that he aud liie wife got into some difficulty and she apparently controliog the finances of the firm wrote him out a check, as ho now declares, for $200 and told him to get liim tience. This he proceeded to do, but before he got out of town claims that he was held up and robbed of the money and other contents of his pockets. The startling part of Lester's story is the statement that the highway robbery was done by a policeman, whom Lester knows, but, strangely enough, refuges to give up. This story lie told to the Mayor, admitting that at the time of the extraordinary occurrence he was full of both opium and whiskey, but still retained sufficient sense to recognize the fact that his pockets had been emptied. Lester reported the case to the mayor aud also told detective Silas Morgan concerning the affair. Lester departed tbe neitdayfor Lafayette but he writes to Morgan that if he can find tha highwayman, he will divide the money with both him and the light- fingered gent, and no questions will be asked the latter. Morgan is working on the case, but with little hopes of success. Lester's story is not credited by the officers, and it is thought he was so full of booze thai he might have lost his money and not known it. The Barnett hotel is undergoing •xteusive improvements. A handsome variegated marble floor is be- iug laid in the office and reading room. The eutire building is being wired for the incandescent sys tern of electric light, and the wooden feuce which separatee the hotel property from the adjoining property on tbe east has given way to a neat an i tasty iron fence. Altogether Mr. Barnett ia spending money generously to rendei his hostelry pleasant and invitinp to the traveling public, who will no doubt appreeiate bis efforts for their comfort. ^ Xti'al KstHtu 'fl.'rnnM'er». List of transfers of real estate In Ciias count reported by 1'lsli A Velaey, abstractors. The onl eornplet* abstract In Cuas couatr. Fire, lightning tornad*, accident anil lite Insurance agents Honor In hand to loan an liberal terms. Office No HHFttHitb street, OP [loslto court house, Logan •port, Tnd.: AIM B. Marriott, exucutor, to (Jlias. N. I^iucks, tlielr unit. 1,-| of part ol lots 3 and4. In' Barren's reserve; conshlera- Chas n Ni i'oucks ct al. to Win. and John B Reb.wald.ehf of 90acres ol parlor lot 'U, In Barren's reserve; consldera- Ch iaI*N.'Loucioi «t al to JosephM. tic- Nary, Iiiirt of lot 8 of the partition of estate of John Ttpton, 10 SMOO acres; consideration « ' Mlicnnan's Trail. Jacob Hoffman, of Royal Center had two horses stolen last Tuesda evening, valued at $200. Rans Sher man, who lately broke from jail bar was seen with a team at Peru th day after and it is thought that h "nipped" the Royal Center team. I is evident that Sherman is still work ing fai this region and it is only a matter of time until the slick hors ; thief is retaken. s.uuu NOTICE During the next thirty days we will abstain from ten cents a line locals and all other advertising outside of the contract space except in our Show Windows and price tickets atlached to Bargains and displayed on sidewalk in f runt of store and inside of store and By Word of Mouth! For Grown people we have Websters Diction aries which we present to purchasers of certain amount of either Clothing Men and Boys Boots and Shoes oi'jfnrnishinggoods. We give smaller presents-.':: with individual articles in various lines as for instance With Childrens' Clothing a first class Base Ball outfit. We have the finest store and stock J outside of Indianapolis in the State. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course," A. E. SHROYEK. termerlyof DSUlott, Shrojer i Co., LoeaBBper C JJ". CROSS, formerly wttli Scfum'u & Co.. Indianapolis, 1»*. • SH BE ROYER & CROSS, JoTDberSaOf Imported, Key West;andiDomestie Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. " • .'• DYKEMAN Represents the above firm in Logansport aud surrounding towns. IN AND SEE US I THIS WEEK. We will li'ive you a Ladies' Button Shoe for §> 60. Ladies' patent top lace shoe for .... ... I 00 Men's velvet slippers for. ... .... .... 50 Men's Oono-rcAS shoes for ... .... .... 1 25 o ^ Men's working shoes for .. .... .... 1 00 Tour pick out of the store of Puritan calf goods for 2 00 lace, Button, Congress, this week only. CHICAGO SHOE STORE, 403 Broadway, Logansport. OTTO MEINSHADSEN, HEADQUARTERS FOR _...'.:];. NaturalGas Stoves* Gasoline Stovesr Oil Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Steel Ranges, Alaska Refrigerators* Water Coolers, Cream Freezers, Tinware, Woodenware, Mantels, Grates. \Vehaveaboutflftyof the above Gasoline stoves thafr we will sell *t the greatly reduced price of $18, formerly »old at $33. Don't forget the number, 4O8 Market St., Opp. Golden Rule WATCHES! WATCHES!! WATCHES!!! largest Stock injthe Otty and Sold on montWjr payments leoW;;Watches f90.00, Klgin Wat«h«» 95.00 and warranted. NO AUCTION GOODS. No prizei given, No lottery8 ran; but good good*, soldi low. Best waUb work and Engraving done in the «ity. D. A.HAUK, The Jeweler,

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