Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 5, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 5, 1892
Page 5
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THE BAPTISTS IS SESSION. GEL&BRf\TED STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES. DEWENTER. "The OBSERYE. • E. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is showing some very handsome woolens lor fail wear ia suitings Pie also has something new and attractive foi overcoats Tours Truly, POCK." t( DAILY JOURNAL. WEDNESDAY MORNING OCT. 5. THE RACES TO-DAY. ,\X of the «ia Fall MeetluK at the Fair Ground To-day—luter- estlHK fiat-em o« tZie Bill. To-day will open up the first annual October meeting: of the Logansport Trotting Association and from all present indications the meeting throughout- will be a howling success. Every .stall, ovory nook and cranny and every available corner of the association grounds is filled with horses. It is doubtful if one hundred would be within the limit of the number of horses which have been entered at this great meeting-. And there are some mighty good horses, too; horses which promise some very interesting races, races which you will not like to miss. To see -these races to a finish you will do well to attend every afternoon. The association has very considerately put the price of admission down to 25 cents to attract as big crowds as possible to the first of the series of meetings. They have also succeeded in getting the hack drivers under their thumb, and hack fare from Maple Grove will only be 5 cents. The program for today's races is as follows: TWO VJJAH OLD TROT. Sombrlel. Laura Treso. Harry Erocton, Tarn McCoy. FREK FOR ALL PACK. Lizzie, Little Rube, Cutler, lladso W, Fioru Bell. ". -10 TKOT. Alllraoro, Cnntrel, Brown SpmKue, Lucy J, Scbuyler C. Decoration, Fnyette Medium, Mont. The races will be called at 2 o'clock sharp. Considerable local interest has been excited concerning the races. Pools are being sold -at S. C. Myers 1 and the book makers did a good business v on the above list last night. There will be plenty of police service on the grounds. Chief of the special force D. M. Surface having secured the following aids: Goldsmith Cloud, John H. Pierce, Joshua Shields, John McCann, Frank Graney, Ed. Knox, Wm. Hacket, F. M.Ballou. Jos. Polk and C. J- Shilton. The afternoon meetings will be opened daily by a balloon ascension by Will Gall with parachute descent. -This attractive number is billed for ; 1:30 sharp. See the start this afternoon. AVnen Xatnre Needs assistance it may be best to ren- : o'er it promptly, but one should re. member to use evea the most perlect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle remedy is the Syrup of Figs, mrnu- faetured by the California Fig Syrup Company. into Special*. EASE BALL YESTEKDAV. Special to the Journal, CHICAGO, Oct. 4,—New York G, Washington 5. Second game—New York 9, Washington 5. Brooklyn 6, Philadelphia G. Boston 4, Baltimore 0. Pittsburg 2, Louisville 3. * Cleveland 4, Chicago 5. LOCOMOTIVE VS. STREET CAE. Special to the Journal. CINCINNATI O, Oct. 4—At Brighton station this evening ;i train dashed into a crowded street car. John Fry, a printer, J. L. Murray, a prominent attorney, and a boy named Jacob Dun, have been taken from the wreck dead. Twenty three more passengers were more or less seriously injured. MRS. HARRISON'S CONDITION. Special to the Journal. WASHINGTON, Oct. 4.—Mrs. Harrison's condition to-night shows the result of loss of comforting rest she enjoyed last week. Although her condition is unchanged it is evident that she is not gaining. POET LA.UKA.TTE DYING. Special to the Journal: LONDON, En jr., Oct. 4—Lord Tennyson's condition at a late hour to-night was of the gravest character. It is thought his hours are numbered. v Playing Cards. You can obtain a pack of best quality playing card* by sending fifteen cents in postage to P. S, Eustis. Gen'l Passenger Agent, C., B. & Q. R. R.. Chicago, Ill- Admission to races 25 cents. this week, only First Day's .TJeetlDK Of tlie 60tli Annual Convention of tlie State Baptist'Assoclntlou. The iqcai entertainment committee of the .Baptist church have found quarters for more than" 300 visiting Baptists this week. Besides this number there are probably a hundred visitors who are- gaests of friends in the city and of whom the committee have kept no record. Therefore ii is not unlikely that.there were in the city last night more than 400 visiting Baptist brethren attracted here by tne 60th annual convention of the State Baptist Association. To-day and tomorrow will be'the "big days" of the convention arid 1 It is thought that a. hundred, mare visitors will arrive today on accounf'Ofvthese meetings, so if the census of Logensport were to be taken this week the city would be gainer thereby to the extent of 500 additional population. The Baptist church, has a large seating capacity, probably as large as any In the city, but it is inadequate to the needs of the convention. Last night the house was packed, aisles, rostrum and all being filled, yet nearly as many left [ unable .to gain admission, as found seats within. The managers are now regretting that the rink or some large hall was not secured for'the convention, but it is thought by -using the auditorium of the church, lecture room, class rooms, etc., for the several purposes of the association, that accommodations may prove sufficient. Yesterday morning's session was opened by a, devotional meeting of half an hour led by Rev. U. W. Hicks. After this .there was a pastor's conference, a symposium on "Our Associational Opportunities," participated in by Revs. C. M. Carter, C. F. Dams, A. D. Berry and S. C. Fulmer. This number consumed the full time and was followed by a- paper on "The State of Religion," by .Rev. N. C. Smith, of Washington; which met with a general and open discussion. The paper on "The Social Conditions of the Working Man," by Rev. Addison Parker, of LaPorte, was the last number before noon, the extension of the program crowding out the discussion of this paper which hac! been announced. The afternoon session was opened by a 30 minutes devotional service conducted by Rev. E. G. Shouse. of Marion,' following which Eev. W. F. Taylor, of Indianapolis, read a paper on "The Liturgy and Cathedral" which evoked an interesting discussion. At 3 o'clock occurred the annual election of officers with the following result: President—Rev. B. F. Cavans, D. D., of Peru. Vice Presidents—Rev. L. Kirtley, D. D., of Terre Haute, Rev, J. K. Howard, of Libonia. Recording .Secretary—Rev. A. B. Cbaffee, of South Bend. Treasurer—W. H. Perkins, of Indianapolis. . • Following the, election of officers the business session wa.s continued by the rendering .-of special reports including the report of Superintendent of Missions'. Rev. A. Ogle, and report of Treasurer Perkins. In this connection addresses on reports were made as follows: "State Missions Among Missionary Enterprises," Rev. S. •&. Clarke; "How to Help Weak Churches." Rev. S. H. Northrop and "Our Eastern Desert, or Destitute Fields" by Rev. Allen Hill. The chair then appointed the various standing committees for the year and the session then adjourned until evening. As above stated the evening session attracted a crowd which filled the church to the lobby and placed standing room at a premium. This session was made the occasion of the welcom- FREE S WEEK ONLY. Oak Chairs for Everybody. Real Japanese Caps and Saucers for Ladies. Folding Vest-pocket Comb, Case and Mirror for Men. Beautiful Bound Books for Big Children. Iron Tops and Flying Kites for the Boys. FREE .with shoes this week, value depending upon amount of sale. We adopt this plan to attract the people instead of giving opening. Our stock is now complete; inspection solicited. an SHOE DEPARTMENT. ing address to new pastor's by President Cavans which met with appropriate responses. The hour ot the evening- however was given to Rev. C. K. Henderson. D. D., of Chicago .v/hose fermon claimed the closest and most interested attention or his vast audience. The program of to-day's session is as follows: WEDNESDAY MOBSISG. 6:00— Private session of the General Missionary H. . 8:30— Devotional meeting, Rev. J. C. Tedforcl. 9 00— Report of General Missionary Board. 9:15 — State missions. Addresses. 11 J5-State Sunday School , Report. Eev. S. Hoffman. 12 :00— Adjournment. AFTEBXOOS. — Devotional meeting. 2:00— Report ot standing committees, reading course, obituaries, Ministers' home. 3:00— Report on home missions, Rev. Dwigilt Scencer, Addresses. 1. Some reasons way A. B. H. M. Society should continue to prosecute its work as a distinctive denominational organization, Rev. L. KIrtley, pp. 2. Home missions and the great west, Rev. F. M. Huckleberry. 3. Woman's work. Mrs. Reuoen Jeffery. 5:00— Announcements and Adjournment. EVENING. 7 ;SO— Foreign mission centennial service. Addresses by tlie State Centennial Committee and.dlstrlc' secretaries. VYOUK JJAME is PRESX. Attend the Gilt Edge Club dance at McCaffrey's hall to-morrow evening. American Association. LOGANS PORT RACES, TO-DAY. OCTOBER 5th, 8tiMM 7th. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY aad FRIDAY On the Fair Ground Track. Item* of a Personal Character Con- cerninsr I<os:ai)«porters and TlieJr Friends. Mrs. James P. Conrad is visiting her mother, Mrs. Mary Pierson at Peru. Mr. and Mrs. H. S- Murdock are among the visitors at the St. Louis exposition. ' "-. Mrs. Geo, W. Campbell of "'east' Market street is entertaining Mrs. Frank Crooksbanks of Terre Haute. Mrs. Wm. Shleyes of Columbus, Ohio is visiting her sister Mrs. P. J; Kinney corner of 20th and Otto street East End. Wm. Boerger, chief of L. F. D. has jone to Louisville to attend a meeting of the national convention of chiefs of ire departments. Rev. D. P. Putnam has returned from Toronto, Canada, where he was attending the mealing of the Pan-Presbyterian Assembh'. Ivlr. and Mr;. Chris Folder of Rochester were in the cir.y yesterday the guests of the former's sister, Mrs. hris Hieber of the North Side. Mrs. Sallie Gaskell of Day:on Ohio, is in the city the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Jack, Mrs. Gaskell has secured the agency for ?. World's Fair publication and will open up an office in this city. Burslarsat IVorl*. ' , Monday night burglars got in their work on the residence of Mr. B,. D. Stevens on Eel River avenue. Mr. Stevens hacL quite a sura, of money in his pocfcetbook. the day's cash receipts at the planing mill. His trousers, pocketbook and ail together with a fine gold watch taken. Entrance vras madg. through a window. This in connection" with the recent burglary of. Cline Bro's store wh^n a loss of §83 was sustained, points to the existence .of a. regularly organize:! ganir of b-rgiars in the city. Las: evening ;U 7 ';" • •:-:" .,r, the parsonage of tbt To Make Mom-y, Spend Money. A manager who expends thousands of dollars in order that nothing will be neglected tbat might add to the enjoyment of his patrons certainly 'deserves success, and as a rule, he generally'gets it, if the public \vould endeavor to discriminate between responsible companies and those who possess no stability, There are plenty of good shows, but unfortunately, there are hundreds which are utterly devoid of merit. Now, anyone can tell at a glanus if they see a magnificent new store with massive plate glass windows, that it necessarily calls for a great outlay of money to erect it, and the stock in such a store is generally of the finest. The same line of reasoniag- T,O theatrical enterprises; for instance, when you see a show billed in the lavish and expensive manner that characterizes "A Kentucky Girl" company you can rest assured that there is money and push back of it. The beautiful artistic pictorial lithographic work, is the finest and the costliest on the road. No lithographing firm would attempt that kind of work without having ten thousand dollars down to insure them from loss. This is only one of the many items of a great show, and the same good taste which provides this beautiful printing will neglect no other department of the show. So there is not a doubt that the production of "A Kentucky Girl" at Dolan's opera house to-mor-ow evening will be the biggest show of the season. Obituary. Mrs. Battley of Indianapolis formerly of Galveston died of hasty consumption at the borne of her mother in Galveston at 4:30 a. m. September 28, 1392. Mrs. : Battley was a sister of John Thomas the well known undertaker at Galveston, and Miss Dell Thomas a teacher in the Galveston school. The deceased leaves a husband, mother, two sisters and two brothers. She was an accomplished aud Christian lady and the comment of her many friends is "She was a good Christian and has received a Christians reward.", Tbe funeral service was conducted, from the family residence by Rev. Pascball of tbe M. E. church assisted I by Kev. Muasoa. We laid her to rest ia the I. 0. 0. F. cemetery there to await the resurection in the last day. "Tile I£iiji£loii of Kncrjjy." Was the theme of Rev. H. 0. Sommers' discourse in tbe Universalist church last Sunday and we judge thai the application was effectual for the= society commenced Monday morning: to add some much needed repairs to their church. The society has beer? dormant for over four years and last- June called Rev. H. 0. Sommersfroca Iowa as their pastor. He accepted tbe c;ui, with the understanding that the church should be put in repair. It is to be papered and painted and -reseated with 200 opera chairs, and a. coat of paint added 10 the outside. The society is free from debt, and the congrgeatidn sieadily increasing. Success to pastor and people. church. Rev. 3. J- Xurr Miss Maud M. Fox, of X •:; M. E. 3-^luring Vfaverly was united in marriage to .Mr. Wm.' C. Enyart. of Walton. Trie ceremony was DSrformed ia the preser.cs o: a 1 small party of friends of tbe contracting parlies. Attend the Gilt Edge Club dazefi at.. McCaffi-ev : s hall to-morrow evi Attention. VOUUK -"Sen's IlopubliCBll Cltil>. All members of the Young Men's Republican Club are requested to meet -it tbe Broadway rink this evening at 7 o'clock in order to act as an escort guard to the Hon. Theo, Shockney who will address the Republicans of Cass county at the rink this evening. R. M. VAN WINKLE, Pres. FREDERICK LANDIS, Sec'y. Last evening at the parsonage, 919 Spear street, Rev. H. M. Obcrholtzer united in marriage Mr. George H. Winter and Miss Hattie J. Rice. Their many friends will rejoice with them in their newly found happiness and wish them a long and prosperous married life. Attend the Gilt Edge Club dance at McCaffrey's hall to-morrow evening. Turn out and give Hon. Theodore Shockney a good audience to-night. The sensational colt "Grasshopper" has been entered for the races this week, and one of the most interesting events of the week will be the 2-year- old pace in which it is entered along with Capt. Hardy's renowned -'Brennan" and others. m -AT LESS THAN- : — HALF — , TRE PRICE OP OTHER BRANDS, pouND$20 * HALVES.! j|jQuARras{j)$ 5CLD IN CANS ONL"Yi : A LONG PROCESSION of diseases start ironi a torpid liver and impure blood. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis- coven* cares every one of tlicio. It prevents them.*too.. Take it, as you ought, -whtn you feeTtnefirst symptoms (languor, loss of appetite; dullness, depression) and you'll save yourself froni something seriocs. In building GT> needed £esh and strength, .and to purify and enrich the blood, nothing can eaual the "Discovery." - It invigorates tbe lirir and kidneys, promotes all the bodily functions, and brings back health and vigor. For Dyspepsia, "Liver Complaint, 11 BBioqs- cess, aid ail Scrofulous, Skin, and ScaJp Diseases, it is the onlv remedy that's guaranteed . to .beneSi or cure, in every case, or the money j is refolded. > About Catarrh. Xo matter •what you've j tried and found wanting, you can. be cured j m In £Tita R?3P REN T. of Ppyor's with Dr. Seme's Catarrh, Kemedy. The proprietors of this medicine agree to care you, or they : J! pay you §500 ia cash.

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