Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 5, 1892 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1892
Page 6
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JAMES J. COEBETT. Story of the Champion as Told by Himsell Early Life. Education and Surroundings — How Ho Carao to Adopt pugilism as a Profession —Victories Galore. "I believe it is customary to begin a 'biography with the date of "birth. That e.s really a very important cvont in a ;;-nan's life, and I don't mind say ing 1 that .»n September 1, 1892,1 was just tvrenty- i*,ix years old. I stand G feat IK inches iin my " stocking feet," as -we put it oat "Test. I was born in the city where the -setting' sun glistens through golden -..jates at as pretty a place as there is in '•ihe universe—San Francisco. My fa- 'ther is Patrick J. Corbett, a man about •fifty-eifjht years old and fully as tall as •I am. He is as straight as an arrow and •••still a very strong- and active rnan. It -^s-as in 1S54 that he came to San Fran- •aisco from New Orleans, to which place .'•he had come from his Irish home at Tuame. My mother is still a young 'woman and as proud of all her boys and • girls as they are of her. She was mar• .-rfed to my father in 1S5S, and the fatn- " ily consists of mother and father, Frank, > Sorry, Thomas, Joseph, Esther, There• sa, Kate, Mary and myself. I am the -ihird.of the boys. JAilES J. COI'.HKTT. '[ received my education at Sacred 'Heart college, from which institution I was graduated, i'.nd soon sifter, when about sixteen, accepted aposition in the Nevada back. At fourteen I did a great • deal of boxing-, but it was always in a boyish, very amateurish way, but I repeatedly bested boys older and larger than myself. After I went into tho bank I took part in many amateur club tournaments, almost invariably meeting heavy weights, although at that time I was hardly a middle weight. When I was - eighteen I fought Dave Eiseman, now a pool seller, and finished' him in two ' rounds. It was about this time that I joined the Olympic club, of which I later became boxing instructor. My lirst light of any consequence was with ..Jack Uurke, "the Irish lad," a man who -•had stood up before Sullivan, Mitchell. Slavin and Dempscy. The experience L hud had in the amateur ring served ine wc'.l in this fight, but my failing to knoul-: Durke out v.-2s due to oy great cnrefulcess. I recognize now that I still lacked that confidence which conies with professional work. V>"c: fought eicfht rounds to a draw. .Mv next fight- v.-as with Mike Brennan." tic Port Costa giant. He had foujrht forty rounds with Joe McAulifEc and so wo all thcujrht him a strong mitr.. I think he outweighed me twen- tv p-.rands and over, but three rounds s-jfiiced to !:nock him out. Mv next light v.-o:: •.-,-]-_:> Cr.pt. James T;alv. ""<• two ror.nclr; {inched him. I-'r,;."nk S:a:th, of Salt Lake. saMunabed to KO i.i three round:;. I*, was after this thr.t I had mvsecond pr.'.-y.j:,sional fight with Joe Cnoynski. lie weighed in at 17:; and I at ICO. There was bi;r money up in th? :".-;'.it ::nd both !>.(.- ir-ies'lr, nf'choyr.ski :iu- rnvseli ]-r.d a "real deal of :no::ey at stake. The fi .•?'.-. t occurred on a l-nr^a in the middle <;' the Sacramento river, and, as is well known, was simply a continuation oi the contest that had boon stopped a week before by the authorities. I broke both hands in the third round, but beyond that had hardly a scratch on my body at the end of the twenty-seventh round, when Jack Dempscy, who was back of Choynski, throw up the sponge. Shortly after that I resumed my position as instructor in the Olympic club, and left it to meet Jake Kilrain before the Southern Athletic club in a six- round light for points for a purse of 82,500. f came out of that contest-without a scratch, and could" easily have finished Kilrain. The purse was awarded me. I then started on my first sparring tour and on my first visit as a professional to New York, 'lore I bestec! Doininick McCaffrey in four rounds, and my friends at once arrang-ec! a fight with Peter Jackson for a purse of SlO, OUO. \Ve fought sixty-one rounds, as everybody knows, and I ;vm convinced, and so were all those- at the fight, that Jackson was tircrl out and that I had the eoi:t?3t won. lint, to my consternation and surprise, it war," declare;! a draw. The; decision W:IK an oiUvs.frec one, unfair and unjust tomu rir;;! to the friends who had backed rj:-::. It was really an unheard-of do-.-i".io:i. 'i fought 'four hoars. .ia-:k:--.on had weighed in at 2Q-1 a::d I at l~y, and at the end Jackson ha;! lost eight and one- hali' pounds in weight. I detcnnin 'then never to light bafora that chib again. I was very anxious to get a fight on with Charley Mitchell at this time, but couldn't draw him out. Then came Sullivan's challenge, and, as I would not admit that lie was my superior, I accepted his challenge. —She—"lie has deceived me shamefully." Her Father—"I'll horsewhip the voting rascal. Hcr.v has he deceived you? She—-"Boo—lioo—he let me decline him before he told any one lie was rick."—AY Y. Herald. —They have begun to put pneumatic tires on sulkies used in trotting races. The men who bet on the horses drawing these sulkies continue to be tired in the same old way.—Buffalo Espress. . Formerly of Berlin, Germany, the eminent Surgeons and Specialists. ',by the request of many friends and patients have decided to visit. Logansport, IncL, Saturday, October. 8th. And Every Fourth Wednesday Thereafter At the Murdock, 8 a. rn. to S p. m. OISTJE rXAY EVKJfy MONTH ONLY. "--Consultation anc! Examination FREE and strictly confidential In the Private parlors of the '•Hotel. Tho doctors describe the different diseases bettor tfcnn the sick one themselves. It la a wonderltil «:IJt for any ono to possess. Their dliiBnostlc prnvers hsve created wonders throughout tho country. BK. 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All oj>craUons arc performed In modern Kurjrery at The patient's honie or at our private hospital In PJJ-SS cured -withou: rain. Knife or hindrance CAWCtR posltivolv cured ->riaoct pain or use -* of Kniio by 0117 new meihoU. DEFORMITIES. VTesre prepared to treat all Slnds of deiortn Ities, as Flat. Feut, ~ . , Curvature of the Spine, Wea» Ankles, etc. FREE EXAMINATION OF THE UR1NE.- S&cli person applyinc for medical treatment should -woxSi!tUiVclltocstii'oa"us-""*" " ^lund ii requested a -KTittca anaiysis will b« given Y,"o h:ive studlcx! :vn:l Jucco a sfc',:y cured by tbe la;cst and best raetnods known to medical sciences ; sueUiv< Hc:ncovv:;hy and Tissue Cure sad Klectrlc Cure. CaUoarly.asOttr parlors are always crowded ]\TSi>ns rained In hca.ta by nr.ic.-mod proientters. wbo keep trials^ with them raonth afterznonth, • ijivinjr poLsoiKui* ^ntl injurious compounds, should apply tmmcdiKtcly. Delays are dangerous. v Hffttyfi**S5jrS^J I^SEI7CC ^erfecttti in old cases watch have bcon ncclecMdorunskillfullytreated. • WUrSwilfir WX» Wv**CO Xo e-vporimenui or failures. Panics treated-bv mall or express, but^Ther9 e. D-jr^ur.tti consultation is "r^^errod. Curr.b!o cases snaranteod. No Vlsts incurred. C3f~O.!-<xtr- :\ni ocrr-jsponrtonco condSentia;. Trca::neni «ont C. O. B. to any pare ot U. S. List of ioasfreo. JLUCwss, ^-t:a postajre. DRS, ERLICK & TURPIN, 642 Lincoln Ave,, CHICAGO, 5LL. Sometfaies, xvaen tie scent of early May Sifts through my vrindow, a soft spring day, I shut icy eyes and can seem to see Little lane Jiia in the apple tree. Playing umpire, "justfor fun. 1 " In the races he neve- misnt hope to run, And can hear him laagh as no shouted, gay— "One—to make ready: Tiro—to be steady! Three, and—Awayi" Kcver a race was there for Jim, Never a course marked out for him, But always, the boys vrtth tender care Bore him out in the soft May air And bolstered him up in ihe tree in state, -With a "There: old fellerl aint that great? 'Now give us a start; that verse you know— •One—to make ready I rtvo—to be steady i Three, and—Go:'" Over the brook and down the lane, Through the meadow and back again- Arid Jim r;ou!d forget his dignity, And lean far out from his perch to see, ^Vatching the boys, as they leaped the wall. "Hi: Run, BUI, runl" I could hear hiin call. And his clear voice chant as the victor came: "The first's :he best, The second's the same, The last's the worst of all tho game." Dear little Jim i His race is run, His walls are cleared and his vict'ry won, And the boys rub their eyes with grimy paws. "We can't run races," they say, "because Jim's not in the tree to start us lair. It's no fun playing with Jim not there. Nobody else knows how to say: 'One—to make ready 1 Two—to be steady! Three, and—Avrayl'" —J<Iaud H. Burton, in Youth's Companion. SNAKES AS SURGEONS. Farmer Ansley's Battlers Lead to Important Revelations. A Crop That ^ever Falls and Can .Do Its Own Doctoring—Blacksmith Han- ley'6 Stories of Gifted Reptiles— Two Dollars Aliead. A. A. Ansley owns and lives on a big farm in Pike township, this county. Pine creek and the turnpike road from Condersport to Galeton run through the property, and tho high pine barren known as Huckleberry hill rises on one side of it. Farmer Ansley is one of the solid citizens of Potter county. Some farmers would not think that they had reason to be proud of the fact that they had three big rattlesnake dens on their farms; ranch less would they regard such appurtenances thereunto belonging- as something- to add to the value of their holdings. But Farmer Ansley does both. He points with pride to the rocky face of Huckleberry hill and indicates three different places within the space of a few acres where rattlesnakes den and have denned from time out of mind. The Ansley farm is no better for hay, grain, potatoes and buckwheat than any of the neighboring farms oi that part of the Pine creek country are, but the owner-values it at not less than five dollars an acre more than the average price of surrounding soil. "Why," he says, "there isn't another cultivated farm in the county, nor in the state, I guess, that lias three fertile and prosperous dens of rattlesnakes on it. I have never attempted to gather a full crop of rattlesnakes on my farm, because I haven't had to, but I believe I could pick five hundred marketable snakes most any season. At the rate rattlesnake products are ruling- nowadays—skins, oil and rattles—these useful snakes ought to net about three dollars apiece. Now, s'pose drought should make a failure of my hay crop, and rot knock my potatoes into a cocked hat, and the weevil chew my wheat all up, and early frost nip my buckwheat, I'd be in just as bad shape as any other farmer in these parts, if it wasn't that I would have the rattlesnake crop to fall back on in such an emergency. Dry weather doesn't shrivel up the rattlesnakes, nor rot doesn't get into 'em, nor weevil bore 'em, nor frost cut them down to the roots. They are sure and handy by, and all I would have to do would be to harvest them and get them ready for market, Why, with a ncver- f ailing reserve crop like that waiting for me, I'd be actually sacrificing this farm if I sold it, even with the five dollars an acre added to the. price of farms that haven't got this great advantage." The three snake dens on the Ansley farm are visible from the road, up among the rocky openings of Huckleberry hill. Farmer Ansley is obliged to kill several dozen rattlesnakes every year, as they come down into his fields and interfere now and then with the gardening of his crops. He had to stop reaping one day because a big rattlesnake objected to the passing of the machine at the same time he himself was going across the field, and pitched into it. The result was that the snake got tangled up in the cutting bar and clogged up the knives so that they could not work, and the reaper and the team had to stand idle for an hour or more while the shattered remains of the snake were picked and dug out of the machine. One day recently Farmer Ansley had hanging ia his orchard nine handsome specimens of what his rattlesnake crop would be if it should be gathered. These nine were killed because their presence in certain localities on the farm delayed the work of the hir&d men. Farmer Ansley has decided opinions about the ability of rattlesnakes—at least those that grow on his farm—to do extraordinary things, and one of these is an operation in ophidian surgery, in the successful performance of which, as wonderful as it is. Farmer Ansley is not only willing but apparently anxious to back up any of his snakes with money. "There's one of ciy snakes aow," said the farmer the other day, speaking about his deas to a number of curious callers, as a big, bright-haed, fiery- eyed rattlesnake crawled indolently under a rail fence and out to the roadside, where he paused to bask in the sun, "Jfow, I'll bet any of you an even ten dollars that I can cut that snake Jin two with an as, place the two parts ten feet from, each other, leave them there, and in ten hours' time the Dart with the head on trill , have come back to the other shcved its cut end against the cut end of the piece with the tail on, and by an operation of its own will have cemented 3r STOW n itself together again so that .t can travel away just as good a snake is it ever was." There either was not ten dollars among- the visitors, or any one of them who bad the amount was afraid to take the bet, for it was not taken. "I'libet yon two dollars," said one of the party. "No, sir!" said Farmer Ansley. "I don't put any of my snakes to the strain of tha.t operation for less than ten dollars!" So the men came away. They were from Eoulette, and when they arrived home and told the story of Farmer Ansley' 1 ; bet they were glad he hadn't taken, him up on the two-dollar bet they offered to make, for Dan Hanley told them something that convinced them that if Farmer Ansley had taken them up he would have won the stake. Dan Hanley is the village blacksmith. He is a well-to-do citizen, and his word has never been questioned in the community—at least it never had beon up to that time. If it has suffered any since then the fact is due entirely to the circumstance that snakes are able to do queer things. '•There is no doubt that tho rattlesnake could have done just what Farmer Ansley offered to bet it could," said Blacksmith Hanley. "I know it from what I have seen myself. I was sitting on my stoop one day, when one of these common garter snakes came out of the grass on to the walk. I had a hoe in my hand and got up and whacked the snake in two with it. The part with the tail on squirmed about a good bit, but the part that had the head on wriggled away as lively as could be and hid under a board. I sat there awhile, somewhat surprised at what I had seen, and by, and by I saw tho head of the snake peek out from under the board. Pretty soon the snake came boldly out and made its way with that part of its body to. where the other half lay. It backed itself up against the severed end of the other part, pressed the two ends together and then bent its head, back to the place of separation, and with its month and tongue covered the wound with a slimy substance all around about the severed spot. It plastered itself in this way for a minute or more, then straightened out and lay quiet for some time. Then the snake started away, apparently as whole and firm as it was before I chopped the hoe through it, and disappeared in the grass and bushes. "Another time I came across a snake that had been cut in two or squashed in two by something, I don't know what Jfow that snake had been hurt in such a way that it was unable to turn itself and perform the surgical operation I had seen the garter f,nake perform; but another snake was there, and was trying to do the act for the severed snake. The well snake worked with a will, trying- to join the two parts of the other one by plastering the wound with its mouth and tongue. The effort was a failure, though, and after awhile the good Samaritan snake gave UD the attempt and went away. I have a witness to the garter snake's mending of itself, and I will go with anyone and make affidavit to both of these queer snake doings. The snakes weren't rattlers, of course; but if common, everyday, no-account snakes are able to doctor themselves up in this way, how can anyone dare to doubt that a wide-awake, gifted snake like a rattlesnake can do it?" And there the subject rests at present. But the party who vi sited Farmer Ansley are congratulating themselves that there are two dollars more in Eoulette than 'there would have been if the farmer had taken the bet, and shuddering to think that there might have been ten dollars less in town if they had taken the farmer's bet — Roulette (Pa.) Cor. N. Y. Sun.' SPICY PERSONALS. ALBEET G. WAEBFIELD, Banger's eran lawyer, wears a pair of calfskin boots that he has had since 18(51, and they are in good condition now. FEAB of blindness caused John T. Everist, aged eighty-six, a wealthy farmer of Fort Deposit, Md., to commit suicide. He pumped his horse trough full of water, lay down in it, and so drowned. SAMUEL LASE, of Gardiner, Me., now an octogenarian, has been a justice of the peace for fifty consecutive years. Gov. Fairchild gave him his first commission and Gov. Burleigh has just given him his seventh. Six daughters were bom to Eev. 0. H. Morrow, a Baptist minister of Simpson countv, Kv. He baptized them all, performed the marriage ceremony of each of them and was the officiating minister at the burial of them all. MES. AXJTTE EOUSH, who died in Letart, O., a few days ago, aged 100 years, and who vras married in 1S02, was the mother of thirteen children. They continued to multiply until at her death she left 2,000 descendants and a great-greaVgreat-gr andehild- Women In The constitution of Louisiana permits women to hold any office connected with public education. Mr. J C. J02CS, of ulton, Arfcinsas, ^,_. "About ten years ago I contracted a severe case of blood poison. leading physicians prescribed medicine after medicine, -which-1 took-mthon; any relief. 1 also tried mercurial and potash remedies, •^•itii tmsuccessrol results, bat trhich brotijrht en an attack of mercurial rheumatism that made my life one of agony. Afrer sulTeriag four years 1 gave tip all remedies and began ::sii:3 S. S. S. After taking several bottles I ^^•5 entirely cured cud able to resume -work. 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WJGSTERS, Broadway. SURE CURE FOR CATARRH FOE OVER FIFTY YEAES this old SovereignBemedy has stood the test, and stands to-day the ; best known remedy for Catarrh, Cold in tho Head and Headache. Persist in its use, and it will efiect a cure, no matter of ,hoyr long standing the case may be. For sale: b W! £AK AfP UNDEVELCPFJi Organs Btrengt'ue"ed and enlarged, cmia. lions stopped, E-o»i J. -ihood Kcntore<i, Toricocele, -weak b^ck, !•>:»- f f memory, dlzzincsfc, nervousness, ireiiness -^-or. ^ by the Perm City Rcm<Hi3«.. ifl-flO per i -v: f i:: lio,-,rs Sot 85.00. A -rrivtei: guarantee cf : - "-ii'.i rivi-ry six boxes. .S.?n:l rtanip for To- '"-"< r./ the SN •<•-.."*• M.KUZCA3. : Xortli ..7«i'j LOST WSANHOO© RESTORED. " TIIMC who have nsed cnack medlcinea wiih high founding foreign uamcn, anfl -nt liccn cnria ehoold fey Or. Avorv-B Spcclflc. a genuine mwllone made 07 & wnclnc cipcrt cnyBlclsn, nnd sold -altii a written ;nrarantcc to cure ncadacUe. vSSTosneS Pain In Back or Side, Evil Dreams, Lack <A Coundcncc. Lost Man•* Memory Lost Brain Powr. anil all wastlnB dlsraws cauwd by over- iiitiijui /. "•' * ^,_i__ „,.„ r,V- «„>,_,««,, ,.niiim s.f «MTyiTilnn*n f-rt tnirn or rrfnufl the monoy. Circulars free. I Before afld After Use. ™£££-*&&•& !SPEClllC CO., a) Flymonth Place, chlc^o.-JU. THE GE5TCLS-E FOK SALE ONLY BT B. F. Keesllng, Druzglst, I/jgansport, IniL SliEi&SfSfiSil !»liii^ir$ll!?i?I!"'* srveSS8ds '" tcncuarantcetocurcnl] nervous tllsea-';e5. racb as Vi'ciifc Memoir, XIOHH of Urnln Power, ££cndac)i«^ W s^.«rnlnc<*N. Ixo«tMa»- bood. . E i ^j c ^.*^ <n<;MIi i,nw:ltT:Oc, all drains nnU Joes at Ifp'eonTe'nK'ntio carry in voiirpocfect Scaifby ihai'Mn ijia ss for SI, or O for S5. (With every *•> order f o to an •ive J ji-written ^a;irantee to cnre of r«>fund th« cionpy-.) BSEOE3 ABD AJTTE tT3IoTS. OIECULAli FKEK AddrCbS SEttVis fcSEU CO.. CI»IC«L(BP, Ittr For Sale in Logansport lou. By H C .'iircell Dru?ffist S?-l Fourth St I DE. «ora«s KEBVEBIJJE eold RESTORED MMHOODs •written guanntee to coro al! nerrons <U2eue< of thB g«ua»tlT» ; orrais ol either »cz, tuch as NerrOTS Prostwtion. fsiliag ot •:• Lo-t Manhood, to potency. Ulghtly Emtofona, Touthful Errori, & Hental Worry, excessive use of Tobnao or Opium, -which letd to V Consumption aad Inpanitr. To the Tretk it rastora* the »n»p jmd rigor of jonth, aad. full po«rer to »U who TUO it. Sold »t; fi.00 Sold at Johnston Bros, dmo; store DR. WILLIAMS' IMDEAK PIuE Osft'TSWENT •niil cure Blind. Biseding and Itching- Flics. II absorbs the, tnmors, allays the Itcting at onoe. acts as a ponlticc, gives instant relief. Prepared only lor Piles aa'J J tciiag ol tie private parts. Every boz is trcrranted. JraSgs Coonj o# MiSysvUle. K. T., says: " Dt WmiamB 1 Indian Pile Otnt- meet cured me after yeors of snflering." Sold by druggist* sent by mall on receiptor price 50 cents and fLCUperDos. Sold by B 3T Keeelln^ and J L Hanson ... CD '

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