Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 16, 1898 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 16, 1898
Page 1
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THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. YEAR. MONDAY EVENING, MAY J«, 1898. NO 166. THAT MIGHTY MAY FUROR IN Plaid Hosiery FOR LADIES, GENTS AND CHILDREN. Like wheat, the prices on PLAID HOSE have been advancing daily, •until now the demand is twice the supply. ''Your Store" having placed an im- iportation order four months ago, has today an endless variety, marked to sell .at prices that can never be duplicated. EEN THERE Bianco Tries an Old Trick on Six Vessels of Our Fleet Before Havana, BUT LILLY COULD NOT BE FOOLED. For 5oc Plaid Hose for Children, beautiful colorings, all sizes, aso Bayadere striped effects. For 4oc Ladies' dot and black Plaid Hose, full regu lar made, brown and black, double heels, toes, soles For 75Q Misses' and Ladies' Parisian Plaid Hose, the highest novelties in the market today. For 4oc Men's one-half Hose, in all the new shades, with white feet, all black with white feet, and new blues, striped effects 25c 25c 50c 25c Alfonso XII and a Gunboat Leave the Harbor on a Wily Rusa Intent, , ^i^. SPECIAL FOR TODAY. 'Choice of any of our Pattern Hats or Bonnets at Actual Cost Flours Flours are the Purest and highest grade on the Mkt PATENT AND AUTOMATIC CYCLE TALK. The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes ail the leading makes. My term? are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing machine n ibe house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSETT one-Gaboon THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . FOR THE . . . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks, A GUARANTEED CURE Oyapi-psia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, tSheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. ^Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Eh«um, Eczema, "Weak Back, Fevei and Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or .Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, PREPARED BY , THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. Whenever a wheelman dies it is easy enough to eay that the wheel was at the bottom of it. Denmark has a wide tire law requiring all vehicles to be equipped with four inch tires. Very little is said of weight this season. The average machine is considerably heavier thau was the favorite styla of mount of JS95. In Australia the bicycle is rapidly taking the place of the horse. Even sheep drovers are using machines -while pursuing their business. As an instance of the popularity of cycling in the navy it is stated that it would be difficult to find a man-of-war that has uot at least one bicycle OB it. Never allow the handle bar adjustment to work loose. Looseness at thig point will spoil the bar and is also liable to become the causa of a serious fall. Many people forget to think of the home journey when starting out sor energetically, and miles seem interminable when returning with feelings of weariness. "Biding a bicycle is a most effective cure for melancholia. The change of scene diverts the attention and the brain receives a splendid tonic by the temporary change, " says a physician. Tandems are sold about as fast aa they can be made, and earlier predictions that the two seated machine would be extremely popular this season have thus far been abundantly corroborated. Where lorid effects in costumes, both for men and women, will end it is impossible to predict. Tailors have certain standard patterns which are within the limits of good taste, and only freaks will seek to go beyond the real.ly handsome costumes being worn by those who aim to at once secure comfort and look well. .'--••• The high gear man ia happy until he sees a higher gear than his hi use. Then he spends his savings for a still larger sprocket and a few more links of chain. .Tust at this time a gear of 360 aeeras tc bn the highest on the Boulevard, but no donbt an even larger and more ridion- lons gear will be propelled along the smooth pavement for tbe admiration of the assembled multitude. But Xone of Our Sliips Goes Xearcr Thnn Five Miles of tlie Batteries the Dons Wuiited to Try on Us—Some Very Wild 'Shooting I>one Once More—AVashiu^ton Hears from Dewey, Who Is Still Block- a4liii£ Manila wild Has Captured Another Gunboat—Spanish Cabinet Crisis. Madrid, May 1C.—All the members o£ the Spanish cabinet have resigned. Senor Sasasta last night communicated the situation to the queen regent, who will entrust him with the task of forming a new ministry. It is officially declared that the new ministry, when formed, will continue to prosecute the Vi'Ar to the utmost. London, May 16.—A special from Madrid, via Paris, says that a report is current that the American cruiser Tale, loaded with munitions, has been captured by a Spanish cruiser. The Yale cleared from St. Thomas at 5 p. m. yesterday and sailed west. Curacoa, May 16.—The Spanish cruisers Maria Teresa, Vlzcaya, .Almirante Oquendo and Cristobal Colon, and tae torpedo boat destroyers Plut.ona.nd T«r- ror, which arrived off the bar Saturday morning, are still here. Only the Maria Teresa and Vizc-aya were admitted to the port. They have bought coal, provisions and medicines, and will remain in port. The other warships are outside waiting. Later.—The Spanish fleet left here last night. Cape Haytien, Republic of Hayti, May 1.—[Copyright. 1S9S, Associated Prpssj—The United States torpedo boa and the storeship Supply, which hav been here atvaitinff orders, have sailec to join Admiral. Sampson's squadron The squadron passed Cape Haytien yes terday. It is uncertain whether it wil tuw southward , 10 7neet the Spanish fleet or go first to Key West. 'Sampson's fleet was at Purteo Plata Saturday. [Note.—Ouracoa is 500 mlies from Puerto Plata as the bee flies; as th< distance must be navigated it is abou 600.miles. Puerto Plata to Havana 75i miles; Curac-oa to Havana more than 1,200 miles.] store about five miies below Havana, smd after running in for half a mile headed back for iforro castle. Our srun- boats did not follow them in. Commander Lilly saw that the Spanish ruse was to draw them in under the guns of the heavy batteries, where the Spanish artillery officers could plot out the exact ranse with their telanvetres and pot them. Commander Lilly had not been mistaken. As his ships came ».breast of the Santa Clara battery the big guns opened and fired thirteen shells at a distance of about five miles. The range was badly judged as more thaa half the shelss overshot the mark and others fell short, swrne as much aa a mile. Lilly Signals to Stand Off. >s soon as the battery opened Commander Lilly signalled and his fleet stood off shore. Captain McKenzle. on the bridge of the Vicksburg. watched the fall of the shells, but he considered it useless to waste ammunition ac that distance. He appeased the desire of the men. however, by lettingg-oa final broadside at the Spanish ships, in chance hope of making them pay for their daring before they gained the harbor, but they steamed in under Morro's guns untouchod, and as they disappeared fired several shots. Several shots were sent after them at that moment which dropped inside the harbor, probably creating consternation among scores of bum boate on the water front. DEWKY SENDS A BUJEF TELEGRAM. Associated Press Dispatch Boat Kate Spencer, off Havana, May 14, via Key \Yc?st. — [Copyright, 1S9S, Associated Press.]—Captain General Blanco two hours before sundown last night attempted to execute a ruse, which if suc- COURT TENNIS. World Championship Match Will B« Played Next November In Xx>nd<m. A match at court tennis, beat II out of -1 sets, for tbe championship of the world and a purse of fJO.OOO will be played at Lord's teuuis court, London, between Thomas Perdt of tbe Boston Athletic association and Peter Latham of tbe Queen's club, London, in tbe first week of next .November. This will be tbe most important court tennis event since Pettit defeated Mr. Saunders nearly ten years ago for the world's championship and a large purse. Tbe court to be used for the service will be neutral and tbe balls of French manufacture. Each player will be allowed, by the stipulations of the match, to practice for i!4 hours in the court to be used. There will be five sets played each day until the winner is known. Soon afcer Pettit had defeated Sana- ders he surrendered the championship, and Latham then challenged Sannders to a match for the title, Latham winning. Petdt's friends have been anxious for him to retrieve his laurels, and, believing him to be tbe champion of the world, arranged this match. Pettit has invited Henry Bookes of the Chicago Athletic association to accompany him on his trip across the and to as-. sist him in his training for the games. [t is expected that they will sail the first week of September and will stop an route at Paris, where they wilt prac- in the French tennis courts. — New MORRO CASTLE. HAVANA, cessful would have cleared the front of Havana of six ships on that blockading station.. TTnable to come out to do battle he adopted the tactics of the spider and cunningly planned to draw the prey into his net. but though a clever and pretty scheme as ac original proposition it was practically a. repetition of the trick hy which the gunboat Vicksburg and the little converted revenue cutter Morrili were decoyed by a fish- ins smack under the big Krupp guns of Panta 0!ara batteries. Thanks to bad gunnery both shipson that occasion m«n- a:red tu 5et out of the range without being sur.k, though some of the shells burst close aboard and the Vicksburgr's "Jacob's ladder" was cut adrift. The wary are never caught twice in the same trap. Cruiser Alfonsn XII Out for a Spin. Lai? Saturday afternoon the ships on the Havana station were dumfounded to see two ship? su-am out of Havana harbor and head ea=t. Dense smoke was streaming like black ribbons from their stack?, and a glance showed that they were under a full head of steam. By aid of glasses Commander Lilly, of the Mayflower, which was flying the p-enr.ant, madfe out the larger vessel of the tr,-o, which was about 200 feet long and about 4.COO tons displacement, to be the cruiser Alfonso XIII. and the smaller on- to be the gunboat I.egazpi, both of whic'h were known to be bottled up in Havana harbor. At rirst he supposed that they were taking advantage of the absence of the heavy fighting ships and were making a bona ride run lor the open sea. As superior officer he immediately signalled the other five ships on the station to> form * column with sun- boats on the rij-ht flank. '. But the Fly-Was Not Deluded. The little squadron moved in obliquely toward the fleeing Spanirds, keeping up a ; running fire as th*jr went, Th.e JUfpnso and'tier consort cJT— T " < " "> Captures Another Gunboat—Troop* To Be Ru.tlivd to His Aid. Washington. May 16.—The dispatches from Hong Kong brought welcome news yesterday from Admiral Dewey to the president and particularly to Secretary Longand the naval officials who are watching theadmiral's movements wit so much interest. While no apprehen sion existed as to his security nevertbe less n-assu ranee of safety is alway pleasant. The telegram from Dewey i as follows: "Cavite, May 13.—Maintaining: strlc blockade. Reason to believe that the rebels are hemming in the city by land but have ' made no demonstration Scarcity of provisions in Manila. Prob able that the Spanish governor will b( obliged to surrender soon. Can takf Manila at any moment. Climate ho and moist. On May 12 captured gunboat Callao attempting to run blockade Have plenty of coal. One British, one French, two German and one Japanese Vessel here observing-." The officials are making; all possible haste to rush troops to supplement Admiral L'ewey's forces so that if the Spanish governor does surrender the former will not tae dependent upon the small number of marines which he can illy spare from his ships, but will have the assistance of soldiers in holding his position and maintaining order. Secretary Lonsr also made public a message which .had been received from Key West telling of the departure of the United States vessel Uncas in command of Captain Brainard. She is bound for some point in Cuba with a view to securing the release of two American prisoners under a flag of truce, in exchange for Spanish prisoners held by this government. The statement given out by the secretary on the subject was as follows: "The U. S. S. T'ncas left (Key West) shortly before midnight last night with instructions to send flag of truce with regard to exchange of prisoners." In Adjutant General Corbin's office, war department, important action in the assignment of volunteer troops to the various mobilizing points was taken during yesterday. The order of as- slsnment shows that there has been S'lfic change regarding the points to which volunteers shall be sent, as a tToat portion of them go to Chicka- nrv.iea. while- those who will rome to Washington are less by 10.000 than were originally assigni-d to this city. Several cablegrams were received at the navy department yesterday mom- in» from r-ommanck-vs of fleets, and others were sen tin reply. It is stated that the government'is now communicating with the several squadrons, and developments of more or less importance are looked for in the near future. In conse- quem-e of the publication of important naval movements an order has been issued by Secretary Long directing- that all matters concerning naval movements be withheld from the press except such as he himself may see fit to announce, CUTTING CABJ.KS AT CIENFUEGOS." Our Gunboats Lose Two Men Dead and Several 'Wounded. Washington. May 16.—The following telegram came to the navy department from Commodore Remey, at Key West: The Windom arrived Saturday morning with the" following- men dead or wounded: Patrick Regan, private marine, dead: Herman W. Kuehneister, private marine, shot through the jaw, probably fatal: Harry Henrickson, seaman, shot through the liver, probably fatal: Ernest Suntzenecb, apprentice, irst-olass. fracture of right leg; John J. Doran. boatswain's mate, second- class, g-unshot wound in right buttock; John Davis, gunner's mate, third-class, wound in right !eg: William Levery, apprentice, first-class, wound in-left leg 1 , TV slight: Robert Volz. seaman on Xashville. severely wounded; Lieutenant Cameron Winslow. slight wound In land. 'These casualties occurred in cutting the cable at Cier.fuegos. Commander McC.illa's report is summarized as fol- ow?: Lieutenant Winslow placed In command of s'eam and sailing launcn'es of Nashville: Lieutenant Anderson second in command. Boats were- to drag !or and cut cables under the protection >f the guns of the Marblehead and Vashville. Succeeded in cutting cables eading south and west, but not third ca-ble inshore, ucder the fire of infan- ry on shore with Maxim guns. Light- louse destroyed when enemy took shel- er there. The officers and men per- ormed 'their work with the utmost coolness and intrepidity under trying cir- umstances." Srnce the above was received Ernest , !urjtzen«ch has died- . ..San Francisco, May 16.—Edonrfl Remenyt. the Hungarian violinist,: dropped dead at the Orpbenm theatre; while' performinE yesterd«jr afternoon. EX.YIXG SQl'ADKOX t,OCATK». Tour of the Vessels Anchor Off the Bura* Charleston, S. C. Charleston. S. C., May 16.—The fottr vessels of war comprising the major portion of the flying squadron. Commodore Schley, anchored off Charleston. bar, nine miles from Charleston city, at 4:SO o'clock yesterday afternoon, after having been at sea for three days and. seen no sign of Spanish cruisers or torpedo boats. At sunset on the day the squadron left Cape Henry active battl« preparations were made. Ports.-were closed with Bteel covers, battle hatchea covered, the main batteries of the ship* loaded and mrm sent to the grim* with instructions for a night watch to be kept. With all lights extinguished the squadron proceeded is a southeasterly direction. Towards morning aev- . eral heavy fog banks were run into and £uriu\; one of these intervals the collier Sterling became detached. When th» , collier arrives all the ships will take , coal and proceed to sea again. There were Several ludicrous inci- . denis. mostly enacted at night, and evidently arising from lack of knowledff* of thf> nationality of our ships. On Saturday night a swift merchantman Crossed the bows of the Brooklyn. Sudr . cjenly the big warship turned on li«v SidK lights. Instantly every light on the , merchantman went out and she made a . run. evidently expecting that she had encountered the Spanish. No attempt • was made to undeceive her, and it is • expected that, she will report havingseen » hostile fleet. Yesterday morning a schooner on the horizon bearing north towards the ships suddenly caughtsight, of the squadron, and reversing her position disappeared from .view. EXCHANGK OF PK1SOXKRS OVfEKKO First Incident of thf Kind That Hud T»kn Place So Far. Havana, May 16.—The Spaniard* recently captured two Americans, both o£ whom claim to be newspaper correspondents, and one of whom says he is an electrical engineer. They were taken • at Salado. One carried a camera, wore a small five-pointed star, and had & quantity of mail matter on his person. 'When captured they threw themselves upon Spanish generosity and shouted "Viva Espana." It is reported that a third member of the party made his escape by swimming. The two who were captured arrived here yesterday and were taken to Caballerla wharf and from there were carried to Cabanas fortress. At 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon a newspaper dispatch boat was seen approaching the entrance of the harbor bearing a flag of truce. Marengo, the chief of staff on the naval station, went to meet the boat in a launch. TheAmer- • lean vessel lowered a small boat with • two American officers. • who inrormed ,' jfarpngo that their object was to effect • an exchange--of-Spanish prisoners" for the American correspondents ca.ptnnenf-7": at Salado. Marengp. then .retu'rned.-"ito lay the matter before Governor General Blanco, after which the launch went.out • again, this time carrying also Colonel Gelpi, of the generaT'staff, .and .GolJan, . the British consul general. A conference was then held on board.the Span-, • ish launch. Gussie's Expedition a Failure. Key West. Fla., May 16.—The steamer • Gussie returned here yesterday morning after an unsuccessful attempt to land a consiernineiit of rifles in Cuba intended for the use of the insurgents. Her commander, who appeared to be much crestfallen at his failure to accomplish the mission entrusted to him, refused ta discuss the matter beyond admitting his failure and saying the Gussie will return to Tampa, Fla. latest News of Sampson. Puerto Platte. San, Domingo, May 16. —All the wounded of the United State* fleet are doing well. There has been no firing by our warships since the bombardment of the forts at San Juan de Porto Rico. The cable connecting- San Juan de Porto Rico with the outside world has been cut at St. Louis. In FHVor of the United Stat««. New York. May 16.—A special frpmRic- Janeiro says that the • Kadicals to the chamber of deputies are about to declare in favor of the United Statei. DEATH IN ABOILEE'EXPLOSIOH. Two Men Killed. Another Fat»Uy Injured and w. Fourth Wounded. Petosky, Mich., May 16.—The boiler of McFarlin Bros.' mill at Conway, five miles east of Petosky, exploded Saturday afternoon. Instantly killing twomen and fatally injuring another. The mill was about to start up. and it is wp- r.Mised that the engineer started the jump with water too low. The mill was demolished. Bngineer Louis Robinson's body was picked up horribly mangiedl 00 feet away, and the remains of John Hetch were buried -under a mass of wreckage, George Ballou was struck by flying debris and so badly mangled that he cannot live. Arthur McFarlin, one of the proprietors, was seriously bruised and was picked up unconscious, but will jecoyt^ Roy*] mmke* the t«wl fmr*. ', t.

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