The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 9
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TUESDAY, APRIL IT, 1951 BT/TTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGS OPSOutlinesOrder For Altering Prices Under State Laws By WILLIAM O. VAKN WASHINGTON, April 17. (*) ! Government price control . officials cleared the way UxUy lor wholesalers and retailers to apply for ceiling price adjustments lo m«t levels fixed under sUle fair trtde ie Office .of Price Stablllz«tlori issued an order permitting sellers to ask price relief under certain conditions. The ordtr ' Is effective April 21. Forty-live slates and the District of Columbia have fair trade lets which permit manufacturers and retailers to agree on minimum prices for specific Items. OPS said that uhdei the general price freeze on Jan. 26. some sellers have ceiling prices which »re l! Baptists Cancel Invite for Talk By Gov. Warren . NEW ORLEANS, April 17. Southern Baptists have withdrawn an • invitation to Fuller Warren Florida's Democratic governor, to address their convention June 20 24 at San Francisco. The churchmen withdrew their invitation yesterday "in the light ol recent developments In your slate.' The First Baptist Church of Key Ojjcst, Pla.. led the way by passing Mresolulion Sunday that the invitation be recalled. In urging Ihls the .church at Key. West criticized Warren for reinstating sheriff Jim my Sullivan of Dade County (Ml jrmi). The reinstatement was "con. th»n the minimum set by the stale fair trtde l»w», The general freeze prevents these ceilings being raised. New Priec Announced ' OPS said this situation resulted n some cases in violation of a fair rade contract. In- others, the agency s»ld, the manufacturer an nounced • new fair trade price bul permitted distributors' to 'dispose of marked Inventory on hand at the old price. ,. , * The general freeze provides that « seller's celling Is the highest price ie charged during the base period Dec. 19 through Jan. 25. OPS said thai In applying for permission to raise his prices to meet stale fair trade requirements a seller must show that; 1. His ceiling price is, less than that at which he was'lawfully re quired to sell any commodity dur ing the base period limler'a slat act; - . 2. The commodity generally wa sold during the base period at ; price In his community no lowe lhan was provided under the' slat law; 3. He has been permanently or dered by court (o stop selling Ihi commodity at less lhan Ihe mini mum provided under the state legts lation. trarj- to Christian church declared. principles." the Walk Covers the Ground KANSAS CITY. Mo. (A>>—If h can hold out for a few more years George' R. Ross will have walkei arounci the world—25,000 miles- just getihg to and from work. "It's two and one-half miles fror my house to my Job." says Ross 75, a fireman in a boiler room to 55 years. "Using five miles .a da as an. average for the round trip I figure I have walked 17,160 mile since 1939." Charier No. 14389 Reserve District No. -:.': ..'•-- : Report of Condition >f . The First National Bank of Blytheville In.the Stale of Arkins»K, at the clost of bii.ilnes* on April 9,' 1951. Pub lish>d In response to call made by Comptroller of the Currency, undc Sclllon .V>11, U. S. Revised Statutes. ':• • ASSETS ' ' Cash, balances with other' banks. Including reserve balance, and cash items ' In process of collection United tales Government obligations, direct and guaranteed Obligatlins of Stales and political subdivisions :.. Corporate stocks (including-,$13,000.00 stock.' of Federal Reserve bank) ..;.:.....'. I v Loans and discounts' (Including $l,34l'.84 overdrafts) Bank premises owned $60,125.50, furniture and fixtures 513,999/19 Other assets \ 2,929,302.3 2,05*,408.3 480,378.5 13,000.0 2,057,356.8 14,125 1,479.5 TOTAL ASSETS ;....,. : 7,611,051.1 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individual!!, partnerships, and corporations 5,309.117.: Time deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporations.. 846,284. Deposits of United Stales Government ' ' , |k (Including-postal savings),.;..» .-.".is^.. .;..-. 55,154. "-Jeposits or States and political subdivisions 642,496. Deposits of banks ~. 1. '54,37ft. Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks* et.i ...-; Total Deposits $7,099,835.31 Other liabilities U-U.J _• GENERAL (MacARTHUR) STRIKE—New ¥ork pier workers carry placards protesting the ouster of General MaeArthut as Far Eastern commander. Two thousand AFL longshoremen knocked off work for an hour to register their sentiments. It cosl each of them $2 in lost working time. BHS Librarian Has Both Training and Experience By-RUTH LEE l (School Correspondent) School libraries serve many purposes— educational and otherwise. In many schools, the library is a liotbed or misbehavior, central courting headquarters or a place where teachers send students they want' to get rid of. But at, mytheville High School ie library is a quiet, well-supervised room where students may spend their time studying, doing reference or research work or reading for pleasure. The person responsible Tor the efficient program of the BEIS library Is, Mrs. Lavelle J. Jackson, who came lo'--BlythevHle last tail after receiving her master's degree in library science 11 : at George Peabody College. Mrs. Jackson is a native of Livermore, Kjv After graduating from high school hr Calhoun, Ky,. she attended Western Kentucky State Teachers College at Bowling Green for her bachelor of arts degree. She begun her teaching career in the Brislow Consolidated High School In Warren County, Ky. where she taught history andjmath- ematics four years. Following 'her work there, Mcs; Jackson became teacher-librarian at the high school j in'Halifa.x, Va,, where she spent the next 12 years. Decided In Specialize It w?s during these years she decided lo specialize In library work, and In 1938 she received from Peabody a. degree of bachelor of science in library science. She did the work for her master's degree in this "field in the summer of 1948, and the Ice Cream Racket Seen in Singapore SINGAPORE, ,MV- Health nulhorl- :tcs have" a hew'- worry — racketeers ! in. the ice cream trade. A lot of ice] cream is solt in,this hot, humid cU- , mate— Init , .much of It isn't worth ' eating. So warns Dr. H. R. Morrl- \ son, senior assistant municipal i liealth ofTJccr. * . • - j He said 'unlicensed vendors were selling ice cream produced under the. most "unhygienic and abhorring conditions/! He added they probably make the ice cream "in a buck lane or somewhere,"; He asserted these Ice crenm makers- arc likely to make a lot of people "danger- ousl> ill " TOTAL INABILITIES . CAPITAL ASSETS Capital Stock: Common stock, total par $200,000.00 Surplus . .., „ Undivided profits * ....;.:....... Total Capital .Accounts : I'.". . -..-'. Total Liabilities and Capital Account* MEMORANDA Assets, pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes . ..... ^. ;.. „' Stale of Arkansas, County of Mississippi, I, Jack C. Owen, cnshier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement Is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. * - JACK C. OWEN, Cashier. Correct—Attest: , E. M. Regenold . • • " - ^ Chds. Rose H. H. Houchlna -' . " Directors. jL Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16th day of April; 1931. ^TfeEAL) , _ '- V. G. HOLLAND, Notary Public. My Commission Expires 1-3-54. - 102.40S.13-; S p r ing and summer quarters of 1950. | Although she has spent much time teaching and pom g to school.' the librarian has found lime for* travel as well. Her most interesting trip, she s'ays, wa.V a nine-week lour during which she visited all the western and northwestern states. While in Halifax. Va., she look the senior class to Washington. D.C.. every year, and made mmicrous trips to New York and New England. Mrs. Jackson has 1 aught everything from geography to mathematics, but finds library work most to her liking, especially on.Ihe high .. 7,099,935.31 ,. 200,000.00 .. 232,500.00 18,615,78 511,115.78 7,611,051.09 410,000.00 Mrs. I.avelle J.-Ja'ckson She finds Ihe high school leachers cooperative, and the teachers find: workVng with her a pleasure, ' " : : 33.022 Library Visits Mrs Jackson •..> awiire of the overall library needs, but at .the same time gives careful the small needs of Lhe children and the Individual requests of the teachers. Since school opened last fall, 33.022 visits have been made to the library, by , students to check out books, read magazines or just Lo browse around, she reports. Approximately 775'visits by' teachers have been tabulated. Of the books checked out. nonfiction was the most popular type of reading with biography leading this school level. At BHS. Mrs. Jackson is able to devote her full time to the library. She does not hold the office of dis- cinlinarian. She is Just what her title says — librarian—and every child who goes into Ihe library realizes at once she takes good behavior for granted. She feels the students who come Into the library are appreciative of Ihe facilities, and Ihcy feel she is a. conscientious and helpful librarian, give them back. She refused. group. Til addition to its col- [ boohs, the BHS library subscribes .to 30 periodicals. The library opens each morning at 8:10. a full fifteen minutes before students are required to be in their homerooms, and closes at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. It also is open during homeroom periods. Mrs. Jackson is always willing to stay later than 4 o'clock, or to take an order home with her to rush to a publisher. Mrs. Jackson keeps house in small apnrtrneni at 620 West Walnut, Her husband, Jess L. Jackson is a student at the University of Arkansas, where he Is taking special courses In science. Trouble on Home Front Tripoli, Tripolitania —f/D— Mohammed El Ballaizi borrowed a pair of silver earrings for his bride to wear on her wedding doy. Two weeks later he asked iicr to EDSON Continued (rom page 6 had great, difficulties In mnktng up 1 their minds what, lo do about Mnc- Arlhur Secretary ol the Army Fraiik'. Pnce was merely the latest in what has become a long list o! top government officials who have gone to see the general in an ef- ort to get things straightened out. "n this parade have been the three ervice • Chiefs of Staff Generals Bradley, Collins and Vandcnberg, Averell Harriman, John Paster Dulles. Even President Truman iiimself -went half-way across Hie Pacific to meet the general. AH 'nave reported that everything was lovely. Still the problem persisted. Confidential reports on the general's moods were somewhat con- flicting.-iSoi^e days he is said to liave : wantcd to bomb even the Russian bases at Vladivostok and Port Arthur. That would really start World \y nr III. and the whole Washington effort hns been to take steps that would prevent World War III. As to what, kind of settlement cojilrt be made, the strategy hnJi been to break the coming offensive, then push the Red forces back to a new line across the narrow neck of Korea, just north of the 30th parallel. After Ibis would come the psychological moment for n new effort to settle the Korean war by negotiations. This would not be a perfect solution from the Korean point bt view. It would not liberate nor unite all of this war-torn country. But It would put three-quarters of the land area ami nearly 00 per cent of the people In a free and democratic South Korea. And .It would create a country that could defend itself! This is the best that can be hoped for. ;. Special Lowered Price for America's fine R Bourbon! • 100% SlmigM Brmrb™ H htjlsr.j-] • A barrel ofquiilily in errry ' • Enjoy (hii nuliotixll) famonii brand 1 "You don't have to-be rich to enjoy rich Old Quaker" TLii* whiskey i» four years old. 80 proof. Old Quaker Uulilliiis Coi.iyan)-, Uwreiicclmrg, Ind. TV HavJnjr poor reception on jour set? Is the picture blurry, snowy, indistinct? Here's how to get the sharpest, clearest picture ever: Call Blylheville Sales Co . . . . . . TXT^II^C mir four expert technicians, wilh long expcrlenc* fn Ihe rndin nnd television fields know just vhnl adjustment* to mak*. TV BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. Your OK and Dumont Dealer m East Main Street PRESCRIPTIONS I'rcsh Stock Guaranteed Ucsl Prices Kirby Drug Stores 80* Hut 90* Hvmidiiy It COULD bt the HUMIDITY/ Exlrmcs of ruimtdity (amount of water in ll\c air) affect personal cotnfoit as greatly as extremes in temptrature. A warm,tut very humid day can be far more uncomfortable than a very hot, bat dry day In the coune of a lift lime, th* tvcrige American will use about 7SO TONS of water - tiUST FOX WASHING.' ^At abundance of pure, fresh water we supply you costspnlya few cents a day - and makes frequent washing and battling an inexpensive convenience. 90* Heat 30° Humidity WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ...USE IT FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark. Much Better Washers Much Lower Prices • t Come jee these Better Washers! We've just received a complete new shipment! SAVE! As much as $140 less than other automatic washers-and still a better washer First Come—First Served as low as EASY TERMS Hubbard & Hok Phone 3450 APPLIANCE CO. Blytheville e

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